Page 574: Stranger's Masquerade
Stranger's Masquerade
Summary: There is a lot of dancing, drinking and mingling of colourfully costumed nobles and commoners alike at the Masquerade at Stonebridge, held to celebrate the Day of the Stranger.
Date: 17/02/2013
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Town Square, Stonebridge
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February 17th, 290

The people of Stonebridge are out in force, even the poorest wearing cloth hoods to cover some portion of their faces. Twenty or thirty of the levy have been called up to assist the Stonebridge Guard, all of them wearing orange half-masks with a melange of orange and green clothing. It's enough to disguise their individual identities, while still providing a uniform appearance, since they're serving as protection and enforcement for the duration of the masquerade.

Tables are laid out with food and drink… it's not rich, but it's plentiful. Small fires burn in braziers scattered around, ready for the burning of letters to the departed. The food has not been served yet, however, as a stocky man in the scales and head of a lizard-lion stumps his way up to a podium, raising his gnarled hands for attention. When the gathered crowd is mostly quieted, he speaks up, "Welcome to Stonebridge, home of the Crane and Harpy!" That's a cheap pop, that causes the people of Stonebridge to cheer. When they've quieted down again, he continues, "Once every four years, we gather to celebrate the Day of the Stranger. We remind ourselves that everyone will die… one day, but that," his voice rises, "We are not dead yet!" Once more, he waits until the cheering dies down, and concludes, "There is food, there is drink, there will be dancing, there are braziers to burn your letters. Eat, drink, and remember you are still alive."

Standing not far from the Lizard-lion is a Raven — a rather scandalous Raven at that. Shoulders and arms bare and neckline dropped, there is no doubt that the Lizard-lion's wife is enjoying her later years where few care about how a crone carries herself. She links arms with the Lizard-lion once his speech has concluded, and she cannot help but comment through the frame and beading of her mask, "And not a single 'fuck'… you are on your best behavior, Lord Bootleather." She winks before she starts to draw him down amongst the gathering of costumes and masks.

A Dragon and a Tree appear together, although the pair is a bit out of proportion with the dragon towering over the little tree. "Well, this looks good.", the dragon murmurs to his tree, but falls silent again quickly to listen to the speech by the… lizard-lion. "Yea, we're not yet dead!", he finally concludes with a smirk, "Come, let us find something to drink, mhmmm?"

At the Dragon's remark the Tree gives a light chuckle. It's a maiden clad in a green skirt and a tight bodice of brown colour of likewise modest fabric below which an off-white shirt covers some of her womanly curves. On top of it she wears a long loose leather vest (probably borrowed from a groom) with tiny little twigs attached here and there, carrying artificial leafs made of small scraps of green cloth. A mask of leather covers the upper half of her face and will hide part of an occasional blush but certainly not all of it. On her head she wears a leather cap with a strange construction of twigs sticking out to the sides and carrying even more of those artificial green cloth leaves. A long braid of light brown colour with a hint of red ventures out from underneath the cap and falls down over her back. A tree of the forest, albeit a very innocent and excited one. As this is the first time it ventures out of its forest's shelter, guarded by a dragon's fire.

Of all things, a rather handsome dog and cat arrive together, the dog in black and tan while the cat is all in white and gold. A white gloved hand is tucked into the arm of the dog, the grace in which they move unpracticed and natural. They speak quietly together, the masquerade bringing out people in full force, they stand rather close together. A maid and guard trail the duo, both wearing their own versions of costumes.

There is already a buzz of activity in the square as commoners and nobles are given the opportunity to mix and mingle without reservations. Guardians continue to linger around their Lady charges, though they actually resist chiding the to and fro of flirtations. There is already a pair of laughing masqueraders chasing each other onto the dance floor before the Crab captures the Dove and proceeds to twirl her around the dance floor in time with the upbeat music.

Pausing on her way to the refreshments, a Halcyon Lady listens attentively to the Lizard Lion's short speech. While the upper half of her face is covered by a mask of light blue silk with several blue feathers of a kingfisher attached to it, the corners of the broad mouth below are mostly curved upwards in an amused smile. Dark brown hair falls down the lady's back in a single braid, reflecting the supposed informality of the event. Her dress however might give part of her identity away, as it is of the characteristic Frey blue, of elegant design and accentuating her slender figure while presenting her moderate curves in a comely way. The Frey greys are absent, though, as are the somber colours she might have worn at Highfield recently. An exotic halcyon indeed, looking about with curious and attentive deep blue eyes, as it moves gracefully through the colourful throng of costumed nobles, although certainly not unguarded as two guards follow her at a discrete distance.

The Dragon watches the others arrive, taking in all the costumes. "Beware of that dog.", he whispers to his tree companion, "You know, dogs and trees…" Finding some drinks, he grins. "Do you want to see something?", he asks eagerly.

The darkly costumed Wolf was already at the Town Square earlier in the day and had watched as it was slowly transformed to its current setup. The wolf mask itself is rather well made and covers the majority of the wearer's face, leaving only the lower portion of the face free for speech. The noble wolf was already at the refreshment table when the announcement was made, the beast's eyes focusing on the lizardly character before focusing for a moment on the ravishing raven. There are no cheers or shouts coming from the Wolf though the masked face does incline his head once before grabbing a mug of ale for himself.

The Tree gives a light chuckle at that. "I will avoid the dog then, if I can, ser." The cheeks below that leather mask are already starting to show a bit colour. Leaning a bit forward at the Dragon's question, the Tree nods, biting her lip. "Why, certainly. Pray tell, what is it?"

The Dragon grins and leads the Tree towards one of the many candle stands that brighten the room. He drains a glass of strongwine, then picks up one of the candles and blows the strongwine into the candle, creating a large bright flame - like a fire-breathing dragon, spooking a few bystanders. But he doesn't care for their looks, he just looks at the Tree, eager for her approval of his party trick.

"And it fucking nearly fucking twisted my fucking tongue." The Lizard-lion shakes his head at the Raven, patting her hand looped around his arm. "Some people enjoy the fucking cursing. Makes me all human and shit. But some people get their smallclothes in a fucking bunch about it." He looks around the gathering, pointing idly here and there, "Noble, noble, noble… eh… merchant. Noble, merchant. Noble. Noble." The blossom of flame causes his head to turn around, beady eyes atop his head and steely ones beneath arrowing in on the firebreathing creature a moment before he shakes it off.

Along the midst and in a rather simple costume is another man. Perhaps being not as fancy as the others around and keeping a rather simple theme of black. Best way to describe might be Shade as the black hood covers the face and the face is covered with a black mask that goes down along the cheeks to only leave the mouth and chin visible. Not currently approaching anyone in particular as he rather just drifts.

"There, there, Husband," the Raven coos. "Let it out, you're in a safe space." The sudden burst of fire also attracts her attention briefly before her eyes start to scan over the crowds. When that dark stare alights on the Wolf, her gaze lingers on him for a long heartbeat. Then the Raven touches her beak softly against the cheek of the Lizard-lion in a possible affectionate touch, or perhaps a way to whisper something more easily to him. Then she departs his side with a flourish of those black gossamer skirts, the airy wings attached to her hip and middle finger whispering with her graceful steps.

The Tree watches the trick the Dragon plays with the candle, her eyes widening - grey eyes they are, and of an almost disturbing innocence, as she sees flames coming out of her companion's mouth. "A dragon, a true dragon you are, ser. And a wizard too." She shoots him a glance of open admiration before her gaze starts wandering about the colourful dresses and costumes.

The Dragon seems content with that reaction, though he leans in to whisper: "You'll find one of the curtains in the hallway slightly singed. A dragon has to practise." He winks at her, then walks back to where the refreshments are. "So what would you like to drink? I know a tree needs to be watered, but perhaps some fine wine tonight?"

With his mug of ale procured, the Wolf departs from the refreshment area as others appear to be heading there for drinks and whatnot, not wanting to be crowded with a bunch of the common filth. When the burst of brightness flares from the dragon, the wolf mask turns towards the mystical creature before smirking, "Looks like they managed to hire a jester as well." The words mumbled to no one in particular and certainly not loud enough to carry. Eyes then begin to search for the other costumes present, also taking note of the quality and escorts that come with.

A bit of a look around the entire square, as the Dog listens to the the introducing speech, blinking a few times, before he looks to the Cat, and offers a bit of a smile. Saying something a bit quietly now, before he looks around the room again rather carefully now.

"A Wolf, but where is your Sheep?" The Raven asks as closes the distance between her and the Wolf. She has also paused long enough to fetch herself a goblet of strongwine that she must tuck beneath her beak to take a sip. She gracefully steps up beside him, standing shoulder to shoulder so that she may also look out across the gathering of costumes and masks. She flits her gaze toward the Dragon and his Tree, and then the Dog and his Cat before her gaze shifts back over to the Wolf once more.

The Tree's hand moves to cover her mouth as she hears about the singed curtain. "Oh dear." Following the Dragon to the refreshments she replies after a short moment of hesitation: "Fine wine for a tree?" offering an amiable curtsey.

The cat, dressed all in white and gold, considers her dog counterpart, the bottom half of her face that shows beneath the mask is revealing a slow smile that spreads across her lips as blue eyes regard warm brown ones. "Why I believe so," the cat purrs softly to the dog, the mask able to alleviate some of the more strictly proper upbringing and allow her to relax in her supposed anonymity. Something she is never seen doing. "I think something to drink first, or you could dance with me?" The flash of the fire gains her attention and her smile widens. "I have never seen anything like this before."

"Fine wine for the tree.", the Dragon agrees and hands her a glass, "Tonight we'll feast like nobles." He raises his glass and looks down, into the tree's pretty grey eyes. "I drink to a wonderful young woman who kindly agreed to keep me company tonight…"

Arriving late, a man of large stature enters into the masquerade without a woman on his arm or a drink in his hand. His cloak is fashioned from the skin of a bear, the head coming up and over his own to form a mask through which deep brown eyes gaze out into the world. The teeth of the mask are set into a permanent roar, shining ivory white and framing the lower half of his face. The arms of the bear form into a sort of coat, through which he can slip his arms and fram his hands with those long claws. Across his thick frame, a brown tunic which matches the fur of the cloak that hangs over his shoulders is wrapped, and a pair of black leather pants cling to his legs. Where one might expect boots, a pair of bear claws seem to have been fashioned into shoes.

As the raven flits to his side, the Wolf had noted her appearance but did not turn to face the crone's approach nor watch as the distance is closed. The question does cause a grin to appear underneath the wolf mask, matching the one that is designed into the costume. "The night is still young, My Lady, I am sure there will be a sheep or two that strays into my sights tonight. This is quite the splendid event that was planned." Diplomatic words chosen and spoken, even if the Wolf may have been a bit disappointed by the quality and the mixing commoners.

Tyroan nods his head as the Raven steps away from him, reaching into his leather jacket and gathering out a folded piece of parchment. He makes his way over to the nearest of the braziers, tilting his head as he studies the letter. There's something very pleased with himself about the study, and then he drops the letter into the fire, watching it crackle and burn. "Suck on that, you fucking shitstain." The words are murmured to himself, although they reach past the drape of scaled leather hanging over his features.

Spotting the Wolf, the Halcyon lady - now with a cup of wine in her hand - passes him on her way from the table with the refreshments. "A Wolf must come from the 'woods, I suppose?" she offers with a light incline of her head. The Raven is greeted with an elegant curtsey. "Do you mind if I join you two here for a moment? Or am I interrupting some discrete conversation? No, jest aside. It is delightful to be here. Although almost a bit too much for the eye. One doesnt know whom and what to look at first."

"Whatever you want, my lady," the Dog offers to the Cat, with a bit of a smile. Looking around for a few moments, he nods a little bit. "Lots of interesting costumes tonight, it seems."

"And certainly they will not heed the warnings of flirting with a Wolf," the Raven says wisely as she continues to regard the crowds. When the Halcyon joins them, the Raven returns the curtsey with her own delicate dip before she shakes her beaked head. "I was merely wondering if the Ser Wolf may have found himself a Sheep or two to interest him." She then smiles to the Halcyon, though it is only seen at the corner of her eyes. "This is only the beginning, My Lady… there will be much more to see as the night progresses. It is the Stranger's Way, is it not? He likes surprises."

The Tree accepts the glass and raises it to join him in his toast. "Like nobles, ser." And then her cheeks take on the red colour of a blush as she hears the Dragon's compliment. And her gaze drops as she takes a sip from the glass.

The Shade now off towards the fire and burning a letter he smiles a bit. Youthful in appearance and perhaps easy enough, thanks to the simple clothing, to know that he is but a commoner. Nor having any kind of skills with these things so the black Shade keeping to the sides seeme reasonable enough. Studying the people that are around. Taking in their costumes. When he is closer to someone he does look to their eyes though. Still not seeing finding one he searches for perhaps. Moving soon enough towards where the Cat and Dog is.

The Dragon sips of that wine and lets his gaze drift around to see if there is anyone he recognizes. He does not know many of the nobles, but at least there are a few locals he knows from living in Stonebridge. "Come.", he says softly and holds out a hand for the tree to take, so he can lead her through the throng towards some familiar faces for chitchat and to repeat his firebreathing party trick for them.

The Tree takes the offered hand of the Dragon, and follows him trustingly, beaming as she has only eyes for him. The glass in her hand she holds in a firm grip, knowing all too well the dire consequences of breaking glass and pottery at a noble house, especially if one is the maid that has to take the blame.

When yet another costume of the avian style approaches, the Wolf dips his head in a respectful bow in response to the elegant curtsey, assuming this one to be a noble lady as well. "Indeed, from the woods, though I hail from woods that are beyond the Riverlands, My Lady." As for joining the conversation, there is a slight shake of the wolf mask to show that he does not mind though a quick glance is given to the Raven. "It appears that some find more excitement in courting danger, perhaps one of the more daring sheeps." Eyes behind the wolf mask once more sweeps the Town Square, before settling on a particular white and gold cat, perhaps a sheep found, "Though I would suggest caution with you two, there appears to be a cat that may be stalking the premise."

Tyroan watches the letter burn until it turns to ashes. Once it crumbles to nothing, he nods sharply, then steps away from the brazier. He looks about, heading toward the Dragon and the Tree. As he approaches, he speaks up, "Quite the fucking trick with the fire. And a ballsy costume on the Cape. Outside of a few of my idiot nephews and the Groveses, there aren't many Dragon-lovers around."

The Dragon introduces the tree to a few friends when suddenly the eloquent sweet-spoken sheriff is upon them and he manages a little bow as much the costume allows. "Master… Tyroan, isn't it?", he remembers. Well, he has a good reason to remember the man. "And thank you. My sister taught me the trick. Beyond that, the costume has no deeper meaning. I just always loved the tales of old.", he assures him, then quickly changes back. "This is the lovely Evayne Potter, who agreed to keep me company. Evayne, this is Sheriff Tyroan of Stonebridge."

So many things to see, new things, with a sudden feeling of being liberated from such stiff and proper behavior. Costumes of every variety and each are noticed, not even wanting to guess on who may be underneath the mask. On the arm of her dog, the cat smiles slyly in what can only be called feline as she slides her hand down the arm of the dog until she clasps his hand, turning until she does a spin, "Dance with me?" Glittering blue eyes issue challenge to the taller dog.

When they are addressed by the Lizard-Lion, the Tree winces at the unmistakable style the Steward prefers to express himself with. Also the mention of 'Groveses' makes her look a bit uneasy for a moment. But when The Dragon introduces her, she smiles amiably and makes a deep curtsey, although her gaze seems a bit unsteady: "M'lord. I'm honoured. And so glad to be here…"

For a man so large in such a fitting outfit, Bear moves with a certain grace that manages to keep the man from stepping on any toes as he makes his way towards the fire. Two letters reside in his hands, and as they burn, the man's eyes close. Soon enough, the moment is gone and he's making his way towards wherever the drinks are being kept. A goblet of wine and something to nibble on seem to be the thing in the forefront of his mind, despite the different faces and costumes that surround him. Gotta get some eats!

The Raven laughs her rich and warm laugh before she gives the Wolf a gentle incline of her head. "Mind those daring sheep," she warns, her contralto gaining a husky note. "They tend to bite." She then looks back toward the Halcyon, offering her another smooth smile. Out of the corner of her eye, she spots the Bear and immediately bows her head gently toward the Wolf and Halcyon. "Excuse me," she murmurs as she steps aside, beginning her graceful stride toward the Bear, leaving the Halcyon in the hands of the Wolf. For better or worse, it seems.

The Halcyon Lady nods as she hears the Wolf's reply regarding the woods he claims to come from, the amused smile below that blue feathered mask broadening a touch. "Ah, the cat and the dog. Maybe I should seek them out. They do look vaguely familiar. And as long as I know how to use my beak I probably have nothing to fear from them. Wouldn't you agree, my lady?" These last words spoken in the Raven's direction. Alas, the Raven departs, and following her with her gaze the Halcyon notices the Bear - an impressive stature indeed. Her gaze flits to the Wolf, as she remarks with a light smirk: "The Bear came all the from the 'woods as well, I suppose?"

Studying the Cat, the Dog lets his hand be taken, smiling a bit now. "Dancing sounds like an excellent idea," he offers in agreement, starting to lead the way over towards the dancing area. Glancing around for a few moments, he notices the Bear, gaze lingering on him for a few moments, before he looks back to the Cat at his side now.

"Ser. And Steward, not Sheriff. But yes. The fucking speech gave it the fuck away, didn't it?" The Lizard-lion nods his head to the Tree, "Mistress Potter. Welcome to Stonebridge." Gesturing around the party, he nods again, "Didn't have any fucking problem with the Dragons myself. Even if the Mad King was nuttier than a whorehouse on half-price night. Enjoy yourselves. Have something to eat, some more to drink, have a dance."

"I beg your pardon, Steward.", the Dragon smiles weakly, "And yes, the speech… gave it away. Excellent costume nonetheless, Ser. And a wonderful party. A charming idea to host this." Since the man seems ready to move on, the Dragon turns to the Tree with a smile. "Care to dance with a dragon, Mistress?", he asks, bowing deeply while holding out a hand.

The Wolf bows his head back to the departing Raven as she excuses herself, "I will keep that in mind, Lady Raven, but they should know that the wolf bites back, with sharper teeth." The words spoken in a more light hearted manner as the grin beneath the mask remains. When the Bear arrives and the Kingfisher makes note of it, the wolf mask turns to the larger costumed figure's entrance and dips his head, "A creature that big, I would tend to avoid, for my own safety."

With a goblet of wine and a bit of finger food in hand, the Bear turns around and nibbles idly at the concession before taking a sip from his drink. Despite the ferocity of his costume, what little of his face that can be seen depicts a rather lazy and uninterested manner. Even as he notices the Raven making her way towards him, the Bear's head merely tilts to the side as he lifts his goblet in greeting.

Walking towards the dancing area, they pass the bear, so the cat pauses, giving a curtsy, for surely such a costumed person deserved that respect. Blue eyes glitter, enchanted with the evening and the people. "Good evening, bear. Welcome to the party." The cat lifts a white gloved hand, wiggling her fingers as the dog leads her along.

A smile brightens the lower part of the face that is not obscured by the leather mask. The Tree nods, the small green leaves in her crown of twigs making a light rustling noise. "Oh, I love to dance!" she exclaims, her usual shy manner drenched in two more sips from the wine, adding a curtsey a little belatedly perhaps.

"My Lord Bear," the Raven greets with a touch of humor in the depths of her contralto. "So many predators in my midst, I'm not sure what to do." She ducks her goblet under her beak so she may take another sip of the strongwine. She looks out toward the dance floor as more and more begin to drag willing, and sometimes unwilling, partners out to twirl about with all levels of skill.

There's a bit of a grin from the Dog over at the Bear as they pass, along with a bit of a nod. "Enjoy the evening, Master Bear," he offers with a smile, also offering a nod and a smile to the Raven for now. "I'm sure everyone will enjoy this lovely celebration." That said, he leads the Cat out onto the dance floor. "Ready?" he asks, with a smile.

"Fly away." The deep voice that rumbles out from under the Bear mask is reminiscent of rocks grinding together in a mill. Another sip of the wine is taken before the goblet is set aside on the table, "Or rest above them in the safety of the trees." With the ice so broken, the large man bows his head towards the Raven and ponders as he follows her gaze towards the dancefloor. "Or show them what it truly means to glide?" The Cat and Dog recieve a nod of the head from the Bear, though he says nothing in response to them.

The Dragon leads the Tree onto the dance floor and keeps holding on to her hand, while they start moving through the steps. Between her branches and twigs and his wings and tail, they do take up quite a bit of space on that dancefloor, but they seem oblivious to it…

The Raven offers the Bear a smile that creases at her eyes, and she regards the gathering of masks and costumes that move around them. "All fair suggestions," she replies as she finishes off her own strongwine, setting the goblet on a tray that goes dancing past them. "I have always been a fan of gliding myself," she considers the Bearman now. "Perhaps you would like to glide with me, Lord Bear?"

In passing the Shade does smile and look to the Cat and Dog before continuing on. Blinking a bit as he spots the big Bear though not saying or responding to him currently. Seeming to be a bit out of his own element. There is a pleasant smile and a nod to those looking to him though.

The Halcyon watches the Bear and the Raven from afar as she takes another sip from her glass. "He seems to be occupied with greeting the Raven. As soon as they have exchanged their pleasantries I might fly over as well, to tweet and to greet, as would be expected of me." A glance is shot towards the Cat and Dog on the dancefloor, before her gaze returns to the Wolf again. "I do not suppose you are willing to dance? Only the bravest dare to put up with me as a dance partner." A challenge perhaps? Or only a warning? Not waiting for a reply, the Halcyon moves on to the side of the dance floor to observe the feline and canine in their display of graceful movements.

"Can your wings support the weight of a bear, Raven?" Bear's brown gaze slips over those on the dancefloor as the man lowers his voice and lets forth a quiet tone, "My feet were never meant to dance. The Gods granted me a strong arm and a clumsy gait." A complete lie, from the way he moved through the crowd earlier, but perhaps the creature is simply nervous at the prospect of being so vulnerable out there under the eyes of complete strangers.

Just before the dog leads her onto the dance floor, the cat notices a smile from a caped figure. The cat responds in kind, even going so far as to offer a brief curtsy, though the costume is possibly more on the common side. Once out on the floor with her dog, "I am always ready for an excuse to dance with you." Dipping into a deep curtsy, lowering her head demurely, the cat remains there until the dog offers his paw to her white gloved hand, then she will take it and rise, moving her hand to his shoulder, allowing him to lead her to the music.

It appears that the Wolf is not afraid of challenges as his gaze turns from the white and gold Cat to the Halcyon when the subject turns to dancing. "The Wolf is nothing but brave, My Lady, and I would be honored if you would like to dance with me." He does offer a hand as they approach the dance floor, the Wolf's eyes looking towards the others that are already dancing.

Tyroan steps over to the nearest refreshment table, gathering up a stein of bitter Mire beer. He unclasps the drape of scaly skin from one side of his face, letting it hang at one side so that he can take a heavy slug of the drink. He steps over to speak with a few of the green-and-orange-masked guards, clapping a few of them on the shoulder, then moves off again, heading toward the Shade, "A bit fucking on the nose, don't you think?" A smirk touches his lips, amusement filtering through his voice as well.

Offering a bow to the Cat again, the Dog smiles quite a bit more now. "I'm glad to hear that. I will have to find lots of good excuses for us to dance, then." A brief pause, before he takes her white gloved hand in his, and he starts leading her to the rythm of the music.

The Shade smiles to the Cat and continues on towards the refreshement. Blinking at the lord that adresses him. Tilting his head and seeming slightly uncertain to what he mean. "Fucking nose, my lord?" There is a small grin though as Tyroan seem amused.

The Raven offers the Bear a soft incline of her head, though she does not seem at all put-off by the gentle rejection. "You are too hard on yourself, young Bear, not realizing your own grace," she offers with a tilt of her head out on the dance floor, being kind enough not to press the young Lord further. "Though perhaps after a few more cups of wine you may find your feet move as if on air." She looks out toward where her Lizard-lion husband moves about the crowd.

"I hope you will not come to regret your brave words, Ser Wolf." the Halcyon replies with a bit of surprise that her half-hearted proposal would be so readily accepted. She takes his hand and follows him onto the dancefloor, offering both Cat and Dog an amiable smile as she passes them - and praying to the Maiden that she will manage to dance with as much grace as those two.

Until now, other than noticing the costumes of the others, the cat had been lost in her own little world. Now that she is dancing, she notices the gazes of the Halcyon and the Wolf, though she does not allow her own gaze to linger on them, there is a brief smile offered to them. Her attention is back on the dog then after that, her smile still feline, "Hopefully we will not always need an excuse to dance, perhaps sometimes we can dance just.. because."

Escorting the Halcyon to the dance floor, the Wolf takes the lead and begins moving to the rhythm of the music once his dancing partner is ready. There is an offered smile to the Halcyon from the Wolf though the wolfish gaze does move onto the others, catching sight of the Cat again, flashing a smile right back when their gaze briefly connects. Then his attention is back onto his partner as they go through the motions.

"Mayhap, though I would not keep that torch lit if I were you. A raven so beautiful will likely find a willing partner with but a flaunt of her feathers." Looking towards the Raven's husband, Bear quietly watches the Lizard-Lion with a curious gaze. The cogs inside his head work as the man-beast tries to figure out the faces behind those masks in the crowd. After a moment, he's looking back to the Raven and tilting his head. "Would you not prefer to dance with your husband?"

The Tree seems to be perfectly happy dancing with her Dragon, her grey eyes gleam with delight, her cheeks are lightly flushed. Her movements may not be as refined as some of the noble ladies, but there is a certain natural grace and joy in her steps. Leaves are rustling gleefully as she is spinned by her partner.

"Hopefully," the Dog agrees, looking around for a few moments, pausing for a few moments as his gaze end up on the Wolf and the Halcyon, offering them both a nod and a smile now, before he looks back to the Cat. "Excellent job on the costumes, by the way," he offers, with a smile. "They're wonderful."

The Raven scoffs, though it is followed up with a laugh. "Dance with that old leather bag?" There is amusement laced behind the question. "I am safer with a Bear possibly stepping on my feet." She winks to the Bear with honest mirth before she admires the twirl of dancers, though there are a few masked fools starting to invade the flow of the dance with their amusing antics. Ah, mummers. None seem to take offense though as this is the nature of Stranger's Day.

"It gladdens me you like them," the cat speaks with a soft murmur, her hand resting on the shoulder of the dog as he leads her around the dance floor. "I have to admit, you look rather dashing dressed as you are." Her eyes resting on his now, hearing the voices of the others surrounding them, she makes out some of the conversations though the bulk of her attention is on her dance partner.

Tyroan shrugs at the Shade's words, reaching up with his free hand to tap the tip of his nose, "On the fucking nose. Close to the point. Masked shadow on Stranger's Day?" Shaking the question aside, he takes another slug of his beer and adds, "Not a fucking worry. How are you enjoying yourself?" He gestures out toward the dance floor, "Going to find someone to take a turn with?"

Though it can't be seen, the Bear's eyebrow raises at the response he recieves from the Raven. A simple shake of the head is given in reply as those acting a fool on the dancefloor start to gather his attention. "Be careful what you wish for, or you'll wake up with sore feet in the morning." One last glance is sent towards the Lion-Lizard before the large Bear offers his claw to the Raven.

There is soon enough understanding on the Shade's face as he ahhs and grins a bit wider. "I thought it fitting enough." Not that he knew what else to go with. "I didn't have much else." He admits. "Just quite fine." Looking towards the dance floor as well. "Soon enough, I think."

The Raven laughs as she accepts the claw, her own black-tipped hand resting gracefully on his. Then she bows her head, letting him lead her toward the dance floor. "You will learn, Lord Bear, once you find yourself a Lady Bear of your own, that sore feet is just part of being married."

"Thank you," the Dog replies, before he looks around at the others out there again now, smiling a little bit, before he offers something quietly to his dancing partner now.

"Here's hoping for a marriage rife with resilient toes." Though the Bear's mouth never seems to rise into that smile so expected in a situation like this one, he doesnt seem to be /too/ uncomfortable. Guiding the Raven towards the dancefloor, the large creature pays little attention to those whom they pass and instead goes quiet. When they get to the floor, he turns towards the smaller Raven and places a hand on her hip, the other lifting her hand as he takes the lead. A proper dance, to be expected of nobility.

While she moves without any too obvious blunders through the dance, the Halcyon uses the chance to lean over to the Wolf as she passes him to continue their conversation at a lower volume. With the music and the activity around them they are indeed hard to overhear. But then the dance is over, and the Wolf, thank the Seven, still in one piece. He escorts the Halcyon over to the table where the refreshments are, where he helps the lady to another glass of wine. The Halcyon offers the Bear a curtsey, as their ways cross on his way to the dancefloor. The Raven is offered a nod and a smile. "Beware of the Bear." the Kingfisher jests before she follows the Wolf, chuckling lightly.

Indeed, had anyone ever wondered, a cat can blush. For the pink tinging her cheeks is apparent and stems from whispered words of the dog. 'Thank you." Her words are only whispered in return, though the blue eyes convey more than mere words ever could when they meet those of the dog who holds her so tenderly in his embrace.

The Lizard-lion nods his head, taking another swig from his beer and then reaching out to clap the Shade on the shoulder, "Don't wait too fucking long, lad. Or they'll all be dancing already." He nods, and then meanders away. His scan of the crowd shows the Raven speaking with the giant Bear, but he shrugs to himself, turning to get a couple of greetings from a couple of Stonebridge merchants in their finery.

"Oh, I am certain to beware," the Raven offers toward the Kingfisher with a grin before she holds her square properly, shoulders straight and hand placed gracefully on the Bear's shoulder. As they commence the dance, it is done so with grace and care. She spares the Bear perhaps by not trying to engage him in conversation even as the twirl about in the proper noble dance.

Surprisingly, its the Bear that starts to converse as they start to move to the rythm of the music. "I would be lying if I said that I normally enjoy these gatherings." A step is taken, then a twirl, and the man's lie becomes apparent as he moves with the grace one might expect of somebody trained from birth to protect a household. "Yet this has bordered on entertaining. I might even say that it was fun." Despite the words spoken, his mouth never seems to move past that half-smirk. The neutrality in his tone isn't quite unerving, but might be considered off-putting by some.

To the lord's words the Shade chuckles and nods. "I won't." He offers and looks around as well. Perhaps searching for something or someone. Shrugging finally. "I will most likely find someone to dance with, my lord." Wandering around a bit and looking to those on the dance floor.

"The Stranger's Day is perhaps the only feature of your Seven that I enjoy the most," the witchy Raven comments as she is guided about the floor with ease, being able to easily follow the Bear's lead. "It is wonderfully… fun for you uptight Southerons." Though some would argue that the Northerns are far more uptight due to being consistently covered in layers of ice. She glances just off her shoulder as a rather flirtacious Mouse is busy being dipped by a frisky Cat. She returns her attention toward the Bear. "We all need reminders that we are still alive despite our grief toward those who are no longer."

As he hears the whispered reply, it would seem that the Dog is grateful the mask on his face covers his cheeks, since they have turned a bit red as well now. "Thank you," he offers, rather quietly, as he looks around for a few moments, before he focuses back on the Cat in his arms, offering her another smile now.

With the dance between the Wolf and the Halcyon at an end, refreshments were retrieved and the former grabs a tankard of ale once more to wet his parched lips. Eyes then swing back to those who are enjoying themselves, taking note of the different costumes and where they are situated now. He does glance to the Halcyon with an aside, "Thank you for the dance, My Lady, it was most enjoyable and you were very graceful on your feet." A bow of the wolf's head is made to the one that was his dancing partner.

Nightshade, the dangerous and deadly has arrived in the form of a lady dressed in the colorful shades of the flowering plant. She arrives on the arm of another brightly dressed party goer and there is a wickedly mischievous smile on the lips. Perhaps feeling a little dangerous with her attire.

The accompanying Swan with the Nightshade has a bright grin and he glances to the lady on his arm. Seemingly a bit amused. Carrying himself elegantly enough. Speaking in low tone to the lady as he leads her along and into the crowd. Taking a moment to scan the area.

"How very courteous you are, Ser Wolf." replies the Halcyon with an amused smile. "But you were indeed very lucky that I didn't step on your feet." Her gaze follows his, brushing over the throng of dressed up nobility. "Many have come. Maybe it is what the Riverlands need. More festivities to gather. Bridging the differences." she remarks a bit pensively.

"True." As they move about the dancefloor, the pair start to clear some space for themselves. The man is large, of that there is no doubt, and few want to be trampled even if his movements appear precise. "I have the same issue with these gatherings that I have with politics. You so rarely see who people actually are. Perhaps its the fact that we're all actually wearing masks that makes it so enjoyable. It's as if we're poking fun at what we do on a daily basis." Perhaps the longest sentence she's heard the man speak, he goes quiet once more and instead concentrates on the movementes of their bodies as their feet dance in tandem with one another.

When the cat meets the eyes of the dog again, the smile widens as she tiptoes to whisper a few more words, indicating the servants carrying wine with a gentle incline of her head. "Would you like to?"

Grinning, the wolf's head shakes side to side, "I was never in fear of my feet, My Lady, or should I say my paws. You were very elegant in your dancing and I was glad to have the honor of being your partner." With another drink from his tankard of ale though, the Wolf does finally excuse himself from the Halcyon's side, "If I may beg for your leave, My Lady, I am going to see what else they have to offer here at Stonebridge. There is much to explore here at the Riverlands and this town."

The Raven offers the Bear a serene smile that gently touches the crowsfeet at her eyes. She inclines her head at his words, though she respects the way the conversation ebs and flows. As the song begins to draw to a close, so does the dance with the unlikely dancing pair, though the Raven holds on a moment longer to the claw in her graceful grasp. "Thank you for the dance, Lord Bear… you've proven yourself a graceful predator." And she steps away from him to drop into a graceful curtsey.

Amidst the swirling colors and splendor all around, it might be easy to completely miss the single form of one lady who has joined the festivities. She is dressed in whites and greens, the image of a blooming white lily. Behind her trails a small group of people, very likely servants, even if they have all engaged themselves in colorful clothing as well and taking on the appearance of an entire garden of flowers with their coloring. "Do enjoy yourself," the lady murmurs to those with her. "I will attend to the little one for the time being myself." Her painted red lips curve upward into a smile as the focal point of all of the women comes into view from behind the lily's skirts.

Adorable to the point that any normal person would just have to go 'Awww', a young girl, about three, looks up to the woman with her, bright blue eyes the same matching shade as her mother's. This little girl has dressed as a lion for the party, from the tawny dress she wears, to the tufted tail somehow attached to the dress, and up to the ruffled mane that encircles her little head. The mask is a matching shade with the little nose colored black and whiskers painted against the girl's white skin.

The mother smiles, taking her daughter up into her arms and planting a kiss on the girl's cheek. "Are you ready to present yourself to those present, my little love?" she asks of the child who bobs her head up and down excitedly, and even does a squeaking roar to show her enthusiasm for the day's events. Laughing, the White Lily bounces her daughter once in her arms before beginning to cut through the crowd with the confidence of a queen, blue eyes constantly searching for certain figures.

Dog smiles a little now as he listens to the whisper, looking over towards those servants with the wine for a few moments, then back to the cat. "Some wine sounds quite good about now," he replies, as he smiles. "And then I have a few of those letters to burn," he adds, a bit more quietly.

Tyroan tosses down the last of his beer, then sets the stein aside. He looks the Bear over one last time, then turns aside at the sound of that little squeak-roar coming through the sound of the crowd, and he turns in that direction, centering himself in the sight of the little lion and offering up a growling hiss like a real lizard-lion, although it fades away into a laugh, "Pumpkin! You're scary as fuck!"

"My pleasure." As their dance comes to a close, Bear leads her off the dance floor and bows his head respsectfully to the Raven. "Thank you." With that, he's moving back towards his drink and to nibble at some food.

The Halcyon inclines her head and even makes a light curtsey. "Ser Wolf, go and explore what they have to offer. It has been a pleasure to be in your company." A glance is spared for her two guards, who unobtrusively have followed her all evening. Her gaze scans the costumed crowd then, as she sips pensively from her glass of wine.

The Raven exchanges some quiet pleasantries with the Bear before he makes his leave, though the black woman does not look abandoned. Without even having to glance, as if the Raven can almost feel the presence of the White Lily and her Lion daughter, she immediately looks her way. Though her lips are disguised by the dropped beak of her mask, it is hard not to spy the sudden light that warms the chocolate of her gaze. She winks to the mother of the pair before she draws the Lily closer to her. "You are lovely," she murmurs as she touches the cheek of her mask against the cheek of the Lily's. Then she looks toward her husband Lizard-lion. "Ah, so you've found someone else to distract you from our inevitable dance, Lord Bootleather?" And she winks down at the Lion girl.

With a final bow offered by the Wolf to the Halcyon, the former turns and at a slow, strolling pace will start making his way around the festivities, taking note of the different costumes he passes, focusing more on those that look to be of much better make than what a commoner could afford. Tankard in hand, he is set as he brings it to his lips for a drink from time to time.

Someone has been endulging in the spirits a little too deeply. An unmasked male stumbles into a table and eventually landing onto the ground. Rather than swearing Nikolus erupts into drunken laughter, his cane falling just out of reach for him to reposess and aid his rise. And the ale, the poor ale wasted across the table and ground.

With the Wolf leaving the Halcyon alone now, the Shade does scoot that way. Perhaps being a bit uncertain of what to do. "Hi." Comes his greeting along with a bow to her. The hood still covering the top half of his head and the black mask covering most else. Yet still there is a slight innocent look in his eyes. His smile sweet. The movement of the drunken lord does catch his eye though as he looks that way. The Shade soon enough looks to the lady close to him.

The cat is led off the dance floor and as they collect drinks, she smiles at the dog. "It was a lovely dance, thank you." Her smile is bright as she glances up at him, content for the moment to quench her thirst and watch the others dance.

The Nightshade, accompanied by the swan walks over to collect a goblet of strongwine, she looks back at the swan, that same quick smile in place. "I wonder if I may go and mingle for awhile?" Her maid is there near her and the guard as well.

Lips curve into a warm smile as the Lily looks upon both Raven and Lizard-Lion as they converge upon her. "Thank you, Mother," she replies in the same hushed tone at the peck (get it, peck?) on the cheek. "You look as though you have flown from the very pages of myth and legend." She bounces her daughter in her arms once again and looks next to her father. "Father," is the exasperated interjection at his swearing in front of her child. "But perhaps the two scary ones might dance together at some point before Analyse is sent off to bed."

But the little Lion understands the importance of secrecy at a Masque and her hands come up to try and hush her mother from revealing her identity to those all around. "Shhh!" she even says firmly. "Lady Lion," she introduces primly, and does a curtsey from her mother's arms to both Grandparents.

"You're welcome," the Dog replies to the Cat. "As always, I might add." Taking a sip from his own drink now, looking out there to watch the others dancing. "Lots of wonderful costumes there," he offers as he smiles a bit.

"Well met, Ser Shade." the Halcyon greets with a graceful curtsey. "And a young one at that. I am the Lady Halcyon." The commotion involving the noble drunkard does catch her attention too for a short moment, that is until she recognizes him. "But… Lord Nikolus, his cane… someone needs to help him. Master Grimes, do lend the man a hand!"

A nod given from the Swan to the Nightshade, "Of course. I will probably be around somewhere. You know where I am if I am not here." He tells her and is wandering a bit. Heading towards the Wolf, for now. "Hello there." He offers and scans around a bit. His outfit perhaps a bit on purpose seeming quite bright with the contrasting white and orange. "Stalking your preys?" He asks and glances around. Then he does look towards Nikolus as well with a roll of his eyes. Perhaps getting used to the clumsy lord.

Bright smile the Shade nods, "Pleasure, lady Halcyon." He offers though looking towards the lord. Being a bit uncertain but about to offer his own help. Though will stop if someone else is helping him. "Are you alright?" Comes his question though. He will go back to the side of the Halcyon then.

The Lizard-lion shrugs at the Raven's accusation, "Your feet not flat from that giant? He an Ashwood or an Erenford?" Because those are the two families with giants of that height in them. Of course, it could also be some big commoner…. Looking back to his daughter and granddaughter, he snorts aloud, "She knows not to fucking curse." He offers a smirk at the girl, "Don'tcha, Lady Lion?"

"Thank you, my love," Anathema says to her daughter as she touches Lady's Lion ruff gently before tapping her black nose fondly. "You are also beautiful, my sweet girl." Then she glances toward her husband briefly before the sound of the unmasked fellow's ruskus draws her attention — and the attention of some of the masked guards. She considers Nikolus Groves with a tilt of her head, though being drunk and joyous is not a crime at these affairs, so when someone gives him a hand-up, it is done friendly-like. The Raven looks back toward her husband. "I won't tell until the dance is done, Lord Husband. That is the rule."

The Nightshade notices the rather drunk Nik, hesitates a moment then has mercy, "Excuse me, Swan, I must see to my.. friend." Walking over to the bumbling, stumbling Groves who had once groped her in a herb induced stupor, she regards him with somewhat cool blue eyes. "Good eve, Lord Groves. You are finding the festivities to your liking I assume?" Is that amusement in her tone?

Nikolus waved away the offered aid, "What have you think of me a louthy cripple?" Though delivered in an accusing tone the nobleman chuckled under his breath, turning onto his side and sloppily attempting to get on his feet. He pauses, on all fours, facing the ground as his head bobbed to the right and then left. "Actually, I'm quite disappointed in the lack of whores flaunting their cunths about." The Groves male pressed, with all the energy he could muster, to at least rise on his knees. Instantly his head fell back, mouth gape while eyes closed. "What better way to celebrate life than practice making it?"

Once the cat and dog have ceased their dancing and are sipping wine on the edge of the dance floor, "There are, I would not even guess at who is behind each mask. Everyone looks so lovely." Though she speaks quietly, the cat looks around.

The Frey guard moves forward, offering the hand as his lady the Halcyon has commanded. "M'lord. Better celebrate life on your feet, I suppose?"

When one dressed in rather eye catching and outrageous colors approaches, the Wolf can't help but turn his gaze towards the swan for a moment though there is a hidden wince at what he sees, covered by the wolf mask. When the greeting is offered, the Wolf inclines his head in return, "Good Day. And I have not found my prey, as of yet." The words are spoken in return with a smirk before attention is focused on the drunken Groves Lord, an amused grin appearing.

The Tree has rustled her leaves enough for now, it would seem. Led off the dancefloor by the competent hand of the Dragon, the young maiden seems likewise distracted by the Groves lord's fall, moving instinctively forward to offer her help she unfastens her mask as it hampers her view a little. "It is Lord Nikolus…" His words have her blush a deep shade of red. Seeing the Groves is already being helped up she shakes her head and puts her mask back in place, oblivious to the fact that someone standing close by might have glimpsed her young innocent features. "Oh come, he will be alright." the Dragon comments before he drags her of to the table with the refreshments again.

A little too drunk for her, the Nightshade looks a little relieved she was overlooked and decides to quickly retrace her steps, back to the Swan, rolling her eyes and speaking in a whisper to him, her stance and look rather serious.

The blue eyes of the Lily look toward the ruckus and there is a huffing sigh. "You would think others could learn to behave themselves at these events," she tsks quietly before looking over at the Raven again. "I do hope that you are remembering to enjoy yourself, Mother. Or are you all business and no play today?" She shakes her head and looks next to the Lizard-Lion. "Perhaps that is true, but still," she laments.

The Lady Lion bobs her head up and down. "Of course, Grandfather!" she squeaks happily. "No swearing in front of Mommy." And the Lily passes a slanted eyed look over to her father expectantly.

The Swan grins and nods. Perhaps noting the wince. "I wonder if this or a fox would be brighter colored." He seems to be a jester for this day, at least in his choice of clothing. For reasons few perhaps know. "Well, perhaps you will find your pray at some point." He offers to the Wolf. Letting his eyes wander a bit then. There is one face that makes him freeze in the spot. Staring for a moment and it only breaks once the Nightshade is whispering to him.

Anathema laughs warmly to her daughter, giving her arm a gentle squeeze. "Now, my dear, you know I am always looking for time to be all play and no business. And tonight is one of those nights. Your father will be lucky if I don't embarrass us somehow." And she winks to the Lizard-lion before the Lily has him in her mother-death-sights. She turns meaningfully to grasp at a cup of passing strongwine. She winks to the Lady Lion once more before she tucks the cup under her beak and takes a solid gulp.

The Dog smiles, "For once, I'm not worrying about who is who, and who's talking with who and all that stuff," he replies, sipping his wine for the moment. "It's a wonderful event, though, I've got to say that."

Nikolus does, eventually, accept the offered hand after many failed attempts to gain ground on his own. Once upright, he waved unsteadily, "Good man." He patted the Frey guard's arm, then again on his chest. Heavily lidded eyes did gaze about at the multitude of costumes. The Groves man had a mask, somewhere. Nikolus touched the top of his head before asking, "Who's she?" Indicating to the Halcyon.

Tyroan nods directly at the little Lion's response, turning up steel-gray eyes that are actually as innocent as possible (on a fifty-something soldier who's been through three wars and who knows how many whorehouses). Shaking his head, he nods over to his wife, "After the dance. And after someone deals with that cursing fucking drunk." He grunts softly, "Right then. Dance. Then I'll look after Lady Lion so you can go make some men drool." There might be a little dry annoyance there, but at least he's not making a big deal about it.

The Frey guard tries to steady the Groves for a moment and carefully lets go of the man once he can stand on his own - sort of. Clearly not sharing the secretive identity games of the attending guests he gives a candid reply to Nikolus's question. "That is the Lady Lyanna Frey, Ambassador to Highfield."

Nightshade passes her gaze over the wolf rather briefly, no light of recognition in her eyes. As the Swan continues talking, she looks back at him, "I think.." Looking around then back to him, she has a frown on her face.. "What is it?"

One good eye attempts to refocus on the costumed female, "A Frey?" His brows raise marking his surprised. "What a waste," Nikolus tells the guard that aided his rise then immediately drops his gaze to the ground in search of his cane.

A chuckle comes from the Swan at the whisper before whispering in return. Though his eyes keep going back in the direction of the Groves lord and Tree. A smile then to the Nightshade. "It's nothing. Though…" About to head over somewhere but seems he decides to stay still, for now. Perhaps taking note of someone though. "Enjoying yourself, Nightshade?"

With a sigh, the Lily just shakes her head. "I did not have any intention of making men drool, Father," she replies. "However, if such a thing were to occur, I would not dissuade anyone from doing it." She smiles. "Enjoy your dance," she encourages as she finally sets the little Lion on the ground and firmly takes one hand.

"Come, Husband… one dance and then we can entertain our granddaughter so the Lily can enjoy herself," Anathema encourages, outstretching a hand toward her husband so that he may take it and then be escorted out onto the dance floor. She offers her daughter a subtle wink before she looks back at her husband. "You are looking very handsome tonight, Lord Bootleather."

Tyroan nods his head at the Lily's words, "Of course not. Just don't cause a fucking fight, eh?" That's said with a smile, then he turns around to escort the Raven out to the dancefloor, "You're just saying that because my costume covers half my fucking face." He snorts with laughter, stepping up to take his wife into closed position and begin a dance that's only a decade or two out of fashion. He doesn't move with the flare of a born dancer, but the sure motions of someone who has been doing what little dancing he knows how to do for a very long time.

The witchy Raven offers her husband a broader smile that touches her dark eyes. "I was actually talking about your ass-end, Husband." And then she joins him in the gliding steps of a pair that has been dancing with one another for far too long. It appears threats of the Bootleather Harpy actually stepping on her feet were exaggerated as she follows his lead without concern.

The Nightshade seems to find some amusement in the whispered words from the Swan. "I think that is a very good idea, and I am grateful for your patience." The question from him gets another smile. "It is lovely, I have wine, I have family and there is music, what is not to enjoy?"

The Shade, a bit lost for now just watches the gathering and the little lady Lion with a bright smile. Though not sure what to do. Soon enough he does move over towards her and the Lily. "Hi." He offers and seems to enjoy seeing the Lion again. She is quite cute after all.

Little Lion looks up at the Shade, her ruffled head tilting up at the greeting. "Hello!" she greets happily, hands clapping together. "Do you think I look fiercesome as a Lannister as a lion?" she asks

The Shade's hair is covered by a cape and covering most cheekbones and nose is a simple black mask, though it goes along down each cheek to cover all but the chin and mouth. The cape in similar simple style. His entire outfit is black and simple.

Little Lion looks up at the Shade, her ruffled head tilting up at the greeting. "Hello!" she greets happily, hands clapping together. "Do you think I look as fierce as a Lannister as a lion?" she asks of her new friend. Or old friend. Hard to say.She smiles, absolutely delighted.

The Lily Mother looks down at her little lion with great affection before over at the Shade, dipping down into a polite curtsey. "I do hope that you are enjoying yourself," she comments lightly. There's a peculiar lack of title, but then again, how would one know how to address a person at a Masque.

Dog has continued simply drinking from his wine, watching the people with a bit of a smile, before he looks to the Cat again, draining the last of his wine, as he looks around once more. A brief pause, and a smile, now. "I guess I should burn those letters," he says, a bit quietly for the moment.

The cat walks with the dog, her wine in hand, though she drinks from it so seldom. "I will come with you, perhaps I will do the same." Glancing back up at him, she is drawn to his smile, though the mask covers his face, his warm brown eyes are still visible. "I am having a good time with you."

There is a grin and a nod to the Lion from the Shade, "Indeed! Fierce!" He offers and seems amused. Glancing over to the Lily as well and offers a bow. "I am. I do hope you are as well." Since she left out titles he will do the same for now. The youth seeming in good mood though.

Tyroan grunts a laugh at the Raven's rejoinder, "Yeah. My fuckin' ass. Well, that's just 'cause you can't see yours." The steps continue apace, turning the Lizard-lion and Raven about the space kept open for dancing. "So. I've only seen three couples slipping off for a little tumbling in the fucking bushes, and all common. You?"

The Little Lion claps her hands together, beaming happily. "Yay!" she squeals delightedly. She looks up at the Lily, taking one of her hands and shaking. "See, Mommy! Fierce like a Lannister!" She seems so happy about this and the Mother can only look down at her daughter, stroking back the girl's dark bouncing curls. "And as pretty as the Queen herself, little love." The Lily lifts her bright blue eyes up to the Shade with a dry quirk of her lips. "Yes, I am enjoying myself quite a bit. It has been… quite some time since I have been able to step into such a festive occasion in such cheerful colors." Her hands smooth down the front of her gown slowly. "Or even been able to dance." Oh, the wistfulness in that voice.

"Sounds good," Dog offers to the Cat, before he adds, "And you know I always have a good time when you're with me, right?" Moving over to where the letters have been burned, taking out two from a pocket, letting out a bit of a sigh as he looks to those letters. Keeping them in his hand for a few moments now, turning them around a little.

The Shade smiles at both mother and daugther before nodding a bit as he listens. "Then perhaps I could offer a dance?" He suggests with a smile and offering a hand. "With both of you perhaps?" He suggests, not wanting to little one to have to be standing all alone either. Looking between both for a moment. Happy to be able to help.

The Lily gives the Shade a warm smile, dipping her head down into a graceful nod. "You are far too kind," she says warmly. "I would recommend a dance with the little Lion first, but afterward, I would greatly enjoy a dance with you as well." She squeezes her daughter's hand and bends down to look her in the eye. "Would you like to dance, little love?" she asks.

The Lion seems so very excited about the prospect of a dance, bouncing up and down on the tips of her toes. "Oh, dance! I want to dance!" she squeals. "Can I?" She looks up at the Shade with the same blue eyes of her Mother. "Dance?" There's a moment of hesitation, as if afraid he might say no.

Were they delayed or have they been present the entire time? A woman in a gown of black and various hues of red-brown with a busy train of shimmering lace billowing from the hip and a leather mask formed into a narrow muzzle with perked ears moves upon the dance floor with a man dressed as a more fantastical pirate. They've kept to themselves for a time, but someone soon approaches to speak to the pirate and they offer light parting words. With a promise to resume. The Fox breaks away then, leaving the two men to their conversation, and she makes her way towards where drinks are being served, pausing to await her chance for a goblet of wine.

The Shade is just smiling brightly and nodding. "Of course." Offering his hand to the little Lion. "Do you want to dance then, lady Lion?" He asks. A brief glance to the Lily as well. "And I will offer do dance with you as well." He offers then and will let Lion pull him along.

Lowering his head a little bit as he watches the letters in his hand, the Dog mutters something to himself, before he slowly moves them over the fire, watching the flames take them now. Standing entirely still as he does so, watching the letters rather carefully.

The Swan has been quiet and enjoying himself for a moment. Though he does smile and nod to the words that were earlier uttered by Nightshade. "That is indeed true." A genuine warm smile offered. Glancing around the area a bit.

The Little Lion takes the Shade's hand and she totters after him as fast as her little legs can go. Her tawny dress sways back and forth, head held high. She could be a little Princess for all of her pride and confidence as she walks alongside the older man.

The Lily smiles in response to the Shade and takes a few steps back to allow her daughter to go off, but that does not mean that she does not watch with the keen eyes of a mother protecting her young. "I do look forward to the dance," she muses quietly.

Nightshade has been just quietly mingling with her Swan, she smiles back up at him when he speaks back with her. "Would you like to dance?"

The Shade smiles and seems to have fun and find the little lady to be quite cute. Moving with her and will offer to dance. Doing it in a slow pace and even slowly spinning the Lion.

The Swan smiles in return and nods to Nightshade. "That does sound interesting enough. So that I can do." He offers and grins. Passing by the Fox as well and offering a bow of his head to her. Though leading Nightshade along.

Once wine is acquired, the Fox moves away from the table. She pauses to let a small gathering pass and in movement, the Swan catches her gaze. She dips her head in return to the greeting, blonde ringlets bouncing softly against the pale skin of her neck in the process. She seems intent for the moment to observe. Perhaps attempting to guess as to who might be who. Her steps take her lightly along in a rustle of skirts, keeping to the fringes of the dancers for now.

The little Lion squeals with delight as she gets her dance with the Shade, beaming happy smiles and even pausing to wave toward the Lily as they go sweeping by her. The Lily herself just looks towards her daughter with a warm look. Her arms cross over her midsection as she waits patiently.

Smiles and chuckles escapes the Shade as he dances with the little Lion. A glance and wave to the Lily as well as he follows the little Lions actions. Continuing to dance. Glad to be able to make the young girl happy. He will try and keep an eye on the little Lion to make sure that she is alright as well. So when she does seem to have had enough he will lead her back to her mother. Until then he just continues to dance.

The Dog keeps his head lowered as he lets go of the last pieces of burning letters, watching them until the moment when there's nothing but ashes left now. Raising his head again, he looks around rather carefully for the moment now.

After making several sweeps of the dance floor, the little Lion seems to have had her fill and she tugs at the Shade to finally be taken back to the safety of her mother's arms. But it doesn't lessen her excitement of getting her first dance with a grown up man at her first real Masque. The Lily is still keeping a careful watch on her daughter, lips curved into a smile. One of her maids has returned to take care of her lady. The maid is dressed in simpler clothes, but has the look of a flower herself.

Still smiling and helping the Lion back to her mother. Glad that the little one is happy. The Shade smiles to the Lily and then looks between them all before offering his hand to the Lily. "I do think that I owe one to you as well." He says in a light tone.

The Swan does offer a smile to the Fox but continuing with the Nightshade to dance a bit with her. Speaking a bit in low tones and looking around the area.

Nightshade offers a dip of a curtsy to the fox before she moves to the dance floor with the Swan, she murmurs softly to him in return.

There's a few deep breaths as the Dog finishes burning those letters, and he looks around rather carefully for the moment. "Well, that's that, I suppose," he mutters.

Standing at the dog’s side is a cat, who is obviously his betrothed if all that white blonde hair is any indication, though the white and gold costume and mask do conceal her features. When he burns his letters, she places a hand on his arm, offering him a silent support and a loving smile.

There's a curtsey in return to Nightshade before the Fox moves on, passing by a few more costumed revelers. She's moving in such a way to keep the Pirate in sight as he speaks to someone, perhaps waiting her opportunity to rejoin him. There's a look towards the fire and those there, sending letters to the dead. Beneath the narrow muzzle of her mast, the Fox frowns faintly in thought.

On the dance floor stand the Swan along with the Nightshade. Smiling and nodding to her. His clothing bright and perhaps a couple of people getting a bit annoyed with it. Though it seemed to have been thought out for that reason with the white and orange. Whispering to her in return.
There is dancing and a table with food and refreshments. There is even a place for burning. For the letters one wish to send to those that have passed on.

Dancing with the Swan, the Nightshade tilts her head back, moving gracefully to the music, the multi-green shades of her skirt swaying around her legs. The whispered words back and forth are met with smiles and other warm expressions. Nothing romantic, but the love between the two is obvious. "I will, soon. I just want to give you both time to adjust first."

There's a smile from Dog to Cat at the hand on his arm. "Thanks…" he offers a bit quietly, as he looks around for a few moments. Noticing the Fox, he studies her for a few moments now, before he looks back to the woman by his side. "Anytthing in particular you's want to do now?" he asks.

After watching the Dog burn the letters, hearing his words, the Cat smiles gently, taking his arm once more. "How are you?" The words are spoken softly, filled with concern and a deep caring.

A bright smile is given from the Swan to the Nightshade. "She could need it." Is all he offers at that and does seem to be quite happy to be dancing and talking to the woman. Though easy enough one might be able to tell that the quality is of noble standards.

Nightshade beams a smile at the Swan and when the song comes to an end, she slips her hand into the bend of his arm. "I think I am going to retire for the evening. I had a lovely time and thank you for escorting me." She pauses a moment and kisses his covered cheek. "Love you," she says simply before letting go of his arm and bouncing away, lifting off her mask as she goes to reveal her identity as Bella Fenster.

The dancing is as much a reason to mingle and 'see' and 'be seen' while being confusing and possibly mysterious as anything else so far this evening. A lone butterfly, among the other winged costumes, makes her way through the room with a folded square of paper in one hand and a drink held in the other. With a mask covering her face the butterfly is as mysterious as anyone else, and precisely because of that she is enjoying the anonymity of the evening and the chance to enjoy the music as she heads for the fire that is currently burning rather brightly with the most recent round of offerings.

With the identity of the Swan perhaps revealed by Bella showing her face, he grins. "Love you too. Be well." He tells her and looks around a bit. Starting on his way towards refreshments. Passing several people and nodding and smiling. His own outfit not really one that blends into a crowd. The colors almost screaming perhaps. Perhaps spotting the lone butterfly as well. Offering a bow of his head towards her. Hard to tell who it is across the distance perhaps.

While they are not as bright and bold as some, the colors in the gown the Fox wears are very unlike the girl beneath the mask. Which is, perhaps, part of the point. She seems fairly content to observe, pale blue eyes bright and alert as they track certain people in the crowd. Seeking out body language or quirks that might reveal them to her. The narrow muzzle of the mask sits high enough upon brow and nose that she's able to drink her wine without adjusting it too much.

"Me? Not too bad," Dog replies to the Cat, closing his eyes for a few brief moments. "I was far worse when I wrote those," he admits, before he offers a grin as he opens his eyes again. "Besides, being here, having a fun evening together with you, that would make me feel good no matter what," he remarks. Looking over to the appearing butterfly now, a bit carefully.

As the child returns to her arms, the Lily leans down to scoop her up into her arms, pressing a kiss against the soft skin of the little Lion. "Did you have a good time, dear one?" she asks of the girl who chatters her enthusiastic retelling of everything that has happened. The woman smiles as she pets her hair and passes her off to the waiting maid. "Now that you've had your dance, you are off to bed, my love. Go. I will check on you before I retire for the evening." As the girl is carried off, protesting the entire way, the Lily looks back to the Shade with a smile. "Thank you for indulging her. She is a sweet child. So full of energy."

The butterfly steps up to the burning flame and, finishing the last of the drink she's holding her right hand, curls the fingers of her left around the piece of paper she's holding for another moment before she leans forward and tosses the paper into the fire. From behind the mask the blue-grey eyes are solemn, watching the edges of the paper catch fire at first, curling up and turning into black charcoal strips before the entire piece of paper catches hold in a sudden conflagration and a burst of light.

A wide grin on the Shade's cheeks at the talk between mother and daugther before shaking his head a bit as the little Lion is protesting. Turning towards the Lily then. "Of course. It was fun. She is indeed quite sweet. It's fun and I am sure that she will continue being a sweet child." He agrees with a bright smile. Not seeming to have minded. Hand still offered if she wish. "Want something to drink? Or to dance perhaps?" He asks of her.

The eyes of the Swan soon enough goes to the Fox as well. Smiling a bit to her. "Enjoyed yourself so far?" He asks as he wanders closer with a drink in hand. He does continue to glance around a bit.

There's a slight smile on the Fox's lips as the Swan approaches. With the reveal of Nightshade and perhaps other familiarities… she is relatively certain of who it might be. Goblet is lifted and she takes a sip, tilting her head in a nod of greeting. "Yes, well enough," she says, looking across the dancers. "The choices in decorating are very tasteful. It is a fine event."

Waiting until the paper is well and truly cinders, the butterfly eyes the empty drink that she's holding and turns back to the glittering and masked throng. The solemn look in those blue-grey eyes is replaced with a fine gleam of amusement as she takes in the scene before her. But.. empty glass is important so she begins to thread her way through the crowd again, mindful of the wings so that they don't get tugged or snared en route.

"I do hope that she will remain such," the Lily replies as she looks back to where her daughter is being ushered off to. "You are far too kind," she muses, her gaze returning to the Shade. "A dance would be wonderful, if you would care to indulge me." Her eyes brighten at the prospect.

"Oh, indeed. I agree with that." Comes the reply from the Swan. "I do think it has been a success. I do hope you have been enjoying yourself?" He offers. Perhaps trying to place her. Or he remembers her from a certain close up once upon a time. Glancing and offering a smile to butterfly if she comes in passing, since he was moving from the refreshment table.

The Cat remains at the side of the Dog as he closes his eyes a few moments. When he grins, her own smile softens, "I can imagine it was a very difficult time. Either way, I am here for you and this evening together has been one of the best for me so far." Looking at the others, the Cat watches them interact, her eyes settle on the small child with tenderness. Someday…

"I am certain that she will." The Shade answers and smiles. Letting her take his hand then if she wish. So he can lead her to the dance floor. "I only do what I can to help. It's fun." He assures the Lily. A glance towards the little Lion before focusing on the Lily.

The Fox tilts her head down a bit, letting the shadows cast themselves across the lower half of her face. Her pale blue eyes are still readily visible as she watches the Swan. There's a hint of a smile, goblet raised for another sip. "I have, yes," she replies, looking across the dance floor once more. "It is a great puzzle, is it not? Figuring out who is who."

"I know you are, which is why the future looks quite good," the Dog offers, with a bit of a smile now. "And it's been quite a fantastic evening." A brief pause, before he adds, "And as for the hard time with the letters, I guess it's what I needed to get through a few things." It's offered a bit softly, before he follows her gaze to the child. "One day…" he offers a bit softly.

The Lily's fingers are hesitant and light within the Shade's. "You are far too kind to help, especially on a night like tonight, when everyone can be as they are, and not hiding behind titles and labels." Her lips quirk upward. "No, instead we hide behind masks. Fitting, don't you think?"

Having made her way to the table where the food, drinks and more drinks are arranged, the winged butterfly mingles with the line until she tops off her glass of wine and takes a small plate to balance some of the tidbits of food upon. The selection is offered and tended by a small army of what she guesses are household staff, but everyone in masks - just like the guests - makes everything just a bit more confusing than normal.

A chuckle does escape the Shade. "I have no reason the change." He says and shrugs a bit. Although perhaps not fully true since otherwise he might not be casual and then dancing with a lady. Since his clothing does seem of lesser quality and most likely a commoner. As for hiding behind masks, he grins. "Perhaps so. Some masks are interesting." He offers and smiles. Trying to be gentle in return as he feel the hesitant hand in his. Once on the dance floor he will try and start dancing with her. He is a skilled enough dancer though so he is trying to adapt to the Lily.

Blue eyes meet brown as the Cat looks up at the Dog as he seems to read her mind. Underneath her white and gold mask, her cheeks tint pink again, "One day," she echoes softly. There is a moment as she surveys the others, possibly knowing who the Swan is, but most of them are unfamiliar to her. "I am just happy to see you smile."

"It is indeed interesting." Comes the Swan's reply to the Fox. "Though some one could figure out from their choice of costume. Some hiding behind their wits and being someone else. Others proudly showing their colors and so forth. There are a lot of different things." He says and observes. His voice holding the usual confidence of the one behind the mask. His eyes do look around a bit as he continues to search for someone.

"It tells you more about the person than they may perhaps like," the Fox says brightly, a slight smile forming beneath the narrow, red-brown muzzle. The lights glint off the more bronzen and copper highlights on the leather form. "Once you figure someone out, you can begin to sort out the hows and whys of their costume selection." She turns slightly towards the Swan, looking him over. "I have not quite figured out your choice yet."

The Swan grins quite wide as he listens to the Fox. Nodding to her assessment. "Quite true as for my own. Many reasons." Then looking over his shoulder towards the refreshment table and the Butterfly that is now closer. Waving her over to join them.

It's almost as if the Dog can see the pinkening of the cheeks under the Cat's mask now, as he offers her a smile. Looking around for a few moments as well, gaze stopping on the various people for a few moments. Especially on the Fox, although he doesn't seem too sure about who anyone is at the moment. Looking back to the Cat, he offers her another smile. "For as long as I've known you, you've managed to get a smile out of me," he offers.

With a slight smile, the Lily nods and steps in to dance with the Shade. Her steps are smooth and full of grace, a woman who has spent many years learning to dance and practicing. "Some masks are necessary," she muses. "Or else nights like tonight would never be possible."

Although the party has been underway for a while, and some people have departed already, still more arrive. One slips through the crowd, flitting around the others and occasionally whistling the call of a bluebird while he peers at the scene from behind a dark blue mask. The Bluebird quickly locates the tables, and joins others in parading past the servers to take a small cup of wine and a freshly baked fruit pastry. Then his eyes dart once more among the faces of people who are near strangers in their own costumes, most of which are fine and elegant compared to his own simple ensemble in shades of blue.

"Well, I'm certain there are many reasons," the Fox says with a soft laugh. She finishes the wine and stops a passing wench — dressed in her own basic costume, bearing bottles of wine — for a refill. "Is it for the grace? The innocence hinted at by the pristine white weathers?" She seems to be musing aloud at this point.

A bright smile as he enjoys the dancing with the Lily. The Shade does nod at her words about needing masks. "I see. That is smart." He offers and continues to enjoy the dance. Perhaps more than he would on another night, not that this kind of dance would even happen then. "I have enjoyed tonight quite a bit."

The sound of whistling draws the attention of a winged butterfly, turning toward the man in the bright blue mask - which matches the tune he's whistling. She feels a small smile form on her face even as the swan - with the distinctive orange plumage - waves to her as well. A quiet laugh comes from her as she carries her glass of wine and small plate of food. "Orange," is remarked in a mild tone of amusement, "distinctive," is added to the Swan even as she balances the small plate on top of the glass of wine she's holding and waves her now free hand to the Bluebird.

The Cat smiles at the Dog, though now she is stifling a yawn as well. "I should retire for the evening, though I wish not to draw you from the festivities," she offers a curtsy. "I will see you on the morrow."

The Swan chuckles and nods, "That and more." He explains and hears the laughter and the following words. "Well of course. At least I didn't force my guards into fully white." He says and grins to the Butterfly a well. "So Butterfly, meet Fox." He introduces them with a smirk. "I must say that you both look great. Lady Fox, creative and beautiful." Looking to the Butterfly then, "And you, dear Butterfly, astonishing and playful." Then there is a look towards the Bluebird, offering a bow to the man.

The Lily smiles. "I have enjoyed this evening very much myself," she concurs. "It is almost liberating to be allowed the chance to step outside of the confines that we all live within and be as we are." She smiles again. "I do thank you for the dance," she adds, voice dropping.

There's a bit of a nod from the dog as he hears the cat's words, offering her a bit of a grin. "Of course. Rest well, my dear. And I'll see you on the morrow." Bowing a bit to her curtsy now.

"Hide your children, hide your wives!" The Pirate has come to make an introduction in the scene, sweeping in with his expansive surcoat so long that it almost doubles as a long cloak. The man, hidden well by his hat and -fabulous- tri-corner hat strolls in, carrying a half-full glass of something that doesn't look like wine. Something harder, no doubt. Oh, he's been around as the night progressed, carrying on with just about everyone in the room, but it's only now that he decides that the night time is the right time to make an appearance, boldly stepping forward towards the dancing area. "What woman dare have the courage to dance with the likes of this dashing-looking rouge, eh? Fear not your improprieties and your…conscience! I'll make sure both are soundly kept…that is until I pilfer them off into the night!""

There's a light, soft laugh from the Fox as the Swan makes introductions and she tilts her head slightly towards the Butterfly. "A pleasure to meet you, Butterfly. I do hope you are enjoying your evening." She lifts her recently-filled goblet to her lips and turns slightly at the outburst and a smile builds under the muzzle of her mask. Slow at first, but then broader. "Excuse me," she says softly to the two she was speaking with, taking a long drink of wine as she takes her black and tawny golden self into the midst of the crowds, heading for the boisterous pirate.

"Of course, and thank you as well." The Shade's voice dropping as the Lily's does. Seemingly agreeing with her words. Continuing for a bit and even trying to spin her around once.

The Cat curtsy's back before leaving to go to the Noble room she has at the nearby inn, waiting until she is well away to remove her mask.

Bluebird has just stepped from the table when he spots Madame Butterfly. he grins broadly and bows his head gracefully before he ventures toward her and the Swan. "Good day to you, my fellow winged creatures!" he hails, lifting his cup in salute. "A fine evening for a flight from distant lands, would you not say?" He bows to the swan, and exclaims, "What exquisite plumage!" Then to the delicate Butterfly, "And you, the perfect jewel to decorate lovely flowers of the fields."

Dog watches the cat as she heads off, staying where he is until she's fully out of sight now. Looking around a bit thoughtfully to the others, before he moves to get hold of some wine now. And walking around for a few moments now, so he can study the others a bit more carefully.

The Pirate is more than happy to hob-knob with anyone he comes across, drinking profusely from that large glass, chalice, jug, that he's carrying with him. There's shoulder-slaps aplenty along with more than few flirtacious remarks at some of the more feminine looking people there, heedless of their rank or status in the world. Everyone is free game to the brash and intrepid swashbuckler. Then, he eyes the Fox coming towards him, tilting his head. "And what's this? Some vulumptous vulpine vixen coming to dare a chance at speaking to such a dashing pirate such as myself. Have become lost, my dear? Need me to navigate you towards the nearest drink?" To punctuate that, he takes a generous pull from his amber looking liquid.

There's a teasing smirk that has settled on the Fox's lips now and she laughs lightly at the Pirate's words, tendrils of blonde hair bouncing against neck and shoulders. "Lost? Simply because I did not route myself around? I prefer to go forth boldly, regardless of who might be in my way." She lifts her goblet in a semblence of a toast to the Pirate, lifting chin slightly. There's a flicker of light across her lower features, beneath the shaped leather of her mask. "I will require more to drink and you can surely escort me there, if you so wish." That said, she lifts the vessel to her lips and takes a long drink.

"Lady Fox, a pleasure to make your acquaintance," the butterfly replies with a smile, nodding as she speaks before glancing toward the arrival of the piratically attired gent. "I am, actually, and you?" is wondered of the Fox in return before the Fox heads through the crowd toward the pirate. The words of the Bluebird bring another smile from the Butterfly who, in return, gives a curtsy, "How gallant of you, and kind," she says as she straightens.

The Lily laughs as she is spun about. "You are quite a good dancer," she compliments. "Far smoother on your feet than I might have expected." There's a pause. "But perhaps now might be a good time to perhaps have a drink?"

The Shade chuckles, "Thank you. You are quite good as well." He tells her and nods. Offering his arm to lead her towards the drinks. Seemingly a bit calmer and just going with the moment for now. Knowing that the reigns are a bit more free. Titles not needed to worry about.

The dog sips his drink now, looking around the crowd once more, but not looking like he's going to do anything in particular at the moment. Whistling a bit to himself, in between sips, it seems to be some kind of an upbeat little danceable tune. It may not even be clear to him that he is whistling it.

"No more than befits you, Lady Butterfly," Bluebird answers, dipping his head respectfully toward the winged woman. He glances toward the departing Fox, and then, with a grin, jokes, "The fox seems to prefer more intoxicating fare, which leaves poor birds like us safe, for now." He glances to the Swan. Then, carefully, he move his cup under his beak for a small taste of the wine before he returns to watching the other guests with a keen eye.

"We are all lost, until we happen to find what we're looking for." the Pirate makes a sweeping, exaggerated bow at the Foxy Lady. "And then, we're still lost!" he laughs, returning the toast to her. "Bold. I -like- bold. A lady after me own heart, I say." Looking at her glass, he makes a face. Or well, at least his lips down. "Come now, my pretty. I can't be seen with a little thimble like that. That's little more than an insult to the liquor!" With his free hand, he offers his arm to her. "How about I get you a real glass, then the two of us and drink like how it's supposed to be done?"

The Swan chuckles and nods. "I thought of doing it properly." OR just over the top. Grinning at the Bluebird. Nodding to Fox as she makes her leave. "I do think you are right about that. I feel safe already." He offers a bit playfully. "Indeed. Bluebird is right." He offers about the earlier compliment. "When birds and butterflies gather things will most likely end quite nicely."

The Lily takes the Shade's arm as she's escorted toward the drinks. "And so then, my good Master, in the little time we have remaining to us, we are permitted the freedom of knowing nothing of the other. Quite liberating, would you not agree? And how shall we spend the rest of it?"

Indeed, the Fox has a different prey in mind. No maw full of feathers this eve, for liquor and wine flow so freely. Skirts rustle as she comes to a stop before the pirate. Pale blue eyes twinkle beneath the mask as she lifts the goblet for another drink. Gaze tracks down to it at his words and she scoffs faintly. "How would I hold one much bigger, do you think?" Despite the mild, teasing protest, she does tuck her hand into the offered arm, fingers curling within the coat-covered elbow.

"Or horribly," the butterfly remarks with another slow shake of her head. "Either way, it's sure to be epic," she adds before glancing down at her costume then up at the Swan again. "Astonishing and playful? I .. was aiming for whimsical and fanciful, but I'll take astonishing and playful."

"We could do whatever we wish for, my lady." The Shade offers and smiles. Grabbing drinks for them both and handing wine to the lady. "Or do you prefer something else?" He asks. Smiling brightly. "Perhaps to talk or whatever we wish. What do you wish, my lady?" He asks and smiles.

"How? My dear Foxy one, you must not such questions! You must simply ask, 'why not'? And lo, it shall someday happen." the Priate says, seeming to think his logic is infalliable. "But if you require instruction, I think an old salt such as myself would be able to teach in such things. Come! I know of such places where we can get much larger glasses. It's only when you're stumbling about the pathway smiling at everything, only then, are you in the position to know that you've had a good time at a masque. But," he grins at her, hazel eyes flickering. "Should such a challenge make your steps falter, to enter uncharted waters, perhaps you are not bold enough to go where this pirate sails."

"Well, if you aimed for it and I said it would I not just be echoing the opinions you wished instead of coming up with new ones?" The Swan asks and enjoying the banter. Chuckling about it ending horribly. "I am sure that either way it is indeed interesting and grand." Looking over to the Bluebird. "Do you not agree? I do think that your own costume does hold quite some entertaining and enjoyable aspects as well."

"I have been thusly corrected," the Fox says with a bright laugh, lifting goblet for another drink. She watches the pirate over the edge, eyes shadowed beneath her mask. "Please, lead the way. I would be happy to learn of these larger vessels you tell such tales of." Drink finished, she presses the emptied goblet into the hands of a passing server, making sure to fall into step with the Pirate. "I have not faced a falter in my steps before and I have no intention to begin tonight."

A gentle smile flits across the Lily's lips. "Visenya," is her quiet reply before she dips down into a curtsey. "Thank you for this evening," she murmurs. "But I must go and check on my little Lion to ensure that she was put to bed and is not fussing."

Bluebird smiles and nods. "If you chose the same words, Lord Trumpeter, certainly that would be echo," he agrees. "I believe that our Butterfly finds 'astonishing' less sweet than the perfume of flowers that she favors. Astonishment can mean fright." He bows his head to the winged lady, and he adds, "Perhaps, 'a delightful flight of fancy' might suit her heart better."

The Shade smiles and nods. "Ken." He offers in return in a low tone along with a smile. "Thank you, Visenya." Trying it out, since it might be the only time. "Have a good night. Say goodnight to the little Lion from me." He tells her and grins at that.

"Astonishing, yes, can mean fright," the butterfly replies, finding another quiet laugh escaping her before lifting the glass to take another sip from the contents. "Lord Trumpeter, ahh yes, a Trumpeter swan," she says with a long look at the orange plumage sporting swan. "I find that title fits our Swan rather aptly, Lord Bluebird," she says with a grin toward the bluebird next. "So, what costumes were seen tonight, what was memorable or shocking?" she wonders.

Finishing his drink, the Dog starts off in the direction of the Inn now, placing the empty glass where it can be picked up later. It would seem that for the black an tan-colored canine, the party's over now.

The Trumpeter Swan grins and shrugs, "True enough. I do think that either way, it is a compliment." He tells them. As for the word about the costumes, he grins. "A lot of interesting ones. A lizard-lion with his Raven wife. Or perhaps my own company here having been a nightshade." He offers with a grin. There is a nod to the dog as he passes towards the inn.

"That I will do," the Lily replies before she takes a step back. And then another. "Good night, Ken," she murmurs before she finally turns and makes her way away from the party. As she goes, a small group of ladies pull themselves away from whatever they were doing to walk with her. The Lady has her own gaggle.