Page 214: The Wild Rover
The Wild Rover
Summary: Quellyan goes looking for a certain harpist to ask a particular and unexpected question.
Date: 16/02/289
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Tiaryn Quellyan 
Just between the Flint and Charlton Camps in Seagard
A small space separating a couple of the camps, with a rock that works for sitting on.
~Feb 16, 289

Just outside the Flint camp borders, on a fairly nice evening. The campfires can be seen as dusk begins to encroach, dinner in most places just finishing up, as cleaning and preparation for the morning begins. The folks who'd left Seagard have been called back and rumour has it that the troops will be departing within a couple days or so. Tia has made her way to a large rock that stands as a marker of some sort - a border, perhaps. She's seated atop the rock, harp on her lap, and the soft musical notes are floating up on the gentle breeze. Adara and Jacob are seated a little ways away, giving the Lady the illusion of solitude. The tune she is playing is somewhat martial, perhaps meant to give spirit to the Flint soldiers who are most likely within hearing.

What brief liberty there has been, is gone, and already the levies and professional guards are making their way back from their homes, or holds. Fresh troops to relieve the wounded. Fresh supplies coming in, and those going home, heading out. Where as the days have been perhaps a flux of man and best coming and going, the evening offers a bit of peace. Coming from just the inner borders of camp, he man clad in black and green is probably nothing to note- as many martial types have been drilling and moving about, though as he crosses the small divide that separates the Charlton camp from the Flint- it becomes more apparent who the man is-given the colours and the badge he wears.

Unlike his usual bold self- the knight holds back for a moment, until he is acknowledged by the player's chaperones and guards. The breeze kicks at his surcoat, but still he remains quiet and waits for the tune to come to a lulling point before his voice croons out. "You play wonderfully lady." Quellyan does offer a smile should she look back. "If I had brought it with me, I could have offered my lute to accompany you at least." And only then would he offer out one of the cups held in his hands. "But, maybe a drink, if you are thirsty?" One would think he was purposefully seeking her out.

Now why should anyone be seeking out the woman in mourning, of all things? Most seek to avoid her, truthfully, not wanting to even risk broaching a subject that might trigger some bad memory from her fairly recent past. Tia's song does come to an end, as all good things must, and she glances over to see who is there, a slight smile quirking her lips as she recognizes the black sheep of the Charlton clan. Her head inclines, though she does not rise to curtsey. "Good day to you, Ser Charlton," she greets, her voice light and musical, of itself. She probably sings too, not that she's been heard to, except maybe within the Flint camp. She does set the harp down, stretching her fingers out, before she looks back over to Quellyan. "It is always better to play music with accompaniment. Perhaps some time we shall find ourselves at leisure to enjoy a song or three and see if we can coax those listening to dance. And come to think of it, I would enjoy a drink by now, thank you."

Adara curtseys and Jacob bows as Quellyan approaches, acknowledging his presence, but they then return to their duty. Jacob is standing guard and his attention is on the surroundings, where danger might come from. Adara does keep an eye on the Knight, now that he is nearer to Tia, but she is fairly relaxed.

Apparently protocol and the ways of things do not entirely daunt Quellyan-or because of whom he is in his family, he simply ignores them. There's a bowing of his head back towards the Lady, before he is walking the brief spanse over to the rock, where she has herself perched. A fine cup, though not silver-is passed over to the Lady Flint, before he takes up at her side, a silent raise of his cup in salute, before he is taking a sip. "I hope indeed we do find that time, Lady Tiaryn." he says with his usual half smile showing. "It would be a pleasure I would revel in." Well, something beyond drink at least.

The wine itself is a fine and full red. The knight clearly has good tastes when it comes to wine, or spirits in general. "It has been some time, since I have played, let alone with someone who has gifted fingers." a turn of his head as he looks out to the horizon. "I assume you have heard we will be all moving on to invade the Isles soon?"

Tia accepts the cup with a gentle incline of her head, and returns the salute in kind, before she takes a sip of the fine red wine. "Very nice," she comments. "Though how you have managed to find such a drink in this place and time is somewhat of a mystery." She takes another sip, shifting slightly in her seat, and checking to make sure the harp is in no danger of falling reflexively. "A challenge for you then, to keep up," she adds, after a moment, considering the man's claim of being out of practice with his lute. "I shall test your mettle, Ser." Though then the next topic does bring a tightening of Tia's features, her fingers tightening about the cup she has, though it is in no danger of breaking. "I have heard, yes." Her gaze lowers, as she's definitely not happy about it, even if she realizes it is a necessity.

"I brought it with me, my Lady, as oft times I know these places to be rather dry." a grin there, before Quellyan is chuckling into his cup. "Oh, I think if you were to press me, lady-you would find I can keep up the pace. Though I am older than many a younger knight or player, I can take any stress given." A flirt, perhaps? Who knows, but then he is nodding. "I hope you shall. I like being challenged." There is a look over towards Tiaryn's cup, before he simply nods. "I am sorry if the topic distresses you.." the knight says softly.
Quellyan is quiet for a moment, before he speaks back up. "If you feel free to it, Lady, could you tell me what causes such distress?"

"I suspect that these camps are having difficulty finding ale for themselves, so you are wise to bring your own." Tia blinks, at Quellyan's words, her cheeks going just a little bit pink. Not hardly so much as it might, were she a young innocent maid. She cannot help but flash a smile at the teasing that comes from Quellyan, her mood improving at least a little. "It is naught but the usual," she replies. "Worry for my family and friends who will be sailing off to war." Simple, straightforward and of course she is worried that she is about to lose her second family inside of what? two months? Sigh. She takes another sip of wine, enjoying the taste and finding it a very useful distraction.

"And it will be worse as the days go on. Mark my words, Lady there will be ale men from inns and taverns far out bringing us their soured, knowing we'll pay for good drink." A shake of his head before he is looking to his cup. "With war comes those who would profit from it." However small that complaint, is washed away when he does spy the blush on Tiaryn's cheeks. Only then does he offer his own smile. "Is there anything then I could do for you, or promise you to help soothe some of those fears Lady? Is there someone I can look out for and aid?" a sincere offer.

"I am sorry, I brought up the subject. Truly, I prefer to see you smiling, than having this weight upon you."

Tia tilts her head a bit, considering the question thoughtfully. "I should ask you to look out for whoever you are near, as well as yourself then. I would not wish for anyone to lack the aid of their brothers-in-arms, whether dear to me or to someone else," she replies slowly. "It is a difficult time for all of you. Forgive me for making it somewhat worse with my moping." She takes another sip of her wine and then she wrinkles her nose, though not at the taste. "As always, there will be those to take advantage of misfortune. It is the way of the world, somehow, no matter how we wish it not so. But if you would not object, perhaps we might change the subject somewhat? If we are to plan to play and bring some to dance to our music, is there perhaps a song you might wish me to be certain I can play?"

Quellyan nods his head after a moment. "That I can promise you. And if it would bring you great joy, I can see about bringing myself back in one piece." A grin and then he is back into his cup. A swallow, visible before he is shaking his head. "Oh, my dear lady. You are not making it any worse than war already makes the situation. I should have been more careful in my choice of topics. I know you have lost much already because of this- and I should not have treaded so openly into it. Please, forgive me." And then there's a slight pause, at the turn of the conversation before he is nodding "Ahh, as to what song.." There's a grin before he is nodding his head " Do you know the lilting of the Ghost? I know the name sounds dreadful, but it's quite- spirited." A chuckle there before he is raising a brow. "Unless you know better as to what Northmen, like? I can only speak for our own people."

"I should like to see you all come back, yes, and that definitely includes you, Ser," Tia says, for a moment a hint of amusement dancing in her blue eyes. She merely inclines her head to the rest of the topic, not really wanting to stay mired in the past, as important as it is. "The Lilting of the Ghost?" A slight frown and then Tia holds her cup out to the knight, reaching over to collect her harp, so she can play a few notes, enough to get the melody in. "Like this?" she asks, curious to see if it is the same song, or not. "And as for songs from the north or south, they are remarkably similar in composition and topic, though there are of course differences. Are you familiar with 'The Old Dun Cow', perchance?"

Quellyan grins wider for a moment. Cup is taken and he holds onto them, while she plays. When she is done, he sets her cup down by his feet gingerly before coming back up. Soon enough his hand is coming out to miss a finger of hers barely, as if to catch a missing note on the harp. Still the touch was meant to be close enough to nigh brush. "Yes, yes that's the tune. I think the song is supposed to be some poor ghost crying, though it always perks up the feet." A grin before he is taking a sip of his cup, and bending to reclaim her own. "Old Dun cow..Yes, I know it. Though I fair say, I have sung that mainly in my cups and in public houses of different repute." A chuckle there. "Do you know Dirty old Town? Or perhaps any reels like Fire on the Mountain or the Drunkard?"

The knight chuckles for a moment, before he is tilting his head. "Lady Tiaryn, may I say you are a rare find. A lady who knows such fine songs- and has beauty to match." A half wink is passed before he presses further. 'Where did you learn, the Old Dun Cow?"

That gets a big smile from Tia, since generally folks do tend to be somewhat appalled at the songs she knows. "If it's music only, I can generally follow along, even if I don't know the song," she offers first. "And I've a large repertoire of songs that I have learned, some suitable for a fine noble wedding and others for a good party elsewhere. I cannot say I've spent time knowingly in such pubs, I admit, but I have gone out of my way to find music of all types from all places where I can. Alas, most of my library no longer exists, but I have a good part of it memorized." The library at Tall Oaks, of course, is totally gone. "I know reels aplenty, and some jigs as well, though I am not so sure of this Dirty old Town song. I like for everyone to be able to enjoy when I play, and not think that my nose is in the air, too rarefied for them to enjoy." A hint, perhaps, of what might be in store for the unsuspecting Flints, as Tia recovers from her mourning. Do they know what they are in for?

"It's a song about King's Landing, all in all. Though it's exact meaning can be lost, given the number of cups you have." And only then does the knight offer her cup back towards her, in case the lady would like another drink. "Oh, I do know courtly songs, and they are pretty things, but sometimes they lack the meat of a good song, unless it's more of a sadness to it. One can never tell with courtly songs." Whether or not Quell understands what the Flints are in for, he can clearly tell that he does like the Lady's choice of music. There's a look to his own drink for a moment before eyes drift back.

"May I say something, Lady Tiaryn-at the risk of sounding forward?"

Tia sets the harp down again, missing the spot so that the instrument starts to tip and she has to move quickly to catch it, leaning without a second thought, and balancing well enough that she doesn't fall. It brings a slight laugh though, before she is sitting up again, and then spying the wine that is offered. She takes the cup back without hesitation. "Thank you, Ser," she replies, "You are most kind. I am certain that any song about King's Landing would go over well. You will have to teach it to me. Have you heard 'The Wild Rover'?" she asks, adding yet another song to the list. And then her head tilts a bit, at the somewhat more serious question. She takes a breath, curiosity showing on her face, and says, "You may certainly say it."

A whistle escaspes at the quick catching of the harp, before the Knight nods. "Have I heard, the Wild Rover? I think the right words, are no nay never." A faint chuckle there. "It was the first song, that I learned myself on." And then he's taking a drink. "Oh I would love to, it's not incredibly hard, but a good sway song..I am sure you have things you can teach me as well." A tease there before he is catching the look and then without much ado Quellyan pushes on. "I do hope when we return from our campaign over in the seas, that I can call upon you." And he lets that hang there. "Of course, I can wait till you are out of mourning- as would be proper." But, there it is, as one would say.

Tia would probably do just about anything to keep a harp from damage, truthfully. Especially one that is merely loaned from Lady Isolde. She smiles softly at the admission of knowledge of the wild rover. "That song is a crowd pleaser anywhere I have been," she says, though then she does give the man a somewhat startled look, his supposedly forward question bringing, after a moment, that slight blush back to her face. "Oh," she says, her eyes searching his face for a moment, as she tries to decide if the man is serious or not. It's a moment of silence, and no doubt obvious that she'd no thought at all that he was going to say any such thing to her. "I - " she says, and then she closes her mouth. "I should be far more blase about such things, I do believe. I'm sure there are many ladies who would be laughing at me. Tsk. I should be pleased if you would, after an appropriate period of mourning. Though you may find it a long trip if I do end up returning to Flint's Finger, with my good cousin and his family." A small sidelong glance given to the man before she takes another sip of her wine.

Given that he does hang on there, it would seem that the knight is indeed serious. If it were a jest it would be entirely to cruel of one. Still he keeps focused on her before his own grin breaks out, a chuckle that does carry warmth is loosed, and Quellyan shakes his head slightly. "Lady Tiaryn, I think any lady who would be laughing at you would be fools." And with that he is taking another sip of his wine. A tilt of his head, but then Quellyan is speaking back up. "Aye, I might find it long, but worth the journey to come and see you." And with those words come no false sincerity, or over drawn smiles in means of monkeying for position. "I look forward to it, and I feel that I will find the days long during this invasion and even more so upon our triumphant return." Confidence-yes. But, not cockiness even if he usually wears a swagger like armor.

Tia gives a delicate shrug, sure that there are those who would laugh, foolish or no. But she is willing to let that slide, finding perhaps something else to hope for in the future. He's … serious? Really? How totally unexpected. "I shall expect you to return then, in one piece," she suggests, since he will have a difficult time visiting her otherwise. "And though I can make no promises, at least you will have perhaps thoughts of future harp music to tide you over." Perfectly proper that, though it does bring a warm, dancing light to her eyes, as she watches his reaction.

The Knight merely holds his smile, before finishing his wine. Unexpected, perhaps , but serious he is indeed. "Good. I will make good on that, as I really do not know how I could ride a horse, or march if I was missing a leg." gallows humor, that is quickly wiped away, as he smiles a bit, brighter for her words. "Indeed I shall, and when the times seem harsh, I will focus on that, my Lady." There is a bow there for it. " Should I find, while I am there, any form of a bardic library, I will scour for something suitable to bring back." Another thing for the Lady Flint to look forward to. A glance is given out towards the evening sky, before he is sighing softly. "I fear my own time is fleeting, as soon I will need to return to my camp so as to proceed with getting ready for the journey. " Another bow, before his hand comes out for her cup. "I am glad though, I was able to run into you again, Lady Tiaryn."

And all good things do need to come to an end, do they not? Tia is not sure if he is serious or not, even still, but she will take the warmth as she finds it, something to tide her over until the war ends and families return home. "That would be most kind of you," she says softly, though she very much doubts that there will be bardic libraries over on the Iron Isles. Still, you never know. "I am glad to have found some time to speak with you as well," she says, inclining her head politely. "And I would not keep you from your preparations, that you may be sure to do the best job possible." She glances at her cup, not quite empty, and simply passes it back over to the Knight, without a second thought.

A brushing of fingers is given over as he takes the cup. Enough for him to allow digits to caress her knuckles, before gently taking the cup back. A lingering touch, but perhaps someone one can get even in such early stages. Still he offers his smile beaming, which in an of itself is a rarity for the Charlton knight. And he turns to move on towards the encampment before he is looking back over his shoulder as he hesitates. "I look forward to our return." And thus his visit. And with that he disappears into the darkness of camp.

Tia's gaze falls to her hand, as the Knight's fingers brush over hers. She stays silent, though she does glance up, catching his look back at her and those parting words. A warm smile is offered, before Adara is on her feet and marching over to Tia, taking her attention away from the departing man, and back to things somewhat more proper, even as he disappears into the darkness. Tia simply laughs, giving her maid a negative answer, and then she pulls the harp to hand, a saucy tune playing a merry dance of notes the only answer she gives.