Page 330: The Songbird Without A Tune
The Songbird Without A Tune
Summary: Alys goes to visit her personal guard that is locked in the Tordane Tower Dungeons. She finds out quickly that spirits and moral are dangerously low; and the usually jovial Songbird Knight has not but a hum to share.
Date: 14/06/2012
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Alys Jac 
Dungeon — Tordane Tower
It is the dungeon and it has 2 dozen or so Charlton men at arms that have been less a privy for over a sevenday. Let's just say, besides being dark and lit by torches on the walls, it stinks, bad.
Thu Jun 14, 289

When one makes way into the dungeons at present, the overwhelming smell of urine, feces, body sweat and dirt hits like a breeze on a muggy summer day. Hard. The curved stairs end at a dirt floor and the torches that line the walls do not do much to brighten up the place. Over two dozen Charlton men at arms sit idle down here, and spirits are low after over a sevenday. With visitors few and far between, trickling in from the tower anyone that is not in Nayland of Stonebridge livery or it's counter part is a welcome sight.

And landing at the bottom of the stairs in a gown of bright mistletoe red is Alys Charlton. Her wild blazing curls are hung loose landing just below her waist. She nods to the guards at the bottom of the stairs and goes to where she last saw Jac, taking the chair with her this time she calls out his name. "Ser Jac? Tell me you are well Ser Jac."

What was once just a shadow of dark scruff now stands out from his chin and cheek as a beard. It is as if he has not moved from that spot on the floor against the bars. He does not look thin nor pale as of yet, though the second skin of dirt and dust has begun to crack and peel like old paint. He rests his head against the wall with his eyes closed. He is humming today rather than singing, though the song feels heavy on his lips regardless. At the sound of his name, he turns his head a bit toward where he would see her approach. He offered the young Charlton girl a small smile, teeth still white between darkened lips. "I am well," he half-lies to the little dove. "Tell me you are well, little bird."

Pulling the chair to sit as close to the bars as she can without knocking her knees Alys sits and offers a hand to her friend and protector. "Ser Jac, you do not sound well." She says in regard to his half idled hum. A look of concern spreads across her face as he gives her not but a weak smile. "I am well, Ser." She says truthfully. "I had asked the Lord Regent about your release to myself. He told me he would consider it. He makes no promises, never has." She says lowly. "I do not like seeing you this way, Alys sniffs back to stop her nose from running.

Jac rumbles with low laughter, and he hoists himself up a little taller against the wall. "It would be poor form for a Lord Regent to make promises… what if he can't keep them? It would not serve his credibility. I don't fault the man for that." He scratches at his extensive growth of beard, though stops as Alys sniffs, and he shakes his head. "Not a tear, little bird. I don't want to see even a shimmer. It will do not a lick of good." He reaches out through the bars to gently pat her hand — and to hell with it if he leaves some dirt behind. "I always told my daughter that the worse thing the Maiden ever did was cry… it makes the Warrior's heart go weak."

"I suppose you are right." Alys sighs, "It is one thing to lose credibility, ser, it is quite another to do a favor for a friend. It is of no danger to me, to that I promise I mean to ask him again." she smiles a little when he pats her hand. "I try not to, Ser Jac. And to all who lay eyes upon me I am as strong as a statue, and as warm as stone in the mid day sun. I apologize, you are right, it does not do well to make the Warrior sorrowful. I shall take the focus of the Mother and be compassionate and strong." Alys swallows back her sadness and takes her eyes off their current vigil of her hands and looks up to the dirty knight. "It should not be longer, ser, the Lord Regent intends on attending the tourney at Seaguard. It is my hope that when he returns he will have some answers for us. Lest we are freed sooner."

"Good," Jac says in a fond voice to the girl before he returns to his lean against the stone. He breathes out a little sigh, shaking his head a bit. "Have we heard more about how long we will stay, what they intend to do? I have heard some talk of Lord Keegan." He looks over to her without much moving his head. He frowns a bit. "I promised myself I would not ask, but we are all growing weary here in the dark… I need to tell the others something."

Alys spreads her arms out to the side and they just drop, she visibly deflates. "Not a word, though Lord Riordan had said he wanted this resolved soon. Whether soon meant tomorrow, or a week from tomorrow, I do not know. I have yet to talk to my cousin, Ser Aleister. I suspect he might know more of what is going on." She looks around her at all the weary faces. "Soon enough sers, I try everyday, and everyday I pray to the Crone that tomorrow will be the day I finally get some answers. To the Maiden so that she may brighten your sorrows, and the Mother to hold you and keep you. My apologies, I wish I had more than I do. Meets with Lord Riordan are few and far between, and his household knows not." Alys sighs heavily her brow furrowed she puts her hand to her forehead and rubs it as if she has a headache.

Jac closes his eyes as if exhausted as he listens to her words. Note of her prayers draws his lips up with a gentle quirk, and he opens one eye toward her. "And I pray to the Warrior that he keep you safe, Milady." He cannot help the widening of the grin. "And the Smith break these iron bars, shake the earth, bring down the walls. But I sense the Naylands would not appreciate that prayer." He opens his eyes long enough to give a wink. Then he settles back against the wall. "Perhaps, little bird, you can ask your cousin to check in on us," he suggests in a small whisper. "It would do the men good to see that their Lord is well. We know that Lady Cherise and little Lord Aerick are safe, and you as well… but…"

A little chuckle escapes her lips, hard to imagine as this place is more than dreary. Her clear blue eyes smile back at Jac. "No, I suspect not. Besides such prayers while we are all still in it is ill form, no?" She reaches in and pats the mans hand, not caring about the dirt. "I am not sure if he has been released to wander about on his own accord yet. Guarded or no. I think he is still confined, though they are allowing him visitors, how often and for how long, I could not speculate." The woman with no real answers is Alys and this clearly saddens her most of all. "I will still ask when I see him. Though I suspect he is doing well, Lady Cherise went to see him the other day, and the little lad."

Jac has to smile to the girl — all wide and white. He shakes his head then, leaning back with a slight crookedness. "This is some right crap we've gotten ourselves into, Lady Alys." He points out idly as he breathes out a small sigh. "Have you written along to the Hollyholt, let your father know you are alright?" There is a caring concern in his voice.

"You are not saying anything I have not thought myself, Ser Jac." Alys chuckles a little and then shakes her head, sending wild curls about. "No, ser. Every time I write a letter, lord Riordan wants me to fix some part or another about it. At last I told him to just burn it, that I will not be sending a missive after all." Alys shrugs, "He wishes me to say guest instead of hostage, I refuse." she smiles. "All this serves to do is make my Lord-Father worry. This, is not at all my fault."

"He does not wish to be cast in bad light," Jac points out with a snort. "Too late for that, I damn well say." The dank has started to wear on the poor knight and he forgets his manners as he grouches. "I would have you tell the truth to your Lord father… you should not be held against your will, you did nothing wrong." Did any of them, really? Guilty by association. He turns toward her with a slight tilt of his chin. "Is there no one you could trust to send a missive?"

Alys nods with his words, "Indeed, I was his friend prior to all of this… this… secrecy. I agreed that I would remain confined, that I did for my safety. For if I left these walls on my own free will with intent to go elsewhere, I would have revoked my guestright." Alys sighs and nods. "I know this, but for the sake of you all, I will remain. There is no one I trust that can leave no, honestly yourself, Lady Cherise, the babe and Lord Alric should all be released immediately, you four had no part in Ser Aleister's overrunning of the Inn. I tried explaining to Lord Riordan that you were not supposed to be there, that I had sent you to fetch some of my things. He either did not believe me or he is truly considering it, but he believes he has done, no wrong. That his cousin Ser Ryger is master at law and he trusts his word and knowledge. A foolish thing to do really."

Jac sighs, scrubbing his hands through his hair as he lets his mind try to focus. He glances over toward Alys with a small frown on his lips. "Will you do me a favor, little bird? Will you ask that the Lord Regent if he would please come to see those of us here in the dungeons? Will you ask him if he will spare some of his time to speak to those he holds captive? I would like to speak my own mind." And then he offers the girl a small smile. "I promise to even keep my words kind."

"Of course I will, Ser Jac." Alys amends, "But you all must promise to behave. Represent Charlton, be calm like the rivers, do not jeer or jape do not sneer nor frown. Do not be overly jovial, nor likewise overly sorrowful. Be as kind as the Seven will allow you to be. Remember, you are knights, hold true to your vows and be good and godly. Promise me this, and I will ask him to visit when next I speak to him." She looks to Jac to answer for the collective. "Is that a fair enough request? I just do not wish him to feel like he has won by breaking any of you."

"Little bird, you wound me," Jac says with a warmth of a smile on his lips. "I am the perfect gentleman, and will always be so — especially if you ask it of me." He bows his head gently and honorably to the lady. There is even a gruff agreement from the cages around the Songbird knight. "I will be the shining representation of the Charlton House. This I swear."

"I hold no doubt of your chivalry, Ser Jac." Alys smiles, "Or your diplomacy. I trust that you will treat him the way a Charlton treats their host." and then a grin rises up. "All of us shall we." She chuckles then looks to the door. "Ser Jac, I must away. For now, I will go see if I can rouse Ser Aleister to a meet. Wish me the best of luck dear ser." Alys grabs his hands, "May the Seven keep you and guide you to warmth and happiness even in your most darkest of times." With the prayer done she releases his hands and steps back to send curtsies to both sides of the dungeon. "Oh, Ser Jac?" She asks pausing for a moment.

Jac squeezes those petite, pale hands and he offers her a genuine smile. "I will not dishonor my sworn House," he promises quietly before he settles back against the wall. He looks as if he is meant sleep, or perhaps rest once more. But then her soft little voice draws his head around, one eye opening once more to gaze at her. "Yes, little bird?"

"I should say you do not sing loud enough, the winds still howl and keep me up at night. It makes me saddened to hear it, as if a dark shade wails for its long lost lover. I wonder, are you singing your loudest?" She twitches her head to where the guards stand and smirk. "Pray if you are not, sing louder my dear songbird." Alys dips her head respectfully after he replies and heads to the stairs. She curtsies to the knights that guard the exit. "Good eve' sers." She smiles as she walks away, the two guards that followed her because she went out side are not far behind.