Page 472: The Beginning
The Beginning
Summary: The Flints make the journey out to see the beginning of their newest venture.
Date: 07/11/2012
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Anders Einar Nerys Pariston 
Large Clearing — Highfield
Ground is being cleared, foundations are being dug. Busy worker bees.
07 Nov, 289 AL

Early afternoon, and so far, the weather is holding reasonably fair. There are clouds that fill the blue sky, and there's more white and light grey than blue, but give it time, and they may clear. Workmen continue their labours upon the foundation of the manse; lines and strings set give a good indication as to the size and scope of the building. Shovels of dirt have formed mounds all about, and the depth of the 'basement' stands now about the height of a man. All that's needed now is evening of the soil, and then the beginnings of filling in with the wood that sits off to the side, prepared. There doesn't appear to be a lot of wood; the mills simply aren't yet up to the task of providing what's needed, but little by little, it comes.

And Anders is a patient man. He sits astride his courser, Chance, and leans forward in the saddle, watching. He seems, for a moment, lost in thought- his now more common habit, what for all that goes on around for him.

Astride his own horse, the far better behaved Rae, Einar is a few feet away from Anders. He has a light cloak around his shoulders in case the clouds do turn nasty but for now it's mostly slung back to free up his movement. "It's coming along well," he notes, more to break the silence than to offer any insightful observations. "You should know, that Lady Liliana was wanting the godswood replanted, I was thinking that the sapling Nerys has sent men for would be the best way of doing that."

Coming towards the two nobles from the surrounding area around the actual building site comes the tall hunter. Pariston has his bow and quiver over his shoulder and also clad in leather and with his sword hanging from his hip. "My lords." He offers along with a bow as he comes close. "I've continued checking around and down the route to the sea itself." Nodding to that to say that all is as it should perhaps and that things are going good.

Anders nods his acknowledgment of his cousin's words before he sighs, an exhale in the breeze. He continues to lean, watching, but his words are for his family. "It is. Soon enough, there'll be a housewarming, and fond voices to fill the halls." He misses home, undoubtedly. "I had hoped Lady Liliana would hear of our efforts for a Godswood; in that, we're all one. And with Nerys' efforts? I hope to hear the winds in the leaves again, bringing peace to the wood."

Pariston's approach brings Ander's posture straight once again, his gaze shifting towards the Master bowman. "Master Vis. How does the game look in that area? Or are we to be looking in other directions?"

"I told her of the search," Einar replies with a nod, "although I do also have to ask if there'll be a room set aside for a sept? I know it makes sense for the port to have one, for the sailors, but will these halls?" He wants there to be, that much he knows, but he's unsure how much use it'd actually get once he's gone. Pariston's arrival distracts him as he turns to the other man, "Master Vis." He'll leave it be at Anders' questions though.

She's no bit of game, at least not so far as a huntsman might reckon it, but she is making her way up along the rise of the hill beyond the plain and in the direction of the cleared field. She'd been late to receive the summons, and so, while the rest of the family has gathered, Nerys is only now arriving, Skin and Bones, or just Skin for short, the fat-bellied garron she brought with her from the North and has so far refused to abandon, carrying his mistress as willingly over soft grass as ever he did over hard-packed snow. Josef and Marisa are not far behind.

Pariston nods. "As far as I could tell, there is quite a bit. Though with Terricks having been allowed to have hunts around Highfield lands it might make it less lightly to be as much wildlife around here. But for now it looks good. I will see if it is enough for a longer time though." He offers. Though he does smile and seem rather positive to it all. When Nerys comes closer he offers a bow to her as well.

"Not in the manor, no, cousin," Anders responds evenly. "Should the need arise, I'm certain there'll be a discussion on the matter, and perhaps a place set aside. But if we have one at the port?" He's giving in there, at the least. For the reason put forth; for the sailors and merchants.

Raising his head, he catches the approach, now, of his sister, and he raises a hand, "Sister!" he calls, but he waits until she's closer before he asks after her, "I'm sorry we weren't able to speak more at the wedding, but I'd like to find a time to ask you about your visits to StoneBridge."

Pariston's given his attention as well, and catching the report, he nods slowly. "It will need to support a population, so I will need to know if it will support such for a longer time. I won't ask my Lord Father for people if there is no food for them here."

"We do have the option of going further north tan the Terricks or the Ashwoods though," Einar replies with a faint smile, "should we need to. On that subject though I know ser Justin is planning a hunt soon, maybe some of us should join it to get a better feel for what is around?" The sound of hoof-fall behind him causes him to wheel his own mount around to see who is coming, but given Pariston's bow he figures there's no need to take alarm at the approach. Smiling as Nerys and he companions are recognised he gives the maid and sworn a brief nod before fixing his attention back on Nerys "Cousin," he offers warmly before Anders is given a shallow, possibly disappointed nod.

Nerys raises a hand, though not her voice, as Anders calls out a greeting to her. That she saves for when she's gotten a bit closer, Skin taking his careful time over the terrain. One can actually teach a dog new tricks, but horses, or at least this horse, still likes his familiar ways, "Anders, Cousin, Master Pari. I do apologize for being late." She looks over to the workers, "It is coming along well. Stonebridge as well. I am trying to get to know our family as well as I can, and helping to bring trade back to the township as I may."

Pariston nods, "I will see to it that there is enough for a certain population and come back to you on that, my lord. And yes, it as lord Einar says." As for joining the hunt, he nods slowly. "That we could do. Although I wonder if not we will be quite occupied with hunting for our own population." He says and rolls his shoulders a bit. Then letting the nobles speak while he just stands guard.

"Which is why I look forward to the Lady Liliana's presence. Other than Lady Tiaryn, she's the one who knows the land the best." Anders looks to Einar first, then Pariston. "No sense redrawing maps that are already created. Now, it's a matter of where the herds are, where they go.." Which Liliana may or may not know. "I think joining Ser Justin regardless is a good idea. If nothing else, it'll serve to create a camaraderie that may be lacking, or strengthening that which is already present.""

"Sister," Anders turns his attention around again, a smile creasing his face in greeting. "I appreciate your efforts in Stonebridge. I'm not certain if I've told you that enough, or need to begin to show you in the form of fabrics for you."

It takes a moment between Anders finishing speaking and Einar registering it. Once he brings his attention back to the conversation at hand he just nods, "I'll send word to Ser Justin, ask him to send work when his hunt sets out." Glancing sideways to Pariston he then adds, "mind if I take Master Vis with me as well? The Terrick's hunt-master is still recovering from being stabbed a few weeks ago so it'd probably help keep relations good."

Nerys leaves the men to discuss things of the hunt and the disposition of game. It's obvious that she missed most of the discussion due to her lateness, but the state of Stonebridge and her work there she at least has a handle on, "I have no need for new fabrics. And I have only just now purchased the threads I need for my weaving. And I only do what the family needs me to do. I was sent to help, and so I do, such as I can. You are my brother, and I would do anything for you, as you well know." Or for any of her family, if they had need, "But the sun looks a though it might be breaking, we had best take advantage and ride the outskirts before the light darkens and we cannot read the terrain." That is, as far as she knows, why they were all brought here. "Come along, Skin, let's show these…lesser creatures how we cover hard ground."

Pariston listens and nods, "I will make sure to have such for you." He offers about knowing where herds and such are. As for Einar's words, he nods again. "I will help any way that I can." He offers. Then he will let the nobles go on. "I will see to some things here, my lord." He offers and let the rest ride on.