Page 587:The News of Changes
The News of Changes
Summary: Theodane makes a new friend
Date: 2/3/2013
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Crane's Crossing, Stonebridge
While Crane's Crossing is technically an Inn, it caters to the traveling nobility almost exclusively. The floors around the hearth are finely crafted stonework, as are the slate blocks that the firepit is constructed of. The rest of the floor is done in stained oak that matches the few long tables and the chairs. The rest of the main room is furnished with plush couches and seating to entice visitors to delay their leave. A full service kitchen provides food of all kinds as well as high quality ales and wines. Also available are several women to provide hospitality to the lonely or those in need, the quality of them to be beaten by but a few in the Riverlands. A hallway near the kitchen leads off to the rear of the building and several up-scale rooms.
Sat Mar 02, 290

Aralima is sitting in the inn, dressed in a well cut riding dress, a bow propped against the table and a quiver on her hip. She is sitting alone with a few men in the tables around her. The room is kind of quite with it being so late, the sun is starting to go down already. The young woman is bouncing a coin off the table and into a pint that seems to have had some wine in it not too long ago.

A young boy near the age of eleven, maybe twelve, darts into the inn, in a hurry for something as all matters at that age was of dire importance. A few steps, shadowing the youth's entry was a much larger man, sharing near similar features as the lad but stretched and aged upon an adult mien. The boy runs straight away to a table, empty and staking claim on a chair. "I'm so starving I could devour a whole boar!" He proudly complains to the adult companion, whom's heavy steps are slow and paced. "Can you lad? And puke it up all the night? Sit your ass down." He's grinning, Bryon, before taking a small survey of the Inn's surroundings, perhaps his first stop should have been to Seagard. "Sit tight, don't wander." The adult commands of the child whom sits, restless in his seat while both arms are outstretched upon the table. The ginger haired boy does spy the woman play games of sorts, tossing a coin, that had caught his interest. As though he had no better sense the young lad just stares while Byron departs for the Innkeep.

Bouncing the coin into the Tankard isn't such an easy feat.. more oft then not the girl misses, and her mouth purses a little but she tries again. Looking up she spots the young boy and gives him a smile inclining her head to him. "Good evening to you." She gives another try at the game and gets it in which causes a beautiful smile to slide onto her face and she looks over to the wench, "Another glass of wine please."

The boy wears a goofy smile, sitting upright in his seat as though the effort granted him a few inches in height. His bright blue eyes shift to the tankard, then to the woman before returning a boyish, "Evening." At least his mannerisms were still present. One quick glance is given over the shoulder, his was still preoccupied which flashed the signal to carry on with his intentions. The sun blushed boy, in face and neck, shifted out of his chair and made his way to approach the noblewoman's table. Not sitting, just standing closeby. "You miss often."

Aralima smiles at the boy, she's not quite dressed like a lady but she doesn't correct the boy, "Well yes.. it's not as easy as it looks." She slides the coin over to the young lad and says, "You go ahead and try." She thanks the woman who brings her another cup of wine, her big blue eyes looking over to the older version of the boy and says, "What brings you to Stonebrige?"

Theodane accepts the coin and immediately stares at the ale questionably. "It doesn't look so hard." He boasts, his shoulders rolled back and he began to take aim. More focused on the game and being victorious over light conversation. With a squinted eye he replied, "Father has to talk to men." He returns just before bouncing the coin onto the wooden table and missing the ale mug entirely. It rolled onto the floor, his large blue eyes following it. "That was for practice." And no sooner had he said it, the boy went to retrieve the coin and attempt the game again. "I am now old enough to sail with him. My sister just wants to leave the cliffs."

A small smile curves the young woman's lips and she gives a nod, "Of course.. take all the practice you're needing My Lord." She sips her wine now hiding the full smile in the cup, "Old enough to sail, well that is a wonderful thing. Is that your brother." She nods to the older man that accompanied the boy. She watches Theodane now as he once more tries to get the coin in the cup.

The coin tinkered again towards the floor, worse than his first attempt. Theodane scowled as the went to retrieve the coin and answered the woman's questions with little mind to her inquiries. "Yes, I can have my own ship." He announces, pausing only to smile when making that proud proclamation before returning to the game. Once again he squits an eye, taking practice aims to prepare bouncing the coin again. "Huh?" Not realizing who the woman was speaking of until she pointed out the taller male. "No.." Theodane gave her a queer look. "That's my father." Why didn't she know that?

Aralima ohs and gives a smile, "I see.." She looks over to one of the men who are sitting around her and she gives the man a nod before she turns her attention back to Theodane and says, "Well he is quite tall." She gives a nod and says, "Give it another go." She smiles and motions the lad to try again, "I think you can do it this time." She sips her wine again and watches the boy.

Theodane shrugs, "Yes I mean, I suppose but I'll be tall too." Just like his father. With her encouragement the young boy attempts the coin again, this time he bounces against the outer rim of the cup with no success. Just as he reaches onto the table to retrieve the coin and begin again that familiar booming call of his name startled the kid into standing upright, instantly dropping the coin. Bryon looked none to pleased then again the scowling features were permanently etched onto his face. His voice horse and deep, "Turn my back and you raise ass from chair." The lad was sulking, "But the game!" The elder male sweept his gaze to those joined at the woman's table, and then to the woman herself nearby. "This boy bothering you?" He asked assertively.

Aralima is alone at her table save for the boy, but there are several armsmen close by, when boy says he's going to be tall too she nods her head, "Of course men usually take after their fathers." The loud voice causes her to turn her vivid blue eyes from the child and towards the large man she puts on a large smile and says, "Not at all, he is being a proper young lord, working on his hand eye coordination." She gives a little wink to the boy and then back to Bryon, "You are his Lord Father yes?"

Once the woman comes to his defense Theodane smiles wide at his father, then quickly retrieves the coin he was playing with for display. "I almost had it!" The game wasn't so easy afterall. Bryon glanced between the pair of them, addressing his son first. "Go on then." Permission granted and the boy resumed tossing the coin again. "Yes, Bryon Wyncliff." He jerked a head motion to his younger, "Theodane the Hardhead." As if on cue the boy knocked harshly on his head, agreeing with his father. "As a rock!" There was a flicker of amusement hidden in that flat line of Bryon's lips. "Don't be afraid to tell him to bugger off."

Aralima gives a small chuckle, "Well it is a pleasure to meet you Lord Theodan, and Lord Bryon." She motions the elder Wyncliff to a seat and says, "I am Aralima Frey of the Twins." She gives a nod over to the men sitting a table away, "My guards." She turns her attention to the boy a moment and she shakes her head, "Maybe he can show me how it's done." A small chuckle escapes from the young Frey and she turns her attention back to Bryon, "What bring you to Stonebridge my Lord."

"Lady Aralima." He also has manners though it is only a nod of his head rather than a flourishing bow the courtly types preform. Bryon gives a quick glance at the guards, the coin drops, rolls onto the floor and still within his field of vision Theodane is ducking under the table to chase after it. "He's a harsh taskmasker." The boys head popped up from the floor, "I am not!" And then his attention returned for the game as the adults conversed. "Food." He answers simply, "And a decent enough bed."

Theodane shouted his victory, lifting up the cup towards his father and then to the lady, "Told you I could do it." Bryon smirked, "Good, now give the lady back her coin thief." Theodane laughed, extending the cup of victory to the Frey woman. "Here." While waiting for Aralima to retrieve the cup he asks his father, "Can we eat now?"

Aralima nods her head and says, "Food is good here, and the beds, well I don't know what the beds are here, it's been long since I've actually slept here." She gives a polite clap to Theodane when he gets it, "Well done my Lord, well done!" She looks to Bryon and says, "Well in lieu of the Naylands returning to Hag's Mire, let me welcome you to Stonebridge." She shifts in her seat, moving her quiver only slightly.

Theodane takes his praises once the cup has been returned. He's anxious to eat and most likely fighting off the threat of slumber. "Gratitude for the game my lady." The lad bows stiffly and soon returns for his original seat, the one he was not supposed to leave. Bryon followed his son's departure, returning his attention unto the lady as she reveals some recent changes. "Back to their swamps?" He asked, brow aloft. "Well fuck," he grunts outloud, not mindful of delicate ears present. "The welcome is appreciated. I'll leave you to your…" The Wyncliff looked about the table, uncertain of what the woman was doing before, dining, drinking, or coin toss. So his words are left incomplete as he threads through the collection of wooden tables and chairs to join his son for a decent meal.