Terrick's Roost
Terrick's Roost
Four Eagles Tower at Terrick's Roost
Ruling House: Terrick
Wealth: Poor
Population: 1,500
Fortification: Four Eagles Tower
Knights: 11
Men At Arms: 25
Primary Revenue: Agriculture
the arms of House Terrick

Terrick's Roost is situated on the Western coast of Westeros, in the Riverlands, between Seagard and the Neck. The ancestral home of the Terrick family, they guard the Cape of Eagles from the threat of Ironborn raids, though before the Ironborn Invasion of 289, no raids had occurred on Terrick's Roost in the 200 hundred years since its creation.

The town of Terrick's Roost itself is slightly inland, and the surrounding countryside is fertile and open. The farmers of the Roost grow many grains in good quantity. Some seasons can be unpleasantly windy, and with few trees to offer protection, seasons of strong winds can sometimes destroy homes or cause crop damage. The overall richness of the land, however, still makes it worthwhile to farm there.

Due to the proximity of the ocean, some fishing also occurs, though farming is the area's primary focus. As the largest settlement west of Seagard, there is also a fine selection of finished goods to be found in the marketplace as well as skilled carpenters, a smithy and other such businesses of industry. In addition, Terrick's Roost maintains a modest Sept. Or, rather, it did before the Ironborn disassembled it to use the timber, stone and holy statues as munitions during their siege.

Four Eagles Tower, the seat of the Terrick family for 200 years, is a keep built outside of the town, on a cliff overlooking the Cape of Eagles. Its location and tall walls make the keep itself nigh-impregnable to attack, though the surrounding farmlands and countryside cannot boast the same.