Page 323: They Came in the Night
They Came in the Night
Summary: The Charlton Household residing in Crane's Crossing are arrested by Ser Rygar Nayland
Date: 7/6/2012
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Crane's Crossing, Stonebridge
The whole establishment
Thu Jun 07, 289

Another leisurely night in Stonebridge for the nobles and retainers of House Charlton, as the wee hours of the night- equidistant between midnight and sunrise- find even the town's bakers still in their beds. A pair of Charlton knights, those who lost the draw, are settled outside the room occupied by Lord Aleister and his Lady wife, but the inn is largely dark as candles are expensive. Only the flickering light in the hearth illuminates the common room, where most of the Armsmen are sleeping, and some few stubbornly cling to wakefulness.

At four in the morning, not even Aleister is foolish enough to be still be up, not when he must rise the following day to tend to duties. As such, he still lingers in the realm of sleep, his body drapped across his side of the bed. Pieces of armor are strewn about in different spots, while a mace lies off to one side of the room.

Within the rented chambers that Cherise and Aleister share, she's pacing back and forth while attempting to console a very unsettled infant. Aerick is bobbed gently in her arms, his pudgy face redded as crocodile tears simply reveal this is probably bad gas or a cry for attention. "Shhhh." She's trying to keep him from disturbing Aleister's sleep.

Ramsey is asleep, off in whatever room the inn still had available after the Charlton host moved in and took over. This is probably the best time to go and pound on Aleister's door and pin him down for a meeting, but Ramsey chose beauty sleep over ticking off relatives he doesn't remember.

Alric is asleep at the moment. Having gotten back not too long earlier, after comforting Alys. He fell asleep quite fast but he is by no means in deep sleep. He has seemed to been quite tired as he did not bother with clothes or anything after reaching his room. Now lying flat on on the bed, on his belly, and just snoring lightly.

Those clinging to conciousness in the common room will be the first to notice: the muffled sound of boots approaching the Inn's door is heard moments before that portal opens. A few bleary eyes turn toward the door, and then promptly away as a half dozen lanterns are un-hooded and light floods the common room. At the back door, a similar party of men enters, with lantern light reflecting off of bared blades and steel armor, as the new arrivals sweep into the inn with prepared precision. The first sounds of protest reach the ears of those within their private chambers.

A small measure of success is granted as Aerick's crying had stopped only to be repliaced by extremely cute sounds of grunting. Cherise's smile is short lived as something draws her eyes for the door and clutching Aerick tighter. Unfortunately the septa had been sleeping in another chamber. Without delay, the Charlton woman is shuffling barefooted towards the side of the bed nearest husband's head. "Aleister." She whispers urgently before jarring him awake with a few shoves of her hand. "Wake up, there is something not right."

The crying baby doesn't seem to phase Aleister, for he remains sprawled upon that bed, rather content to sleep for as long as possible. He doesn't wake at the mention of his name from Cherise and while those few shoves of her hand do begin to stir him, it's with a grunt and a mumbled, "Go back to sleep, Cherise. You just had a dream."

Ramsey stirs, the noise interrupting his particularly lovely dream of adoring ladies all tending his every whim while scantily clad in lacey undergarments. He sits up and blinks into the darkness. "Damn…" He says softly.

Alric isn't too far gone in his sleep, and there is probably more reasons than one for that. Hearing the sounds of protest from his sleeping state. Blinking a few times as he tries to realize what is going on. Soon enough he rolls off bed, falling to the floor and starting to rise up. He is still a bit drunk as he continues to blink and move towards the door. A hand running through his hair and the other brushing himself off. The door getting opened and he looks outside the door. "What commotion about?" He asks in sleepy drunken state, sort of. Trying to pull himself together.

No sooner have the grunts and curses of protest begun to be raised from the surprised Armsmen in the common room, than the spearhead of this intrusive party begins marching into the corridor of rooms fit for noble residence. With a start, the pair of knights outside Aleister's door come to their feet, one calling, "Who the fuck goes there?" As a handful of men armed and armored as knights for battle stalk toward him. Behind them, a further dozen men- accompanied by what appears to be a peasant man with a ring of keys, stop at all the doors the innkeep knows to be occupied by Charltons, the locks on those doors (the Crane is an upscale establishment, after all) clicking open with a heavy metallic thunk.

The sounds of a short scuffle in the hallway end with one of the sentry knights calling, "Ser Aleister!" in the the instant before the first of several armored men fill the doorway to that noble chamber.
Jac has arrived.

As the disturbance grew closer Cherise attempts again, and again with much vigor to break her husband's slumber. "I am not asleep! Wake up!" A single candle had been lit during her attempts to their young to a calmed state which left the chamber shadowed by all except for the fading moon's light peering in from the windows. Once those men had entered the lady had tightened her embrace of Aerick against her bosom. Bastards had the audacity to enter private chambers with the highborn clad in ther night wares. "How dare you!"

Perhaps it's Cherise continued assault on his slumper, or perhaps it's the guard that causes the man to stir, but either way, Aleister begins to wake. Hearing the last that Cherise has to say causes a blink and the Charlton Knight is rolling out of the bed so that he might grab the mace that lays not too far away, "I demand to know what the meaning of this is!"

More noise. Booted feet clomping. Ramsey shakes off the remnants of the pleasant dream and slips out of the bed. He doesn't know what's going on, but one thing is for certain. He needs pants! The cursing question by the guard is heard, and then the calling of Aleister's name. By then, Ramsey has his breeches on, a shirt, his sword strapped about his waist, and he's stuffing his feet into his boots. Is his room under the name of Charlton? Hmmm… Eryk likely provided some necessary credentials.

Jac Caddock has been bunking with several other common knights, and he had been in a state of nice dreams about fine ladies and wine — and maybe a giant purple rabbit, but that will have to be analyzed later. The commotion that rises up from the common room and beyond stirs the Songbird, and he pulls himself up from the bunk's mattress. He grasps immediately for his sword belt, though the blade remains neatly shealthed. His head is still fuzzy, but instinct is already kicking in to sharpen his senses. He is on his feet, moving toward his own door. Luckily, Jac is in the habit of sleeping in pants though his scarred chest is bare.

Alric moves into his room, grabbing hold of his own sword. Sobering up quite fast thanks to all the things happening. The adrenaline driving him away from the drunken state. Stepping outside and looking around a bit. He is able to keep himself alert and upright as he looks towards the man with the keys and also to the knights around. "What is this about?" He calls out, after having his sword strapped to his side. Lucky to have been training with it perhaps. "Ser Aleister, lady Cherise, are you alright." He asks, as he moves towards their chambers.

The foremost of the knights intruding upon Alesiter's slumber and privacy is a tall, lean fellow. In the suddenly ample lantern light he can be seen to be wearing a sash in Nayland orange and green over well kept brigadine, a heavy pole-hammer in his gauntleted hands. "Lord Aleister Charlton," the knights greets with cold formality. "You and your household are hereby under arrest for agitation against the lawful rulers of Stonebridge. I bid you yield, Ser." The words are loud and clear enough that they carry to nearby chambers, even as more of the Nayland-of-Stonebridge fighting men continue to subdue and bind the Charlton folk occupying the Inn.

For the moment, the other calls of Aleister's name are ignored as he settles his eyes upon the tall, lean fellow that issues the charge. Fingers tighten around the handle of his mace, but the weapon is brought to bare quite yet. Instead, there's a curve of his lips to a smirk and a slight cant of his head to the side, "On what grounds is such a charge laid when all we have done is ventured here to spend coin on wine, ale and food, before we were to depart."

Aerick is crying once again as the charge named against her household brings Cherise to gaze upon the men then her husband with confusion. As Aleister addresses the knight invading into their chambers mother has little else to do besides to try and sedate her young. "We are fine Lord Alric!" She heard the man throughout all this misplaced show of authority.

Rygar answers Alesiter with his habitual cold formality. "My Lord knows well that evidence is produced at trial, not at arrest. Stand down, Ser, that you and your household might accorded their due dignity in detention. Resistance would be most.. unwise."

And the Songbird Knight looks up to find a well-armed man in his doorway. Jac smiles casually to the man. "What a big sword you have," he states in a mild tone. "The better to stab me with, I'm guessing?" He then shouts out into the hallway in hopes that the Charlton Lord and perhaps his Lady will hear. "My Lord… I hope you are aware we have guests!" And then he settles his gaze on the Nayland man, still smiling. "This is quite early for you, isn't it?" He banters pleasantly. "Have you had breakfast already?"

Boots are laced and Ramsey eases up to the door, opening it a crack to peer out into the hallway. He watches the arrests taking place and frowns. When a soldier is suddenly at his doorway, the young man protests quickly, "This is no affair of mine, I have been here no longer than a day!" He waves his hands at the man-at-arms, "Go.. shoo. There are others needing your brute force."

Alric is close enough to hear the exchange of words between Aleister and the guard. Though he is looked to by others who subdue him. "Do take ease Ser Aleister. Choose your words with care!" He calls out, taking into consideration the things he do know about the matter. No point in fighting in vain, at least not yet. "I do believe that you should only look to those in charge though. Which would be myself and Ser Aleister Charlton. The others should be able to walk around safely in the inn for now." He tries to negotiate with Rygar. Looking to the man subduing him, with quite an unimpressed look.

"What do you mean by agitation?" Cherise's voice is a few octives higher that resonate her panic. Her large blue eyes dart to Aleister, "What does he mean by that?" Aerick's cries were still carrying on without being consoled for she just might do the same as her young.

Cool eyes settle upon Rygar, though that smirk doesn't begin to fade from Aleister's lips. Not yet, at least, "You and yours have made an awful mistake this day, Ser Rygar." Now, the mace lifts a touch, coming to point in the direction of the Nayland Knight before the Charlton is simply dropping it to the floor as he calls out, "Lower your weapons. Turn them over to our .. gracious hosts. It would seem we are to be called forth to be lavished upon by House Nayland." The last is offered with no attempt to hide the sarcasm, "I want your word, Nayland, that no harm will come to mine while we are your .. guests."

Jac's conversation partner quips back, "Waiting on this business to be resolved first, Ser. So I'd thank you to set down the sword and keep this clean, Ser. Bloodshed spoils me appetite."

Rygar answers Alric, with his regard still upon Aleister, "My lord seems to think this matter is a negotiation. It is not." Aleister's smirking reply is met with the curt rejoinder, "You shall treated as befits prisoners of noble blood, Ser." Without turning his eye aside from the incipient Lord of Highfield, the stern Nayland commands the man beside him, "Inform me when the remainder of the prisoners are collected." Turning his eye from Aleister to Cherise, he notes further, "Lady Charlton. Chambers within Tordane Tower have been prepared for yourself and your babe. Ser Aleister, come this way."

Ramsey's staggeringly confident demeanor and blatant insult are sufficient to spur the offender to action: "Shut up and show your hands, milord," he orders coarsely, prepared to detain Ramsey Charlton the Younger with a measure of that brute force.

Jac is reluctant. "Well, my appetite is quite spoiled… I would be unkind to share that ill with another, wouldn't I?" He narrows his dark eyes on the Nayland man who stands before his door. He holds a challenging gaze for a long moment before he unlatches the swordbelt he just finished securing. He wraps the leather around the shealth. He says not another word, though everything about his body language suggests a disgruntled surrender.

A simple nod comes to be given to Rygar before he's casting a look in the direction of Cherise, "Go, Cherise. We will see each other soon enough." Then, he's looking back towards Rygar, one hand lifting in a mock flourished bow that comes to be offered in the direction of Rygar. When he lifts from that bow, he begins to stride forth, "Mark my words, Ser, this is not the end of things."

While frowning Cherise stares to Rygar while their new accomodations have been presented. "You would separate me from my husband when I have only just been given back my family." She tells him without being able to conceal the bitterness on her tongue. More may come from the woman had it not been for Aleister's words. Drawing closer to her husband the lady steals from this moment as much as she may by bestowing a kiss upon his lips. "Please do not delay." Cherise pleads before carrying she and her young towards the doors and closer to the Nayland colors. Before departing of course the lady will take robes and a blanket for herself and Aerick.

"These hands? That I was waving at you to shoo you away?" Ramsey replies in a thick foriegn accent, flapping his hands in the dim lighting of the room. "I think these hands will be happier free of bindings. It is decided. Begone! Ramsey is not with these people you arrest." He takes another step back and glances around the room, muttering, "Next time I will be insisting on a room with a window…"

Alric grins at Rygar's words before looking to the guard in front of him. "At least he knows how to talk." Looking at the guard with a downright condscending look. "I understand. Not to worry. Though when were you thinking of a trial?". He asks, still trying to let his mind catch up. Though he's not going to debate more than so. Not wanting to waste energy on that. Though he does speak a bit lower, to the guard. "Guess this is Nayland hospitality for ya." A smirk on his face. His own sword is drop to the floor as he is just still now.

"Your words and deeds are well marked, Ser," Rygar returns to the Charlton, before answering Cherise. "The law is pitiless, Lady."

Alas and alack, Ramsey's further declarations result in rather rougher handling. As he turns to lament the absence of a window, A firm hand on the back of his neck drives him to the ground, where his delicate and most noble wrists are bound together in the next half minute. Those who yielded up their swords are ushered with some modicum of courtesy out into the common room, where they see the dozen Charlton Armsmen- one with his mouth bloodied- huddled together under guard. The nobles will be escorted promptly to Tordane Tower, with the Armsmen following.

There's no further reply from Aleister, for he's moving out as he's ushered and when the common room is reached, his eyes are playing amongst those that are bound and gathered there. Injuries are noted and a slight nod of his head is all that is offered in the direction of the men. Then, it's back to the fore his head goes, so that he can move with his escort to Tordane Tower.

"My guess is they would expect a windowed escape," Jac says to Ramsey. "Perhaps you should instead ask for roof access…" The Songbird Knight glances toward Rygar as he steps out into the hallway without his arms. He looks to Cherise and her babe as she is ushered along, and then he looks to Aleister.

Cherise would comply, quietly unlike her son who seems to be impossible to console. Robed and blanketed for the early morning hours and on route to the Tordane Tower. Of those bestowed the colors of her house she eyes them with sympathy, however once stepping outdoors the cool air hardens the lady's features.

Ramsey growls a bit at the manhandling but he's at least sharp enough to know the odds of taking on an entire contingent of armed soldiers are very poor. He looks over at Jac and smirks, "That is a good idea." He tries to twist and look at the guard ushering his not-guilty person along with the rest of the Guilty Charltons. "Brute, will you take me up to the attic so that I might attempt a proper roof escape?"