Strangeness and Such
Strangeness and Such
Summary: Blaire's Journal
Date: 2nd November 2012
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Terrick's Roost
November 2nd, 289 A.L.

November 2nd. What a strange day.

I set out to ascertain what herbs grew in the fields and forests surrounding the Roost - the earth here is so different, so rich and.. soggy. Not like the Vale, really. At all. So I've a need to educate myself, and quickly. What if I suddenly require some mugwort and nobody knows what it looks like. Hmm, perhaps I should start drawing things. Then I could teach someone, in case I'm not around.

Anyway. I only realised I'd walked further than I likely ought to, when I came upon a group of men in Ashwood colors. Oops. Luckily, once they decided I wasn't a bandit, they seemed perfectly pleasant. Especially their ringleader. Not all the nobles I've met have been so nice.

And goodness, he's handsome. But I don't think he's aware of it, which is quite a charming quality. He was even kind enough to offer me some courtly compliments, though we both know full well I'm not deserving of them. I expect he sees hundreds of beautiful noblewomen, in his world - he was just being polite.


We agreed to write to one another, though. Just to alleviate the monotony of our days, really. And we'll leave the letters inside the old dead tree that roughly marks the edge of his family's territory and mine the Terricks. Now that that's decided, though.. I'm entirely unsure of what to say. What doyou say, to men like that? I need some advice. But I still don't really know anyone here.

And I can't exactly approach Lady Tressa with, 'Excuse me, my Lady, but how best ought I initiate charming dialogue with a knight of a Frey vassal?

It's all quite exciting.

Oh, damnation. I need to fetch some mice for Master Chalk, before I go.