Page 605: Summon the Dogs
Summon the Dogs
Summary: Possible blood trails lead to the Roost's dogs being brought into the search for Dania. Lord Ozric arrives with them fora progress report.
Date: 20/Mar/2013
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Mortimer Ozric 
Northern Orchard Road, Terrick's Roost
The road heads inland away from the coast, flat grasses and craggy rocks softening into lowland hills and stout trees, the woods for which the lands of House Groves are best known. Branches fan over the road like a cathedral ceiling, leaves breaking the light like glass in the summer and casting the southwestern road to Kingsrove in dappled sunshine. Bunches of wildflowers grow in bright patches along the flattened path. As the road nears Kingsgrove itself, the thick forest begins to give way to nature as crafted by man: orchards planted in delicate, methodical lines that seem to go on forever. In the spring, they sweeten the air with perfumed blossoms and hang low with fruit in the later seasons.
Wed Mar 20, 290

The promised mid-afternoon heat has hit with a vengence making the lives of those searching all that bit more miserable as the usually reliable sea-breeze seems to have deserted them. Having sent one of the party to the nearest farmstead to refil the exhausted waterskins the rest are currently taking advantage of what shade they can beneath the trees before they have to start trudging across country once more. Mortimer is one of those under the trees and has stripped off down to his shirt in an attempt to make the task more bearable. He's not the only one and while that means that if there are bandits around then they might be in trouble they don't seem too troubled, presuming any bandit to be safely inside somewhere in the cool.

When a doldrum hits, it is no surprise that the land in the cape can feel it. It clings to you thicker than a whore in winter. or maybe it just simply sticks. Either way, it should be no surprised that when the hounds arrive they are already panting and the Master of the Kennels is sweating. Behind him a few more men have arrived, likely to relieve a couple and add number to those already in the search, One on horseback.

The one located back on his steed, is easy to recognize with the soaked in patch of black covering one eye. The rest of him however lacks any lordly look. A thick leather cuirass, often used for boar hunting serves as armor, where as a light tunic is worn, with it's sleeved rolled. The only think to denote the man is a lord would be the chain of service worn, with the light down of purple. Apparently despite looking more piratical than lordly-Ozric was forced to show some presence of his status-whether he liked it or not.

Once beneath the trees, the Young Lord dismounts and motions to one of the men. "Make sure those dogs get water, and help Master Carifex with them.." And there he turns his head to where the Deputy has managed to get himself. A raise of one hand in hail, as long boot strides carry him closer. His squires can see to his fucking horse. "Master Trevelyan.." a means of a greeting that is remiss of grin. "I pray there is something to report beyond it is is past balls fucking hot?"

Mortimer notes the arrival of the newcomes, packs of dogs are not all that subtle after all. As it becomes obvious that Ozric is both present and heading his way he takes a moment or two to push himself to his feet. His motions lack a little of their usual vigor but then with the heat and the extent to which his shirt appears to have become glued to him that's possibly not all that surprising. Offering a bow as the Young Lord approaches he returns the greeting, "m'Lord." His voice is a little dry, although not to an extent that would signify a problem, "a couple of possible blood trails a little further up the road." Nodding to the dogs he then adds, "hopefully we'll know soon."

"The boy you sent on said Dogs were needed. So that is good news." At least it is going in the right direction. "Seems a lot is afoot. Rumors are going round that the Lady Ambassador of the Freys have died as well." he adds with a shift. "I had received word from Lord Renold, that the Tully's have indeed taken Stonebridge-and I was apt to relax." he adds for a moment. "That was until I bloody well heard that Firth Frey died-by mysterious sounding circumstances." a grimace there. "I was going to have us lessen our bloody military presence. Now, I am loathe to do so-with that uncertainty in the air."

Mortimer listens in silence as Ozric speaks before giving a shallow and faintly unhappy looking nod. "Aye m'Lord, Ser Maldred Rivers passed this way earlier on his way to Stonebridge for that reason," he supplies, "he hinted that House Frey is not pleased with the Lord Paramount's actions." Not that he knows the situation well enough to know if that's just Maldred talking out of his arse or if there's something to it, but he knows he can leave that to Ozric to mull over. At the comments about if the military preparations will be lessened or not he simply nods once more with a quiet, "I understand m'Lord."

A brow raises from Ozric, before he is nodding and looking back for towards his squire. Of course soon to follow is a shrill whistle-and there he is looking back to Mortimer. "Ser Rivers. Bastards words are apt not to be trusted. But" and there he is snapping as the young boy comes over- a point to the lad's water skin which is forked over and uncorked. "I would not be surprised, if the Lord of the Crossing is not pleased. If Lord Tully marched here and did that with us-or our vassals, the Darants I'd be spitting mad-as would the Mallisters I believe." Though, the Mallisters are likely never to be in the old Fish's sites. "I'll have you know, That Tully is calling a council." And there he looks to Mortimer as if to read the man's thoughts. "And it seems to be a permanent one. Do you think that will further provoke Lord Frey?" As if the death of one of his own in mysterious circumstances would not.

Mortimer almost, almost brings up Jerold's bastard as a counterpoint to that, but then there was that little omission about his squire that could turn a passing point into a full blown discussion and there are far more important things to deal with. The word of a council is met blankly until he realises that Ozric means in Stonebridge at which point he just frowns a little. The question though causes a deeper frown, he's really not au fait with the politics of the Lordly types but does think it through as best he can before answering cautiously, "I think, m'Lord, that that'll depend on if he thinks he can control it or not."

Likely his cousin is better left unmentioned when it comes to bastards and their words. Ozric has no ill feelings towards his cousin, even if he did muck up his knighthood with scandal. "There you are." he adds. And lets that particular bit of information settle and done away with. "So, now we have two bodies. One missing and one dead. One easily could push is into war. The other.." and he is silent there. "No, the other would not." And there he looks back towards Mortimer. "Where was the Mistress Dorsey before her disappearance?"

Mortimer nods silently as war is brought up again, dead ambassadors tend not to be the most conducive thing towards peace after all, but he's more comfortable discussing the search at hand. He has an understanding of it which helps. "Kingsgrove m'Lord," he offers succinctly, "she was briefly at The Roost before she headed on shortly before Lord Groves' wedding. I believe she travelled down with some of the merchants heading that way but it would appear she set off to come back on her own."

Ozric nods. "Likely to see what trade could be plied there. Weddings, wars, tournaments and funerals are the best place to get a congregation of nobles." A shake of his head before he is taking a swig of the water skin, finally. There's a brief pause as he shifts his stance and then a nod. "Keep me updated as to how this plays out. If there are bandits we'll kill them." A look back towards Mortimer. "I will not show leniency until we are at a point of peace. Nor will I tolerate murder-or rapers." he states before he hands over the skin to the deputy-and turns to head back for his horse.

Mortimer takes the skin gratefully, although before he takes a drink he moves to follow Ozric for a pace or two. "It might not be bandits m'Lord," he offers quietly. "She asked me not to mention it to anyone, but in the circumstances.. " he isn't overly comfortable with breaking the confidence, but reminds himself that this is hardly the time to be holding back anything that might aid the search in some way. Lifting a hand to rub at the back of his neck he then continues, voice still low, "she's pregnant m'Lord. The blood might be the same as happened to Lady Evangeline." Women's things, he can't claim to understand the fine details, but he knows it happens sometimes and he knows it's bad when it does.

Ozric halts there in his step, and he turns his head quiet for a moment before he nods. "If she was far enough along to die of that-then be sure to find the babe-if the mother is expired. If both are alive good. I'll lecture her later of riding while with child." because he is a man, and knows what is right. Still he gives the Deputy a nod as he continues to his steed, and mounts up. A signal given to his squires to follow. "Report to me, this evening." simple enough. And he is then headed back for the Roost.