Page 419: They Meet Again
They Meet Again
Summary: Jiselle surprises Kell with her return.
Date: 13/09/2012
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Jiselle Kell 
Courtyard, Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
Thu Sep 13, 289

With the Roost recovering nicely due to their accord with the Charltons coupled with the time of peace on their lands, the people have more or less been doing better and happy about it. However, with the trouble brewing just in the east, where a clash seems imminent, some people are still tense. One of those is Kell Drakmoor, the Terrick Knight who had been on patrol more often than not recently, leading larger patrols now after speaking with Lord Justin. Leaving usually early in the morning, they head to the eastern borders, keeping watch for trouble and usually don't arrive back till the end of the day. So there is no surprise when the sound of hooves can be heard approaching the Four Eagles Tower, the knight leading a line of seven Terrick guardsmen, all on horseback, back home. All are armored, along with surcoats of Terrick colors and the same with their riding cloaks.

Long before the arrival of the patrol, the tower was notified of their return. Having been present to hear this particular bit of news, Jiselle scampers eagerly down the steps and into the courtyard, but at the last second diverts off to the side to mingle among the new growth; more specifically, she hides behind a flower-twined column and watches wide-eyed as the men come sweeping in from their post. Her gaze roves each face, waiting for helmets to be removed so she can find one man in particular.

As the patrol slow to a stop in the middle of the courtyard, the area cleared due to the returning armsmen as not wanting to risk injury, most of the Terrick men reach up to remove their steel helms. Kell would be recognized by those that know him, as the one in the lead and the one wearing chainmail where as the guardsmen wear leather jerkins. Putting the helm securely on the saddlehorn, the Terrick Knight dismounts in a smooth motion before one of the stable boys staying in the keep eagerly scampers out to assist the knight with Havok. Removing his gauntlets, Kell shoots the young lad a grin before ruffling the boy's hair, then slipping the mesh gauntlets into his saddle pack. "Thanks, I will check on him later after he is settled in. Give him plenty of water and feed, has been a long day." There is a little bit of weariness in Kell's voice as well but being home again lifts the spirits.

And there he is, at the back of the group, removing his helmet and unbuckling his leather armor. No, just kidding. It really is the man in chainmail out in front, and upon spying Kell, Jiselle leaps from her hiding spot and strides briskly toward the men. Much to her credit, she ignores some of the leers and admiring whistles directed toward the bounce brought to her bosom by her hurried pace. She stops just before Kell, within arm's reach, breathless and flushed with the exertion, but smiling brightly.
"So you have returned once again, Ser Drakmoor, and in one piece. This humble woman is grateful to the gods for such a blessing," Jiselle offers dramatically, crossing her arms over her stomach and further framing the low decolletage of her gown. "I thought to surprise you this morning with news of my own return, but you were out before I even rose. So, I am here now. I hope I have surprised you."

The sounds of admiring whistles has Kell turning his attention away from Havok who is being lead away into the stable, wondering what is going on behind him. When his eyes fall upon the beautiful lady approaching, the knight can see the reason why though he does shoot the men to his side a glance that is accompanied with a clearing of his throat. Loudly. Then his focus is back on Jiselle as she has his full and undivided attention now, grinning at her words. "Mistress Hill, I am most definitely surprised. Very pleasantly surprised, to see that you have safely returned to the Roost." His gaze do, not to any fault of his own, slip down for a lingering second before he forces himself to look back up at her eyes. He also fights the temptation of pulling the gorgeous woman into a tight embrace, for two main reasons, they are very much in public right now and he is still armored, which would be rather uncomfortable and painful for her. "The Seven watches over us and we do not expect much trouble, on our side of the border." There is a pause as Kell looks Jiselle over, not a leering glance but one that appears to be making sure the lady is not injured, "I trust you have been well since the day I departed Seagard?"

Jiselle makes note of Kell's gallantry, and although she admires his attitude, she does nothing to help it by offering the next nearest man a lascivious wink. It only serves to incite them further, at least in regards to elbow-nudging and chuckling among themselves—but the moment passes quickly and they return to disbanding for the night. She further notes Kell's attention, and his look, but merely offers a cheeky smile in return. No embarassment there. "I have been most well, although perhaps a bit lonely. There seem to be so few skilled conversationalists around who are not noble. Do not take me wrong: I love the Lady Saffron and Ser Kamron Mallister, but a girl wants for equal company from time to time."
She turns now to stand beside rather than in front of Kell, gesturing him forward as if to lead the way to wherever he intends to go. "I know chainmail is heavy, ser. Where did your squire go? Do you require assistance in removing it?" Even while she is questioning Kell, her head turns to glance about as if in search of some young boy who may fall into the category of 'squire'.

The purposeful baiting directed at the other men only has Kell shaking his head but more in amusement than anything else with the grin present on his lips. He doesn't say anything else to the other Terrick armsmen though, knowing that they are just having their fun but is certainly disciplined enough to return to their duties, which they do. The bold smile from Jiselle only has Kell flashing a similar one right back, if they hadn't spent the intimate time together at Seagard, he may have been embarrassed at having been caught looking.
A brow is arched by Kell as he listens, when Jiselle shares that she has been lonely before finally nodding his head, understanding what she is talking about. "It's certainly more relaxing and easier to reach mutual understanding." Not to mention that it is easier to take advantage of non-nobles as a noble. When she slips to his side, Kell would offer an arm in most other ocassions but for now he begins heading towards the keep, he will grab his pack later from the stable, "When you wear it long enough, you sort of get use to the weight. Still heavy, but tolerable, especially if it can mean the difference between a bruise and a grevious wound." As for the squire, the knight only shakes his head, "I do not have one, Mistress. I… wouldn't be a very good instructor for the poor lad if one were assigned to me." When they reach the doors to the keep, Kell pulls it open and gestures inside, holding it open for Jiselle.

"Mutual understanding? Of course," Jiselle replies, and there is a rich overtone to her words of—something almost unidentifiable. She flashes her white teeth in another brilliant smile before hooking her fingers delicately in her skirts and lifting the hem up half an inch so as not to trip over it. Her long-legged stride is nearly a match for Kell's as they both approach the keep, but the woman's features are assembled into a frown of disapproval as he opens the door.
It isn't because Kell opens the door, of course, because Jiselle sweeps through into the tower without even noting the servants milling about the grand entryway. Instead, she's turning to watch her companion follow. "No squire? At all? A page? A layman? Someone to help you don your gear, pack and unpack, carry messages… You do all of it yourself?" Perhaps she has not known enough common knights, but it seems to be news to her. She whips around in a flurry of skirts and moves further into the keep. "Why do you think you would be a poor instructor?"

Stepping inside, Kell quietly shuts the door behind him before his steps continue, choosing one of the side hallways that will bring the pair deeper into the keep, where armsmen and knights without family would be assigned a small room to stay while in service to House Terrick. His walking pace is slower indoors, a more relaxing stroll than one would use if they had a task to do. He does observe the frown before shaking his head to confirm his original answer, "None. And I'm use to it, before serving House Terrick, I was a hedge knight. Though things have been much easier since I swore my sword to this house, if I needed help, there would be other guardsmen to assist me if needed." To her las question though, shoulders are raised slightly in the form of a shrug, "Well… I wouldn't know how to teach them how to be a good squire, or even a good page. I never was one before being knighted. I wouldn't be surprised if Squires knew more about what their duties involve than I did."

It's just as well that Kell's pace slows, otherwise there would be heaving bosoms all over the place followed by a sudden slew of male servants clogging up the hallway. Jiselle notes their location with a flick of her gaze, but she dismisses the information as not pertinent to the current conversation. Still, she cannot help but smile at her companion, and even reaches out to touch his still-armored arm for just a moment. "Of course, and it was stupid and insensitive of me to even ask in the first place. I just believe you are very, very good at what you do, and you deserve all the perks that should accompany all of the sacrifice. But no, it would not be in you to even consider it." Her smile widens. "Do you share your quarters with other guards?"

For Kell, his intentions were of course innocent when he had choosen the destination, he wanted to get out of his armor as soon as he can for comfort and perhaps to clean up a little bit, as he would after every other patrol. However, it appears he didn't think things through with Jiselle accompanying him, and the thought had not occurred to him just yet. The touch to his arm does draw a smile to his face again, even though he isn't able to feel her fingers, "No, Mistress Hill, I took no offense and it was an honest question. Nothing to apologize for. Depending on who you talk to, some may see the way I was knighted as… rare and a stroke of luck. And I thank you, Mistress, for your kind words." As to her question, Kell shakes his head, "No, Lord Jerold was generous to give me my own room."

Innocent or not, Jiselle seems not to be the least inclined to abandon their path. Instead, she draws in closer to Kell's side and, when she can be sure nobody is looking, slips her arm around his. She seems comfortable enough in the present of arms and armor, using her free hand to trace the tightly linked metal loops. "Then you are a lucky man, Ser Drakmoor, and likely the envy of many. Made even luckier this evening that you are in the company of a woman who has the rare knowledge of how to remove chainmail: slowly, and one piece at a time." Are these hints? Who knows. The information is true nevertheless, despite the fact that her smile is less than innocent. "Remind me to offer my thanks to Lord Jerold should we meet."

Kell certainly offers no complaints when Jiselle pulls herself closer to him as he wasn't sure if she would be comfortable around so much hard armor, women can be rather picky about comforts. He is glad that this one is just fine with the linked rings, not minding the feel of them against her. The knight is also even more pleased when she surprises him with the fact that she is quite capable when dealing with armor like his. "I am indeed a /very/ lucky man and after today, the guardsmen I ride out on patrols with will undoubtably remind me repeatedly." The hints being dropped is not missed at all as he flashes her a grin when they reach the door to his room which he opens and steps inside, holding it open for her, the invitation unspoken, "Whether you know how to remove my armor, I count myself luckier that you are back at the Roost. I must admit, since my departure from Seaguard, I have missed you."