Page 291: The Scene in the Square
The Scene in the Square
Summary: Roslyn and Benedict shop, Tiaryn gets escorted back to town.
Date: 6/May/2012
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Town Square
The surrounding terrain has several small gullies and streams that feed into the waterfront area just adjacent to the town square, the sails of the boats visible over the tops of the buildings. The square is floored in the same heavy stone that the east docks and castle are constructed of while the buildings are a mix of the stone, wood, and mortar. There are quite a few fish vendors with their fragrant catches for sale among groups of tables which tend to be busy most of the time.
Sun May 06, 289

In the thriving marketplace that makes up most of the business of Stonebridge, Lady Roslyn is currently perusing a vendor's goods of finely carved figures of wood, the wolf within her fingers given care as she twists it examiningly. Her gown, for once, holds to her house colors almost in an emerald bright green, that brings out the touch of green in hazel eyes. A Tordane man stands not far off, bearing the Harpy in his own crest. The merchant is speaking on the wood, prideful as if he grew it himself. "It's a right hard wood, it is. From the finest grove of trees 'round near Tall Oaks. Could drop that and it wouldn't break a single limb off, I tells ya," he says. Roslyn only smiles politely at the man, assuring him, "I shall take your word, and not drop your wares."

Benedict, being a warrior type and all around manly-man, finds himself in the marketplace to peruse heftier wares than wood figurines. But, it just so happens that the leatherworker's stall, where the most highly recommended jerkins are made, happens to be beside it. "I swear, the lad grows faster than a weed does," the hedge knight murmurs as he looks over the available wares. "Can't go but a year before he's too big for his clothes again."

Murmuring brings the knight to the lady's attention, as close as the stalls are set together in the limited space of the market. That smile returns, offered to Benedict even as she questions with light interest, "Your son, ser?" Roslyn sets the wolf down softly, her fingers drawing to rest against her skirts instead as she glances towards her guard and then takes a few steps closer to the leatherworker's. Perhaps there will be an appropriate gift there.

Benedict glances over as Rosalyn speaks, one hand still resting lightly on a jerkin. "My squire," he corrects before he offers the woman and her retinue a deep, respectful bow, "my lady. Good afternoon."

Justin rides slowly on a pale grey horse, nearly white, with darker grey legs, mane and tail. Seated before him in the saddle is Tiaryn, one of the Lady's knees awkardly stiff with a splint and her skirts a bit mussed since it's not exactly a side saddle. Justin is being careful, gentle, so not to jostle her as they slowly head for the inn. Others are with them, including Dania and Daerd with another horse. (let's them pose in for themselves)

In the marketplace is a woodcarver's stall abutting a leatherworker's. It is this stall that the lady and the knight converse at, even as Lady Roslyn Nayland offers the sweep of a graceful if sparse curtsy to the knight as he bows, though humor lightens her eyes as she replies politely, "I hear they grow as quickly as sons. Forgive me, for my assumptions." Her glance draws towards the guard accompanying her, though not with real concern. Surely he is enough of a chaperone for a lady her age to speak with Benedict in public. She turns back to politely reply, "Good afternoon, ser —? I am Lady Roslyn Nayland."

Dania is on foot but she is jogging not far behind. She has a basket and the stocking and boot. Her hair is primly bound up and there is a light sheen of sweat on her brow. She is dressed in a lightweight sage green wool gown and an apron skirt that is a dark rust color. She calls to Justin and Tia. She is a little breathless and her cheeks are flushed.

"I am Ser Benedict Lawson," the hedge knight introduces. "A pleasure, Lady Nayland." His attention drifts to the horse trotting in with a man and a lady with a splint on her leg. And then, as the girl with the basket jogs after, his brows hitch a little higher. "Well, here is a curious puzzle," he muses quietly.

And thus, with a cacophony of noise reminiscent of two people with coconut shells, two horses made their way into town in a walk so as not to jostle one of the riders. The front runner is a beautiful horse, nearly white with darker gray legs. The coloring otherwise impossible to describe in any way that would do it justice - surely the horse of a nobleman. The second one a horse that's a darker color with a white spot on his forehead. On the front runner (and the winner of the race!) we have Loooord Justin Terrick! Behind him on the same horse, a lovely and banged up, Lady Tiaryn Flint! The upside is that everyone seems to be in relatively good spirits and, besides the injury that is, and everything is done to accommodate for Lady Tia.

On the second horse, there is a Ser Daerd Blackarrow and another lady whom might not be a Noble, but is no less as pretty, Dania. She has a basket with her that has a stocking and boot in it. Yes, what an interesting group this will make for the daily rumor mill. And so they come around the last bend, Justin in the least with Daerd just a hair behind but the winner Lord Terrick!

And of course, trailing the group by a small bit, Pariston Vis and Bethy, Lady Tia's guard and maid. Though once they are safely near the inn, Pariston peels off to go find Lord Anders and tell him the situation. Bethy however doggedly comes along, carrying a blanket and a basket of her own.

Tiaryn's hair is dishevelled, and there is a look of restraint on her face as she keeps her emotions in check. Though honestly what she's mostly feeling at the moment is a nagging pain that occasionally stabs. The horse's walking is now accounted for, and she's relaxed somewhat. "I have a feeling dismounting might be even more difficult," she says softly.

Her gaze sliding towards the band that the knight brings to her attention, Lady Roslyn studies them first before thoughtfully murmuring, "A riding accident, do you think? The poor lady." A frown flits at the corners of her lips, sympathy an easy thing in her expression as she watches them for a long moment. "Do you know them, ser? I find myself at a disadvantage, not having been long in Stonebridge myself."

Justin gives a negative indication of his head for Tiaryn's words, "No, it'll be easier." When they reach the inn he stops the grey and demonstrates but putting his own leg over and dismounting first. Then he turns to help Tiaryn to get down, "Put your good leg over and slip off and I'll catch you." Justin makes certain that the foot of her injured knee is free of the stirrup first so it won't hang up, "Are you ready? I can carry you in, or I'll help you to hop on your good leg if you …. think that more appripriate, Lady." Either way she's liable to be embarassed but what can you do? The dark haired Terrick beckons to Tiaryn, the reins laying over his left hand as Justin looks up to her.

"Perhaps," Benedict murmurs for Roslyn's guess, "but if so, there seems to be some too few horses. Whatever befell her, it looks as though the lady's needs are well in hand by her rescuer." There is a small nod towards Justin and Tiaryn.

The horse comes to a halt and the Crane's Crossing Inn, the horse called "Bad Horse or the beast." Dania who is the woman riding behind Daerd dismounts easily. Her steps are light and she moves to head toward the Justin and Tiaryn. She is very tall for a woman but she is wearing a warm smile on her face and her tone is gentle when she talks. "I would rather she were carried, rumors be damned. The choice is hers, but I wanted my thoughts on the matter known."

"They have been well known to run off, after losing a rider, though one would think that her companions would have grabbed her horse, as well," Roslyn replies quietly, the frown lingering for a moment as she glances away to sweep a look over the wares of the leatherworker.

Quietly and unobtrusively, Ser Bruce Longbough exits his house on a street off of the main square and turns the corner, making his way into the town proper. He's wearing clean, simple clothing and it's likely he's not on any duties.

Tiaryn is glad enough that Justin's horse is gentle at the moment. She offers him an embarrassed smile, grateful for the help, but really wishing she didn't need it. Still, she puts her hands on his shoulders, and as he helps, she slips her good leg over the horse and slides off, into his waiting arms, more or less. With a soft oof as she lands, her breath a little sharp for a moment. "Much as I'd rather walk myself, it might be better were you to carry me, at least to the front door. There are chairs there I can sit in. And I'm certain that Vis will send someone to help."

"If so, my lady, then perhaps they'll turn up again," Benedict says as he watches Lady Tiaryn and her help. "The horses."

There seems to be a small commontion before the Inn. Two horses, two men, and two women there. Justin stands by the grey and has dismounted, then turned to hold his hands up to help Lady Tiaryn to dismount. It would seem that there is something wrong with her knee for it has been splinted. Danis has dismounted from the horse shared with Daerd and she is instructing Justin that he should carry Tiaryn within, rather than let her try to walk with aid.

Justin nods to Dania and then he's busy making certain the injured woman gets down from his horse safely, catching her up. "All right." His side stiff, one hand behind Tiaryn's shoulders and the other beneath her skirted knees, Justin turns to walk up the steps. He has dropped the reins to his gelding and the horse lowers his head to wuffle the ground but doesn't walk off, having been trained to stand 'ground tied' when his reins are dropped.

When they reach the doorway, Justin gently sets Tiaryn down, "If you have a room here, you will need help up the stairs?"

"It is your knee Milady." Dania tells Tia as Justin moves to help her. She follows behind them. She looks over her shoulder at Daerd to make sure he is okay as well a glance is also give to the others in the party.

"If they are well-trained, my lord brother tells me," Roslyn agrees with a tip of her chin, letting the conversation fade as she casts another look towards Ser Benedict for a moment. But, then she adds in soft apology, "I am afraid I have things to accomplish, today. I have to find a nameday present for a young lady of my acquaintence, and it is proving challenging."

Daerd gets off his horse then, patting its side gently. He starts to walk after the group of them and as he does, the horse nudges him with his nose in his back. At that, Daerd turns around and gives him a look. "Really? Really Bad Horse? Didn't learn enough from last time?" He steps up close to the horse and then gently rubs his knuckles on the forehead of the horse, "Knuckhead." He shakes his head from side to side and goes to leave again - this is met with a bump to the side of his shoulder. "What, Bad Horse?"

Glancing away from the cluster at the crane, Benedict lifts his brows as he regards the Lady Roslyn. "A nameday present for a young lady?" he repeats. "My lady, your feat is far more challenging than mine. Squires are much easier to shop for. Tell me, what is she like? Your lady with her nameday so close?"

The grey gelding lifts his head and blows out through his nose in a 'blbblblt' kind of remark. You can tell he's the good horse.

Bruce is the type of person to naturally be drawn by any commotion. That, and he's Stonebridge's Captain of the Guard. The short, stout knight picks up his pace until he's within speaking distance. "Ho, Ser Daerd. What's going on?" He continues to approach closer. A dip of his head. "Lady Roslyn, Lady Tiaryn." His sleepy blue eyes squint at Justin, but he recognizes the colours. "M'lord."

Tia inclines her head to Justin. "I do have a room here, and it is upstairs. I'm afraid I will need some assistance but - I am not so sure I want to be up there just yet." She clings to Justin for a moment, and then she grits her teeth and settles into one of the chairs just outside the inn. At least now she can put her skirts down properly. She smiles a thank you to the young Terrick Lord for his help.

Once seated, she gives Dania a nod. "Thank you, Mistress Dorsey. I tend to be in agreement with you, but at the same time, I have herbs to fix and I am somewhat worried that I will end up stuck in that room for far too long once I go up there. Thus I - " She pauses and then turns to incline her head to Bruce. "Ser Longbough. Nice to see you again. Is all well today?" she asks, though obviously she is not.

By this point, Bethy is in sight, and she's hurrying towards the inn, stopping only once she arrives by Tiaryn, Justin, Dania and Daerd. The maid then sets the blanket down, and the basket, pausing to recover her breath.

"Ah.. hm." Daerd responds to Bruce. A bit of a thin smile pulling across his mouth, "About that, Ser Bruce. Bit of an accident, I'll have a report written up for you later about it." Then a bit lower to his Captain, "Still getting used to horses." His smile pulls even thinner at that point, an obvious admission to his lack of knowledge on the things. "Let me just drop him off and then I'll start."

Bad Horse turns its head to the side to look at both Bruce and Daerd. Then he blows out through his nose. To add to the effect, he stands by Daerd, watching them both again. And by add to the effect, I mean to act completely innocent.

"I will get you something so that you can get around. But I honestly would like you to elevate it." Dania looks at her for a moment then she turns to disappear inside of the inn.

"She is—bright. The Lady Rosanna likes dancing and King's Landing, but I know little else. I had thought, perhaps, something with a rose that would keep for her?" Roslyn muses with a start of a smile, a helpless shrug lifted slightly. "I would welcome any suggestions, ser. Even to my own ears, my gift sounds expected and unsuprising." She tips a nod towards Bruce across the way, still standing at the market before a leatherworker's shop.

Now that the Lady Tiaryn gets herself settled into a chair and smooths out her long skirts, Justin nods, "I'm certain the Inn's staff can assist you, Lady Flint. It is my pleasure to be of assistance." He turns at the sound of Bruce's voice and those greeting the other man. Justin's pale grey eyes look Bruce over, noting the tunic, the red bands, the badges … one of them bearing House Nayland colors. That last part makes his eyes narrow very slightly before he studies the man's face. Yet Bruce greeted him civilly enough. Justin nods to the man, "Ser, Ser Daerd was presant when the Lady Tiaryn was injured and I was not." Looking back to Tia, Justin asks, "Were you riding his horse?"

Bruce motions at Tia's leg with a nod of his head. "For me, aye, but it appears m'lady is not all well. If there's anything we can do." He leaves the rest unsaid, looking instead to his fellow knight. "I don't know why you bother. I barely ever ride Maddock, and he's a good tempered stout little pony. Much like his master." He shrugs. "Alright then, Ser Daerd. And thank you, m'lord." He adds the last bit for Justin. Now it's turn to consider Roslyn. "M'lady. I'd heard that the Lord Regent wanted to have a word with you. Should I tell him you're in the market then when I go up, or would you like me to escort you?"

"Lady Rosanna," Benedict repeats carefully. And then, "Dancing and King's Landing. I…" he studies the leather jerkin a final time before stepping away with a small shake of his head. A later purchase, now. "I think you are right. With a name like 'Rosanna' the young lady will have rose tokens coming out her ears. But… if she's a fondness for dancing and travel… shoes, perhaps? Or an item imported from Dorne or the North or King's Landing itself?"

"Please, tell him that I shall seek him as soon as I return," Lady Roslyn replies, though she quickly thinks better of it with a soft draw of her brows together. She adds to Bruce quietly, "Did my lord brother—Did it seem urgent, ser?" Then, she's turning politely back to Benedict immediately, a grateful smile offered. "Thank you, ser. I do think something of King's Landing, perhaps, if I can find an appropriate item for sale within the market."

Tia is happier once settled. She inclines her head to Justin, her gaze following Dania for a moment, and then she turns to Bruce. "No, I was honestly standing quite still just before I was injured, though I fully blame the horse for the incident nonetheless," she says, a little wryly. "Though I am not certain that the events that happened are believable." She does glance sidelong back at Justin, and then looks to Bethy for a moment. "But both Bethy here and Mistress Dorsey were there to witness," she says. "I was standing, Master Vis was nearby, as he was my guard this day, and Ser Blackarrow was in front of us, as we conversed. Bad Horse however was apparently of a mood to bump into Ser Blackarrow from behind, causing him to lose his balance and come careening forward. Then Master Vis attempted to stop him, and they both ended up careening into me." The short form, there.

Benedict inclines his head to Bruce, finally, as the Captain and Lady Roslyn speak. He considers as she looks back to him. "There is a stall a bit further down that claims to offer such, though I cannot speak for its authenticity. But, to my inexperienced eye, the offerings seem very fine."

Bruce can't but offer a shrug at Roslyn's question, along with a perplexed expression. "I don't know, m'lady. I'd just heard from others that he might have been looking for you. Likely not." He returns Benedict's greeting, eyes narrowing not in malice, but seemingly as he tries to figure out where he knows the man from. "Seagard, aye, Ser?" Impressively, Bruce is able to balance several conversations at once. His sleepy blue eyes now shift oncemore back to the Flint lady. "Oh, I'm sure it won't be an issue, m'lady. I tend to believe people to a fault, when it comes to this. Like I said - if you need anything, you've only come to call. Stonebridge is at your beck, m'lady."

Justin arches a dark brow, "Pushy horses can be dangerous. A little discipline and respect for personal space is necessary with an animal far larger and stronger than a man." Or woman. The Terrick steps down from the inn's porch to pick up his horse's reins, "I'll take him to the stables and once I have seen him unsaddled and rubbed down, perhaps I'll join you. If not, then I shall bid you a good evening, Lady Flint." She did decline his helping her into the inn or up the stairs for now so Justin moves to depart and see to his own animal. The grey gelding remains quiet and peaceable but not a lazy, dead to the world animal either.

"Thank you, Ser Bruce, for passing along the message, then. I will also be grateful if you do tell my brother where I am and that I will find him shortly," Roslyn murmurs in response, gaze flicking back to the knight with some buried interest. "You fought in Seagard, ser? I must trust an opinion of so brace a knight, then."

Liss steps out of the inn with a broom and begins sweeping the step. She pauses to take a deep breath of the fresh air, and look around with a lively curiosity at the new town she's taken as her home. She smiles and bobs a curtsy to Justin as he walks past her, and resumes her sweeping.

It's with little fanfare that Anais Terrick approaches the village from the direction of the tower, trailing her usual combo of guard and handmaid. The trio are actually laughing about something, smiles throughout the group, as they draw closer to those already gathered. "Justin!" Anais calls to the Terrick, raising a hand to wave with a swift smile. "I thought I'd heard you were back in the village."

Tia is seated on the porch, with her left leg held rather awkwardly out at an angle in front of her, due to the splints that have been put there to keep it still. She inclines her head to Justin as he leaves. "Thank you again, Lord Terrick, you have proved a true gallant lord today." And so she'll tell anyone who asks her. She leans back a bit in her seat, waiting on Dania to return with something to help her be able to walk, her stubborn nature not taking any more help from poor Justin than absolutely necessary. Bethy stays by Tia, the maid also on that porch, with a basket and a blanket. Tia then turns to Bruce. "My thanks, Ser. You are most kind. I believe that I will be fine, though should I need anything you might aid me with, I will be certain to let you know." She pauses as Anais arrives, her expression brightening slightly. Though it does cause her hand to raise to her head, her hair all a mess given the events started by that foolish horse. "Oh, perhaps I had better go in after all," she murmurs softly.

"Oh, aye," Benedict says softly for Bruce's inspection. "I was at the battle for Seagard, ser, and the Isles, after. Just did my part, like any other Riverlander." His shoulders lift and then fall again. Roslyn gets a soft smile and another small bow. "Thank you, my lady. SHall we inspect them, then? I'm curious, now, to see what should suit."

Turning his horse to lead it by the reins up close to the bridle, Justin gives Liss a nod as he passes by her. He starts to walk when he hears Anais call his name but stops, "Lady Anais, yes … I came a few days ago but I did not know you had arrived." He half turns to gesture back towards the Inn, "Lady Tiaryn was injured and I had helped her get back." And there she is thanking him for it. Justin glances down at his boots which yet lack spurs but he smilse a little, "You are very welcome, Lady Flint." Man's no accustomed to such compliments for his behavior, but then he's young. Justin clears his throat, "Will you remain in Stonebridge long or do you return shortly, Lady Anais? "

"That goes with any of the Guardsmen too, m'lady Tiaryn. You can tell 'em Ser Bruce said it was alright." Bruce's attention is turned towards Benedict oncemore. He offers the knight a smirk. "Well. Lots of men didn't go. But modesty's a virtue, too, Ser. I rode in with you with the Lord Blackwood, the other day." To everyone assembled, he says, "Gods keep you all. M'lord, m'ladies, Ser et cetera. I've some business to attend to." With that and a dip of his head again, Bruce pivots on his foot and heads towards the tower. As he passes Anais, he dips again. "M'lady Terrick." But he keeps on walking.

Liss finishes her sweeping and returns to her duties inside the Crane's Crossing, with one last lingering glance at the lovely day outside, and the interesting new people. Ah, well. She'll get to know them all, eventually, town this size. She hangs the broom up on its hook, wipes her hands on her apron and heads back inside.

"I anticipate I'll be here another day or two at least," Anais answers Justin with an easy smile, one that turns to Tiaryn with a glimmer of amusement. "Lady Tiaryn, you really have to stop falling off of horses," she teases gently as she approaches the group. "I hope everything is all right? Nothing too serious?" There's a nod for Bruce as he passes, polite.

The Lady Roslyn watches Bruce go for a moment, silently thoughtful before she gestures to her own Tordane guard as she turns back to the knight. "I believe a second opinion would be most helpful, ser. Tell me, have you ever courted someone? I must also advise my lord brother on what to get the lady as well," she says conversationally towards Benedict as she waves a hand to allow him to lead the way to this stall.

"Thank you again, Ser Longbough. I'll not take advantage of such a generous offer." Tia laughs outright at Anais' joke, shaking her head. "Not my horse, this time. Nor was I riding. I was standing innocently," she replies, raising both hands up. "But I suppose I should go inside, since Mistress Dorsey said I should elevate my leg, and that isn't something easily done out here." She takes a breath, seriously considering trying to get to her feet to walk in, but Bethy moves to try dissuading her, with an appealing look towards the other nobles present.

"The Lady Rosanna is being courted? By your brother?" Because Benedict seems to be the master of things already stated. "This is the brother who wished an audience with you, lady?" He clears his throat for her question. "It has been… a long time since I have courted anyone. But, I shall do as I can to assist. Has he been courting her for very long?"

Yes, well, he has a horse to unsaddle and put up, so Justin gives Anais a polite nod and turns to go do that. His grey gelding leads quietly, giving him no difficulty.

There has been awhile now since Pariston left and he is finally returning from Anders. He comes into the square and spots Tiaryn on his way. "Lady Tiaryn." He calls out to her, moving with steady calm steps. A bow of his head to the others around, without speaking out loud. So with a low voice he speaks to Tiaryn. "Are you alright m'lady? Should you not rest your leg?" He asks, though for now just standing there to help her. As some might know, he isn't big on talking a lot with nobles.

"Not long at all, ser. Lord Rutger has just begun to court Lady Rosanna, yes," Roslyn replies easily, untroubled to be talking of the latest gossip for the newly arrived knight. "The Lord Regent is Riordan, however, and he is the one who wishes to see me." A hint of amusement dances in hazel eyes where they lift to Benedict at his throat clearing, though it is tempered by friendly sympathy. "I am surprised, ser. You have no maiden who has interested you at home?"

"Oh, please be careful, Tia," Anais says at the look from Tiaryn's maid, stepping forward to offer a hand to the other woman's elbow. At Roslyn's words, she looks up to the other woman, taking in her features for just a moment before offering a friendly smile without interrupting her conversation.

"I see. Thank you for explaining," Benedict answers with a small nod as they reach the stall. There are some perfumes and silks supposedly from the other kingdoms of Westeros, including various trinkets and items from the artisans at King's Landing. "A hedge knight spends little time at home, should he be fortunate enough to have a place he might call such, my lady. Makes him rather poor at courting, I'm afraid."

Gaze catching but briefly on Anais, Roslyn smiles back even as she moves further away into the market to examine the wares of the merchant. She immediately picks up a length of ribbon to slide thoughtfully between her fingers as she says kindly, "I am sure you would be fine at courting, if you put your mind to it, ser." A pause. "Do you? Have a place you call home?"

Tia pauses as both Bethy and Anais ask her to be careful, though she looks almost mutinous for a moment before her sense of humour gets the better of her. "Alright, alright," she says, raising her hands in the air in a gesture of giving in. Thankfully, Vis arrives about then, Pariston, that is. "Master Vis, would you be so kind as to help me into the inn?" Tia asks, plain and simple. "I think I am to elevate my leg, and that would be a better spot." She glances over at Anais with a smile. See, she's behaving, not really crazy, honest. "Are you coming into the inn, Lady Anais? It is very nice to see you again, by the way." Her gaze too goes over towards Roslyn and Benedict briefly, so she'll recognize them if she sees them again, but with no idea who they are really.

Liss steps back out from the inn and looks around, with a faintly worried look on her face. She sees Tiaryn sitting on the porch with her attendants and approaches, cautiously, and curtsies, clearly wishing to speak to the lady, but waiting until she is acknowledged to speak.

Pariston bow his head to Anais, seeing as Tiaryn is speaking to the other woman. Then his eyes turn to Tiaryn as he nods to her, "Of course." He tells her, shifting his body and looking towards the inn. Just in time to catch a woman approaching them. "Lady Tiaryn." He says and gestures towards the approaching woman. The other two that are talking get a glance as well, in case he recognizes them. Which he does not. Attention going back to those that actually concern him.

"I'm staying at the tower, actually," Anais smiles crookedly to Tiaryn, loosing her hold on the other woman's elbow when she settles. "Lord Riordan's been very kind." She pauses, head tilting to one side. "You're not staying at the inn here indefinitely, are you?" she asks, a glimmer of concern in her features.

Tia pauses at the question from Anais. "Well, as to that, we've a room here, yes," Tia says. "And Lady Cordelya and Lord Anders are at the Tower, but it has been so busy and crowded there, and Corrie so ill at times, that I did not wish to impose. So, a room here," she admits. That tower is after all only so big, and has hosted many guests. Still is for all that. She glances at Pariston, inclining her head lightly, by way of acknowledging his words. She'll wait. "Yes, Mistress?" she says to Liss, finally, as she gives the woman a nod. "Are you looking for me? Did Mistress Dorsey send you out?"

"I hale from somewhere," Benedict offers in a roundabout way, "but it's been many years since I've seen it. These days, the road is more my home, my lady." He watches as Roslyn considers a ribbon before inspecting a few of the baubles on display himself.

"Do you plan on leaving soon then, Ser Benedict?" Roslyn inquires carefully, head tilting slightly as she glances up at the knight.

Liss curtsies again as Tiaryn addresses her. "Yes, M'lady." she confirms. "She asked me to come see if there was anything you needed." she murmurs, respectfully. She appears to be a modest, tidy girl, with a clean white cap on her dark curls, but her feet are bare in the dirt of the road.

Anais doesn't look particularly pleased to hear Tiaryn is staying at the inn, but she doesn't say anything on the matter when Tiaryn turns to Liss. Instead, she merely offers a small smile to Liss as well, staying by Tiaryn's side in case she should try to stand again.

Pariston offers a smile and a nod to Liss but other than that he keeps quiet and out of the way. Only standing by to help Tiaryn when needed. His head and eyes look around the place, landing on Anais for a second as well. A kind smile offered before he continues to let his eyes wander.

"We shall see, my lady. It seems likely," Benedict replies. He considers Roslyn a moment before he asks, "Why, my lady? If I may be so bold, is there some way in which you might require the services of a freelance knight?"

"In picking gifts for young ladies," Roslyn answers with a brush of wry humor, abandoning the ribbon to instead play thoughtfully with a charm that is in the shape of a crowned stag though made of only iron. She lifts it for Benedict's inspection questioningly even as she adds, "Though, there are bandits about and my family may yet need further knights to deal with such. I could ask the Lord Regent for such an offer of employment, if you wished to stay for a while. If you will forgive my boldness."

Tia smiles at Liss, listening to what she has to say. "I - " she starts and then she comes to a stop, not really sure what she needs. She sighs, before she says, "My knee hurts, my head aches, and I am sure I'm bruised from head to toe. I'm not at all certain what I need, though perhaps it might be good for me to go in, see if Mistress Dorsey can provide me something for the pain, and see if Bethy or Adara can turn my hair into something other than a ratsnest, even with the bump on the back of my head." She gives Anais an apologetic glance. "I did not mean to hold you up, Lady Anais, but you ware welcome to join me, if you wish." A glance up to Pariston. "Vis, help me up - and into the inn? Mistress - " now to Liss - "If you are needed out here, please stay, but if not, if you could find me a chair within the inn, that would be most appreciated."

Liss darts shy smiles to the rest of you standing around the injured woman. She listens carefully to Tiaryn and nods. "Of course, my lady." she murmurs. "Shall I draw you a hot bath as well?" she offers, solicitously.

Pariston looks at Tiaryn and nods. Reachcing out his hand to help Tiaryn to her feet. Then offering his arm to lead her towards the inn. The others get smiles and nods. "Just tell me if it hurt too much." He tells Tiaryn. He does look around to see who will join them and who are staying, offering smiles and nods to all of them, or at least those speaking to Tia.

"You go ahead, Tia," Anais smiles faintly to the other woman, standing nearby as the guard helps her up, just in case some other assistance is needed. "I'll be around for a bit longer, so I'm sure I'll see you again. We should talk a bit."

Tia nods to Anais, with a smile. "I would like that," she says simply. Bethy collects the blanket and basket again, simply following Tia as she goes in. Tia then turns to Liss and smiles. "I think that might be a very good idea, but perhaps not right this minute," she says. She takes Pariston's arm and gets to her feet, but even one step will show Pariston at least that she cannot put her weight on her left leg at the moment, though it's not quite so bad as it was earlier. Thus a hoppity hopping Tia makes her way to the door, wincing slightly, but doing her best to not jar her leg in any way. And into the inn, unless Pariston gets fed up and just picks her up.

Studying the crowned stag thoughtfully, Benedict shakes his head. "Not if she's no connection with anyone from the stormlands. Something to make her think of the place, my lady, rather than its ruler." He chuckles for his task, dipping his head in a nod. "I shall do my best. If your family has need of further knights… perhaps, my lady. May I let you know id a day or two?"

Liss nods and curtsies again. "Yes, m'lady. I'll just get one started for you, as it will take a while to fill the tub." she says, and scurries back into the inn, with one glance back over her shoulder to make sure that Anais and Pariston have the situation in hand.

Roslyn replaces the charm at the knight's advice, laying it carefully and precisely back where she picked it up from. She studies the wares further before reaching for anything else, though she answers, "Of course, ser. You may call on me anytime within Tordane Tower, and I hope you do." She smiles again, polite yet somewhat thoughtful as she looks over Benedict again. But then she's turning away to pick up a bottle of perfume made within the capitol.

A smile and bow of Pariston's head, towards Anais, before he continues to lead Tiaryn. Helping her so that she doesn't need to put much weight on the injured leg. He speaks in a low voice, though not a whisper. "I could carry you inside if it hurts too much." He tells her, though soon enough they reach the door. He pushes and holds it open as he continues to try and help Tiaryn inside.

"Thank you," Ser Lawson says courteously. He studies a bracelet of glass beads colored violet, brushing his fingers over them gently. "This doesn't speak much towards King's Landing, but it would be pretty on a maiden's wrist."

"You choose, then, and that is what I shall give the lady. The bracelet or the perfume?" Roslyn questions with a smile, her gaze drawn towards the former briefly.

"Perhaps the perfume from you, my lad. The bracelet…" Benedict thinks on the little trinket before smiling as much as his split lip will allow. "Tell her your mentions of her so impressed that even a wandering hedge knight was compelled to send her a nameday gift."

"If you are to linger within Stonebridge, ser, you would be most welcome at such a celebration. I am sure the Lady Rosanna would be glad of more people to celebrate her nameday, and I would—be glad to see you there, as well," Roslyn replies carefully, the set of her lips neutral as she watches the knight.

"I, ah…" Benedict clears his throat, even as he fetches coin from his belt to pay for the bracelet. "It would not be my place, my lady. I should not wish to impose on a celebration of friends and family. But, might I ask the favor of giving the young lady this present in my stead?" The bit of jewelry is held out in the hedge-knight's palm.

Inclining her head in a simple nod, Roslyn answers politely even as she accepts the jewelry with care, "Of course. As you wish, ser." The perfume is bought with an exchange of coins as well, both tucked carefully in her hands where they drop back into the folds of her skirts. "I must thank you for your help. And bid you a good day."

"I was a pleasure, my lady. I wish you well, and the Lady Rosanna, also. Good day to you." He offers a final bow to the lady before slipping out and into the marketplace crowd.