Page 413: The Craven
The Craven
Summary: A pleasant meeting ended up very differently.
Date: 07/09/289
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Town Square
The surrounding terrain has several small gullies and streams that feed into the waterfront area just adjacent to the town square, the sails of the boats visible over the tops of the buildings. The square is floored in the same heavy stone that the east docks and castle are constructed of while the buildings are a mix of the stone, wood, and mortar. There are quite a few fish vendors with their fragrant catches for sale among groups of tables which tend to be busy most of the time.
Fri Sep 07, 289

Stonebridge has been seeing a lack of movement, after all, a lot of people left due to the incoming war. Still, some folks are around and this means that the Town Square is still open for business. Normally he is seen with his page, but today, Wayland Frey walks alone. The tall Frey Knight is not wearing his armor, just a plain shirt made of light fabric, a cream coloured one. His pants are a little darker in tone and the fabric is thicker, and he uses a leather belt to keep things in place. He seems to be distracted, having allowed his thoughts to invade him; he walks with no direction. From time to time, he would look at something from brief seconds, but even then, his look is..somewhat not entirely focused. Yes, something is up. Finally, the man stops in front of a shop selling herbal drinks and he gets a few vials, exchanging some words with the shopkeeper in the meantime. Wayland pays for the drinks, offers a nod and then turns around, resuming his walk.

There is a woman who is not from Stonebridge nor does she really have a place in Stonebridge but she is known by some of the locals as few of them wave and call out greeting to her. She is a very tall for a woman. Though she looks sturdily built she is too thin. Her brown linen gown fits her loosely and so does the light blue apron dress she wears over it. Her hair is pinned up primly and underneath a wide brimmed straw hat. The scent of soap and herbs clings her. Over her shoulder she carries three large over stuffed saddle bags. Each one is stamped with the emblem of key. In her hand she holds a basket. As she is moving past Wayland a small child darts in front of her causing her to almost step into him. "I pray your pardon goodman." She says to him. Her tone is gentle and kind. Then she looks down at the darting child and with one long arm she snags the now giggling kids. "Now there little cat, back to your mother, you need to be more careful." She turns the child around and points him in the direction of one of the stalls where a woman is trying to sell the last of her vegetables.

Wayland doesn't even notice the kids running around, he only notices them when one almost bumps into him. The tall Knight takes a step back and narrows his eyes at the kid, later looking up when someone addresses him. "It is no trouble…" But alas, his expression is still, distant. He is answering to her of course but not really focusing. And, with that said, he just steps to one side and resumes his walk. He stops again a few shops ahead, this time, the keeper is selling leather-works, taking his time to browse through all the different items. He asks for prices on a couple of them and already notices that the shop keeper is trying to over price them, which he doesn't like. Wayland just shakes his head, informs that the prices are too high and then steps away…not before the shop-keeper throws a few nasty words at him, not knowing who he is.

"You are not very good at bargaining you can argue with them you know." The woman says as she takes two long strides to get caught with him once again once the child is set back with his mother. Her blue eyes narrow a little and she finally says to him and hopefully catches his eye. "Goodman a copper for your thoughts? You are man who looks like he has something sitting heavily on his shoulders that not even the gods he believes in can help him with."

Wayland slows down when he is addressed again and comes to a full stop before looking at the woman. Now, he finally turns and asks "Huh?" but then the thought process reaches it's end and he goes "Oh…" now turning and looking at the shop "I just don't have the time or the will to ask for a different price. If a man or woman decide to sell things overpriced, so be it, but I will not be buying from them" He takes a deep breath and nods slowly. As for her last words, he just shakes his head and offers "Just a long day, a lot of things to process." This time at least, he shows some politeness, allowing her to say something else instead of walking away.

"How is it a long day, I know the obvious with the threat of battle happening here. It is shame that the Frey vassals cannot get along, it makes me glad I am not from here. But, with that said is there something that perhaps I can help you with?" She asks him her blue eyes are bright and expressive. "I am a healer and midwife, I have folks whom I attend in the outlying farm here. I saw that you had purchased herbal potions, what for may I ask?"

"A true shame" offers the Knight, nodding his head and then taking a deep breath. "You shouldn't be here, actually…it was advised to move all the children and women out of Stonebridge" he looks around now, looking at all the children and women and shakes his head "It is amazing, amazing how people just don't listen" He looks back at her and shakes his head "No, but I thank you for your kindness…it is a rare thing these days." Now, he looks at the leather bag hanging from his belt and offers "For nothing in particular, perhaps to help me relax…I understand these.." and he takes a couple vials with a green looking liquid "..are good to relax the muscles and allow room for a clear head"

"You should use mint in hot bath water. The mint will help you with your tired muscles. To clean your head if you are thinking too much the best thing to do is drink a herbal tea before bed. As for leaving I am the one person you would want to stay. Women like me and the Maesters our skills will be needed I know surgery." She points out. "They will leave in by tonight. They will have little choice because this is their lively hood. No noble will pay for them or cares for them as an individual it is up to them to provide for themselves and their family. They know that it is not them that nobles want but the land they reside on." She points out. "They care little for politics at this moment. This place has changed hands a number of times over the past year."

"Mint, hot bath water…" repeats the man now, nodding his head. He looks at the vials again and then nods his head "Herbal tea…" Well, at least he can make tea with that, kinda. When she discusses her skills, he looks at her and nods his head "I see, I guess your skills will be needed then, yes." That whole thing about Nobles being, basically douchebags…well…he says nothing on that end. "What place would you recommend to get fresh mint?" asks Wayland now, looking to drift the conversation to other grounds. "I think the Inn has a good place with a large tub that I could use…yes, I think I've seen it before" It seems that he is trying to stay away from the actual Tower, at least for the time being, to allow himself time to think, to process things.

"Not all nobles are bag but they forget the people who work for them. They are more than just animals we are the life blood of the land. Without us the wildness would take over, there would be not taxes to be gathered and no crops or livestock." The woman smiles as she says this. "Now as for the mint I know the place and I will also give you blend of my own herbs. It will help you sleep at night and not it does not contain the juice or milk of the poppy." She tells him as she motions for him to follower towards a small rough looking stall that has pelts and other items found in the forest out for sale. There are also bundles of drying herbs.

The man guarding or tending it is old grizzled his face is the colored weathered leather. Each wrinkle speaks of too much time in the sun and hardships. "Roc! I have not seen you in ages, how are your joints doing?" She asks him as approaches.

"Doing good Mistress Dania. I will be needing more cowels oil (monkshood) before long but I have enough to help with the next rain. Who is that gentleman ye got there. What can I do for you?"

"I need mint!" She tells him. Then she flirts with the old man a little bit and he gives her a toothy grin though some of his teeth are missing. "The usual price and kiss?" She asks him hopefully.

"This is true…" says Wayland, now looking less distracted and more focused on the conversation; still, his mind wander of here and there. Now, he offers a small smile and a nod of his head to her "Thank you, that is very kind of you." He follows her to rough looking stall, he knows this one but he hasn't been here a lot. He remains in silence as the lady interacts with the old man and even when he asks who he is, Wayland remains quiet, just offering a nod to the older man. When Dania starts flirting, Wayland looks at her and there's a potential chuckle there, but no, it was just an empty threat.

"Only if this time I get one in my lips!" says Roc, laughing amusedly, potentially used to this type of conversation by now. "Yer such a gorgeous lass, gorgeous…all in the right places indeed" He chuckles again and then the realisation hits him. He looks at Wayland, gives her a very good look and he opens his eyes wide "My Lord…" says the man, rubbing both hands together and lowering his head in shame "I beg your pardon my Lord, I..I didn't know it was you. I wasn't trying to make the lady uncomfortable my lord, see, I know her, I've known her for a long time my Lord…please"

Wayland clears his throat, his cover has been blown (not that it was an actual cover). He lifts one hand and offers "There is no need for that…" a polite smile rests on his lips and he adds "I can tell that you know her"

The woman should be frightened especially with what she said. Instead she is bold as brass and laughs as she exclaims. "Roc be at ease, none have claim over me and he know you and I know each other but not that intimate. And you Milord should not dress down, but I can see why you have. Now about that mint Roc." She leans over and places a light kiss on the old man's cheek. "I will need that mint." With that said she takes out a few coppers from her purse and presses it into the man's hand.

From underneath his stall he takes out bread and hands it to her. "Mistress says ye be getting too thin." He presses the travel bread into her hand. "My lord, thank you." He then offers the still un named noble a travel bread as well. He then turns his back to them so he can get the mint that is needed.

The woman turns to look at Wayland. "Now is that Lord Ser or just milord?" She ask him. "Also what should I properly call you? I am Dania Dorsey." She offers him her proper name.

Wayland extends his hand now, taking the offered bread "Thank you" says the man, offering a polite nod once again. He looks at it and then back at Dania when she speaks to him again. "Just Ser, that is fine." says the man, showing a faint smile. He clears his throat now and says "Well met, Dania Dorsey. My name is Wayland Frey" Yeah, one of those, the ones people normally don't like all that much. Which is perhaps why Roc was so scared in the first place. Now, his attention drifts back to Roc and then he digs in the same leather pouch, reaching for a few coppers, handing them over to her "For the mint" says Wayland. "Where are you originally from?" asks the man now, once again, trying to move the conversation away from the subject at hand.

"The city of Riverrun my brother is a Sword Sworn with the Mallisters. His name is Keelin Dorsey, I with him and therefore that is why I am out this way." She explains. "I care for a number of the farmers between here and the roost, I ride a circuit I guess you could say." She also offers an explanation as to why she is here. "One of my patients is very close to term and I am not certain I can get her out of the city." She goes on. A smile is offered to Roc as he moves to get the mint for them both. "So what are you doing out this way? Are you in the Nayland's service or is it because your kin is knee deep in this mess that is Stonebridge?" She smiles gently as she says this. Her tone is kind and soft. "I know everyone has an opinion." She adds.

Wayland listens in silence, taking a deep breath afterwards. He licks his lips and says "I am sworn to the Naylands, yes. However, my…kin…does not get involved in the mess Stonebridge is. It is not good for a Liege Lord to take sides when two Houses under them are having a war." He clears his throat and then adds "At least that is the approach my Lord Father is taking on this deal" Which is kinda the problem, he shouldn't be taking sides either…which is why, perhaps, he is so pensive today. "I seriously advise that you consider moving your patient, things will get very ugly in this place, blood will be shed and I cannot say that Commoners will be unharmed if found here. Wars have no mercy, no matter who is in front of the blade…and wars, bring out the worst of men…many women suffer because of this. I must insist, that you leave"

"I know and understand this good Ser, but I may not be able to get her to travel. I will try." Dania adds. "I will definitely try. I live in an area that is a constant reminder to me about the horrors of war. People are resilient and will rebuild. A sword and the wielder of the sword have been both forged to do harm when they are in battle they were not made to be friendly or talkative at those times." She adds. "I come from a family of Sword Sworn, I know the horrors and their effects all too well. Though my father is Sworn to the Tully's." she adds. "But we will try."

"People will rebuild if they are still alive" says Wayland with a severe tone. Not aggressive, just, very to the point. "Try as much as you can" Now, he sighs and shakes his head "I apologise, Mistress Dorsey, it is just a surprise to see how many families are around this place still. I understand if the men want to stay back to protect their homes, but the children? The women? This is no place for them right now and they should not be here. I have seen far too many deaths that could have been prevented with ease if people would just, step aside from the path of war…that is what needs to happen here" With that said, he starts walking again, but at a slower pace to allow her to catch up if she wants to follow "While in Stonebridge, where are you staying?" asks Wayland now, starting to calm down a little.

She catches up to him quickly her long strong legs do not fail her. She nods as she talks. She has been given their mint for her to carry. "I stay at the common inn, but I eat at the Crane. The food is better and I have been told I need to gain back the weight I have lost since coming to the Roost. It is my only issue, I have a hard time being able to complete a meal." This is said with a cheeky smile. " They will leave the men will stay but the woman will leave. Many still have the horrors of the Iron born in their minds because many of them know what happen to the Roost and Segard. Many woman, children and men died." She points out. "But what of you, why you hear if your family is to not be involved, I would have thought that you would have left to go to the roost?" She asks him.

Wayland turns his head and looks at her fully, even lowering his gaze a little to check her entire frame "You don't look sickly or anything like that" offers Wayland, nodding his head afterwards. "And why do you have a hard time to complete a meal?" Himself? He is making his way towards the inn, where that large tub is. Probably, he has a room rented there, to use during these decision making days. "No need for many children and women dying in vain, if the horrors are still there, let them serve as a warning, let them serve, let them drive them away from Stonebridge." And then there's the last bit about his family "I am, trying to decide how to proceed on this matter" And that's the only thing he says, and his dry tone of voice will hopefully mark that he doesn't want to discuss this particular item.

"Sickly hardly, my meals usually get interrupted. If I am lucky I get about half of it down before I am called away. I have started to eat bread and meat so I can try and take it with me." Dania is all smiles as she says this. "But I would not have it any other way. When it is quiet I finish a meal and then go down to the beach if I am at the Roost." She in turns boldly looks at him back. "Hot bath and mint and a massage would do you wonders." She adds. "There will be many a woman falling over themselves to give you that. As of for your family do you have a favorite brother or sister you could travel to see or an aunt or uncle. You could also go and bring word to your father about how this is getting out of hand. Three wrongs do not make a right." She tells him. "Three being the Tordeans, Charlotons and Naylands. I know I am speaking out of turn but there comes a time when a woman must speak up or be trampled. This is one of those times."

"You should have more meals through the day, smaller ones, that should work" says the Knight as he keeps walking towards the inn. "I've been to the Roost not long ago, the beach is nice…I'm very fond of swimming, although I don't get to do it as much as I used to" The boldness does get him by surprise and he arches one eyebrow as he looks at her "I…" he clears his throat now and nods "Thank you, Mistress Dorsey" And the Family? "I'm a Frey, I can find a family member under a rock" to this, he shrugs his shoulders and then says "My Lord Father knows very well what's going on, he is just staying away from it, waiting for the outcome. Whatever happens, both Nayland and Charltons still answer to him…for the time being at least." Wayland shakes his head now "I don't mind a woman who speaks her mind"

"You are rare there are those that do not." She tells him. "There are many that would rather have us shut mouths and not speak. But they forget that we give birth to those that trained for the sword and as you pointed out we are well aware we can die by violence or childbirth." She pauses. "Yes I am sure you will have no issues in finding someone to help you bath, I would encourage it. From what I understand your father is rather fertile with his seed and his wives are more than willing and able to do let him plant it." She tells him. "No offense to your lady mother." She adds as they continue to walk towards the inn. "After your bath let me get you a drink or I can have one sent up to you. If you are worried about it being poisoned I can send you a bottle of sealed honey mead. One of the beekeepers gave me a bottle of it a few weeks back. I have it with my things at the inn. There is one thing that I have learned on my travels. I have learned that sometimes getting away and getting a fresh perspective is what is needed."

Wayland just shrugs in silence during her first words and then half chuckles "First you were talking about massages and now it's someone to help me bath?" he looks at her with an easy smile, one that fades she mentions his father "My father…" says Wayland, clearing his throat after that "Well, I think my father is just a man that enjoys sticking his wrinkled dick in as many girls he can get his hands on. My mother of course was one of them" He shakes his head "No offence taken. If I'm to be honest, I pity all of them…but then again, Walder Frey /is/ and will always be my father…so there is some degree of respect to be had." Then he chuckles once again, shaking his head with an amused expression "So let's see…a massage, a bath and then a drink? You are being awfully nice to me, may I ask why?"

"I am a healer and you look like you have been chewed up and spit out and you still know that the decision you are going to have to make is going to be a hard one. Kindness is needed and deserved. You also speak well of the small folk. What harm is the kindness going to do? Nothing, in fact it may give you the relief you seek. The mother always offers it and the Crone offers guidance. Look to them for help with this decision of yours. Yes I feel sorry for them too, your mother and his other wives. But take the night to just allow yourself a moment to remember who you are. Let yourself be you, not the knight and not the son." She adds as she looks at him. "Ask the Crone to guide you. She is smarter than many would think. It is the wisdom of the years she offers."

Dania a very tall woman is walking and talking to Wayland. She is carrying saddlebags and mint and her face is hidden by her wide-brimmed hat. They would appear to be moving towards the inn.

Bruce is leading a party of militia troops back in, shovels over their shoulders as well as short spears. They all, including Bruce and the two Guardsmen with him, look dirty from digging and sweating in the hottest part of the day, but so be it the price of work. The significant ditches outside the town are contuining to be expanded and then covered over with grass and leaves to camoflauge their precise location. "Alright, Serjeant Farrier, take 'em back to wash up and rest." The lead levyman there, a well known (you guessed it) farrier in town, yells out a, "Ser!" and takes the troops off to do their thing. Bruce comes to a stop by the side of the road, reaching for a waterskin on his belt.

Wayland tilts his head as he listens to her speech and when she is done, she half chuckles "See, you went all serious now, Mistress Dorsey…and here I thought it was because you wanted to see me naked" He shakes his head with a smile on his lips and then nods his head "Yes, I know I need the time to relax and think things through, which is why I left the Tower a couple days ago. I have a page…he doesn't need to see this war, he doesn't need to be a potential victim. He is just a kid, and while he is trained to be a Knight…I don't want him to be caught in the middle of /this/ war." He nods and adds "There will be a time for that, it has been proven that men always want what others have, which leads to fighting…there will be enough fighting for him in the future, but not today, not tomorrow…not during this war"

"Have him escort me and the woman out of here. He will feel important for taking on such a task as the poor lad will not know what hit him between the eyes." Dania offers to him. Her keen ears pick up the sound of the men moving and then there is the shouting of orders she smiles as she catches sight of Bruce and she offers him a curtsy as she pauses in her steps. "Ser, please come and speak with us." She calls to him as she looks back to Wayland and then that cheeky smile is back in place. "Now why would you want that? There are many women here Lord Ser who would love to see you, myself I am of the mindset see one naked man you have seen them all." She teases.

Wayland just shake his head at her first comment "He's a 9 year old boy, I would not allow him to do such a task, basically because he cannot perform it, not yet. If any, I shall do the escorting myself, and have him come along…perhaps" Now, his attention drifts to the Stonebridge men and narrows his eyes as he sees Bruce there, remaining behind. Still, he looks back at her and shows an easy smile "Fair enough. I apologise then, Mistress Dorsey…I should have not assumed such thing" Now, is he being serious or joking? That's the mystery. He looks at Bruce again, not saying anything now given that Dania already called him.

It would be hard to miss Dania even if she wasn't one of the few women left in town after the mass exodus of the past few weeks. Slipping his waterskin back on his belt loop, wiping the sweat off of his face and taking his helmet off, he approaches the pair. He looks very, very tired. Wayland gets a nod first. "Ser Wayland, good to see you." Dania gets a tilt of the head. "I don't know your name, Mistress, but good afternoon." He is oblivious to whatever the conversation was about.

He, being Bruce.

"Dania Dorsey, I am a healer and midwife. That is why I am still in town. I tend to a few patients in this area as they are not far from the Roost." She tell Bruce explain both her presence and his lack of knowledge of her. Then again they do travel in different social circles. "Good afternoon to you good Ser. I pray that you are well and I hope you have not seen the army yet? How long do you think we have to get out of here before the first blows are struck if comes to that. I know but I like to have a bit of hope it does not. The Stranger is a strange bedfellow to have." She adds.

She then looks to Wayland. "If you cannot he can still come with us. The woman in question has a toddler. I would not mind seeing to his safety and I can put him in training with other knights I know until you are able to come for him." She adds.

"Ser Bruce…" offers Wayland with a nod of his head "Likewise, it is good to see you." Wayland is not wearing armor, he is just wearing a cream colored shirt (very basic, very un-noble like) and darker pants. "You are keeping the men busy it seems, I hope that the Naylands' requests are not taking a heavy toll on you" Because let's face it, Wayland's work in Stonebridge is, relatively easy, he just needs to stand by a door and lately…lately not even that. His attention returns to Dania and he offers a soft smile "I do thank you, Mistress Dorsey…I shall consider your offer, I must admit I am somewhat overprotective of the boy, perhaps not the best approach when training a future Knight, but still"

"Now. The deadline was today. Leave today and you'll be safe. After today, there is no leaving, according to Lord Aleister's promise, a promise which he's honoured and kept." For now, Bruce stays out of the conversation regarding the topic of Wayland's charge. It's likely he has no knowledge of who they're talking about and in any case, he's not the type to butt in. He shrugs at Wayland. "Eh, well, I swore to Lord Ryker and Lady Isolde, so I'm tied at the hip. Their requests are my lieges', and so on. Preparing a town for a siege is taxing, but not so taxing as the siege itself." One would assume by 'they' he means the Naylands.

"Then we will have to leave to tonight by moonlight if nothing else." Dania says thoughtfully. "I hope your charge will not be wearing house colors. Nine is too soon to forge that blade. Give him time yet before he has to see strangers work and the work for the carrion. Let him be innocent just a little longer. No since in having him have to see desperate men crying out for mercy when the stranger is not quick enough or see what happens to those that survive their wounds." She is thoughtful.

"Now it is time for logistics." She nods at Burce's response. "Indeed he has been generous. Never mind the games that are being played." She adds. "Well it matters not, I am not associated with either house but I do not want to see carnage that might coming our way."

There is a mix, a mix of things said by Bruce and Dania that perhaps, make things click in Wayland's mind. The man remains in silence for a long time and is pretty much staring at nothing. "No, not tonight, you leave before nightfall…" says Wayland, now looking at Dania. "And so is women and children still around…I must beg you that you pass the word, Mistress Dorsey. People need to understand, staying here is not an option, not now. I am sure they'll be able to return, whatever the outcome is…but now? Deaths must be prevented." He takes a deep breath and blinks, moving his gaze towards Bruce "Ser Bruce, you have done an admirable work, this goes without saying. The Freys could use men like you in their ranks"

"Aye. Good idea." Is the Stonebridge Master at Arms's reply to Dania, simple and to the point. At first, he agrees with Wayland. "Aye - I've tried to communicate this as much as I could to the people here. Stonebridge will stand no matter what, and life will go on after. But now it is important to leave. Still, there are precious few left here. For that I'm glad." However, with the Frey knight's complements and other words, Bruce barely surpresses a sneer. His bush eyebrows knit inward and the sleepy blue eyes narrow. "Ser Wayland - I respect the sentiment put into what you said, but House Frey has abandoned its vassal house while giving succor to another. Lord Frey has done the opposite of a responsable thing. I would not swear to him, Ser."

"Even I know those are dangerous words good Ser careful I know what you are feeling but careful, these people still need you and you need them for that matter." Dania tells them both. "Ser Frey I ask again that you will allow me to take your page, this is the last you hear of it from me until I am ready to ride." She then nods. "Night I will ride. We will be safe I know the outlying area very well and the hidden paths that way." She adds. She tilts her head to the side as she looks at the last that are still here and manning the market. "I will try. I think many will leave at the close of market and will not be back."

Wayland listens to Bruce's words and at no point shows any sign that tells if he took the comment as an insult. He nods his head to the man and takes a deep breath "And with what I have to say, I would not doubt that you will think me a coward, Ser Bruce." The man just shakes his head and offers "As a Frey, I cannot take sides in this war. I will not fight for Stonebridge, nor I will fight for the Charltons. I do honestly wish there is something I, as a Frey, could do to stop this war…but alas…I agree that my father is perhaps…not the most responsible of the Liege Lords." And of course, this will tell Dania why he has been acting that way. "I shall speak with Lord Rutger today, and request to be released from service. I shall march away and possibly, limit my returns to Stonebridge." Some people already think of him as a coward, saying that he hides under Isolde's skirts and all…but this? Well, who knows how this will be taken.

Wayland looks at Dania now and offers a gentle smile "You are very persistent, Mistress Dorsey…" another nod from him and he adds "'s actually a good quality to have, sometimes." He licks his lips and adds "I will discuss things with the Nayland family and perhaps, I will see you before you leave…with enough time to bring my page"

Bruce is known as a genial, affable man on most occasions. A good friend to soldiers, a good man to have next to you in both camp and tavern. A responsable commander. So when Wayland declares his intention to seek withdrawal from the upcoming battle, the sneer he'd been surpressing for the man's sake opens up. He bares his teeth. "You would WHAT? In our time of greatest need, when the town you've served for years is going to be attacked, you would up and cast your oaths into the latrine? Pah!" He spits on the ground. "Go out and talk to him, you craven, hide behind your false reasons and manufactured ideology and wallow in it. You should be ashamed, on your vows and by the immortal Gods."

"Ser, you and I both know that Ser Frey is in a precarious position. He is literally between a rock and a hard place. There is none to blame but the woman who started this mess with a duel and the loss of the land from the Terricks. They claim a right that they should not be especially when none even know if the child she is rumored to be with will come to fruition. Birth is more deadly than most think. The odds are great and the stakes are higher. A woman may not always live through the process and the child does not always live through the process either. It battle between life and death and one that is more natural than battles created with steel." Dania tells Bruce in a very pointed manner. Her blue eyes rest on him. "Mistakes were made after that by both sides. Honestly I say abandon the town and let them take it. It is nothing more than rocks and stones. Have all the men with arms leave and let the courts and the Tully's figure this mess out. If that child does not live it will get worse." She adds. "So you built up the defenses but what are you really fighting for?"

Those blue eyes of her go to Wayland next and there is a sense that the Midwife and healer may know more than she lets on. "I will be waiting. We will have a cart and I have my horse." She tells him. "I think that rest I was speaking of may have to wait another night for you. But I will have those herbs for you." She then looks back to Burce. "I will be back to offer my services if I can get back across the lines as I said I know the area well." She adds.

Wayland looks at Bruce with a completely calm expression, neutral. He looks at the spot the other man spat on and then back at him "My oaths…" says the man, showing an expression that dictates, perhaps sadness "You have no idea, Ser Bruce…." Now, he nods his head and turns his head to look at Dania "Precarious or not…" He looks back at Bruce and adds "I might be, I might be a Craven, perhaps that's what it is, Ser Bruce…and after this I might be abandoning Knighthood altogether, and not returning to the Twins. If I have failed as a Knight, I refuse to be embraced by the Twins." He half snorts and shakes his head "You have my respect Ser Bruce, and I know I don't have yours…but that is alright, I have done nothing to deserve it." Now, he half smiles, a weak, tired smile "So many hated Freys in the world, one more…that's all that it is and all that I will be"

Bruce jerks a finger at Dania and snaps, "Quiet, woman! I won't have any body in this town suffer to hearing your platitudes, not when you warn us one moment the danger of expressing the real state of war. Quiet, I say, or be gone from the town now. The morale of my soldiers will not suffer for defeatism from one who is not even a resident." He evidently ignores her offer to help. The outburst is not characteristic of the mild man, but likely brought on by the circumstances and Wayland's intentions. He eyes the other knight with naked disdain, one hand on the pommel of his arming sword. "Be gone then, you knave, and grovel before Ser Rutger. Be gone before I have the men of Stonebridge, the men you so obviously detest, seize you for sedition. They are men who will fight tooth and nail, with pike and not much else against charging knights because it is their town, and their home. They have no fine Frey armour and sword like you. Be gone! I have no desire to hear your excuses or plaintive cries any longer!" The loud yells of Ser Bruce are likely going to eventually draw attention.

"Calm yourself, we will be gone by night fall. That will be few less bodies for you to worry about." The woman say in an annoyed fashion to Bruce. "You were also the one to bring the conversation, to its current state." She points out and she eyes the sword as she shifts her weight so she can get the heck out of the way if she needs to. She is no fool in that regard. She shakes her head mutters something under her breath.

"I do not understand where the two of you are coming from. My brothers and father have tried to explain to me before, it obviously did not stick and they are Knight." She adds.

"I will leave your company do what I can and if you wish we can talk more later."

Wayland looks at Dania and shakes his head "Dania, go…please…" he offers her a faint smile and then looks back at Bruce, a half smile is offered to him and then he nods his head "Very well…I shall take my leave then" The loud yells are most definitely attracting attention and some people are getting just a little closer to see what's happening. Some even decide to take a more direct approach because right after another man screams "You fucking Frey…" a rock smashes against Wayland's ear, cutting deep. Blood starts pouring from that area and not even a drop hits the ground when yet another rock hits him right over one of his eyebrows, cutting another wound open that also, starts to bleed. The man stumbles and falls on his side, not able to react quick enough. "Coward!" yells another man, a little further away this one. "Craven! May the gods make you burn!" yells yet another.

Wayland lifts one arm, grabbing the nearest object and forcing himself up. The stones have stopped but the blood still falls and now, his cream coloured shirt has some nasty spots of dark red on it. He shakes his head and a trembling (potentially product of how dizzy he is right now) hand lifts towards the wound, rubbing his fingers over them, removing pieces of gravel "I shall take my leave…" repeats Wayland as he looks at the blood in his hand.

"Yes, of course, MY fault." Comes the scathingly sarcastic reply from the short and stocky Master at Arms. His free left hand waves dismissively at Dania. The rocks that hit Wayland come quick and fast - Bruce can do nothing but glare pointedly in their direction, scowling. "Ser Wayland - report to the Tordane Tower immediately and await your audience with Ser Rutger. Go. Now."

The healer is angry and it shows in those blue eyes of hers. She knows better than to react but she does take a clean cloth from her belt pouch and she hands it to Wayland and she cannot help but herself but react. "Do you need help getting to the tower?" She asks him and then she looks at Bruce. "Thank you, we will leave at nightfall." She repeats herself yes. But then again she is focused on the blood. Not that she minds it but she is ready for Wayland to fall over with a concussion. She looks at the direction that the rock came from. "This is not the way to handle things, you hit him you will hit me. Do I make myself clear?" Her voice rings out. She moves to take a step next to Wayland.

Wayland forces himself to remain standing, he is still dizzy and his right ear is ringing pretty badly. "I shall…" says the man to Bruce and takes a step forward, finding his knee giving out just a little before he can regain balance. When Dania comes to help him, he takes a deep breath and shakes his head (very lightly) "I'll be fine, Dania…thank you for your kindness" With that said, he pushes himself forward, to draw some distance from her in case more rocks are coming in. However, none do, because after what Bruce and what Dania said, people have scattered. The only thing that remain thing that remain are the angered voices calling out 'Coward! You should /die/! You are not even worth the black!' You know, all the niceties. Wayland keeps moving forward, stumbling still but, basically managing to keep a semi straight line as he marches towards the Tordane Tower.

Bruce watches both move towards the tower, nothing but disdain evident on his features. But he's got work to do, and this he does.

Dania stops to let Wayland go. She stands there in the middle of the road. The frown on her face is deepening. She casts a looks over at Bruce.

Bruce is already gone at that point, dissapeared towards a group of soldiers.