Page 563: They Came in Two by Two
They Came in Two by Two
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 06/February/2013
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Town Square, Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
Wed Feb 06, 290

It's evening at the Roost, not dark yet, but the working day is over and the market still and silent once more. It's also quiet, has been for weeks now and while some might consider that dull, the Deputy Sheriff really isn't complaining. So far today he's watched over a quiet and uneventful market day, enjoyed a nice hot dinner and is now doing a final, casual circuit of the town to ensure all is well before he retires for the night for some quality family time and then sleep.

Dania is just riding into town at a walk as the shadows grow longer and sky starts to deepen in color as night slowly creeps ever closer. Just as she enters into the market does she seen a familiar figure. She brings her horse to halt and she studies for a moment. Then she smiles brightly and she raises her hand in greeting. "Deputy, I like that helmet hanging off your belt but it would do you more good if you were wearing it."

Most people would have stopped elsewhere for the night rather than risk bandits or other dangers along the dark roads. Still, a pair of riders enters the square from the east. Their horses trot at an easy pace. "The inn will be open at this hour," a quiet male voice assures while one rider looks to his companion. "We can stable hour horses there if you like." He looks ahead again, and sees the two people from afar. "See? Poeple are still stirring." He moods toward the others, and then, when the horses come closer, he guesses, "It looks like Dania and Master Trevelyan. Of all people, I'm least surprised to see them still wandering, although I hope that there's no trouble."

"That's what I'm thinking too," Kalira admits, sitting straighter in the saddle as she eyes the road ahead. "out and about at this hour can be a good thing or bad, but there's just no way to know," said as she rubs the fingertips of her left hand against her left temple lightly as she speaks. "What hour do you make it?" she wonders, slowing her mare a bit to a walk.

Mortimer halts is progress across the square as he hears a the sound of hooves from the road. It's still light enough to make out the rider and he smiles a welcoming smile of recognition once he sees who it is. Since she's drawn to a halt he moves up to hold it's reins so she can dismount if she chooses before answering back, "Mistress Dorsey. A pleasure to see you back here, nothing serious I hope?" As for the helmet? He simply smiles slightly and shrugs, "I will if there's a need." The sound of more horses drags his attention away briefly but the sight of a pair of horses trotting in for the night doesn't seem to bother him too much, especially not when it becomes apparent who their riders are. "Another hour or so to full dark Mistress Valen," he calls over, "there'll still be pottage available in the Inn for a while yet if you’ve not eaten."

"I am just overjoyed to see that you have it Mortimer. I was wondering later if you and I could have talk." By voice she means what she says. Then she laughs as she sees and hears Kalria and Nathaniel in the fading light. "Hey Ho, I did not think you would both be heading down this way. It is good to see you. I pray the roads were kind to you both. Kalria how is your head doing?" She then says to Nathaniel. "How are you doing?"

Nathaniel glances to Kalira and frowns when he sees her massaging her temple. "You tell me that everything is fine, but I still worry when you do that," he murmurs under his breath so that only she can hear. Then he looks toward Mortimer when the man calls. "Master! Mistress! Is all well here? When I see a healer and a deputy together, I can't avoid wondering." He clicks his tongue softly and then guides his mare toward the pair. "A hot meal would be welcome, even though living on the goodness of the land has been fine, too," he answers. Looking more directly to Dania, he adds, "She has done well for a first long journey, but I'll admit that I've been watchful, protective, and worried throughout the trip." He glances to Kalira. Again speaking in a low tone, he advises, "I'll stop and tie Molly. Then I'll tie Shadow and help you down. I don't want you to lose your balance and fall."

"One more hour? Then we made better time than we'd hoped," Kalira calls in return with a wry smile to accompany her words. "The headaches stopped, but the ride here made it start up again," she admits with a slow shake of her head, glad to be on my own two feet in fact, now that we're here," said as she brings Shadow to a halt and swings to her feet with a sigh of relief. She shares a look with Nathaniel, "I know, and I don't mean to worry you, but I just need to stand for a moment and wait for the pounding in my head to stop."

"Sometimes things just work out Mistress," Mortimer replies with a knowing smile, although it doesn't seem like he's going to elaborate on that as he instead moves onto her next point. "Of course. Tonight or would you rather wait until morning?" He casts a quick glance to Nathaniel and Kalira, wondering if the delay in conversation is due to a general lack of urgency or their arrival. "All is well," he replies easily enough, "Mistress Dorsey has in fact only just beaten you here by mere moments." With the healer seemingly making no move to dismount he then offers, "I can hold Mistress Valen's horse if you need, I've two hands that are doing little else." As Kalira sorts herself though he just offers her a brief nod in greeting and then notions towards the side of the square occupied by the Rockcliff, "you'll be able to find yourself a seat in there is you need it, or there's a bench against the wall outside if you'd prefer the air."

Having come with Dania, though rode ahead, is Ciaran. His horse already stabled and he is currently walking from down the road and towards the gathering. "Hi." He offers to all, skipping the titles. They are all commoners after all. "Dania, I looked to it that everything is prepared and managed. I was just there to make sure that there was room and so forth, like you told me." He says and looks to the others with a smile.

"In the morning will work, I can stop by your cottage before work if that would alright." Dania says to the deputy as she moves to finally dismount. She runs her stirrups up and she loosens the girth. She is smiling as she holds her reins. Her one hand rubs her lower back and she stretches. "Good to here Ciaran and thank you. I am not certain if you know the others. "This is my apprentice but he is an Herbalist. Cirian this is the Deputy of Terricks Roost, Master Nathaniel and our good friend and neighbor Mistress Kalira." She offers introductions.

Nathaniel stops Molly and dismounts. He reaches for Shadow's reins when the horse draws near, but the swiftness of Kalira's dismount surprises him. He watches her closely for a moment while Mortimer mentions the two main options, inn or bench, and he looks at the auburn-haired woman again. "Staying out here might be best for your head. The inn might be too noisy," he suggests. When Ciaran arrives and speaks to Dania, the courier nods to the man and looks from apprentice to healer, then to Mortimer, and finally back to Kailra.

Kalira is leaning, not so subtly, against her horse for the moment, one hand tangled in the reins while the other continues to lightly massage her temples, "I think the inn, yes, would be entirely to loud, the air out here is much better," she agrees. "A pleasure to meet you, Ciaran," she adds, eyes closing briefly while letting her equilibrium settle itself and the pounding in her head to subside somewhat. "Nathaniel and I are couriers," she adds to the introductions, "Nathaniel for Terrick's Roost and I for Heronhurst," she explains.

Mortimer glances over his shoulder as he hears footsteps approaching and offers Ciaran a nod as the man is recognised. "Master Fullbringer, welcome back to the Roost." Dania's reply receives a bod as well. He'd been going to suggect stopping by her brother's place on his rounds but her suggestions works as well, he'll just have to ensure he doesn't sleep in. "I generally like to be out and about before town gets too busy, but there should be time aye," he replies before he starts to lead the way towards the aforementioned bench. It's only really large enough for three, but he's happy to stand and assumes that at least one of Nathaniel and Cairan will feel likewise. "What brings you all here tonight?" he asks as they cross the square, "not trouble I hope? News from Heronhurst?"

"Of course." Ciaran offers to Dania before looking to the others. "Yes, I do think I know them all. Except perhaps the mistress." He says and smiles at Kalira. "Pleasure. I do suppose that I will be meeting you often then, now that I have been staying there." Something seeming to come to mind but he keeps it to himself for the time being. Head finally turns to Mortimer as he smirks, "Pleasure to be back, deputy. Missed me?" He asks and is just his usual cocky self. Walking along towards the bench but not seeming to sit. Though he does gesture for the others to sit. Listening to the conversations going on.

"Shall we go to the inn or another place. Food sounds lovely. Sleep sounds even better but after we all eat. Kal did you bring those herbs that I gave you or do you need more?" Dania asks as she stands there holding her horses reins. Her eyes are bright. Her one hand is rubbing her lower back. "I am here to visit a few patients is all." She explains. "I have to go to the tower while I am here. Nathaniel, can you get her someplace quiet. If not we can all go to my brothers cottage for a little bit. I do not think he will mind."

Nathaniel nods to Dania. "I was preparing to take Kalira to the bench." Then he turns to Kalira, and offers, "But if you would prefer to go elsewhere, we can do that, too. If you want a walk, I'll stable our horses and be back soon." He nods to Mortimer and answers, "We bring news from Heronhurst, but it is a small matter. Whether it is good or bad will depend on the hearer."

Kalira reaches for Nathaniel's hand and gives a gentle squeeze, "I'm going to take Shadow to the stables and sit for a bit, I may close my eyes. Come get me after you've had something to eat, please?" she asks before aiming a somewhat bleary eyed around. "Everyone, it was nice seeing all of you, but I need some quiet. I'll see you all tomorrow or soon or something," she offers and leads her horse to the stables.

"They'll generally bring food out here if you ask," Mortimer answers Dania, "so we can sit in the fresh air as long as needed." Where 'we' equals 'some' of course. As she mentions the tower he makes an informed guess and asks, "Lady Saffron? I haven't seen her since she returned from Broadmoor but I have not heard that she had any difficulties on the road." Nathaniel's comment brings a raised eyebrow, but he won't press on the nature of such news yet. Tomorrow maybe, once everyone is settled once more after their journeys. "Mistress," he offers with a parting nod to Kalira as she takes her leave, before glancing back to Nathaniel and silently asking, 'her head still?'

Nathaniel glances at the others before he frowns after Kalira. He shakes his head stubbornly. "I don't think so," he mutters, half to himself but loudly enough for the others to hear. Then he looks pointedly at Dania, and elaborate, "I'm going to look after her. If you need to leave, tell someone where I can find you." He looks at Ciaran and then Mortimer, and he assures, "We'll be here for a few days, so I'm sure that we'll have some time to talk if you wish." Tightening his hold on Molly's rein, he hurries toward the stables. Both he and his mare close the gap between themselves and Kalira and Shadow.

"Couriers." Ciaran offers to the two leaving people and looking over to the others. A bit questioning of a look perhaps as he looks curious about a lot of things. "So…" He shakes his head though. "Food out here sounds great, as do sleep as well. Though indeed, food first." Falling silent and just listening to Mortimer and Dania then.

"Let me get Sparrow to bed and eating in the fresh air is a good idea." Dania says to them as she goes to walk her horse towards the stables. She looks over at the two of them. I will be back." She follows him. She barely gets near the stable when a stable boy appears to take her horse. She takes her Saddlebags and she then goes back towards the group.

With the couriers heading for the stables and Dania's horse taken care of by the stableboy, Mortimer takes a brief moment to allow Dania to return before noting, "I've already eaten and should probably head home, help put the lad to bed and such. You know where to reach me if you have need?" he asks, although since Dania has already stated that she's coming round in the morning it does occur to him that it's a bit of a redundant question.

Ciaran raises his brow. Nodding to Mortimer as he seems to be leaving as well. "Be well, deputy." He offers and turns to look to Dania. "So… Did I scare everyone off?" He asks with a proud smirk despite the question.

"Moritmer, first thing in the morning and may I bring Master Ciaran with me?" She asks the deputy. She smiles brightly and as she stands there she rubs her lower back again. "No you did not, but I think we should find some food. Then settle down for the night. The day is going to be long."

"'tis merely that hour of the evening Master Fullbringer," Mortimer replies with an amused smile, "I dare say things will pick up again soon enough when the Inn starts to fill." That said he turns back to Dania and offers a short nod in understanding. "As you wish Mistress," he answers, after all, she's the one that knows what this is about and if she wants her apprentice there then who is he to argue. "Until the morning then," he then says to the pair of them before given them a slight bow in departure. Pleasantries done he's off across the square again in the direction of his home.