Lady Teale Nayland

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Your Beloved Daughter

Rumours & RP Hooks

  • Many whisper that Teale is not really a Nayland by birth. After all her own sister used to claim she was Lord Tobias' only daughter.
  • It is speculated that her own dowry was squandered away by her cousin, Ser Riordan, for the Stonebridge battle efforts rendering her penniless. Others claim her unfortunate attack is what led to the cancellation of her betrothal.
  • Some speculate that Teale traded her own sister, Tenysa, to the bandits in an effort to spare her own life but was blinded in a double-cross.
  • Though sightless, some whisper the younger Nayland woman has a way of seeing into one's soul. Her Aunt is a witch after all.
  • Lady Teale is rumored to have outwitted most of her own father's advisors and was believed to have been imprisoned for years by her own father's hand.
  • Many speculate, though always in hushed tones, that the young noblewoman was cast out of the Mire by her own parents and thrust to the care of her Aunt and Uncle out of detestment for her continued existence. More than one servant is rumored to have overheard Lord Tobias cursing the loss of Tenysa and survival of Teale.