Page 430: The Rivers At Heronhurst
The Rivers at Heronhurst
Summary: Holden and Kamron talk about various issues at Heronhurst.
Date: 02/10/2012
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Kamron Holden 
Guestroom, Heronhurst
It's a guest room. There's a table and two chairs by the window.
24 September, 289

Kamron's vivacious young wife is already out and about with the other Mallisters and Muirenn's future good-family, but Kamron himself is taking his ease in his room, having collected a book from the sparse Heronhurst library (not that any library on the Cape short of Seagard or The Twins can be said to be anything but sparse). At the rap on his door, he slips a bit of cloth between the pages and stands from the cushioned chair by a window he has chosen, calling, "Come in."

Since his arrival, he's had time to clean himself, and clean himself again. See to his armor and his squire. Make sure his horse was cared for and rest. Those things needed to be done, as any knight worth his salt just doesn't leave such things because a pretty face in his halls. His Partisan and sword can be seen to by his squire, and then he can go back over the work.

Still he had other tasks and things he needed to do as well. And for Holden Rivers, this is indeed chief amongst them. When Kamron's voice calls out and the guard out in the hallway nodded, the Erenford bastard moved easily to slide in, a flagon of ale held in his free hand. "Ser Mallister." a bow to go with greetings before the other knight stepped fully in and closed the door behind him. "I hope I'm nae interruptin' your readin'." a quirk of a grin. "Though I am glad y' found something…We've not collected many tomes."

Kamron's welcoming smile cools a little as he recognizes the entrant, and then rises again, spread across his lips by courtesy, "Ser Rivers." There's only a heartbeat's hesitation, and then he gestures to the second chair in the gathering by the window, "I was just letting my Lady Wife slip away to ensconce herself with the ladies of the Keep before I slipped out to find some likely knight to bore with questions about the recent engagement." He gestures toward the book, "A book on the history of the Targaryens. Mostly boring, like most histories, but there are a few battles described."

"Ah, I know that book, only as my uncle Myles has a copy-or maybe our septon knew it well enough." A shrug leaves the bastard, before he is nodding to the chair, bringing over the flagon of cool ale, and setting it on a nearby ledge (table what have you) "I found t'at th' Blackfyre rebellion t' be particularly interestin'." a chuckle there. "Perhaps a reason as t' why I've not been pressed t' be legitimate." stated with a grin that fades. "And how is your Lady Wife? I've nay seen her since th' weddin'. Which- I was honored to be there for. Your family is ever gracious and hopsitable. I hope we return th' favor nicely."

Kamron settles himself back down in his previous seat, crossing his left leg over his right, "Some very interesting battles there. Particularly the Redgrass Field. You know the song, The Hammer and the Anvil?" He tilts his head slightly, pausing a moment before he adds to the discussion of legitimization, "Especially after the mess in Stonebridge, I would assume, Ser Rivers." However much wariness the knight may hold within him toward the bastard who asked to court his sister, the query about his newlywed wife is enough to draw a full smile to his lips, "Radiant as ever, Ser Rivers. And as determined as ever to get fully involved in everything occurring across the Cape." Bowing his head, he adds, "And yes, the courtesy and welcome of Heronhurst has been impeccable."

Holden doesn't slouch at least, but he does make himself at home there in the Mallister's room. "Aye, I do know it." he adds before he is looking back towards Kamron. "About when Prince Breakspeare, lead his men into Maekar's shield wall." hands coming together in a light clap. "Al blood did spark, when t' Hammer clanged her song. All those lives foolishly brought-would nae last long.." the bastard tries at a few of the lines before shaking his head. "Drink Ser?" as if remembering his manners then and there.

"Especially, Ser." he adds before his grin is coming back up to match Kamron's smile. "Then you have married a fine lady- One who is content in bein' a lady- while not sittin at home. Every man should be as lucky." a nod to that. 'I had wondered, if there might be a time-in which I could meet with your father?" and there he holds his hand as if to stave off an early protestation. "Both o' you. Maybe we could go fishin' or huntin. Besides talk that I would wish-that way if you both hate me, you can find a place t' hide my body." teeth flashed in his grim jest.

Kamron nods along with the quoted words, finishing, "When placed in the midst of that clammor, 'twixt the anvil and the hammer." He waves off the question of the drink, nodding with the description of his luckiness in his match, but his smile fades away as the bastard knight gets to the inevitable point of his visit. Uncrossing his legs and settling his arms carefully down onto the arms of his chair buys him the time to gather his words together, "It's not a question of liking or hating, Ser Rivers. You have undoubtedly not been raised with the same expectation, but we nobles," although there's no scorn in the tone that separates the Mallister from the Rivers, the separation is certainly there, "are raised from birth to be married for political advantage. House Mallister already has a match with House Erenford, and my sister will marry a man born on the right side of the sheets in any case, Ser."

"Ser, the expectation I was raised with, was that I make somethin' fine of myself and that I do my house proud." Holden offers. "Part of that is maintaining some semblance of honor. I know I have my faults, chief amongst them, being that my mother is a common woman." And his own trouble with debt sometime back-but that is neither here nor there. "But I shall not hide the fact why I do speak to you, or why I do not hound your sister like some lost pup." And so he looks around for cups or such to pour himself a drink. Finding none there is not much to do, besides drink from the flagon-which Holden does. And he manages not to do so sloppily either. "But, I do know your sister's affection for me, and it is shared." he adds. "Now, I have not sullied your sister-nor will I." he adds. "But, I would still like to try. I don understand our houses are already holding hands-however as affection goes, I know the way of my heart. And I know I would strive t' make her happy." There should be points there. At least he did not pull a half eagle and marry his squire.

Kamron at least listens. And it's not with the glazed gaze of a man just waiting to give his answer. He even snorts amusement at the comment about the pup. As the other knight drinks, Kam responds, "That pup will not be following about my sisters skirts any longer, or he will answer to me for it." He then yields the floor to the other man, his lips tightening at the mention of sullying despite the other man's denials. "You seem an agreeable enough fellow, Ser R — " He pauses, goes back on his word, "Ser Holden. If my sister were only my half-sister," that is, if she were Nedra Rivers, "and I knew it would make her happy, I might suggest the match to Father myself. And I must give you credit for addressing yourself to myself, and wishing to address yourself to Father, rather than hounding my Lady Sister on the matter. I cannot stop you from addressing Father, but I can caution you as to what his response will be — must be. It will not be permission, Ser."

"I understand your words." Holden says, and even as Kamron's lips tighten, Holdens waggles the flagon. "That is why I brought this, Ser." a chuckle. "I find drinking works with some words, at least afterwards you have something you won't choke on..or wish you had choked another on." a grin and he bows his head. "Thank you, Ser." for the compliment. "Aye, and please understand I mean no disgrace when I say that I do wish she was as such or seen as a spinster. As it is, I am ready to prostrate myself before your father and do Andallian labours to prove my mettle and worth." A grin there. "I thank you also for what kindness you do show me, Ser Kamron. I know were I in your boots, my blood would be rather boilin' by now." A chuckle before he clears his throat. Holden sits silently for a moment. "But, I will press to your father. Even if he says no." which is more likely than not. "I would not be doing my self right-nor my heart if I did not pursue to the fullest extent. I understand what bounds separate us. But damned if I don't think that I can cross them- And if such a thing was ever granted in it's rarity before the seven. I would assure you Mallister would gain a fine knight in myself." bragging? Possibly or at least trying to show what worth he has. "Do you hunt or fish, Ser?"

Kamron nods his head, "I tend more toward wine than ale myself, Ser Holden, although I've been known to drink whichever is available when I have a thirst." The mention of boiling blood draws a dry laugh and a crooked grin to the Mallister's lips, "I've had plenty of practice choking down anger, Ser. You've not angered me yet, although if you persist after Father's answer, my wroth will… not be so sedate as you see me now." For a moment, his courtesy is ripped away, and his blue-gray eyes go as hard as the battered but unbroken breastplate he wears in battle, "And if you ever do my sister or her reputation wrong, Ser, you will quickly find me a dire enemy." And then he draws the polite smile back across his scarred features, "I been known to do both, Ser Holden, hunting and fishing, although I must admit I prefer sailing to both passtimes. I find fishing too passive, hunting too unsporting unless the prey is dangerous, but sailing…" His smile grows, "…is testing yourself against sea and wind."

Holden grins, and there his crows feet show. It appears grinning or laughing rather rides easily and frequently enough with this particular Rivers to bring those on. "I do understand. An I know well enough from history and what I saw during the Ironborn Invasion, that I would not like a Mallister for an enemy. I'd rather keep ye as friend and brother in arms, Ser." And there he nodds and takes another drink-the solemnity in the words and the colder weather in the gaze enough enough to have the man's grin dial down to a neutral state and have the Bastard drinking once more. "I understand, Ser Kamron." message clearly recieved. "Ah sailing." And there a whistle. "A pasttime, I wish I had more experience in. I can navigate you, any river here- an in a small skiff no less. But, I have never sailed save during the Rebellion an then again when the Greyjoys tried their hand." a sniff there. "I would do it again though. I liked being on a ship." a chuckle. "Though you call fishin' passive. I take it you do not spear fish then, Ser?" a brow raised.

Kamron tilts his head slightly to one side at the mention of sailing during the Rebellion, although he remains silent until the other man asks his question, then shakes his head, "I've not. I know you Herons," evidently even the Rivers knight is accorded the right to be a Heron, given his place of service, "claim it more entertaining and more energetic than other methods of fishing," here he sits forward, resting his elbows on the arms of his chair, "But tell me, Ser… you mentioned sailing during the Good King's Rebellion. Did you make the trip to Dragonstone with Lord Stannis' fleet as well? I honestly thought I was the only Riverman to make the trip."

That brings a laugh. "Indeed we do. Much like our sigil any good man born of these rivers can find a rock t' perch on. It takes skill and cunning. Fish are hard t' spear and I would wager Ser Kamron, that it would be right up your mast t' try. Lady Nedra asked me to teach her, though I would teach you first." he states before leaning back in his chair. A brief pause before he is smiling. "Aye I did. I went with the rest from King's Landing, on down t' Dragonstone with good Lord Stannis. After the rebellion, I remained in his service for but a little while." he states. "My youthfulness drove me out, but I returned here and have done well since." he notes. "But yes, I went. I would not be content t' wait an ride for the Landing and not contribute to our King's war."

Kamron nods his head, "Or you and your half-brothers could teach all of the Mallisters together." Which would make the affair a group outing, not his sister and a bastard knight — however amiable — alone down by the water. The mention of the other man's service, however, draws the Mallister knight up, laughing his approval, "Seven Hells, Ser Holden. That must've been why I missed you. I was with Lord Tully's host from the Bells to the Trident, then with Lord Stark to King's Landing and Storm's End, and Lord Stannis to Dragonstone." His laughter comes again, free and light, "There weren't many knights not of Lord Stannis' own forces who were particularly interested in taking the war to sea. But we Mallisters are made of sterner stuff — or stranger stuff, depending on your point of view. But I headed straight home after we returned from that blasted isle."

Holden nods. "Of course, it'd be a good time for us to bond as family." And there as the Mallister knight begins laughing, Holden rises and places the ale back on it's ledge before he is grinning towards Kamron. "Aye. I ran into my old knight, Ser Alyn Bracken when you all came down behind th' Freys. I'll admit I don' know why Lord Frey waited, save he is cautious as a weasel." A compliment if ever one. "But, I was glad t' finally join. I rode with the Brackens after we sacked the Landing, and remained with Lord Stannis after. The war." Holden continues, "Would never be over if we didn't beat them at Dragonstone. You can cripple a man, Aye…But, if you don' kill him he will eventually come back for ye." A nod there. "Lord Stannis said I showed myself well-so I remained. He paid well, an he needed men for that brief time after-though there is a coldness there. One I cannae forget." a shake of his head. "I'll not return to the Stormlands again if I can help it."

Kamron gapes for a moment there, "Wait. You squired under Ser Alyn? I squired under Ser Efram." Bracken, that is. "How in the hells didn't we meet there? You can't be that many years older than I." Either the Mallister feels older than he is, or he's rather strongly underestimating the bastard's age. "I have to admit, I never met Lord Stannis himself, but from what I've seen there and at Pyke, and what I've heard between, he's an excellent commander." The coldness, well, that's shrugged off a little, "I enjoyed the Stormlands, what little I saw of it." A bit of a grimace flashes across his features, "Better than King's Landing, at the very least. That was a stinking pile of shit." Talking about either of the wars tend to brings out the profane in the Mallister, "The Lannisters may hold their own fiefs well and tightly, but I don't know that I would want them coming into my own."

"Doesn't matter who is the king of King's Landing. It'll always smell like a dungheap." Holden states before he is grinning and laughing. "I do not know Ser. It seems we managed t' grow ourselves up in the right order. I am only thirty and four seasons." he adds as that math comes easily to him. "Certainly we were there. I did train with all the boys in the yard under Ser Caddock the Elder, when Ser Alyn was indisposed." A grin there and he's slapping his knee. "Ser Efram..But, a small world. We bloody well have served together longer and yet I cannot recall running into you."
@emit The notation of the other man's age causes Kamron to laugh abruptly, "Well then that explains it. We likely just missed one another by a year or two, or perhaps I was a snot-nosed page when you were about to be knighted.<Mallister> Saffron has connected.

The notation of the other man's age causes Kamron to laugh abruptly, "Well then that explains it. We likely just missed one another by a year or two, or perhaps I was a snot-nosed page when you were about to be knighted. You're close to of an age with Ser Jac then. We overlapped briefly. Very briefly, which is good, or he would have more stories about my ineptitude as a page." Sobering a bit, he rowns thoughtfully, "I've been loathe to interrupt with my questions, but what can you tell me of the engagement at Stonebridge, Ser Holden? I know that the Nayland pike held, and the Charlton spear did not, and that you Herons fell upon the Charlton camp, but not much more than that."

"You're fine, Ser." Holden states with a chuckle. "Yes, I know Ser jac in passing, but he is a good man, or at least was when I knew him with the Brackens. Currently." a shrug there. He's not kept in touch with the Songbird, so he cannot say. "As for Stonebridge." there is a bit of a whistle there as Holden shifts. "I do know that one of the Nayland lines broke. We found that out after our timely rescue. An that some of the town had been well burnt up." clicking his tongue Holden quiets. "We fell into the Haighs and the Charltons, didn't slaughter the baggage, but we did kill and cause confusion. My men were tasked with riding into the broken wall and shaking them loose. They took injuries, but many of their smallfolk in the levies broke at the sight of us. Few of em died when they tried to make a stand." and there he scratches his knee briefly. "I think they could have held on longer, but we surely secured th' day for the Harpies."