Page 582: Stubborn Mallisters
Stubborn Mallisters
Summary: Kamron has some news for Martyn from Lord Mallister. It's not good news.
Date: 25/February/2013
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Kamron Martyn 
Guest Suite, Four Eagles Keep
One of the guest rooms for nobles. It's nice, but not too nice.
25 February, 290

Kamron has sent Percy to see if Martyn can talk, and waits in the suite he shared until very recently with his Lady Wife, the door slightly ajar. The Talon Point Mallister sits in a chair, his left leg crossed over his right, running a dagger over a sharpening stone with a soft whisk-whisk.

It would have taken some time, since Martyn's been staying in town and not at the Keep. But after a while, Martyn comes to a stop outside the door, waiting for a few moments longer before he knocks on the door now. Expression a bit neutral for the moment, it would seem.

Kamron looks up at the knock, "Come on in, coz." He rises, setting the book aside and gesturing toward the chair opposite his own, "I've had a letter from Lord Mallister since he returned from Riverrun." His usually bouyant voice is flat, carefully controlled, and he settles back into his chair once Martyn has joined him.

Martyn steps in, looking around for a few moments. Pausing for a few moments as he hears the part of the letter, he shakes his head a little bit as he moves to seat himself. "Really? That can never be a good thing, right?" Dropping down into the seat now, he lets out a bit of a breath.

Kamron hesitates a moment, then shakes his head, "All in all, no. It's not." Taking another breath, he lets out a hiss of air between his teeth, "I suggested a way that might bring yourself and Lady Katrin together. Lord Mallister has spoken with Lord Haigh about the matter, and it has been decided that there is no way such a match can be made." His features grim, the shorter cousin powers onward, "Lord Mallister has furthermore stated that you are not to have any contact with Lady Katrin, and that if you continue to do so, he will strip you of your knighthood. If you continue after that, you will be disowned." His hands spread helplessly, "I tried, Martyn… I really tried."

"What?" The word comes rather quickly as Martyn gets to his feet now, starting towards the door again. "The little shit…" he mutters, fists clenching now. He doesn't say much more at the moment, steps moving a bit faster than before now.

Kamron rises to his own feet, reaching out to put a hand on Martyn's shoulder. He won't try to hold his cousin back, even if he manages to make contact, just trying to slow him for a moment to catch his next words, "That's not all, Martyn. War may be coming to the Cape again. We're to roust the Groves and the Terricks in case the Freys march on us." Added to the other, it seems that Patrek's letter was full of dire news.

Pausing a bit at that hand to his shoulder, Martyn comes to a stop for now. "War…" he begins, before he shrugs a little bit as he hears that. "With what you just told me, why would I care, cousin?" It's said a bit coldly as his gaze moves around the room. "Because I'm tired of putting my life at risk for other people, Kamron. Especially when all I end up getting in return is pain."

Kamron nods his head, "War." The words that follow, however, cause him to grimace slightly, "Because you swore an oath. You swore an oath to defend the people of Seagard, and of the bannerhouses of House Mallister." He tucks his right thumb idly behind his belt, where his axe would hang if he were carrying it, "Neither of us knows exactly who made the decision. Lord Mallister at least brought another request to Lord Haigh. I bet the threats to you aren't so much our Lord Cousin trying to chastize you, Martyn, as they are him trying to protect you. I bet it's Lord Haigh where the disdain is coming, although I have no idea why."

"Protect me?" Martyn replies. "PROTECT ME?" Raising his voice quite a bit, Martyn shrugs a little. "You could have protected me, by letting me lose my head out on Harlaw. Because it would have been exactly as much protection as it would be to take away everything I have to live for." Spoken rather quietly, as he heads to stand by the window now, leaning rather heavily towards the wall.

Kamron blinks in the face of the loud words, but not in surprise, just letting them wash over him. "You're obsessing over Lady Katrin, Martyn." His words are quiet, barely loud enough to reach his cousin, since he doesn't follow him over to the narrow window, "It's not healthy. I've tried to support you in this… Hells, I've sent several letters to Lord Mallister suggesting ways your match might be arranged. But that was all because I was hoping that you would become the man I remember from before Harlaw once again." Resting one hand on the back of his chair, his shoulders slump a bit, "Now I can see that you never did return from the Isles, did you, coz?"

"How would you know, cousin? You've always been the lucky one," Martyn remarks, before he lets out another bit of a sigh. "I don't think anyone can pick their own feelings, at least I know that I can't. If it's healthy or not, it can't be helped." Another moment of pause as he seats himself on the floor, leaning heavily towards the wall now. Closing his eyes a little bit as he leans his head back against the wall, letting out a few more deep breaths now. "You know, maybe people get what they deserve, after all…"

Kamron moves across the room to crouch down in front of his cousin, "It can be helped, godsdamn it, Martyn." The man's voice is low, sharp. "You're stronger than this. For now, you can love Lady Katrin from afar. With time, I bet you find someone or something that will sustain you just as readily." He reaches out then, trying to put his hands on his cousin's shoulders, "You're like the brother I never had, Martyn, and it tears me up inside to see you think yourself so weak. You're as strong as any other Mallister, as song as Lord Jason himself, if you'll only let yourself be that strong."

Martyn keeps his eyes closed, and doesn't give any indication that he's listening to what's being said now. Keeping quiet as he remains where he is, for a long while now, before he opens his eyes a bit slowly. "Do me a favor, Kamron. Never try to earn your living as a gambler." Aside from that, he keeps quiet, expression hardened for the moment.

Kamron squeezes the other man's shoulders, his voice imploring, "Try, Martyn. Please. For me, for your parents, for Muirenn." Letting out a breath, he adds, "I'm begging you, Martyn. If the Freys are marching, we all have to stand strong together. And I know you can be as strong as the rest of us. We are Mallisters. We are the best the Cape has to offer, and we will make them see that."

"Why?" Martyn replies, shaking his head a little bit now. "I'm not that strong. Not anymore." Another brief pause, before he adds, "I'm not sure if I ever was." Letting out a bit of a sigh as well. "Besides, I've already failed them all, especially my sister…"

Kamron lifts his left hand from Martyn's shoulder, flipping it up in an attempt to deliver a sharp smack on the back-right corner of the man's head, "Snap out of it. You sound like a boy still in smallpants. And yes, you've annoyed Muirenn, and Nedra, and probably a few others. That just means you'll have to work all the harder to get their trust back. Because if you're not willing to do that, you're not worthy of any noble woman."

Martyn doesn't move out of the way of that smack at the moment, letting it hit him without moving away from it. "Listen to you," he begins, a bit angrily. "Sounding like those kind of things are so easy. Well, maybe they are for you, after all, you got what you wanted from such things." He closes his eyes again as he remains where he is for now, not moving at all as he looks a bit thoughtful for now.

Kamron shakes his head, his own anger sparking a bit, "No. They aren't easy. They never are." He rises to his feet, taking half a step back from the sitting knight so he isn't quite looming over his cousin, "I had to work pretty damned hard to get back into Lord Mallister's good graces, and my father's, and most of the rest of the fucking Cape's after Harlaw. So don't talk to me like others haven't ever looked down on me. But I'm a Mallister. I get back to my feet and I keep fighting. Because I'm proud of who I am, godsdamn it."

"You know what…" Martyn begins as he gets to his feet as well now. "Good for you, cousin." A brief pause as he studies Kamron rather carefully, before he shrugs. "Good for you." A brief pause, before he starts for the door. "Enjoy it when you get to be a father, Kamron. Not everyone is that lucky in life." Waiting for a few moments to hear any reply, it would seem.

Kamron opens his mouth to respond to Martyn's words, but instead, he bites down on whatever he was going to say, stepping back and letting his cousin depart. Instead, he waits until the door is closed behind him, then lets out a yell of frustration, followed by the thump of his fist hitting the mostly-soft back of one of the chairs.

If Martyn heard those sounds from the room he just left, it doesn't make him stop his walk. Slow, heavy steps leading him down the corridor, towards the stairs and outside now, expression quite blank for the moment.