Page 391: The Eagle In Stonebridge
The Eagle in Stonebridge
Summary: Kamron meets with Isolde in regards to her proposal
Date: 16/08/2012
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Isolde Kamron 
The Lord and Lady's Chamber, Tordane Tower
The door opens to show the bed to the left, further from the entrance and the foot settled with a heavy locked chest with a few woven blankets draped over it. The carved posters of the bed hold wrappings of green cloth held by golden tassels, a heavy woolen blanket settled atop the stuffed mattress. On either side of the bed are removeable steps. A thick circular rug has faded over time and with foot traffic and takes up most of the wooden floor. A hearth at the corner of the room directly inward from the door is soot covered and crackling with embers. A heavy oak chest of drawers is fitted into a corner to hold the clothes and blankets of the Lord and Lady. Two chairs are set near the slitted double windows between the hearth and bed.
16 August, 289

The Lord Kamron Mallister is given a seat to wait in the common room until the Lady can be told of his arrival. Moving from her chambers to that of the sitting room just off of it, she is resting in a chair with cushions to help keep her up. A tray of wine and water, as well as a few fruits is set out with a sweet bread. WHile waiting, Kamron would have been given anything he needed and offered to have his cloak and anything else cleaned or scrubbed while he was meeting with Isolde.

Holt appears and bows to the Lord. "Please, my Lord, the Lady is ready to receive you." THe winding staircase finds the third landing and stepping out onto it, the door to the sitting room is open with two more guards posted at it. Holt leads Kamron and then steps in to announce him. "Lord Kamron Mallister."

That said, Isolde rises slowly from her chair and with care.

Kamron took advantage of water and bread, as well as the opportunity to brush as much dust as possible from his clothes. He does not, however, seat himself. Apparently, hours upon hours in the saddle make that an unpleasant option. Still, he waits patiently enough, and when the messenger arrives to lead him up to the Lady of Stonebridge, he slips his axe from the loop at his waist and sets it down beside his squire so that he goes up armed only with his simple dirk. When he is actually shown in, the Mallister bows from the waist, making a soothing sort of gesture, "Please, do not trouble yourself to rise, Lady Nayland." He has a pleasant enough baritone, a bit of mischief lingering around the edges of his voice even when he's being serious. "I must apologize for my tardiness in responding to your missive. I've been delayed on other business."

"It does me well to stand, Lord Mallister." A soft smile touches her lips and she laughs a little. "Do not worry. I have a feeling you were reluctant as it was just more time in your saddle. I am sorry this has been so trying for you. I am certain you will be glad to be done with this and return home. Especially since your wedding is to be soon." Pleasantries but each is well meant. She motions for him to set. "Please join me, Lord Rutger should not be too long." The Lady slowly lowers herself with and edge of grace that cuts through her tired frame. "I hope you found my missive at a good time. I sent it with your betrothed."

Kamron nods his head at the reassurance, laughing lightly at the words the follow, "It is not a knight's path to gripe, Lady Nayland, and I enjoy keeping busy. I simply fear My Lady's displeasure for missing the dance at The Roost the other knight." Again, there's that lightness to his words, a chuckle lurking not far beneath their surface. Moving over to take a seat, he crosses his left leg over his right, crossing his hands in his lap, "I am only sorry I was not able to stay long enough to receive it myself, Lady Nayland. I sent a raven to Seagard. Lord Mallister is most curious as to the intent of your letter."

"I will have to apologize for stealing you away from such a celebration." She says warmly and Isolde dips her head to Kamron, her smile lingering. "Gripe as you like. I would give anything to be able to ride at this point. I am so tired to sitting." She grins, smoothing a hand to her skirts before she nods to him with a knowing glint in her eye. "I wish to express something and perhaps it is too early to say so, but it would not do for us to wait too long without letting you know our possible intention as it regards your House." Pause. "As you know this contention over Stonebridge is amongst those of the Frey sworn." She lets that linger, "It has not gone unnoticed by our House that Lord Frey does not put a stop to this. Which benefits him not. Especially since it ruins what goods come in to his own lands. Stonebrige is pivotol to all inland trade, we are small but we are not a poor House."

Kamron chuckles slightly at the apology, "Actually, it was not you who kept me away, but your goodkin and Ser Aleister. I may forgive them, eventually." And he lets the humor fade away, his expression sobering. The knight nods at the set-up, "I well know the worth of Stonebridge, Lady Nayland. House Tordane was ever among House Terrick's most leal and honored bannerhouses, just as House Terrick was for my own House." There may be something a little pointed to the words, but he does his best to keep his voice mild. "As you say, though, the dispute is between houses sworn to the Twins. That leaves little reason for House Mallister to involve itself and risk the men of Seagard."

"Well, I won't be upset if you continue to hold a grudge against the Charlton." Isolde adds and then as he aggres with her, pointing out the position Stonebridge is in, she merely smiles softly, "So you say. It is true. And for that I am sorry, for all that was ..changed." She tells him, her green eyes becoming a little more cool, but definitely holding wiht the open expression she began with. "They would have no reason to involve themselves. Yes. Not unless we changed our bannerhouse. Not unless House Nayland swore to Seagard." She lets that hang in the air between them.

Kamron shows no surprise to the hanging possibility that should probably be announced by a tolling bell or a minor key. Instead, he merely leans back in his seat, "And why should I suggest that Lord Mallister take such an oath, Lady Nayland, from the house which broke guestright and held a noble knight without trial? One that faces strong military threat, will require the blood of the men of Seagard to maintain, and may draw House Mallister into direct military conflict with House Frey?" He holds up one hand to forestall immediate and sharp response, "These are questions that Lord Mallister will ask me, I'm sure."

"Valid questions, my Lord." Isolde admits and presses her hands to her legs. "What was done on these grounds were not at my behest and last I checked, I am the one who has final say in such matters. Unfortunately, I was not well and did not learn of the happenings in the Tower until after they were done, for that I am sorry." A frown paints her features." She lets out a breath and she tilts her head, "I am hoping that involving House Mallister will stop conflict. But it is only a possiblity. What I can offer your Lord this; Stonebridge is rich in trade, but holding this tributary he will have a sway in the trade along the rivers once more where Frey holds that alone. This alone would be well worth his aid.

Kamron breathes in slowly, then lets it out, "Stonebridge is a valuable location indeed. Hag's Mire is less so. And a Lord is judged as much on the actions of his bannermen as he is on his own actions. And I am not so sanguine as to the Late Lord Frey's likelihood of inaction if he were to lose one of his vassals to the Mallisters." A thoughtful frown touches his lips, "Beyond that, as much as it grieves me to say so, and to bring up such a painful subject, but your own hold on this town is not settled, Lady Nayland. Even if Lord Mallister took your oath of fealty, and that of Lord Nayland, there is still the issue of Lady Tordane's pregnancy. Should she bear Ser Gedeon's issue, that child would be heir to Stonebridge."

"I see your concerns, my Lord, they do not go unnoticed." Isolde presses her lips together, letting that name rest in the air between them. Tordane. Painful as it may be, the Lady bears it well and regards the smoothing of her dress into place to gather herself. There is a tick in Isolde's jaw and she clears her throat. "That will ever be the issue, my Lord. As much as I wish to say that the actions of said Lady were not…honorable in the slightest." Its gently put by the Lady Nayland. "I am can not assure on this matter, my Lord." She admits and spreads her hands with a gentle smile. "I could waste my breath proclaiming Gedeon a bastard born and falsely given claim to my father's lands but then this has gotten all quite deeper than that now."

Kamron remains silent, allowing the lady to gather herself and respond as she will. Once she has finished, he nods his head slightly, keeping his voice gentle and polite, "I did not mean to enter into a disagreement which has already wrent the Cape asunder, Lady Nayland. My apologies for digging up the sore wound. I am honestly not trying to do so, but I wish to be able to give Lord Mallister sound counsel if he asks for it." There's a long silence, and he glances to the door once before he finally speaks up quietly, "This question is not Lord Mallister's however, but my own — how tightly do you tie yourself to House Nayland? Your claim rests with you, not with the Harpy. If Ser Gedeon has no live issue, what would you say to a marriage into House Mallister?"

"It is not for you to apologize about." Isolde says with a simple smile that not exactly warm. But she watches his gaze go askance and she hesitates. A brow rises slowly as she dips her head in regards to her claim to Stonebridge. "I am not so tightly bound that I am beyond consideration of other pairings, my Lord. A Lady must do as she can for her people and for herself, we are not given the same powers as those of our mates." She says in understanding. A long breath is drawn and she brushes a finger along the green of her dress, smoothing it to her knee. "My Lord, what match would your House suppose to offer?"

Kamron allows a boyish, crooked smile to flit across his lips at the query, and one shoulder rises and falls in a shrug, "I have absolutely no idea, Lady Nayland." There's a strong dollop of bemused honestly to the statement. "I think my own wedding a bit too near to offer myself — and myself a bit too low for the Lady of Stonebridge in any case. In the main line, Ser Calvan has sons, and while Lord Mallister remains without issue, he is heir to Seagard. Also, Ser Martyn is a good man, and well connected to the main line of the House." He makes a slight gesture with his left hand, "I honestly just wanted to be able to tell Lord Mallister if you were open to the concept at all. "

"It is better to ask then be in darkness, my Lord. As amused as you are by this." Isolde smiles, but there is a glint in her green eyes. "I would not think to leave your bridge to be bereft of her husband though she be a lucky woman, my Lord." She dips her head to him and then sighs, smoothing her hands to her skirts. "I have not exhausted my options, but do let your Lord know that Stonebridge and Nayland may wish to cut ties with their former liege Lords in favor of one who acts." She dips her head to him. "I fear any other assurances would mean nothing and would only fall prettily from the tongue."

Kamron nods his head at the response, shrugging a little helplessly at the reference to his humor, "I fear I've inherited my father's sense of humor — rarely silent, even when it might be in better taste to be so." At her final words, he nods his head, taking another deep breath and letting it out slowly, "I will take your offer directly to Lord Mallister, Lady Nayland. I will present it to him as directly and as without bias as I am able." Pressing his lips together for a moment, he rubs a hand back over his hair, setting it into even further disarray. Luckily, the knight's hair is short enough that disarray is not too damning, "It seems to me a desperate gambit with the lives of hundreds, but I will offer it up to Lord Mallister."

"My Lord, sometimes desperate measures must be taken. But I thank you for your aid. For your time and most likely from your saddlworn backside." There is a bit of mirth in her voice as she speaks and then draws upwards to stand once more with care. She offers a dip of her head to him and then her hand to follow it. "I feel like we should have more to speak up, my Lord. But it would seem that this is all we can afford and best it be done as swiftly as possible. May I offer you anything before you possibly travel. Will you be staying? I will have a guest chamber readied for you and food as well for those in your company."

Kamron rises as the Lady of Stonebridge does, offering a chuckle at her joke, and a little rub at… well, his hip, because he's not going to rub his ass in front of a lady. He reaches out to take her hand lightly, bowing over it and coming just shy of kissing her knuckles, "As kind as your offer is, Lady Nayland, I should ride to Seagard immediately. With the Charlton and Haigh levies already mustered and marched, delay could be deadly if Lord Mallister means to take the Nayland offer." He reaches up one hand to press it flat to his chest, "And thank you for taking the time to talk to me. May the Mother see you well soon." Unless she has anything further to say, the knight steps back and moves to depart.

Fingers of her free hand grasp the cloth of her dress and she dips into a bow, letting her head drift forward as the silver circlet shows against her dark hair. Isolde straightens and studies Kamron, offering the warmest of smiles, the curve of her lips casting a glint to her gaze. "My Lord, I wish you the safest journies. Warrior give you strength and speed." She likewise blesses him with another dip of a light curtsey, the motion slow but graceful. "Be well, Lord Kamron." She says after him and allows him to depart, Holt stepping in with the Lord to escort him back down to those of his own escort and offering food for the ride back to Seagard.