Page 365: Surprise Party!
Surprise Party!
Summary: Serica throws Katrin a surprise party for her nameday on the Green in Terrick's Roost.
Date: 21/07/2012
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The Green - Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
July 21, 289

"It's still sad," Seri mused, trailing along beside Katrin, "That you didn't want to do anything for your nameday." Nevermind that she'd done her best to go out of her way and ensure that her friend was occupied and moreover redirected everytime she might go somewhere there'd be gossip. To the point where she had even begged help from Katrin's Septa, to keep her away until everything was ready. That's…that's what good friends were supposed to do…right?

A brief laugh, "I suppose I just no longer see the appeal in it, Seri," Katrin replies to Serica as they walk, the latter with only the faintest of limps. "It is far better to spend a day with good friends and make it one that will count. I do not think it is overly important to celebrate one's name day."

"Really?" Seri replies with what might have looked like a little wince. Maybe, just maybe. "Is that you're polite way of saying that I'm boring company and you could think of better ways to spend the day than with me?" She teased, as the pair began to approach the Green. It looks…occupied, just slightly. And there's the occasional odd splash of color to be seen from the distance. A flicker of movement. It's when they get closer…that things begin to shift into clearer focus.

Because it's amazing the things you can accomplish when one is of a mind too. That there were people who were willing to work for a coin, when so many were obviously in need came easy. The smallfolk women of the Roost could be creative if given half a chance. Gardlands had been made strung of flowers, with the trade for the work having been done in for food, brought over, as a few other things had been…from Stonebridge. Some of which, had only recently arrived, if the out of breath couriers involved had anything to say about it.

A light spread has been set on a single long table adorned with flowers, with skins of wine and trays of fresh fruit, cut to favor stars and hearts; with the center-pieces of each being the thing which left those couriers breathless. Great confections of spun sugar, shaped as open faced eggs, Katrin's likeness created there in the greatest of them, while two lesser smaller pieces boast scenic outdoor scenes with tiny horses grazing in the foreground.

Not wildly lavish, to be fair, but elegant in its simplicity. A couple of women, one of which looks remarkably like Seri's maid, acting as servers.

"Oh, of course not!" Katrin replies with a laugh. "I am glad that you and Ser Harold have stayed a little later so that we might have the chance to speak further." As they draw closer, she hesitates and pauses. "Oh, it looks as though something is happening on the Green," she muses curiously. "Perhaps we should walk elsewhere." She turns to start back toward town. "There are some nice trails that I go riding through all of the time. Perhaps we could try one of those but they will insist we take a guard with us." If she's taken into consideration that this is a party for her, she's avoiding it.

Seri arches a brow at that, head canting to the side with a little grin. "No," there's a faint shake of her head, "Oh no. I'm sure that we'll be welcome. In fact, I know we will. And when has your sense of curiosity ever stopped you from poking about somewhere you shouldn't be, hmm?" Inquired, as an arm extends to link through Katrin's own, not quite willing to let her escape just yet, but instead intent on walking her a little closer. "Besides, I'd like to see if anything else and you'd not leave to possible rumor for walking alone…would you?"

Coming up from the direction of the town itself, moving a bit slowly and perhaps a bit more stiffly than normal, Martyn is making his way in the direction of the Green. Quiet at the moment, one hand is reaching for his hair in order to get it more presentable, it would seem. He stops as he sees the ladies, waiting for a few moment to see if they're actually heading up there now.

Faulon is here, too, and busy setting up his collection of instruments not far from that long table bearing so many interesting party foods. It's a good vantage point, this spot he's picked, as any place he might need to be provides a fairly good view of those instruments… lest any wayward, sticky-fingered person get the wrong idea. With experienced ease, he slings his large cherrywood lute across his shoulders and starts to pick at the strings to be sure of its tune.

Katrin bites on her lower lip, "Ooookay," she says, clearly defeated. But she follows Serica along. "What is swirling about in that mind of your, Seri?" she asks more than a little suspiciously. But she chuckles and limps along with the Charlton. As they get close enough that she can get a better feel on things, she stops again. "O-o-oh, Serica. You didn't."

"I confess it's small," there's apology with the smile, but the squeeze offered is one of affection. "But it's the thought that counts, no? Happy birthday, darling." Seri winked, trying very hard not to grin and failing miserably there at the end.

Martyn looks a bit relieved as he sees the ladies heading further into the green, and moves forward a bit more as well. Still trying to get his hair sorted out a bit. Keeping a bit behind for a few moments longer, he is unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle as he hears Katrin's words to Serica. "You know, from my point of view, it actually looks like she did," he remarks, a bit lightly.

There's the gentle sound of a true song, now, flitting out from beneath the bard's fingers on the lute. It's not quite time to burst into song, so he merely plays a merry trill on the strings. All the better to welcome the guest of honor onto the grounds.

Katrin looks over her shoulder at Martyn, giving him a flustered look. "Did you have any part in this?" she asks. She squeezes Serica's hand. "I just… I… I admit that I am completely overwhelmed, Seri. Thank you. I don't know what to say."

"Whatever you're really thinking," Seri teased, though she cast a grateful smile towards the bard and there might have been just a hint of mischief in her eyes. With a wink she turns to face Ser Martyn, grinning. "Dare I inquire if you've seen my husband?" It's a lightly given question, but then, Harold had known what she was about. A light shake of her head, "Besides, tell Katrin that she deserves a little celebration. And since I clearly can not partner her in dance, you'll have to!" But Kat has a limp doesn't she? "Bard, perhaps something slow?"

"I didn't have much more to do with it than being ordered to be here," Martyn replies, with a bit of a grin. Stepping the rest of the way over, he offers a smile now. "Your husband was down at the town square the last time I saw him, Lady Serica." He smiles a little bit, as he looks back to Katrin. "She's right, you deserve it. And if she's suggesting a slow dance, I'd be happy to be your partner in it."

With a bow and a brilliant smile, Faulon twiddles his fingers all the slower. Gracefully, he transitions from the merry bit of pomp and circumstance into a sweetly slow tune. It's not his best work, and he looks a bit tired if you look closely at his eyes, but he's giving a good effort nonetheless.

Katrin flushes a dark red. "Seri, really, you shouldn't have gone to all of this trouble," she protests again. "But thank you." She squeezes Serica's arm. "I am going to miss you when you leave." She looks over to Martyn with a shy look. "Are you asking me to dance already, Ser Martyn?" she asks.

"You're welcome," Seri's smile is warm, easy and that squeeze is returned with a gentle one of her own, before she leans in to whisper a quiet word and then, steps away, giving the pair room. Before flashing the bard a grateful smile. There, she's done her good deed for the year. Twice over, in fact.

You sense: Serica whisper, "Think of it as my excuse to spend some of the old man's hard earned money," before she drew away.

While conversing politely, Harold and Nedra entered the green, side by side but with more than appropriate distance between them non the less. He paused at the edge of it, his pale eyes sweeping over the graceful decorations and the generous offering of food at a time when everybody was going hungry. There was just a bit of rueful chargrin there in his half-smile, too, and a shake of his head with reluctant surrender. Leaving behind his company for the moment, the Charlton knight made his way to where he'd spotted his wife. Though not strictly dressed for festivities, his boots looked like they'd taken a little bit of extra shine, as did his silver belt buckle and the hilt of his sword, everpresent at his side.

"My Lady Wife," he murmured as his even strides brought him close. "This is wonderful. I'm amazed what you've put together in such a short time." It seemed a genuinely offered compliment, followed by a deep and respectful bow of greeting. Only after did he extend a bow to Lady Katrin, and a nod for the others present.

Martyn smiles, "Well, if you want to, of course. Would be bad to let this nice song the Bard is playing go to waste, wouldn't it, Lady Katrin?" He pauses very briefly. "If you don't want to, you don't have to, of course."

Katrin just shoots a look in Serica's direction, one of amusement. "I will remember that, Seri," she replies. She looks at Martyn and nods. "I suppose you are correct about that," she muses. "If you would excuse me. Ser Harold," she adds before hobbling off to join Martyn.

Still slow, sweeping— Faulon takes his soft melody on a trip around the immediate area of this little get together. The sound of the cherry lute carries well over the green. He nods congenially to each person as he passes, all smiles, but quiet while they converse with one another.

A man is walking back towards the tower, leading his pale grey horse. Justin has likely just finished his day's work in town, with the rebuilding and also his various duties as Sheriff. He is dressed as usual in black with touches of his house colors at the edges of his surcoat and on the hit of his sword and dagger. He lifts his grey eyes to look up ahead to the expanse of the Green as he notices music, people gathered and the like.

"It wasn't hard," the Lady Serica demures with a smile. "Your squire did most of the running. I sent him to Stonebridge last night for food. More than you see her, in fact, the bulk of it was turned over to the smallfolk who did the weaving with the garland after the delivery." In such a fashion had she managed to find a loopole for helping them anyway. Now people got to eat, even children, an all they'd had to do was weave greenry, something even a child could do. Because the sad truth, was she'd given away far more than the small fare that was on display there. "But thank you, for the compliment," added, while she offered him a curtsy.

Martyn smiles, waiting for Katrin to join him, before leading into the slow dance. "You have a wonderful friend there who got this set up for you," he offers to her quietly now.

At least Ser Harold was not crude enough to ask how much all of this had cost him. Instead he rather delicately took her palm into his much larger hand, treating her flesh as if he were afraid the fragile bones might break beneath the least bit of pressure. Gracefuly the knight lifted it up for a brief brush of his lips against the knuckles, while his steady gaze went for hers to deliver a bit of meaning and knowing. "Non the less. Very creative, and sharply done. I stand impressed." So said he'd let go and turn instead to watch the festivities, and listen to the fall of music.

Nathaniel is helping to unload the last of the refreshments for the party. A cart pulls up to a low table, and then he and another man carefully roll several large wooden barrels onto the table. Each barrel has a round wooden stopper in the end. When they have finished, he joins the other servants who are arranging pies, platters of sandwiches, bowls of chilled fruit, and other delicacies on the table.

That rise and fall of the music continues apace— the piece is certainly not the most complex work of notes, but perhaps that's for the better considering the drawn expression on the bard's face. The smiling still comes easily and graciously, however, and Faulon keeps moving through the crowd.

With a blush, Katrin allows herself to be led off by Martyn and she follows him into the dance. "She is a very good friend," she agrees. "Serica was the first friend I made at the Twins. She made it all bearable to be away from home for the first time."

Justin looks rather tired when he finally comes up and stops to stare at the spread, music, dancing. He blinks and lifts a hand to rub his gritty face, "What is going on here?" Somebody hasn't been informed about any Nameday party.

"Your approval warms me," Ser Harold's wife did murmur, with a faint flutter of her fingers against his cheek after the light kiss as an offered measure of affection. Though that he'd deserted the woman he'd arrived with without introduction had earned the faint arch of her brow. The Sheriff's presence is never-the-less remarked upon, "Tis Lady Katrin's nameday, Ser Justin. I do hope you'll forgive us the impromptu get together."

"Being away from home for the first time is never easy," Martyn replies with a nod. "But I'm glad you found a good friend when you did, and that the two of you met again here," he offers. Glancing around at the rest of the crowds for a few moments, he smiles. "You will let me know if we're moving too fast, of course? I heard you had some kind of an accident yesterday?"

After having entered the green alongside Ser Harold, Nedra had been distracted by all the sights and sounds, making her way around with a touch of curious amazement at what can be wrought by so little time and a great deal of effort. At some point Nedra acquires a drink from the refreshment table, smiling at Nathaniel and the other helpers that are setting out the food and drink, the sugared confections and the like. Granted, the sight of the sugared confections gives Nedra a bit of a pause and a natural sense of wariness but she moves on after a moment.

"I am greatly pleased that she is here," Katrin says with a nod. "And saddened that she will be leaving again so soon." Her lips twitch a little. "But I have already thought of writing to my Father to see if I might be able to go and visit her." She shakes her head with a sigh. "This is all too much for me, Martyn. I just wanted a quiet day."

Brennart comes walking up from the Roost Lane as he stretches his legs for a bit of exercise when he pauses and blinks… "What the… " He hmmms and heads over towards the party, "This is quite a beautiful change from the last time I was here."

"But of course, lady Serica. It merely takes me by surprise." And all the food and drink, where ever it came from. At least it's been made clear that his own House isn't paying for it to some other purpose. Justin's gaze seeks out Katrin, over there dancing with Martyn. That makes him smile a little, "I'm afraid I have no gift for the lady. And I have duties yet that I must attend ere I may take my leisure for the evening. Will you kindly pass on my well wishes to her? I may be able to slip back out when I am finished, lady."

The initial reaction to Lady Serica's words had been a bit of a snort, though her smoothened that over with an accepting smile. "I bumped into Ser Martyn, his sister and his cousin on the way," he confided in a quiet voice, making a brief nod in Nedra's direction. "He was so quick to desert them to rush over here, I felt obliged to mention the party. I'll introduce you." He looked towards Ser Justin when he spoke, nodding amiably enough. "Ser Justin. Thank you for your understanding. My Lady Wife and Lady Katrin are.." he glanced at his wife, before continuing. "Best of friends. A pity you're not to stay, though. A bit of music, dance, some laughter. Medicine for when things are rough." He gave a little dip of his head.

There's a slight pause in the music while Faulon shifts the weight of this lute along his shoulders. His fingers stretch and flex, his smile does the same, and then he's striking up another tune. Just as slow, to be mindful of the guest of honor's current limitations, but soft and sweet. No mournful ballads tonight, of course.

Justin smiles to Ser Harold, "I'd love a decent bite to eat and some good drink, Ser. But I have business yet. We are organizing a hunt and I need to speak with lady Anais to pass on suggestions others have made. I believe she is awaiting me at the tower. If lady Katrin's party is still ongoing after, and if I'm not too tired, I will return. It is very kind of you and your lady wife to do this for her." And there's that bard again! Justin looks over to where Faulon is playing and he sighs, "I'll be sorry when that fellow's departed. I don't ever remember so much music in one place."

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears that. "Quite understandable." He nods a little to the part about her thinking about writing to her father as well, before he smiles at that last part. "We don't always get what we want, someone used to tell me," he offers quietly. "But at least this is a positive surprise, if a bit overwhelming, isn't it?"

"As you please," Serica offered to Harold for his remark, a smile of acknowledgement to offer her assurances that she did in fact like Katrin and it certainly wasn't just an excuse to donate to the smallfolk, because that would be terrible. Though mention of her friend left Seri glancing in Katrin's direction with a smile, before her attention return to the pair of gentlemen listening while they conversed.

"I just… it wasn't what I had planned for the day," Katrin admits with a small smile. "I was hoping for a quiet moment alone this evening so that I might think about things. But I don't wish to hurt Seri's feelings by slipping away. Especially not so soon."

"A Bard's always a pleasure to have around. Well, if you return we'll be happy for it. Until then, a good day to you, Ser Justin," Harold said, offering the Sheriff another nod by way of farewell. Swinging his head around in a small arch, he took in the growing group taking to the green, studying in quiet. When the bard passed them, he gave a bit of a smile, too. "Circle a little, My Lady, then perhaps you'll do me the honor of a brief dance? No twirls at all."

Brennart turns and heads out towards Roost Lane in a rush as if he'd forgotten something.

Faulon is sure to return Lord Harold's smile with a wide grin, and nods, too, to Ser Justin as his traversing of the green's party brings him by them. Though he's yet to sing, the man hums quietly along to the simple, comfortable melody he's working out.

"Of course," Serica agreed; offering Harold her arm as she gazed about. The only way her feelings would be hurt would be if Katrin left and didn't take Seri with her. She knows how she feels about groups! Regardless, she left it to Harold to escort them as he pleased.

Taking his horse onto the stables, Justin walks on through to the courtyard once he's made his departure remarks. Only he's about to find out that lady Anais is not at the tower and he'll have to set out once more on foot to go and find her. Lucky him.

Nedra plucks another cup of off of one of the trays and carries it over to where her Septa is standing with some other acquaintances, surprising the middle-aged woman with her arrival and the drink. A small exchange is made, Nedra accepting the cup of cider in exchange for the cup of watered wine. She speaks for a few moments, head tilted ever so slightly as she studies the gathering nobles and well-wishers, listening to the music that is being played.

Martyn nods a little as he hears that. "There's still time to do some thinking later on," he offers, before he adds, "And I understand how it is not wanting to hurt a friend's feeling by slipping away for something like this." He looks around for a few moments, before he offers her a bit of a smile. "And some times, a distraction like this might be one of the things needed to get that thinking done better, later on."

"My Lady Nedra, may I introduce my wife? Lady Serica Marie Charlton," Ser Harold had brought his wife along with him to the spot where Nedra was standing with her septa, offering a dip of his head in cordinality as he did. And to his wife, the introduction: "The Lady Nedra Mallister." His eyes flicked towards what they were drinking. He asked his wife quietly; "would you like sometihng to drink, My Lady?"

"You are right, of course," katrin agrees of Martyn. "And it is nice to see people out and about." She looks around and smiles. "Serica truly did outdo herself with this. I just wish that…" She shakes her head. "It does not matter, of course. It is a shame that Lari has been detained for the time being."

Nevan Erenford strolls his way down Roost Lane toward the green and stops in his tracks, seeming genuinely surprised there's some sort of celebration afoot. Lack of invitations never having stopped him before, the young Erenford puts on an amiable smile as makes his way into the fray.

"Lady Nedra," the nee Frey offers a polite curtsy, "It's a pleasure to meet you," comes offered in warm cordial tones as she rises, before glancing up and giving her husband a faint shake of her head in response. She'd not care for anything, no. "But it is kind of you to ask."

Nedra offers a polite curtsy and a friendly smile to Ser Harold and his wife Lady Serica, "It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Lady Serica," she says as she rises. "You've done a wonderful job bringing all of this together for Lady Katrin's name day, I hope I'm not the first to say as much," she adds, still shaking her head slightly over how well everything has turned out and what a radical change it makes for this area. "Your husband was kind enough to invite me to join the festivities, though I'm sure I wasn't on the guest list, so I do hope my presence isn't - what's the phrase? ah, crashing the party."

"As I said before," Ser Harold murmured somewhat amusedly at Nedra's words, "a short notice event such as this hardly has a guest list. When we are but guests ourselves, it would have been terribly rude to take issue at the coming and goings of what few peers we have." After all there weren't -that- many nobles at the Roost, right? At length he did pick himself a cup of cider to sip from, a quick detour that had him soon enough returning. In a quiet tone he murmured for his wife's ears, though it was plenty loud enough for Nedra to overheard him, too. After all whispering in company wasn't very polite. "I understand you have something in common with Lady Nedra. Remedies?" A flash in Nedra's direction to confirm he'd overheard correctly when she spoke to Muirenn.

"It's truly well done, the entire happening, yes," Martyn replies, with a bit of a smile, before he smiles. "Perhaps I shouldn't be holding on to you alone, but let the others speak with you as well?" There's a brief pause, as he reaches for something from one of his pockets. "I just wanted you to have this…" Taking out a small pouch and reaching out to place it in her hand.

Katrin comes to a halt in their dancing and looks down at the pouch, taking a few steps back so that she might have the space to open it. A few tears appear in her eyes and she shakes her head. "Ser Martyn, it is too fine a gift. I cannot accept such a thing," she says.

"Not at all," Seri is quick to reply, "The more of the merry, the merrier." Where a little grin flits across her lips, "Though truly the credit isn't mine. The children did all the garland," and she'd fed them for it, and their mothers too and anyone else who'd happened upon them until there was nothing left. "And really, it was Harold who suggested the use of the Green." At which point her husband recieved a warm smile as well for his return, and the loft of a brow as a smile stretches. "Ouh? Do we now. My Lady Nedra, tell me, when you first told my husband of your interest, did frown upon you, as well?"

Nedra laughs as she shakes her head slightly at Lady Serica, "No, he didn't frown at me," she counters. "Was he supposed to?" she wonders, glancing at Ser Harold before smiling back at Lady Serica. "Though I don't think that he has quite the right idea. See, my horse scraped her leg yesterday and I was putting together some ingredients for a poultice to keep the scratch clean and ease some of the discomfort," she explains. "It's something small," she adds with a small shrug of her shoulders, "and I like to help gather herbs and useful things for our healer at Seagard, I have a fine eye for such things, and the memory to pick the right things instead of the wrong things which are often prettier."

Martyn smiles a little bit. "Well, you have to accept it, because I'm not going to let you give it back," he offers, rather quietly. "Happy nameday," he adds, smiling a bit more broadly now.

No one has noticed Nevan, but that perhaps, is for the better! He immediately sets upon taking advantage of the wine, imbibing eagerly but - of course - with proper etiquette! He's quite fine to stalk the refreshments table for now, settling his eye on his mingling fellows and watching them.

If he hadn't frowned before, then there were definitive lines deepening in his worn features when Serica mentioned that he might have. He gave his wife a reproachful look as he said: "I fear you're misrepresenting me, my Lady Wife. I have never disapproved of the knowledge you have of plants and such." Just at who she felt the need to used it on, and how much time she seemed to desire to spend on it, and the gritty dirty unladylikeness of the whole business. With a grunt he wiped away his frown with a vigerous scratch to his beard. "And well," he flashed a somewhat apologetic smile, gruff and grudging. "If I've not always shown great enthusiasm, then at least I do respect the skill."

Nevan didn't pass unnoticed too long. Harold's eyes were on him, following the Erenford as he made good with the feast on offering.

Katrin takes a few more steps back, her fingers tightening around the small pouch. "I do not know what to say… thank you. I will cherish it." She clears her throat. "Ah… perhaps we should join the others," she suggests.

"Of course," Seri offered, lips twisted in mirth, eyes dancing with it as she continued to converse with Nedra, "Forgive me, it's my penchant for getting bloody that he disapproves of," my goodness, he was still standing right there, wasn't he? Maybe that's why she was grinning without ever looking up at the man. "Though your mount is doing better, I hope?"

"Having the skill to help to heal, the nerve to try? Those are two character traits for which any healer should be commended, and for your lady wife to be willing to spend her time and her skills helping those in need?" Nedra turns to Lady Serica with another glimpse of a smile, "That's really quite remarkable, my lady, and yes," she confirms with a nod. "Her cut is mending rather nicely, from what I can see, but it'll be a few days really before I know more. The trick will be finding a way to fashion the bandage so that my little escape artists doesn't manage to tug it free and then stomp on it," she adds with a laugh.

Martyn smiles a little bit as he hears that, nodding a bit. "I'm glad you liked it," he offers, before he nods, "And we probably should join them, yes. Wouldn't want to keep the most important person of the day away from everyone else." Offered a bit lightly.

"A healer, aye," Ser Harold agreed before taking a swallow from the sider. A sigh followed before he clarified: "But a Lady is first and foremost a Lady, and everything else is second to that. Still," he lifted up his hand as if to forewarn any protests. "I've already yielded on the matter. My Lady Serica is a Lady with a mission.. And I'd fear for my life if I dared stand in her way. Like a winter storm, she'd sweep and batter me aside, I think. So we've come to a delicate balance on the issue." He blew out a bemused snort, then turned way from the two ladies to greet Nevan. "Good day, Ser Nevan."

Making sure he's got enough wine to get him through the impending conversation, Nevan decides his wallflowering days are over and strides over to the group of nobility where Ser Harold was. Nevan seems thankful that Ser Harold preempts him, smiling at the older knight with a friendly face as he bows his head in greeting. "Ser Harold! Good evening to you. The set-up here is quite impressive, especially considering the impromptu nature of it. How have you been enjoying your evening?"

With the pouch kept in one hand, Katrin gives a nod and hurries back toward Serica and party, giving polite nods in greeting and stepping up closer to the Charlton lady. You've never seen a girl limp that fast to retreat from dancing. "Lady Nedra, Ser Harold," she murmurs quietly.

"The delicate balance," Seri confides to Nedra in a mock-whisper, "Is that I do not tell him when I've been out doing things that would make him wrinkle his nose. As I am sure and more than sure that the world might just stop, er we don't act like ladies." A wink then, and Seri rewards her husband with the most charming of smiles, lost perhaps when he turned. "Lady Katrin," Seri grins, "If I had but your grace with the dance, I might not be so ashamed to do it myself." But she doesn't. So she wont.

"I must confess I agree with both points," Nedra admits with a laugh at Lady Serica and a nod to Ser Harold, "and as this has the feel of a conversation that the two of you have had for a long time and not one that I would wish to step into." She offers a cordial nod to Lady Katrin, "Happy name day, lady Katrin," she offers along with a nod of greeting toward Lord Nevan as he joins the conversation at Ser Harold's greeting.

Martyn follows after Katrin back towards the others now, smiling a bit as he reaches them. "Ser Harold, Cousin." Pausing a bit as he sees Nevan, he moves over to near the man for a few moments, lowering his voice a bit as he's near enough for the man to hear something whispered.

"My grace that made me fall down and twist an ankle just yesterday?" Katrin queries of Serica with a small laugh. She shakes her head. "I believe it was my partner that kept me from floundering." She glances over her shoulder toward Martyn, catching him as he whispers to Nevan, tilting her head curiously. She looks back at Nedra and gives a smile. "Thank you, Lady Nedra. I am pleased you could attend." She tips her head toward the Knights. "What are they whispering about, I wonder. Any guesses?"

Serica's little smile to her husband was caught at the corner of his eye, and rewarded with a somewhat reluctant one of his own, provoked into life despite the fact that she was talking about him as if he weren't right there. "Aye, I'd say I agree. Can hardly take much of the praise for it, however. It's my wife's doings.. well, her and my squire that she pushed into sleepless effort last night procuring everything she absolutely had to have." There wasn't too much complaint in his voice, though. When Katrin and Martyn joined them, he gave each a pleasent nod.

"Indeed," Seri agrees with Nedra's surmise in regards to the duration of the debate, but there's a flash of humor in her eyes and it remains even yet on her lips. Turning into the sound of fullblown laughter at Katrin's question, "The very same." A wink, before at Martyn's mention, Seri's eyes slip to him and then back to the grouping at Katrin's question, "Who knows, you know I've never been good with gauging men, Kat."

"Cousin," Nedra replies with a nod to Martyn and Nedra studies Martyn and Nevan for a thoughtful moment before replying, quietly: "They're men. More than likely it's about where to find the best booze and which tavern has the friendliest bar maids," she suggests after moment. "That or maybe the current cut of cloaks, the length of trousers and which boots are going to be in fashion come next season?" she suggests next with a grin.

Nevan raises his brows a bit as Martyn nears, seeming like he's expecting something but grows even more surprised once the other man whispers to him. The Erenford grins a little, whispering something back and patting the man appreciatively on the back before bowing his head to Katrin. "Yes! Congratulations on your name day, Lady Katrin. This is a fine affair," he notes cheerfully, glancing at Katrin's impediment and deciding to say nothin about it. He looks over to Harold, looking surprised yet again. "Really? Well then, your wife is quite the expert at planning for this sort of thing. A few of my aunts style themselves as experts at setting something like this up, and I doubt they'd have been able to do as fine a job." He then turns to the others, giving his proper greetings to each of the nobles. "Lady Nedra, Lady Serica, Ser Martyn. Good evening to you all."

Katrin giggles at Nedra, shaking her head. "Oh, I am sure that you are correct," she says with a smile. "The men are always so concerned over their state of dress." Looking at Serica, she just laughs outright. "We shall see how well my grace holds up as I try to get home this evening." Nevan is given a polite nod. "Thank you, Ser Nevan," she replies.

"I'd call that borderline slanderous, Lady Nedra," Ser Harold said with a quiet chuckle. "If I didn't enjoy a good tankard of ale myself, and hadn't met a few leches and foppish courtiers in my time. The first time I saw the nobles who populated the Red Keep, I could hardly believe my eyes. Knights who dressed in nothing but silk, and smelled of more perfume than your common..-" whatever had been intention to come after 'common', Ser Harold cut it off pretty quick. He gave the ladies a bit of an apologetic smile.

"Ser Nevan," Serica replies with a polite bow of her head at his greeting, before Katrin's laughter makes her grin. "You could always fall again," Seri teases, voice pitched low enough not to carry entirely towards the men. "And then force one of the gallant knights to carry you home. Your dance partner, perhaps?" And Harold? Well he got a sharp look didn't he, for what was almost said. One that said he obviously wasn't forgiven.

Martyn looks a bit relieved at Nevan's reaction, offering a grin in return, before he moves to get hold of something to eat and drink, and then joining the others again. "A very nice gathering," he offers, with a bit of a smile now.

Nedra laughs quietly at Ser Harold, "Smelled of more perfume than your common…?" she asks, prompting Ser Harold to finish that sentence, a hint of impish amusement in her eyes before catching the look that Lady Serica aims at Ser Harold and decides to sit this particular round out, conversation wise, at least. Though she is having a hard time containing her laughter. "It is a nice gathering, and," she glances back at Katrin with another small smile, "I hope that your name day is everything you'd hoped it would be, Lady Katrin. Do you suppose there'll be more dancing?" she wonders.

"Lyseen Eunuch," Harold finished when Nedra prompted him, because everybody knew eunuchs were womanly, right? And used perfume. Of course the time it had taken him to come up with the answer gave credence to Serica's justification in sending social daggers his way. He pretended that he'd not almost stepped over the strictures of noble etiquette. The music kept playing, a merry tune that had him tap his foot with the rythm of it. Not too fast to worry aging knees too much. He flicked a sideways glance in Serica's direction, but then thought the better of it.

Martyn smiles a little bit as he looks between the others. Taking a sip from his drink, he looks between the others, unable to hold back a bit of a grin as he hears Nedra's words about more dancing. "I'm sure one of these fine gentlemen would be willing to dance with you, cousin," he offers, with a broad grin.

"Oh just go," and if she looked quietly insulted, well, the smile she plastered up a second later, attempted at least to mask it. "I'm sure that Ser Charlton would be more than happy to turn you about for a dance if you'd like." Because it wasn't Nedra's fault he'd toed around a memory that threatened to make her sullen. Though she did glance towards Katrin next, before speaking very quietly, "I think I may be coming down with a headache."

"Ser Martyn, why do you not take a turn with your Lady cousin," Katrin encourages with a smile. "For she surely deserves it. It would be both unknightly and in poor taste if family will not step up to such a task." She gives Nedra a quick grin and wink before her attention goes to Serica. She leans in, squeezing her hand and whispering into her ear.
You whisper, "What has Ser Harold done to upset you now?" to Serica.

Nedra fixes her cousin with the sort of look that would likely punch holes in armor, "Oh no, that just wouldn't do," she says after glancing away from Martyn and giving Katrin a glimpse of a smile in return. "After all, I don't think he's forgiven me for the last time I stepped on his toes. After all, his poor toes, you know, wouldn't want to accidentally injure him," she adds.

After a brief glance in Serica's direction as she volunteered his gallant dancing feet, he murmured: "I would love to take Lady Nedra out for a twirl, but I admit I was rather looking forward to have the first round with my wife. Ah, if we could convince the bard to go a bit slower, that is." He chuckled a little. "I fear my knees don't take too well to much spinning and twirling anymore, so slow and steady as she goes, eh?" His voice lifted in volume to catch the musician's attentions: "Good Master, mind giving something properly subdued for a properly subdued old knight? Much obliged!" So said he offered his wife his hand.

"So humble, all of you! I'm sure you're all much better than me, they only were able to give me so many dance lessons before I escaped into a glorious life of horse tending and stew boiling, Ser Berach wasn't much for dancing. Oh, that would be an understatement. That scowl may well have been a mask he glued to his face," Nevan jests, making sure to take another sip of his wine in the interrim. "Hm, Lady Katrin was injured, you say? I hope it's not too serious."

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears Katrin's suggestion now, looking a bit unsure of how to reply to that. "Ah…" he begins, before he hears Nedra's reply, and especially that look. "Ah…" Quite a speech there. "I'm sure that if you would rather wait for Ser Harold to get that dance with his wife, that would be okay, cousin." Looking over to Nevan for a few moments, offering him a bit of a grin, "Well, maybe Ser Nevan here would want the chance to dance with you, cousin? Even if he'd risk his toes, of course."

"Ser Martyn," Katrin scolds, "You should be ashamed to not dance with your own Lady cousin." She squeezes Serica's hand briefly, stepping back to allow her to go dance with her husband. "I will be fine by myself for a few moments." And she even makes a shooing gesture. Nevan gets a look. "Oh, yes, I took a tumble yesterday. It was only a minor hurt."

Defeated on all fronts, there is no one left at whom she may turn for help and now Harold's stolen away her excuse for leaving as well. So there's but the flutter of fingers in a squeeze to Katrin's hand, as she tries not to look like one who is instead being forced to the gallows instead of a simple dance. "It would be a pleasure to dance with you," an if Harold had ever wondered on his wife's ability to lie well, there was his answer, because her face was kept perfectly straight as her hand found his and she stepped away, letting him lead.

Nedra glances at Martyn for a long silent moment, long enough for her face to turn faintly red before she shakes her head at Katrin. "No, I don't believe I'm in a dancing mood any longer," she says quite quietly and turns slightly to offer a nod to Katrin, "Happy name day, Lady Katrin," she says before turning slightly back and tilting her head in a nod toward Lady Serica and Ser Harold, "enjoy the dance," she adds before setting her cup down on the nearest tray. "If you'll excuse me, ladies, Ser, I believe I need to check on that poultice before calling it a night." With that she gathers her skirts lightly with her fingertips and slips away from the group and then the party itself.

"Be well, Lady Nedra," came Ser Harold's farewell, followed with a bow. As he drew his wife along with him, his knees looked just fine, truth be told. The greying knight was well endowed that natural and confident grace that often found a home in talented swordsmen, and glided into the dancing space with out a sign of discomfort. One hand was on his young wife's waist, the other held hers in a gentle embrace. There was a bit of a polite distance between them, too, as he took the lead around and about, no hurry to his steps, going by every other beat to slow the movements down to their simplest core. All the while he looked at his wife with that calm, considering look of his.

"Good to hear, Lady Katrin," comes Nevan's response. Sip. "I've seen far worse, you should heal pretty quickly. Are you looking forward to the Hunt, Lady Katrin?" ventures Nevan, of course steering the conversation to a topic he's most excited about.

Martyn grimaces a bit at Katrin's scolding, then again at Nedra's reaction. Blinking a little bit. "Take care, cousin…" he offers, a bit weakly, before he sighs a bit. "I fu… I mean… I scre…" Trailing off again there, he winces a little bit. "I really messed up, didn't I?" he offers after a few moments, rather quietly. Looking quite unsure of what to do now.

Katrin's brows lift slightly at Nedra's reaction and she joins Martyn, taking a hold of his arm, using him for support for her still ginger ankle. "What in the name of the Seven did you do to your cousin?" she asks in a quiet voice, peering up at the Mallister.

Put Seri in the middle of the worse bloody mess you could find and there she was fine. Tell her she had to dance and… Her steps were slow and if her distance had forced her husband to fight to keep her close as the dance required, well that was just the way of it. That there were gathering thunderclouds above her head and a faint sound that suggested she was talking…it's because she was.

Serica says, "Is uncommonly cruel!" So she'd not managed to keep her voice entirely quiet after all."

To say then that Ser Harold and his wife danced like a romantic pair was to put forth the most blatent of lies. The knight certainly tried to keep some sort of fluidity going, to guide and lead with easy manners and abort a complete collapse, but even he gave a bit of a scowl when her voice finally reached levels where it was audiable beyond their little sphere of privacy. He grunted sourly, and kept his own voice well to the quiet side.

Pausing for a few moments as his arm is taken hold of, he looks in the direction of where his cousin left. "She said…" Martyn begins, before he shakes his head a little bit now. Grimacing a bit as he shakes his head a bit more. "I don't know…" he replies, letting out a bit of a sigh. "Messed up, I guess. No. Wait, I don't guess. I messed up. Again…" He goes quiet again, looking rather unsure of what to do now.

Katrin tilts her head, looking both baffled and concerned. "You make no sense, Ser Martyn," she says. "Tell me clearly what happened, for it is easy to see that you are troubled by whatever has transpired."

Ignored for the /second/ time by Katrin running over to another man, Nevan merely shrugs and downs the rest of his wine, before proceeding over to the table to get more.

Serica wasn't even bothering to dance now. Or well, in her case, try to. Though her expression is hard to gauge from a distance. That her focus is for the moment so very absolutely on her husband is more than a little obvious.

"That's the problem, isn't it?" Martyn offers, a bit more quietly as he takes a few deep breaths now. "I thought she didn't want me to dance with her. Not that she actually wanted that dance." He shakes his head a little bit now. "Looks like there'll be another night out by the cliffs, I guess…"

Looking very much at his wits' end, Ser Harold closed his eyes and breathed in a deep and steadying volume of calming air. When he opened them again he tried once more to convey something to his little wife. Who was more than half his age and the Seven knew that was more than a bridge to cross for any couple thrust together by necessity. Since trying to dance while SErica just stood there would have been ridicilous, he'd stopped dancing himself, then quietly started to guide her off the middle of the green so that they might not be in the way at least.

Katrin tilts her head, clearly more than a little confused by what's going on. "Have you done something to offend Lady Nedra?" she asks quietly. "Perhaps you should take the time to speak with her, Ser Martyn," she says gently. "It does not seem to be in her nature to be angry."

The party Nevan was talking to seems to have split into two very focused pairs, so he downs the last of his wine in a single gulp and announces his farewells. "Well, the hour is late and I should be going. Good evening to you all, and thank you kindly for the hospitality. I'm see you all again soon, I'm certain!" Nevan declares and, snatching one last skin of wine, the young Erenford departs for the east, humming a merry tune.

After waiting for a quiet reply from her husband, at which the girl danced a faint smile, not one that quite filled her eyes yet, but an attempt all the same, Seri turned her attention well…beyond their little problematic bubble and offered Ser Nevan a way, "If only all of us had your wisdom," she teased and then, with a glance up at Harold and an offer of her arm, moved to rejoin the small grouping. "Is everything alright, Lady Katrin?"

"Ah, believe me, she has a temper," Martyn replies a bit quietly, grimacing a bit as he says that. "Like her brother, and like my sister." He doesn't mention that he probably shares some of that temper as well. "And so she needs some time to cool off a bit before she'd even be willing to listen to me. So I should talk to her, yes. But I'm not sure if now is the time. I mean, I've had enough broken and bruised bones in the last few months." He offers a bit of a half-smile in Nevan's direction, before he offers a smile to Serica and Harold as they return. Keeping silent for the moment, though.

Nevan is just exiting the party, having absconded with a last skin of wine a humming happily to himself while he strolls along toward Roost Lane.

With Serica on his arm Ser Harold returned to the others. He'd said something to the bard on the way, asking for a merry bright tune that was soon jumping off and around the green. There were a few other couples dancing, after all. Retainers of the nobles having a chance to kick their legs some. "Did that Erenford just take a whole skin of wine with him?" He asked in sometihng of gruff disbelief. He snorted and shook his head.

"Must be a Mallister trait, hmm?" Katrin asks with a small smile. She squeezes Martyn's arm gently before looking over to Serica and Harold as they approach again. "Thank you again for all of this, Lady Serica. It is lovely." And then she attempts to hide a small yawn with the back of her hand. "The herb Septa Mira has been giving me for the pain seem sto make me a bit drowsy. I believe I should take my leave for the evening."

Seri laughed, a soft sound that actually did touch a genuine smile to her face, "Well timed, you are, in truth I was coming to make our excuses as well, but I do hope that you've enjoyed yourself." Offered and meant, an expression of companionable affection offered out. Already making plans for what hadn't been eaten, to be redistrubited amongst those most in need.

"Oh, you know other Mallisters with… that kind of a character trait?" Martyn asks, a bit lightly, before he nods a little bit. "Need an escort back to the Inn, Lady Katrin? So there's no worsening of the injury, or anything?" Looking between the others, he offers a bit of a smile to Serica. "This was a wonderful evening, Lady Serica." Aside from him messing things up with his cousin, of course.

"Hope you enjoyed your name day so far, Lady Katrin, and the rest don't see you too worse done. Congratulations." Since he'd not had a chance to say it before when she'd been whiskered off the moment he arrived. He gave his chin a little rub, glanced towards his wife and murmured: "Well, I'm sure they'll have it all in hand." A jerk of his head in the direction of her maid and his trusty retainer.

Katrin inclines her head, "If you would so like to escort me back, Ser Martyn, I would be glad for your assistance and company." She gives a warm smile. "Come see me before you depart, Seri," she says brightly. "There is still so much that we must talk over." Looking at Harold, she dips her head. "Thank you, Ser Harold. I thank you for your contribution to my nameday."

"I shall try, Kat," Seri promises, before dipping courtsey to Ser Martyn and offering him a smile in turn, "May the pair of you have a very blessed evening," offered in departure. But then her hand offered Harold's a squeeze and she gave him a nod of agreement, so that he could lead the way.