Page 576: The Lady Returns
The Lady Returns
Summary: The soon(ish) to be Young Lady of the Roost returns from the ball at Stonebridge
Date: 19/Feb/2013
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Martyn Nedra Mortimer 
The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournaments, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Tue Feb 19, 290

Having made his way out from the Inn again, Martyn has carried his bow and arrows now, practicing his archery for the moments, it would seem. Humming a bit to himself as he readies one of the arrows, takes aim, and hits the target, although it's not in the center of it. Frowning a bit to himself as he readies another arrow now.

The faint mist of a late afternoon spring still clings to the leaves and rests heavy in the air with that nearly touchable quality that speaks of ocean air and the promise of thunder storms sometime in the late evening hours. Accompanied by her usual entourage, septa - maid - guards, Lady Nedra is guiding her mare at a calm walk, neither in a hurry nor lingering, but having ridden through rain at some point she and the rest of her group are as eager to see the safety of the walls AND a dry roof over head as anything else.

Once more he lets the arrow fly, and once more it doesn't hit the center of the target. Letting out a bit of a sigh, Martyn turns around, to look around the green, pausing for a few moments as he spots Nedra. "Cousin!" he calls out, raising one hand to offer her a wave now. Moving to reclaim his arrows, then starting to approve Nedra and her party now.

Nedra runs one hand lightly over her hair, tucking strands of hair away from her face, her hair curling rather enthusiastically in the damp air. "Cousin!" she calls in return, guiding her mare to a halt on a small rise of the green and, with a small sigh, she swings down out of the saddle to land lightly on her feet. She rushes forward, mindful of his arrows and such, to offer a hug, "Getting in some practice?"

As he sees her rushing forward, Martyn makes sure to drop the bow and the arrows to the ground. Wouldn't want turn his cousin into a pincushion or anything, right? Hugging her in return, he offers a bit of a grin. "I figured I'd need to make something useful out of myself, you know?" It's offered a bit lightly. "How have you been, Nedra? And I guess congratulations are in order?"

While word of Lady Nedra's arrival is probably going round like wildfire in the town below, Mortimer has not yet heard as he found himself unable to avoid a trip to the Tower to discuss something with the Captain of the Guard. Still, it had just been a brief word and so now he's on his way back to safety, all he has to do is pass under the portcullis and cross the green, then he's back into his own territory. How hard can it be?

"And this is your way of being useful? Turning targets into pin cushions full of arrow tips?" Nedra wonders with a quiet laugh as she leans back, shaking her head - amusement plain upon her face - at her cousin. "Well, all thing considered, it's a handy skill set. You'll never go hungry," she adds before she steps back lightly, her hands lifting again to smooth her hair away from her face again, a small but nervous gesture. "I've been well. I was visiting Lady Jocelyn in Stonebridge, helping with costume ideas and all." She lowers her hands to her sides but nods slowly, "Yes, father says that this is a arrangement that will benefit House Terrick and the arrangement pleases Lord Mallister."

"Well, it's helped me in the past, when I've been traveling, or staying out in the woods for a while." Martyn offers this with a bit of a smile. "Besides, to make sure the ones that will make the new targets have some work to do, right?" Nodding at the mention of Jocelyn and Stonebridge. "I trust that she was well?" he asks, before he nods a bit at the last part. "It will be good for both houses, that's true," he offers, with a bit of a smile. There's a bit of a distant expression on his face for a few moments, but it's gone as soon as it came again. He hasn't noticed Mortimer yet.

Pass under portcullis: achieved. Now it's just the Green to negotiate and he's home and dry. Mortimer might have even made it if it weren't for his now habitual point of checking the archery butts for the fletching marks that were found on the arrow that hit Dania all those months back now. The exact identity of the noble pair takes a moment to distinguish, although to be fair, the entourage of guards, septa and maid to rather give at least one of them away. Giving said entourage a nod of the type shared by retainers and servants everywhere he glances once more to the Mallisters. He knows should really welcome Nedra back to the Roost but equally he doesn't want to offer people on either side of the threatening rift a chance to accuse him of favouring the other. I the end though, protocol wins out and he offers the pair a brief nod and a "M'Lord, m'Lady" as he passes.

"My…. putting your skills to practical use, cousin? Well done," Nedra replies, a touch of humor appearing on her face as she says this. "Lady Jocelyn? Oh yes. Well, as well as anyone is," she amends softly before she gives a measured nod in return to HIS words that responded to her own. "Father is pleased," is all she allows further on that topic before she spots Master Trevelyan and smiles a greeting, "Good day to you, Deputy Sheriff. How does this day - or rather, how did this day - find you? and your family?"

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears Nedra's words, but doesn't say anything more about it. Expression a bit distant for a few moments, before he looks over to Mortimer. "Master Trevelyan, how are you?" he asks, with a bit of a smile now. Looking back to Nedra again, he offers her another smile. "I'm glad to see you again, Cousin."

Mortimer had pretty much guessed that once he gave away his presence there would be conversation and so he is ready and able to answer Nedra's query with a polite smile. "I found us well m'Lady, thank you," he starts, along with a slight nod in acknowledgement of the question, "I trust your ride was quiet and uneventful?" He's hoping so at least as he has no particular desire to go chasing all over the countryside after bandits any time soon. To Martyn he offers a brief nod in acknowledgement as well before echoing, "Well thank you m'Lord." While he figures he could possibly hazard a guess at the subject of their conversation he is doesn't feel particularly inclined to add anything to it, so offers instead to Martyn in a faintly businesslike tone, "have there been others here shooting while you have been?"

"Uneventful save for the rain, Master Trevelyan, but rain is not at all a bad things, all considered," Nedra replies with a small glimpse of a smile. "I have a new kite that I was hoping your son would help me test." Her head tilts as she eyes the cloud cover, "perhaps in a day or two?" She reaches out and elbows her cousin lightly, "Glad to see you too," she replies to Martyn. "Have you had word from Lady Muirenn? I had hoped to see her at the Masque but she wasn't in attendance."

Martyn smiles a little as he listens now. "There was another a little while back, Master Trevelyan. He left soon after I arrived, though." Nodding as he listens to Nedra's words to Mortimer, before he pauses a bit at the elbowing, reaching out to lightly tickle her in retaliation now, before he shakes his head a little bit. "I have not heard from my sister since she left Broadmoor after the wedding," he replies, after a few moments of pause.

Mortimer nods in understanding at Nedra's answer then replies, "Aye m'Lady, in the grand scheme of things it's an inconvenience at most." At the mention of a kite he nods again, "I'm sure he'd be more than willing, his studies allowing. I'll have a word with Master Corbitt when he returns from Stonebridge and see what he reckons, he's been using kite time as a reword for work done and so on." Odd how much quicker a six year old gets stuff done if they have something to look forward to afterwards. Martyn's remarks seem to attract his attention though and he turns to towards him as he replies quickly, "you didn't happen to note what their mark upon their fletching was did you m'Lord?"

Martyn's words bring a brief look of surprise from Nedra, "Since.. ahh," her voice is quiet as she appears to come to some sort of understanding. "Hmm," is the only musing sound she adds TO the two previous words before turning toward MOrtimer. His words tug a smile from her in reply, "Has he? That's wonderful. Perhaps some of his friends might like a kite as well," she wonders, turning thoughtful again. "They're flights of fancy, and I know they're not terribly practical, but.. it's a delight all the same to hear laughter, isn't it?"

"Ser Perrin had invited me to visit for a little while, so I spent a week or so there before heading back here," Martyn explains, before he shrugs a little bit now. "And it gave me the time to make sure Xander was ready to head back home. Or Ser Xander, I guess I should call him now." At the mention of the kites, he chuckles a little. "Be careful so you will not only be known as Lady Kite," he comments a bit lightly. At Mortimer's question about the mark on the fletching, he shakes his head a little. "No, I don't think I managed to notice it, sorry. Why?"

"So he tells me m'Lady" Mortimer replies with a faint smile, "and I reckon they would, like as not. The lad might not approve so much mind, he seems to quite like others asking if they can have a go." The mention of laughter gets a nod but he can't help but keep most of his focus on Martyn until that negative answer comes back. Doing a decent job of looking less disappointed at it than he is he offers, "ah well, never mind then m'Lord, long shot anyway. We're still keeping an eye out for the same markings as those found in the arrow that hit Mistress Dorsey."

Nedra laughs again but nods in understanding, "Perhaps he could use a spare or two then to lend to his friends so they don't break his," she suggests but lets it go at that. Her head tilts again and eyes the sky once more, a distant rumble of thunder is heard - distant enough to just be a suggestion of a hint of the storm to come. Not genuine threat - yet. "I think maybe I'll head for the .. um.. I think I'll go see how Saffron is feeling. She tends to be sort of grumpy these days, maybe I'll take her some tea." Or a sedative?

Martyn pauses for a few moments now, nodding a little bit. "Let her know I said hello?" he offers, before he looks to his bow and arrows where he left them. "I guess I should take those back to my room at the Inn…"

Mortimer notes both nobles state their intent to be elsewhere and figures it's fair to assume that he's dismissed. Since Nedra is heading in the opposite direction, and Martyn has to retrive his weaponry before heading down to town he takes a half-step backwards and then offers the pair a respectful bow. "Good day then m'Lord, m'Lady," he states, then nods briefly to those of Nedra's party before turning on his heal and heading away from the green.