Page 481: Study and Plans
Study and Plans
Summary: Katrin and Perrin make plans
Date: 15/11/2012
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Katrin Perrin 
Study at Broadmoor
Still referred to as 'the study', seeing as the children of the ruling family have always taken their daily lessons here, this chamber has in fact become something more of a library; housing the Keep's tomes and memoirs, in amongst thick books on every conceivable topic, from midwifery to horticulture. There's little to set it apart, truly, other than the towering shelves occupying every spare inch of the walls, and the grand table centered between, surrounded by high-backed chairs. The windows in the outer wall, though tall, remain somewhat narrow at this level, permitting a sparing glimpse of the southern bridge across the moat.

Evening has long since come to Broadmoor, shrouding the Keep in darkness. Finally left to her own devices for the evening, having played the dutiful daughter and niece to her family, Katrin has retreated to the study, seeking a different form of entertainment. The small girl walks the bookshelves crammed with their knowledge, a finger running along the spines of each tome, seeking something to spark her interest. She is accompanied solely by her maid at this point, her Septa having long since retired for the evening.

Boots, leather pants and tunic that is not tucked in and hangs well below the waist, Perrin first sticks his head into the Study and then moves fully in the doorway. Arms crossed over his chest he watches his cousin as she searchs for something to read. A bit of a smile rests on him. A cough "Looking for something in particular?" He asks Katrin before giving her maid a nod in greeting.

Katrin turns and looks up at Perrin, a smile appearing. She shakes her head, "No, nothing like that. I was just hoping to find something of interest to help ease my evenings," she explains. "Are you well, cousin?" she inquires curiously, gesturing toward some chairs. "Would you care to sit with me a while?"

"Ahh," he says dropping his arms to the sides and pushing off the door jam "Yes, I am well, you, cousin?" Perrin steps on into the study, his eyes roaming the shelves and shelves of books. "When I was younger," he muses "I hated coming in here. I couldn't for the life of me see what was so important with all these books and the hours spent in here when I could have been outside learning something useful like bows or swords." He turns back to Katrin, smiling, "Now I love coming in here when all the rest of the house seems to have quieted down," then adds "It's peaceful." A nod of his head as he moves to one of the chairs, waits on Katrin to sit before he does.

"The peace is why I have found myself coming here more and more often," Katrin admits with a small smile. "It gives me a chance to sit and think about the future, or sometimes even the past and how much has changed in that time." She slides herself into a seat and gives a smile. "I heard that you were preparing several of the guest rooms. Might I ask who they are for?"

Perrin nods along as Katrin speaks of the study, knowing what she means it would seem. When she mentions about the guest rooms he smiles "Well, yes, I guess that it's not a secret," he says as he leans a bit in his chair and stretches out his legs, one boot crossed over the other. "Word has come that the Lady Jaimera Fry has been appointed Ambassador to Broadmoor for Lord Frey. I understand she and her party will be arriving within the next few days." He pauses to let the words sink in a moment "So I have had her room prepared. The Black."

Katrin tilts her head lightly to the side before she nods. "Mmm," she muses softly. "And what of the other room, Cousin?" she asks mildly. "I am surprised that Lord Frey has seen fit to send an Ambassador to us with Aunt Perraine's presence." She tilts her head toward Perrin as she speaks his mother's name.

A shrug of his shoulders "Honestly I don't know why she is being sent. But she is coming none the less. So I am to prepare the Keep for her arrival. I understand that as they near riders will inform us of when she will actually arrive. You may have noticed the Great Hall is also being prepared?" Perrin looks at Katrin, that half smile of his "As for the other," he still smiles "It is for a special guest. At this time I am not at liberty to discuss it further. I do hope that you will understand but there are dangers upon the road so precautions are being taken."

Katrin's brows lift in curiosity but she just nods. "Perhaps having something to do with the special favor that you might one day hope to use from me?" she asks innocently. "I do hope you know that you can trust me, Perrin. If you cannot trust family, who can you trust?"

"Katrin, honestly at this time I can not say. I do trust you fully. But?" Perrin holds his hands out, palms upwards "For safety of the guest it is best at this time that the plans be not spoken. But I do appreciate your candor and maybe," again that same gesture with his hands "it may well have something about that favor I was speaking of." His brows rise "And speaking of which, I have sent word to Father about what we talked about, the Feast and Tourney. As you can imagine with everything going on right now he is rather busy. But," he nods assuredly "he has assured me that he will give me an hour or so and I plan to convince him to host a Feast and Tourney." He sits back a bit more in the soft leather chair "I am going to call it the Broadmoor Keep Fall Festival." He waits for a reaction before continuing "If you have any special guests that you would like added, just slip me their names and I will send riders out specifically for them."

With a warm smile, Katrin nods. "You needn't fear of hurting my feelings, Perrin," she promises. "I understand your need for secrecy for the time being, but if you find you need a more… feminine approach or presence, please do not hesitate to call for me. You are my cousin and I love you. I would very much like to see you happy." The news that the Feast and Tourney is at least a possibility brightens her mood even more. "That sounds wonderful. I would be more than pleased to assist you in preparations if you would like."

Perrin smiles warmly "I love you as well, Katrin. We are after all family and as you said if you can't trust family," he takes a deep breath "And believe me, I will need your advice and more likely rather soon. So be careful for offering to much," he says with a chuckle "for I shall take you up on it." He smiles "Yes, I am going to use all my good will to push father to agreeing. If he does we will need to move fast on it. I don't want to hold it in the dead of winter. Can you just imagine what the Lists would be like if we waited to long?" Again he chuckles "Then pleased you will be, for I had hoped to run into you sooner rather than later to get your help in this. I think if Father knows that I have your aid in it he will be more likely to agree to hosting it."

"There is always need of a Lady's touch when planning such events," Katrin teases. "Else it will be all about boys hitting each other with sticks and nothing else." But a bright smile forms. "Be sure to tell Uncle that I will be at your beck and call to assist you. Just think of the people we can bring to Broadmoor and the word that will spread because of it. We are kind and generous hosts. But we will have quite a bit of work ahead of us if we plan to outdo every other Tourney hosted here in the Riverlands. The Seagard Tourney was excellent."

"Once those that haven't seen Broadmoor nor tasted the hospitality they will want for more at any that follows," Perrin says with a grin to Katrin. "I shall leave the decorations and the sitting for the feast to you then. And a band? Can you handle that as well?" He laughs at the idea of men hitting each other with sticks "It would get rather boring if that is all there was, wouldn't it?" He says followed with a wink. "I can handle the Tourney side. I would enlist Aron but I know he will want to participate so that would seem a bit unfair to the others." He shakes his head "Unfortunately I was unable to attend Seagard's. What made it so special?"

Katrin flashes a grin. "The Mallisters may be proud and in complete opposition to our own Liege lords, but they do know how to throw a party." She chuckles softly. "The grounds were immaculate and the festivities and events were so entertaining. I just wish that there had been perhaps more for the Lady to do beyond sit and cheer for her favorite in the stands. By pairing it with a Festival, it can help with that."

Nodding thoughtfully "Yes, I see your point. Hmmm," he steeples his fingers and puts them to his chin "We must think of something for the Ladies to do. Something that is special just for them. Maybe awards as well?" Perrin falls silent a moment, then cutting his eyes to Katrin "You said I could ask, so I shall. Do you have any suggestions or shall we both think on it for a time." He then grins "For if the Ladies have a good time they will want to be back and if the Ladies come back then the men will surely follow."

"I will think on it," Katrin promises. "To find something truly spectacular so the Ladies will never even want to leave again." She claps her hands together. "I do greatly enjoy the chance for a project. It will keep my mind occupied."

Perrin laughs and stands "Well then, you have a project. Now we just have to get Father to agree. To be honest I don't see why he wouldn't." He bows respectfully "As for the other matter, the special guest, I shall speak with you tomorrow if you can spare me the time. For advice will be needed." A deep breath "Now to see to the other matters I have been working on. If you will excuse me Cousin?" A snap of his fingers "And don't forget any special names you would like to have me sent for, get them to me as soon as I have the permission to go ahead with this."

The mention of the special guest makes Katrin's eyes gleam with her interest and delight. "I promise that if you tell me of yours, I will tell you of mine," she says. "But until tomorrow, Cousin. I look forward to it."