Page 432: The Lioness Returns
The Lioness Returns
Summary: Lady Aeliana returns to the Roost with Ser Farrell. They meet Ser Justin and Lothar.
Date: 25/09/2012
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Town Square, Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
September 25th, 289

"I'm going to miss Uncle Harry, but hopefully he'll come down again soon. I will not miss Highfield," Aeliana chittered to Ser Farrell, "There's just…no one to talk to! Not mind, that I find there's anything wrong with most of them but there's just…," whatever it was, Aeliana didn't say; perhaps because the Charlton party was still out quite publically.
"Are you fond of the Roost, Ser Farrell? And please, spare me the polite you're talking to a noble answer. Just…think of me as a slightly more feminine version of my Uncle, if you would. I know that surely you must have warmed up to him at some point."
And thus, thus did Aeliana Charlton return to the Roost. With a few new additions to her party.

"That is a…very unpleasant image, M'lady. I'd ask you never say such a thing ever again," Farrell answers through a pained wince at the mental picture being drawn, shaking his head and rubbing at his brow as he travels along at the head of the girl's guard. "I'll admit, was a 'lil nice bein' so close to home. Even if it's so blasted cold up there, can't take the North outta the Northman, even if I ain't been in 15 years."

To the question of the Roost, he gives a shrug. "Eh," is his stellar reply, surely the rallying cry of the Roost's impending tourist industry. "I like the sea air, tho' it's hell on my gear."

It's a beautiful morning, promising warm but not so humid later in the day. A mist had shrouded the coast the past two days after a storm passed through. The last of that lingered until this morning, finally burning off to give distance back to the eye. Sharpness of light, contrast back to color. Yet the softness was a welcome change for a while, adding mystery to the landscape and muting sound.

There are two men standing outside of the inn speaking. There is no sign of Justin's grey horse, but he himself stands with one boot up on the portch, his attention on the older man he's conversing with. Justin's wearing a deep purple suede doublet instead of one of his more usual muted surcoats. He lifts a hand to scratch at the back of his neck, "No, I completely agree. Yet until the warehouse is completed, we have no where really to store the casks even if you can fill them. I promise you, it won't be long now but it will be some weeks. I can speak to the Lady Anais and see if room can be found elsewhere. Once you set them though, you can't be moving them, can you?"

"Aye, we can, but it is better if the wine nae be disturbed, to age, m'lord. Won't be many casks - not until the next season. We've had too much to rebuild and too few men to spare, nae to mention folk coming into the fields to pick the fruit for food instead of wine."

"..if you actually thought of him in a dress, Ser Farrell, I pray to the Gods that you never actually tell the man that," Aeliana laughed; the sound of her good humor wafting easily on the breeze, while the great courser beneath her paws heavily at the earth; trained to ride a knight and saddled with a Lady instead. "Though I confess now you have made me feel somewhat guilty for taking you away from your home. Have you family there yet?" Inquired, with the curious loft of a brow.
Yet of his gear the lady sighs, "If you need fresh oils for the leather, I would be more than happy to ensure that you've whatever you need. I know it won't be a particularly grand life with me, Ser Farrell but…I am grateful and honored, truly to have you. I promise that you'll always be well tended." And want for less.
The lady's eyes sweep ahead then, over the town square and the inn; drawn to the sight of that flash of purple. A hand lifts then, rising in greeting and "Ser Justin!" Rings out in warm greeting across the distance.

The older Master vintner smiles, "We be lucky that grapes be so hard to kill off. Bust up and burn the fields, do ye worst and the vines, they come back fiercer than afore lest ye salt the very earth. We cut'm back hard, cleared the wrack. But we still hav' fields with nae supports tae grow on. That be what we are focusing on most, as we can salvage the timber."

The youngest son of Jerold Terrick listens, knowing little of vineyards, breweries and the like despite the Roost's reputation for fine craftsmen in that field, especially. Nor is economics Justin's strong point. "Better recovery than many, all the same. Whatever we can reasonably do to help, as men or resources can be spared or found, do keep me informed."

Lord and Commoner briefly clasp hands and shake, sharing a few last words of parting. Timely, for there is the sound of a woman's laugh followed by his name to be called out. Justin turns to see who comes, and not having had word to send out armed escort to see her back safely from the border, the flicker of surprise followed at once by a warm smile eases his features as he sees Aeliana. He removes his boot from the porch and walks out to meet them, "You return unexpected - we had no word! I hope you found the road quieter than many of late, lady Aeliana." Justin stops and waits for the party to come up and halt.

"My mother and father, brothers and sisters are all off in the Flint's Fingers, where I was born. Left when I was twenty, haven't gone back, haven't sent or received as much as a letter in the entire time. Don't imagine I'll start, unless they think they can get somethin' out of me," Farrell explains, probably a tad emotionlessly except for the scoff at the end, "And it ain't the leather, it's the metal. Ripe for corrosion and rust, but I've kept it well these past years. Just need a 'lil extra effort tendin' to them, no worries M'lady. I find it…relaxin', honestly."

Ah! Another noble. Farrell goes into decoration mode, hand resting on his baldric as he inclines his head to Justin in greeting, but otherwise stays quiet and keeps watch on Aeliana.

There's a faint frown upon the lady's face then, not for the fact that he seems so emotionless with his tale, but for the fact that no one's written or even cared to. "I…I'm very sorry to hear that, Ser Farrell," she offers, looking back to him and for a moment contents herself with the view. There's a handsome look to those rugged features and one honestly, she enjoys. "Still," and here the compassion slips away and something harsher touches in its place. "Anyone who would use you, when you don't want to be used, doesn't deserve you." A hint of finality in that, before she near winces with a fresh hint of coloring about her cheeks for his correction. "The metal. Yes. My apologies. In truth I've not had out more than a waster since I've been here, apparently I only have need of steel at home." A dark jest? Perhaps, but she offers a wink with it, before the patry draws up short with Justin's greeting.
"Ser Justin," while a curtsy is impossible to pull off astride a horse; the lady offers a low dip for his rank regardless and a merry smile. "The road was quiet, indeed, my lord. Though I hear things haven't been particularly quiet here. You missed me, I hope," she teases.

Justin offers Aeliana a half bow, himself not a very courtly man usually though sometimes he remembers his manners well enough. "For that I am glad, to safely see you returned unto us, lady." Mischief comes into his eyes, "But of course you have been missed. /Everyone/ has remarked upon your absense." He teases right back, and he would step up and take the reins of her horse to help her dismount - normally. But in this case, Justin stands to the side to wait until the party has dismounted. His early smile however suggests that /he/ at least had missed her and was pleased to see her return, even if he says it naught.

There is a return nod to Farrell, "Ser, your face I remember when you came to the Roost before, but your name I fear escapes my memory. You no longer travel in the company of your less savory companion?" Justin glances to Aeliana herself, "For I can clearly see your taste in company has greatly improved since we met last."

Another Terrick is around. Perhaps not odd seeing as this is the Roost. Though Darion is currently looking much like a commoner. So he might not be recognize unless people now him. Perhaps not wanting to draw attention to himself. Especially not as he is currently just having finished carrying a create for an old geezer. Offering nods and a few words before parting from him. Moving aimlessly as he run a hand through his hair.

"That's…very kind of you, M'lady," is all Farrell says to Aeliana's reply, the former hedge knight seemingly taken aback by the sentiment but focusing on other things as Justin speaks. The older man grins. "O' course, M'lord. Flattered enough you remembered my face! Used to it. Ser Farrell Keane, recently sworn to House Charlton and M'lady 'eres new chaperone. Gonna make sure she doesn't encounter anymore unplanned knifin's. We're seein' if my associate, Ser Bluekite, will do the same," Farrell offers, making one last attempt at defense of his old friend, "…I understand he's a…rough fellow, M'lord, but he's a good man. If he's on the job, he'd fight for ya to his dyin' breath. None of that runnin' off, coarse or not there ain't many of those in Westeros."

"Everyone?" Aeliana inquires, her tone carrying with it the same playful banter that Justin himself employs. Humor dancing in her eyes. Regardless; the lady moves to dismount, leg swinging over the pommel of her saddle as she bounces down to her feet in a flounce green skirts. Ever one to wear her house colors; the reins are passed off to Ryken when he nears leaving the lady works to pluck at her riding gloves. "Regardless, I am more than happy to be returned. I may say with all due honesty that I have missed my new acquaintances."
There's a quirk of her lips too, at the banter that passes between Ser Farrell and Ser Justin, the former rewarded a warm smile. "Yes," she intones to Justin, "Ser Farrell has honored me well with his presence and I am finding his company remarkably worthwhile; a quiet and safe journey south here not the least of it. I'm hoping as well, to have the presence of his friend," she smiles; offering support in exchange for loyalty.
"Ah but gentlemen it's been such a long ride. Perhaps we might retire to the inn? I could do for a drink, what about you Ser Farrell? Ser Justin, would you join us?"

"Well, that's good word to vouche for your fellow, then." Justin agrees, satisefied with that even if the other fella was a bit too unsavoury to his personal trust. But then this Terrick isn't as trusting as some. There's that uplift of dark brow, "Knifin?" Justin at once is looking to Aeliana all the more carefully - searching for any sign that she's come to harm, might be stiff in her movements or anything else to betray injury of her person. He takes a single step closer, his brow to furrow much like his late uncle's.

Ah, but what a lovely flounce of skirts. And green is such a vivid color, yet easy on the eyes. Much as the rest of Aeliana certainly is. Justin offers her a smile and gestures to the stables, "Of course I'll join you. Most pleased. But first I will let you and yours see to your horses. I will go in and see that a suitable table or two is prepared."

The Terrick does catch sight of Darion walking in their direction. He raises a hand to catch his cousin's eye if he may. "Ser Darion, good day."

Darion smiles and inclines his head to his cousin before letting his gaze slip to those that had been in Justin's company. "Keeping busy, ser Justin?" He asks with a small smile. Tilting his head. "Keeping busy?" He asks, a slight teasing in his tone. Having seen the lady. And he usually sees Justin in company of ladies. Starting to try and be familiar with his cousin mayhaps. Then he ohs. "I am thinking that you heard about lady Rebecca, right?" He offers. Studying his cousin for another moment.

"Just a lapse of my predecessor, who I'm guessin' to be of a /mythical/ nature," Farrell snorts in response to the question of the knifing, giving a shrug at Aeliana's question. "You walk, I go."

Self consciously, when Justin's eyes turn sharp, Aeliana's hand rises to prod at her hair, fluttering against the fey struck strands to ensure that they're in their proper place and there's no hint of the claw marks that Cherise left behind. "I am fine," she assures him, moving to meet him with a single step and placing a reassuring touch against the curve of his arm. "Truly," the lady promises with an easy smile.
"Ryken, if you and Carter would see to the horses," she murmurs, with a faint nod of her head, "The rest of you may retire to the Keep if you're inclined. I shall be fine between Ser Farrell here and Ryken." Which would leave her with a minimal escort and Rayleen and Septa Myrth. That she could live with.
"Besides," Aeliana offered Justin her arm, "I should be delighted for your company and any gossip that you may feel inclined to share," she teased, "Or introductions," she gently prompted, looking between he and Ser Darion. And from him, towards Ser Farrell.
"Do you know, now I'm not sure which of us is on the leash here, you or I. But perhaps there'll be a comely wench inside who can help you thaw, hmm?" Offered with a wink before looking expectantly back up to Ser Justin.

That is perhaps not much of an answer for his inquiry, from Farrell, but it's good of the man to be discreet where his lady's affairs are concerned. So Justin lets it go and gladly accepts Aeliana's offered arm, about to have offered his own to her if she had not. "Aye, indeed I am, cousin!" His baritone is raised to address Darion, "Yes, I was filled in last evening concerning her arrival, though I have seen her not. Do come in and join us. I will make introductions at table." It is no accident that he's often in the company of ladies, unless of course Justin's at his rebuliding duties - in which case he goes most of his time dealing with men of the Roost.

Justin lifts a dark brow to the lovely young woman on his arm, "I fear you will find accomidations at the tower have grown exceptionally hard to come by. Infact, I'm likely to give up my own chambers. We have had many arrivals and more are coming tomorrow, dear lady. I'll make certain that the Lady Anais finds you and your female companions suitable quarters but all else will have to take to the inn, I think." The Sheriff cocks his head with a wry grin for her, "Gossip I do not have to share. I shall leave that to those who know best how to wield it. News however I do have." Amused, Justin leads the way into the inn.

[ Rockcliff Inn ]--------[ Terrick's Roost ]
Wed Sep 26, 289 — Wed Sep 26 10:34:55 2012

The Rockcliff Inn is one of the better inns within the town and it shows with the well-lit interior and the relative cleanliness to the other locations in Terrick's Roost. The tables are polished with oils and the floor regularly swept. A set of booths towards a darker rear of the Inn's bottom floor, just beneath the staircase, are where whores generally socialize and eye prospects from when not waiting tables. Signs over the undersized bar area advertise prices for ales and wines as well as several different choices of food to be served at the small eating area by the bar or in the main open area in its comfortable seating. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen and cellar while another near the staircase leads to a private room that would appear to be off-limits to the 'wait staff' except for food and drink service.

Darion smiles as he offers a bow to the lady. Listening to Justin's words as well. Leaning in to whisper a bit before they start towards the inn. Not offering much about rooms and so on. Though the common knight is getting a respectful bow as well. Letting introductions wait until they are inside and seated. He will hold the door for them all to enter though. Moving along from furthest behind. Letting Justin lead them.

"I'll be fine with just my sword and perhaps some mutton, M'lady," Farrell replies with a roll of his eyes, keeping quiet as he follows after Aeliana. He keeps an eye on those in the tavern, making sure none of those dirty commoners get close to his charge and keeping an eye on their surroundings as he follows after.

"Oh I see how it is, I'm gone for a week and shoved out into the cold and replaced," her sigh was a tragic thing, but playful, "Though I fear that if such is the case I may have to stay at the Inn with my entourage. Not…that I do not trust my security, but I prefer to keep my guards near at hand; particularly given recent circumstance." After all, she had been in brother's keep with his own guards when she'd been accosted. "But I am eager to hear your news."
Though her attention drifts back to Farrell with his remark and more that little roll of his eyes. Mutton. "When you mentioned a lackluster personal life, you meant it, didn't you? Very well then. Ale for the lot of us."

As it happens, mutton and ale suit Justin just fine! Or a thick, brown beer. But as they are ordering, he leaves them to that while he draws out a chair for Aeliana, "If you prefer. As I said, my own chambers are to be shared with others myself. We are apt to be unduly crowded in the keep for the forseeable future."

Not taking a seat yet himself, Justin waits until all are gathered, "Please allow me to introduce the lady Aeliana Charlton to you, my cousin, sister of Lord Ser Aleister Charlton of Highfield, niece of Lord Ser Keegan Charlton of Holyholt." Ladies first, of course. And she outranks the others anyway. "This is one of my cousins, Ser Darion Terrick, recently returned though he's been floating about since the Ironborn invasion. And this, Ser, is Ser Farrell Keane, now escort to the lady Aeliana." And of course they all know him, so Justin takes his seat.

"As for news … there is a great deal of it. I'm certain you have heard of the bandit activity upon the roads, not just around the Roost, that claimed Young Lord Marvish Erenford's life? I rather doubt they are bandits, however."

Darion is silent and moves along. Offering a bow once he is introduced. Studying them both to see if they saw through the commoner look that he had at the moment. Or if the introduction surprised them. "Nice to meet you both." He offers to Farrell and Aeliana. Then he smiles and bows to the septa and handmaid as well. One to get along well with commoners after all. Hearing the word about the attack on Marvish, he raises a brow. "What do you suspect then?" He asks. Honestly curious at what his cousin thinks.

"I think it was Marvish, M'lord," Farrell pipes up, nodding in greeting to Darion with an extra, 'M'lord' thrown in for good measure. He settles in near Aeliana, arms crossed over his chain hauberk as they speak of the Erenford. "Saw the man durin' the final battle with the Greyjoy - Erenfords are mean with their spears, M'lord. Surprised any tough could take 'im on."

"A pleasure," Aeliana offers with a faint bow of her head to Darion, as she settles into the chair that Justin's made available; a little bow of her head in thanks as she smooths out her skirts. But as for crowding, "The men I can house elsewhere, Ser Justin, ere you could but find a room for Farrell perhaps with your knights?" Implored, those dark soulful eyes turning up in his direction.
She becomes more focused though and less of humor as she listens to the gentlemen speak; her ladies settling at the table adjcent. "I had heard. Bandits and somewhat of your sister, I think. And the Young Lord. I shall venture no opinion however, until we have more than a single rumor. Still…I suppose I ought to send some manner of apology," mused in thoughtful tone.

Once they are all seated, Justin nods, "Aye, Marvish and his Erenford knights are stout men, not to be taken by smallfolk bandits. I believe it's more likely sell swords, released from the Naylands without suitable pay or booty in compensation and they are not pleased to scatter to the four winds empty handed. What we have seen the past week or more, with the lady Katrin's attack, and now this suggests that we may be dealing with better organized men, seasoned veterans, who are well armed. There may not be many of them, but enough to break into several small bands. They will have to be dealt with most seriously to encourage them to seek more fruitful ground."

The ale at least is brought out in pitchers with several cups and tankards to go around. Justin accepts one of the cups to pour first for the lady Aeliana before he should top up a tankard for himself and pass the pitcher on.

"Aye, there's that also. It seems my lady sister Lucienne is returning home. And last night, I am told the lady Rebecca has flown the nest and arrived here. There's also my uncle, Ser Bolland and his family have arrived and require quarters for housing in the keep, and tomorrow I ride to greet the Nayland envoys. So we have many staying at the keep."

"Same, my lady. Ser." He offers. About to take a seat finally. Listening to Justin's words. Something seeming to remind him of something. "That reminds me. I am sorry to part soon after meeting. But I have some business needing my attention at the tower." He explains as he rises. Probably having promised his squire something. A training moment perhaps. "My apologies. I hope I will get to meet you all at a later time." He offers and bows. Letting them reply to him before he leaves.

"A disgrace to the profession. That's /exactly/ what happens, y'know, all these tots gettin' in on the work, wantin' to see the world get all high an' mighty on their footwork and just start takin'. Then they get just a /'lil/ starved, just one time and they start lootin'! Then they rile up the locals and end up gettin' burned out of their hole when they take on more'n they can chew," practically rants Farrell, a surprising feat to say the least out of those who'd even know him briefly. "Kill an heir, tho', they won't last long."

Well Justin has missed her, hasn't he? Aeliana's not sure she's ever heard him talk quite so much. And he does, rather expansively, doesn't he. It's with a quietly amused smile that the lady listens, for all that her head dips in gratitude when he pours her mug. A quiet murmur of thanks is offered then, before a somewhat deeper one is offered to Darion as he excuses himself.
Before she can even fathom so much as reply though, Farrell has set on a rant that leaves her staring; shoulders shaking faintly with supressed laughter. She does her best to hide it though, by taking a small wee sip. It helped hide the smile. "Mmm, Ser Farrell, I didn't know you had it in you." Grin.

Justin picks up his ale and takes a long, slow drink of it to quench the edge off of his thirst, his hair for the most part scraped back from his brow for a change. He's not mentioned anything that isn't, or won't soon enough be, well known to everyone as to their guests. Most of which he's left bare bones without details.

As the meal begins to arrive and be served, Justin goes back to his more habitual quiet. He quietly thanks the server and sets into his meal, raising his gaze back to the hedge knight as his goings on. There's a nod to Darion, "I'll catch you later, cousin."

"Can't do a job for nearly a decade and not give any care to it, M'lady," Farrell answers in his defense, shaking ahead as he goes back to his usual guard's silence, eyeing the other patrons in the tavern.

Aeliana reclines much as her ladies do with a glass of ale; leaving the rest to order as they pleased. The girl is content with her drink, listening as the conversation tapers off into a complete and full stop. Justin at least has an excuse because he's eating. "Oh bah, Ser Farrell. I wasn't chiding you, I was applauding you for finally showing you'd a bit of fire in your blood, what with me sitting so near. If you persist in sitting round in silence I'm going to start comparing you to Myrth." Her humorless droll faced Septa. "I promise that I'm not going to break if you crack a smile now and again and loosen up."

The Terrick Sheriff has been about his duties half the day already so it's no surprise if Justin is hungry. He's still a little lean, under weight from the long months of half rations. Even so, the rations allowed now, while heartier, are still /very/ carefully portioned without anything to spare.

So it is that he eats and pauses long enough to wipe his mouth with a napkin rather than his shirt sleeve. Following it with a sip of ale before he speaks again. "We'll see you settled. Ser Farrell here with you, lady Aeliana. I'm certain the Lady Anais can accomidate you in the keep somehow." Amusement lightens his eyes at her playful chiding of her new hedge knight.

"I've much to do, then I depart in the morning long before first light. If you lack for anything, seek my goodsister. She is most capable."

"She's quiet because she's /wise/, M'lady. Compare me to her all you like," Farrell returns as he, too, begins to dig in to his meal, content to let the two speak.

Lothar finds the inn… He steps in and closes the door behind him as he glances around for folks who he might know or folks that look like they'd be interesting to get to know… Then the smell of food hits his teenage nose and it's like he got fishhooked as he'd started walking towards the tables and is almost physically jerked towards the kitchen, "Mmmm smells good."

If it kills her, Aeliana is determined to find a sense of humor in Farrell. It has become her new personal quest, one that she becomes more determined in the longer she's around him. The man must crack, if she is to survive him. His quiet streak crashes at odds with her friendly magpie chattering. Even with her help. Even with commoners. Uncle Harold has given her a copy of his stern ridge based self. Blessed Gods. So it is she casts a brooding look in his direction, determined to puzzle out the key to unlocking him and it takes Justin's speech to pull her from the intent study.
"My thanks, Ser Justin. Given…everything, I'm sure you can understand why I prefer to have him near." It comes with a sigh, almost tragic, before she gives a little shake of her head. "Truly your family has been far too kind to me. Though speaking of your goodsister, she's a particularly hard woman too pin down. You don't think she'll be too busy for me to steal her away, do you?"

Justin nods, already finishing off his meal, mutton and bread, the same as Farrell's been served, with a hearty gravey. Where the mutton came from is another guess and likely purchsed by the inn before the Stonebridge issue broke loose and closed the road.

"Yes, she's very busy just now. Likely things will quiet down by this evening or tomorrow and you'll be able to gain a little of her time the more easily. I think she'll be appriciative of your company, lady Aeliana. And welcome the restful distraction from the other demands upon her time."

His plate then pushes aside to be removed, Justin tops up his tankard of ale. "If you … attempt to lure her away for an hour or two by asking her to ride along the water, you might have more luck. She's not able to get out of the keep and enjoy the water as much as she should."

Lothar gets stopped at the door into the kitchen and directed to go take a seat like everybody else he shrugs and heads over to a table and takes a seat as he waits for food and drink to be brought to him.

Intent stare or no, one thing Farrell is passionate about is this gravied mutton. Far too used to rabbits and berries, he takes as much advantage of what he's been offered. He does keep an eye out, however. That lovable brute Lothar gets a careful eye from Farrell, the old knight cracking the slightest of grins as he watches the lad get dragged along but the promise of food and turned away by the kitchen staff. "Hm, M'lord, M'lady, either of you know that one? Walks like the highborn sort, to be sure - I can spot a noble at several hundred paces."

Aeliana senses: Justin leans back in his own chair and savouring his ale slowly, is content to watch her.

"Oh fantastic!" Aeliana offers, "Because I absolutely enjoyed her company when we did get to speak and she had promised that we might do somewhat. And after Highfield, I should welcome the company and distraction of proper ladies who don't try to rip my hair out and stab me to death. I'm quite fragile you know," somberly added, before her glass tipped up and she took another drink.
Her eyes slid towards Lothar though, with Farrell's remark and swept from top to bottom before her lips pursed in consideration. "Be careful, Ser Farrell, I shall start bribing people to dress as commoners in search of the proof for your words," she teases, grin sly before looking back to Justin, "Terrick by his colors, I believe. Ser Justin, is that another of your kin?"
Though Aeliana doesn't get to consider it long, before Ryken comes striding through the door with an intent look on his face, "Stranger's kicked a loose shoe, m'lady and won't be lettin' the stable lad have a look. Someone's a mare.." He didn't get to finish; the lady cut him short with a nod of her head and swept a look to her company, "Ser Justin, Ser Farrell, if you'll excuse me. And Ser Farrell, don't feel you needs must rush on my account. I shall be perfectly fine with Ryken here, ere you linger. Good day, gentlemen."

Justin was watching Aeliana herself while he sipped his ale. He looks over and nods, "Aye, another of my newly arrived cousins - Ser Bolland's youngest son, lord Lothar. I'll invite him over to join .." and there Aeliana is popping up to depart and tend to her horse. Justin moves to stand and half bows to her, "Of course, lady Aeliana." With ale in hand, he waves the young Terrick over to join them.

Lothar glances over and nods towards the older Terrick and heads his way, "Hello there Ser Justin, I hear there's a caravan of Naylands heading this way, wonder how that'll fly with Lady Rebecca having arrived last night." He motions towards an empty seat, "I suppose you wanted me to sit Ser?"

Farrell nods to Lothar, but as Aeliana leaves so does he rise. "I'll be takin' my leave then, M'lord. Can't trust that one to keep his eye on threats when he's busy ogglin' the fishwives," Farrell muses, giving a last bow of his head to the two nobles as he takes his leave of his fortunately finished meal.

"Aye, join us. There's ale enough to share - and plates of mutton with bread and gravy, if you hunger." Especially if the lady Aeliana is buying. Justin flicks his gaze to Farrell, then finishes the introductions, "Cousin, this is Ser Farrell Keane, the lady Aeliana Charlton's sworn sword. The lady herself is a guest with us here at the Roost, sister to the Lord Ser Aleister Charlton of Highfield, niece to Lord Ser Keegan Charlton of Holyholt." The Sheriff indicates the young woman who just departed to see to her horse.

Waiting until Lothar settles, Justin adds low, "I will see the lady Nayland this evening, ere I depart. I ride shortly to go to the border to see to safely escorting in our Nayland envoys." Justin twists his mouth, the very name of Nayland leaving something of a foul taste in his mouth. He drinks a little more ale to wash it out, "I'm inviting my uncle, your father, to come with us and as many of you and your brothers as will ride with me. We are a little short handed with the Mallister knights away to Heronhurst." There's a nod also to Farrell moving to depart.

Lothar nods, as he sits, "I'd be pleased to ride with you Ser, don't know where all the family things packed up and shipped out my armor was packed but I can find my travel leathers kept the bow and quiver of arrows easily unpacked along with the sword my old knight gave me as a parting gift."

Justin nods, finishing off his ale himself. He sets the tankard down and seems to be left to pay for the meal after all, Farell taking off. The Sheriff stands, "Sounds good. I've duties to see to ere we depart. Enjoy a bit to eat and drink and I should know better by this evening who is coming out with me in the morning." A few copper stars are left on the table. Alas, Justin has very little and it takes about all he had on him to pay for it. He makes no comment upon it, heading out to get back to his own work.