Page 299: The Proper Time and Place
The Proper Time and Place
Summary: Lady Roslyn and Lady Rosanna discuss courtships and what not to say.
Date: May 16, 2012
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Throne Room — Four Eagles Tower
Great pillars rise above the occupants of the room, the ceiling arching across the structural supports in a lovely feat of construction. The north and south walls have expansive windows that filter in sunshine during the day while ornately designed torches provide light at night. The room is large enough to host a great feast for quite a number of people but the tables are typically kept elsewhere. The Lord's Throne is at the west end of the room on a dais with a high, circular window that brings in the setting sun with the late afternoons.
May 14, 289

Still clad within the blood red velvet of her riding habit, Roslyn has her gloves still removed and captured in one hand, trailed by both a maid and a guard bearing Nayland colors. A small smile lingers at her lips, distracted where she drifts into the throne room where what food that can be made available has been laid out for the guests to break their fast. It is still early morning, the sun warming the castle slowly even as it stirs to life.

"Oh, Lady Roslyn!" a bright voice calls over. Rosanna stands from her place at the table to approach her, hands extended to clasp hers when she's close enough. "How wonderful our travels keep us together. Have you broken your fast yet this morning? Come sit with me."

"Yes, it seems to be rather like fate, does it not? Or perhaps your lord brother is following us," Roslyn replies warmly, taking a moment to snap back to the current rather than being lost in her own thoughts. When she does, however, that smile widens with friendly pleasure. "I have not, Lady Rosanna, and it would please me very much to break my fast with you." She gathers a plate of food quickly, stepping to take the empty seat next to Rosanna.

"Yes, it seems to be rather like fate, does it not? Or perhaps your lord brother is following us," Roslyn replies warmly, taking a moment to snap back to the current rather than being lost in her own thoughts. When she does, however, that smile widens with friendly pleasure. "I have not, Lady Rosanna, and it would please me very much to break my fast with you." She gestures to her maid before stepping to take the empty seat next to Rosanna.

"Perfect," Rosanna says, leading Roslyn over to sit with her. "I'm sure Kittridge would not be so strange as to follow you about. Although—" And here she directs a rather pointed smile in Roslyn's direction. "You two do seem to get along quite well."

Smile softening at the accusation, Roslyn only answers simply, "Your brother is a very—interesting knight, is he not?" Her gaze dragging over Rosanna with a pat of the girl's hand in a gesture, she adds as well, "I am glad to have your company further, however. I hear that you shall be visiting your home, soon?"

Rosanna's smile widens at the reminder. "You know, I used to wish for nothing else than to see the world outside Kingsgrove," she says. "But now I confess myself glad to return for a visit."

"But you shall be there only till the tourney, surely? A lady your age should not miss such an opportunity," Roslyn replies, curious and warm as her own smile quirks briefly in response to Rosanna's obvious affection for her home. "Or, perhaps, we can convince the Freys to host such a tourney within Kingsgrove, then you shall have the best of both worlds."

"Oh, I think I would scream all day and all night if they didn't take me," Rosanna says with a warm, impish grin. "But I can't imagine what reason they could invent not to take me. One of my brothers will have to compete." She resumes her breakfast as a serving girl brings over some food to offer Roslyn. "Lord Riordan sounded most eager in speaking of the tourney."

Roslyn smiles up at the servant, acknowledging her with a thankful nod as the girl settles the food before her. Lifting her fork, she muses, "Are we not all, Lady Rosanna? Tourneys and knights, a feast and dancing. It is much needed distraction from the every day struggles of life."

"Of course." Rosanna hesitates, looking upon Roslyn. And then she says, "Lady Roslyn, I wonder if I might — speak freely with you? Of your brother."

"Of course, Lady Rosanna. I will endeavor to answer as freely as I can, though I hope you would not ask me any question that would break the bonds of privacy between family," Roslyn allows carefully, for all that her smile lingers. Her gaze slides over Rosanna with a bit of curiosity, but she does not press her own questions, waiting for the other lady to speak freely.

"Of course not," Rosanna murmurs. "It is just—" She puts on a wonderful display of hedging and hesitation and brow-knit concern. "Lord Riordan has mentioned to me — on more than one occasion now — that Lord Rutger has other prospects he is considering. Which is natural, of course, and I am in no way asking for you to reveal anything about your family's other negotiations of alliance. I am only worried in the manner in which your brother has — framed these comments. That my family should be expected to rush into an unhasty alliance with yours, or that I should urge them to. We are only acting reasonably and properly, are we not? Have I or my brother — or anyone of my family — done anything to offend anyone of yours?"

Lips press that slightest bit together at such news, a subtle tension in the way Roslyn spears a bit of food under her fork but does not lift it to her lips. She answers, slowly, "No, my lady Rosanna. If your family has done anything to offend my lord brothers or my cousins, I have not heard anything to that kind. And, as I am sure you are well aware, my lord brother is well pleased to be courting you." She pauses, offering a slight smile as she orders her thoughts before continuing. "We would not wish to rush into a marriage that may not be to the best of both our houses. Though, of course, putting such off too long can have unintended effects, as I have well found out." Finally taking that bite with a self-deprecating look cast towards the younger girl, she adds, "Lord Riordan should know as well as anyone that everything should happen within its due time."

"But my father and brother are hardly putting anything off," Rosanna says, not without a smile answering that note of self-deprecation from Roslyn. "But we all know that there is a manner in which these things happen, yes?"

"Of course, Lady Rosanna. If you wrote to Rutger, I am sure you would find him patient and well content with the pace of your courtship," Roslyn assures easily, tipping her chin in agreement to that question.

Rosanna reaches for Roslyn's hand to offer an affectionate squeeze. "You are such a reassurance, Lady Roslyn," she says. "I would simply hate for any such talk to be taken the wrong way were my brother or father to hear of it. I wouldn't want to think of them rethinking the possibility of any trade agreements because of it. I'm sure your brother meant no harm. He is simply concerned with your family's welfare, as he should be."

"As would I, my lady. We all are aware that it is—customary to entertain other possibilities before any formal arrangements between any two houses are made," Roslyn agrees, her fingers squeezing back with a bright, light smile. "Your brother has certainly made it clear that your family will consider other matches, and as well they should. As should we. Though, usually, this all remains unvoiced by both parties, as it should be."

"Of course," Rosanna agrees, her smile crinkling her eyes. "What worth is a match that no one else values, hm?" Her hand lingers in that clasp a moment longer, then draws away to continue her meal.

"I can assure you that we would value a match with the Groves very much, Lady Rosanna, and with you even more. I am sure anyone would welcome such a bright lady into their family," Lady Roslyn says, all quick-wit and easy grace where she offers the compliment to Rosanna with a flash of a smile. "I hope you will put the lord regent's words from your mind, and not let them worry you."

"With this reassurance that your family is not expecting mine to put off propriety for a hasty alliance, I surely will, Lady Roslyn," Rosanna says with all due gratitude. "I do hope that, no matter how any of this goes, that we shall still be friends."

Roslyn's tension eases, more noticeable as it is chased away from her limbs. There is something genuinely earnest about her tone as she replies, "That, my lady, is sure to hold true. I would certainly not wish to lose your friendship."

"Then you won't," Rosanna decides. "It is decided."

"If only everything were so easily decided," Roslyn says with light humor, a laugh touching at her words at the young lady's manner.

"If only," Rosanna agrees with a sigh. "But we are both clever women. If we cannot stick to our convictions, who can?"

Roslyn tips her head in solemn agreement, even if humor softens her gaze as she replies, "If only more decisions were made by clever women such as us."

"Alas," Rosanna says with a heavy sigh.

Smile quirking on her lips, Roslyn says no more on the unfortunateness of men ruling the world. Instead, she brings up lightly, "Your brother and I have spoken of taking a ride together. Perhaps you may join us, when we have the opportunity?"

"Oh, I'd love to," Rosanna says with bright agreeableness. "Whenever you like, of course."

"Then we must find a time that we can all ride out to explore Terrick land together," Roslyn agrees, her smile polite as she turns back to her meal with a quick bite.

Rosanna swallows another bite or two before raising conversation once more. "It does seem rather unexpected that you and your brother would be traveling here, Lady Roslyn," she says. "Would it be impertinent of me to wonder what business brings you here?"

"My brother has some hope of securing a betrothal for me, if possible. Only that, my lady, and the gesture of good will for the people of the Roost in the form of supplies," Roslyn says carefully, not seeming in any hurry to expand on her answer.

"Oh." Rosanna does look rather surprised at the first, but it's for the briefest of moments before she smooths the reaction away. "It is good to see two families working to put the past behind them and form new alliances," she says, latching onto a more neutral sentiment.

"I would certainly agree, my lady." Polite and neutral as well, Roslyn does not seem to be offended by that surprise she catches in the younger girl's expression. Instead, she only smiles easily, taking another bite.

"I feel there is so much more goodwill among the families now, following the war," Rosanna comments idly. "Fighting alongside each other has made everyone value the connections of the land."

"And it has exhausted the wish to keep fighting, I suspect," Roslyn agrees, making a soft 'tsk'ing sound as she takes another bite. "I know for my part, I would rather have peace to live out my days."

"Oh, I agree," Rosanna says, as if this isn't the easiest thing to possibly agree to. "I think peace for the rest of our days would be highly preferable."

Smiling warmly at Rosanna, Roslyn replies in a conspiratorial tone, "We shall both have to pray for such, then."

On that pleasant note of eternal peace for the Seven Kingdoms that will surely continue as fact, the two ladies continue and eventually finish their respective meals. Perhaps some more chatting is in order, but eventually they go their separate ways.