Page 320: Tears and Teasing
Tears and Teasing
Summary: Tia is reunited with some of the Flints after her rescue
Date: 07/06/2012
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Einar Tiaryn Pariston 
The picnic site
Masters, nobles, guards, soup, horses
Mon June 04, 289

The Picnic Site.

Having been out searching when word came of that the bandit camp had been found, Einar had been present for the final action. It did not take long for word to spread though and he was quickly on his way back to the picnic site come muster point. Afoot and geared for scouting it took some little time at least for him to make his way through the woods and so he arrives back, almost conveniently, as one of the gathered maesters is just finishing checking Tia over. Not that he immediately spots that mind, first his gaze rests falls on Anders and Corrie causing a relieved smile to break through his concerned frown. Satisfied that all looks as well as possible there he then starts to scan the crowds for his good-sister. Maybe the maester is in the way, maybe the unfamiliar cloak around her shoulders that hides her, temporarily from his view. Thankfully though, a second, slower sweep spots his target and he breaks into a jog to cover the ground between them.

Tia was somewhat startled during the rescue, when the first man into their prison was actually Lord Groves. But that said, it did not take too long before she found Kamron Mallister and then she got found by Saethwyr Charlton and Pariston Vis. Of course, where the cloak has come from. She's checked over by the Maesters, who find there's nothing wrong with her that several long baths, a few good meals and a week of sleep won't fix. The worst injury is the big nasty looking bruise on her right cheek, but even that isn't anything but an ugly reminder and an annoyance really. Tia hugs the cloak around her as she looks to see where everyone is. It seems that Pariston and Saethwyr have wandered off while she was with the Maester. Someone got her some soup, so she could start getting some food back into her system, but she's finished that, and feeling strangely at loose ends. It seems so hard to believe that they've finally been rescued. As she glances around, she catches sight of the jogging Einar, and a smile breaks out on her face. She heads to meet him, her happiness to see him totally written all over her face. "Einar!"

Thankfully, with both of them working on it, the distance is covered in no time at all. "Tia!" he answers, his own relief about as obvious as her joy. "Thank the Gods Tia." In a noble hall it might not be an appropriate action, but right here and right now he opens his arms to offer her a hug if she's so inclined. He's about to say something else when he actually registers the presence of the bruise and a flash of anger sweeps his face before he gets it under control again and instead asks, "What did the Maesters say? I trust we'll all be heading back to Stonebrige soon?" Well, all being a loose term, mostly meaning the Flint contingent, but also including any of those not making their way home to the Roost. This staging point is all well and good, but it is a stark reminder that something unusual has occurred and he can't help but think that familiar, normal, surroundings could help. That and the additional option of things like baths and proper hot meals.

Tia doesn't stop, just throws herself at her goodbrother, arms rising to wrap around his shoulders and cling to him. "Einar," she repeats, as she hugs him tightly. It's only now that the first tears start to fall, as she finds the last member of her extended family here and safe. Almost as if she was able to hang on, until she relaxed. "I'm okay," she sobs, if he can make out the words. "It's just a bruise, but we were so scared." Once the tears start, no matter how public this locale, she can't stop them. It's been a while since she's cried like this, at least a couple months, anyway. "The Maesters say I just need to rest and eat, but I think I need another ten baths too." Her words are interspersed with her tears, as she is definitely giving Einar a very wet shoulder.

Einar can make out enough of the reply to fill in the few muffled gaps that present themselves. Hugging her back he is careful to just hold her steady, letting her get whatever she needs to out of her system. After all, if the worst he comes out of this with is a wet shoulder then he can class himself as one of the lucky ones. "It's all right," he mutters reassuringly, "we can get you all of those in Stongbridge, and anything else you need." A quick sideways glances reveals that Anders and Corrie do not yet seem to be making a move, so he's more than content to simply stand as support for Tia, they can move whenever she's ready.No rush.

It's a good solid cry, since Tia hasn't really yet. Saethwyr almost got it, but it was a bit too public. And they had to get on horses and out of the bandit camp. Still, now that she's certified okay, and things are eased up, she's going to just cry it all out. So it does take quite a while, before she manages to hiccup her tears to a halt. "I'm sorry," she says, finally, once she can speak again. "Gods Einar, the things you get to put up with." Almost a laugh, almost, but not quite. "They were - if anyone did something they didn't like, they'd make her pick a friend and punish them both." A tremor runs through her, and she hugs Einar a little tighter. "And it was cold and dark and smelly. And hard to keep from doing foolish things. But - " A breath, and then another, as she struggles for control. "But you came, and you rescued us. Thank you."

Einar doesn't mind waiting, he really doesn't, if that's what Tia needs. Occasional reassuring phrases are muttered, as required, or at least, as seemingly required, but other than that he just stands there and lets her get on with it. Putting his hands on her shoulders he tries to momentarily break her grip on his just a little so he can look her in the eye. "Of course we came Tia, of course we came." He doesn't mention the eight Terrick smallfolk who died in the search process, but instead carefully reaching for one of the pouches on his belt he manages to offer a handkerchief across, figuring she'll probably need one sooner or later. "I'm sure you did wonderfully," he comforts, "Corrie too. She looks well." Not that he's seen closely, but he's taking a guess based on Anders' general body language at this point, or what he can see of it over Tia's shoulder anyway.

"They didn't hurt Corrie, that I saw. But they did take her out of the cave, and Ilaria, Sofya, and Muirenn. Not long before the rescue. I'm so glad that they got rescued too. It was - I was so terrified that something would happen to them." But rescue happened, and all is good. Tia is going to keep saying that, reminding herself. "But they took Gethin, and Lady Isolde's harp." Tragic, those things, at least now that everyone is safe, and she doesn't know about the innocent eight.

"They're safe now," Einar repeats with a smile, "and so are you." He waits a few moments then asks, "Would you like some more of the soup? More seems to have appeared and you've already told me the Maesters said you needed to eat." Not that he's pushing her away mind, he's content to hold onto there for as long as she needs him to, he's just thinking while he stands, that’s all.

Tia takes the handkerchief that Einar offered. Eventually. And she does wipe at her cheeks, wincing as she finds the bruise. "I am sorry to cry all over you, Einar." She sniffles a bit, but at least is slowly running out of tears. "I think some soup would be good," she adds after a moment. "My head hurts now." Though that's from crying rather than anything else.

Here has the usual common/noble relationship made Pariston melt into the background as he let the Flints talk and so on. Seeing Tia crying on Einar's shoulder, standing guard closeby. His eyes are studying around them as well. At the words about soup Pariston looks straight at the two Flints. "Might you want me to go get it?" He asks, for now overlooking anything else that has been going on in that conversation.

Ah, there's Pariston. "If you wouldn't mind Master Vis," Einar replies as the offer is made, "and make sure you get yourself some as well, it's been a long few days." Tia gets another smile though, "Don't worry about it, if Elissa could cry on me whenever she needed to the I don't see any reason why you can't either." It's what brothers are for, or something. "The soup should help with that I think," he offers as she mentions her head, "or if not, I still have a little willowbark left over." Or indeed, the masters might have something stronger, but he can at least offer.

Tia glances over at Pariston, and she smiles at him. "Thank you, Master Vis. That is very kind of you." She glances around a little doubtfully. "And a place to sit, maybe?" she suggests, looking back to Einar. She's not moving too far away from her goodbrother at the moment, rather just sticking as close to him as is reasonable. "I don't think I want to eat standing up."

Pariston bows his head before disappearing. Not really saying anything. Or well, that is until Tia asks for a seat. "I will see to it that you get a seat Ti- Lady Tiaryn." It indeed has been a harsh couple of days, as seen by his language.
It takes awhile but soon enough he returns with soup for both Einar and Tiaryn, and some for himself. "I thought I might as well bring for everyone." He tells her and then there is two comfortable seats, all things considering, coming their way as well. Which is carried over by another young man and Pariston, after the soup has been delivered. "Here you go, my lady, my lord." He says and then takes his bowl of soup and sits down on the ground a bit away from the two Flints.

Einar is perfectly prepared to keep an arm protectively around his good-sister as they move to find her a seat. As Pariston's efforts materialise he gives the man a grateful nod and moves to ensure that Tia is properly settled before she gets passed the hot liquid. At about that point, and probably due to the smell of it, his own stomach announces that it firmly approves of the move to bring three bowls over and he accepts his own with a faint grin. "Well thought Master Vis, well thought."

"Master Vis, you are a wonder," Tia says with a smile and a nod his way. She wrinkles her nose though, as he goes so far away. "You know, you might as well sit with us, Vis. You're almost like a brother too, after all." Pretty darn close by now, all things considered. "And especially after what you said about Lord Charlton." Ahem - no, he's not getting away with that one, not so easily at any rate. She does sit, and takes the soup, pausing to enjoy the aroma for a moment before she starts to eat the soup, finding that it's a bit thicker this time. "Did they ask who the soup was for, Vis?"

"no, my lord. That's for the horse." Pariston says, looking a bit serious for a moment before grinning. And then realizing that he's talking to nobles. "I'm sorry, I was just making a joke m'lord. A poor one at that." He says and let his eyes go to the ground. He does look up at Tia's words though. Grinning and nodding as he moves a bit closer. Though he will remain on the ground. He chuckles softly when lord Charlton is brought up. "I only spoke my mind lady Tiaryn." As for the last question, he just shrugs. "I told them it was for the Flints." He tells her. Seeing as there were some Flints captured there should not have been anything more asked.

Einar just eyes Pariston for a moment, although it's obvious enough from his stance and expression that he's taken no offence, and, were it not for the general grim (but improving) situation, he'd probably even have grinned at the man. "I hadn't seen any of the lords Charlton," he adds conversationally. "I know Lord Aleister is on the search but I though he was covering a different section of woods. Did the word reach him in time or has his cousin joined him?" Another mouthful of soup and he adds, tone still light, "Do I want to know what was said and in what context? Nothing that'll create a scandal I hope." Not that he's overly worried about that mind, just curious.

I shouldn't think anyone heard what was said but me," Tia says. "Though it did in fact make Lord Saethwyr a little peevish." She's admitting it, Saeth was obviously disgruntled when Pariston was whispering to Tia and she noticed. "Vis was just saying that he thought Lord Saethwyr was witty, but that he might get himself in trouble with his quick wit. If I recall correctly." She leaves the rest for Pariston to tell. Or not as he chooses. She starts to eating her soup, going a little bit quiet now.

Pariston listens to Tia and nods, as she got it quite right. "He seemed nice. And to be honest it was fun messing with him." He might not have noticed the man's reaction, though he did notice that Saethwyr did distance himself a bit when Pariston was close to Tiaryn. He then shrugs, "I assure you though, lord Einar, it was nothing special. Not worth spreading a rumour about." Leaving out some parts of the encounter though. Those things are not his to tell.

"Lord Saethwyr?" Einar asks, taking his time over the pronunciation to make sure he gets it right. His brow frowns in thought for a moment as he tries to place the name but then it clicks and the frown becomes more hard as he recalls his recent conversation with Jacob. "Ah, him." While he tried to keep it the same as before, his tone does harden slightly for a moment before he glances back to Vis again in an attempt to keep things upbeat, "so tell me Master Vis, how do you find these woods compared to our own back on the finger?" Not a great conversational topic but he's having to think quick here.

Tia's gaze goes to Einar as he reognizes Saethwyr's name. Hey now! "He is a gentleman," she says simply. "Lady Cordelya suggested that Anders hire him as an additional guard for me." And now that Anders is down one man (cause old scowlyfaced guard did not survive the picnic), maybe he will go for it. She smiles at Vis after a moment. "Don't mess with him too much, at least not before he gets to know you. Please?" She'd rather like them all to become friends, if it's possible. As for the woods, well. She's biased.

Pariston notices the frown on Einar. Then shrugs at the man's question. "It's woods my lord. Both offering different interesting things. This place is too new for me to do a great assumption though. I like both. Home is always going to be home though, so the edge is to the woods up north." He goes on, trying to turn the conversation as much as he can. Though at Tia's words he just grins and nods, "I'll do so. And I can personally tag along with him for a start to make sure he is doing a good job. If he does become a guard that is." He offers up, looking between both of the Flints next to him. Then he goes silent and eats his soup.

Einar nods silently to Pariston's answer, although in truth he's only half listening to the man. The rest of his brain being engaged in thinking over what Tia just said. A noble knight being hired as a simple guard to another family? There's something deeply not right about that, especially given what he's head of the man's actions so far. Still, he pushes it to the back of his mind and makes a note to discuss the matter with Anders when the opportunity arises. "I'm with you on that Master Vis," he answers after another mouthful of soup. Home will always be home. I must admit though, for the South, they're not too bad though."

Tia has to laugh. "I don't know if Anders would go for it, but he was certainly thinking that my usual guards were not protecting me well enough. Sorry, Vis." She turns back to Einar, and then adds, "And it was Corrie who suggested it, but I think she's trying to find anything to get me to spend more time with single men." Okay, maybe just one single man, really. The look on Einar's face has Tia frown slightly. "Are you okay?" she asks softly.

Pariston studies Einar for a moment, though as the man speaks he nods. "Much better than the Iron Isles." He says with a wide grin. Though soon enough he looks to Tiaryn. Shaking his head, "It is alright. If Anders deem me too bad then it is his decision." Is all he offers about that. Looking between the two frowning nobles he sighs. "A northerner and a riverman walks into an inn…" He begins. Trying to distract the two is all.

Whatever remnants of the frown had still been present are wiped clean away at Tia's question. Offering a faint smile Einar replies easily, "Just thinking. It's a bad habit I picked up somewhere along the line." Turning back to his soup he finishes what little he has left and then asks, "Do you think you are ready to ride yet? Preparations have been made back in Stonebridge for when you are." He's seeing precious little point in sitting around out here simply for the sake of it. As Pariston starts his joke the young Flint turns his head back to the armsman with a smile and teases, "that had better not be inappropriate humour Master Vis, not when there are ladies present."

Pariston grins at Einar and shakes his head, "Would I go inappropriate I would ask 'how do you make a bandit kneel?'" He says and leaves it at that. Though then goes back to his previous one. "Not sure how to go on. I forgot. Oh yeah. They walk into the inn and they ask what they want. The riverman says 'room and food.' The northerner says 'Everything you got.' Wait, was that right?" He then just shrugs and grins stupidly at the two as he falls silent letting their talk go on instead.
Finishing his soup and rising to his feet. Waiting for the Flints to finish their food and then Pariston takes the bowls away and going to put them away. Listening to Tia as he does. Though as her face goes pale he offers a soft smile. "I had gone along I would have traps around the entire site." He tells her softly. "Besides, I'm too pretty to not get captured as well."

Einar figures that this is possibly not the greatest line of conversation for the present, even if Pariston's final quip does produce a genuine laugh. Tia his good sister he states simply, "Come, lets get you away from here and find you a room and some food." He's still shaking his head in amusement slightly and glances befirely to Pariston as he blantantly steals the other's phrasiology. Standing himself he offers a hand down to Tia, "Are you alright to stand?" because you know, he can carry her to a horse if needs be. Probably.

Tia has eaten only 3/4 of her soup, but she's more or less done, so she gives it up. "I can stand," she says, though she does take Einar's hand. And Pariston's quip does get a chuckle from her, as perhaps intended. "Thank you, Vis. I'm going to tell Anders that I want you and Jacob back as my guards. No more scowling men who don't care about me, just their jobs." Hrmph. She rises to her feet, a little wobbly, but steadies once she's there. "Alright, let's head back to Stonebridge and see if there's any water left for bathing." Cause really - she may need a month's worth of baths to feel clean again.

Pariston doesn't speak for now, just nodding to Tiaryn at her words to him. Once he has gotten the bowls taken care of he returns, taking care of the seats when the Flints are standing. Moving without asking he takes the reins for the horse Tiaryn rode on, and if Einar had a horse he comes with that one's reins as well. "My lord, my lady." Helping to secure that they get on the horses before he moves to retrieve his own.

Well, since everyone seems to be in the joking mood. "I shouldn't worry too much about the lack of water," Einar starts very sincerly, "they have a river after all." Were it Anders he was talking to, he'd be ducking right now, or maybe sidestepping, to avoid being boxed on the ear, but as it's Tia he figures he'll take whatever she throws at him for it. After all, it's better than having her stumble for lack of his support. He does indeed have a horse, it's his own that'll be familar enough where it stands. Oddly enough though, he too is keen to see Tia settled in her saddle before he makes for his own.

Tia pauses and just stares at Einar for his joke, her eyes going wide. She opens her mouth, shuts it, and then she laughs. "Well, so they do. But I'm not planning on swimming in it." She does take a half hearted swat at Einar, but there's no oompht to it at all. Since Pariston has the reins, she takes Einar's help to get mounted and sit. At least she has some loose fitting clothing, so that she's got some protection for her butt from the saddle. And Saeth's cloak, which she's not letting go, really. Once all arranged, she reaches for the reins. "Ready when you are," she says.

Pariston jumps up on his horse, his old friend, then nods to Tia and Einar. "Shall we?" He asks before riding up to them. They might have dealt with some bandits, but obviously there are others. So can't be too safe. His eyes moving between the two. But he will stay quiet for now. He has said enough most likely.