Page 442: The Backstory
The Backstory
Summary: Anais visits Kain to find out why he was attacked.
Date: 08/October/2012
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Anais Kain 
Sept — Terricks Roost
Septy sept
October 8. 289

So, it's a day or so later. Kain has been given a room for privacy. And there's really the only news to give, other than he's alive and will make a full recovery if he gives himself time to rest. Which the ranger didn't think he needed since he's already tried escaping once to, of all things, go back to work. In lieu of being threatened to be tied to his bed, which the old healer didn't really seem like was just empty, he's regulated himself to laying there in bed, a bowl of broth on the table next to him and book in his hands. At least he knows how to read.

The investigation in the meantime has led that what Kain said had happened. His father was found dead in his chair, far too many stab wounds that it would almost seem like overkill. The one-bedroom home was flipped, and partly destroyed, some in part of the struggle, given that one of the assialants was found with an arrow embedded in his skull. His ghilly cloak, broken bow and backpack were all found in the middle of the room, possibly where he was jumped before the fight led outside.

Anais gave the healer plenty of time to see to the wounds and for the sake of propriety. And when she comes, it with guard and handmaid in tow, as always. "I'm so sorry, Kain," she says as she steps into the room, pulling a stool after herself to sit next to the bed. "I…don't know what all of this is about, but I promise we will do our best to get to the bottom of it. For you, and for your father."

There's pain when Kain tries to sit up. The muscles in his stomach were partially served by the blade that sunk in just above his hip. But he refuses to look so beaten infront of her. "It's alright, these things…the just happen." he says, shrugging with his good shoulder. There's a numb sensation about him, like he can't really feel what's going on. Probably because it's all too fresh in his head. "This is the last thing you need right now, Anais, what with everything else that's going on in the Roost. I don't want to stack myself onto the pile as well." He tries to move his bad shoulder, but no going there. "Me and my father, a few years ago, tried to do the right thing. Looks like it's come to bite us." His head leans back to the headboard, turning to look at her. "You shouldn't look at me like that. I'm going to be alright."

"Stop," Anais says quietly, reaching out to set a hand to his chest when he tries to sit up. "I'd rather see you lying down than hurting yourself any more than you already have." She moves to take his hand as well, her own firm and steady. "And I certainly hope you're going to be all right. Tell me what you and your father tried to do that they would send assassins after you years later, Kain."

There's a mild sigh of frustration, but Kain relents, leaning back down into his bed. The hand is taken, interlacing his fingers with hers. "And I don't like appearing weak infront of you, Anais. But," he nods to himself. "Alright. Years ago, before you even came to the Roost my father and I lived in Seagard. It's where I was raised and where my father met my mother. Though that's entirely a whole other story. One of the last things my mother was trying to get rid of on the ships she worked on was forced child labor. At least, that's how my parents met. Freeing slaves, killing slavers. Slaves. Children." He swallows. "Back then, I wasn't much of a huntsman as I was…." there extends, while he looks for a word. "..survivor. Neither me or my dad could stand the ideals of slavery. He, myself, and people we knew would raid known slaver ships, dump the bodies and free the slaves. Most of them, so many of them weren't over ten years old." He exchanges glances between her and the ceiling. "Needless to say this didn't didn't give many friends among the more…uncroupulous types and when we realized how hot things were getting, the group of us went aground. I was your age when this all happened. So…almost ten years ago. If they found me and my father, that means the rest of the group is dead. And that if that's the case, I think they're starting to operate in this area again. And if not, it's just bloody revenge." The story told, he shakes his head. "I thought they'd never find us. Living in the wilds, we'd be hard to track. But when my father couldn't hunt anymore, maybe he was spotted."

"It's not weak when you've been stabbed," Anais points out, then falls silent to listen to his explanation, worrying her lower lip between her teeth. "There are a lot of orphans after the reavers came through," she murmurs. "It would be all too easy to start up that sort of trade in the Riverlands right now. And with you helping us…" She trails off, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, Kain. If I'd known what you were hiding from, I never would have- I would have at least kept your name more quiet." Gently, she reaches up to brush the hair away from his brow. "Should I set a guard to keep an eye out for you here?"

"You didn't know, it's nothing something you should blame yourself. But now you understand why it seemed to bother me when people would talk about me." Kain replies. "I always feared that word might get out. You understand why I wear the hood. Why I talk the way I do. Everything I've done was to try and hide my father, my only family, from the things we did. The -right- things we did. And in the end," he sighs. "he died anyways. And I couldn't protect him. But how could I do that anyways when I was always away. Because I have a duty to your House. And to these people. Ten years. I thought. I thought we were in the clear. Didn't have to keep looking over my shoulder." He shakes his head a negative at the idea of a guard, suggesting instead at pulling up his mattress slightly, showing his hunting knife. "I won't let people start questioning anything you do pretaining to me. You're too important to be brought down by rumors. As far as anyone else knows, we're just friends who like to shoot bows together. And I want to keep it that way for you, Anais."

"There's nothing untoward about putting guards around a concerned citizen who was targeted for the information he had," Anais protests, though she does seem reassured by the knife. "I just-" She falls silent for a moment, wrapping both hands around his. "I don't want to hear that someone came in the night and killed you. Not if I could have done something about it."

"You can't let this information become widespread Anais." Kain states, and there's an urgency in his voice. "If they came after me, that means they're here, in Terrick's Roost. I know how they operate, I've watched and killed enough of these people. That's my guess to why they wanted me and father dead besides vengence. Because we know what signs to spot for. They'll start hitting outlying farms first. Then orphanges. They'll take those nobody cares about or will miss. If they catch wind the sheriffs know, they'll go to ground. And I…" he grunts. "And I can't track them like this. They may not of killed me, but they did the next best thing in taking me out of the picture." Looking at her hands, then her, he takes his free hand to pull her to him to kiss her. "I will be fine. Don't worry about me. They have to be stopped, Anais. I won't see another child taken." he says quietly. "I'm not…not expecting anything of you, because I know you'll do the right thing."

Anais is careful when he draws her close, bracing herself against the headboard rather than the mattress or him. "I'll send Justin to meet with you," she says after, brushing another soft kiss before sitting up a little straighter. "It might take hime a little longer. He's focusing on getting Jacsen back right now. But I'm beginning to wonder if this might not be related to what we thought was a simple bandit problem."

Kain considers that for a moment. "He'll probably be speaking to me anyways regarding this. You don't just get into a knife fight in the middle of the road without someone asking questions. And I can bet you the one that got away, he was watching. Or at least, he would, if he was smart. I know I would be." Thinking a bit more without letting go of her hand, he closes his eyes. "You think the events might be related to one another?" he asks after a moment. "Slavers and bandits working together. That thought unsettles me more than I want to say." Trying to make things not seem so grim, he forces a weak smile at her. "If there's any consolation, at least now I won't be asked to go hunting for him. I would've, you know, though I don't know if I would've particuarly enjoyed it."

Anais sighs softly, leaning over to rest her head on the pillow next to him. "He has to be found, Kain," she says quietly. "In order to be able to move forward, we have to find him." She's silent for a moment, then manages to dredge up a small, wan smile. "If it's any consolation, I doubt he'll be found in good condition."

"I know he does. Which is why I would've gone to fine him." Kain replies, reaching over to toy with a lock of her hair. "Not because you would've asked it of me, but because it's nescesary. I get that. It's in the best interests, even yours, if he's found." Closing his eyes, he stadies himself. "Oh, being held by bandits? I'm sure he's right as rain by this point." There's a moment he just looks at her, and it make him smile something more genuine. "I know you can't wear it, but was the bracelet a bit too forward?" he asks quietly.

"No," Anais shakes her head, smile flickering. "It's…" She pauses, sobering as she watches him. "Jacsen's never given me anything, you know. So it means something to me, whether or not I can wear it. I was thinking of finding a way to attach it to my bow, actually."

"I don't have much." Kain admits. "But I've never been against gift giving. Especially for someone you care about. It was from the first wolf I killed, far too long ago than I like to say." he smiles. "Just thought it'd be fitting, given our talk of wolves recently." He looks a bit tired from all the talking, the wounds still fresh enough that it leaves his body taxed. "If there's any upside to this, at least I'm not so far away from you. But, I should rest." He squeees her hand once more, then giving her one nice, long last kiss. "I'll be here when you want to see me again, Anais. But, we each have things to do. Like me getting better and you, well, being you."

"Running everything," Anais smiles crookedly to his words, brushing a thumb over his lips before sitting up, careful not to jar him or the bed. "Try not to bleed out before I can get here again. And keep your eyes open. It means too much to me to have you alive." Rising, she reaches out to brush a hand over his jaw before adjusting his blankets. "Rest," she murmurs, and with that slips out.