Page 336: The Littlest Bear
The Littlest Bear
Summary: Kamron gives Saffron her first betrothal gift.
Date: 21 June 2012
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Mallister Encampment, Seagard
There is just tons of purple everywhere.
June 21, 289

Kamron doesn't usually whine. Then again, he also doesn't usually carry a wicker basket in his arms — a wicker basket that occasionally shuffles and rocks back and forth as if there's something moving inside. Upon further examination, the whining actually appears to be coming from inside the basket, not the knight. Leaning close to the basket's top and lifting the folding lid, he lifts a finger to his lips and hisses, "Shhhhh." Doesn't help, not really, but it makes him feel better. Percy trails the knight at a distance, looking even less focused than usual as the pair head through the Terrick and Mallister encampments toward the little Banefort tent.

The newly betrothed Saffron Banefort has been spending her time with the Ladies of the Mallister Encampment. There have been congratulations, spots of tea, bits of food, and lots of gossip. She is stepping out of one of the larger of the tents, leaving in her wake the cacophonous laughter, and she is blushed as red as strawberries — though at least she's smiling. Hara is tumbling out after her, looking wide-eyed over her shoulder. "No offense, Milady, but I don't think they were actually drinkin' tea back there," the Roost woman points out as she falls into stride with the Banefort lady. Saffron almost giggles, shaking her head. "I don't think it was either, Hara," she says quietly to the woman with laughter in her eyes. With a turn of her head, her gaze falls on Kamron. First her eyes fall to the basket, but then up at the Knight. She greets him with a smile, holding her strides so he can approach her.

Kamron glances back to the tent that Saffron just departed, one eyebrow lifting sharply in question as his eyes are inexorably drawn back to the redhead. "I'm not entirely sure that I want to know what you were talking about in there, My Lady." Despite the melee being long over, that braided favor is still tied around his right arm. "I did, however, managed to obtain my planned betrothal present to you." He tears his eyes away from his wife-to-be, casting a mock glare up at the castle of Seagard, "Even if Lord Mallister jumped a march on my plans." Gathering up the basket, he holds it out in both arms, only to have it shift and shake a moment of its own accord.

"Your Great Aunts," Saffron answers with a half-quirked grin. The laughter still rings out merrily in the tent, though it appears to be gaining some control once more in the wake of whatever the ladies had said to one another. The bright-eyed Banefort breathes in through her nose in order to soften the blush that rides up her cheeks, and the calm is aided by the sudden presentation of the gift. She blinks at the shifting basket as it is offered out to her. A hint of caution tightens the corners of her eyes, and she steps carefully forward. Hara is trying not hover, while also standing on her tiptoes to peek into the basket as Saffron gently opens the lid. Her eyes widen, and her expression becomes luminous with happy surprise. "Kamron!"

Shoving his fluffy head, topped with large triangular ears, against the rising basket lid, the tawny and white puppy releases a chorus of whining barks. His nonexistent tail waggles excitedly. Saffron immediately plucks the wee monster up under his forelegs.

Kamron grins broadly at the reaction, "I thought you could use some help keeping the Roostlings busy." Once the puppy is free of the basket, Kamron tosses it back behind him toward Percy without even looking. Percy's so distracted that he just snatches it out of thin air. Then, of course, the squire looks to see what he's done, and fumbles the previously-solid grasp he had on the basket, very nearly dropping it entirely. Kam tilts his head to one side, listening to the chaos, and noting, "Act, don't think, Percy." "Yesser." And then the Eagle Knight's full attention settles on the Banefort, "You like him?" In ratios to match his own favor, ribbons of grey, orange, and purple have been tied about the pup's neck.

Like any proper girl, Saffron is melting at the sight of the puppy. He is a squat little thing with short little legs and a heavy round middle; he is mostly tawny-furred, though there is a heavy blaze of white that connects to his white muzzle and continues into a white chest and belly. She cradles him to her chest, and instantly he assaults her chin and cheek with fierce licks and excited whines. His dark, black-framed eyes are bright and alert. "He's beautiful," she confirms in a thrilled voice. When she looks up to him, she is all dimples and curved smile. She floats forward a few steps and immediately presses a kiss to Kamron's cheek.

Kamron and Saffron are standing between tents in the Mallister section of the tent, not far from the knight's tent. Percy holds a small wicker basket behind Kam, while Hara is watching Saffron meet a tawny little Reach corgi puppy. As she steps close to him, Kam tilts his head to accept the kiss on his cheek, his right hand dropping naturally to her waist before he shifts his attention back to the puppy, "I don't know that I would go as far as beautiful, myself," he teases, "Although I'm willing to agree upon 'dangerously adorable.'"

Justin walks carefully from the near by Terrick portion of the tournament pavilions over to the Mallister area. He goes a little slowly so not to need larger breaths than walking slowly requires and other than his posture faintly stiff, he otherwise seems more or less himself now. Both persons he seeks are right up ahead with a puppy, which is convenient. Justin smiles a little as he comes up, "I see that Ser Kamron proves to be a smoother man, and a better fighter both, this tournament."

Saffron smothers a kiss onto the wee monster's head. "Well, then we must give him a dangerously adorable name," she remarks as she tucks the dog against her elbow, and at his size, he can sprawl happily against the length of her arm. He starts chewing happily at his own paw, butt vibrating with the lack of tail to wag. "How about… 'Bear'?" She asks to both the pup and knight. At the sound of Justin's voice, she turns around to face the knight. She dimples to the Terrick man, bouncing the gnawing puppy against her arm. "Good day, Ser Justin," she greets with a smile, glancing toward the Mallister briefly. "He did manage himself nicely out there."

Kamron laughs softly at the name suggestion, "Suitably terrifying, My Lady." Justin's voice also causes him to turn to face the other man, and after a moment he lets his hand drop away from the small of Saffron's back, even as he grins and nods at Justin, "Lord Patrek won me the greater victory yesterday." That would be Saffron's hand. Stepping forward to start to offer Justin his right hand — and then grimace at the black and blue lines and pools covering it — Kamron switches to his left, "Congratulations are in order for you as well, Justin. I didn't get a chance to stop by, I'm glad you're recovering well from your valiant efforts at the tilt. It seems that we both have the romantic and martial efforts down quite nicely."

"I think my romantic efforts are for naught, Ser. However, I could not be more pleased for you both." Justin grimaces but he twists his mouth into a rueful smile, "I have learned that I need aquire a breastplate ere I try the joust again. Partial maile is not sufficient." He gives Saffron a bow of his head without bending his body more than a fraction, "It is I who come to offer you both my congratulations on your betrothal. And to you Ser Kamron, for your hard fought win of the melee." The hand is of course accepted to shake, even if Justin must use his own off hand to do so. "I anticipate that Jarod's hoped for pub crawl might indeed be something of a crawl with so many men bruised and battered."

The Banefort Lady sweeps after Kamron as he steps forward to greet Justin. His bruises are given a slight glance, though she has decided not to worry over him in public — that's what private is for, after all. The newly named Bear is set down gently at her feet, and he shakes out his ears with a rough enough gesture that causes him to fall over onto the trodden grass with a small thud. He is not still for long, bounding around the long skirts of the Lady. She looks up at mention of the pub crawl. "Well, perhaps we could have all the pubs come to you, Sers… I'm sure with some extra coin, we could minimize the amount of traveling you require."

Kamron laughs softly at Justin's words, "Got you the favor, didn't it? And the attention of the audience. Almost all I heard about for the next day and a half was how romantic it was." He looks down at the puppy as it knocks itself down, laughing anew, "Are you sure you shouldn't name it Percy, My Lady?" He offers his squire a grin to cut the sting of the words, "Although I suppose that would be confusing." Waving off Saffron's concern with a crooked grin, he adds, "If it gets that bad, I'll just crack my winnings from the melee. I had hoped to bring it back to The Roost, but needs must come first." He crouches slowly down, offering out his hand for the pup to sniff and nip at, looking up at the other two nobles, "I'm just looking forward to the excuse to sing all the good old Cape drinking songs, myself."

My goodness, the puppy is cute, flopping about in the grass, bounding this way and that around Saffron's skirts. It eases Justin's face to watch it, a happy, innocent thing. When his hand is released, he bends a knee to very carefully, stiffly kneel down so that he may put out a hand to the pup and see if he might draw it closer to sniff of him, "He's a cute little monster. All your slippers are soon to be doomed for certain, Lady Saffron." Justin tips his head back to look up at the Mallister, "Aye, but I think Ser Rutger has sabotaged the betrothal negotiations. He has cast doubt upon his own sister's suitability, insulting her by offering such a paultry dowry and trying to ensure she could not be set aside if found unsuitable. What man would approach a betrothal negotiation and cast his own sister in such ill light? Unless he knows of something that would make her… unsuitable. Or he simply wastes our time, not wanting the alliance." To the rest Justin makes no comment, listening.

The three nobles are standing amongst the Mallister tents, outside and in the sun. Both noblemen have decided to squat down to examine Saffron's betrothal gift. Bear has taken up a mouthful of skirts, holding the lightweight wool as if to help keep the hems from getting dirty here on the open earth. Dark, bright eyes are fixated on the offered hand, and his nose wriggles to sniff at the offering. He doesn't let go of the skirts quite yet as he scoots forward a bit. He barks around the obstruction, whining happily with his tailless butt wagging. Oh, look. Something else to sniff. Bear finally lets go of the Lady's skirts so he can bound over to sniff at Justin's hand too. He stands up on his hind feet, shoving his forepaws into his palm to fully claim the hand for investigation. Saffron just laughs brightly at the inquisitive pup, though she does sober a bit at the words Justin shares. "I hate that they are doing that to poor Roslyn. She is a dear woman, and deserves happiness. I'm certain she is quite suitable."

Kain would make a good assassin, but no one has to figure this one thing out. Because he's suddenly there in the opening of the pavillion of the Mallister tents, apparently just waiting for a moment when one of the nobility will allow him enterance. The flaps barely rustle, either from his arrival or the slight breeze, against hard to tell how long he's been there, silent. And as per usual, he wears his trademark camofluage cloak, hood draw up as always usually only giving off the lower portion of his jaw for visible sight. Though the puppy seems to be quite interesting. He's around animals constantly, of course it would be. He'll save his curiosity if they'r looking for additional company.

Good job, Justin. You've just sucked a bunch of the happiness out of the scene. Despite the presence of a puppy. Kamron's smile falters, and falls into a bit of a grimace. "Fucking Naylands." The words are grumbled, and then he sighs again, swiping his hand over the puppy's upstanding ears before he stands from his crouch, nodding to Saffron, "I know you had come to care for the Lady, Justin, but there are others out there." His lips quirk into a grin, "Even if the best of them come from the other side of Ironman's Bay." At the words, he touches his knuckles against the back of Saffron's nearer hand, just a brief gracing touch, well within the bounds of propriety. "It's entirely possible that they never meant for there to be a match, no matter what Lady Roslyn and others thought."

"I would like to believe she is the quality of woman she seems, Lady Saffron." Justin tries to pet the pup with his other hand, allowing his right to be snagged. His movements are somewhat restricted due to his ribs being bound beneath his black clothing but clearly he's fond of dogs. "Ears softer than velvet, little rascal." Then he moves to stand as well. "Aye, we'll see what comes of it. My brother is trying." Justin pushes that aside to alter the tone of the conversation, "What matters is that both of you are well matched. Do you know how long the betrothal?" He does look pleased for both of them, as yet unaware that Kain has arrived and easing up. There is a puppy, after all. Did you see it??

Bear slobbers up Justin's palm with his overly saturated tongue, and he even attempts to gnaw a bit on his rough skin — but he just can't get much grip with those tiny puppy teeth. Satisfied with the discovery of Justin's Hand, he plops back down on his rump and starts to scratch vigorously at his ear with his rear-foot. Of course, he has spied Kain with his attentive eyes, but he really has to get to this itch before he can go about investigating the strange human in the weird cloak-drape.

There is a twitter of fingertips at the touch to Saffron's hand, though she does try to keep her focus on Justin and his pre-martial troubles. "I'm sure that if its meant to be, it will be matched, Justin." Though she does brighten just a bit, casting a small look to Kamron at the Terrick lord's compliment. "Thank you," she says before she shrugs her shoulders a bit. "I assume within the next few months. To be frank, I'm fully aware that my father will be wanting to make some haste. I've not had the… best luck with getting the betrothed man to the altar." The confession is met with a slight smirk. "Or at least that's what the rumor mill says."

Exotic cerulean eyes peer out from the depths from his hood, lips crinkling into a smile. People do love their dogs, no matter who your parents are. That little thing plays on his mind for a moment before, his hand silently moves concealed into his cloak. The movements are slow and silent, the same he would make when hunting prey. The same goes for when the man slowly drops into a crouch. Might as well get their attention a different than just standing there and hanging around. When the hand reemerges, there's a bit of jerky dangling in his hand. Puppy treat.

Kamron laughs softly at Justin's compliment and Saffron's response, adding, "And I didn't think that any Lady would not only be able to drag me to the altar, but actually get me to request the trip." His shoulders shrug a little helplessly, "I bet it'll be somewhere around five or six months. Perhaps less, since we already know one another." He grins over at Saffron then, "But not too hasty, or someone might think that there's something wrong with My Lady or myself, and we can't have her honor being impugned." His own… well… you know how that goes.

Justin does /not/ notice Kain's antics back there to lure the puppy away from them. His attention is for Lady Saffron and Ser Kamron. He draws a slow breath to test the limits of his ribs and nods to what Saffron says, "She may be a Nayland, but … her temperment seemed a better match than most. And I had hoped we could ease our harvest difficulties as well as smooth things between our houses. Stonebridge however might well ruin all of that in any event." Both of their last comments coax a genuine smile out of Justin and he tries not to laugh, because that would f*cking hurt, "I do not think either of you need worry upon those accounts."

Ooh, it approaches! Bear starts barking his cute, squeaky barks as Kain stalks in. Immediately, the short-legged pup goes bounding to the hooded man with his tongue lolled out. He stumbles a bit in his approach, ending up rolling head over feet and belly-up near Kain's feet. 'Excuse me, Ser, do you have something for me?' His expression seems to ask, that barely-a-stump of a tail wagging against the dirt. Saffron has looked after her new friend, though she has to laugh brightly at the sight of the hunter. "Good day, Master Kain. I see you've met Bear." Her gaze does slide over to Kamron briefly with a smirk on her lips. "I will leave whatever haste there is to my House and yours."

"You all were so enthused with him, I didn't think it'd be right me to interrupt. Hello Lady Banefort." Obviously, he'd bow, but that doesn't really work with crouching and looking over the puppy. He nods his head at them all. "Ser Justin, Ser Mallister. I actually had come looking to speak with Ser Justin about…er, a matter and I was sent here from the Terrick encampment. As for you," he now looks at the pup. He holds out the bit of jerky out of reach of Bear. He doesn't do this to torment the poor little guy, more to look him over. Sorta goes without saying that he knows how to train, even if it's not as versed as Master of the Hounds. Sometimes these things overlap. "I don't see anything wrong with him. He'll make a good companion." Then he tosses the bit of jerky as a reward.

Kamron nods his head at Justin's words and again at Saffron's response, "I'll just wait, see, and focus on the most important job right now — keeping my betrothed happy." There's a helpless shrug that seems to suggest that he knows there are a few other rather important ones, like, you know, finding a source of food, but it's still the thing to say. Bear's approach to Kain causes him to blink, and he nods to the huntsman. "Master Kain. I'll leave you all to it then." Gesturing back to his squire, he adds, "I promised to give Percy a work out before the squire's melee." He groans a little as he twists his torso, "And he's promised to go easy on me in my weakened state." He nods to Justin, captures one of Saffron's hands and bends over it to kiss her knuckles once more, then straightens and moves to take his leave.

"Man's like a shadow." Justin quips to Kamron about Kain, but he looks pleased with Kain all the same. He hooks his own hands loosely into his sword belt, not minding the drying puppy slobber he half wiped off on his pant leg, "I look foward to seeing Percy try himself." Whatever the mood buster his previous words might have been, Justin's spirits are a little lifted with the puppie's antics. He quirks his mouth as he watches Kain with Bear, "I'm available to speak, where ever you like, Huntmaster."

Success! Bear snatches that bit of jerky out of air with a chomp of his jaws. He rolls over onto his tummy, legs splayed out around him as he gnaws happily on this meaty treat. Saffron laughs at the hunter's assessment, and she bows her head thankfully to him. "Thank you, Master Kain… I'm glad to see he will do his part. I'm sure Ser Kamron is only preparing company for me when he's off doing what knights do." Speaking of the knight leaving his betrothed to do knightly things, she turns to face the knight as he captures her hand. She laughs softly, bowing her head a bit. "As you say, Ser." Then she looks over toward the other two, arching up a brow. "Shall I give you two some privacy to speak?"

To be Continued in Footloose.