Page 330: The Cost of a Kiss
The Cost of a Kiss
Summary: Sofya and Pariston bicker good-naturedly about pretty maids and the cost of kisses.
Date: 13/06/2012
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Sofya Pariston 
Rockcliff Inn — Terrick's Roost
The Rockcliff Inn is one of the better inns within the town and it shows with the well-lit interior and the relative cleanliness to the other locations in Terrick's Roost. The tables are polished with oils and the floor regularly swept. A set of booths towards a darker rear of the Inn's bottom floor, just beneath the staircase, are where whores generally socialize and eye prospects from when not waiting tables. Signs over the undersized bar area advertise prices for ales and wines as well as several different choices of food to be served at the small eating area by the bar or in the main open area in its comfortable seating. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen and cellar while another near the staircase leads to a private room that would appear to be off-limits to the 'wait staff' except for food and drink service.
Wed Jun 13, 289

After a day's hard work, depending on how you see things, Pariston is at the inn. Most folks having already had supper and is now just sitting and enjoying the barmaids and ale. So is Pariston, though he is sitting in a corner of the room and just drinking ale and chitchatting with one of the barmaids. Nothing more than so really.

In the crowd of folk who are winding down after supper, Sofya is a flutter of dark skirts and darker hair as she winds her way through the Inn. The retainer gives the whores' station a wide birth as she moves towards the bar, perching on her toes and offering the barman a wide smile. "Ale, please," she requests, bouncing on her toes as she waits.

Maybe others wouldn't have but Pariston does, having the work habit of always having an out looking around him. And as he spots Sofya he inclines his head to the barmaid and then she is off. "Mistress Sofya." He calls out to her, not being too far away from the bar. Then gestures for her to come join him.

Hopefully the barmaid doesn't mind being put aside for anotehr venue of conversation; it'd be terrible for Sofya to get her drink spat in next time she came her. Receiving her drink, she offers the bartender another sunny smile and then turns towards the voice that calls to her from behind. A coin is put down on the counter to pay for it. "Master Vis, Hello!" With her drink in hand, she ducks through the crowd to make her way to Pariston's table and neatly swipes an unoccupied chair for herself on the way. "How fares you? It seems you've tracked me through quite the crowd this evening."

Pariston was too charming as he sent her away, not really saying 'go away' so something as spit in her drink should be nothing to worry about for Sofya. He smiles and rises to his feet, offering a bow. "I am well. I hope you are. And of course, if I see something pretty I usually can spot it." He tells her, clearly a bit tipsy.

Sofya extends a hand as Pariston bows, but not for him to kiss or anything of the like, laughing softly as she motions him to sit. That really isn't necessary. No here. "Charming," she chides teasingly. "Am I here to distract you until something else altogether more striking catches your eye then, Master Vis?" Leaning back in her seat, she turns to observe the crowd and lazily points at a rather pretty woman, before looking back to Pariston — like that one? "I am very well though. Wonderfully so, in fact."

Pariston grins at her teasing. Though at the woman she points to he shrugs, "I would admit that I would ask more to join us if I did see someone of interest. She is quite pretty. But I think I choose you over her." He says and smiles at her for now. Though also offering a wink. "That is good to hear. How is Apple?" Not having forgotten about the horse.

"Oh, you so think. It is good to know I come in such uncertain favour," Sofya retorts cheerfully, not seeming to mind such regard in the least. She lifts her drink to take a sip, gaze dancing back towards the woman. Then she takes another draught of the ale. "Apple is wonderful. We went for a short ride along the Cape this morning.I thought I heard tell of some of the others being returned later, but I haven't a chance to go down to the stables to see for myself."

Pariston smiles and nods, "Hey, I did get a kiss by you after all." He does remind her before sipping from his own ale. Raising a brow as she looks over to the other woman. "That is good to hear. And I have no idea about those other horses either. I thought of going into the woods if there are still horses missing. I will check at the stables first though."

"Can't deny a kiss that's so readily given and even more valorously earned," Sofya opines with a broad smile. Not the least bit ashamed by it. Her own brow is lifted in turn, mouth drawing down another drink of ale at a decent rate. "That'd probably be best. I heard words throughout the halls, as you do in any decent holding, but I bet Mistress Oliva would know best."

Pariston grins and looks at her "Well, I wonder if it could be be earned again perhaps. I did so enjoy it to be honest." He tells her and winks. The raised brow from them both seems to be confusing and he then tries to clear it up. "Still comparing yourself with that woman?" He asks, glancing over and then back to Sofya. "Ah, yes. I will make sure to try and do so. Is she the one looking after the horses?" He asks, tilting his head about that.

Her grin skews crooked at his wondering. "That remains to be seen, Master Vis. Kisses are uncommon things and are not meant to be doled out without thought or purpose." Sofya blinks at his confusion and lets out a bright note of laughter, shaking her head. "No. No. I was actually eying the seams on her blouse, there's a lovely band of patten to it," she explains, gesturing towards the woman and her clothing. After taking a sip of her ale, she offers, "Mistress Snow? I imagine she is now that they are in the Roost. She's the Mistress of Horses for the place."

Pariston raises a brow at that. "I understand. Though what might be done to be worth one?" He asks, with that charming smiles of his. As for the other woman he chuckles when it seems to be the seams. "I see. Very well, that is understandable I guess." As she goes on about mistress Snow he nods, "I thought as much."

"That's the funny thing about them, you can't quite say until it is done," Sofya answers with a shrug of her shoulders, lifting her chin as she speaks. Bright eyes watch him over the lip of her pint glass, amused and in good company. "Aye. She seems a good fit for the position."

Pariston continues to drink as he listens to her. "So if I told you that you are quite stunning and that I saw you the moment you stepped into the inn. What might that get me?" He asks, teasing a bit and being quite happy with the company as well. "I believe you. I have yet to meet her, but I am sure you are right."

Sofya snorts softly, settling down her ale on the table and offering him a grin. "Likely a pointed eyeroll and possibly a touch of laughter. If you'd seen me when I stepped in, I think you might have called me over then," she teases lightly. "I'd be rather more impressed with a tale. How came you to the Riverlands, the Flints are Stark vassals…aren't they? I might have that wrong."

Pariston grins. "Ah, think I'm lying do you? Alright, I do not know if you just stepped inside. But I saw you through the crowd and saw your clothes as you reached this area. Following you with my eyes as you made your way to the bar. I had company but discreetly sent them away before I called you over." He goes on telling her. Reading her reaction then.

He shakes his head, "Not wrong. I came along with lord Anders Flint, his wife and his cousin. And good cousin. We joined to fight against the squids on the Iron Isles. I do believe lord Anders and lord Aleister are friends. Also lady Cordelya is pregnant and lady Tiaryn is from here. I am in their service, s'all." He explains and keeps his eyes on her all the while.

The crook of Sofya's smile is wry. Simply, she says, "I would never go so far as to call you a liar, Master Vis." That would be improper and so cruel. Her reaction changes little, eyes bright and smile wide at his words. Taking another sip of her ale, she listens to his story and nods her head when appropriate. "I hope you'd convey my House's blessings to you lady, then. The Seven have a special place for the women of the mother." She strums her fingers on the mug, tipping her head to the side to inquire, "So how do you like our Riverlands?" Ours, never mind her years spent away.

"Oh, why not? That gives me reason to prove you wrong." Pariston tells her and has a wide smile, showing teeth even. "I will do so." He tells her and inclines his head to that. "Home will always be home. But this place isn't too bad. Quite nice actually." He tells her with a wink. At least knowing one thing he likes here.

"It's rude and needlessly so. There is something to be sad for manners," Sofya refutes with a click of her tongue. If one that is swiftly followed by a grin. Manners, Master Vis. Manners. "Yes. That is why we call it so, home. Is it much different from your own? I've never been so far North."

Pariston shrugs, "True enough. But if you do lie, I will forgive it for a kiss." He tells her and bumping a brow and then letting it fall down again. "It is a bit different. The terrain varies between this place and up north. At least to some degree."

"That is good to know, should I ever have cause for it. A kiss for a lie." That seems a fair trade. Sofya leans her face into her palm, lifting her brows. "Different beasts as well? I've heard tales of bears with coats white as winter snows and else."

Pariston smiles and nods, "Though it seems I don't get to lie. As that would be bad manners." He says and offers a wink. Though about beasts he shrugs, "I haven't been to far north. Flint's Finger is west of the neck. It's still quite a bit north, but it is almost in the riverlands." He explains to her with a smile as he finishes the cup of ale.

"Oh you could try, but seems there is a steady price on lies in these parts," Sofya teases idly, fingers brushing along the curves of her cup. "That is still a ways. Pity, you could have strung me along with stories of winter bears and a frozen nights…" She sounds a little wistful, finishing off her final drag of ale. "Probably for the best through, I have an early morn. Good night, Master Vis," she bids, rising from her seat with a warm smile.

Pariston grins at her, though as she stands up so does he. Gently letting his hand find her wrist, to just keep her for one more moment. "If I may ask, what would the price be for lying to you?" He asks and grins. Though then he let go of her and inclines his head. "Good night, Mistress Dale."

"It wouldn't be fair to charge an uneven price," Sofya answers lightly, if vaguely, letting him keep her hand and hold her a moment longer. That is not quite an answer. It might be a kiss or something equal to it. She bows her head, brushing at her skirts in a curtsey and then slips out towards the door.