Page 284: Take Your Time and Hurry Up
Take your time and hurry up!
Summary: The Flint boys continue their on going bromance
Date: 16/05/2012
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Einar Anders 
Stables Stonebridge
The public stables of Stonebridge are quite large and even have a distinct area for visiting nobility to store their steeds while visiting Crane's Crossing. Saddles are stored within an interior building and out of the elements where services are offered for everything from repair to shining. Feed is supplied as well to make sure that the charges are well cared-for.
Sun 29th Apr, 289

It's the morning of the duel and it's fair to say that Stonebridge is humming. There seems to have been very little else spoken about for days in fact, and with the arrival of nobles from surrounding holdings expected through out the day, Einar is hoping to be able to make a start on his ride north early, to avoid as much traffic on the roads as possible. One of the more senior armsmen is seeing to the troops who are finally heading home while the young Flint sees to his horse and gear. It's a well practiced routine, and it doesn't take long before the dark bay is groomed, saddled and bridled ready for the trip and as a stablehand hurries over to lead the beast out Einar remembers one final task. Keeping hold of the reins himself he instead pulls a sealed letter out of one of the saddle bags and hands it to the boy. "You know the tent across the bridge?" he asks, knowing full well that it's a stupid question and that of course the boy does, "make sure the Septon there gets that." The boy nods, and then grins a little as his task is eased by the production of a couple of coppers. "I'll be checking when I get back."

Anders is certainly in the crowds, though it's to make his way towards the departing company rather than to lose himself in the audience. He's not going to be present in his official capacity, certainly, and his feelings on the matter are his, and is alone.
Instead, he comes to reach the horses, and he moves to lean upon a post of the stables. "Cousin.. in a way, I envy your return North. You'll ride easily, and with each mile taken, you're closer to home."

Hearing Anders before he sees him, Einar turns and leads the horse over. "Cousin," he replies in greeting, "closer to home aye, and then men'll feel it too. Still, as I said to Corrie, I wish the rest of your were coming to." That reminds him of something though, so he doesn't elaborate further but instead sidetracks before he forgets. "Oh, while I think on it, she was wondering if you wanted me to deliver your news to your Lord Father? She thought it best but wanted me to check with you first, in case you had any other plans."

"A part of me would like nothing more than to head home," Anders offers in something of a exhaled sigh. "But, once you're gone, I need to confer with Lord Aleister, and when Corrie can travel, it'll be back to the Roost to speak with Lady Liliana once again before heading north to Fallen Oaks for the beginnings of the port."
Pushing off the post, Anders puts a hand on the horse's neck. "As for the message, please.. tell him that there is an heir and when the time comes for his birth, we'll be home."

Einar nods slowly, he can remember that message easily enough, "I will, and I'm sure they'll all welcome it as much as the return of the men." He lets that hang a moment, then moves on, "I reckon on being gone about a month, it won;t be the quickest trip home, then I'm sure my Lord Father will want words." He glances away out towards the town for a moment before then adding "Also, I'm planning to break the journey back at Broadmoor, if that's not a problem? It seems my Cousins have grown and want to catch up the years."

"I would hope so."
Anders shakes his head at the time schedule, "I don't think it'll be that soon. Month? It'll take a couple of weeks, easily, to make it back. We were on something of a faster march to make it down in time for the first levy. Now, headed home, you don't have to be on a time schedule. Don't rush." He begins to pace slowly, hands moving into pockets. More and more, he's finding those close to him at a distance, for whatever reason. "And your stop will keep you longer. You deserve the time home- return to me when you grow tired of your Father's words." The last bit is given with a smirk. "Tell him that I've only allowed a couple of days before demanding your presence at my side once again."

Einar cracks a faint smile at Anders' reply. "A couple of days? I suppose I might manage that, although I suppose it is a short enough time that I can always spend it filling your Father on events if needs be. I guess I'll just deliver your news and see where it goes from there?" Not that there's a huge amount of enthusiasm in his tone, well, there is for being the bearer of good news, less so for being given alone time with his father.

"Your Lord Uncle will be more than happy to receive you in my stead. Remember, he'll be weary from war as well." Again, the smirk plays upon his face, and Anders shakes his head as he paces. "Deliver it first to my Lord Father, then discuss what you have observed with my mother. She may have words that might ease Corrie's plight." The concern is certainly there for his wife's health, and if there's anything, anything that might alleviate problems? "Then return south. I'll need your presence to act as a sounding board. There is much happening that I, for the life of me, haven't yet been able to determine how, if at all, it will affect us in the North. I can't help but feel that there's something that must be done, but before anything should be done, counsel is in order."

"I will do so," Einar confirms with a nod, "and should the opportunity arise, I'll sound out my Lady Mother on the matter as well. Two heads and all that." Yes, Einar is concerned for Corrie too, oddly enough, although he'll stop short of asking at Broadmoor, that's just taking it a little too far. "I'll take my time and hurry up," he adds, not sounding too disheartened by the whole idea, "unless I hear anything at Broadmoor to suggest you've moved, I'll make for here again and seek you out on my return. I'll also keep my ears open on the road, I'll be behind the times, but i may catch word of something of use."

"Yes.. and as I said, the only other place I could be would be the Roost. I can't imagine too much time will pass and I'll find myself on the shores of Fallen Oaks." Anders chuckles at the missive now given his squire, Take your time and hurry up! "I won't get in your way too much longer, but if you would keep an ear to words in the North, that would help me. I've been away from home long enough that I've missed that which is happening ever day.. and what our land's needs are. I know them in their entirety, and hold it near my heart.. but day to day, what can I do to benefit them while here?"

"I may even take the liberty of writing it down," Einar answers easily enough, "so as not to forget, but don't worry, I'll use little words and big pictures." Watching Anders carefully in case he should have to duck at short notice he then adds, more seriously in answer to the question, "the Port, but Corrie comes first. Tia might be able to help with her niece, but there is time for all that."

Anders does take a swing, but it's a good natured one. And, any other man might take offense to the reminder that an ill, pregnant wife should take precedence over empire building, but he's aware of the protectiveness everyone feels over the Young Lady, his Young Lady. "Yes, the port.. but only when Corrie can travel. If she can't and business takes me there, she'll be well looked after."

Einar turns enough so the blow, what there is of it, connects with the fleshy part of his arm. "I have no doubt of that Cousin," he replies, still smiling, "even with everything else thats been going on for them, they Naylands have seen to her well being while we've been gone." A pause, and then a glance to his horse, "I'm afriad though, that if we're going to get moving in time to make any good distance before night, then I should probably not be dallying long."

Anders barks a laugh at the dodge, and the smile remains behind, "They have.. and it's something I can trust.. most of the Naylands to do. Be honourable, at the least." Most. He exhales in a chuff, "The sooner we're away, however, the better."
Running his hand through his hair to get the strands away from his face, Anders extends his hand. "Gods watch your path safely home, cousin. Go, and the sooner you're away, the sooner you'll return."

With his horse's reins in his left hand, Einar accepts Anders' in his right. "Both yours and mine I imagine," he offers, "what with the men as well." Probably not the Drowned God though he notes mentally, with faint amusement. "I'll return with what news I can," he promises, "and I'll try not to drink too much of your Father's wine after I give him the news since I suppose you'll want to inherit some of it at least."

With the clasp given and dropped, Anders steps back and nods. "I want some of that wine. I'd say bring some back, but trusting you with a cask is.." and he shrugs, that smirk returning. "Go.. and safe travels." To let him go, then, the Flint's Young Lord moves around the horse and is ready to move back into the crowd gathered for the duel. There's whispers around him, bets being taken.. and all he can do is.. watch. And consider.