Page 529: The New Girl
The New Girl
Summary: Tria's first day on the job
Date: 1/3/13
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Ash & Oak Inn, Highfield
From the courtyard before the L shaped inn, the Ash and Oak opens into a sprawling taproom designed to house both commoner and noble alike; dimly light, the atmosphere within is one of intimate privacy, with tables arrayed in such a fashion that they each seem to linger within their own shadow, while the bar itself stands out under the illumination of several brightly burning candles opposite the main door. To the right of the bar, one finds a hallway leading back into a section marked strictly for employees and to the right? The kitchens. A large hearth sits on the wall to left, lending its warmth and glow before an assortment of benches and its heat is pushed to the rooms for the small folk that sit above the stables; small spaces not meant for the claustrophobic. Curling up to the very rooms themselves weaves a staircase, where only two at a time can walk if they don't mind their shoulders touching. On the right, coming off the wall itself rests a wide staircase, leading up to the more lavish rooms designed with a noble's comfort in mind.
Thu Jan 03, 290

The day has been a long one and the sun is just now leaning from afternoon into evening. Kaelea, one of the Flint retainers, has just finished a shift up at the keep. At the moment she has come to the inn for her favorite… A nice ale and a bunch of grapes. Soon as she walks in, she has a seat at the bar, waiting for the mug of happiness.

Bustling around the room, trying to keep it nice and clean is little Tria, the young woman seems as if she's been doing this since birth, scooping up plates and tankards, wine glasses and utensils. As Kaelea enters she smiles, "Welcome to the Ash and Oak, can I help you?" She slips into the back and returns quickly before the woman can even say her order, the tiny woman is wiping her hands off on a wet towel.

Oh.. "Thanks," Kaelea offers the young woman. "Are you new?" Squinting her eyes a little, to get used to the idea of another face here. "Sorry, my manners are lacking lately. Man troubles." She says in a stage whisper, a grin spreading across her face. "Ale and grapes." Her usual. Unless she was really hungry. "I'm Kaelea."

Tria beams a bright smile and she nods her head, "I am new, thank you.. was just hired in.. I've been in an inn my entire life!" She talks as she moves to the casks taking up a tankard, and tilts it up under the cask, "I figured since the Flint camp is closed due to Illness I could help Mistress Fitch while I wait for my father to come back well." She gets the right amount of head on top as she slips it in front of Kaelea, "Grapes!! Coming right up!" She gets a nice clean bowl and fills it full of grape bunches, "Do you want me to take the stems out for you my dear? And man trouble? What woman doesn't have that?! If you'd like to talk, I have two ears that are willing and able to listen!"

"Oh?" Perking up, Kaelea watches the girl with interest as she fills her tankard. "I worked in the inn in the Roost before coming to Highfield." Accepting the mug, she takes a long drink, her tongue darting out to lick the head from her upper lip. "Perfect. Thank you." Tilting her head to the side, she grins. "Not necessary thanks. I just pop em off and them." Demonstrating just that, plucking off a grape and tossing it in her mouth. After swallowing, the redhead smirks. "Yeah? You too?" Offering a knowing smile. "I agree, what woman doesn't."

Pausing in her motions she peers at the woman and says, "Really? My family owned an inn in the roost, before the Iron Men came and burnt it down." She gives a wrinkle of her nose, "Actually the only man problem I have is the lack of one!" She gives a chuckle and gives a nod, "If you'd like anything else just let me know, I'm Tria.. but I can answer to hey you!" Giving the woman a wink, the tiny woman starts to clean up on the bar, working around the woman sitting there.

Daryl steps into the Ash and Oak, his home away from home and one true sanctuary, but the Deputy doesn't look so full of cheer as is his typical entrance into the often rowdy establishment. He more or less strides for the bar, offering a few murmured hellos and flick wrists of hand waves as he moves to settle into a seat. He just looks towards Tria with a neutral sort of stare, somewhat troubled, and then inclines his head in a manner that seems more…Commoner than his usual noble head dip. "Hows business, Tria?" He glances down the bar some Kaelea's way, and gives a little waggle of his fingers in a wave towards her. "Kaelea." He's not cold, he just seems to have a lot on his mind.

"Sometimes I think it would be a lucky think to have that problem. If it weren't for the.." Sex.. "Uh.. being alone, I guess." With a wry twist of her lips, Kaelea looks back into the tankard before taking another long drink. "You don't say? Which inn would that be?" Popping another grape, she just chews quietly. When the door opens again it's to a familiar face and she watches his procession across the room. Giving Tria a look, she indicates the new arrival with a little tilt of her head. Though at the wave she laughs. "Hey. How are you?" Not exactly cold. Just.. lukewarm? Nah.

Tria gives a bright smile to Daryl, "Deputy!!! Come on in!" She moves to the cask of ale and says, "A pitcher for you today?" She looks to Kaelea and says, "Was called the Glass Star Inn." She gives a nod to the woman, "We were a bit away from the Rockcliff, closer toward the sea." She gives a warm smile to both waiting on Daryl's order.

"Never been better." Daryl replies with sarcasm towards the redhead, but the way he smiles in charming fashion, shaking his head and rolling his eyes a bit…Shows he's just getting used to it. Tria's warm greeting does elevate his mood some, and he smiles towards her as well, raising his shoulders a bit and shaking his head like a left and right bobblehead before replying, "Eh…Glass of sweet wine for now."

"Glass Star Inn, think I heard of it. I was born and raised in the Roost." The sarcasm gets a raised brow."So I see.. " Wine? "You don't really strike me as a wine man."

"I'm not truly," Daryl replies towards Kaelea, shrugging his shoulders just a bit admittedly, "But I tend to drink it slower than ale or…Brandy. Or other such liquers." The Deputy clears his throat then and relaxes back into his seat, glancing around the inn to view the patrons…The regulars, the trouble makers, the teetotallers..His attention is drawn back towards the bar and he recieves the glass with a grateful smile and wink, sighing a touch as he raises it to his lips. Sipppp. Dark green orbs peer over the glass to Tria and he lowers it, nodding faintly. "You are right. It does." A look between the two of them than and he wonders, "What's new in the commoner world? Come now and fill me on the happenings of.." He raises his hands to gesticulate, "Goats…and…Tilling." He's just being goofy and teasing, shrugging his shoulders lightly.

"It's a good place to grow up." Finishing her own ale, Kaelea looks over, her green eyes resting on the wine. "Any particular reason you're not wanting to drink fast?" With an amused expression Kaelea looks back at Tria. "Want my man?" Winking as well before popping a grape in her mouth. "He's good looking, nice, sleeps around. You know, all those things a girl wants in her future husband." The amusement is still there lending no creedence to the more caustic words. Smirking as she glances nack at Daryl she shrugs. "The goats are shitty, the tilling filthy. It's a living." Her words deadpan, her expression full of mischief. "Another please?" the redhead asks Tria, ahh a refill.

Tria takes Kaelea's tankard and shakes her head, "Thanks but no." She gives a chuckle and says, "I can milk a goat.. and I've never tilled land.. but I need someone who does so I can buy wheat for ale.. and grapes for wine and other berries.. and apples I need to find someone who has apples, for cider and brandy." She is behind the bar, facing Kaelea and Daryl, "Know anyone who can do all that? I'll need a good supplier." She looks back to Kaelea and says, "Your man sleeps around on you? Seems like he needs a good old fashion ass kicking."

The Ashwood rubs the back of his neck lightly, his shoulders lifting only a couple inches in a mini-shrug. "Moderation?" Okay…That doesn't sound like him at all. A lie? A change of heart? His fingertips drum lightly on the counter top, biting his bottom lift as he eyes the ale keg and liquers, as if trying to decide. When Kaelea mentions about her lover sleeping around, Daryl just looks away. Not his business, and he's sure as hell not getting mixed up in -that!- Well. He sure could use a certain cousin right now to talk to so it doesn't just look like he's randomly eyeing people across the inn.

Never has Kaelea minded being randomly eyed across the inn. Well the only reason the redhead mentioned the unfaithful lover was because Tria had offered to listen. So, awkward moment. "Yeah." And that's all she has to say about that. "I don't know anyone who could do all that, but you could ask Pariston Vis. He's with the Flints, knows more people around here than i do." Looking towards her tankard in the barmaids hand, she bites her lip. "Moderation is over rated. So who is up for a swim." Popping another grape.

The door opens, and Robben steps inside, sidestepping someone heading out the other direction. Glancing around for a few moments, before he steps in the general direction of the bar, shaking his head a little bit to himself as he mutters something under his breath now.

Tria raises an eyebrow at Daryl as he says some bullshit about moderation and she shakes her head, "Paris? I know him.. Haven't seen him a bit." She slides the tankard to Kae and says, "Always thought he was a good man.. Seems I misjudged." She looks over to see Robben and she beams, "M'Lord Robben!! Cherry wine for you today?"

"Ahhh what the hell." It had been a more or less crummy day. Daryl raises his head towards Tria, rubbing his face lightly and taking a long sip of wine. "I'll take a mug of ale and a shot of brandy, too. Your pick." The Ashwood doesn't yet notice his cousin, setting his glass down and raising a brow towards Kaelea then, "Swim?" He seems only somewhat confused, as if to be like 'where?' As Tria announces the other Ashwood's presence, he seems relieved, turning to offer a nod over his shoulder towards him. "How are you, cousin? Ser Boldt all finished playing tunes?"

Kaelea tilts her head to the side and offers a grin. "Ah I didn't say he was the one who cheated, just that maybe he could point you in the right direction of someone to help you with your tilling and picking and all that." The assumption was a good one anyway, since it was true. "We aren't married. Guess it means he's free to do as he wants." Guess it means she is too. "He tells me you're an amazing cook." Winking at her. Lifting a grape to pop in her mouth, she hears Robbens name and looks over expectantly. "Catch?" Rolling the grape in her fingers, ready to toss it as his okay or eat it at his decline, a cocky half smile on her face. No takers on the swimming. Pity. Nothing like a moonlight swim. Surely it was dark out by now?

Ohh a taker. "The river " the redhead adds, a slow smile forming.

Robben pauses as he hears his name mentioned, looking up a bit slowly. "Hmmm? Ah, the cherry wine sounds good, thanks." Offering Tria a bit of a smile, before he looks over to the others for a few moments. A brief shake of his head to the grape, before he moves over towards Kaelea and Daryl. "Swimming's usually done in water, cousin," he remarks to Daryl, before he nods a little bit. "I think he got a bit distracted by that girl of his," he remarks. Looking around again for a few moments now.

Tria gives a bright smile to Robben and goes to get him some wine as well as getting Daryl's stuff, ale and a shot of her apple brandy since the man seemed to love that as well. "Aww Pariston said I was a good cook? How sweet." She sets the tankards in front of Daryl, then a goblet in front of Robben, "Anything else for the three of you?" She shakes her head and says, "Oh I don't swim.. and I have plenty of work to do here tonight, I need to start going over the finances for Mistress Fitch so I can learn how to do those. Thank you for the invitation though."

"What in the blazes is that lass's name, anyway?!" Daryl asks Robben curiously, as he kept running into the girl but never stopped to talk to her really. There's a deadpan look then as he smirks, "Yes, I know. I thought you'd respond with something more specific. Anything. The stream over yonder, even." He chuckles a bit and puts down the rest of his wine in a mighty swig. So much for drinking it slow. One hand grasps both the tankards in front him, eyeing them and downing a shot of the brandy before a sip of the ale. He shakes his head in reaction to the liquer with a sharp exhale.

Denied. With an easy smile, Kaelea tosses the grape in her own mouth, the concern on her face as she looks at Robben clear. "So, what's up Robben? You look like.." hell? Sure they are friends. "You look unhappy." Arching a brow she looks at Daryl, girl? What? Oops. Not going there. "Nah he said you were an amazing cook. Yeah he stressed that pretty good. I'm good, don't need anything else thanks." Lifting her mug she downs a good half of it. Chuckling niw, she looks at Daryl again. "Moderation..?" Pointing to the general location of the river. "That river over there." Nodding to Tria. "Aww alright."

"Hmm? What's who's name?" Robben shrugs a little bit before he takes a sip of that wine. "Thanks," he offers, closing his eyes for a few moments as he lets out a bit of a breath. "Just one of those days, I suppose," he offers to Kaelea, offering her a brief smile. He then looks to Daryl again, offering a bit of a grin. "If you decide to swim, remember to go downstream. There are people in town who might be getting their much needed water from the river." It's said rather lightly, though.

Tria has the grace to blush and says, "Yes… well.. You're welcome to find out how my cooking is Miss anytime you like, now that I am working here under Mistress Fitch's tutelage, you'll see a lot more of me around here." She smiles and starts to clean the bar up, the thing gleams anyways may as well clean it some more so it /looks/ like she's doing something.

Daryl just grumbles a tad towards Kaelea as he's called out on his drinking, good hearted smile rising as he lifts his mug for a long sip. Robben gets an amused grin for the river comment, and he half shrugs, debating it. "I'd have to warm up with a few drinks of course…" Then he goes further to explain more clearly, "That one young woman…She's a scullery maid? I saw her briefly before I had left. I can't place her name." The Deputy eyes his brandy, or the couple shots remaining, and puts it back with a head tilt backwords, exhaling afterwards and feeling the warmth travel down.

The group are assembled around the bar, Daryl, Kaelea and Robben on the customer side, while Tria tends to it.

Huh? Whose name? Letting Robben ask away, Kaelea just drinks. Yep, good stuff. "Ah.. I see." And she does see. They talk. "Downstream huh?" Chuckling. "Long as that whole sickness mess isn't in the river right?" Looking back to Tria, she grins at the blush. "Amazing indeed." Popping another grape. Munch. Munch. "Drinking always comes before swimming. Every one knows that." The hell? Drunk swimming. Death wish? Taking another drink from her mug, she bites her lip.

Robben grins, "Ah, that one. I'm not entirely sure," he replies, after a few moments of pause. Shrugging a little bit as he takes another sip from his wine. "Ah, excellent…" he mutters to himself now. Looking a bit thoughtful at the moment.

Soon enough Paris does his usual appearance as he has been keeping busy at the keep. Wandering inside the inn and is heading towards the back rooms. At least until he spots Kaelea at the bar. Smiling and making his way over. Nodding to the lords as well before smiling and nodding to Tria, "My lords, miss Forester, Lea." He offers before tilting his head. "I am glad that you made it out miss. IS your father alright?" He asks before moving to wrap an arm around Kaelea, if she allows him to. Placing a kiss to her cheek as well.

Tria looks up as she hears someone enter, "Welcome to the Oak and Ash, good day Mater Paris." She looks to Kaelea and peeks into Daryl's cup and checks Robben's making sure they are all full, "Yes… I wasn't in the camp when the sickness went down. I was in Terrick's Roost on an errand for Ser Perrin Haigh." She looks down at the mention of her father and shakes her head, "He is still there.. I've not heard word from him."

Nothing speaks hands off my girl more than strolling into a bar and singling her out with a kiss. Hmm. Glancing up at the tall hunter, her green eyes indicate she is a little on the tipsy side. Not much though. Kaelea doesn't pull away, that at least says something. She doesn't exactly smile as bright as she could but there is a dimmer variation. "Did you find out anything?" Lea asks him, though soon realizes something bad happened. "Your dad is in there? Send him a message with the guard change. They'll deliver it." Surely they would? Robbens mutterings get a grin. "Drink up. Makes you feel better. Triust me."

Robben offers a bit of a nod to Pariston, before he raises an eyebrow at Kaelea's words. "Are you trying to get me drunk there?" he remarks, a bit lightly. "Remember what happened the last time…" He takes a long sip of the wione now, though.

Pariston looks between them all and nods to Tria's words. "I'm sorry. I am glad that you are fine though. You work here now? Then at least the food and drink will be great." He says and offers a sweet smile. As for the words from Robben they only get an amused grin and a raised brow. "I think you told me of that once, didn't you?" He says and seems to be asking Kaelea. Seeing that she only has a small smile, but he seems to be happy for what is. "Seems I haven't been drinking enough compared to you all." Shaking his head a bit.

Tria laughs and looks to Kaelea and says, "I suppose you were right Miss." Perhaps that's some inside thing between the two and she looks to Paris, "Can I get you anything my friend? Yes yes.. under the watchful eye of Mistress Fitch.. she's grooming me I suppose since I've spent all my life in an Inn." She looks to Robben and says, "Would you like anything else m'Lord?"

"You were there, Paris," Kaelea gently reminds him, softening perhaps a touch. "I think I am, Robben. Is it working?" A smile full of mischief is given the nobleman. At the words from Paris to Tria, the second part not the first, Lea grins, sharing it with Tria, leaning across the bar just far enough to whisper. "Amazing.." Winking. "A refill for me pleaee. Paris you should drink with me. Night off right?"

"Maybe…" Robben remarks to Kaelea, shrugging a little bit, before he looks over to Tria again, considering something now. "Something stronger, please?" he offers, before he looks to Pariston. "Then why are you doing so much talking? Won't catch up that way…"

Pariston raises a brow, "Hmm… I think I was thinking about something else. What were we up to the last time?" He asks and chuckles a bit before he looks to Tria and nods. "Yeah, something to eat and drink." Then nodding to Lea as well. "Indeed, and I can drink with you." He says andd smiles. Moving to take a seat and if she agrees to it then he will let her sit in his lap. A laughter at the lord's words. "Well, I'll catch up before you pass out." Starting to get comfortable with Robben perhaps, thanks to their deal about helping each other out.

Tria winks at Robben and says, "I have some brandy… coming right up!" She looks to Paris and nods her head, "Of course! I'll get you some food, and ale? Wine? Cider?" She bustles to get Robben his stuff, pouring a tankard of some sweet smelling brandy and handing it over to him. She then moves to fill Kaelea's tankard as well, looking between the two.. perhaps not getting the inside joke, this is a good thing.

Now the party has started. Her third now, Kaelea does move to have a seat on Paris' lap. "You know," Lea says thoughtfully, "I'm glad no one took me up on the offer when I said they could have you." Winking again at Tria. When she looks between them, the redhead explains for Tria's sake. "Just a drinking party. We all passed out, thats all." And for real it was. Wiggling to get comfortable on Paris' lap, she looks back and up at him. "I rarely see you drink."

Pariston hmmms, "I think I could go with something strong as well. Surprise me." He offers and grins, "Need to catch up after all." Grinning and looking between Tria and Kaelea as Kaelea speaks. Then he does help her get comfortable. "Well, other than ale perhaps not. I do need to be alert." He says. Though ale is the usual so it isn't really the same as drinking heavy, is it? "You will get to see me drink a bit now at least."

Tria gets another tankard for Paris and then disappears into the back and returns with a large plate full of sliced lamb roast, some buttered carrots and some mashed turnips, and sets it in front of Paris, "There you are dear." She seems to be the only sober one in the inn, but then she's on duty. Smiling she starts towards the common room, arranging chairs and cleaning up tables, if they need her she'll come to serve!

"Paris," Kaelea begins, glad he had helped her to get comfortable. "I tried giving you away earlier." Though there is laughter she seems a bit serious. Lifting her mug she takes another drink, glancing over at the too quiet Robben. "Maybe after this one I should go for something stronger too." Shrugging. As Lea watches the food being delivered, she gets up and settles on a stool so he can eat. "I miss working in an inn." Kinda. Oh yeah, she forgot about her grapes. Rolling one between her fingers she has a thoughtful expression. "Where'd that other noble go?"

Robben takes a few moments to drink most of the brandy now. Closing his eyes for a few moments, he offers a bit of a smile. "That's excellent." Letting out a few deep breaths as he hears Kaelea's question, "Hmm?"

Where -did- that Deputy go off too? He must've slipped away quietly, because he's coming from the direction of the commoner rooms, pausing just a touch and peering around as he rejoins the main area, glazed green eyes narrowing a touch. He stifles a burp into one fist, shaking his head and leaning against the bar in a drunken, casual fashion. "Tria!" He calls lightly, now in a much better mood, thanks to the joys of drinking, "What other liquers you got?"

Like a lion hunting antelope on the savannah, the drunken call of…A former noble is easy prey for one of the Ash and Oak whores. And Deputy Daryl know doubt, who probably still has the coin yet is down on his luck. A single brunette presses a hand to stop another woman, before she starts gracefully for the Ashwood, encircling her prey.

"I prefer something darker," Daryl mutters to Tria, setting an empty mug on the counter with a light clink. "…And another ale." He waves lightly to anyone who will give him the attention across the bar.

Tria gives a glare to the whore her jaw tightening a bit before she looks back to Daryl, "What else do I have? Nothing of mine I'm sure I can find something for you somewhere though." She looks back to the whore and starts for the kitchen, slipping off for the time being.

Pariston nods to the food and drink he get. At Kaelea's words he nods, and raises a brow. Smiling though "Oh?" Not saying more as he knows that there is some seriousness to it. Paris would had been fine certainly, but he will let Kaelea shift over to a stool as he moves to eat. Looking towards Daryl and offering a nod to him. Raising a bit of a brow but not saying more.

Draining the last of his brandy, Robben starts getting to his feet. "I should… be going…" he mutters, before he adds, "See you later, everyone…" And then, slowly but surely, he makes his way to the door and outside.

After a sip, Kaelea sheugs to Robben when the other noble makes a reappearance. She has certainly slowed down on her drinking. Glancing towards the deputy at his -charming- return, she smirks too as the whore makes her move, offering her a wink and a 'go get em' kinda look. Hey it's what the whore's did right? The look from Tria clearly said back off though. Interesting. Very interesting. Speculation glows in her green eyes unmistakable. Then Paris has to go and stop talking, distracting her. "See ya Robben." Lifting her glass in farewell. "Be good."

"Thank you," Daryl speaks to Tria as she moves to check for him, and he looks at Pariston around the time he nods his way. "…What?" He asks, perhaps spotting the small brow raise, but he neither pursues it, probably because he has a hard time keeping his attention on anything for too long. Spinning some, his lower back uses the bar top as a lean-against, his arms stretching over the counter on either side.

The whore treads closer, approaching the bar and using the commoner couple as an intro on her way to her target. A broad smile towards Kaelea as she catches the wink, stopping before them, "Are the both of you enjoying yourselves? Can I have someone bring you anything? Another drink?" She smiles at Pariston friendly enough too, before looking past towards the unaware Daryl, now that Tria is gone, she'll make her move after recieving a reply from Pariston and Kaelea.

"Later, cousin!" Daryl calls to Robben, that grin never leaving his face, permanent in his drunken state. The whore slinks to his side, running a finger along the counter as she looks up towards the Deputy, "…And how are you, Deputy?"

Pariston is mostly eating his food. Finishing it rather quickly. Probably not having eaten in awhile. Drinking as well. Waving his goodbye to Robben before placing a kiss to Kaelea. Shaking his head to Daryl, "Nothing much I suppose." He offers with a small smile then looking to the others. Shaking his head "I have enough for now." He says politely before staying there with Lea it seems. He does look once more towards Tria though as she is moving along a bit.

Daryl turns his attention towards the approaching woman, straightening some and using one hand to steady himself as his eyes wander a little too blatantly. They snap back up and he answers, "Emrys." Apparently he's familiar with the woman. "I'm doing…Well, a lot better than when I came in here, that's for sure. Somehow the Ash and Oak always has a way… of raising a smile on my face." The Deputy glances idly to where Tria went off to. Whores get his attention, sure…But drinking also was a love of his.

"That's not the only thing i'll raise, if you'll let me," The woman counters with a wicked grin, "Looking for company tonight, My-..Deputy?" See almost slips on his title.

Daryl glances towards Pariston, holding a finger up drunkenly as if to say 'hold on' to the whore, who still smiles and waits patiently. The Ashwood moves closer towards Pariston, and leans in to whisper a few words to him. He can probably smell the booze on his breath.

Pariston looks at Daryl but frowns. "I'm fine." He offers not sure what to take of the man's words. "I've spoken with her. It's fine." He says and seems to have no interest at all as for his offer. "You should take it easy." He offers about the drinking and let a smile creep up on his face again. Watching him yell for Tria and he just grins.

Tria slips back out of the kitchen with a bottle in hand, dark brown in color, she sits it down in front of Daryl and says, "There you are Deputy, sorry it took me so long." She reaches for Paris's dish and says, "Can I bring you something else Master Pariston?"

"Hey…" Daryl shrugs, clasping Pariston's shoulder, "Just trying to help out a…Fellow man." There's a smirk towards the man's attempt at slowing down his alcohol intake. "…No…'It's fine.'" He mimics the way Pariston said it just a second ago, chuckling and winking towards the other man before adding more seriously, "…Sorry, friend. Like I said. Not from me." He lets it drop, waving off the smiling whore with a dismissive gesture. "Not tonight, dear."

The whore moves back for her grouping, smile falling as soon as she turns away. "…Cheap ass."

The Deputy gains a wider grin as Tria sets the bottle on the counter, and he sits across her. "Don't worry your pretty head over it, Tria…" He eyes the bottle with a grin, "Got a fresh glass for me?"

Pariston just shakes his head to Daryl before looking to Tria. Smile back and he nods, "Yes please. Some ale would be nice." He tells her. Then looking between Daryl and Tria and just rests in his seat.

Tria gives a smile to Paris and takes his tankard from before and goes to fill it back up, on the way back through she gets a mug for Daryl, "There you go gentlemen, if you need anything else I have some dishes to do.. just shout!"

Daryl looks at Pariston a couple moments longer, offering an apologetic shrug before the whole drunk thing has him taking his attention elsewhere. Elsewhere being the young barkeep and newly set bottle before him. His grin widens some as he clacks his tongue lightly to the roof of his mouth, green orbs on Tria, "You always know how to make me …Feel better, you know that?" Drunken rambling sure, but atleast he's friendly. "…You want any help?" He offers with a wide grin to Tria as he moves to pour a shot in his old mug, and slide the clean one Pariston's way, filling him one too. "We're the less…Malicious of genders, Master. I assure you."

Pariston smiles and nods to Tria, "Thank you, mistress Tria." He offers then and nods slowly to Daryl as well but seems to nod want to say more to him at the moment, after the whispering. Nodding though as he soon enough turns towards his ale. Nodding to Tria's words. Not fully sure what to do, as Kaelea had moved out and Daryl bringing down his mood a bit.

Tria looks over her shoulder at Daryl and raises an eyebrow, "No thank you Deputy, kind of you to ask." She takes up a place behind the bar and pours herself a cup of tea, she's in the process of taking a drink when the former Lord says something about being the less malicious of the two genders and she sprays tea out across the bar, choking.

Daryl just nonchalantly shrugs towards Pariston, gliding that shot towards the Flint man, before knocking back his own shot, though when he looks to Tria, as she sprays tea out over the bar top. An amused laugh, raise of his brows and grin, and he rises, reaching across to pick up that rag she'd been using to wipe the bar with. He steps over, wiping up the spot where she choked out the tea, "Don't worry." Comes his drunken statement, "This one's on me." He sets the rag aside after the counter is squeaky clean, and then moves to retake his seat.

Pariston takes the offered shot and nods his appreciation to the man and he looks over to Tria with a grin as well. Letting out a laugh. "You alright?" He asks and smiles a bit amused. "I think the tea is supposed to go down, not out." He winks at her with that and glances to Daryl again.

Tria coughs and covers her mouth she looks to Daryl and says, in a hoarse voice, "Yes, thank you." She looks over to Pariston and gives him a chuckle, "Yes Master thank you…" She looks to the rag and takes it up making sure the place is Triaclean (tm) and says, "Do you think me in such a way Deputy? Malicious?"

Daryl whistles a quiet tune, hand going to the bottle and looking at it lovingly before he tilts it down to fill another shots worth. Its slid halfway between him and Master Vis, should he want another. "Have at it," He encourages, and then raises his brows in surprise of Tria's statement. "Of course not, my brew Mistress!" That wide, charming grin comes easy on his fun loving countenance. "I only sing your praises, because -you-…Know how to treat a man." He raises his liquer mug up a little towards Pariston, and explains to Tria, "Its just that…Men are often so quickly…Condemned for their worse actions, and rarely…Praised for their good ones." A look to Pariston, "And I think both me and my new friend here…" Wait, they're friends now? "Can attest to that…And then they go and make similar mistakes!" He just shakes his head, setting the glass down and forgetting to drink the liquer.

Still seeming a bit uncertain about Daryl and perhaps not agreeing with him on it all, Paris shrugs. "Thanks." He offers about the shot as he reaches for it and drains it. Then nodding to Tria and drinking from his ale. Combining the two. "Do tell if you need any help. You did give me free food and drinks once after all." He says to Tria and still smiles.

Tria tsks at Paris and says, "Well now you have to pay for it.." She gives a smile and goes back to cleaning, "Besides, tips are always welcome." She pours herself another cup of tea, this time she gets to drink it, her big brown eyes on Daryl. Shaking her head and says, "I just get you drunk.. nothing too hard about doing that." She gives a chuckle.

Daryl shakes his head at Tria, either noticing Pariston's mistrust and leaving him be, or just drunkenly missing it all. But what reason does this drunk man have to tell lies? "You provide…Stimulating conversation…You…Watch over my second home while i'm away…You make the -best- ale…And you know what, my dear brew goddess?…That's all I need! Why can't most women get that?" He ponders the question, his cheeks gaining a little red from the alcohol consumption as he looks down to his still waiting shot. He randomly begins laughing softly. A look up to Tria, he continues, winning grin worn. "…M…Moderation.." He just shakes his head in disbelief, continuing to find it funny.

Pariston grins and nods, "And I am. And there will be." He tells her. Smiling and continuing to look between the two. Raising a bit of a brow at Daryl's words. Though there is an amused shake of his head as he speaks of only needing a few things.

Tria laughs and says, "That's my job Deputy.." When he speaks about Moderation she looks to the man's drink and says, "Oh yes… moderation my dear, you started out with that motto.. don't think you kept to it.. but.. so long as I don't have to carry you.." She flexes, "Cause I could.. really!"

Daryl lifts that mug containing the shot, downing it and breathing out afterwards to battle the burn. "Ahhh.." The Deputy looks around then towards the increasingly emptying inn, patrons either retiring to their rooms or stepping outside to find their homes. Not Daryl, he's right where he should be, drinking away his problems. "I -tried-…Atleast I -tried-." He smirks a bit towards Pariston, giving him a nudge of his elbow, "…Th.." He hiccups softly, "Think she could do it..?" He jerks a thumb back towards Tria, "Think she could lift me?" A narrowing of his eyes towards the young woman, a playful smile. "…We'll put that to the test." There's a drunken pause, and he asks curiously of Tria, "So were you…Ever able to get…" Hiccup. "That second handcuff, off your bed?" …What?

Daryl is in a fine state. Smashed. And he's seated beside Pariston, who's taking it much slower and smarter. Tria's across the bar doing her thing.

Kaelea comes sweeping back into the room, a little tipsy sure but not blatantly drunk. Unlike certain nobles whether former or otherwise, Lea likes to remember her good times. Once she locates her hunter, she walks over and takes his hand, gently tugging. "Ready for bed?" The 'fuck me' look on her face is unmistakable. They will not be sleeping.

Pariston chuckles to Tria's words. Raising a brow to Daryl and laughs a bit now. Shaking his head. "Perhaps she can. Though I think it might be wise to not do so." He grins and raises a brow about the handcuff. Getting a bit drunk but not nearly enough to be in the same state as Daryl. Having been waiting here while Kaelea had moved away for a bit earlier. Seeing her return and he smiles to her. Nodding as he turns to offer a nod to the other two. "I think I need to bow out." He tells them and smirks before moving along with Kaelea.

Daryl gives Pariston a meaningful, drunken look…Surprisingly insightful before he winks their way, "Don't make too much noise like you did last time. You'll wake up me and Tria." A hearty laugh at that and he waves their way, just snickering a bit as he shakes his head towards Tria. "Joking…Joking…" Snicker. "How's that one song go…? Something, something…Barrel of hay.." He mumbles a word, "She can… Roll a lad three times a day…" Then he straightens in his seat, stretching, and his back be visibly heard cracking. A look to Tria, "You've heard that one, right?"

"You, sir.. will be passed out as soon as your head hits the pillow. Drunk

Tria looks to the two lovers as they go off and do their thing, then looks to Daryl, "Mmmm not that I'm aware of.. As I told you, I don't.. roll in the barrel of hay." She chuckles and says, "Oh I got it off, thankfully.. Mistress Fitch helped me out, one of the stable boys came in."

"Oh…Right, right," Daryl hiccups, shrugging softly, "Tis only a…Song, you may've heard it." The Ashwood points towards Tria, "…And -don't- start either. You have sex?..It'll…Ruin your life." The Deputy nods about the handcuffs, "Mmm." Hiccup. "Good, good…That second one was giving me trouble. Surprisingly sturdy cuffs." He looks up the stairs then after the pair. Waiting for them to leave before muttering, "…She's -so- full of it." A shake of his head, and he peers around the more or less empty tavern. A look back to the barkeep. Seems hes cured his hiccups somehow. "You tryin' drink?" A very small slur there, which is rare for a drinker of his caliber.

Tria laughs, and throws her head back and shakes her head, "I'll have to… one day.. maybe when I get my shit together, maybe.. Or I can become a Septa. Or a silent sister." She leans against the bar, watching Pariston a moment before turning back to Daryl, her big brown eyes watching the man, "I'm not tied down with a child, thank the Maiden.."

Daryl shakes his head, and insists, "Ok-ok-okay, forget what I just said. Do -not- become a Septa or Silent sister, of all things!" He laughs softly, and he meets those doe like eyes with glossy, emerald ones. "It's really not all your…Making it out to be. Sex is…I mean it's -great-, but it doesn't really -matter- in the big scheme of things…Er…For a common woman, anyway. Sex is your greatest weapon." He pours himself a shot, and the holds the bottle out towards Tria, "…Please don't make me drink alone." He gives an actually…Pretty damn good puppy face, before asking innocently, tilting that liquer mug to his lips, "What do you mean?…Whos tied down with children?" He seems confused.

Tria brings her pot of tea over to the table and looks around, the place has died down, the.. girls have taken their refuge off over that way somewhere, "I have a lot of work to do, but I think I'm due a break for the moment." She settles down at the table and looks over to the deputy, "Hardly.. I am a woman.. weapon? No my weapon is this…" She taps at her temple, and continues, "And my etiquette, I sure as hell am not running around with armor and sword…"

"Thank the seven," Daryl comments, though he's sipping his liquer now rather than shooting it, he pours her a mug and slides it her way. "Well, you do seem to be a smart one…" The Deputy notes, eyeing her now, "And the mind can be…Quite a weapon indeed." He pauses, trying to formulate the thoughts into words, "What I meant was…Men desire you. You can…Twist, manipulate men…No matter how high their station…With your seven-given body!" He reaches a hand to point at her, "You have a…Power over men. Who hold power." Does that make sense, who knows? "What did you mean tied down by child?…I'm confused." He raises to lift that mug for another sip after clinking his mug with hers.

Tria smiles and says, "When a woman has a child she's tied down, she has to take care of the kids." She shrugs her shoulders and says, "I want to focus… on this." She motions around her, "I want.. to be settled in what I am going to do with the rest of my life." She takes up the drink he shoves to her and sips it, "I know what I want doesn't matter a flaming fuck, something will come along and fuck it up.. but I can dream."

Okay, now it's -Daryl's- turn. Hearing what she said, he exhales sharply while taking the shot, causing it to go down the wrong pipe. It violently comes back up, but all into his mug which is upturned, the burning liquer bouncing off mug right back into his face and eyes, yet leaving no mess to clean up. Save for his self. His eyes tightly shut, teeth clenched as he emits, "-Fuck!-" The liquer stinging his eyes as he reaches blindly for Tria, setting a hand on her thigh, and then her side, "Could you…Grab me a..Clean rag?" He stops flailing and touching her, still half blind, "…Just…Swallowed that the wrong way. Agh." The Deputy continues, "…Thats admirable of you, anyway…But you are also a…Realist…Which is good. Is that why you lay with no man…? Or…" He pauses, and gains an exciting (for him) theory. "Or…Perhaps…You'd rather a woman?" Bold drunken words for a helpless blind.

Tria is off her stool in a moment and rushing around and into the kitchen. She returns with not one but two, she throws the one on the bar and moves back to Daryl, she starts to gently wipe the liquor off of him and says, "No not a woman, I enjoy looking at men." She dabs at his face and wipes softly across his eyes, "No.. I just have been too busy, haven't found the right man… la la la."

"Fucking…Agh…" The Deputy gratefully recieving her treatment. His hand still is outstretched, finding her lower torso and setting his hand…Palm first on it as she removes the fiery liquer from his eyes. His free hand wastes no time in -properly- knocking back the shot, despite the burning in his throat. There we go. While the white of his eyes are a little watery and pink, those green hues lock on to her brown, only having to look up a small amount from his seated position. "…And…How can you be so sure you haven't…My little brew Mistress?" You gotta hand it to him. For taking a shot of liquer to the face and being extremely drunk, he sure can be charming.

Tria reaches down to remove his hand from her hip, "My dear deputy… I know I like men.. women are beautiful and I'm sure the girls here know what they're doing.. but.." She smiles oh so sweetly and says, "I think I should go get my work done."

Daryl blinks a few more times as his eyes water and rid the remaining poison from his eyes, feeling his hand taken away and he opts to set it on the counter top. "I meant how can… you be so sure you…Haven't found the right man, silly lass." He wipes some at his face, moving to reach for the bottle and pour its contents into the mug that betrayed him…A full mug. "…When you get back, you'll likely find me …Passed out here. Just…Give me a jab. Or pour some water on me." A long sip of that liquer and a shudder. He leans forwards on the counter just a bit.

Tria laughs at this and shakes her head, "Don't you think I'd feel something like that? You know.. in my heart.. or some odd shit.. I think I listened to too many fairy tales from the minstrels that came in back home." She sighs and shrugs her shoulders and turns to get busy, wiping down the bar, the tables, the chair seats before putting the chairs up on the table.

Daryl just smirk's a touch, shaking his head softly as he counters, "…My dear Tria…You are young. You will see, one day…What it truly is." He drinks long of the mug, a true feat. His head coils down after, sharply exhaling. "…But I truly wish that is what…You find." He sees her starting to set chairs, and he moves to rise, "Lemme…Help…" Bad idea. When he stands, the sudden rush of alcohol mixed blood in his veins hits him like a freight train. He starts to stumble, catching himself on a table by sheer chance, and he just laughs softly, "I'm…I'm alright." A chuckle, and he takes a step forward, another euphoric rush hitting his brain and slowing his reaction enough where he just goes face down. Wham!

He just lies there a moment, "Ugh…" Before powerful arms get in a pushup position and he moves to get back up, successfully getting to his feet and laughing some more. "..I…I drank a lot again." His world spins around him.

Tria blinks as she hears someone hit the floor an she turns to look down at Daryl, "I think.. you should go home.. do you need me to walk you home? Can't have my bouncer laying on the floor."

Daryl shakes his head fervently, regaining his composure and righting himself, eyes locking on…Three Tria's? He blinks and shakes his head. There we go. "…I'm your -deputy-." Sure looks more like a drunk. He channels into that inner alcoholic, standing on his own with leaning, but he's a little wavy, "No way i'm…Going back…To Ting…Tangle…To the manor like this….I needa room, please." He eyes that mug with a little liquer left and carefully steps for it. Heart of a champion.

Tria chuckles and says, "Alright, I don't think there is anyone in the noble room,'re welcome to be there, you'll just make sure to pay the rent on it." She gives a nod and starts to sweep up the floor, swooshing dirt out the front door.

"…Gimme the…Commoner." Daryl mutters, grabbing that mug he was just chugging and eyeing the remains. "..You gotta finish this." He states, stubbornly refusing to pour any out. That was a sin to him, and he really doesn't want to finish it himself. A look towards her, and he's trying -real- hard to compose his wastedness. "You know…You can have… the girls do that, why don't you…See me to the room?" A wobbly smile, a little snicker.

Tria laughs and says, "The.. girls have their own.. duties to see to." She smiles and moves over to him, "But if you need me to take you back, I'll be happy to but I have a lot of other duties I need to get to.. there are dishes piled up in the back.." She sighs and says, "And I need to scrub the floor and make sure that all that ale and the Seven only knows what else has been on this floor…"

"I'll-help you do-n the morning." Daryl somewhat slurs with a grin, referencing the dishes can be cleaned before opening. He backpeddles, an arm outstretching for her to follow, "An' the floor…You need to..Hire sommore help if your up this…Late havin' to clean when there's…People under you." Wow that was a fairly long drunken ramble. Its good he didn't fall backwards either. "Take me to…Your room." The Deputy steadies himself on a wall.

Tria smiles and says, "I can't Daryl, I have to make them see that I am good enough to do this…" She looks to the man and raises an eyebrow and wraps an arm around him to steady, "I'll take you to /YOUR/ room.. if you'd like I'll even send one of the girls in to… see to your.. umm.. needs? COme on dear.. let's get you to a bed." She smiles and says, "Besides staying up or getting up early.. it needs to be done."

Daryl is able to be led, as that last chugging of liquer finally goes into his bloodstream. It's a wonder with how much he's drank, and for how long, that he's still standing. Let alone speaking somewhat coherently. "Tria…I'll help you do it…Righ' now-then…" The Ashwood spins some, so he's facing her and either she's face to face with him or temporarily yielding so he can make his point. Stubborn to a fault, "I'll help…And then you-c'n…I don't…Want any whores, I wan't you!" His drunken declaration is simply put, and he's persistent.

Tria looks up at the man as he spins and says, "No you don't." She gives him a warm smile and gently turns him back towards the hall. "You are drunk.." She smiles and says, "And I want you to go and lay down so you can get up in the morning.. and I'll make you a deal.. if you still want to talk about it when you've slept off some of that drink.. then I'll think about it!"

"Souunds like a trick to me!" Daryl declares, though he walks with her even as he says this, "I c'n always get up!…Ha!" A drunken grin, and he wobbles with her down the hall, arm lightly wrapping around her, though its apparent more for balance than trying to feel her up. He grunts softly, "…Moderation."

"Than' you!' Daryl wishes, not so argumentative in his drunken fit randomly, but he does lightly have to catch his feet from the push, just pointing and grinning at her, "…Told you…You do more-than jus' gimme drunk…Brew Mis…Mistress. I won' forget this when…When I get my-Lordship back…" Not in any state to be doing -that- right now. The Deputy turns, and carefully starts towards the bed not too far, "An' call-me Daryl, Tree-uuhh."

Tria chuckles and pats him on the back, she makes sure he gets into the bedroom and tucked in before she goes back to doing her chores, breakfast comes early in the morning!!!