Page 280: The Welfare of Mother and Babe
The Welfare of Mother and Babe
Summary: Rutger visits Cherise and suffers a touch of nostalgia with the newborn
Date: 10/May/2012
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Guest Room, Tordane Tower
A modest room but with a large high bed that is set with four posts in rich mahogany. A blue rectangular rug is angled in the center of the room. A chest for storing the visitor's goods is at the foot of the bed and a grey blue cover settles over the bed. A hearth to the right of the windows which rests between it and the bed is done over with a iron screen meant to be removed when in use. A pair of chairs rest near the window and about a small circular table set with a candle. On the same wall as the door rests a low chest of drawers, a basin for water and a few wooden mugs rest there for use.
Wed Apr 25, 289

The Charlton Maester had recently departed from the guest suite after administering his 'tests' for the lady's and babe's progression. Cherise was given the nod to move freely within the guest chamber, a precaution against any complications rising. Within the suite Septa Enya sat in a chair, arms folded across her belly as she watched mother and child circle the floor of the room. Little Aerick was bundled in a softened blanket, cradled in Cherise' arms while she strolled, completing full rounds of the inner chamber. Three of her handmaidens sat in a corner, sewing, watching, smiling, clearly over joyed at the little lord's arrival. Cherise could barely bring herself to peel her gaze away from his blushing red face, eyes closed as he fell into slumber. The pale yellow, silk robe she wore displayed the colors of her maiden house. Simple attire tailored for comfort and ease of removal as these were certainly not a courtier's best garment.

Perhaps it would be on her next cycle, before a small rapt on the door would be given, before the Nayland Lord is showing himself in without much wait or such. This in most times could prove to be scandalous, but Rutger-not one to be put off simply does as he sees fit to do. Scandal be damned. The door closing behind him, there is a raise of a brow as he looks towards the woman, and babe. Had he known the babe was trying to sleep-he merely would have walked in.

Apparently those days of early fatherhood are lost on him.

"Lady Cherise." he says, softly as eyes slide to the bundle in her arms. "And the little Lord, I presume?"

The handmaids jump to their feet as one of the three had begun to start for the door, a wasted effort as the Nayland lord pursued his own entry. Their frames dipped in acknowledgement, the Septa too. Cherise was partially facing the door and perhaps for the first time in a long while she lifted her eyes from the slumbering babe, smiling deeply as her head bowed to Rutger. "Aerick." Sharing his name, her finger was lightly stroking along the infant's bare chest. A small exposure to the chamber's air. "He is well." No sooner had her eyes returned to him. "For all the activity that has passed through this chamber I am surprised he finds a way to ignore it all."

She turns, fully facing the Nayland as her torso sways. "And yourself m'lord? I was told you have young lords of your own."

Rutger glances to the handmaidens and septa in attendance and simply gives them a curt nod. And there a bow is given to the new mother and son. "A fine name, Aerick. He shares it with my oldest." Rutger allows before he is coming closer to mother and child. "A babe is an odd thing. Mind you that is me as a man talking. When they are with their mothers they some how can simply ignore all other distraction." And with that eyes flick up. "Specially with a mother as fine as you." A compliment before he is letting his hands clasp behind his back. "I am glad both you and the babe are doing well. That is the main reason I came to call upon you today."

Attempts to look her finest were not lost. The hair brushed, fanning around her shoulders in lengthy loose curls, powders abandoned as it was a natural glow that colored her cheeks and brightened the large blues of her eyes. Rutger's compliment had compelled the lady to lower her thick lashes, lips curling into a pleasant smirk. "Odd they are." As her first it was all odd and yet surprisingly natural. Her fingertips continued their adoring strokes of Aerick's new skin. "Your words are too kind m'lord." Lifting her gaze as Rutger drew closer, even manipulating her poise so that, should he wish, gain a closer observation of the infant's features. Brown hair, chubby cheeks and rich colored pouting lips. "We are. Your concern is very much appreciated." Even if Aerick seemed oblivious to Rutger's presence. "As was your company during the feast m'lord, your humors are not so lost upon me."

"Splendid. He looks healthy enough." he adds, before there is a faint look over the babe. "When he is of age, you may direct him to me, should he look for a calling." Whether it be martial or not, apparently. Still the Nayland knight lets his gaze linger on the sleeping babe before he is raising a brow back to Cherise. "Oh? I am glad then you found my jests to be of some worth, Lady." A chuckle there, though he does have the mind not to be loud. "I assume his father is happy, though I find it surprising he is not about with mother and child." a slight against Aleister? Nooo well. Maybe. A glance back. "Will the young son be returning with you to Hollyholt once you are able to travel?" Obviously asking without being rude-as to the state of the rumors of the other night.

"A generous offer m'lord." She answers for some decisions should not be made upon whim. "One I should share with my husband of course." Still it was appreciated while Aerick stretched an arm out from his blanket, testing his reach for particularly nothing. As he chuckled Cherise simply smiled, taking a quick glance to her young before adding, "My husband is very happy. As much as he desired to remain here with his son there were obligations that were in need of his attending." Her chin dips a touch, brows raising faintly. "As a father surely you would understand how one duty's are newly balanced." A few days in and their routines had changed completely. "For a time yes, so our kin may receive him. Perhaps in a years time, it is difficult to say." Speaking of returning Cherise lifts her features a bit, "You'll forgive me for inquiring m'lord, is there cause for concern with the future of Stonebridge?" She probs, adding further, "My handmaids speak of the bastard Ser Gedeon who has been recognized as lord of this town and Tower? I am afraid I am not so informed as I should like to be."

"You should, but I would rather you don't." Rutger merely offers before he is looking back to the lady with babe in arm. "Indeed, I do, but I also would not leave my wife and child alone while things needed to be done at the Sevens. I have couriers for such work." he states before he is offering out his hands. "May I?" hold the babe seems to be the request, though there is no huge insistence on it. " As for that question, Rutger raises a brow, before he is shaking his head. "I do not think so. I believe this to be, but a rash decision by the King. One that he will overrule shortly enough." And if not his Cousin is still planning on killing the Tordane pretender. "Right now, this is the decision. But, I believe the letter to be the product of insistence and drunkness on our Good King's part. I am sure once he realizes the perilous statement he's made he will reverse it. But, as far as I know- despite the rumors that Ser Gedeon shall always be ruler here. I have yet to see it." And there he pauses while studying the woman.

"Howver, should the king press this is his wish-then like good servants we will relinquish what is rightfully his to him."

Intrigued as to why the lady nods, very small, "Of course. The matter may be revisited in a later time m'lord." So when Rutger asks to hold the young she is blatantly reluctant to do so, but a deep breath allows her to part from the child, even while he is within arm distance. Aerick is offered, gently, the change in his comforts stir restricted movement from within his blanket. "I see…" As he summarizes or provides his insight on the issue of Stonebridge's new bastard Lord. "As only a good servant would, to acquiesce to their lord and King's will." She tells him, her thoughts wrinkled across the brow. "I cannot imagine how the Lady Isolde fares with such news. For a bastard to be so elevated… it is." The Lady Charlton shakes her head. "From what I know of House Nayland m'lord, their many sons have a determined mind. Minds that dare not betray rightful desires."

"Nor can you expect, one to betray their family either. We are not in a habit of doing so. We treasure those in our House. All our members." Rutger says softly, as he takes the boy, and cradles him gently. A smile cracks up upon the man's visage as his own finger moves to gently stroke at the babe's cheek, before he is looking back. "Alas he did not get his mother's fine hair. But, I do have hope that you share eyes." he states before he is turning to look full on at Cherise, and allow her to see her baby is in fine hands. "I do fear for my good sister. Lain up with a babe and now this? I do not know how we would move her and not risk losing the child in her belly." he notes before he is cooing softly to the stirring young lord. "I had almost forgotten what this feels like." Rutger idly notes.

Cherise folded both hands against her abdomen, still swollen and not yet to her former form. "For the current moment he does." She muses, reaching a hand forward to tickle under her son's chin, attempting to awaken the babe a little. Aerick scowls, his barely there brows wrinkling as his deep blue and grey eyes were bidden to open. "See… similar though I am told they may change." Cherise withdraws her hand, returning it before her person. "I would believe that, should they be kin, and should Stonebridge fall under a new lord he will have some compassion in regards to her health." The lady tells him as her words continue. "A man who sacrifices is held in the highest regard." A hint simply tossed into the air. "If I may, what does it feel like?" She asked him.

"However, a bastard is not, Lady Cherise. Even if you put a fresh coat of paint upon him and call him a fine thoroughbred horse. He is still an ever loving bastard." Such cruel and cold words to say when holding something so small and fragile. When the boy does open his eyes, there's a smile flashed down to the infant, as he bounces his arms ever so slightly. nothing to jostle, but all comes out of a warm and long dormant habit. "Though I pray you are right, for that girl-though his sister, holds either my niece or nephew. And I will not see them harmed." As to the next question there is a brief laugh and a shake of his head. "Oh? A father's faded memory. My boys are too old to be held." he notes "This feels like-warmth. Life." A tilt of his head "It is as if I am holding the future in my hands, and already I am trying to see where his threads will knot and coil." And finally now that he has waxed on. "It feels good."

Cherise made a sound, perhaps agreeing with Rutger's assessment. "That will go without saying from House Nayland and others who also regard the Lady Isolde close to their hearts." Another woman she felt she could relate to, whom's world was crumbling beneath their very feet. While Rutger coddles the infant she listens while his thoughts are shared, drawing a smile upon her lovely features. "There are a great many of them, those threads. I know what he should be destined for and yet I admit my uncertainty of being able to forge such a future for him." Cherise exhales slowly, "Many have invested interests in House Nayland, for it to remain under the leadership of said lords. Has aid been offered that might sway to the King's final decision?"

"Aid from others in this mess?" a laugh there, before he is carefully extracting the infant out and passing him back to his mother. After all no babe should be long from it's mother. "No, lady. I believe all other houses have shied away and merely wait to see what happens. Would another house come in on our side It would do us a great bit of help." he notes before he has made sure Aerick is back in Cherise's arms. " Well I wish him a very long life. That he may live and see his own hold."

While he laughed Cherise's lips curled in amusement. Her arms extended, ready to reclaim what was hers in loving embrace. Snugged against her bosom, she brushed over the infant's fine brown hair. "The fates always have a funny way of directing our paths m'lord. You would be surprised to know just how many eyes are out there not settled on just watching." As Aerick stirred, Cherise began to rock him gently. "Thank you, that is my wish as well." On a thought she adds, "It would be a shame to not explore the the country side of Stonebridge should she have a new host, perhaps when I am well enough I will make an imperative effort to do so."

Rutger glances back to Cherise as he makes his way to the door. There is a pause before he is bowing his head. "If you are well enough. Send word, and I could easily escort you and your husband around if you both like." Or simply just the lady. "Enjoy your rest, My Lady. He will have you running about in no time." Or the midwife. A bow, before he is allowing a curt nod to be given over to the handmaidens and septa, as he quietly departs the room.