Page 578: The Young Lord Returns
The Young Lord Returns
Summary: The Young Lord of the Roost returns home and looks for briefings with regards to whats happened in his absence. He doesn't get exactly what he's expecting.
Date: 21/Feb/2013
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Mortimer Ozric Kamron 
Sept of the Seven, Terrick's Roost
The Sept of Terrick's Roost was never a grand spectacle, but has been hit especially hard by the occupation. Recent repairs have made the sept usable, if in less glamorous fashion: the broken roof has been replaced with thatch, the broken statues with cruder clay representations, the smashed windows boarded up. The few surviving pews have been supplemented with simpler seating. On the floor is lain out with a bright seven-pointed star in representation of the Gods, defaced by hammer and chisel and not yet restored.
Thu Feb 21, 290

It's not long after the noon service and the Sept is mostly empty with the parishioners and Septons largely having gone their separate ways for lunch. There are a couple of people still around, kneeling infront of specific statutes or simply sat quietly on a pew, contemplating who knows what. One of the latter is Mortimer. It's been a quiet few days work wise, with half the pickpockets and the like of the cape having likely flocked to Stonebridge for the festivities and not yet returned home. As such he has a bit of time free that he can spend with his thoughts, and where better to do just that?

He is late as well. For his own part he lingered a little in Stonebridge before returning the the Roost. As it was, tongues were already wagging when he arrived there. Only makes sense that they would be still when he returned home. With parishioners filing out of the Sept, the Lord takes the opportunity to file in. His cloak pulled back and passed to the suire behind him, before he is divesting himself of his sword-only then does the Young Lord seem ready to move towards the Altar-or at the very least a pew, so as to take time to pray. Given his own appearance and the fact he's left a boy holding his blade and cloak-Ozric must have just only arrived.

With there still being people leaving by the door, the arrival of the Young Lord and his squire is not immediately obvious to Mortimer, although the fact that he's not even looking in the direction might also be a factor. It's only a matter of moments though before something in the back of his head tells him he should probably stop slacking and get back to doing what he's paid for. Bowing his head in a moment of silent prayer he makes the sign of the seven in front of himself then stands slowly, pausing to stretch he back out once he's on his feet. It's only then, when he starts to shuffle his way along the pew towards the door that he notices Ozric's presence and offers a well practiced bow and quiet "m'Lord" as protocol demands.

Head bowed, the Young Lord does not necessarily answer at first, rather the one eye'd knight's focus seems to be on his prayers, either opening or not. Still there is a brief pause when Mortimer's voice calls out. There's an opening of his only eye, which is then swiveled to look back towards the deputy's place. A half smile is given and he leans back for a moment. "Master Trevelyan.." he replies softly. Hands clasped before him. "I hope the service was well?" He is sore that he missed it, but what can one do when travel separates you from where you need to be? "And things here at home?" He can only imagine-what with the announcement coming from Seagard-or rather: Riverrun, there must be speculation and else in the air.

Obediences offered, Mortimer had started to make his way once more towards the door, but then when Ozric does reply he stops himself again, turning to acknowledge said reply with a faint nod. "Aye m'Lord," he answers with the briefest of glances to where the Septon had stood, "well enough." The second question though, that he talks longer to consider his answer for, deciding in the end to answer that part of it that he wants to and quietly set aside the rest. "Town has been quiet," he offers simply, "no trouble."

"I see, and else, Master Trevelyan?" And there is a look over towards Mortimer for a moment, as he watches the other man. Currently Ser Ozric and Mortimer occupy the nigh empty Sept-most of the parishioners and Septons have vacated after the noontime prayers.
A shift in his pew and the young lord regards Mortimer for a moment, before he is nodding. "Just so, I imagine most of our purse skinners and other nefarious souls have moved themselves to Stonebridge to take advantage of new and slightly wealthier hunting grounds." A wry grin there. "I take it you have heard the news as of late?"

Kamron was present for devotions, as is his wont, but he departed with the rest of the parishioners. At least, he departed most of the way. Lingering near the door, the Mallister knight speaks quietly to his own squire, quiet words exchanged between the two for some minutes. Eventually, however, the knight glances back into the sept, looking to the Young Lord where he speaks with the Sheriff's Deputy, a faint flash of impatience crossing his scarred features before it is smoothed away once more.

"Not just ours m'Lord," Mortimer replies with a nod in agreement, "few known faces from Groves lands and elsewhere were spotted on the roads too. We made sure they knew we were watching though and they seemed to pass through with minimal incident." Presumablely not wanting to get arrested before the ball. Their trips back may not go so smoothly. Or thats one fear at least. Taking an educated guess at the news being referred to he nods as he takes a deep breath, "Aye m'Lord. Word reached a little before the ball." He doesn't seem to feel like being drawn on that subject though as instead of expanding on the answer he asks instead, "there was no trouble on the roads?"

If you've been looking for him, Ser Mallister, Ozric would likely apologize for his elusiveness. He's been trying to play rep, while his father is down in Riverrun-much like your Cousin. Still the Young Lord's focus is on Mortimer for a moment. "I heard when I reached Stonebridge." Ozric replies dryly. "Believe me, I am more curious about what I have heard occurring here-as you can imagine. Such as words in the Inn, or perhaps as to the Lord Jacsen's widow." And so he keeps his eye on Mortimer. "Do I need to prod you further man, or should I simply order your tongue loosed?" A bit of his temper there-who knows.

Though it drops as he turns his head-movement caught and his bright blue eye lights upon Kamron. It is then that Ozric rises from where he has been seated. "Ser Kamron.." a voice loud enough to beckon, but he does move with it-to come free of his place at the pew so as to greet the other knight.

Kamron steps forward when Ozric looks in his direction, nodding to Mortimer as he does, "Master Trevelyan, my apologies for the interruption." Looking back to the other knight, Kam nods slightly, "Ser Ozric. I would be a poor goodbrother-to-be if I didn't offer my congratulations. But I bet you've been hearing that rather a lot." And with that, he gestures for the Young Lord to settle back to his affairs with the Deputy, "With so many knights and men-at-arms traveling the roads for the Stranger's Day festivities in Stonebridge, I would imagine things would be relatively quiet."

Mortimer is starting to feel faintly uncomfortable with the conversation, although if thats the topic in general, Ozric's final comment or the fact that said comment was made in the Sept, is not entirely clear. What might be clear though is that when he answers he's putting effort into keeping both his response and expression, neutral and businesslike. "I can't speak for those at the tower m'Lord, but if you're after a rough sense of how the news was taken in town then I can say that feelings seem to be mixed." HE then pauses just a moment to rub a hand across his chin before adding, "Lady Anais is… upset m'Lord. Or was when I last saw her." He glances briefly to Kamron there, as the Mallister may have more recent tidings on that front. It also of course gives him the opportunity to answer Kamron's remark as well, "Aye m'Lord. But with those responsible for the death of the two AShwoods still at large I'm not assuming anything."

"We're not as hated as the Ashwoods, though either. Not yet anyways." Ozric offers before he is nodding to the Deputy. "I imagine she would be. It came as a shock-" not unwelcomed, but a shock nonetheless. As Ser Kamron comes in he does offer a hand over to the other night. "Indeed. And thank you, Ser." It appears Mortimer is safe from questioning right now. A bow of his head and Ozric offers a faint chuckle. "Believe me, the news is not unwelcomed-and I hope I did not give that impression. I was just.." a pause there. "Not expecting it. Though I can say this, your sister is a good and virtuous lady, I suspect she will make a fine wife." Honesty there before he is looking back towards Mortimer "We cannot have division here. Not now. There was enough when my father came in. I do not wish to see the town, land or family torn asunder by this-nor will it be tolerated."

Kamron nods to Mortimer, "If I had to bet, I would bet those were not bandits, Master Trevelyan. I would bet they were soldiers in service to one of the other Frey-aligned houses. The Naylands wouldn't lose any sleep over killing Ashwoods, and neither would the Erenfords." Shrugging that aside, he turns his attention to Ozric, "She is a good and virtuous Lady, and she will make an excellent partner and wife to a man who she feels is worthy of her." There's a warning there, but it's not a mean-spirited one. Gesturing back to Mortimer, he adds, "In addition to my congratulations, Ser Ozric, I wanted to speak with you on Lady Anais, but I fear that is a discussion that would best be had outside the Sept."

Mortimer is at best, conflicted. Where this a more private setting, and like as not were Kamron not present, there are a few details that he would impart. As it is though he merely makes a mental note to pass them along at another time. Offering instead the catch-all "Aye m'Lord," to Ozric he then nods once to Kamron's assessment. "Certainly possible m'Lord, I must admit to not knowing all the details involved." It doesn't particularly match bandit behaviour though, that he'll certainly admit. With the suggestion of a conversation needing to be had elsewhere he glances between the two lords a moment, attempting to judge if the discussion will move elsewhere and, possibly more importantly for him at least, if he's dismissed or not.

Ozric nods in Kamron's direction. "I would tend to agree with Ser Kamron, though my interactions with the Erenfords, would have me believe they wouldn't attack a man so close to their own lands." A glance back to the Mallister knight. "I wouldn't excuse the Naylands though." clearly he, like his family don't necessarily trust their neighbors. Shifting he looks back towards Mortimer for a moment and he offers a brief nod. Consider the subject tabled for now, and that the Lord will likely be summoning the deputy at another time. Though it's Kamron's words that cause his eyebrows to raise slightly. "Do you?" He does not wait long before nodding. "Of course, I am sure we can find a more private and quieter place to talk.." if anyone would know Anais better it would likely be Kamron, via relatives or dealings.

Kamron shrugs at Ozric's mention of the Erenfords, "Young Lord Marvish Erenford died in a very similar attack, did he not? I bet the Erenfords would not be above revenge…" He nods to Mortimer, however, "We're unlikely to ever know all the details, I agree." A hint of a dry smile touches the Mallister's lips as he looks back to Ozric, "Privacy is good but not necessary. It's more that I do not wish to be intemperate in a Sept." If this is him on the verge of being 'intemperate,' then he does quite a good job of controlling his temper, given that his voice and tone are still smooth and polite.

With the lack of further questions from Ozric, Mortimer takes the nod as a dismissal. More than happy to leave the Lords to their own conversation he gives Kamron's statement about maybe never knowing a brief nod in agreement before he takes half a step backwards and bows to the pair of them. "If you'll excuse me m'Lords, I should get back to work."

That produces a smirk from the Knight, but then it drops easily, before he is nodding to Karmon. "Of course, It would not do to have us ruin the sanctuary that the Sept provides." Ozric intones before he is looking back towards Mortimer "If you have other duties, see to them Master Trevelyan, but know I will call for you soon." As in this conversation is not over. Not by a long shot. A turn of his head before he is looking over to his goodbrother-to-be. "If you can lead on Ser. I would hear what you have to say on any matter." Specially where it concerns the Lady Anais. There is a look to his squire, as a motion is made for the young man to bring his cloak and sword. He can 'dress' as he walks. "After you, of course."

Kamron gestures out toward the back of the Sept, where the gardens lie between wall and cliff, "I don't see any need to find some locked-away room, Ser." His own squire hurries from the doorway as the Mallister turns to slip back through the Sept and out of the building, "Master Trevelyan was quite right to say that Lady Anais is upset. She has been taking out her wroth on myself, my Lady Wife, and anyone who comes into contact with her." Still, he keeps his comments generic rather than pointed as they cross through the holy site.

"Surely she knows that you and your fine wife had nothing to do with this?" Ozric asks, as he moves to follow the other knight. His own voice remains neutral and soft. Something-mainly maintained for the sanctity of the site. Still with a glance over his shoulder to watch Mortimer's departure. Once that is done, he is continuing on towards the gardens. "Let alone that your sister and my betrothed had any hand in this match. I would not be surprised if this did not come from your cousin and my liege, as well as my father-still.." A look back to Kamron as he pauses by the doorway leading out to the garden. His hands securing his cloak once the sword belt has been hung on. "That is no reason to call for injury.." A nod as he holds the door for the other knight.

Kamron nods his head, "We are Mallisters, if my wife is only one by marriage. And a Mallister has taken the place she saw as her own, Ser." He steps out into the garden ahead of Ozric, moving off a comfortable distance before turning about to face the taller man. Both Kamron and his squire carry no weapons larger than dirks, despite the sword carried by the other knight. "Did you or your father suggest to her that she might marry you, Ser Ozric? My goodcousin has had a hard time of it at Four Eagles Keep, and she has done a great deal for the people of The Roost, both during the reavers' assault and since. False hope would be a poor coin to repay her with."

"I had thought that was my father's plan early when he and Jerold told us that Anais would taken care of." Ozric says before he crosses his arms. "It was at no time promised though, as she was wed to Lord Jacsen still. I admit I threw it out early as he was missing and presumed dead. But, both my father and Lord Jerold said it would be too early to talk on such things and I believe I got whapped on the nose for even suggesting it." Ozric says, before he is crossing over to join the other knight. "But, no. I cannot say it was ever said as this was ever said to me. I suspect it was assumed-but no such negotiations were made." the Terrick knight states. "And I am quite aware of that. I was told of what happened by her later, and have had things told to me by our retainers. Such as how things were run. As far as an agreement though Ser? I believe both Jerold and my father concluded she would be seen to." he adds there. "But when discussed-that was not was was said. False hope is indeed a shit bit of currency to hold-or be given." Apparently outside in the gardens, Ozric feels as if the 'holiness' of the site is gone enough to speak baser.

Kamron listens without interruption, tucking his right thumb through his belt at his hip, his fingers drumming idly where the blade of his axe would hang if he wore it, "Then at least you have not wronged her by commission, Ser Ozric, but you have wronged my goodcousin by omission. She is a proud woman, proud of her abilities and proud of her former position as Young Lady Terrick. And she has not been taken care of." Now the anger lurking beneath Kam's genial features starts to split through, weighting words although it does not raise his voice, "She has been left to continue to see to the daily running of the castle, under the assumption that it will remain her responsibility and role, without any promise of security. Security that she gave to the people of The Roost when Ser Jerold and Lord Jacsen could not. You and your father have wronged a good Lady, and it will be to the detriment of your lands and your people if you do not right that wrong."

Ozric stares back at Kamron for a moment. "You think I sought to wrong this Lady? That my father alone would seek to do as such?" Ozric states back, and there his own temper shows itself. "Could it not occur to you, that this might have been told to us, that this is indeed what is going to happen, despite whatever we sought to do?" Ozric's voice raises. "I had no intentions of seeking to slide someone from their place or to harm some lady's reputation." comes the knight's voice. "And believe me Ser. I am sure she would have made a fine wife. But- as it stands the crimes of Lord Jacsen and Lord Jerold as to her treatment have nothing to do with this now and my family." And he lets that sit there.
"As it is, I have found out that I am to wed your sister as I went to a Rememberance Day celebration. And then I am told of rumors of dischord here, when I have to go and represent my family-to accuse me of plotting to let this boil and happen is ridiculous." And now he looks back towards Kamron. "In the one thing you are correct. The Lady has been wrongs, but to lay the blame solely on me and my father is naive- and small."

Kamron shakes his head, "I do not believe you sought to do this wrong. I said it was not a wrong of commission." The mention of Jerold and Jacsen draws a wave of his hand, "Jacsen was brought low by his wound and his wicked sister, but I am not excusing him of his wrongs against Lady Anais either. Only the Stranger's grasp on him keeps me from having a much, much more pointed conversation with him. I find no fault in your betrothal to my sister, I think it is a fine match for both Houses. But you and your Lord Father have had months now to provide a role for Lady Anais suitable for her abilities, and you have not done so. Now, she is raging as only a Banefort can do." And he would know just how angry a Banefort can get. "Where the blade was dropped no longer matters, Ser, only that it was dropped. You and your Lord Father have the opportunity to pick it up once more and ensure that it does not turn against you forever. Lady Anais is as bright and sharp as any blade, and just as like to harm if misused."

And there is a nod there. Apparently after all that the knight stands there for a moment. It seems that Ozric is more or less used to heated talks with Kamron, than civil. There is a brief pause there before he is looking back towards the other man. "I suspect I never did, because of what was assumed to happen. As it is, I will write to my father in Riverrun and speak with Lady Anais on this.." And there he sighs for a moment taking time to move from where he had planted himself. "I agree. She is a fine lady..And she deserves a place of prominence in any household. However.." And Ozric looks back towards Kamron for a moment. "If we were to offer her a place in our household-she would like not to take it. No, she would need something better."

Kamron nods, "If she thought about it rationally, she would know that marrying the new Young Lord," his left hand gestures toward the other knight utterly unnecessarily, "would not be suitable. But she has decided that it is her right, for having put up with Ser Jaremy and Lord Jacsen." The Mallister's lips purse a touch, "I cannot say I don't agree that she is deserving of something for what they put her through, but a match with yourself simply doesn't make political sense. She would make an excellent Castellan, if she could be convinced to take the role, but I think it will take a more politically-savvy man than I to accomplish that. You might also suggest that she be given leave to marry for love, if she can find it, and so long as the match isn't detrimental to House Terrick."

Ozric snorts there. "There is one thing that man cannot laud itself on. When we want something, we tend to not look at it rationally." he adds, before looking back to the other knight. There one hand coming up to adjust his eye patch, before he is nodding. "Oft what we think we are deserved we do not get." And in some cases, you do. Still the knight does not move from his place as he lets his own frown form. "I could consent to that and I am sure we could try and convince her-though she might be loathe to stay on under your sister." he adds. "If I had a way to make her and Justin both happy, I would do it."

At the mention of the Terrick Sheriff, Kamron's lips tighten sharply, "Justin should have been found a manor or holding to call his own. Something which it would not have hurt the Roost to lose. And the holding should have been made hereditary." The words are sure and sharp. Of course, Kamron is the man who knighted the younger Terrick. "You and your Lord Father were blessed by the Seven that Justin is of surer metal than his brothers. If he were not, you might have had civil war on your hands. He has been wronged at least as badly as Lady Anais by your and your Lord Father, if not nearly so badly by his own immediate family." Shaking that off, he holds up his hands a moment, shifting back to the Lady, "If you and my sister could make it clear that the role of Castellan is not pity, but reward for her skill, Lady Anais might accept the position. Might. She might also try to put an arrow in you."

"The arrow would be a horrible start to this, and things would end quickly." Ozric states with a flat look, before he is nodding to the other man. "If I was Lord, I would see that Justin took his mother's holding. We keep Middlemarch under us, and he is allowed somethign that would work fine for him." he adds before he is looking back towards the other knight. "If Anais married in there, she would have a house to keep and be working within our lands. That wouldn't be detrimental to our interests." Something to chew on as the other knight looks back towards the Sept. "I have just arrived back. Allow me to see to some things, and I will chew on this further?"

Kamron nods his head slowly, although the mention of marrying Anais to Justin draws a frown, "I know it would save you a dowry, Ser, but I would suggest asking them if such a match would be agreeable to them. In her current state, Lady Anais might see a third brother as an insult." The pauses, then shrugs a little helplessly, "In her current state, Lady Anais might see Jaime Lannister as an insult. And Justin may be able to bring in coin for the Terricks — if for Middlemarch rather than Terrick's Roost — if he married outside the House." The half-request draws a half-shrug in return, "You are Young Lord Terrick, Ser, and I am only a household knight of House Mallister. You may do whatever you like. I only deliver a warning, not a demand." He starts to turn away, then looks back over his shoulder, "I bet I don't even need to mention that if you harm my sister, you will not like the results."

"I am sure you will find, Ser Kamron, when I have a duty I perform it. I am a knight-learning to be a Lord." he states before he is looking to the Household knight. A half smile there. "As it is, my duty is to see to the revitalization of the Roost, and to see that we serve our Liege well." And with that he is pressing the door to head back into the sept. "I tend to agree, Ser Kamron." he adds. "I will think on it. I will call on you soon, Ser, as I do wish to know more about your sister. More than what our limited interactions have told me of her. That, and I would like to know the family that will be joining with mine." A bow of his head as he steps in. "Good day."