Page 279: The Pointy End Goes Into The Other Man
The Pointy End Goes Into The Other Man
Summary: Gedeon and Marsden do a little sparring to see if Ser Rivers/Tordane is likely to survive his upcoming duel.
Date: 24/04/289
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Marsden Gedeon 
East Bank — Stonebridge
The east bank of the Stone Bridge where a pavilion has been set up while Ser Gedeon is barred from Stonebridge.
24 April 289

The summer sun continues to shine on over stonebridge, and luckily for the men in the Tordane encampment, there is a decent enough breeze that comes up to make it not too unbearable. Letters have been sent, and for the early part of the day, Marsden had engaged in a staring contest with the guardsmen who have mainly been posted to make sure that his Knight would not come in during the night to rape and murder all the Naylands in their beds.

Or something to that effect.

Currently though, the Half Septon finds himself hunkered over his spear, as deft hands work a bit of rawhide and wire along the cruciform head.

Whistling softly, Marsden only looks up once as the breeze shifts his cowl, before he pulling it back down off his neck, and focus back into work.

There was no raping and no murdering, so the guards must have done their job well. There was only a long period of lying awake and then, finally, sleeping in the newly-constructed pavilion. Now, Ser (Lord?) Gedeon Rivers (Tordane?) steps out into the summer heat and sun, pushing his hand through his sleep-mussed hair. "Morning, Streem," he offers with a stretch. "Been up long?"

Marsden turns his head and there's a grin thrown over his shoulder to the now awake LordKnight. "Long enough." he replies "I'll be sure to have the Noonday meal sent here from the Crane. Might as well give us something to eat, beside whatever them that are entertaining us would." a sniff. "Besides, I like eating everything before you. It's usually still warm." a jest there before he leans up from his spear-there something white dangling off the leather chord he is working. "You sleep well, my lord?"

"Fuck, is it really…" Gedeon squints up at the sky and frowns as he makes note of where the sun lies. "Well, that's embarrassing." He cants his head as he notices a flicker of white fluttering near Marsden's hands. "What are you doing, there?"

"You had a busy day yesterday." the half septon says, like a father to his rather sleepy offspring. A grin before he is waving his hand. "I wouldn't worry about it though. Didn't feel right to wake you up over the time o' day." And then Marsden pauses to look back to the spear, and that in his hands.

"Oh this?"

And with that he raises his spear as he rocks back onto his heels. "In my family, men do this-with heron feathers." a sniff. "Or was my family. Did, whatever..I figured.." a gesture to the other feather pinned under his knees. "That if I was a Tordane man, I should sport the right pluumage."

"Shut up," Gedeon mutters for that somewhat paternal comment, idly grinding the heel of one palm against his eye in a rather boyish gesture. His hand drops to his side and he peers at the spear and then the feather. Laughing, he shakes his head. "You know, I think I'm touched."

Marsden grins back to the younger man. "Yes My Lord." he intones before he is looking to the feather, and then back to the young knight with a faint shrug. "I think it matters." he says, not adding a thank you, or anything to make the moment awkward. And he's lowering the spear back down to get the other crane feather secured. "It should give us both Luck." a nod at that before he is looking back to Gedeon "Which we will need if we are to secure your hold. Once you've got something in your belly, I can show you what I learned on Harlaw and here at Seagard. I did have the vantage point to see Ser Rygar fight, so I can give you some pointers."

"Then I'm happy to listen. Ser Rygar's an able fighter, advice won't go amiss." Gedeon considers as he turns to look, as he so often has since the letter came, towards Stonebridge. "Does tend to leave his neck open, though."

"He does, but that's part in due to his weapon of choice." he states with a gesture, once the other feather is finally secured with a quiet muttered, 'fucking feather'. Marsden then is coming up, and reaching along the back of his belt till the leather wrapped hit of the bar mace is gripped and drawn out. "You see, If he used a mace- like this" and he extends in a slow strike towards Gedeon "I got my other hand that I can bring a shield up, and keep my body in close."

Mace pulled back and twirled in his hand like a marching baton, Marsden steps a little closer. "Ser Rygar prefers the Pole Arm." he states "So he has to extend himself and leave a good part of his body unguarded."

There is a small snicker for 'fucking feather', though Gedeon falls quiet as Marsden begins to speak of strategy. "I intend to use my father's sword, which is best held in two hands. So, in that respect, we'll both be equally exposed to the other." He scratches at his jaw thoughtfully. "I've fought a number of spear-wielders in the war, but by my count, most were commoners not as thoroughly trained."

"His is more hammer than spear. A crow's beak." he states with the knowledge of a man who has seen his share of weapons. Marsden then moves to sheathe the mace back in it's leather look at his back. "So he can stab, but he can also mine at you as well." A sniff at that before one hand is raising up to rub of his head. "If that is the case, Ser. I will advise for you to feint as you can. Get him to swing wide and open himself up, before you can connect." And there is a beat. "What armor will you have on?"

There is another small nod as Gedeon considers. "Full maile," he answers, "I have no plate, and I should not get any until I were made Knight of Stonebridge, so that's a bit moot. Swing wide…" he nods again. "I can manage that."

"Bugger. I'd see if we had funds to at least get you a breastplate. We cannot get Brigadine, I don't think." and he looks back to the bridge where the tarred heads line their way, and on past to the Tower which stands mightily tall. "Does your helmet afford you good face protection?" the Half septon asks again, not turning back to the Not so Knight of Stonebridge. "I am trying to think of how we can keep you alive, Ser. That's all." Or at least give him a fighting chance.

"Which is appreciated," Gedeon replies with a twitch of a wry smile. "I've no face guard, but there's an iron cap and a maile coif that protects the top of my head and much of the sides. I haven't coin for a breastplate with me. Lord Valentin might consent to invest in one, if seven days is long enough time to see one made and fitted. And if you can find an armorsmith in the city willing to do it."

"We might be fucked there, then Lad." Marsden admits. "My Helm provides a nasal which will help little. Though you can borrow it , if you wish." It is indeed, better than nothing, but the Septon is still trying to see what will work. "He will be in better armor, if yesterday proved anything. Which means if we go lighter perhaps it'll give you more ability to move." A look given to Gedeon. "What do you say?" He might as well ask as to what the knight's strategies will be. "We can train. I with a staff to work for the spear an all. Get you used to dancing."

"I am well used to dancing," Gedeon replies. "I'm always the weaker, often the less armored when it comes to fighting. None of this is very new. I'll try your helm, see if it mucks with my vision too much and, aye, let's take a turn, half-septon. See if I can keep away from your polearm well enough, I've a chance at keeping away from his."

"I had a girl, who said very similar." And there is a nod given over to where the man's helm is, just off by the rather long kite shield he's been using since Harlaw. "Get something to serve for your steel." Because Marsden is quick to move for a long pole, bereft of a spear head to serve his purposes in this little training exercise. "Come now and shift yourself, Ser."

"I imagine women do tend to flee from your polearm," Gedeon muses as he picks up Marsden's helm and plunks it on his won head. it looks a little silly, when the rest of him in armorless, but hey, if it will make him more likely to survive, it seems the more-than-bastard-less-than-lord is willing to endure. He fetches a waster (one of the things requested in his list to Bruce) from the tent and clasps it with two hands, as he might a greatsword. "Ready when you are."

"Or my face" he adds on before he is looking back to Gedeon. There is a brief look before he nods and brings the stave up as he would his spear, though the movements he uses are a little more focused on hacking a man down, than anything else. A grunt and Marsden moves in with a deft swing, aiming for the boy's shoulder. If anything he will do his best to fight as Rygar would. Or at least Marsden/Rygar would.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marsden=Spears Vs Gedeon=Blades
< Marsden: Good Success Gedeon: Success
< Net Result: Marsden wins - Marginal Victory

Gedeon raises his 'blade' as he steps to the side, expression becoming somer and alert as the spar begins. There's a *clack* as staff hits waster, and a huff of irritation from the blond bastard as the tip of Marsden's makeshift-polearm taps his shoulder. Mild enough from a staff, but poor news if it were a proper crow's beak.

<COMBAT> Marsden attacks Gedeon with Staff but Gedeon DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Marsden with Waster - Serious wound to Neck.

Even though Marsden is lucky to come in and tries to catch Gedeon right on the head, as he's seen Rygar's War Pick do on many a man, the Knight does seem to have some grasp of things, as he catches blade to his neck. A Waster, but still if it don't smart. It causes the Half Septon to curse and breathe out a snotted grunt from his nostrils. "Bollocks." croaked, as Marsden staggers back, before he's laughing. "Like that."

Gedeon puffs out a small breath as the wooden sword connects, lifting the waster away to say, "I told you. It's always the neck. Are you all right?"

Marsden brings his hand up, along the stiff leather collar worn under the robes. And he's stretching his head to the side. "I think so.." he mutters before spitting. There's a shake as the spear is brought right back up. "Again. If you're wanting to win you'll need to cleave the neck right off." At least the Half septon has balls..or is stupid enough to want to continue.

<COMBAT> Marsden attacks Gedeon with Staff but Gedeon DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Marsden with Waster - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

"Yes, his. Not yours," Gedeon points out. The spear-wielder takes another swing at him, but Gedeon's quick to step out of the way. Just as the half-septon advised, he takes advantage of the lift from Marsden's swing, this time to jab to point of the waster into the other man's chest.

<COMBAT> Marsden has changed stance to defensive.

Hurk And there he goes, staggered back by the blow. And a cough to leave the Half Septon before he is looking back to Gedeon. A shake of his head, as he's pausing to lean on the staff and spit. "My gods, you hit pretty." a snort before he's wheezing up to catch his breath. Marsden offers a grin as he comes back up. His grip tigthens for a moment. "Good. Better. You're moving at least. " A nod Though now it seems the Half Septon is moving into a different tactic. One he's seen the Nayland knight drop into before. "Now lets see how you handle if he's a bit more cautious."

<COMBAT> Marsden attacks Gedeon with Staff and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Marsden with Waster - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Gedeon's still for a moment, holding onto his blade as he takes in Marsden's stance, his footing, how he holds his spear. He feints to the left, and when the spear moves to catch him there, dips sharply to the right, bringing his sword in beneath the half-septon's stretched arms. There's another 'pretty' jab to the chest before the bastard knight darts back again.

"Better. I like the Feint." Marsden snarls out. After all, he fell for the fucking thing. But, this isn't his preferred style of fighting. A shake of his head, and Marsden rallies his spear back up, though given the labored breathing, Gedeon is landing in some nice hits. No words said as he strikes out again, while trying to play up the defensive aspect of the pole in his hands. Whether or not it serves is another thing entirely.

<COMBAT> Marsden attacks Gedeon with Staff - Critical wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Marsden with Waster but Marsden DODGES!

And there, Marsden finds his opening. As Gedeon comes in with his greatsword, much as he's seen Lord Rygar move, that staff comes down with a thwack for Gedeon's neck, at the side left open. "Don't get cocky." the Half septon notes as he circles round.

Well, fucking ow. Gedeon staggers back with a gasp, and then another and finally a strangled cough. One hand lets go of the waster to rub at his reddening throat. "Fuck," he rasps before lifting up the practice blade again. He nods before moving in to strike once more.

<COMBAT> Marsden attacks Gedeon with Staff - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Marsden with Waster - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).

"Had it been the beak, your neck would be a ripe pulp. Keep it closed." And now the Septon continues his strike, much like an adder waiting in his hole for a sheep's nose-Marsden knows when to strike. As Gedeon raises back in, The Septon takes a glancing blow to his head, while the full brunt of the staff is slammed for Gedeon's chest. Only after does he pull back, and bring a hand up to touch his ear.

Gedeon's struck again, and he sucks in a sharp breath of both pain and frustration. He exhales, slowly and carefully. "Focus," he murmurs softly and to himself. "See what's there, take your opening, remember where your feet are." Old words, likely from training long past, but the newly-made Tordane returns his gaze to Marsden and steps in again.

<COMBAT> Gedeon has changed stance to aggressive.
<COMBAT> Marsden attacks Gedeon with Staff and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Marsden with Waster - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Gedeon's faster, this time, and smarter, dipping out of the way of Marsden's next jab. Still, the return blow is only a tap to the chest. It gets through Marsden's defenses but would likely glance off of proper armor.

Better, faster, and stronger. After all Marsden barely has time to recover in order to try and deflect the blade's slide to his chest. A glance down and he's grinning. "He will have brigadine and shrug that off, boy. Come again." A beckoning with the other hand, before he is back into his stance.

<COMBAT> Marsden attacks Gedeon with Staff and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Marsden with Waster and MISSES!

So he does, and though Gedeon keeps cleanly out of the way of Marsden's spear, there is anther *clack* of staff on waster and both attacks are deflected by the other. "I think I had better just aim to kill him quickly. I was making smarter decisions in the first rounds."

"You were, and I was playing looser. He won't" Marsden quips after the blows are traded and each effectively parried with the resounding clacks and thrusts. "If you give him this long, he will kill you." plain and simple. "We just don't have the armor for you to stand toe to toe. You will need to be quick."

<COMBAT> Marsden attacks Gedeon with Staff - Critical wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Marsden with Waster - Moderate wound to Neck.

It seems in the next series of furious blows, both manage to leave themselves open. Marsden earns another crack to his neck, which staggers him to his knee, even after he sent the butt of his stave into the man's abdomen. Both sloppy moves, signs that this contest is wearing on both. "Gurk..Godsdammit you son of a whore." Marsden chops out as he's reaching his neck/ "Struck a nerve." or something.

Gedeon moves in again, and is a a good smack to the side of Marsden's neck… which would be better if Marsden's staff didn't happen to jab him right across the scar from his dance with infection. Gedeon closes his eyes, gritting his teeth against the pain. "Fuck," he mutters under he breath.

<COMBAT> Marsden attacks Gedeon with Staff - Serious wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Marsden with Waster - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gedeon has been KO'd!

And there, Marsden allows for a feint, before his move is timed out right. Gedeon sends his strike in, and it glances at his chest, before his own pole is shot forward. Hard and quick, looking to catch Gedeon in the armpit and force him down. "And right to the heart." A frown shows on the Half septon despite the win there. " Yes, you need to kill him quick."

He moves before he should, Gedeon, in an attempt to regain equilibrium, and it's a mess. The strike he manages to land on Marsden's chest comes at the price of a spear slamming down on his armpit hard enough to cause his sword to fall to the ground. "Fuck," Gedeon hisses again, stepping back and shaking out his arm. He shakes his head. "We'll go again," he replies, "once I can feel my fingers. That was pathetic."

Marsden reaches out for the sword. "And once my neck doesn't feel as if I was face fucked by a horse.." he replies before spitting. "We will go again." A sigh there before he is looking back to Gedeon. "We have until the maiden's day. I will make sure we take full on advantage of our time." And there a serious look passed. " I do not plan on losing you, Ser."

"I do not plan on being lost," Gedeon replies, holding up his arm and wiggling and wiggling his fingers as if simply willing it so will make the nerves relax any quicker.

Marsden nods. "That's the spirit." the septon chuckles, before he is moving to lay aside the big waster. As well as his stave. There's a nod over to a stump that is serving as the defacto camp chair. "Come, an I'll get you limber again. Then we'll start anew."

Gedeon glances at the stump before heading over and plunking down onto it. "Regretting your ambition yet, half-septon?"

Marsden moves to stand behind Gedeon, as his sleeves are rolled up. "Yank th' jerkin free." he states, before he is reaching down to rub harshly and hard into the Muscles by Gedeon's neck and then into the shoulders. At first, Marsden is silent, before finally a chuckle breaks out. "No Ser. I still believe I picked the right master to serve." A grin slowly grows. "I regret nothing."

Gedeon shrugs out of the leather jerkin, setting it beside the tree stump and gritting his teeth as Marsden's gruff motions send pain shooting down the bastard's arm. "You really are mad," Gedeon chuckles. "You know, even if I win, the Naylands will likely strip as much of Stonebridge's infrastructure away as they can as well as every copper they've invested in her. It'll be a right fucking mess. And that's the good outcome."

"I suspect as much, Ser." Marsden replies as he continues on his rather brutal massage. But, it'll work to get the blood flowing and it will work out the knots and muscles to work once more. "It is what I would do. Salt the earth and leave who was ever after me to fucking rot." A dry laugh follows. "But, I am still fine with my choice. I wouldn't say mad though." A shake of his bald head and Marsden grips harder. "Inspired. Faith. What have you, but not mad."

"Inspired faith is madness, you ask me," Gedeon says around a choked groan as the knots give way with a final burst of pain. "Salt the earth, I didn't think they'd go that far. The Mire is dependent on trade, they'll hurt themselves as surely as they'll hurt Stonebridge if they ruin her completely. Still. Perhaps."

Marsden chuckles. "As you say Ser." it seems Marsden won't fight him on that assessment. However he does look up, and move away only to go for the wine skin left dangling. "They may not, but I would. I would make this all a place to be fucked and dead. Break the bridge even to keep the toll from being collected." A click of his tongue. "Hopefully, the Naylands do not think like me."

"All because you lost and they won?" Gedeon asks, standing and giving his shoulders a careful roll. There's a surprised blink as he realizes they don't hurt anymore. "Were it me, I'd leave her whole and wait for an opportunity to get her back."

"Because I would want them to die. I could ideally set something up a bit north of the bones." Marsden offers before he is looking back to the Knight, as he rolls his sleeves back down. "Better?"

"Makes me wonder what interesting things you'll do if I do fall. Pity I won't get to see any of them." Gedeon gives his hands a final shake before shrugging back into his jerkin and fastening it up. "Better. Your neck?"

And there a fine line shows there on Marsden's face. "I will find my time to pay back them that wronged you Ser. Fine time." There is a nod towards his spear. "Remember, I am a Crane man. And should someone fell my liege lord. Well, I would watch the roads for some time to pass." A rub of his nose there before he is reaching his hand to his neck. "Stiff, but I will survive. Arm up, and we'll do it again."