Page 284: The Opinions of Others
The Opinions of Others
Summary: Cherise makes a quick visit to Garett and Desmond to gain their opinions over Danae's actions.
Date: 10/May/2012
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Cherise Desmond Garett 
Guest Room, Crane's Crossing, Stonebridge
A rented room.
April 30, 289

There was a short window of opportunity to catch her kin's departure as word of mouth traveled fast especially within Stonebridge given the current state of things. Relations were challenged and because of that Cherise had departed from the pavilions to the Inn, leaving her husband to handle some affairs without her. The hood of her cloak remained draped along her shoulders as her movements about where much easier than in the few days passed. In tow the Lady had her retainers, their two bodies standing attentively in the hall as the men of arms remained in the common area of the Inn. She lifted hand, rapping against the door she was informed the other half her kin resided. Hopefully they have not left yet. There is movement behind the door. Voices muffled behind it. And the clattering of heavy objects. Hard to say what's really going on, but it becomes evident when the door is opened. There stands Garett, half armored. Apparently Cherise has just caught the two in preparations of traveling, strapting their arms to their bodies. Currently, the only part the older Knight has on are his leg greaves. The armor is laqoured black with details of silver inlaid into it. The rest of it is sitting on the bed. As for the man himself, he looks like he's barely holding onto to things, dark rings around his eyes suggest his sleep, and the slight puffiness tells of others things. His shoulders are a bit slumped and he almost seems to work in a slowed fashion, like everyting is moving at half-speed for him, just barely aware of his surrondings. "Lady Cherise." he says, sounding slightly surprised. "You must be here for your brother. Do come in. Desmond, your sister is here to see you."

Desmond isn't terribly energetic either, but at least he doesn't look like death itself. "Cherise?" he asks from the bed, tying his own greaves. They're not as nearly as intricate as Garett's, but they serve their purpose. Straightening his tunic, he moves for the door and helps Cherise into the room. "What are you doing here?" Then he thinks better of his query. "Er, are you all right? The child is safe?"

Once invited in, the Lady Charlton offers a pleasant smile to her cousin and then, at her pointed brother. "Ser Garett." The blonde mane inclines in greeting before pursing her venture further into the room with Desmond's aid. "In part yes." She tells him while folding both hands before her abdomen with a mindful command that her maidservants remain in the hall. "But in truth, it is for all of us." Her eyes take in the entirety of Garett's haunted disposition, blatantly troubled by the latest events. It causes the lady to wear a slight pout during her survey. "Aerick is fine Desmond, he is under Septa Enya's care for the time being. It is advised that he not be exposed to the elements so soon." Hopefully some of his concern would fade in regards to her young. "I am surprised to see you so sullen Garett, I thought you would be happy for your sister's accomplishments. Is there something else amiss?"

This just makes Garett's eye tick. Hard. "I have to say about my sister. And they are not accomplishments, no matter much she'd like to think that they are. Whatever she's plotting, whatever she's done, I will not forget what she did to me." He might've been depressed now, but now he's two steps away from rage again, cauing him to turn around and go back to his armor. "There is plenty amiss, but I doubt you'd understand."

Desmond finds himself trying to linger /between/ Cherise and Garett, wary. Thankfully, Garett moves away. "Cherise. It's not a good time. There are details here that… Well. I don't think you'd be able to help. I mean that in the kindest way."

The Lady Charlton tsks loudly, after the warning from her twin. "Desmond there is never a good time." A hand spreads out in a gesture, "These are our cards and we must play the hands that are given to us. She is family and while her decisions may have been ill advised they are decisions we must stand behind." No need to point out their Lordship's ever failing ventures. "It is not my intent to cause you further displeasure Garett, however you are not the only to suffer at this turn of events." And like some one with higher authority, the lady folds her arms across her chest. "All I know is this, my cousin, your sister is possibly the new lording Regent of Stonebridge. A widow and now made extremely vulnerable. Because of Lord Gawens poor investments and foolish decisions I could understand why a great many of our kin choose to keep themselves distant from our Houses' affairs however this is not something we should turn our backs, regardless how slighted we feel about her decision."

Cherise raised a hand, primping at the lay of her loosely curled and blonde hair. "You see how the Naylands were so quick to see the bastard's life ended once the King proclaimed him legitimate, how fast do you believe their decision will be to see our Danae disposed of as well?"

"First of all, let me remind you that you are not a Westerling. You are married to Charlton. You can have your opinion all you like, but that is really all it's going to be." Garett suddenly remarks sharply, eyes flaring. He loathes politics more than anytyhing, but now his hand is being forced and it's clear he does not like it. "Your duty is to your child and your husband. Secondly, Danae made the decison alone, she can suffer the consequences alone. She didn't tell the house, or Roric, the Lord Gawen's brother, -nothing-. Thirdly, she has no husband, she has no child, a child of a bastard no less, I don't care how many drunken writs Robert makes." he was in the process of starting to slide on his chest peice, but now his attention is all but diverted. "She was married for a -day-, and a day later her husband dies and she seems to -know- that she's pregant. And let's not forget the rumors about her Ser Riordan. I take it them 'getting lost in the
woods' for a day was just a random error, was it? It doesn't matter, she doesn't have a leg to stand on, and I, for one, am -not- getting involved in this. She did not do this for Westerlings, she did it for her -herself-. She can claim otherwise all she likes, but if this was truly her best intentions she would told someone. She would've at least allowed us to be prepared for it. So don't you -dare- claim that I am 'happy' about this. I came to Stonebridge to avoid this political pandering bullshit, not get involved in it."

Desmond stands rigid, looking as displeased as ever. He watches his twin as she offers up her opinion, and can practically feel the heat from Garett's anger on his back as the knight retorts. "All right, all right… Cherise's asinine explanations aside - she's worried for Lady Danae's life," he directs at Garett, then turns back to Cherise. "Lord Roric believes she has faulted here. Ser Garett does. I do. Are you really going to come here and tell us we should be celebrating? Truly, sister?"

Cherise's brows knit under Garetti's ire, giving the man his turn without interruption. To her brother she sighs, "Of course not Desmond. She has deliberately caused another scandal to be laid to blame at House Westerling's feet. Still just one more against the rack of many." Her shoulder shrugs a little, "My duty is to my family Garett whatever you may believe of me, I have never abandoned my kin even with our many faults." She glanced around for something to wet
her pallet, having recently rediscovered her passion for the drink. "I am quite sure a great many are unbelievably wroth with her actions. I suppose it is warranted and still I cannot bring myself to hate Danae for it, nor abandon her."

"I pity her, for coming to such a decision on her own. So allow me to alleviate both of your concerns. Carry on as you wish, I have seen to it that Danae is given ample protection until her time comes to be recognized as the Regent. Or until this whole mess is sorted out." Cherise raises one of her hands, laying a finger across her cheek. "I wished to inquire the opinions of my brother and hers, to see where their thoughts lie. It has been noted and I do not slight either of you for having them."

"I fail to see how any handmaidens you send to look after Danae will be of use." Garett suddenly cools down, in light of Cherise somewhat apparent attempts to calming the situation down a bit. His eyes are still narrowed at her. "You're right, none of us has abandoned our family the way she has. But, out of love for my sister, I can have a few guards sent to her. And make no
mistake, Cherise, I love my sister more than you possibly know, but I -will not- support her in this. But I will at least see that she is protected." Going back to putting on his armor, he shakes his head. "She should've told me. She should've told -someone-. Her mistakes will turn her name, nevermind her virture into dirt. I never wanted to see that. Truly, I did not." And in that his voice does sound mournful, like someone who is helpless to do anything. "On that we, agree on. She is to be pitied, but she has made her bed, and now she must lie in it. And I didn't accuse you of thinking such. My problem is not with you. It is her silence that speaks greater volumes."

Desmond's brows furrow, but his lips remain an even line. "Lady Danae has betrayed her brother's trust, and I compelled to doubt you, sister. Tell me I'm wrong. Shame me, I welcome it. Make me feel like scum for even considering this… I want to believe you wouldn't take our 'opinions' and twist them to your advantage. You're not that person, I know you're not. Promise me you have no ill-intentions." He steps closer, tense as ever, looking on her with his hidden pale blue eyes.

Her large blue eyes roll heavily, "I had given her my jewelry to sell. Some of it. Enough to purchase the loyalties of a few hedge knights that are otherwise aimless about Stonebridge. Until she is able to gain her own support." The lady sums up quite blandly. "This is not going to be a competition over who loves Danae the most Garett. I can love someone and still disagree with their blatantly wrong and stupid decisions." She pointed to no one in particular, as they were talking about Danae right?

As Desmond approaches Cherise gives him her attention. "Desmond… my intentions are to see who may still stand beside our Danae. I cannot proclaim my support of her actions without jeopardizing the my son's and my own future." She does raise a hand, daring to cup the side of his face. "I promise, my efforts are not to further cause injury to those of House Westerling. They never have." She pats his cheek once, before tapping her brother's nose. "You should have for more faith in my brother." The lady smiles as she turns about, facing Garett. "Since her arrival to Stonebridge there are so few Danae could trust. Those she trusted had been aware of her intentions. Unfortunately some could not be allowed into the inner circle quite yet because of their reservations about certain games. It may have been for the best that most had remained oblivious to her plan. And that the anger awarded her was genuine." Cherise proposes, glancing to Desmond. "Keep your anger, it will benefit Danae's future, just do not allow it to fester hmm?" Her words are now directed to Garett, "Ah for now just knowing that you wish to protect her will be enough. When your offer of arms are needed they will be called upon. But at the moment she needs to be appear as she is. Abandoned, for the time being."

"Do not treat Desmond like a boy, Cherise." Garett intones, noting that particular gesture. "I'll have you know that it was yesterday that I told Desmond he is to be made a Knight. And soon. But he has been a man for far longer than people know. His skills are complete, but he does not need me vouching for him. That aside, he has done everything I have asked for him. He may not be a Knight in name or title as of yet, but his mentor's eyes, -my- eyes, he is." That said, he starts to tighten the straps under the side of armor. "As for my sister. I have always trusted her, but now I see she could not give me the same curtosey. And it is not, for the record. It is pain. It is disappointment. It is sadness and it is hurt. But it is not anger. Make me feel guilty all you like, but for all the things I say, I do love her. But she is misguided. Everything she has done to be abandoned, she has done by her own hand."

Desmond closes his eyes when Cherise touches his cheek. Were he younger, his heart might've melted. But it seems he's hardened, for better or worse, it's hard to say. "Perhaps I should have more faith. But look where it can land you." He tilts his head in Garett's direction. "As if he needed this." At the nose-tap, he frowns, slightly, gazing beyond her shoulder. That is until Garett speaks up. And speaks /highly/. He doesn't smile, but he does hold his head up a bit more.

"A Knight?" Blatantly ignoring Garett's chastisement, "Congratulations are in order then. I shall compose a letter to mother and father on your behalf, they would be so very proud." She tells Desmond, smiling in earnest. "We all disappoint one another on occasion Garett. The hardest part is forgiving them for their choices. Danae is not oblivious to how we feel about this, she is quite aware of the trouble she has caused. And as we are family we should see her through this, at least to heal some measure of it." Her eyes look over the remainder of the rented room and the lady begins to move for the door. "I shall not keep either of you any longer, be wary on the roads." She warns before making her departure.