Page 334: The Starlight Tea
The Starlight Tea
Summary: Saffron Banefort hosts a nighttime tea. Things got horribly wrong.
Date: 19 June 2012
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Outside the Encampments, Seagard Tournament Grounds
It's outside, and it's gorgeous.
June 19, 289

Dusk falls over the tournament grounds, the last glow of the sun beginning to dim below the western horizon. Saffron Banefort has set up her starlight tea a ways away from the encampments to allow for some privacy and proper darkness for stargazing. While the concern for banditry here in Seagard is lower than at the Roost, guards have still been gathered to look after the ladies while they socialize. Invitees have been instructed to follow a trail of paper lanterns to where the tea will be hosted, and indeed little lamplights guide a untrodden path through low grasses toward where a small bonfire crackles and glows. A gazebo tent has been set up to the side of the fire, its thin ochre material as luminous as a glowbug. There are various cushioned seats and benches curved around the bonfire. Within the tent, a handful of maidservants put the finishing touches of the bite-sized snacks of petite meatpies, flambe fruits, and a plate of puffy squares of whipped and dried sugar-root with a variety of metal skewers for roasting them.

Saffron Banefort awaits her guests in a pale yellow dress that is quite simple in design, but elegant in materials. Her hair is loose and catching a bit of breeze. She is standing by the last of the paper lanterns with her new maid Hara Weatherfell just off her left shoulder.

Walking away from the Haigh encampment is Katrin with her personal maid, Serra, in tow. Following the path along by the small lanterns, a smile lights up her face and excitement runs rampant. Dressed in a simple gown of a deep amber, trimmed with gold, it brings out the traces of honey in her hair. Cheerful and bright, she enters the tent. "Lady Saffron, this all looks divine," she gushes happily.

The armsmen that escort Nedra and her Septa Anathe are discrete and as soon as she is within the safety of the perimeter that the other guards have set in place they simply join the ranks of the others and melt into the shadows. Nedra continues along the path that the paper lanterns illuminate, though she does take a moment to study one of the lanterns, a look of such curiosity upon her face. Nedra arrives a few moments after Katrin, heading toward Lady Saffron with a warm smile on her face, "Lady Saffron, those little lanterns are so delightfully clever!"

Saffron brightens to Katrin. "Thank you, Lady Katrin, but I can't take credit for the entire ensemble… my Lady mother has hosted these before. I thought I would give my own a try." She winks to the Haigh girl before her attention drifts to Nedra and she offers the Mallister an equally warm smile. "A trick a maester taught me… he could make his fly, but mine remain blissfully ground-bound. I'll learn his secret one day." She looks between the two ladies before she gestures to the maids in the gazebo tent. "Please, there's plenty to drink and some small smacks. I would suggested the mulled wine or the drinking chocolate, personally… but there's also tea and watered wine if you prefer."

The Lady Lucienne brings with her quite a retinue; no less than four of her own guards follow at a distance behind she and her handmaid as they make their way along the lighted trail. Her dress is very plain, simple black silk offset with a smattering of gold jewelry and polished purple stones. She arrives with a small gift in hand, and waits her turn to greet the hostess.

While it is quite assured that here on the tournament grounds that are just outside Seagard she is impeccably safe, Muirenn still has lingering dismay about going anywhere accompanied only by her Septa and handmaiden. So it is, Ser Anselm is escorting her to the tea. Undoubtedly he feels quite ill at ease; however, he has polished his brass and has attempted to clean himself up for this affair.

Muirenn followed by her Septa Waldsteinia and Miniella, and then the guard meanders down the lantern lit path, "How absolutely charming!" she murmers over her shoulder to the women. As she steps into the perimeter, she casts a glance backward over her shoulder at her guard. Whatever she sees in his face reassures her and she brightens considerably. Moving towards Saffron, Muiri giggles "Oh Lady Saffron it is so lovely!" A finger gestures to her maid and a long box is taken up, "Thank you Minnie" Extending the box, she grins "I meant to give this to you before I left for Stonebridge, but time got away with me and…well better late than never."

Anais wears deep purple trimmed in gold, a simple dress of fine, embroidered linen. Sleeveless and high-waisted, with a vee in the neckline that's a bit on the daring side, it even has a hood that hangs back over her shoulders. Her hair is pulled into a twist, held in place with a simple mother-of-pearl comb. Just a single guard and handmaid trail her, peeling off as the lady draws closer to the tent. She doesn't so much wait in a receiving line, though, as slip by to brush an air kiss at Saffron's cheek on her way inside. Because she's family, and family can do that. NEENER.

Once Nedra and Katrin move on to fetch their drinks, snacks, and settle in, Saffron immediately turns to greet her next guest. No one would guess, but she had Mistress Morla drill her brain full of proper hostessing before she left. Lets see how long it takes her to forget something. "Lady Lucienne," Saffron greets with genuine warmth. "Welcome." She gives the Terrick most of her attention, though she does smile toward Muirenn as she comes forward to be greeting. "Lady Muirenn, thank you." The gift is accepted with a smile. She holds it just for a moment to show her appreciation before she hands it to Hara to look after and to keep her hands free. Oh hey, and she gets drive-by smooched by her cousin, which draws a laugh from the redhead.

First one in has its difficulties. Katrin now has nothing to do while everyone else is greeting Saffron. she clasps her hands together in front of her, nibbling on her lower lip. And then Anais arrives and her gaze brightens. Thank God, someone she knows. "Lady Anais," she greets enthusiastically. "Is this how the Banefort always throws parties? I must say that I am suitably impressed. I will have to take some of these ideas back to Broadmoor."

Rosanna is dressed in deep forest green silk that sets off her fair, freckled skin and the rich copper of her auburn hair. Like so many of the others, she is absolutely, entirely not allowed out unescorted, and so it is that Ser Tommas ends up outside to loom over the rest of the guards like a giant, loomy thing. Septa Day also trails behind her, but Rosanna moves with confidence through Saffron's receiving line. "Oh, Lady Saffron, it's just lovely," she gushes, pressing a small wrapped gift to her that no doubt someone in her family insisted was appropriate to bring.

Moving through the line, Muirenn moves quickly over to her cousin with a giggle. "Nedra!" A brief hug is given, "How are you? The Aunts aren't harrassing you too much this week are they?" That the girl is still wearing mourning black is a given, but the chemise beneath gleams pearlescent in the firelight through the artful sleeves of her gown. "I know they have missed you…but.." Her eyes twinkle merrily, "If they leave off harrassing me for a moment and turn their attentions to you. I shall not be unduly depressed."

"This is tame," Anais laughs to Katrin, holding out a welcoming hand to the other lady. "Though I suspect it may be less tame as the night goes on. And please, just Anais tonight?" she asks with a warm smile. "/That/ is how we throw parties at the Banefort. A chance for everyone to be comfortable, relax, and enjoy both the company and the surroundings. How are you, though?" she asks, starting toward a group of cushions. "It seems I've hardly had a chance to stop and really talk with anyone since we arrived. When the Mallisters have a tournament, they certainly keep everyone busy."

"My lady," greets Lucienne, handing her gift over and dropping into a curtsy in front of Saffron. The politest! "Everything looks lovely, Lady Saffron. Thank you ever so much for the invite."

Saffron tries her best not to look surprised by the genuine gushing from Rosanna. She takes the compliment as if it was gilded in gold, and she brightens to the Groves girl. "Thank you, Lady Rosanna," she says to both the compliment and gift. Like she has with the guests so far, she looks between Lucienne and Rosanna with a bright smile bringing out each one of her dimples. "If you peek into the tent, there's mulled wine and drinking chocolate, as well as tea and watered wine." You know, for the light-weights! Evidently Saffron has suspected that the mulled wine would be popular tonight, as there is quite a lot of it compared to the other options.

Nedra laughs and hugs Muirenn in return, "The trick to avoiding the flocking of the Aunts is to be quiet, well behaved, and hold very very still while they're scanning the room - like a hawk - for the next target to be their prey," she advises with a grin. Solid advice all the same, however. "That and endeavoring to always be out from underfoot at every given opportunity," she adds, so relieved to see Muirenn that she gives her cousin another quick hug before waving to Lady Anais, more relieved by the moment to know more than just one or two people already here. She waves to Lady Anais and then Lady Katrin, remembering to fix family and household in her mind to match each name of course.

Rowenna Nayland arrives unaccompanied, somewhat conspicuous as she hesitates on the edge of the gathering. She takes a breath, squares her shoulders, and goes to greet the hostess. "Lady Saffron," she says softly, smiling and dipping a small curtsy. She presents a rather stout, old-looking bottle that appears to be stone rather than glass. "This is from the Iron Isles. It's — a bit stronger than wine, but Ser Jarod and I like it."

Katrin laughs with delight as she nods. "If this is tame then I truly want to see the extravagant parties your House can throw," she says and nods. "Anais then," she adds in agreement. "The Mallisters have been quite generous hosts thus far," she murmurs. "But you are correct in that there is barely a moment to breathe. I am well. Quite excited for the melee tourney tomorrow, but certainly glad that we finally have a momentary pause for Lady Saffron's tea." She tracks those entering the tent, dipping her head in greeting to Muirenn in Nedra in one direction, then Lucienne and Rosanna in the other, though her expression tightens very slightly for a brief moment and then she's all bright smiles again.

Now, this gift has Saffron grinning broadly to the Lady knight. "I think I've heard of this before, Lady Rowenna. Perhaps you will share a glass with me later?" Or two, or three. Lets see how many Ladies show up at the joust tomorrow totally hung-over. The menfolk probably have already started that betting pool. "Thank you — for both your presence and gift. I suspect the mulled wine will be to your liking."

Not to tie up the receiving line, Lucienne dips a grateful nod to Saffron and beelines for the tea. If she spends a little longer than is necessary pouring herself a cup, perhaps she's just judging your tea, Saffron. She is a tea expert, after all. NICE TEAPOT, BTW.

Linking arms with her cousin, Muirenn leans in and gives a little murmer as she grins and flutters a fan (this one rather frothy with silver and black lace) in greeting to Anais and Katrin. "Dearest, you know how Mama is. I rather like it though for this week. I needed it." Her attention is caught by Rowenna and the rather unusual gift. Curiously she regards the lady Knight of whom so much has been said but she has not had opportunity to meet for herself. A moment's contemplation melts into a warm and welcoming smile before she glances back to cousin.

"I'm looking forward to seeing Quentyn in the melee," Anais nods to Katrin with an easy smile. "My brother's much more of a melee fighter than he is a jouster." She returns the wave from Nedra, though she adds another of her own, gesturing to the cushions around her and Katrin in friendly invitation. And then her smile flashes broader as she catches sight of Rowenna. "Rowan- na!" she calls over, belatedly fixing the name.

Rosanna's attention is caught rather quickly by Rowenna's entrance, and she peers over her shoulder at her even as she begins to walk inside the tent. "I didn't expect to see—" She steps up nearer to Lucienne as the two slip inside. "You look lovely tonight, Lady Lucienne," she compliments her as her gaze sweeps across who's in attendance.

Rowenna flashes an abashed grin. "The gentlemen call it 'squid piss,'" she notes, "which is only perjorative of its origin, not its taste, I promise." She looks a touch embarrassed, then admits, "I'm afraid I don't drink wine — there was an incident. I never really recovered my taste for it… but I'll happily share a cup of this with you." She looks up as her name — sort of — is called, then smiles broadly. "Annie!"

"I imagine that it will be a fierce competition to the very end," Katrin says in agreement. Rowenna's appearance has the Haigh girl's eyes gleaming speculatively. "Hmm…" she muses. "Anais, would you introduce me to Lady Rowenna?" she asks hopefully. "I have wanted to meet her since I saw her knock her brother to the ground at the Twins."

Nedra tilts her head slightly toward Muirenn to catch the murmur of words and smiles, her eyes sparkling briefly with humor and understanding, a small nod given. "I do know, and I'm so glad you're here," she adds, patting Muirenn's arm with a light touch of her hand, nodding again. "Are you feeling any better?" she wonders followed by, "And some of the mulled wine is a wonderful way to keep ones toes warm, we should try some," she suggests.

"Me either," murmurs Lucienne lowly to Rosanna, setting the teapot back down. At a more conversational volume, she adds, "Thankyou, Lady Rosanna. As do you, of course. That green always looks so lovely on you. May I pour you some tea, or will you be trying the wine this evening?"

"I believe I may try the mulled wine this evening," Rosanna replies to Lucienne, because clearly she requires alcohol to properly frenemy with Katrin. Whom she does look over at to wiggle her fingers in a cheery sort of gesture of greeting. "You look lovely, Lady Katrin," she calls over to her in a prettily sincere voice.

Saffron laughs. "As you say, Lady Rowenna… I'll have one of the attendants fetch us a pair of cups." She lets the knightly woman move off before she turns to Hara, and with something whispered to her maid, she steps off to join her guests. The maid stands ready at that lantern to greet and guide others who arrive. The Banefort steps into the tent and hands the weighty bottle to one of the attendants. "Open it, if you would, and pour two cups… one for myself and the other for Lady Rowenna." And she gives the woman a look. "And please, Jilly, don't water this one down. If the smell bothers you, plug your nose." The girl curtsies and hauls off. Saffron turns to Rosanna and Lucienne, who are now in the tent with her.

"Oh, yes. Some mulled wine sounds lovely." Trailed by their Septas and maids, Muirenn drifts into the tent with Nedra, "A wonderful way to keep my toes warm to be sure. I thought perhaps to schedule a small tea in the garden up at the castle for us. I know there are so many activities going on so please let me know when you are available cousin."

"Absolutely," Anais smiles swiftly to Katrin. "She's a dear friend. And much more interesting than the average, run of the mill lady," she adds in a lower tone, a glimmer of mischief in her eyes. "Rowenna, come sit with us?" she invites once Saffron's done with the lady knight, pausing to murmur a request for some mulled wine from one of the attendants.

Punctuality never seemed to be Jocelyns strong suit, as it turns out. She does however always arrive when invited. Eventually. She's dressed in a lavender dress. Traces of silvery thread twins in the material. The silvery color causes her eyes to turn more smokey color than their usual blue. Her Ladies maid is with her, as always, just a step behind her, close enough to whisper in her ear if needed. The ever present guard comes along too. But as they reach the laterns, she turns her head and makes a motion with her head for the guard to step in a different direction. Leaving the two women to walk towards the party alone. Her eyes take in the beautiful sight that has been created for their enjoyment. A small smile creeping up onto her lips.

It seems mulled wine is the drink of choice for tonight and Katrin nods to receive some for herself. "I can only imagine that Lady Rowenna is the most unique of ladies," she agrees. "All I have heard of her are stories and I am most fascinated by her."

Well. An attendant can pour wine for Lady Rosanna, Lucienne wants no part of that. She retrieves her teacup, and turns to bestow another smile upon Saffron. "Have you enjoyed the tourney so far, my lady?"

Nedra wears a thoughtful expression as she and Muirenn enter the tent, "I should think any afternoon would be fine though," and she actually pauses to laugh, smiling at Lady Saffron and the others in the tent while adding, "so many events are scheduled for the afternoon it may be easier to try for a morning tea instead." She can't help the gleam of amusement that warms her eyes at the thought of having to take tea early in the morning just to have enough time to properly enjoy it!
"All of the knights come from the Reach are so dashing, aren't they?" Rosanna says, turning with Lucienne to include Saffron in the new turn of conversation. And yes, an attendant will pour her mulled wine.

Far more lost in a gathering of ladies than she'd be in a melee, Rowenna looks grateful to be summoned over by Anais. She can take direction! She approaches and dips a quick curtsy, then takes as seat as she's been bid, smoothing her gown beneath her. "I brought something stronger than wine," she says to Anais without preamble, leaning over to kiss her goodsister's cheek. "I think Lady Saffron intends to open it straight away. Thank the Gods." She flashes Katrin a shy smile. "Hullo there."
"You're my favorite," Anais informs Rowenna with a swift grin at her announcement of stronger drinks, returning the cheek kiss with a laugh. "Rowenna, I want you to meet Lady Katrin Haigh. Lady Katrin, this is Lady Ser Rowenna Nayland," she introduces the pair, seeming to take a certain perverse pleasure in including the Ser. "Lady Katrin has been visiting Stonebridge and the Roost from Broadmoor of late. And Lady Rowenna used to squire at the Roost before she was knighted and returned home. Ser Jarod, who won the first joust, is her husband."

And indeed, all the attendants are on the ball in getting drink for the ladies while one of them finishes preparing the fingerfoods. "I have absolutely loved the tournament, but I almost always do. My father is the Master of Arms at the Banefort, and he has been looking after the tournaments in the Westerlands since well before I was born. Seagard hosts wonderfully." She has to grin toward Rosanna. "And the Reach knights are gorgeous. I've never seen such beauty in armor before."

"Oh how grand! I will arrange for us to break our fast in the garden then. It will be fun." Long fingers reach for a goblet of mulled wine and she gives a sidelong glance to her cousin and flutters her long auburn lashes as she murmers, "I wonder if perhaps Lady Saffron might share and let us try this Iron Isles brew? I am not entirely sure that it will taste pleasing, but I would like to at least say that I have tried it. As I told Martyn, life…is short."

Katrin smiles brightly at Rowenna, "Katrin, please," she says. "I have heard a great deal about you, Lady Rowenna. Or should it be Ser Rowenna?" she asks, tilting her head to the side. She flashes an outright grin. "You are quite a singular woman from what I have heard and worthy of my affection and respect."

Once arriving inside the tent, Jocelyn glances around, observing the ladies dresses, their hair and listen to even some of their chatter that she can hear. Her hair has been left down and a cream colored ribbon has been tied over the top of her head and tied at the nape of her neck. After her survey of the area, she spots Muirenn and offers a small smile and a wave. Walking in that direction she offers, "Lady Muirenn. How good to see you." she says genuinely.

"The Hammer of Highgarden is especially thrilling to watch in action," admits Lucienne, smiling as she lifts her teacup. One brow arches with interest at the tidbit about the Banefort, and Lucienne hums thoughtfully. "Seagard's tourneys are always so grand. Isn't the Lady Syrah most beautiful, too. She and Lord Patrek seem very pleased with each other."

Nedra selects a cup of the mulled wine as well, making a thoughtful sound as she considers Muirenn's suggestion before she nods. "I quite agree. It is, after all, not just the art of appreciating a well made cup of tea but also the art of knowing how to brew it and select the best kinds to meet the wide variety of tastes that may present at the table." She takes a sip then of the wine, making a small hum of sound, "This is delightful," and nods subtly, "indeed it is. To short, in fact, to chart a course in one direction only to have to set sail in another, as my father would say."

"She seems rather shy, doesn't she?" Rosanna adds on the subject of the Lady Syrah. She accepts a glass of mulled wine and sips it thoughtfully.

Rowenna clasps Katrin's hand in greeting — a bit of a rough and unruly gesture, but at least she doesn't grab her beneath the elbow like she's checking for bodkins. "Just Rowenna is fine," says the Nayland lady/ser/whathaveyou, though she looks like she could kiss Anais again for including the 'Ser' in her introduction. It's likely not an honorific she's often allowed. "It's lovely to meet you." That she might be worthy of affection and respect, she doesn't appear as sure, her smile wry. "I suppose opinions on that may vary. I'll endeavor not to do anything to change your mind."

There is a small noise behind her, and Saffron turns to see two cups being held out to her. The golden liquid is given a cautious look and sniff, though she actually smiles. It definitely doesn't smell like piss — thank the Gods for that. As she takes both cups, she nods her head to the scampering little girl called Jilly. She then looks back toward Lucienne with a bright smile. "The Hammer was exceptional, yes." Rosanna then gets a nod in agreement. "Shy, yes, but very lovely." She gestures out to the fire. "I promised Lady Rowenna I would partake in this drink with, would you care to join us at the fireside?"

"Your dress looks lovely," Anais informs Rowenna, her smile reassuring. Yes, crowds of ladies are /scary shit/. "And I'm glad you came. Do you have a favorite for the melee?" she asks of the Nayland lady. "I imagine Katrin has a choice or two," she teases with a warm smile. "And I think I'm going to have to put my money on Quentyn, out of family feeling. But I'd be interested to hear your opinion on who's likely to win."

Katrin laughs with amusement. "Oh, dear Rowenna, my opinion of you was solidified when I saw you punch your brother at the Twins," she says brightly. She squeezes Rowenna's hand gently. "Opinions will always vary and gossip will sometimes speak ill of you but I think you are absolutely delightful." She makes a face at Anais. "You are so cruel, Anais," she sighs dramatically. "But I do hope that Ser Martyn continues to do well. He did so fantasically well yesterday in the joust when he unseated Ser Kittridge." Yep, she's totes bringing that up again.

Luci takes a small sip of tea, and after a brief glance toward Rosanna, agrees: "Certainly." She'll follow Lady Saffron out and find herself a fireside seat.

"Oh Lady Jocelyn!" Muirenn brightens, "Thank you so much for the herbs you set me!" The tall Mallister maiden welcomes Jocelyn into the circle with her cousin. "What a delight to see you here." The comment about her goodcousin causes her to turn her head and comment, "I like Lady Syrah very much. She is sweet and very lovely." Linking her other arm through Jocelyn's should the other lady allow it, she moves purposefully towards Anais, Katrin, and Rowenna.

"Of course," Rosanna agrees as well, following Saffron to the others by the fire. Her smile gets a touch tight to come upon Katrin's topic. SHE HEARD THAT.

Nothing frightening has happened yet! All pleasantries and niceness, Saffron is so far pleased nothing has exploded. She steps out with the two cups of the rich, golden liquid with the Terrick and Groves ladies. She is all smiles as she steps up to Lady Rowenna, waiting a moment before offering the woman one of the cups. Both are quite full as if little Jilly had no idea when to stop. She checks to make sure everyone has been given a cup or glass. "Well, if the Reach knights are as good at the melee as they are at jousting, I would say every knight of the Cape will be facing a challenge."

Rowenna smiles gratefully at Anais. "Thank you. I — don't own many, really. I'm glad this one suits." She shrugs at the question of the melee. "My favorite is always my husband, of course, and I'm afraid I've only had the opportunity to see a few of the men fight, personally. I'd be surprised if it doesn't come down to Jarod and Ser Hardwicke again. The only men I know who can match then are of Oldstones, and I don't believe House Valentin or The overbridge Tordanes are in attendance." She blinks at Katrin, then grins and laughs. "An unusual way to secure someone's good opinion, but I'll take it however I can get it." And Saffron! With booze! Yay! She beams at the fire-haired hostess. "Thank you so much, Lady Saffron. Cheers." She raises her cup.

Nedra sends a bright smile toward Lady Jocelyn and laughs as Muirenn links Jocelyn, arm in arm as well, and leads the way toward Anais, Katrin and Rowennna. "Half the time I think the combatants don't even remember that they have an audience in the stands," Nedra suggests. "Until the end, that is, when the winner pulls of his helm and stands to take the thunderous applause. Considering all the sharp swords and lances being employed, however, that's probably for the best."

"I keep telling you, Katrin, I'm just jealous," Anais sighs back to the Haigh lady with an equal amount of dramatics. "My champion isn't riding anymore," she adds with an easy smile and a wink to Rowenna. "I have to live vicariously through my infinitely more popular friends." And then Saffron is arriving, and she takes the chance to greet her cousin more properly. "This is perfectly wonderful, Saf," she murmurs. "Mama would be impressed." Because that is the highest compliment of the Banefort household.

"I hope they did help and did not come too late." Jocelyn responds to Muirenn. The lady's brightness is contagious, fore even Jocelyn brights just a little more in demeanor. She glances at Nedra beside her and returns the smile, as Muirenn is allowed to take her arm, she brings her own to wrap around it friendly. "Are you two enjoying the events thus far?" she asks them as they walk towards the other Lady's.

Apparently Saffron has no idea what she's gotten herself into as she doesn't sip the blasted stuff as she is suppose to, but instead takes a full swallow. She manages to get it down before she actually coughs, and she follows it up with a sudden laugh. "Not piss, certainly," she says in a hoarse, smiling voice. She laughs brightly to Anais at her compliment, pressing the back of her hand against her mouth in order to get her bearings after that initial drink. "Thank you, Annie." She smirks a bit.

"I can't imagine any list of predictions as to the champion of the melee is complete without Lord Rutger upon it," Rosanna says not to Rowenna because Rowenna is inappropriate so who would address her directly. "He was champion at the Twins, after all." Again, you know: to the general air.

"I am acquainted with Lord Rafferdy," Katrin replies with a grin to Rowenna. "So at least for me it was great amusement though it did cause more than a little scandal." She shakes her head and toasts with Saffron with her glass of wine. And then Anais gets a slanted eyed look. "Oh yes, so jealous I am certain," she says teasingly. "You are already married and needn't worry about the possibility of becoming an old maid." Oops. She does a quick check. Phew. Roslyn isn't here yet.

Lucienne's chosen seat is across the fire from the improper bunch, and she responds to Lady Rosanna after another dainty sip from her teacup. "Oh, yes. The Lord Rutger made an excellent showing at the Twins. Though personally, I'll be cheering for Ser Hardwicke - his wife is heavy with child, and the most lovely attendant any lady could ever ask for."

"I just hope that Ser Kamron's decision to avoid the joust means he will show better at the melee," Saffron says, mentioning Kamron with a very cautious casualness as if she's afraid just by saying his name will make her transparent. She has taken up a seat that allows her to be flanked by both determined groupings — the scandalous on one side, the prim and proper on the other — even if one side is slightly more weighed than the other. "I hadn't heard that Ser Hardwicke's wife is expecting."

"Only half of any battle's won with steel — the other half's with wits. In that arena, Jack's good and deadly," Rowenna says to Anais, her tone one of warmth and admiration. She blinks at Saffron's swallow, biting the inside of her cheek so that she doens't laugh. "Oi, there… go easy. I'm sorry, I should probably have warned you to sip. You're alright?" she checks, placing a hand briefly on their hostess' arm. Katrin's explanation makes her laugh — "Ah, so you know my brother well enough to enjoy a good pummeling of him vicariously, do you?" She glances up at Rosanna, then over at Lucienne — the latter of which gets a warm smile. "Will Roots be competing?" she asks, returning her attention to the Groves lady. "For some reason I thought he'd remained at home. Or in Stonebridge, or something."

"Lady Rosanna," Anais turns toward the Groves lady as though she's just realized she's present. "However did I miss you? Especially in that gown," she adds with a swift smile. "It's so perfect on you, you fairly glow. But I thought I'd heard Lord Rutger had gone back to Stonebridge? He can hardly win if he isn't here, no matter how great his prowess." And then there's a smile for Katrin as well. "I suppose I should think of it that way. As a married woman, I can enjoy all of the performances, with no sorrow should one knight lose."

"I am," Nedra confirms with a smile that is given as she leans slightly past Muirenn, being unable to look over her much taller cousin of course and sending a smile up at Muirenn that is faintly impish. "There's something so entertaining at seeing so many people gathered together in one place. What with the excitement cast by the competitions and all the little events that surround them, it's just non-stop entertainment."

"Oh, yes," says Lucienne again, this time to Saffron as her smile curves innocently. "Mistress Blayne fell pregnant most quickly after their beautiful wedding ceremony." She draws another little sip from her teacup.

"I never care for the common knights winning," Rosanna says with a wrinkle of her nose. Silly common Hardwicke. Her smile twitches at Rowenna and Anais's words on Rutger's location. "I had hoped he might return for a showing," she says. She renews her warmth to address Anais. "How kind of you to say so, Lady Anais. I am quite fond of this gown." She sips delicately at her mulled wine.

"Absolutely! Lady Jocelyn, allow me to introduce you to my cousin Lady Nedra. And the herbs arrived just in time. They were much appreciated." Muirenn's grin is infectious as she drags her friends over and is before Rowenna, Anais, Katrin, and Saffron. It is a feat in and of itself that her wine doesn't spill though it balances a bit precariously. "A delightful evening ladies! Please forgive me for being so brazen as to drag everyone over, but I very much wished to meet Lady Rowenna." The tall girl's eyes twinkle merrily, "And of course to see everyone else."

Katrin has a nice long gulp of her wine before she beams a smile on Rosanna, "Oh, Lady Rosanna," she coos warmly. "Had I known you were here, I would have come over immediately to greet you," she says. "I do hope that you will not hold it against poor Ser Martyn too long that he bested your brother this once. There will always be other competitions. Perhaps even in the melee tomorrow. I know that I personally cannot wait to see a rematch between the two of them." Rowenna is given a nod. "Yes, I suppose you could say that," she murmurs, voice dropping a little.

Saffron laughs at Rowenna's concern, and she shakes her head. "I think its color is deceiving… I almost thought it was honey. But, its strangely… satisfying." She looks down into the cup once more before she takes another sip. There is a slight sway in her head even after that one swallow, but she straightens up on her cushioned bench. She looks to Lucienne. "That known, I will be sure to find a gift for the coming babe. My Roostlings will be quite surprised to hear though — they like calling Ser Hardwicke the Grizzled Bear." As Katrin brings up Ser Martyn again, she tries her best not to wince.

Anais ignores the issue of Kittridge and Martyn in favor of more introductions. "Muirenn!" she exclaims with a swift smile. "No forgiveness is necessary, of course. I'd have called you over sooner, but I was afraid to shout too loudly," she chuckles. "Muirenn, Nedra. This is Lady Ser Rowenna Nayland. Rowenna, I'd like you to meet Lady Muirenn Mallister, Ser Martyn's sister. Lady Nedra Mallister, Ser Kamron's sister. And it's Lady Jocelyn Nayland, isn't it?" she adds with a quick smile for the other lady. "Forgive me, I know you're a relation of Ser Rygar, but I can't recall if it's cousin or sister. Though you're much too pretty to be a sister. And you smile," she teases.

Inclining her head to Nedra, Jocelyn again offers the woman a smile "I'm please to meet you Lady Nedra." to the offering of introduction. "I quite agree, Lady Nedra. Being in this atmophere is so thrilling and exciting. Everyone is in such good spirits." Approaching the other Lady's on Muirenns arm, "Good Evening." she glances at their attire, "Dont you all look wonderful." she glances at Rowenna when Muirenn makes special request to meet her. "Cousin, I've seen you only from a distance it seems. I've enjoyed watch Ser Jarod participate." Pausing as Anais delivers the introduction, "Sister." she correct when needed for the question in regards to Rygar. "My, I get that a lot." she confesses, laughing at the compliment payed on her. "I assure you, we do share blood and he is my Brother."

"Of course, Lady Katrin," Rosanna coos warmly to Katrin. "How sweet to see you getting along so well with Lady Rowenna. I know how dear Lord Rafferdy is to you." She just smiles benignly in reply to the topic of a rematch between her brother and Ser Martyn.

"It was one of our most favourite games as children to try and make him smile," Lucienne recalls fondly to Saffron. "I never had any trouble, but the boys were most fearful of his scowl." She falls quiet for a moment, perhaps reflecting on those memories as she drinks her tea.

"Hello, Lady Jocelyn. Please, let the girls know what you would like to drink. Mulled wine is the favorite of the evening." And just in time, and hopefully as a needed distraction, the attendants sweep out with oval plates of fingerfoods and little cloth napkins for them to be supported on. There is a plate of petite meatpies, another of small cups of flambe cherries and berries, and another of those puffy small squares of whipped sugar-root; that particular attendant has a skewer for each lady who takes one of the white squares. Saffron is the first to take one of the sweet squares and skewer. "Lady Anais is already familiar with these, but these little delights are excellent roasting sweets. You skewer them like so," and she demonstrates. "And then let the soften over the flames."

Nedra is quick to champion Kamron, "I'm sure he will," she says with a tone of absolute confidence that is accompanied by a nod. "I'm sure it's like what Martyn said," she adds, "about knowing where his skills lie best and where they don't. There's no harm in picking which events to participate in, is there?" she wonders with a thoughtful glance around before her gaze settles on the Lady Rosanna, "Courtesy is one of the highest ideals exemplified by good breeding, is it not?" she says with a smile.

"It is good, isn't it?" Rowenna grins at Saffron, drinking a healthy swallow of her own. Her eyebrows lift at Katrin's response about Rafferdy, and then her gaze goes back and forth between Katrin and Rosanna. Uh huh. Well, then. She glances around, and then is being introduced again — holy Mother. She stands and bobs a curtsy to Muirenn and Nedra. "Ladies. Such a pleasure to meet you. My husband and I are both so very fond of your family. Lord Jason — Warrior walk him home — actually gifted me my first set of armor, which I still wear with great pride." And then to Jocelyn, "Hello, cous!"

The tightening around her eyes is the only warning that Rosanna's words meant anything to her but the smile Katrin gives is warm and friendly. "Yes, I was just telling Rowenna how much I admired her for her punch of Lord Rafferdy at the Twins," she says with a nod. She then turns her attention away from the Groves girl to beam up at Muirenn. "Lady Muirenn! How is Ser Martyn? I do hope he was too badly injured in the jousting competitions and that we can look forward to seeing him compete in the melee tomorrow."

Better late than never? Tia it seems has been held up. But never mind that, she's here now. She has a small basket in hand, a maid and guard, though they do melt off to do their thing once they see she's safe inside. Being as she's late, she simply sets the basket down near Saffron. "I do apologize," she says softly, with enough grace to blush slightly at her tardiness. "but I was unexpectedly delayed."

Belatedly, she grins to Rowenna. "If you promise to keep it a secret, it's really good." As the food starts to circulate, Saffron puts her own marshmallow (as player is getting tired of typing 'sugar square') over the open flame. She has done this enough to find the proper space to place the treat so its sugars don't cause the thing to become completely engulfed. The redheaded Banefort smiles up toward Tiaryn at the sound of her voice and apology, and she shakes her head. "You've missed hardly a thing. Let Jilly fetch you something to drink… mulled wine or tea, perhaps?" She does look toward Katrin and Rosanna with a slight purse of her lips.

Letting go of Jocelyn and Nedra, Muirenn gives Anais a hug and giggles "Lady Jocelyn was most kind when I was ill. She sent some very beneficial herbs." Following this she takes a step back and there is a bit of a jaw clenching as Katrin and Rosanna bait each other. A breath in and a breath out and she ignores the tit for tat and focuses an honest smile upon Rowenna, "It is a pleasure to meet you. I had wished to meet you before but haven't been able to before. You look quite lovely." As the lady speaks of a memory of her Uncle, the teenager's eyes brighten "He was a wonderful man. Please, I hope that you, Nedra, and I might get together sometime to luncheon or somesuch." Beaming she glances to her cousin and replies midly, "Indeed cousin. I have always been taught that generosity and politeness were signs of excellent breeding and the signs of a proper lady." Katrin's question grabs her attention and she regards the girl for a long moment and then says quietly, "my brother is well overall. I know that he too hopes to compete in the melee. He enjoys the competition and challenging herself."

"Oh, naturally," Rosanna agrees with Nedra as the lady addresses her. Her slim brows arch at Katrin's words. "Really? What a curious bit of behavior for a lady to find such interest in. You are such a delightful surprise every time we meet, Lady Katrin. I am so fond of our talks."

"These are spectacular," Anais announces as the maids come around with the marshmallows, taking several of the skewers and preparing them. "I absolutely insist you try these." And she passes one to Muirenn as she returns the hug, one for Nedra, one for Katrin, one for Jocelyn, and one for poor, unsuspecting Tiaryn before she takes one for herself. "Be careful, though. They /will/ catch on fire, and if the melty bits go flying, they burn."

"That would be delightful, thank you," Rowennna says, responding to Muirenn's invitation. Her eyes open a little wider and blink several times at the smiling exchange between Rosanna and Katrin. "Wow," she murmurs. And mutters a word into her cup that might be, "Awesome." Drinky, drink!
And one for Rowenna! She can be trusted with fire.

From where Nedra is seated alongside Muirenn Nedra waves a greeting to Lady Tiaryn when she arrives, "Try the mulled wine!" she suggests, holding her cup of wine slightly aloft in demonstration. She smiles at Anais as well and adds her greeting to follow Muirenn's, "It's a pleasure to meet you as well," she says, her voice quiet but friendly. "I'm not sure if I should address you as Lady or Ser," she admits with a smile to Rowenna, "but I'm Lady Nedra, Kamron's sister," she adds by way of introduction (round about as always) before accepting one of the skewers, eyeing it curiously but believing Anais without hesitation.

Lucienne requests some more tea as the attendants come around, and prepares herself a marshmallow skewer. Holding it still and close to her lap, she'll just wait and watch to see how it is done.

Gaze drifting to Saffron, Jocelyn returns. "Lady Saffron. You've made this area as pretty as a dream I dare say I would never want to wake from. The laterns and the tent arrangement are just beautifully done." at the offer of the drink and the food, she Ooohhs softly and turns her head to an attendant then to request for a cup of the mulled wine. It sounded perfect on a night such as tonight. She does not however take a sweet skewer but she looks at them, that is until Anais hands her one. "How interesting and tasty looking those are." Bringing it to her lips she nibbles on the white puffy melty cloud thing. Mmm! Hearing Muirenns words she shakes her head in dismissal of what she had done for the woman. "It was nothing at all."

Leaning forward, Muirenn murmers something to Rowenna and gives a grin as she sits back and lifts her goblet and takes a small sip. Quietly, she sits back and watches everyone, eventually heading home with the others.

Saffron has continued to roast her own marshmallow, though as the passive aggressive shit starts to fly, the Banefort takes another solid swallow of her squid piss. Oh hey, it went down just fine the second time. Next time, she'll see if if has the power to make her inner cheeks numb. Rowenna is given a slightly thankful and somewhat apologetic look. At least this is good quality time spent with her quasi-goodsister. She glances toward Nedra as she looks speculatively at the marshmallow. "Or you can always do what I use to as a child and just dunk it into the fire and pull it out fast. It'll be charred on the outside, but you can peel off that layer to find the melted center. I never had patience for it, but I try now."

Uh oh. Katrin is already moving on to her next glass of mulled wine. But it fortifies her enough that she gives Rosanna a beaming smile. "I do try, Lady Rosanna. If for no other reason than to make our talks all the more interesting." She squints at the skewer and the marshmallow before giving a shrug and holds it into the fire. There is childish delight as the treat begins to brown. And then blackens. And then catches fire. Squeak! Oops.

Rowenna ohs! as she's handed a skewer with a fluffy white morsel on the end. Pointy things! Her evening is looking up. She smiles warmly at Nedra. "Please call me Rowenna, Lady Nedra, and that will obviate the dilemma." She carefully pokes her skewer into the topmost radiance of the licking flames, turning it carefully and watching for it to brown. She appears to have some experience cooking over an open fire. She blinks at Muirenn's whisper, then offers the Mallister lady a touched, grateful smile. "Thank you, Lady Muirenn."

With a tilt of her head, Saffron beams to Jocelyn. "Thank you, Lady Jocelyn. I'm afraid that once morning comes, it will lose most of its shine and glimmer. The night really helps set the ambiance. Once the fire burns down a bit, Anais can see if she still remembers all the Maesters taught her about star alignments."

"Oh, no one would ever accuse you of dull propriety, Lady Katrin," Rosanna says, her voice full of warmth. She edges a bit away from the Haigh when she…sets her marshmallow on fire.

Tia gives Saffron a smile and a brief curtsey. She simply sets the basket down with a "this is for you, but please wait and open it later." That gives her a moment to think, and she says, "Mulled wine sounds like it would be lovely, thank you." She offers a smile, and then blinks at the white fluffy things and the fire, not quite certain about that.

"I most certainly do," Anais chuckles to Saffron. "Though I'll need you to tell the stories that go with them." She holds her skewer out over the fire, carefully finding a spot near the coals where the flames themselves are not as hungry. She gives the skewer a spin now and then, trying to get it evenly golden. "I was always better with charting them than with the stories. Whoops!" she laughs as Katrin's marshmallow burns. "Pull it out slowly and you should be able to blow it out," she advises.

Blinking in surprise as Lady Katrin's marshmallow catches fire, Lucienne looks down at her own, and promptly pulls it from the skewer. She'll just eat hers un-roasted, thank you very much.

Squeak. Squeak. Katrin's too busy waving the skewer around just outside of the fire trying to put the burning marshmallow out to reply to Rosanna or maybe even hear what she has to say. Oh. Anais offers advice and she immediately heeds those words, pulling it out slowly. She blows on the blazing treat to try and put it out.

"Food that you can set on fire — where in the hells has this been all my life?" Rowenna wonders, laughing as she watches Katrin extinguish her marshmallow. "Fantastic! I can't count the amount of camp fires I've sat around — well on a thousand, I expect — and this would have improved every one of them."

"I've always admired the stars." Jocelyn says, "I confess they make me very dreamy when I stare at them for too long. I'll be waiting in anticpation for the fire to go out then to hear these stories." The marshmellow is gone. It was devoured. Lets face it, it was good. It wasnt going to last long. Now all that is left is an empty skewer, sad like. Then the Mulled wine come and its accepted. "Thank you." she murmurs and lifts the cup to lips for a drink.

"Rowenna it is then, and please call me Nedra," Nedra says in turn, watching the other ladies and their skewers and the incendiary mishaps thus far, waiting for the learning curve to catch up before she tries it herself. Nedra smiles up at Muirenn as her cousin rises to her feet and heads home, waving after Muirenn before toying with the skewer again while considering her available options. "I do believe you'll need to let it cool until the center sets a bit, Lady Katrin," she suggests, "otherwise it might burn your tongue," she adds with a small shake of her head, laughing quietly.

"If the ladies don't object, I'm certain I can tell a story or two… in fact, Lady Rowenna may enjoy the one about the Warrior Queen." And then Saffron laughs as Katrin catches fire and then snuffs out her marshmallow, the now blackened treat looking almost sad. "Just peel off the black, Katrin… it'll be white, soft, and warm underneath." She laughs brightly. As the food continues to circulate, Saffron takes one of the petite meatpies. She grins broadly toward Rowenna. "I'm not sure where the Banefort kitchen found the recipe for these things."

"Oh, we can't have that," Rosanna proclaims as Nedra warns Katrin against burning her tongue. "We would be at such a loss if something got in the way of your sparkling conversation, Lady Katrin." She takes a skewer of her own, examining the raw marshmallow with a curious cant of her head.

"Wait until you taste it," Anais grins to Rowenna, still taking her dear, sweet time with her own treat. It is going to be golden brown. OR ELSE. "Isn't it funny, Rowenna?" she asks the Nayland lady innocently. "I imagine you thought you were going to miss out on all the combat."

"And yet here. I. Am," Rowenna murmurs wonderingly, flashing Anais a conspiratorial grin. "I wonder if — ah, fuck," she cuts herself short as the edge of her marshmallow bursts into flames. She's quick to pull it back and blow it out, so there's only a little bit burnt. The rest is quite the lovely brown.

Tia settles into a seat, quietly catching up. She gets some mulled wine and starts drinking. That part is easy. But trying to figure out what all the conversations are about, that's another interesting trick. So for the moment, she simply settles not far away from Nedra and then glances over at Rowenna, a bit of amusement at the predicament, as she starts to catch on to what is happening.

Katrin laughs as she nods to Nedra, "I will have to keep that in mind, Lady Nedra," she says cheerfully. She pokes at the marshmallow a little bit. it almost crackles on contact. This thing is really charred. "Oops. This does not seem to be much of a success," she says with a sigh. She just smiles sweetly to Rosanna. "Yes, it would be a loss, wouldn't it, Lady Rosanna. But you needn't worry, you should not have to worry about such a thing." And then goes back to poking at her marshmallow.

Rosanna startles a bit in Rowenna's direction at that little slip of language. She frowns faintly at the lady, likely having all sorts of judgey thoughts. (How surprising.) Then she is back to smiling at Katrin. "I am very relieved to hear it," she assures her.

A slight flush lingers on Roslyn's skin as she makes her way up the path lit by lanterns, curls slightly out of place but perhaps only for her hurry to make it to the starlight tea. Her gown, however, is perfectly fitted to her frame, another new one as if the change in lady's maids has made a change in her fashion. It is an orange so bright as to resemble fire itself, shot through with red where the silk picks up the reflected light of the bonfire as she draws closer. "I am sorry! The trail seems to have burnt out, half-way back," she explains, looking for Saffron first.

She's heard Kamron say fuck once or twice, but Rowenna says it with such casualness that it actually catches her off guard. She almost laughs. Oh, uhm. "It takes time," Saffron says gently to Jocelyn before she takes another bite of her pie, finishing off the neat two-bite morsel. Then she looks between the women gathered before she smiles, cradling her cup of squid piss in her hands. And there's Roslyn. She is bright and smiling as she stands immediately. Her head swims a bit as the piss is definitely warming her brain, though she steps forward to greet the Nayland. "I'm just happy you're here, Roslyn," she says as she steps forward to greet the woman with a gentle press of her cheek to hers in greeting. "Lets get you some mulled wine."

"Lady Roslyn!" Lucienne is to her feet at once, waving with a slightly desperate look at the newly arrived woman. "I saved you a seat over here."

Rowenna's words cause Nedra to blink once before bursting into delighted laughter, shaking her head before giving the whole roasted marshmallow process a long look. She waits for a moment longer before extending the skewer toward the bed of coals that the fire leaps upward from. She waits, cautiously patient, until the sides of the confection go from pale to a golden color, then counts silently to herself before the treat catches fire. She promptly withdraws the skewer and waves it quickly in the air, extinguishing the flame so that it's well roasted but not quite as charred. "Ah hah," she says, quietly triumphant, and waits for it to cool.

Anais stifles a giggle at Rowenna's curse, reaching a hand out for her forearm in reassurance. Finally, she pulls her marshmallow back, a perfect, uniform golden brown. Apparently she's good at this. Who knew? Pulling it off without getting her fingers sticky is another matter, though, because that golden brown shell tries to separate from the inside when she pulls it away from the skewer. "No, hold still," she laughs at the treat, cheeks pink with wine and the warmth of the fire.

Katrin begins nibbling at her marshmallow, offsetting its burned flavor on the outside with her mulled wine. Boy that stuff goes down nice and easy. She is also more inclined to just giggle at Rowenna but she puts on a quiet expression as she focuses on the importance of eating her marshmallow and drinking. Oh, thank god for drinking.

"Oh, Saffron, I would not miss it for the world," Roslyn murmurs lowly as she greets the other woman in turn, a bright smile touching her lips. She brushes a kiss back in turn, pressing a dark, velvet bag into Saffron's fingers. "I had a shell from Seagard hung on a delicate silver chain, for the Lady Sea Spirit. I will accept watered wine in turn, if you have it, my lady." Then she is glancing towards Lucienne, warmly smiling to the other lady as well. "Thank you, Lady Lucienne. Allow me a moment to gather a cup and I shall join you."

"Lynnie!" Rowenna greets her sister, her smile wide and warm. A little bonhomie and squid piss has gone a long way toward setting her at ease — as evidenced by her recent vernacular. She waves her skewer in Roslyn's direction. "Come set things on fire with us."

Jocelyn would like to say that is surprised at the rest from the cursing outburst from her Cousin. But she isnt. Instead she smiles largely and resists the urge to laugh at the others reaction that she sees from the ladies. She gives a nod to Saffron before she moves on to greet Roslyn. Turning her head to follow the direction the greetng came from, smiling as her other cousin arrives and approach. Giving just a moment to look over her attire and flushed features. Hm.

"Oh, Lady Roslyn," Rosanna says with something of relief as her friend enters. She shoots Lucienne a grateful smile with the Terrick invites her to sit with them. She finally begins to ease her own marshmallow into the flame.

Saffron nods to Hara, her new Roost-born maid, who in turn nods to Jilly, who mouse-like scampers off to get some watered wine for the woman. Saffron accepts the velvet bag with a bright glowing smile. "Roslyn, thank you so much. I will wear it with pride." She then nods in enthusism to Rowenna's words. "If you roast it with patience, it will be lovely and golden brown… though you can just blacken it and eat the interior with just as much contentedness." She begins to lead Roslyn to the fire, and here comes Jilly with a cup of watered wine.

Tia sips her mulled wine and manages to snag a meat pie, so that she at least gets something into her stomach. She lets her gaze flow over the women present thoughtfully, with a nod to each, by way of greeting. (Yes, yes, the player's been paged off her feet since she got here, sorry!) "So what are these white fluffy things?" she asks, letting her curiosity show.

That is a relief. "Of course, my lady," says Lucienne, sharing a similar smile with Rosanna as she retakes her seat. "You're far braver than I," she asides softly to the Groves girl.

"Perhaps I shall simply watch for a moment," Roslyn answers politely, like the true spoilsport she is with her watered wine. She moves to settle next to Lucienne in that open spot, leaning forward to catch Rosanna's hand in a brief gesture, if she will allow, as she greets her with, "You look lovely in the firelight, Lady Rosanna. If only the knights could see you now to fight over your favor." She is much more contained as she looks to her sister, a bit of surprise in hazel eyes. "Rowenna. I had not thought to see you here."

Saffron reclaims her seat, and she looks over toward Tiaryn with a small grin. "In general, its whipped sugar that is mixed with water and this powdered flowering bulb. They spread it out and let it dry and then cut it into squares." She smiles over toward Roslyn with a nod of her head before she regards the ladies in whole. "So, Lady Lucienne and Lady Rosanna have already said their opinion on the Reach knights… but I must ask what the others think."

"I hadn't thought to be here!" Rowenna says to Roslyn, smiling brightly. Isn't thst a coincidence? She takes a sip from her cup. "But the invitation was extended to the ladies of the tournament, and I thought to myself: Self, you're a lady. You're at the tournament. Live a little." She smiles warmly at the gathering. "And everyone's been so kind. I feel most welcome, thank you."

"They were quite wonderful," Katrin says brightly to Saffron. "Does anyone know who the mystery knights were? Were they of the Reach?" she asks curiously. And she even keeps a completely straight face. "There were three, were there not?" Her brows furrow a little. "The Knight of Thorns road quite well in both jousts. I wonder if he will be participating in the melee."

"What exactly is the purpose behind the tradition of a mystery knight?" Nedra wonders aloud. "It's all well and good for the excitement value, of course, but all the speculation and wagering as to the possible identities just makes it all that much more intriguing."

Rosanna squeezes Roslyn's hand in return, giving the Nayland lady a fond look. She arches her brows at Katrin. "I had thought maybe you were familiar with one of them," she says innocently to the lady. "And I had heard some speculation that sounded most reasonable."

"I think they're lovely to watch," Anais answers Saffron's question with an easy smile. "And I imagine they're all quite charming. Perhaps they'll grace us all with a few dances when the tournament is over, if they haven't broken themselves too badly in combat." Her brows rise slightly at Katrin's question, an expression of perfect ignorance. "I don't know who they were, but they certainly made it fun."

"If you lived anymore, lady sister, I believe the rest of us would be considered dead," Roslyn replies with light humor, her own smile lingering on her lips. "Nevertheless, I am glad to see you here, of course." Oh, what, they are commenting on mystery knights? She apparently has no opinion on that as she sips her watered wine.

Saffron looks over toward Nedra with a small grin. "It is the way that a squire can compete," she says with a shrug of her shoulders. "I believe our cousin Douglin entered… was it three years ago, Anais?" She asks her cousin with a tilt of her head. "He entered as the Knight of Talons. Sadly, he did not show as well as the Knight of Thorns." She takes another sip of the squid piss that Rowenna brought her, and she actually feels quite warm and pleasant as it works its way through her.

Of the mystery knights, Lucienne says nothing. She clears her throat gently and accepts a few of the flambe cherries from the nearest attendant. Popping one delicately into her mouth, she chews and swallows neatly. "Oh, my ladies," she addresses Rosanna and Roslyn, "You should try these - they're delicious."

Tia has to think about it, and then she smiles. "I think that all the knights were quite dashing," is her reply. But then, she might be excused. "And that sounds like it must taste like I imagine a cloud would." Now she's determined to try one, waiting to see if she can get hold of a skewer and a marshmallow of her own.

Saffron has found herself some attentive maids, as one sweeps in to Tiaryn's right with a plate of the marshmallows and armed with a skewer — point pointed down, of course.

Katrin laughs pleasantly at Rosanna. Not with. At. "Of course not, Lady Rosanna. I /wish/ I knew the identity of the mystery knight who rode so gallantly but he never revealed himself. It does make it far more difficult when they do not offer a name before they ride off into the sunset." She sighs dramatically.

"I swore I'd never say another word about that tournament," Anais grins to Saffron. "Although I didn't promise anything about how he spent the next week and a half in bed whinging about his broken toe." She's still working on eating that marshmallow, and even after it's gone, there's a good deal of fluff left on her fingers. Which she cheerfully sets to trying to scrape off with her teeth.

"I'm really surprised Ser Thorny didn't do better, considering," says Rowenna, pursing her lips. "I've rarely seen so fine a seat in the charge and such finesse with the lance. Whoever he is, he's damn good — there's just been some strange luck in some of these tilts." She picks the marshmallow off her skewer, popping it into her mouth. Her fingers follow. They're sticky. "I think Ravens might've been someone's squire. Or page. Poor blighter."

"My lady should turn her thoughts to more practical things then. You already had one knight riding with your favor, afterall, Lady Katrin," Roslyn says with a soft suggestion to her tone, almost motherly in that careful wording. She is distracted by that suggestion of Lucienne's, her gaze tracing after the attendant before she leans to take one herself to try. "Of course, my lady."

"Well, the Hawk had a lovely placed blow on the Thorn Knight… I would almost swear his lance was held straight by the Warrior's own hand," Saffron comments. "I would say that even my Lord father would have to compliment the Reach knight for that." She shakes her head a bit as she goes to roast her own marshmallow, carefully placing it over the flames. "The jousts are all well and good, but I'm still keen to see how the melee will unfold." She glances toward Rosanna. "Is your brother planning to compete in the melee, Lady Rosanna?"

Nice job, Saffron and the maid. Tia looks over and chuckles softly. She takes the skewer in hand, and the melty fluffy white sugar, taking her time putting the small square on the pointy end of the skewer, and watching the others, before she puts her marshmallow near the fire. "And the archery was quite fun, I thought."

Rosanna smiles a touch icily at Katrin, perhaps accurately identifying the quality of the other lady's life. "Of course," she says with succinct politeness. It's only then that she looks down to notice her marshmallow having gotten too far into the fire. "Oh, I don't think—" she starts to answer Saffron, then, "Oh," with a more distinct startle and panic upon seeing her marshmallow aflame. She jerks it back, which only has the effect of sending a flaming piece of it flying. Towards Katrin's hair. Look, somebody had to. Rosanna at least has the graciousness to look honestly horrified.

"Oh I quite agree," Nedra chimes in with a nod, "though over far faster than anticipated. I'm surprised that there wasn't a series of qualifying rounds to have the final contestants square off over," she remarks after finishing the last of the roasted marshmallow and cleaning off the side of the skewer with the edge of her fingernail.

One moment, Katrin is laughing merrily with everyone else and giving an innocent smile to Roslyn. The next moment, there is a burst of flame flying right at her head. The sticky glob moves too quickly for the eye to register and warn the brain to move out of the way. Splat. It clings to her cheek, the flames burning their way into her delicate flesh and expanding out toward her long brown hair. The pain sears through her mind and she screams.

Nedra leaps to her feet, so many years of knowing that open flame - of ANY kind - is the most dangerous thing of all on a ship at sea had long taught Nedra what to do in the event of fire. Smothering it with sand from a bucket would have been to easy, of course. But she snatches a cup of tea from the tray of the nearest serving girl and takes the small steps between where she is seated and Katrin and quickly douses the flames with the cup of tea - nothing flammable in the tea.

"Oh, gods," Roslyn exlaims as well, her breath stopping as she catches sight of that flying marshmallow landing on Katrin's face. She takes a second, and then she throws her cup of watered wine into the other lady's face, attempting to put it out with a drink that is too watered to catch fire.

And there goes a flaming ball of death, flying in a beautiful arc toward Katrin. Saffron can only watch, her mouth agaped in what is a dramatic jaw-dropping gasp. Her pale eyes are so wide, someone could maybe see the glow of the great ball of fire reflected in her eyes. And then the scream comes. "Katrin!" She cries out as she suddenly jumps forward, her cup abandoned and marshmarllow left to char and bubble in the fire. "JILLY! Water!" And the mouse girl is already moving quickly to fetch the hidden buckets that Saffron was keen enough to have that on hand.

Anais jumps when Katrin screams, managing to save her drink before she realizes what's happening. As others jump to Katrin, she takes a few steps around the fire to try to calmly take the skewer from Rosanna before she can set anything else on fire. "Excuse me," she says with a faint, strained smile, promptly dunking it into a teapot should she manage to retrieve it.

"Oh gods oh gods oh gods," Rosanna screeches, dropping the skewer with the remaining marshmallow to cover her mouth in horror. Or she would have dropped it, if Anais didn't have such a nice Reaction roll. "Katrin oh gods I am so sorry—"

Rowenna hisses sympathetically, way more at ease with screaming chaos and flying flame than she probably should be. Besides, her cup is empty now. She's quite teh mellow. "Smith shit a brick, that's unfortunate," she observes, grimacing. She looks around for the maid with the flagon of booze. Moar, plz.

Tia jumps with all the action, but it's not her day and she's not close enough to be able to help out, so she watches. Though she does note the location of at least one of the water buckets. Even if it's empty now. Her marshamallow is only half cooked, and so it doesn't go flying at all, even with the jump she gave. "Oh, gods," she breathes softly, as her eyes widen with surprise.

"Rowenna," Roslyn snaps in a fit of upset at her sister, feelings rather strung tightly at the moment.

Splash. Splash. Splash. Katrin gets hit in the face with multiple liquids that help put the flame out, but it's too late for certain things. The gob of charred marshmallow wobbles for a second before dropping from her face and into her lap. The young Haigh girl just weeps softly from the pain, hands covering her face. It's a good thing she's distracted by more pressing matters besides shoving Rosanna's face in a fire.

"Hara!" Saffron says in a calm, yet snapping tone. "A maester, a septa, whatever you can find. Now, and fast." The prettily plain woman is off at an impressing loping that proves she is definitely not a maid by trade. No notice is currently given to Rowenna nor Roslyn as she snatches the bucket from Jilly, and she snatches at a cloth napkin. She immediately soaks the napkin in the cool water, and immediately tries to place it on Katrin's cheek. "Kat… Kat… move your hand."

Nedra makes a sound of protest, "No!" she says firmly, reaching for Katrin's hands. "Please Lady Katrin, let Lady Saffron help," she says, hoping that Katrin will let her hold her hands while Saffron offers the cold water soaked napkin to Katrin's cheek. "Lady Saffron, please send for a healer," she murmurs, keeping her voice low and very carefully calm.

Lucienne just sits there, Rosanna on one side, Roslyn on the other, her eyes wide and unblinking as she stares at Katrin. Oh, dear.

"Katrin, are you ok? It will be ok," Roslyn assures her quickly, concern marking her expression as she watches Saffron attempt to tend to her. "We'll have someone see to it. It surely will not scar." Because that is just what you say, even if it isn't true.

"My lady," Senna murmurs, appearing from the shadows at Roslyn's elbow. "If I may?" She carries a small satchel, as ever, and is already starting to pull a few things out of it.

Rosanna probably shouldn't be the one crying, but she is totally tearing up in shame and horror as she watches poor burnt, soaked Katrin.

Roslyn also nods quickly to Senna, adding a quiet, "Please."

Saffron moves out of the way in some haste as someone who knows what she is doing steps up to help. Saffron takes a seat beside Katrin however, and she looks to Rowenna before making a slight gesture that may suggest she could totally use her drink, or a refill, or just a cup of water. Lets let the Lady Knight decide.

Taking a deep breath, Lucienne puts a hand to Rosanna's shoulder to try and comfort the other lady. There's not really much she can say, so instead she simply offers, "Perhaps we should go get you another glass of wine, my lady?"

It takes a moment for someone to pry Katrin's fingers away from her face and reveal the burnt flesh that is already puckering and doing other nasty things. Mostly an oblong shape, it has imprinted itself deep into her flesh from beneath her right eye and looping back toward her ear, following the curve of her cheekbone. "It's hideous, isn't it?" she asks in a shaky voice. To say nothing of her hair which is definitely shorter on one side now. "I'm /hideous/."

Letting the Lady Knight decide whether you're drinking, Saff, is kind of like letting King Robert decide if your'e showing enough boob. Rowenna takes Saffron's cup with her own and goes to get refills of booze. It's a stressful night, all of the sudden. They could both use it.

A few swift steps see Senna at Katrin's side, crouching next to the lady. "My lady," she murmurs gently, setting her satchel down on a cushion. "I know it hurts, but if you'll let me take a look, I can work on easing that. And it isn't hideous." Yet. She looks about the tent, one dark brow arching slightly, before setting a hand to Katrin's elbow. "Perhaps this might be best done off to the side a bit, my lady," she suggests.

Roslyn's gaze slides towards Saffron and Rowenna as they pour from that bottle, but catching her breath, she only looks to Lucienne and Rosanna instead to add, "I think, if you would please, I shall have some wine now myself."

Nedra doesn't answer that question, seeing as how it's not something she can really answer, but Nedra takes a firm hold of Katrin's hands and keeps them firmly in hers, giving Katrin some anchor to hold to. "Lets the healer work," she murmurs to Katrin and nods at Senna. "I only know about herbs, teas and the like, small things that are useful in any household, but I'd be happy to help if you'll allow."

Tia takes a breath, but is mostly just staying out of the way. Definitely letting those who are more skilled in this sort of thing deal with it. She watches though, curious to see what happens, and also, in case she might learn some smidgeon of something.
As she's never plans on showing King Robert boob, she may not get that reference! Saffron frowns a bit at the maid, but she nods her head. "Do whatever you need to be done, Mistress." And Roslyn should know she's totally innocent, just trying to be a good hostess! It says so in the Mistress Marta Stewhart book!

"Of course you aren't," Rosanna calls over to Katrin tearfully. "You're beautiful, Lady Katrin. I'm sure you'll be just perfect." She finds herself a bit too distracted to accept the offer of wine from Lucienne.

Even as she grasps at Nedra's hands, Katrin continues to weep, the tears sliding down her cheeks and dripping through the burn which does not help anything at all. "Ser Martyn will never look at me again," she laments. "It's all over. I will never marry now. I WILL END UP AN OLD MAID." And then she breaks down weeping even harder. Yep, just pile on that guilt for Rosanna.

"It is not the worst thing to happen," Roslyn replies to that last statement of Katrin's, a tightness to her lips for all that she likely will not hold a grudge against the EMOTIONAL and UPSET burn victim. "If he truly favors you, my lady, a small burn shall not matter."

"There's not a great deal to be done, my lady," Senna smiles faintly to Nedra, in what's likely meant to be a reassuring look. "But you're welcome to help." It's not exactly an open, infected gut wound, after all. Those are way more fun. "Is there plain water anywhere?" she asks, looking to the other maids. "My lady, we'll just get this cleaned, and then I can numb it for you. And I've a few creams which should help it fade nicely. Your knight will hardly we able to see it in a few months."

Rowenna returns, handing a full cup to Saffron, her expression creased with worry for Katrin. "Sweeting, believe me, if I'm married with all my scars, one little mark on your cheek isn't going to impede your chances. And a scar from a burn like that will fade, in time. I promise." She nods at Senna's reassurances. "What she said."

"No, no," Saffron says with a gentle tone, trying to comfort the Haigh despite also staying out of Senna's way. "Ser Martyn is an honorable and just man, and if he is fond of you, he is fond of all of you." Its little mousy Jilly who taps Senna on the shoulder, noiselessly gesturing to the bucket of water she has brought over.
Up she hops, making haste over toward the wine. Lucienne fills two cups almost to the brim, and balances them carefully so as not to spill any on her dress as she returns to offer them quietly: one to Roslyn, the other to Rosanna. Saffron also takes the cup with much thanks, and if Rowenna excepts her to sip, she's takes such a gulping mouthful, its like she's drinking watered wine. Apparently, being the third girl of five means nothing when it comes to the sheer will to drink.

Nedra gives Senna a ghost of a smile in return before turning back to Katrin, understanding her fear for what it is. "A salve that includes honey and lanolin would be good to apply once the burn is cleaned," Nedra suggests thoughtfully. "The honey would help blend the ingredients together and the lanolin would soothe the skin. In fact, as a burn ointment it would be soothing to apply until it heals entirely," she ventures.

Katrin just whimpers pitifully, her eyes closed but she nods. "Ladies are supposed to be beautiful and unblemished," she whispers. "You at least have an excuse for your scars, Rowenna. You earned each and every one. I got mine from a flaming piece of sugar being flung across the room." A pause. "Accidentally." Of course accidentally.

"Thank you," Senna smiles to Jilly, though she does check the water first. Just in case it's saltwater. "Now, if you'll just look up, my lady," she says gently to Katrin, cupping a clean cloth against the lady's cheek. "No ointments or creams for the first few days," she cautions as she waits for Katrin to comply, glancing to Nedra. "They hold in the heat and can make a burn worse. It needs to breathe, and then once the skin is coming back we can use something to minimize scarring."

"I'm sure you won't get a scar from that," Rosanna insists to Katrin. "And you see?" she piles on Senna's words. "It will be gone soon! You will be just as beautiful as before!" She finally takes the cup that Lucienne offers her and gulps from it.

Anais has absolutely nothing to contribute to this scenario aside from a lack of panic. And so, she sits near Saffron and Rowenna, leaving the marshmallow doused in the teapot and sneaking a cup of the squid piss. While everyone's distracted.

Roslyn accepts the cup from Lucienne with a grateful smile, a warm murmur of thanks before she sips carefully from it.

Its probably no surprise to anyone that Saffron has nearly drained her second cup of squid piss. She is holding her next swallow in her cheeks, finding out if this golden piss can really numb her soft interior skin. She glances over toward Anais, and once she swallows, she retorts calmly, "Did I tell you that you look lovely tonight, cous-sh?" Ooh, there's the first slur. Luckily she is talking rather softly.

Tia has nothing really to contribute, other than her lack of panic. She does have a half cooked marshmallow, and rather than put it near the fire again, she simply decides to eat it as it is. So she reaches to take the sugary thing off the skewer, and investigates the thing curiously. Though at the same time, she does pay attention in case there is something she can do that will help.

"I assure you, being in the cutting arc of a sword is ever an accident. Certainly no one fails to defend on purpose," Rowenna says, speaking more to distract Katrin than anything. She kneels beside the young lady and places a hand on her arm. "All scars fade, Katrin. I promise."

Anais' smile flickers at Saffron's compliment. "And you throw a lovely party, Saffron," she reassures her cousin, though there's a hint of laughter beneath the words. "I suppose we could have given them the safety lecture we got before we were allowed to use them the first time. I seem to recall there being a good deal of threats and cursing in it, though."

Katrin complies with Senna's wishes, tilting this way and that as ordered, even as she sniffles a little bit more. A few tears still leak from her eyes but they are no longer falling so quickly. "M-might I have a glass of wine?" she asks of /someone/. Anyone really. For the love of god, someone bring her alcohol. "Thank you for your kind words, Rowenna."

Oh. Wait. Tia actually does look over, and then she adds to the discussion. "Lady Rowenna is right, they do fade. Though it takes a while." She pauses there, and then thinks better of it, so that she doesn't answer how she knows.

Rowenna gives her cup to Katrin. It's certainly not wine, but — "Sip this very gingerly. I expect you won't really like the taste, but think of it as medicinal."

Roslyn sips her own wine slowly, but steadily. She remains quiet, but for a sympathetic look drawing towards Rosanna.

"Beautiful, umblemished, devoid of original thought, empty of all ambition save to be the perfect wife, the smiling trophy on the arm of the man to whom we are wed or the man from whom we are descended," Nedra says softly to Katrin. "Yet, a lady is expected to remember the name of every guest - at first glimpse - and know who they're related to, which houses they are families with, and every possible useful foible that may be applied as a leverage point. Devoid of original thought, save for having to come up with a way to feed twice as many guests as were expected and make the fare seem bountiful and obviously arranged without so much as a backward glance. To smile at all times, never to have any expression that isn't pleasing, save for when it's to show displeasure at something that all would simply agree with. Yet," she squeezes Katrin's hands gently, "we are the only ones who can bear children. All those fancy knights would pale and surely faint at the first touch of labor pain, just ask any woman of your acquaintance who has been brought to labor to bring forth a child. Yes," she adds, "it may scar. But you already have a kind and wise healer at your side, and all of your friends will certainly stand the ready to tell any who should ask how brave you are being. And Katrin, any man who is deterred by a blemish isn't the sort of man worth of your hand anyway," she suggests in a firm tone of voice.

"Lets hope all remember that come morning," Saffron says to her cousin before she offers her a tight smile. She takes another glorious swallow of squid piss, and then the second cup is gone. She glances over toward Nedra with a gentle smile of thanks for the girl. She sways on her seat on the bench beside her cousin, and ends up leaning against Anais's shoulder delicately. "I hadn't thought it terribly necessh-ary. I thought they always sh-aid that for the boys."

Despite her general upset, Rosanna quite openly boggles at Nedra. And then, refocusing her attention, she insists, "She won't have a blemish. It will be perfectly fine once it heals." JUST A MARSHMALLOW COME ON.

Senna has a steady hand with the water, and a practiced hand with bracing Katrin against the jerking that's likely to come when the cool water touches the burned skin. Once she's sure the wound is clean, she sets the cloth aside to pull out a small tin from her satchel. "This," she notes, "Is Breath of Winter. It will feel a bit cold on the skin and start to tingle, and then the area around it should be numb." Gently, she taps the tip of her ring finger into the cream, then starts to dab it around the perimeter of the burn.

Oooo, alcohol. Katrin takes the cup and seems ready to take a drink when Senna applies the water. She hisses in pain but does her best to avoid jerking away too much. She starts sipping at the newly acquired drink, coughing the first taste down before her eyes brighten. Yeah, Rowenna is not getting her cup back.

Rowenna sits back as she sees Katrin take to booze like a duck to water. Another innocent corrupted — huzzah! She looks over her shoulder at Saffron, slurring and leaning on Anais, and reaches to relieve the hostess of her booze. Flagged.

Offloading both her cups, Lucienne ducks back quickly to the tent to retrieve one for herself. "I'm sure it won't leave a permanent scar," she agrees loudly to the bowl of mulled wine as she ladles some into a cup.

Luckily her cup is empty, so nhhhaaaay! Saffron does look a bit reproachful as Rowenna takes her cup away from her. It is apparently that one of the maids is to Rowenna's rescue as she had been coming over to refill the Lady's glass and instead refills Rowenna's newly claimed cup.

Anais quirks a brief smile when Rowenna relieves Saffron of her booze, taking another swallow herself. Either she hides it better, or she isn't drunk yet. "It's all going to be fine," she murmurs reassuringly. "Remember the time when Torsten released all those rats into Magnola's tea party? That was much…worse." Also more amusing, but this isn't the time or place for that observation.

Senna makes quick work of the numbing cream, tucking the tin away when she's finished. "My lady, would you mind if I escorted Lady Haigh back to her tent?" she asks of Roslyn. "I'd like to make sure everything's set up for her to continue in the morning."

"Of course, Senna. Whatever you must do for the lady," Roslyn allows quietly, tipping her chin in a polite gesture. "Good night, Lady Katrin. I hope you recover
"Katrin, please… I will come see you tomorrow," Saffron manages without slurring once! She smiles fondly to the girl as she is guided off with the maid. She looks about at the rest from her seat. "If it pleases all, I think it will do all sh-ome good to close up for the resht of the night."

Rowenna gives Katrin's arm a parting pat. "You'll be all right, sweeting. Nothing to worry about. You just drink up and sleep well." A cup of squid piss should knock her right out and keep any discomfort from waking her.

"Thank you all," Katrin says to everyone, even lifting her cup of squid piss in a toast to the lovely ladies in the tent. That drink must be settling her in faster than anticipated. Better walk fast, Senna.

"I'm so sorry, Lady Katrin," Rosanna calls after her. SHAMEFULLY.

Tia can't argue the point, alas. She looks over at Saffron, and then she inclines her head. "As you wish, Saffron," she replies. "Perhaps we might try again another time?" she suggests. "I think this was a lovely idea. Thank you very much for being such a gracious hostess." She's not so drunk as to slur her words, but she is a touch tipsy.

Nedra rises when Katrin does and steps out of the way once Senna prepares to lead Katrin from the party, nodding to Saffron as she suggests that this is a good time to end the tea party.

Already, the attendants are doing their part to begin to clean up after the party. They swoop around with a strange organizational sense — except for Jilly who kind of darts everywhere with that wee mouse quality. Saffron remains intelligently seated as the world as sort of gone all sideways. She looks over to Rosanna, but its Tiaryn who draws her attention next. "Of course, Tia… thank you… for coming." She has managed to breathe through a possible hiccup.

Senna is a quick walker. And one who knows how to keep a patient ambulatory. Time to see to the injured!

"It was not your fault, Lady Rosanna. Accidents happen," Roslyn assures her quietly once Katrin has made her exit, leaning past Lucienne once again to try to capture Rosanna's hand in another warm, friendly squeeze.

Lucienne leans back gently for Roslyn to reach Rosanna. "Not at all," agrees the Terrick girl, hanging a sympathetic glance on Rosanna. "I'm sure it wil heal just fine," she assures. Then she draws a long gulp of wine from her cup.

"She'll be fine," Rowenna assures everyone in general. "It's a small mark and she's a lovely girl. Even is if persists — egad, if my brother's courting her, she'd have to grow a beard to put him off."

Rosanna offers a hesitant, martyr-esque smile to the ladies reassuring her of her innocence. "It will," she agrees with Lucienne in regards to Katrin's future of healing. "She was just shocked and upset. I'm sure it is not so terrible to leave a scar." SHE IS SO INNOCENT.

Anais almost chokes on her drink at Rowenna's latest reassurance, falling into a bit of a coughing fit. "Let's not-" She coughs again, hoarse with the effort of not laughing. "Let's not wish that on the lady, shall we?" And she's so not being clear about what they shouldn't wish on Katrin.

"Martyn is courting her," Saffron says with the bluntness of squid piss. "Rafferdy has just gone about trying to stick his wick in the pot first." There is quite a bit of delay before her brain casually notes that her mouth has disengaged from its filter and that perhaps is now a good time to stop talking.

"Lady Saffron," Roslyn replies quietly, a hint of reproach to the words. She is sitting right here, plx don't talk about her family like that.
Rosanna chokes into her wine.

Nedra tries, hard, to resist laughing as this bit of news is tossed suddenly into the public pool to be poured over by all. Saffron's announcement is really quite blunt and Nedra makes herself busy by getting a fresh cup of tea - this one makes sure to tip from, just so she can honestly say she did drink tea at the tea party.

Rowenna grimaces and coughs. And drinks. "Yeeeeeeeah, y'see — my painfully earnest brother doesn't do dick whipping — wait, wick dipping — with proper ladies. If he's trying to — uh — whatever, he's got honorable intentions." She raises her eyebrows. "Does Raff know?"

Saffron blushes as bright as the red of her hair at the tone of Roslyn's voice, and she immediately looks over to her. "I am so sorry… that came out without thought." She clears her throat. "I think… I'm going to perhaps… go stand over there." Gods, when is the curtain call? Please, lets exit… stage right.

Lucienne shoots a rather shocked look at Saffron for her assertion, and lowers her cup. "If my ladies would excuse me - I think this wine has gone to my head."

"Okay!" Anais declares as Saffron's filter disengages. "It's been a lovely evening, but I think it's getting late. And all this excitement. If we're going to enjoy anything tomorrow, we should all get some sleep. Let's all start heading home, shall we?" she smiles as sunnily as she can. And as Saffron moves to the corner, she stands up to start chasing people out. "Ladies, this has been lovely, and I do hope you all enjoyed yourselves. Does anyone need an additional escort back to their camp?"

Nedra carries her cup of tea back to where she'd been seated earlier and wonders, "IF Lord Rafferdy doesn't know, and Martyn thinks he does or presumes that he does, it would rather explain some of the fun facets that observing Martyn and Lady Katrin and Lord Rafferdy have provided. Even more," Nedra suggests, "if Lord Rafferdy DOES know. The other question is… does Lady Katrin know that Martyn isn't just taking a lark?"

A forgiving smile touches at Roslyn's lips as she meets Saffron's look, but she does not attempt to prolong the conversation where it seems to be dying. "Lady Rosanna, perhaps you may escort me? I seem to be missing my lady's maid, and it would be improper to walk back alone," she questions instead, where Anais makes the call to end the evening. Surely she's just asking Rosanna because they are friends.

Rosanna sets down her cup, takes Roslyn's arm, and — gtfos.

Rowenna snrrks as Anais takes the gathering by the horns and steers it to a close, all smiles. She pushes herself to her feet and leans over to kiss the Terrick-nee-Banefort's cheek. "G'night, Annie." She smiles at Saffron. "Thank you for making me so welcome, Lady Saffron. Drink lots of water before you go to sleep."

Lucienne, her handmaid, and her excessive number of guards make a hasty exit, too. Night.

"Good night, Row," Anais smiles gratefully to Rowenna, returning the kiss. "Give my regards to Jarod, would you? And congratulations on his win." And then she's nudging people out and keeping an eye on Saffron.

"Perhaps we will talk again soon, Rowenna," Saffron smiles over to her, but she has resigned herself to helping tidy up. Yes. Safer.