Page 452: Thieves & Sailors
Thieves & Sailors
Summary: A meeting between Drusilla, Freya and Alric turns into the women flirting with sailors and then talk between Freya and Alric about the skills of thieves.
Date: 19/10/2012
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Rockcliff Inn
The Rockcliff Inn is one of the better inns within the town and it shows with the well-lit interior and the relative cleanliness to the other locations in Terrick's Roost. The tables are polished with oils and the floor regularly swept. A set of booths towards a darker rear of the Inn's bottom floor, just beneath the staircase, are where whores generally socialize and eye prospects from when not waiting tables. Signs over the undersized bar area advertise prices for ales and wines as well as several different choices of food to be served at the small eating area by the bar or in the main open area in its comfortable seating. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen and cellar while another near the staircase leads to a private room that would appear to be off-limits to the 'wait staff' except for food and drink service.
Thursday October 18th, 289

Song rings out across the Rockcliff Inn and Freya is in her usual place at the bar nursing a single ale. "All Hail the Stranger; Lads give his back a slap; All hail the stranger; We're never coming back!" Drone the sailers in a nearby corner with the bard they have paid to accompany them. Freya rubs her eyes, "Better sea shanty's have been written surely?" she asks noone in particular. Coughing - she swats away the attention of another boy - this one a sailor - handsome but filthy.

In through the door comes someone not as filthy. The young lord, alone as usual these days, wanders to the bar. Offering coins for some ale. Waiting for it to be poured. Noticing the indentured Freya. Inclining his head just a little to her.

The last of her deliveries had went later than she thought, and then she had to see a man about an order and well.. You get the picture. It was late and it was far too far a walk and/or ride back to her home just yet. Pushing open the door to the Inn, Drusilla is welcomed with the merry tune. A cheeky smile is spread on her lips a she sees the Sailors and makes sure to pass them so that they see her, and she sees them as she makes her way to the bar. A laugh rings out when she catches sight of Freya swat at the Sailor. "If you dont want him, maybe I do…" she says with another long look in the handsome dirty sailors direction.

Freya hops down from her seat and curtseys politely to Alric, "Lord Fenster," she says politely in her thick thieves cant. Drusilla in greeting recieves a chaste kiss on the cheek and little less chaste nuzzle after it before she resumes her seat, "You don't want that one Dru - he's been around the world - and most of the world's doxies have probably seen his… you know. I guess at least he's likely to have picked up a few tricks," Freya was a bawd.

Alric inclines his heqd to Drusilla as well when she approaches. Raising a bit of a brow at their greeting. The taking a gulp from his ale as his eyes looks between them. "Alric Fenster, heir to Tavin's Rest." He greets Drusilla. Taking another moment to look in between them. "I take it that you know each other."

An arm had snuck around and hugged at Freya during the greeting that had been welcomes by Dru. She was grinning from ear to ear and still glances back at the Sailor. "Maybe." she starts, "But he's like to have picked up a few tricks." the words matching Freya's and falling into sync with them, making Drusilla laugh that they had both had the same thought in mind. A noble? She'd heard the greeting but taken her time to turn to look at him. "M'Lord…" giving him a nod in way of her answer that Frey and Dru know each other. She was never very comfortable around Nobles.

"We do indeed know eachother - welcome to the Roost Lord Fenster. I believe I said it before but it can never be said too much. The word around town is that you are familiarising yourself with a young noblewoman - a fiance perchance?" Freya never missed a chance to pull gossip from someone - anyone. To Drusilla, "Lets tag team him later - see which one of us he prefers. Loser buys the winners drinks."

Alric smirks as he notices Drusilla's reaction before he looks to Freya. The smirk turning into a tiny hint of a smile as she askd about a betrothed. "Something like that." Not really offering much information about it. "Perhaps I should leave you to your flirting, if you wish." He tells them with an amused grin. Not eanting to take up their time if they got better things to do. Drinking a bit more from his ale then.

"I hope you have coin on ya…" Dru says under her breath as she looks back at the Sailor one last time and winks at him knowingly. Breaking free from Freya's embrace she moves over to the bar and taps on it a little. "Ale, please!" she orders and glances back at Freya and then the Noble. Her friend was always too familiar with Nobles and made Dru shake her head. "Ahh.. so your the fella that got that one girl. Haigh girl, isnt it?"

Freya spins, "Flirting? Well who is to say wehn I said we'll see who he prefers I wasn't talking about you my Lord," she says with a wink. Freya nods smirking to Drusilla, "Made a fair bit with my mummery the other eve. Can make a bit more if someone has torches to juggle tonight."

Alric nods to Drusilla, "Correct. And who might you be?" He asks. Thouh it doesn't sound accusing or angered. Just curious. He chuckles at Freya's wink though. Shaking his head. "You could try." He offers in return as he drinks from his ale. Not draining it. But not far from it.

"No one of any significance, m'lord. Just an orphane blacksmith." The ale arrives and Dru picks it up and takes a heavy drink of it. Maybe she intended to get drunk tonight. "Drusilla Black is my name." she tells Alric after her swallow of beer has been drunk down. Looking up at Freya she shakes her head, "You just told a Noble fella that you werent gonna be flirtin with him? … and you wonder why you wind up in those chains." teasing, she throws another wink in her direction. She certainly wasnt going to flirt with a Noble or even try.

Freya lens back across the bar and tosses back her hair. A little tipsy plainly, "I'm just doubling my negatives Miss Black. I garauntee nothing," The hair flip plainly a flirt for Alric's benefit. "Well noble's like chains - think it tickles them in the right place…"

Looking between Alric and Freya, Dru shakes her head. Picking up her Ale she stands from the bar. "You do that… I'm going to sit with that table of Sailors over there. Come join me when you're ready." Drusilla didnt have hair to flip, since her hair was kept in one long braid. Sauntering over to the table of sailors she sets her ale down and leans down in a way that they can see down her dress. "Sailors arentcha… well, if it isnt my lucky night…" she purrs at them, getting apprecative looks from the sailors that were sometimes more down the front of her dress than at her face.

Alric drains his ale and orders another beer. Shaking his head at their words. "I prefer without chains, miss." He tells Freya with a bit of a grin. Nodding about who the other woman is. "Orphan blacksmith. I might see you around then, mistress." A female blacksmith is enough to cause intrigue. Even if he shows none. But a smile is given to her.
Alric offers a bow to Drusilla as she leaves. Then his attention is on the indentured Freya once more.

Freya turns back towards the bar, "I'll tell you a secret my Lord," she leans in close and whispers to Alric in his ear, "I do too." Freya was scandalously open about her bisexuality. But few cared. Then she pulls away as Drusilla leaves. "She can be fun but she is inconstant. Doesn't like to share."

Alric raises a brow. "I see." Caring or not, he looks neutral. Then again, he might not even know what she mrans. Perhaps just thinking she meant people without chains. "Well, you still seem like good friends." Is all he offers about it. Studying the golden haired woman as he drinks his beer.

Freya cants her head, "Aye - sharing a bed will do that for you," if he was uncertain before what she meant he must have picked it up by now. Surely? "Not sure what I'll do when out of these chains - I still owe a debt to the Terricks for their leniency. What do you think would make it up to them? A really nice nameday present for each?"

Alric clears his throat after drinking a bit from his beer. Perhaps realizing what she meant. He won't ask or say anything about it though. "Perhaps you shoul offer service rather. Or you offer something of value. Information perhaps. Then you could come into my service perhaps. Not to bed with me, mind you." The last sentence added so she don't get ideas. "I could use your services as a courier and perhaps to gather information, if you wish." He explains.

Freya's golden eyebrows arch, "Into your's truly? My letters aren't that good my Lord." However she adds, "I /am/ the daughter of a famous thief - taught me all he could about getting in and out of places. I can certainly collect more than local gossip." And being painfully crotch ackeingly attractive - even is she wasn't sleeping with Alric she had many ways to bribe her marks. Male and female.

Alric chuckles, "I prefer writing my own letters. But to have someone deliver it and be train them in other skills could be something of value." He explains. Nodding about her reputation. He is knowledgeable about her skills to seduce as well. He might be kind at times, but he is not stupid. Not fully at least.

Freya nods, "A /very/ interesting proposal my lord. And I would be operating out of Travin's rest?" A little bit off the main stretch of road for the fun loving former theif.

Alric shakes his head, "Only if I am there. else you travwl with me. Being a diplomat I would think that we would spend most time traveling. Staying in the Roost and Highfield and other such places." He explains to her. Studying her for a bit. "Of course this would be after you have served your time."

Freya nods, "Lord Sheriff Justin is sick of me I think. Too much energy has been spent discussing me since I got beaten and he has major problems of his own. If not for the constant threat of execution over my head I would genuinely pity the man. That having been said I think all of the aforementioned has led to him insinuating that it would be over the next couple of weeks he would eb letting me go. And good riddance at that he might add to the end of his release of me."

Alric listens and nods. Making own assumptions about the sheriff. As well as his relation to the indentured. "Well, whatever happens, know that the offer stands. For now." An upwards curl at the corners of his mouth then. Studying Freya still. "Besides, I think you will be able to have constant companions without risking to be captured. Or at least less risk."

Freya plays with her golden locks, "Ooo companions - I like companions…" she says playfully. "I'm more than considering it. Thankyou truly my lord," she says.

Alric watches her play with her hair. Perhaps enjoying a pretty woman. Though he isn't one to give in to beauty alone. "Good to hear, miss. Do seek me out when the chains are off. Until then, I'll be around somewhere." But he doesn't seem to be leaving right now anyhow. So she can still speak or offer questions. Just drinking his beer.

Freya loves to talk - talks without really looking at Alric, "I've heard there's a ferocious split in your house - and something about a Jester Knight what sounds right fearful?"

Alric raises a brow. Nodding. "A split I do not know for certain. But I think we have several ferocious people. In their own ways. Though I suppose that you mean my cousin." He says and drinks his beer. A small smirk dressing his lips.

Freya frowns, "Torturer. war criminal, mutilator and demon they charge this Jester Knight with… is it true?" She is not comfortable talking about it - being a craven and all when it came to violence.

Alric shrugs, "Interogator and novble knight. Nothing more. Despite the rumours." He tells her, defending his cousin. Not seeming as uncomfortable. Then again, he is trained not to show such emotions.

Freya nods, "I'll take your word for it - you would not believe what people say about me. I've yet to get into trouble for something I have actually done…" She jingles her manacles.

Alric grins, "All the more reason for me to take you along." He tells her. Though then he turns on a serious expression. "You will not bed me nor speak of bedding me though. I am going to be loyal to my betrothed." He tells her. Perhaps one of the only rules he has.

Freya waxes vain, "Then I know you are crazy mi'lord," she says looking down her own cleavage. I don't break up marriages. Or start rumors - myself. I'm not a seduce and destroy kind of girl." She offers rather helplessly.

Alric chuckles. Nodding thankfully. "I am only wanting to please. If I ask them to be faithful, should I not do the same?" He suggests. Though as she seems to be a bit offended, or at least helpless, he gently let his hand lay on her hand, discreetly as to not cause people to talk, "I believe you. I just wish you to know that. It is easier that way, just in case." He tells her before retreating his hand while drinking from his beer. "I should probably be leaving, miss. Though I won't be far. Probably still in the Roost for now."