Page 027: Sweet Things
Sweet Things
Summary: Thea brings treats to Anais.
Date: 08 August 2011
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Anais Thea 
Guest Chamber — Four Eagle's Tower
Mon August 8, 288

The Terricks have been kind enough to set the Banefort girls up in a suite of guest quarters that faces to the sea, reminiscent of their home. The suite is in surprisingly good order for holding four young women and their retinue, though there are many things scattered here and there and forgotten. A book, an embroidery hoop, hair ribbons. Anais is pacing near the narrow windows, dressed for the day, but with her hair still loose. She looks vaguely concerned as well, chewing on a knuckle as she walks.

Scurrying in a flurry of looped skirts, pale shins and ankles showing, Thea does her best to rush to the aid of the Lady Banefort from her other duties. A small basket on her arm, the cloth flying free as she skids down the turn of the hall, she dodges past a sworn, dipping her head with a soft laugh as she nearly rushes past the door to the guest suite that houses the visiting ladies. As her worn leather shoes slide, she nearly tumbles to the side, flare of white frizzed curls springing out beneath the kerchief that keep most mildly tamed.

Huffing a breath as she rises herself, she smooths her honey stained apron and knocks on the door, looking down to her basket and the exposed sweet rolls within. "My Lady?" She queries, pressing in on the door a little but not entering as she tilts her ear to it.

Anais spins at the sound of someone at the door, though a smile tugs at one corner of her lips when she catches sight of Thea's entrance. "Good morning, Thea," she greets with a brief laugh, smoothing a finger over over her abused knuckle. "Are you all right?" she asks at the other woman's scattered state, stepping away from the window and absently tossing an embroidery hoop into a basket full of more of them.

"Aye Lady.." Thea beams with a jovial turn of her lips. "I am just fine, was hurrying to get to you. Missed your door a bit." She smooths her skirts and dips a well appointed curtsey before rising. "I took it upon myself to find some embroidered ribbons. Was thinking a coiled coif and the like will be light on your head and make it your hair feel weightless." Right into business but she pauses, remembering the basket as she tugs it off ehr arm and moves to set it on a small table. "Brought some fresh sweetbuns, fresh honey from the beekeeper." There seems to be a few welts along her arm as her sleeves are rolled up. Stings. "So if my lady likes…" She motions to the basket.

"You are entirely too good for my dear brother," Anais informs Thea at the wealth of goodies coming in the door. "You may be too good for me," she adds with a rueful smile, tsking softly at the welts. "Look at you." She moves to the table then, pausing to pick up a hairbrush on the way. "I hope Cayt wasn't too embarassing, at least?" she asks as she moves to settle down next to the table, smoothing a finger over her knuckle again.

"How sweet of you, my Lady…" Thea chirps and dips another curtsey before she is a rush of words, "I am only as I should be and I do like who I am." She beams and then tilts her head, "Caytiv…hmmmm" How to put it..the chambermaid pauses in thought a moment and then grins, "I think he is more than agreeable. Though I do not think he fancies any one girl..but I do like his company." She bites at her lip and then draws closer to offer to take the brush with her outsretched hand. Yet, it is the damaged knuckle that draws her attention. "My Lady…what did you do?" She says and draws closer, snagging up her hand if allowed. "Hmmmmm…"

"I think he fancies /every/ girl," Anais rolls her eyes good-naturedly, glancing down at her knuckle and allowing her hand to be lifted with little protest. "I've worried it," she admits, smile quirking sheepishly. "Between the visit from Ser Rygar, the nerves about the wedding, and then hearing that Jaremy isn't well, I've just been…Well, worried," she admits. "And I do silly things when I'm worried, like chew on my hands. It's a terrible habit, isn't it?"

"That he does…but perhaps with calm persistance, I shall win out…" Thea shrugs her shoulders but turns the hand in her's to look at it. "Ahh my Lady…you do know you are not supposed to eat your own hand right?" It is a jest and a gentle smile touches the maid's lips. "I will bring you something and bandage it after I see to your hair, if you wish. And if it helps, I am told an oil from lemongrass is used to keep babes from chewing on their fingers. It is a tart taste to remind them. If you like…we could try it to save your other hand from such abuse."

"Is that why it's so uncomfortable?" Anais asks in return at Thea's joking question, laughing a bit herself. "Yes, I know. As I said, it's a bad habit. I think I may try the lemongrass, though. If only because it's simple an unattractive habit to begin with. And it doesn't do to be looking nervous in front of everybody." She looks to the basket then, leaning forward a bit to peek inside. "In the meantime. I think I will busy my hands with these, which will likely taste /much/ better."

"Not a single finger in them.." Thea quips and then takes the brush, moving about the Lady to begin to smooth her hair. "You and your sisters are quite fair to look upon. I am certain the Lord Jaremy and his family do enjoy your presence." The chambermaid says, much like a beautician chatting with her client, she continues on like a chatty Kathy. Fingers burhs through her hair to ease it first before drawing the brush through - being as gentle as she can. "I look forward to having more Ladies about and I am certain the Lady Lucienne will glad to have a sister as well." She nods her head, though Anais can not see this. "But this Oldstones Knight…" Thea hmphs, "I do not think I approve of him stealing the Lady Lucienne away." Nope , not one bit. She gently parts Anais' hair to one side, favoring the right.

"Well, that's fair enough," Anais agrees ruefully with Thea. "I'm growing rather fond of Lady Lucienne myself. And one or two of my sisters may stay, but I don't think all of us will. Father will be looking for matches for them as well, and who knows where that will take them." She chews at the inside of her cheek for a moment, then promptly inserts a sweetroll instead, keeping her quiet for a few beats. When she's finished, she resumes speaking again. "Have you heard anything about Lord Jaremy, perhaps? He isn't…I mean, you don't think it's poison, do you? That would be…clumsy, wouldn't it?"

""Well I will tell you, this place will be different if Lady Lucienne is not here." Thea sighs but then lifts a brow, "Poison? Well who here would wish to poison him…ohhh are you thinking it was that visiting Nayland?" She asks, her voice rising in pitch at that. Pressing her lips into a line, the maid stills her head from bringing a gentle sweep of hair back from Anais' fore. "I could, my Lady…make sure his food is well. I think he is just as worried as you. You know I don't think much of the act of enjoying a man's company but as you said yesterday…responsibilities are responsibilities and you nobles have them in tenfold. I am sure all the rumors are getting to him. could go to the fields and picks some flowers for him? The Lord always did like the north fields…." She nods her head and then moves her fingers to pin that elegant swoop of hair along her right temple to the back.

Anais starts to turn as if to look back, then stills herself so as not to interfere. "You think he's made himself sick to his stomach worrying about marrying me?" she asks, amusement rich in her voice as she picks at the sweetroll. "That…is an interesting idea," she chuckles softly. "Though I doubt he'd get that ill over it. I'm not really that frightening, am I?"

Thea laughs and smirks, "My Lady should know that all women are frightening to men…they don't understand us." She grins and then sweeps her small fingers beneatht he lower hair to twist it up tuck it in, pulling pins from her apron to be gin securing it. "I think he worries over other things..but I am not a man and I never could understand them. Fighting as they do with swords..I mean it is …glorious to see. But if they would just stick to simple things they would not become so bold and think they are entitled to everything." Sniffing faintly, Thea leans in to say softly, almost conspiratol like. "Men play their war games to prepare them for their women."

Anais laughs softly, grin flashing across her features. "Also because we like to watch them go at it," she says with some amusement. "But men make much of it, and war makes much of it." Another bite of the sweet roll, and she sighs softly. "Well. I shall abide. He'll get better eventually. And if he doesn't, then- Then I'll worry about it then."

"I am certain he will improve, my Lady. Worry on your wedding for him and let him recover." Thea advises as she lifts a ribbon rose from her apron pocket and pins it in the side of the twist, all whites and gentle yellows. Stepping back, she gives a look to it and then smiles, "My Lady looks lovely.." She states and then looks to the sweet rolls. "You stay and keep eating, I shall go get the salve and linen wraps and return. And tomorrow I will come with your lemongrass oil." She promises and dips a curtsey. "My Lady, at your leave."

Anais reaches for a mirror when Thea finishes, brows rising at the finished picture. "It's lovely, Thea," she approves, flashing a smile through the reflection. "Thank you." Setting the mirror down, she moves to stand, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. "For everything. You're right, of course. Everything will be fine. Be well, Thea," she offers warmly.