Page 573: The Curious Ambassador
The Curious Ambassador
Summary: Faline meets with Lady Firth, the Frey Ambassor and gossip is shared.
Date: 18/2/2013
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Faline Firth 
Ambassador's Chambers, Tordane Tower
Rooms fit for a Frey
Sat Feb 16, 290

In the day before Stonebridge's masque celebration Faline had expressed an interest in meeting with the Frey Ambassador, perhaps in friendship. At least the letter received had appeared so. Lady's talk over tea and a light meal the Terrick female was not go alone, shadowed by a handmaiden and guard from the Crane's Crossing to the Tordane Tower. A dark history on its own she briefly studied the interior structure, comparing the tapestries hanging on the walls to those found in the Four Eagles. She was guided to the Ambassador's chambers and once permitted Faline adopted her most pleasant smiles for this meeting. "My Lady Ambassador, I am so very pleased you agreed to meet with me."

"The pleasure is mine." Firth says to her. She is dressed in grey silk gown and her long auburn hair has been braided intricately. She is takes her cane and she rises from where she was seated. "Please be welcome and come in and have a seat." In the room with her she has a guard who is older but looks strong still. He is dressed in Frey colors. "Would you like wine or tea?" She asks her.

Faline had quietly ordered her guard to remain outside however the simple handmaiden shadowed the lady's procession into the chamber. "Wine Thank you." For both taste and warmth it may aid the talks to remain spirited. The Terrick continues until reaching a chair opposite of the Frey woman, a small glance was given to the cane before eyes met her elder. "I had not known you were injured so lady Ambassador, should you be at rest?"

"I was injured almost years ago. I will always walk like this as surprising as it may seem." Firth motions for her guard to leave. The guard listens to her. As the guard exits her chambers she goes to get Faline her wine. Firth's movements are slow but steady. Once the glass is poured she hands it to Faline. Setting her cane aside she moves to take a seat. "So how are you doing neighbor, we heard of the rumors of the coming nuptial of the new heir. I am not surprised to be honest, but I am surprised over the division."

From having numerous members in family born male she had practice in not offering too much sympathy to the wounded. It was their pride that would become wounded in coddling. "The strongest always overcome the most difficult of challenges." She comments, perhaps a compliment as the wine glass is accepted before sitting in one of the chairs, following Firth's descent. "I am well." She smirks, no doubt the rumors of some hostility reached the Harpy's nest. "Women are strange creatures My Lady. There is no division only what is best for the Roost and in the end that is the desire of all Terricks." She drinks from her cup, smiling as though the vintage was pleasant.

"Some woman are but it depends on how they are raised. Others have a keen understanding of the laws that govern them and their place. It would seem that some do not. I would also appear that they are not very schooled on their own politics. So what facts can you give me that are not rumors or gossip?" She asks her. Her she settles the skirts of her gown around her and her cane is hung off the side of a table. "As of the most difficult of challenges I believe that there will be more to come, it is just the condition of living."

Faline laughed softly, "Why Lady Ambassador do my family politics intrigue you so?" An arm reached forward only to set the glass of wine aside for the time being. "I assume this in the interest of ladies sharing a deep intrigue for gossips not involving their very own persons." Both hands rejoined on her lap as she met the woman's gaze. "I can give you this, the Roost needed a future and my brother has now set upon the path to bring desires into fruition." Faline lifts a shoulder, "I suppose many speculated he would chose our late cousin's widow. I hear many wagers have been lost."

"They were fools to make the wager. The Roost needs money she has had two heirs and has not produced a child. Also her dowry has been spent, I would speculate. I would wager they will marry her to another in the Terrick line who is not heir." She points out. "Marriages are made politically for both power and money. The Roost needs both, only a fool would say otherwise." She takes a sip of her wine. "You could say that it is in the interest that you speak of or it could be me just trying to make sure I understand what is happening across the border. But, I would like to think this just a friendly conversation." She offers her a bow of her head. "Now the Ashwood are another neighbor I like to contemplate about."

"I am sure we are all well of truths of marriage." Faline briefly contemplates the possibilities of wedding the widow to the Sheriff or her brother, the second. "Had the Roost a more firm standing than it does not, perhaps things will be different." She casually allowed her eyes to fall, staring at the desk for a moment, smiling, "Strange, I swear I can hear my sister sharing your very words." On fools believing otherwise. "It is, quite friendly." Faline remains cautious though not to become too comfortable in delightful company. She reached for the wine glass again, "Intentionally?" She asked the Frey. "I do not see why not. The lands are cursed from the dead unblessed and so from ash and wood they'll amount to nothing." Too blunt.

"They are turncoats, born from the loins of the Charltons. The lands are what we make of them. I do not know if they are curse but I do believe that that have been poorly managed and Ashwoods who are now stewards of the lands are foolish." She adds. "The boy or the new heir is taking on the old mistress as his wife. He said to me that he does not understand politics. I would say that is not something that you should admit to. He also has little in the way of ambition. It will be sad." She adds. She smiles. "Your sister is a smart woman, I should meet her sometime. More wine?"

"Ser Bastien?" Delicate and dark eyebrows wrinkled upon hearing his mention. "Oh, he seemed so nice." She passes off during another drink from her glass. "If he has no mind for politics then why accept the offered seat?" Faline shakes her head while holding her glass in the air while an arm folded beneath her bosom. "A simple target for any woman. I could never imagine myself with a man so…" She hushed her mouth then, extending her glass once again. "Oh yes, please." In waiting she continued the topic, "You should, she is ever so lovely." When Gaelena wants to be. "How do you fair as Ambassador? It must be a challenge as a woman."

"Aye Ser Bastien himself." Firth says with with a cheerfull smile. "He is nice, too nice is the issue, they will walk and trod on him and he will lose control of his house. I am not sure if I should see him as a victim in this or not." She pauses there for a moment. "So, easy to control? It is better to be with one them then one who is a brute as long as you are the one who can remain in control of him." She pauses for a moment and takes a sip of her wine. "How do I fair, I fair well. I should ask the same of you. What do you mean it must be a challenge as a woman." She sound like her tone a little like Walder Frey for a moment.

"It would depend on whether there is anything to be gained from his success or failure. Which ever is held in favor does it matter if he is a victim or not?" Faline offered after bringing back her glass, "Yes well, they would become quite boring. So complacent and weak of mind." A small pause was made to clear her throat, "Well surely you face stigmas of being a woman in a position of authority, I mean what authority this seat may offer. Do you feel overlooked? Perhaps your worth diminished because you are woman or spy for Frey?" Genuinely interested the Terrick amends her words, "I mean no offense, simply curious. You are here on your father's interests first and foremost. Entrusted to whatever edicts are willed forth."

Firth laughs and her laugh is warm and rich. "Do not apologize only apologize for questions that you do not ask. I am my father's daughter. For what may be said about my mother and my parentage I am the product of his seed. I really do not care what others may think. I am here for my house and do have my houses best interest at heart. I am not maiden aunt as some may think, I have dreams and hopes. I was not born lame. I am in a unique position but it is a position that allows me some freedoms and allows a unique perspective. Perhaps it is because in a way when I offer advice I can truly say what I need to say. You are correct though I am the eyes and the ears of my father while I am here." She smiles. "What my position might be now among our peers is yet to be seen."

A weight lifted as Faline had expected her inquiry to turn pleasant company into sour tones. Firth's laugh drew both corners of her mouth upwards, deepening the dimples in her cheeks. "It is a freedom." Simply that. "It is what you make of it I suppose. Were I you, I would not limit myself to House Nayland alone, but all my father's vassals." She encourages. "Lord Walder's daughter taking visit to each of his vassal houses…" Dark thin eyebrows raised as the glass did the same though towards the lips. "Ensuring his interests are minded and why not, you have the freedoms to do so. You may travel as you wish. Others will of course speculate as to your intentions but is that not entertaining its self? And tongues do wag easily when opportunities are sought."

"Oh I do and I have spoken with a number of them. There are others of us as well, hidden within the folds of the other houses." Firth smiles brightens. "But as you I have to take my time, I have been with in Erenford, the Mire and even Highfield, but I am not welcomed there with open arms. They are unique in their standing. I do not trust them." She explains. "They do not trust me, there is no love lost between us. But I do travel. Right now I am here because I am needed here. I do not have power, just title to protect me and even then it does not always work. Tongues will always wag, it is the nature of the beast. I am who I am say anything." She adds. "We all have some colors to our past."

The expression held on Faline's features hinted she was intrigued. "Others?" She asked, perhaps finding a niche to carve herself into. "Highfield is new into their place. Toddlers are expected to stumble and fall in their footing however after too many missteps one will begin to believe something is queer with the young." Faline had returned before setting her glass forward. "We do, Lady Ambassador. Some more interesting colors than others." She does stand, showing her intent to leave soon. "We must do this again, your company is delightful my Lady and I should hope you'll not feel hesitant lay ink to parchment. Friendships are ever troublesome to maintain."

The Terrick smiles, winding her hands through the pale green shawl around her shoulders. "Have you heard, Lord Renold Tully is here? Residing in your inn?" The young female shared, her eyebrow aloft.

"This I have not heard, perhaps I should see if he will bend his ear towards me. If you see him before me let him to seek me out or I will seek him out." Firth says softly. "This has been a pleasure and I do hope you will write back to me as I do like writing." Her tone is matronly and even a bit motherly. "Be you well and may the Mother and Crone watch over you."