Page 283: The Marrying Kind
The Marrying Kind
Summary: Gedeon has an important question for the half-septon.
Date: 28/04/289
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Gedeon Marsden Anneke 
Tordane Pavilion — Stonebridge
A pavilion on the east bank of the stone bridge with the banner of House Tordane swaying above it.
28 April 289

It's late morning on Saturday, and the camp has already received several visitors. The first was the Lady Danae Westerling and then, a little later, Lord Ser Anton and the Lady Westerling's brother. Now, however, there is a lull, and Gedeon is making use of it by crouching at the point closest to the river and doing his best to shave with the reflection presented. Now and again his gaze moves, not to his own reflection, but to that of the Tordane standard hanging above the tent.

From the pavilion, the constant shadow of Lord soon to be Tordane emerges. Dressed in dull grey instead of his usual begging browns, the septon moves to where Gedeon has perched himself. A brow raised before he soin comes to crouch beside the knight. "Id do that tomorrow. Or after. Some say it ill luck to shave when you have winning growth." Marsden greets with a grin.

From the pavilion, the constant shadow of Lord soon to be Tordane emerges. Dressed in dull grey instead of his usual begging browns, the septon moves to where Gedeon has perched himself. A brow raised before he soon comes to crouch beside the knight. "Id do that tomorrow. Or after. Some say it ill luck to shave when you have winning growth." Marsden greets with a grin.

"Can't wait," Gedeon replies, dipping his blade in the water to wiggle it clean before tipping his chin up to begin on the underside of his jaw as he glances over at Marsden. "Grey, is it? Easing your way towards mourning black?"

"Can't wait," Gedeon replies, dipping his blade in the water to wiggle it clean before tipping his chin up to begin on the underside of his jaw. His head cants a little more so he can glance over at Marsden. "Grey, is it? Easing your way towards mourning black?"

Marsden snorts. "My browns needed cleaning. I don't always roll about in my own filth. I have another colour, but Ill wear it tomorrow." A grin there before he nods. "Anxious?" he asks, before pushing on." "You should be." a grin blossoming " I bet on us to win."

"Well, if you're going to roll about in your own filth, brown hides it better," Gedeon advises with a quirk of a smile. The last of his stubble scraped away, the blond bastard (kinda) splashes water on his face and leans back on his heels, suddenly more somber. "Streem, there's something I need from you, before tomorrow."

Marsden grins. "Filth, not shit. If I rolled in shit I'd be a Frey, or a Northman." a grin there as his chuckle subsides. A brow raises, before the septon nods. "Well, sure brother? What is it? An Armor need repair? A whore? Finally converting?" the grin returns as he waits.

"Not precisely," Gedeon murmurs, one brow lifting. "Tell me, half-septon, can you still perform legal and binding marriages?"

Marsden is silent for a moment, before he is scratching his chin. "Well," and he pauses. "Yes, I can and do." Now a brow is lofted higher. "Why?"

Gedeon rubs his palm over his jaw, checking for smoothness. "Good. I'm marrying Danae Westerling tonight. I'd like you to perform the ceremony."

Marsden snorts, " And I am fucking Cersei Lannister." However the nonchalantness of the knight has the Half septon pausing and his mirth not realized. "Are you serious?"

The Tordane knight swallows once before he nods and affects a lazy half-smile. "I figured, if I do die tomorrow, might as well do my best to leave behind one last little surprise for the Naylands."

Marsden nods back slowly. "Well that would do it. She's an outsider so it's a safe an smart move." The septon eyes Gedeon, before he grunts. Rising up. "It's dangerous if I do it. I am not well loved in the Septry." a pause "So, Should we piss off the higher brothers they may seek to annul." a And he holds his hand to the Tordane. "Are you certain? Because I will do it." there seems to be a but there.

"They'd only seek to annul if her family presses for it. I figure finding a family member to serve as witness might help mediate that some, if it comes to it." Gedeon pushes to his feet on his own, though he gives Marsden a pat on the shoulder for the offered assistance. "Speak your mind."

"If they push for court I'll testify, even if it means punishment on my person." He states before he nods. "I just want you to understand this is serious to me. Should you live." Which Marsden expects "Then honor your wife better. Don't fuck on her. If she comes to you now she deserves better than your father gave." A nod before he grins "And remember me in your household." that said Marsden reaches to catch Gedeon's cheek. "And should you fall where do I hide your family?"

"I know that," Gedeon answers tersely, arms crossing over his chest. "I do this quickly, not lightly. We suit. If I live, we'll do well, together, and you will be remembered. And if I don't… you'll take your lead from Lady Danae, follow and protect her. And, if all else fails, Oldstones will shield her."

"Hold, Ser." Marsden says with a beat. "I am not saying you don't or that you aren't. I'm just." and there's a sigh before he is looking back to Gedeon. "With the exception of Bruce, I think you're rightly the only other mate I have. I just." a shrug there. "I don't want you to fuck this up, or myself to fuck it up worse." A sniff there before he simply nods. "I will be sure to get her to Oldstones. An I'll kill any bastard who tries to land a hand on her. No offense, but I won't attend your body should you fall. I'll get her the fuck to Lord Anton-or out of Stonebridge for a little bit."

"You're a good… well. Whatever you are, Marsden Streem, you're a good one. I'm glad we met." Gedeon lifts one hand and shakes his head. "Don't flee with her unless she asks it. We'll try and keep this secret for now. If I live, we'll do it properly, make a celebration of it. If not, until she reveals herself, our marriage will be unknown. Running would be suspicious."

Marsden nods. "Whatever I am." he offers before he simply nods with a laugh. "As am I ser. I am afraid my life would have been relegated to selling my sword and performing half baked marriages in small villages." A grin there before he simply nods. "Of course. Either way- Once we're done tonight. She is mine to watch. I understand."

"Thank you," Gedeon murmurs with a small nod. "You and I, we haven't known each other very long, but we've known each other through a great deal, regardless. Odd luck, sometimes, but I'm glad of it."

A Wry smile shows on the septon's face, before he is adding a chuckle. "Combat an' war will do that to men. That's why money is ever the only thing to break up a mercenary band. And even then, it's rare." A bow of his head before he clasps the younger on the shoulder. "Odd luck seems to be our motto Ser." a grin there "Have you written out your wishes? That I may do them right, and see them to Lord Anton?"

"Only money?" Gedeon asks one brow lifting. "Never a woman? They can be very good at breaking things as well, in my experience." He glances at that shoulder on his hand, smiling faintly. "I will," he says. "He came, you know. He's here. I wasn't sure he would."

"I never knew a woman to bother the Father's Fists. Nor the Golden Company. I could be wrong, but they are still rather prominent back in Essos." A rub of his chin before he is shrugging. As for the other, his brow perks. "I hadn't seen him. Not least since we were introduced on Harlaw." a laugh. "I bet this is something good for him. Seein' his squire become something of himself." A slight nod. "He wouldn't be here if he did not care, Ser."

There is a faint smile for that and a small nod. "So he wouldn't," Gedeon agrees quietly. "Father's Fists. The Golden Company. Essos bands always have the best names."

Enter Anneke Steward of Oldstones, trudging up to the pavilion from the wilderness side of the bridge. The hem of her gown is muddy and there's a leaf or two in her hair. She carries a basket over her arm which, upon seeing Gedeon and the septon, she reaches into. "Tordane! Heads up!" she calls, and tosses a small leather bag on a long cord to blonde knight.

"I was in the Bloody Band during the War. That was a fine name, but our boss was murdered at the Bells, and his brother at the Trident. We didn't see a reason to stay together. Not with folks heading up North with the Starks and others to the Vale. I went to Braavos.." Marsden states before up comes the leather bag and chord. A turn as he looks back towards where Anneke is trudging. A faint grin showing. "I will say this." Marsden quips back to Gedeon. "Mistress Steward is one reason to stay with Valentin. Even muddy her ass..sets are quite fetching." A sniff there before he is self consciously fussing with his scar again. A look is given back to Gedeon. "I wonder what was wrong with the bridge.."

The call of 'Tordane!' makes Gedeon lift his head, though there's a beat before he realizes this isn't just a name called that he knows well, but is, in face, his name being called. Still, his hand raises in time to gracefully pluck the pouch from the air, and the blond bastard arches his brow at Oldstones's castellan. "The bridge doesn't grow herbs," he answers Marsden with a grin. "Is that what you were about, mistress?" he calls. "Picking helpful things for me?"

"Charming to see you again, Septon," says Anneke, apparently only addressing half of Marsden. She sets her basket down and nods to Gedeon. "It's a charm, not a favor, so don't go getting any wild notions." Her smile is warm and deep, however, despite her protestations. "Strength, protections in battle, other things." She kisses the knight on the forehead. "Wear it well."

"Planning on living then, or are you evening the score?" Marsden asks Gedeon before he is looking back towards Anneke, and he bows slightly. "Always good to see you Mistress Steward. At any capacity." And hands slide into the big sleeves of his robes. A look is given back towards Gedeon and he whistles ever so slightly. " I should get into duels, if it means charms and kisses." a chuckle there before he is looking to Anneke. "Who is watching the home fires?"

Gedeon chuckles for that kiss, offering Anneke a wink before he slips the charm-not-favor over his head and tucks the pouch under his shirt. "It can't be both?" he asks Marsden with a lifted brow. For who's watching the fires, he adds, "Lenore, I believe, poor girl. Harried into submission before our dear castellan was willing to depart."

"The girl is reasonably competent," says Anneke, folding her arms and shrugging. "And honestly, what's she going to do in a few days? Burn down the Timber Hall?" She smirks. "Never liked the way it was built, anyway." Probably because she wasn't there to direct its construction.

"Well, wood tends to burn when one cannot handle a fire, my dear." Marsden quips, before he's grinning back to Gedeon. "Well, Burnt to the Ground Hall has a fun ring to it. Much like Dead Oaks." A shake of his head before he is looking back to Anneke. "Does she know?" he asks Gedeon for a moment, if only to watch the Castallan's facial expression.

"You know, I bet that's what the castellan of Tall Oaks said, right before she left, too," Gedeon opines, scratching his jaw in mock-contemplation. Then he glances at Marsden and shakes his head. "Ah, you beat me to it, you peculiar bastard. She… well. She knows I was…" he clears his throat, looking over at Anneke. "Danae Westerling is coming to see me, tonight. Be kind to her, Mistress Steward, she's going to marry me."

Anneke arches an eyebrow. "Does she know… what?" she asks, squinting at Marsden. She has ways of making people talk. She goes nowhere without her spoon. She glances sidelong at Gedeon when it seems the explanation will be coming from him, instead — then laughs and takes a deep breath at the news. "Oh, is that all? Thank the gods." She frowns thoughtfully. "Westerling, Westerling… Oh, of course! Very nice. I trust the children will be attractive." She kisses Gedeon's forehead again. "Blessings be upon you, sweeting."

Marsden shrugs "I am what I am. And that is why I am with you, Ser. It takes one peculiar bastard to prop up another." A grin there before he is chewing on his cheek. A slight nod is given as if to confirm this is true. "I am sorry if I ruined the suprise. I just thought- well we all knew." A shrug there. "Anyway. I'll be sure to get wine for tonight. If you're being wed. I am doing it quick, but Godsdamned proper and right. There will be no question to it."

"Good," Gedeon approves, "that's how it must be done." To Anneke he adds, with a smirk, "The children will be lovely, all blond, blue-eyed little creatures. We haven't a dark hair between us."

"Not that there aren't abundant praises to be sung about dark hair," drawls Anneke, combing a leaf out of her own. She frowns. "I seem to be wearing half the countryside in mine — thanks ever so for bringing that to my attention, both of you." But, more seriously, "The Westerlings are all pretty enough, so I hear… will she be a good wife to you, sweeting?"

Marsden grins towards Anneke. "It is quite lovely, Mistress." And so he bows his head. His own pate, shaved, so no dark locks there. A faint chuckle before he's looking back to Gedeon. "If you will allow me Ser, I am going to get things ready and set up a proper Altar.." Which might take some time of itself. "I leave you in capable hands, I believe."

"Well, she's got steel enough to marry me the night before a duel to the death, try her best to get with a child and subject herself to scandal and shame to make a claim for Stonebridge should I fail. So yes, quite a good wife. And you know I'll ever love any hair on your head, mistress," Gedeon croons, pressing a hand to his heart, "whatever color it may be." Glancing towards the half-septon, he nods. "Aye, thank you."

"I'll keep an eye on him," Anneke assures the departing half-septon, tossing him a wink. As for Danae's qualities, she nods. "That does take a certain something," she admits. "And she'll of course have Anton and I to look after her, as best we can. I just hope she's as good for you, if you live. That's going to be the hard part."

"I think we'll suit," Gedeon replies, watching as Marsden departs into the tent. "We've spoken a handful of times, now. I've always enjoyed her company. She's a keen wit and very good senses about her." Smiling faintly, he adds, "You'll like her, I think."

"I'm sure I will, sweeting. Not as though she's one of Coope's whores — she's family, now." She kisses Gedeon's cheek. "I should hie myself to the inn and change. It wouldn't do to show up for your destiny muddy with brambles in my hair." She pauses, then takes a moment to embrace the young knight fiercely. "I'll see you soon."