Page 311: The Oaths of a Septon and a Knight
The Oaths of a Septon and a Knight
Summary: Alek holds Marsden to some very odd oaths for a Septon.
Date: 25/May/2012
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Alek Marsden 
Tordane Camp
The Tordane camp in the Frey Tourney. It is probably a lot smaller than others.
May 26, 289

The tournament for the Twins is ending and many of the tents have already been packed away and made ready to leave. And the Tordane encampment is no different. What meagre holdings they have have been broken down by the pages and squires of the newly acquired 'desparate men' and the breaking of fast has come. Currently seeing to a rather stout pony and his belongings is one of the few sworn that actually is decked in the green of Tordane. A faint scowl on his scarred visage has set in as Marsden works his own straps and tightens the saddle in place on the Vale pony, Willem. Already his spear has been packed as have many other things, and now the finishing touches are just being adjusted.

His own horse ransomed back, Alek sees to it as he straps on the light belongings he owns, armor on him rather than burdening the stallion in packs. He works in silence this morning, looking all the worse for the wear for the festivities last night. His mouth is dry, wine clinging to his pores, and every muscle seems to protest movements between the melee and sleeping in the field, drunk. Finally, finally, he croaks towards Marsden, "When are we leaving?"

A look over his shoulder and Marsden chuckles "In an hour or more, perhaps. We're waiting to see where Lady Danae would have us go next, and then aim in that direction." Marsden says with a faint chuckle before he is looking back to the horse and then towards Alek. "How much?" did it cost him-but the rest does not follow. INstead Marsden waits before plowing along. "How did you go with the Mistres?"

"I ended up sleeping on the green," Alek drawls dryly as an answer, "Though, if I didn't know better, I swear I dreamed that the Septa came to find me only to tease me with kisses." He laughs warmly, however, dismissive as he rolls his shoulder upwards and turns back to the horse. "More than usual, of course. The bastard wasn't too pleased with me."

"The bastard can eat a barrel full of cocks for all I care." Marsden allows off before he is turning his head to spit. "Seven damn his seed." A rub of his nose before he's grinning. "Maybe the mother felt the need to show you compassion for your efforts, and the Maiden kept her chastity in check." A chuckle there before he's reaching on the saddle for his wineskin. Uncorked he takes a swig, before offering to Alek. "Eh, we'll get it back when we take Stonebridge for em."

Perhaps it is not entirely appropriate to say, perhaps it is a bit blasphemous, but Alek says with warm humor, "The Maiden is always a cocktease." He checks the straps on his horse, glancing towards Marsden with a sharp smile for the man they speak of. "Fuck him with a seven-sided mace. We will."

"That she is. She'll leave your balls bluer than a tyroshi beard." He notes before he is chuckling all the way. The Wineskin remains out for the other of Lady Danae's sworn. A raise of a brow, before he is looking back. "Won't miss this place much. It was not our finest of outings." the Septon says with a wry grin. "Next time though. You an I will bring glory to our little fucked up House."

Taking the wineskin now that his hands are free, Alek tips a grateful nod before taking a long drink of the alcohol, sighing with relief as it coats his tongue. He moves to offer it back, agreeing, "The further we can get between us and this fuck up of an outing, the better. If you'd been able to compete, it would not have been so completely—fucked, I think."

"I Would have at least gotten two of em, off you, Ser." the Half septon says with a faint chuckle. "Alas, I am no favored in any riverlands courts. Not counting our lady." He notes before he's taking time to shift his weight, and let arms rest at his hips. "A victory here would have been a big thumb in all of their collective asses." Marsden says with a chuckle. "Eh, well."

"I could knight you, and then they couldn't turn you away," Alek points out wryly, considering, as his grey eyes dance over Marsden for a moment.

Marsden looks back towards Alek for a moment and he pauses. His hand back out now for his own chance to swig down the wine. "No one could for that matter, if we were somewhere and needed to be on our Lady." Not that way, Alek. "It'd open doors."

Alek passes it back, giving it up easily. Like always. He nods, thoughtfully, before questioning of the other man, "Now, or later? How would you want to do it?"

"If we do it, do it before the Roost. Can't be barred then." Though he holds no real enemies in the Terrick Camp. And so he glances back, his mouth dry. "I've not done this before. I was a septon before I was a sellsword." he adds. "What do I need to do?" Marsden asks.

Drawing his sword from his side, Alek replies, "Just kneel."

Marsden nods once before he slowly drops to his knees. There's a brief look back over towards Alek, after he spots a few of the Charlton sellswords stopping to watch what is going on as well. A raised brow before he coughs. "Right."

Steel grey eyes slide to the sellswords, but once Alek has decided he is doing this, he is apparently doing it correctly. His bruised and battered face holds seriousness well, the wind ruffling at his hair as he intones, "Marsden Streem of House Tordane." He touches the tip of his sword precisely to the septon's right shoulder. "In the name of the Warrior, I charge you to be brave." Neatly, with a bit of a flourish, his sword is lifted and settled again on Marsden's left shoulder. "In the name of the Father, I charge you to be just." Again, the blade is switched to the other shoulder. "In the name of the Mother, I charge you to defend the young and innocent." Again, the blade glints in the morning sun as it moves to his left shoulder. "In the name of the Maiden, I charge you to protect all women." He lifts his sword into the air for a moment, before planting it in the ground before the other man. "Rise, Ser Marsden Streem."

And there, it seems as solemn as when he received his vows in the septry. Though this is but another turn in the wheel, and a new path. Marsden for his part is silent, and solemn, keeping his head bowed, as the weight of the blade is felt in each tap. When it is done, He rises slowly, as his joints allow him. And there he stares Alek right in the eyes, before a smile comes upon his face. "Thank you, Brother." And with that the Half-Septon, now full knight reaches out to embrace the younger man, hard.

Alek may wince and his slightly at that embrace, but his own fist pounds in turn against Marsden's back as he returns it just as fiercly. "For Gedeon," he adds, lowly, as solemn as if it were part of the vows. Rise, Ser Marsden Streem, for Gedeon.

"For Gedeon." Marsden utters back low. And there, after that touching moment is over, he turns back to his things and pony, which he starts seeing to. "Aye, Till the Seven Hells and back.." Whatever that means. But, the course is plotted, and should there be rocks, He'll crash on them.