Page 476: They Need Names
They Need Names
Summary: Corrie wakes and is introduced to her sons.
Date: 11/Nov/2012
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Cordelya's Chamber, Highfield
Fresh rushes cover the floor of this guest room. A large four post bed sits of centered in one corner. Heavy curtains are pulled back upon entrance to show a lush, light blue velvet coverlet over a feather down mattress. Golden wheat stalks are haphazardly embroidered on the fabric's soft surface. Small tables sit to each side of the bed, on the surfaces of which sit a candle stick and holder. Another table modest in size, is set to the center of the room with two small soft cushioned chairs seated at its left and right. A couple of shelves are set about the room to house the private book collection of whomever resides, a wardrobe sits in one corner for the guests belongings. A window who's heavy coverings are pulled back by day, let a warm sunny glow in. By night, they are loosed and cast the room in complete darkness.
Sun Nov 12, 289

Just as dusk is taking the sick room of Cordelya Flint, things have been quiet. Other than the brief moment of wakefulness hours after giving birth to the twins, Corrie has shown no sign of stirring. The room is quiet and warm, a fire blazing all hours of the day and night. The frail woman is piled under numerous blankets, only her ashen gray face able to be seen to the room, hair a muss of brown waves around her head. There's a chair for the midwife, when she comes in and out keeping vigil, at the far end of the bed. But there is also a chair right at her side, where Anders has barely moved. The dinner hour has come and gone with not much activity from the place. The midwife gone to eat, it's quiet other than the crackling fire.

Anders has been in and out of bed, trying to warm his chilled wife. Now, he's got a mug of wine in hand, a little bit of meat and bread left over on the table; he's not eaten a great deal, and doesn't seem to be so inclined. Other than the wine, however. He's seated again, one hand tucked under the blankets, holding her own frail, weak hand, providing that measure of contact so she can sleep knowing that he's there.

Perhaps it was the scent of food in the room, or the fact she has slept over a day straight, but finally there comes a slight stirring of her head. A brush of her fingertips against Anders' hand beneath the blankets as she tries to drag herself up and out of the trap of sickness and sleep… "…my…boys…" Cordelya whispers, still half asleep, but half waking. Whatever she's been dreaming, it has been about her sons. Or perhaps her whole family. Husband and sons, big family of boys… and they're the first thing on her lips.

Anders' attention comes up, and he smiles tiredly, the fatigue taking its toll. He leans half out of his chair at her murmuring, immediately attentive. "Your boys.. they're fine.." and he turns about to the door, expecting fully that they'll be brought the door simply at the soft whispered request of their mother. It's not the case, however, and from the half-rise, he gains his feet fully, though he has to put a hand out to keep his feet. "I'll have them sent for.." It's a couple of steps before he opens the door to the chamber and calls out, "Cousin!" He sounds.. almost happy. At least he's sounding a little more.. positive. "The boys?"

Given that Einar choose his chambers as a base for those on child-watching duties because it was the closest to Corrie's, it does not take long for word to reach there. Nerys being off catching some sleep while she can and the wetnurse taking a moment to eat herself, it falls to the lad and whichever guard happens to be outside his door at that moment to carry the babes to their waiting parents. Both seem currently to be asleep, meaning some peace can be had and so he's very careful not only of the precious load he carries, but also to tread softly and offer Anders a quiet 'shhh' as he draws near. As random happenchance, he brings back into the room the very same babe that he had departed with scarce days before and once he's seen for himself that Corrie is awake he approaches the bedside carefully.

The guard along with Einar is none other than Pariston. Holding an infant with a light grey ribbon around his wrist. The child seeming to be fuzzing a bit as they step into the room. Although Pariston is trying to do his best to keep the child calm. Moving inside and keeping close to Einar. Following what he does perhaps. There is a smile as he smiles and very gently rocks the infant. Smiling to the parents.

It's not exactly comfortable waking up. The awareness of the chill around her, despite blankets. The vague and distant ache that is her entire body. Unsteadiness swimming through her head. But Corrie's eyes continue to slowly flutter open, brow furrowing just a bit as Anders slips away from her to call out the door. But his shout draws a pale lipped smile to her thin mouth, head turning and half drowsed eyes searching for the little bundles. She does want to see them. "…how… How long… has it been? How… they are… how.. is everyone…?" Corrie's breathless voice comes, eyes momentarily focusing on Einar and Pariston. She tries to smile, tries to look strong. When, in truth, she just looks half dead.

Anders watches as the lads are brought in, and reaches for the little bundle that Pariston carries; his heir. "Thank you, Master," he offers before he looks to Einar. "Cousin.." and he turns back around to look to Corrie. It's more than he's heard for the last couple of days, and there's that hope that surges. "They're fine," though he looks a question to the pair that'd know better than he at the moment, "It's been a couple of rough days, my lady.. and you're doing.. wonderfully."

Given Anders has the firstborn, Einar is content enough to stay a halfpace behind, so that Corrie may view her sons in order. He gives Pariston a brief nod in thanks before Anders' look catches him and he turns to answer the questions, both asked an unasked. "Both the midwife and wetnurse agree they are doing well, and I think they're getting more sleep than the rest of us." It's certainly true that Corrie's appearance is less than ideal, but given the improvement from when he was ushered out of this room on the morning of the birth, he can not help but seem at least a little pleased. If you can distinguish that from the joy of re-uniting parents and children in general.

Pariston gently hand the bundle over to Anders. Offering a small bow of his head as he is thanked. Looking between the nobles but he doesn't utter a word for now. Letting the lady have her calm, as well as the children. They all seem to need it after all. Just standing and smiling as well for now. Glancing between them all. Taking a step back towards the wall as well, as to leave more room to the rest.

The sight of her babe draws Cordelya into silence for a few heartbeats. Baby. Her son. The first of them, at least. She blinks against a sudden stinging glassiness in her eyes, not wanting tears to muss her view of him for however long her body will let her keep awake. She shifts her arm slowly, trying to shift her fingertips out from under the blanket so she can reach for his little hand… "…Names… they need… names? And I… I'm sorry… Andy… tell them I'm sorry… everyone's worrying… working so hard… "

Stopping at the side of her bed now, Anders sits on the edge of the seat, propping up the firstborn, so mother and son can see each other. "This is your mother, little one.." he murmurs. Looking back to Einar, and Pariston, he nods in the information. "I'm willing to bet they are.. I don't think I've gotten the two, three hours at a time they have." And he probably won't for some time. Looking back to Corrie, he exhales and has to agree, "They'll need names.. I was thinking Nils for the first," and in looking back at Einar, he considers slowly, "And the other would be named for my cousin."

With mother and heir introduced, even if only briefly, Einar brings the second son over to the side of the bed, answering Anders as he does so, "It perhaps wouldn't be so bad if they'd both sleep at the same time." He's still smiling though, so he can't be doing too badly out of it all. perhaps its the ability to take shifts with Nerys. With Anders claiming the seat he lowers himself carefully to one knee to drop his height down closer to Corries eyeline and shifts the child slightly so that he can be seen alongside his brother. It takes a moment for Anders' comment about the names to sink in though and he starts to ask which cousin before one part of his brain catches up with the other and he glances questioningly to Anders. He's not sure he understood that right, but he hoping fervently that he did.

Pariston stands and watches the introductions and talk. Eyes jumping between them all. Not really sure what to do. Though he does offer a little as his mouth opens, "They seem to be quite fine small lords." He offers. Even though he has had rather limited interaction with them. Then he let the name talk go on. Raising a brow as Einar and Anders are looking at each other.

"…Nils… who… Why Nils? Will your father… not… not wish his name to live on…?" Corrie asks softly, though she must pause there to catch her breath, eyes momentarily dipping shut again. She forces herself not to black out, not to slip back into that cold darkness. She takes a deeper, slower, measured breath before forcing her eyes back open to look across the babe before her. She is too focused on her son to see the look between Einar and Anders, but the Squire's doubt is something she cannot even imagine. A pale smile returns, "…Connell… yes… is a good name… " Her eyes turn to the second one, still in Einar's arms. "…and… they are fine… Handsome, yes… like their father."

"My father yet lives, Corrie," Anders chuckles softly, "And it's good enough for one man to carry his name." He looks back at Einar, the tired grin appearing on his face. "Now.." and he rises a little, "Would you like to hold one, my lady?" The compliment brings a chuff of air, and he reaches out to stroke his wife's cheek with the back of his fingers, "Master Vis, these boys will need protection through their life," and he rises to hand the baby off to his mother, "Will you take on that responsibility?"

Einar echoes the questions with a look of his own. Nils is not a name he recognises from anywhere, family or otherwise. He might have guessed someone from House Reed maybe were it not for the blank Corrie seems to be drawing with it too. As the name for his, as in the one he's holding, is confirmed he breaks off his questioning look at Anders and turns it on Corrie instead. It's almost as if he's too scared to believe it. That would be silly though, because he's of the north and scared of nothing. As Anders moves to pass Nils over to Corrie, he himself glances down to the infant still in his own arms, smile broadening slowly.

Tia's been absent, just the way things go sometimes, and there was this little trip to the Mire to watch Aleister try to kill himself yet again. And fail. But having returned, Tia promptly was given information that sent her scurrying to a certain guest room. She knocks at the door, trying to be polite and all, as she waits, maid in tow, and Jacob joining whatever other guards are by the door.

Pariston is a bit surprised at the words from Anders though he does bow. "Of course, my lord. I will see to it that they are safe. As long as I live and breath I will see to that they are safe." He tells the lord. Being his usual helpful self. Looking over to Einar to see his growing smile. Then it is over to the mother and child. Just watching the two of them for a while. As for the names he smiles and nods, "The names are good, my lord." Perhaps curious about Nils as well, though he seems to like the name. Even if it is not a name from the bloodline. Then again, not all names can be. As for the knock on the door, Pariston looks toward it. "Shall I open, my lord?" He asks. Looking to Anders.

The sight in the little room is indeed crowded, and that's without the wetnurse or midwife! Still the big bed in the corner holds the sick looking Cordelya Flint like some sort of cocoon, she's under so many blankets. Her face is the ashen gray of someone on the edge of death, but her eyes are open and her colourless lips are pulled into a quiet smile as she stares down at the boys whom are being presented to her. She has one small hand out from under the covers, slowly stroking her thumb across the cheek of one of the sleeping infants. "Nils… Nils… and Connell… Yes. I like it… " Her smile finds Einar for a brief moment, as if to reassure him she means it, before drowsy gaze returns to Anders. "I… I do want to but… I don't know…don't trust myself. Don't know that I can…feel half my body… and what I can … hurts."

Anders nods to Einar, a silent acknowledgment of the questions that look as if they'll burst from his cousin's throat. The baby isn't passed over, then, instead he holds onto the baby, even as the child begins to make some noise. "Thank you, Master Vis.. I will accept your service in this regard." He nods in the Master's direction in answer, "Yes, open the door. It's fine." Even if he doesn't know who lies on the other side. "Corrie.. they're fine boys. When you are able, you'll have your arms full with them both."

Einar looks, briefly, like he could hug Anders, or Corrie, or both. More likely both at the same time. The fact that his arms are full of sleeping child, coupled with the fact he'd probably break Corrie in two stop him though. Instead he simply glances to them both and offers a quiet, but entirely sincere "thank you," before composing himself again as Pariston opens the door. You never know who is on the other side after all.

When Pariston opens the door, it's to find Tia on the other side. She glances in and tells her maid to wait outside. It's surely safe enough. And then she steps in quietly, just looking around to see what is going on. There's a kind of wary look on her face, though as she spies the twins, the smile that slowly grows threatens to split her face. "It is true," she whispers softly.

"…You, love… you have had your arms full. Your sons… and me… I… I am awake, for now. Safe. There are others here, Andy… go rest. I know you have not. Please, rest, for me…" Corrie whispers to him, shifting her fingertips from the baby's cheek to her husband's elbow. She gives it the lightest squeeze, as if to prove to him she was getting stronger. And maybe she is. Perhaps the worst is finally over, for her to be awake this long, talking. She then gives Einar a silent, warm nod to his thank you, her bloodless smile lingering. Then gray eyes flutter up from where they hold her sons close, towards the door and Tia's voice. "…Tia…" She breathes out, but it's probably not heard that far across the room. Then to each of the men holding her boys…"Lay… lay them down with me… There is room. While they sleep…"

Pariston nods to the lord and the goes to open the door. Seeing who it is makes him offer a smile and bowing his head before letting Tiaryn slip in. "My lady." He offers to her as well then he looks over to the others. Not really saying much though. Letting the nobles get a time to talk with one another while he looks over them all. Nodding his agreement with Cordelya about letting Anders sleep.

Tia's entrance brings him to rise once again, babe in arms, and he turns about, "Lady Tia.." he offers in greeting. Anders is deeply tired; he's passed that point of fatigue and has gotten into 'walking dead'. Twisting about, he smiles as he leans over to lay the child beside his mother. "There's room." Stepping back, he nods at his wife's concern and he lowers his head, "I think I will try and get a little sleep. I'll.. be in the next room." In his cousin's.. just in case Einar was wondering! "If you'll excuse me.."

Einar glances to the door as it opens and looks well enough pleased to see his good sister arrive. He gives her a brief nod in greeting before turning to Anders to back up Corrie's assertions, "You should you know cousin. Even if you just an hour, and perhaps a shave? Master Vis and the others will remain with them, all three of them, at all times until you return." That said he glances back to Corrie at her request to lay the twins besides her and nods before carefully rising to his feet and heading to the other side of teh bed so that she might have one at each arm. After laying him down on the blankets he gives Tia a quick wave, to indicated that she should join him. "I'll let Anders or Corrie introduce you to their heir," he starts, "but I hope they'll indulge me this once and not mind too much if I show of this little lad as well briefly." stepping back the squire makes room for his good sister at the bedside then leans to quietly, not trusting his voice beyond that, "allow me to present to you Lord Connell Flint." That done he glances back to Corrie, half apologetically for jumping in. Notioning with his head towards Anders he says quickly to the Young Lady, "I'll go make sure he actually does."

Tia smiles at Pariston, but doesn't say anything to him just yet, somewhat distracted. "M'lord Anders," Tia replies at the greeting. "I think sleep will do you a world of good," she says softly as she steps out of the way of the door. She lifts her head to smile at Corrie, not hearing her name, given the distance, but seeing a smile on Corrie's face. Then at Einar's gesture, she moves over, curiosity shining in her eyes. A pause as she listens, and then she sort of stops cold in her tracks for a moment. Blink. "Connell?" she asks softly, and then she reaches a very gentle hand to touch the baby's shoulder. "Lord Connell Flint, have you ever got a lot to live up to, childling." Her own eyes are a bit overbright as she raises her head finally, smiling at Einar. "Thank you for introducing us," she says. "I look forward to watching him grow."

Pariston nods to Einar's words and he will be around. Earlier having mostly been around outside, even resting there at times when taking turn with the other guards. Though now he will stay in here. And he will be around and awake as long as is needed. Smiling and standing near the wall and just watching over them. Letting them greet and introduce themselves. "My lords." He offers as Anders and Einar moves to leave. Then his eyes shift to the two small and young lords as well as the ladies.

The gentle departure of Anders, while it draws some worry to her brow, gains a nod from Corrie to both he and Einar, "…Yes… rest. Be… be safe. We will be fine." She whispers faintly, but isn't going to stop him. He needs the rest. Then her eyes drop back towards the babes laid out at her side. She's not exactly holding them, but she manages to achingly shift her body enough she can lay against them, letting the side of her blankets cradle them each. Tia gains her eyes weakly, pale smile lingering as she whispers…"…two.. Two… Tia. Boys… gods, I was wrong… Nils.." She nods to the one with the gray bracelet, the heir…"and yes… Connell… he… He will be… it will be good… for him." Corrie is vaguely rambling in her own breathless exhaustion now.

Tia smiles as the babies are set down next to poor Corrie. She watches with a soft smile on her face. "Two beautiful boys, Corrie," she says, reaching a hand to touch Corrie's. "You are incredible, goodcousin. Nils and Connell, those are both good strong names. I like them." Her blue eyes are bright with emotion, her own affection showing clearly. "Now you just need to take care of yourself, so you can take care of them. I am sure they will be a handful, if they're anything like their mother."

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