Page 033: The Green Grass Grew All Around
The Green Grass Grew All Around
Summary: Dafydd and Damara continue to disagree - as always. Gedeon asks something of Sarojyn who stands to his neutral view.
Date: 14 Aug 2011
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The Green — Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline.
Sun August 14, 2011

The late afternoon has seen fit to still grace the gree with an nearly unclouded sky and humid air rolling in off the coast. The breeze despite it is something of a blissful release from the heat and as the dot in the far distance circles and dips over the groves of trees fo the north, Damara lifts a hand to shield her eyes and watch Gein cut an elegant arc through the blue sky. A soft smile touches her lips and she sighs, her leather jerkin having been shirked free of her, settled beneath where she sits to act as sort of a cushion. Gloves held in her other hand settle behind her to help prop her up. There is an idle glance northward as she studies the distance, as if to see Tall Oaks closer than it is. Her smile fades some and jade eyes are thoughtful in their study.

There is the soft *whoosh*whoosh* of hooves in the grass as Lord Dafydd Camden exits the confines of the tower to the grassy field on horseback. The dark bay isn't decked out in finery, but rather, he's wearing the most basic to keep his movements unconfined. Unhindered by excess controls that aren't needed anyway.

Stopping a short distance away, Dafydd throws a leg over and slides off the side of his mount before simply dropping the reins. Where's the horse going to go in a field of grass? Run away? Not likely.. and he's been well trained, regardless.

The distance is crossed easily, and pausing a scant few steps away, he first raises blue eyes to the sky to watch the progress of the bird. Shielding his eyes, he watches as Gein catches the currents, soaring high overhead.

"We will be away after dinner. I'm letting you know so you don't worry. A hunt is being organized and we are invited." We.

The moving horse is not lost one her and Damara tilts her head to look back over her shoulder to watch the Captain draw closer. Slowly she rises better to address the Lord, her eyes lingering a moment before following his when he looks upward. Her smile grows again, her inner thoughts shed. When he speaks she turns to look back at him and consider the Lord. "My Lord…/we/?" She queries with some curiousity. A brow lifting upon her pale skin that has grown somewhat sunburnt with all the open air and no shade of the trees.

Fingers as she bends to gather up her jerkin, drawing it back on as to fasten it into place.

"We, as in my Lord and I." He ignores the action of the lacing of the jerkin, keeping his attention between the hawk's Mistress and the bird of prey. "You will have a guard as escort in our absence." Dafydd brings his gaze down and keeps it now on the visage of Damara and continues, "Things.." the best way to put it? Not really, and he begins again, "It is for your safety." Short, sweet and to the point.

"Then, undoubtedly, we'll be in yet another meeting. And, should it go the way I believe it will, I may recommend we send you home when we continue on our way to Hag's Mire."

"Lord Dafydd…" Damara starts, her brows furrowing some as the wind tugs at her hair. "Never before have I had need of a guard. I do not feel that has changed since leaving Tall Oaks…neither am I a Lady.." She says and turns to look down upon the final slap ot he jerkin, the toggle fitting into place as he draws her hands away. "Meetings aside, may I ask what you are about this evening that will warrant a guard for myself in your absence? If it something that I may be of service, I would gratefully come for lack of something better to do. Sitting idle inside those walls is not something that I do..eagerly." A motion is made with her hand.

The appendage falls back to her side and her green eyes move from him back up to Gein as there is a sharp cry and the falcon dips, lost in the canopy and probably found something in the fields beyond.

Always questioning..

Dafydd takes a breath for maintaining an easy composure, and the words come out even. "There have been a couple attempts on lives of those who are now within these walls. Not once, but twice. There are sudden departures under unknown circumstances. I would prefer if my charges remain breathing for their trip home."

It's mid-afternoon, the sun is shining brightly. Dafydd's horse is quietly chewing some grass of the field while the Captain of the Guards of Tall Oaks discusses something of some import (at least to him) with the Mistress of the Hawks. As they stand, discussing, Gein has likely found prey and begins his dive towards a creature of the field.

"So, I will be charging one of the guards to be sure you are uninjured in our absence. It is likely there will be no problems. However, humour me."

Damara is always questioning - yes. As Dafydd again insists that that she take up a guard while the men are away. Drawing in a slow breath, there is a faint smirk to her lips as she tilts her head and considers the Captain for a moment before turning her green gaze out towards where Gein had dipped out of sight. "Very well, if it would serve to put you at ease, than let it stand. But I am as good a shot as any man in our retinue, my Lord. Though I am flattered by your concern." There is a gentle smile and the falconer lifts a finger to brush along the deep scar along her neck, her hands knotted with talon and beak marks as well.

Dafydd has yet to answer her question as to the we involved with the outting but the Mistress does not press the issue. Instead she shifts on her feet and then moves to gather up the bow and quiver quite camoflaged in the grass.

Having spent the better part of the day in his private guest quarters, Sarojyn has now decided that it's time to venture out, having dealt with whatever needed to be attended with. As such, his horse is drawn from the stables and once it's prepared, he's making his way out of the courtyard and towards the town, pausing only once the large field is reached at the base of the towers. There, his eyes begin to play about the area before coming to rest upon the guard that had accompanied him, "You need not follow me all the way. I will remain within the fields, though."

It must be a bit of a trend, traveling with a guard. Though the knight, Gedeon Rivers, is on foot, he does have one of the guards belonging to the Terricks walking alongside him, and they seem to be in pleasant conversation. Now and again one laughs or pats the other on the back, and the casual conversation only slows once Gedeon notices that there is already a small party in the field. He speaks again to the guard who nods, lingering back about ten feet to offer his charge privacy without keeping too far away to be useful, and the Oldstones knight heads in the direction of Dafydd, Damara and, now, a new Camden complete with horse.

There has never been a time in the Captain's life where he's doubted the ability of an archer from his Lands. Ever. He knows their prowess, and has more than once argued to stake their abilities against others who could be a threat to their autonomy. Each time, overridden.

Rather than to say that outloud, a compliment wouldn't do!, the response is pretty typical. "Bows do very little in close contact.." is the beginning of the explanation, which ends the moment that he notices his brother's approach. It's a familiar form, known to him these 31 years.. and turning aside, watches the distance between them shorten.

Behind Sarojyn, another figure, though only recently acquainted, is spotted. This time, blue eyes narrow and there's a hitch in the shoulders. "Ser Gedeon Rivers approaches," is whispered in low tones. Always watching, he keeps an eye on the safety of his brother— being lulled into potential false senses of security could mean death.

That faint smile remains on Damara's lips as she nods her head, "That they do…but to let them get that close would be…" She as well falls silent and turns to watch the Lord Camden on horseback draw closer. She shifts visibly and something changes within her green gaze and her smile lightens. A dip of her head is offered to Sarojyn and as she reaches up to fix and straighten her leather jerkin with an idle hand it is the whisper of the other approach that has her keen gaze shooting towards the aforementioned Ser. A dark brow lofts against sunkissed skin and she parts her lips. "Oh.." It is all she can really say, not having had the chance to make his acquaintance.

But allowing that to stand as it is, she turns her head back north to look for her charge - Gein. He has yet to raise to wing and so she takes a step that way, waiting patiently but growing a bit concerned.

It only takes Sarojyn a moment to bring his horse closer to Dafydd and Damara and when that distance is closed enough for him to speak, he's offering a slight nod of his head in the direction of each, though the latter draws the hints of a smile to his lips. "Dafydd. Damara." The words are a simple thing and as they are said, he's taking but a moment to dismount himself from his horse, hands remaining upon the reins for the moment, "I trust all is well?" Their directed attention draws a slight look over his shoulder, blue-green eyes playing to the approaching knight and remaining there for a moment before he's looking back to those that he now stands with.

Gedeon makes his way over to the members of House Camden with no particular rush, lifting one hand in a wave as he gets a bit closer. He waits until he's in easy speaking distance before offering, "Hello, again, Lord Camden," he says to Dafydd, "How has the day been treating you." Darama, and then Sarojyn, get a polite bow. "Ser Gedeon Rivers of Oldstones and, as of late, guests of Terrick's Roost."

The jingling of another equine harness is heard, accompanied by the clop of a light canter. Across the field, Thanyel Camden approaches aback his own horse. His seat in the saddle is fairly relaxed, no sense of urgency about the veteran scout. He slows some as he approaches his kinsmen and the others gathered about them, raising a hand in light greeting. "Milords," he says lightly, with a nod. A second acknowledgement to the falconer, "Mistress. How stands the day?"

The slow departure of Damara from their now small group in search of her downed hawk is noted by Dafydd, but he makes no move to follow her. No harm will come to her, though he does keep that extra eye on those around.

"Brother," his words are low. "All is well for the moment. She is checking on her hawk." No mention of the momentary disagreement regarding a personal guard. After all, he won that one. He continues in the sotto voice, "That is Ser Gedeon Rivers that approaches. He has that request of you. I'm sure he'll have more information for you than has been given me."

Once the young knight reaches the group, Dafydd steps forward to offer his hand in greeting. "Ser Gedeon.. well, thank you." Twisting around for introductions, the Tall Oaks Captain begins, "My Lord of Tall Oaks, Lord Sarojyn Camden, this is the man of whom I spoke, seeking your aid. And that is Mistress Damara Kells. Her hawk brought down prey and she's checking on it." Nothing wrong, nothing to see here.

Stepping back, a pleasant enough smile lights his face. "And I passed on information regarding the hunt this evening."

After the introductions, there is another that crosses the field.. and narrowing blue eyes once more to identify him, he straightens the moment he recognizes the form for who he is. "Lord Thanyel.." is called out when he's closer. "the day promises bigger and brighter things, I believe. Stay .. and meet one of the other guests of the Roost."

Dafydd can handle things right and well but Thanyl's greeting is heard, if but distantly. Damara turns her head to look back at him and nods her head, smiling some and then that green gaze slides onward towards Gedeon. A quick once over and she is dipping her head as well to him before she is steadying her way down a slight decline in the natural landscape, her head tilting as she scans the sky and treetops. Brows furrow some and she slows, coming to a stop not far off, close enough to hear most of what is said. Waiting a moment longer, she lifts her thumb and pointer of her right hand to her lips and pressing them inward, lets out two sharp whistles that pierce the air. Her hand drops a little.

Releasing his hold on the reins to his horse, Sarojyn allows the animal to move about and graze on it's own and at Thanyel's approaching, his attention is shifting towards the other man, offering a slight dip of his head, "Cousin. I trust you are well?" His attention is then going towards Gedeon, for there was an introduction and as his blue-green eyes settle upon the knight, there's a moments silence as he's regarded before the Lord of Tall Oaks is offering a nod, "Well met, Ser. I have been told that you have a task to ask of me and mine?" If he's been told of the task, it's obvious he's going to make the knight explain just what he wishes. The Falconer is not forgotten, for there is a flit of his eyes in her direction at the whistle, but it rests there for only a moment before returning to Gedeon.

The knight listens to Dafydd before returning his attention to the others. "Mistress Kells, Lord Camden," with a faint smile he adds, with a nod to the arriving Thanyl, "Lord Camden." He straightens to meets Sarojyn's thoughtful gaze as he nods. "Yes, my lord, that is so. If I may ask, has your brother explained any of my situation to you?"

"Well enough," Thanyel acknowledges the Lord of Tall Oaks, first. Then, it's to Dafydd:"Be glad to." Finally, as introductions are given out, he swings down off his horse to level the field some. Looping the reins over the saddle he lets the horse graze some. "Ser." He turns his attention toward the stranger-knight, sparing only the briefest glance for the returning raptor. But, beyond the courtesy, he falls silent to allow Rivers and the Lord of Tall Oaks their conversation. He's not one inclined to interrupt much in any case.

Dafydd clears his throat softly, a hand raising to his mouth to lessen the sound as his gaze moves towards his brother before outwards again. Now, he'll allow this conversation to happen; keeping an ear here and over to where the Mistress of the Hawks stands. The shrill whistles should bring an answering cry—

Stepping back a pace, he inclines his head in silent message before he takes the steps to the side to put himself in that distance between Damara and Sarojyn. Once there, he's comfortable and in place— and it also happens to be where the Mistress had placed her bow and arrow. While not as good as his now-arrived cousin, he can easily take out foes at a greater distance than a good deal of others.

As Gein does not rise or come when bid, Damara waits still, her concern growing but not making a move outwardly. Again, in a lull of the conversation she lifts her fingers to let out two more shrill whistles past her lips. Her brows furrow and she lets out a long breath, turning to catch the movement of Dafydd from the corner of her eye. "Captain.." She starts, "Give me a moment…I will be back." She does not retrieve her arrows but she turns, giving a quick but graceful bow. "My Lords…Ser..excuse me. I need to go check on my charge.." Gein. She offers a nod and then hesitates before she turns and takes up a slight jog through the green for the north fields and the small groves.

With a quick nod of his head to Thanyel and then Damara, Sarojyn's attention once more comes to settle on Gedeon as his hands grasp the edge of his cloak, drawing the garment more tightly around him, "Yes, I have received an explaination as to what it is that you require." There's a slight pause at that, followed by a cant of his head to the right. "And, it draws a question to mind that must be asked. If I am to speak with the Naylands about such a thing, what do you hope to gain by the return of the letters? You do know, Ser, that even if they are validated as true, what is spoken of within can not come to be."

Gedeon is quiet as Sarojyn speaks, glancing only briefly towards Damara when he hears the returning call of her hawk. "I know that as things are, currently, I could not inherit, regardless of what a letter said," he agrees with a small, somber nod. "But the king is the only one with the ability to ennoble a bastard and give them the right of inheritance. It is my hope that if a case is brought to him, with the proof of my words, he may do so.".

Thanyel is somewhat out of the loop as to what his cousins, though the context is easy enough to piece together. How many bastards, over the years, have had similar such ambitions? Such is not the lesser Camden lord's concern, however. The scion of a second son, he's so far down in the line of House succession, it hardly matters. Thus, for now, he remains silent, observing and absorbing what is said.

Dafydd does catch Damara's eye and subsequent movement. Glancing back the way his brother came, the guard lingers, unneeded, waiting for his Lordship's return to the Tower. Now, the guard is needed. Once again, there is something of a silent apology as the Captain takes one more step back in order to gain the attention of the waiting sentry, though he keeps an eye on the archery gear nestled in the grass. She's headed north, away, into the groves. While there is no distinct danger, it simply makes him feel a great deal better if everyone in their retinue that carried any import be watched.

"Cousin, ride and instruct the guard to keep watch over Mistress Kells." He'd do it, but…

The conversation regarding the letter and its contents begins, and he wants to keep an ear; all the better to counsel his Lord and brother with information gained, as well as wanting to know what path they take next so he can be prepared.

Turning his attention towards Dafydd and then Thanyel, Sarojyn then makes a brief motion in the direction of the guard that accompanied him, whose still upon his horse a short distance away, "Have my guard see to her if you feel it necessary." Then, he's looking back to Gedeon, his head giving the slightest of nods as he offers, "You are indeed correct, Ser. The King is the only one who can validate such a thing, but even if you were to be legitimized, you would need to take a different name and would be granted a new parcel of land as there is one who still bares the Tordane name." One hand lifts, coming to scratch lightly at his beard before it drops away, "But such matters are beyond my concern. We can speak to the Lords of Nayland on your behalf and see if they will be amicable to your suggestion, but I can make no promises. I fear that the contents contained within are such that they may not wish to part with them. After all, if what is written is true, they can deny such a thing and there is no proof but the word of those you've told or those who have previously seen them."

"That is a possibility, my lord, I understand it to be so," Gedeon replies for the Naylands and whether or not they might concdde, "that the Naylands would refuse. But if that were suh, such a refusal may offer its own purse, and as things stand, currently, there is little to lose, in the asking."

Thanyel glances to Dafydd at the command. Perforce of habit, he nods, acknowledging the words of both his cousins. Retreating a step or two, he now moves toward the slightly distant guard to convey the instructions.

Absolutely Dafydd sees it as necessary. If he was a man that saw threat behind every corner, he'd believe that Gein was taken from the sky in order to lure one away, thus holding his Brother 'hostage'. The Captain isn't quite that bad yet, still believing in courtesy and hospitality. Of course his hosts would assure their guests' safety; but there is never harm in making sure the job is done with a little bit of aid.

It is what he believed would come true; his brother has difficulty in rejecting pleas for aid. Particularly when it is in his power to grant— even if it's a challenge, which this will certainly be. Damara will be vexed in that his prediction is come true, and barring any pointed argument from the Lord Camden, she will be sent home while the men continue on.

That's his plan, anyway.

There's a brief pang of pity for the youngling, however.. to take a different name, to take a different land than his fathers would burn; it'd be difficult to swallow for the Captain. He is still, after all, a Camden.

"I had need to speak with the Lord of Stonebridge, but since his departure from Terrick's Roost, I find myself needing to venture into Nayland lands. When I do so, Ser, I shall make mention of the letters and see what can be accomplished." A pause is given by Sarojyn, enough to look amongst those gathered and when he looks back to Gedeon, there's another nod of his head being offered. "My business, here, is not yet concluded though. And as I have previously said, I will make no promises of success. The relation between House Nayland and House Camden are vague at best and I have little to offer them in return. But, we shall see."

Gedeon dips into a deep, polite by bow. "My thanks to you, my lord Camden," he says, "I am grateful for any help you can offer in this endeavor. I understand the Naylands' willingness cannot be forced, but perhaps they truly have interest in the truth of the matter."

The guardsman trots off toward the departed hawkmistress and Thanyel strides casually back to his cousins. His grey-green eyes sweep the field and beyond, once more perforce of habit, watching.

With the guard thus dispatched, Dafydd can relax a little and watch more of the conversation. Leaning over to pick up the bow and arrows, he hefts the deadly stick into an easy hold; a natural position for one who was raised pulling it.

"Ser Gedeon.. we will see you at the hunt this evening, yes?" Now that the business at hand is concluded. "We can discuss the particulars at dinner as to.. friendly wagers if you like."

A final nod is given towards Gedeon, followed by a flash of a smile before Sarojyn offers, "Very well, Ser Gedeon, I will see what can be accomplished and will send word, regardless." Then, his eyes shift back to Thanyel and Dafydd before a hand lifts to motion back towards the Terrick Towers, "I will take my leave, for now, and return to Four Eagles Tower. When it is time for the hunt, send a servant to seek me out as I have need to get out and return to something more .. familiar."

It seems that Gedeon, too, seems relieved enough for this request to be completed, and he offers Camden's captain of the guard an easy smile. "You will, my lord, yes. I look forward to it." He laughs a little at the idea of a wager. "Let us do so, then, and see what we can come up with over a bit of food and wine. But, for now, I had best be off, as well. I look forward to seeing all of you at dinner and the hunt, following.

"Until then," Thanyel says, giving Sarojyn an easy smile and a light nod. He can't argue the point. A return to the familiar would be welcome to him, too. As Gedeon also takes his leave, the scout gives him a light nod in farewell. Perhaps they'll get to know one another better on the hunt later, though if the hunt is large enough, it's debatable.

The Mistress had found her way to the grove and within, taking her time to find Gein. But now with a hurried step, something is held in the crook of her arm and her movement is steady and swift back towards the group. She is still a fair distance off and the guard having been sent to catch up to her now stops to meet her and join Damara in her return stride.

With his Brother's departure back to the Tower, and the guard keeping watch over Mistress Damara, Dafydd sighs audibly, though he does offer his farewells in order. "I'll send someone to call you to dinner, my Lord.

"And I'm sure we can find something suitable to wager over, Ser Gedeon, that would be agreeable." Particularly over food and drink…

With Damara's bow and arrows in hand, he begins to head towards his grazing horse, a glance given to his cousin, followed by a grin. "I want you to think of potential wagers too, Lord Thanyel. You will not emerge from this unscathed." He means to win..

Reaching for the reins, the Captain sets himself to the side and pulls himself up into the saddle one-handed in preparation to drop the weaponry off to its owner. "A nice diversion and one with which we are all happily acquainted."

With nothing more then a simple nod towards Gedeon, Sarojyn is moving towards his horse, attention shifting in the direction of both brother and cousin as he offers, "Soon, our business will be concluded and we can return to the forest. For now, though, we must remain." Then, he's moving to pull himself upon the horse and it's only then that he notices the return of Damara through the fields. A cant of his head is given and rather then return towards the entrance to the Towers, he's urging his horse forward, meaning to meet the Falconer as she walks.

Thanyel laughs, now, at Daffyd's pressing. "I know you too well, cousin," he says to him. "I don't know that I'm so inclined to lose another pouch to your wagers." Not, mind, that he expects to actually be let off the hook. As he said: He knows Dafydd too well. Still, as the younger Camden moves towards his horse, Thanyel does the same, catching at the reins and starting to walk with them in Sarojyn's wake.

The mistress takes note of the dispersal, but her face is fixed to one of a stoney countenance. Damara moves a hand to the small thing in the crook of her arm and she presses her lips to a thin line, slowly gaining upon the ground that lies between herself and the approaching Lords. The guard trailing behind her asks no questions and she offers no words. Green eyes finally lift to look at Sarojyn even at the distance that remains.

"We'll be on level ground. I don't know these hounds." Uh huh…

Dafydd's going in the same direction as the others, and the moment he's in the saddle, the horse is moving forward, towards the Falconer. "Forest? Or down to Hag's Mire?" He's pretty sure that the Lords there won't respond to a request of an audience within Tall Oaks. A glance back at his cousin searches for confirmation of his thoughts, even if not all is spoken aloud.

As he approaches Damara and the guard, he makes to hand the bow and arrows down, pausing in mid-gesture. The way the bird is tucked.. not necessarily a good sign.

"I'll bring these back to her room."

Turning the horse with a single hand, the Captain presses his horse into a canter, leaving the pair.

Hearing Dafydd's question, Sarojyn doesn't look towards him as he answers, for his attention remains entirely on Damara, "Hag's Mire, but I do not believe we will be there long, in all honesty." The expression upon the face of the Falconer is noted and as he begins to draw closer, it's then that he notices Gein tucked beneath his arm. Drawing his horse to a halt, the Lord of Tall Oaks is quick to dismount and when both feet touch upon the ground, he's releasing the reins so as to half job in her direction. "Damara .." comes the simply word, a question posed for what he already knows.

Thanyel lingers back as Dafydd takes his leave. He swings up into his own saddle, glancing ahead to his cousin and the falconer. His lips purse a moment, as he decides whether to linger or take his own leave.

Damara lets her gaze linger on Sarojyn and then to Dafydd and Thanyel she gazes, straightening some. A shake of her head is offered finally in response as the falcon shifts his head a bit, but what little movement there is is feeble. "He took too steep a dive…he's gotten too old to handle such banking curves.." She tries to explain and then adds, "The winds here are stronger near the coast…I don't think he took to them well enough…" Tall Oaks is far different. She starts to slow as she nears Sarojyn and the Mistress does well to hide her sorrow.

With a quick look to Thanyel, Sarojyn is offering, "Stay if you like, Cousin, or you can take your leave. Contrary to my brother's belief, I do not think harm will come to us here." Then, he's looking back to Damara and as she explains, the hint of a frown begins to tug upon the Lord's lips. A drift of his eyes lets him look to Gein and when his gaze lifts back to her, there's a murmered, "I am sorry, Damara. Will you be able to treat him, at all?"

Thanyel gives Sarojyn another smile. "I'll take my leave, then," he says. No, he's not so paranoid as Dafydd, either. Nor so hawkish. "Until later, cousin," he says in farewell. "I'm sorry about the bird, mistress," he adds, giving the woman a sympathetic look. "I'll pray the Old Gods see fit to strengthen him." With that, he puts heels to horse and follows after Dafydd.

"It is hard to say…but I do not think so.." She keeps a bit of distance between herself and the Lord. Damara looks down to Gein. "The Gods may just have chosen this time to claim him….sometimes it just is.." Damara lifts her gaze to Thanyel as he moves to take his leave and gives his condolenses. "My thanks, m'Lord." She says softly and then she is speaking to Sarojyn. "My Lord should find safety in the Roost..what with the attacks.." She begins, her head bowing to overlook the fading movements of Gein.

The departure of Thanyel draws another look from Sarojyn, though he gives only a nod of his head before he's looking back to Damara, "If the Gods call him to them, he will be missed. I know what he has come to mean to you, Damara." The distance between them isn't closed and he doesn't look as if he's about to heed her advice, for his eyes shift to the Roost and then back to her, with only a slight shake of his head, "A guard remains for my safety, though I do not think it needed. Perhaps, though, we should make our way back. To see what might be done for Gein." Even if it only means to make him comfortable.

"My Lord.." Though prying eyes are not nearby, Damara seeks nothing of direct comfort, instead she offers a nod and moves to walk past him. "I will meet you there.." She says and takes up a slow pace, thinking it best to let her friend pass outside of the walls of the Roost. A long breath is released and she shifts the small falcon against her arm a little, the beak opening and closing as the two small eyes focus upward at her. She lifts her gaze again, unable to look down at the moment, her gaze fixing on something in the distance as she wades through the tall grasses of the field.

There's a slight bow of Sarojyn's head to her and when she moves to walk past him, Sarojyn is turning so that his eyes can follow her movements. That frown remains upon her lips and after a moment, he's moving back to his horse so that he can pull himself up and into place. The animal is turned, then, but he doesn't immediately begin to trot off in the direction of the Towers. Rather, he watches the falconer for another moment before he begins to trail after her.