Page 169: The View is Nice Too
The View is Nice Too
Summary: Alek and Danae. Improper flirtation on the parapets.
Date: 2/1/2012
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Alek Danae 
Parapet — Tordane Tower
The circular rooftop is set with crenellations and two guards watch over this area on shifts. Set in the center is the roockery, created with iron and wood, the cage is ventilated and has openings on either side to allow for Raven releases. The view of the town and surrounding area is large, with the breeze rushing in off the waters.
Mon Jan 02, 289

The winds whip up along the stones of the parapet, casting Danae's long hair along them like tangled golden net set airborne. It carries a bite, chilled by the sun's slow sinking in the western skies, falling down into the treeline. Down, past the rivers and towards the Roost, the Ironborn, and the seas beyond them. The greens shade emerald and sparkle with gold, all too peaceful for what may lurk within; bird call sounds the air from within the rookery. It is in this direction she looks, leaning against the sturdy stones that keep her from the sky, skirts painted with purple shadows.

The man who emerges from the steep stairs of the towers takes only a small stumble on the lip of the smooth expanse laying out before him, the bird cry distracting him from his attention to where he places his feet. As he looks to find the raven, grey-green eyes meet startling blue, softening with an immediate smile before Alek moves to the lady's side. His fingers push through hair teased by the breeze, scraping it uselessly back as he settles carelessly and silently at Danae's side.

Eyes caught with clouds and the drowning rays of the sun do not notice the knight's stumble, their owner too swept away with thought. Alek's solid presence and his body to Danae's side registers after a moment, pale eyes glancing in his direction, her fringe of lashes casting them in odd silhouettes. Silence curls over her tongue for a long beat, heavied by thoughts, as regard is not immediately followed by a greeting this eve. "In need of the air, Ser?"

"Drawn to the view," Alek murmurs, the weight of his forearms pressing skin roughly into the edges of stone as his gaze settles solidly on Danae. "You, my lady?"

"It is quiet. The height reminds me of home," Danae replies softly, fingers brushing over her forehead to whisk away a fluttering strand. "The view is spectacular, isn't it?"

Amusement lightens Alek's expression, it pulls a warm, crooked smile in the corner of his mouth. It drawls over the caress of his words as he questions, "May I speak openly in your presence, my lady?"

Danae's brows rise at his almost cattish crook of a smile, leveling him with a considering gaze as she demurs, "I believe it might be a dangerous allowance to unleash you so, Ser Coope." Her mouth quirks up at just one corner. "I have never silenced a man, I would not now. You may speak as you will."

"I am quite certain you have silenced many a man without ever realizing it," Alek replies, his words too low, the pull of suggestion a slow and steady twine in his tone. His fingers are lifted again to the fall of blonde hair in that lazy gaze that settles on the lady, pushing back once again where they catch at the strands. "I only meant to say that the view is only made so lovely by your presence, given I am not a man to put such stock in landscape."

"I am certain that I would not know, for they may not have spoken of it," Danae denies, a spark of impishness arising and dimming just as soon as the words are spoken. Her fingers curl against the stone, slipping over her own skin in something akin to a fidget. "I do not believe that I was the view, even in that case, that you came to see, Ser. Although you are kind to say." Her gaze flits away from him, a hint of colour rising to her cheeks for the compliment.

The touch that Alek presses at the opening is a bare thing, only the shift of his hand to lay warm skin against hers, the side of his finger brushing hers. He asks, a quiet intenseness to his question, "And if I insist you were, my lady, what would you make of it then?"

Her skin is cool from her time spent aloft the parapets, fingers curling in almost instinctively at the press of his warm skin. Danae's eyes are blown wide with surprise as she looks to his hand, then up to him, rose blossoming all the more brightly in her cheeks. With a shake of her head, her gaze sharpens and she gently withdraws her hand from his. "I would say that your flattery shades outrageous, Ser, as well as illogical," she demurs somewhat awkwardly.

"I do have to admit that this would not be the first time I have been accused of being outrageous," Alek admits with a breath of laughter in his answer, tracing her retreat with a lazy look.

Brows arching slightly, Danae's word shade mild and wry with her gentle, "Indeed? I can only imagine the like, Ser." The small, blonde lady does not retreat far and stands with her hands clasped against her skirts.

A smile tips towards something more humored, not so predatory in it's casualness as Alek rolls a shoulder with an easy gesture. He questions lightly, "What is the point of living if you cannot enjoy yourself? The cost of that does tend towards moments where people take me less than seriously."

There is a very slight easing in Danae's posture as Alek shifts to a less predatory stance, smile wan as she regards him with a tip of her head. "There is duty, Ser. There is also no point in dying because you are not enjoying yourself either. Do you find that hinders you?"

"I find little hinders me in my duty, my lady. The Ironborn will find so as well, as Prince Rhaegar's army did," Alek murmurs with soft assurance, the spark of something hard in the flint of grey eyes for a moment as he considers the woman. "This I swear to you, on my honor."

Tipping her chin so that she might meet his gaze fully, Danae regards Alek with pale eyes that are keen and sharp before judgement. Tension leeches into the air, before abating after a breathless moment to be followed by a soft and genuine smile. "I believe you," she says simply. Whatever discomfiture he might have caused her, at this moment she is poised and composed; this is not a placation but a decision.

"Do you?" Alek questions, the words rolling in his mouth as he considers that with some surprise, the curve of his brow a slight thing. He pushes straight, however, a flash of a grin passing his features with bright, white teeth for a moment. "If you will excuse me, my lady, I must seek food and a bed, for who knows what tomorrow brings."

"I would not have said it else, Ser," Danae notes with a cool dip of her head, expression pleasant as she sweeps her fingers along the stone. "Dream well and find yourself rest." She dips in a slight curtsey, sweeping her hair back over one shoulder before turning back towards the skies.

"I can only imagine I will dream of your trust, my lady," Alden murmurs softly, turning to disappear without lingering to study the affect of his words, without giving opportunity for the lady to respond to the outrageousness.