Page 509: Straight Talk
Straight Talk
Summary: Ser Karel and Ser Perrin meet in the stables at Terrick's Roost
Date: 15/12/289
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Karel Perrin 
Stables at Roost Lane
Roost Lane runs right up to the front of the town's main stables. The rear of the structure is backed right against the interior wall of the town with the heavy wooden roofing gently sloped down towards the dirt road. Thick wooden beams are plunged into the ground and serve as a base for the walls between each stall. Hay serves as most of the flooring in the area with a large stack of it off to the side. Each stall has at least some on the ground to serve as bedding.
15 December 289

It's late, and even though Perrin had said he was going to be up before dawn, there are things that he must attend to. One of them is his horse apparently. While the few stable hands are taking care of tack and what not, the second born of Broadmoor is in the stall checking on his ride. Yes, his squire had already brushed the horse he calls Shadow down, but it's something that Perrin also has taken to liking. So brush in hand and Shadow busy crunching a half an apple he brushes the legs of the beast. "You have done good, Shadow. I promise a few more days and we will be back at Broadmoor and you shall be back home." A steady pat on the horses flanks before he moves to the head and reaches into a pouch at the side he brings forth another half of apple which is quickly gobbled up.

It's not that often that the Captain of the Stonebridge Guard gets to leave town, but with two of the Nayland ladies coming to the Roost, he's been sent to lead the group of guards there. And this evening finds him with the same idea as Perrin, it would seem. Speaking quietly with one of the other Nayland guards, who is sent off after a while, Karel makes his way over towards one of the stalls not far from where the Haigh nobleman happens to be. Speaking quietly with his horse as he pats it first, he seems to have focused on the animal for now.

As Perrin continues to brush Shadow he pauses as he hears something. Turning and leaving his stall he tilts his head to one side then the other till he pinpoints where the sound comes from. So he moves in that direction. At the stall he leans against one of the posts and watches the man take care of his horse as well. Arms cross over his chest, brush in one hand, he coughs politely to announce his presence. "Ser Karel Stenhammar. It has been a long time since last I saw you," he says. "I think the last time was at the Trial."

Pausing as he hears that cough, Karel turns to look over at the man. Studying him carefully for a few moments, he offers the man a bit of a nod. "You know me… Ser?" Guessing the man is indeed a knight. "May I ask you to let me know who you are?" Stepping away from his horse for a few moments now.

A half smile comes to Perrin as he watches the man. "Indeed you may and rightfully so for asking, Ser." A dip of his head is given to the man "I am Ser Perrin Haigh. Though I doubt you would remember me as you had a lot on your mind that day and I was just another face in the crowd." Perrin looks the man over from head to foot "I take it that there were no permanent injuries from that fight with the Ashwood?"

As he hears the name, Karel offers a polite nod, "A pleasure to meet you, m'lord." He then smiles momentarily. "I do not believe so, although both a few ladies and the Maester threatened me with it afterwards," he offers, a bit lightly. "It takes more to break an old man, I suppose."

Perrin chuckles and nods "Yes, I can understand that. Sometimes the fight afterwards, in a room or in a tent depending on the circumstance, is worse than the actual one." He pushes off the post he was leaning on "I don't normally say this, actually I don't think I have ever said it, but you impressed me Ser. Much more than that Ashwood did. You had every disadvantage and still made him work hard and feel that fight for a good long while after."

"Well, much of that is because I seldom have the patience to stay in a bed when healing up," Karel admits after a few moments. "I did that once, when I had a wedding to attend to and a son to meet for the first time. That was not the easiest time, believe me." Pausing as he hears the rest of the words, he offers another polite nod to the man. "Thank you for the kind words, m'lord." Spoken a bit quietly.

Again Perrin chuckles "When I took this," he touches the scare on his cheek "They had to threaten to tie me to the bed in order for me to stay there." And again he eyes the man for a time "You are the Captain of the Guards, correct? You escorted the Lady Jocelyn here, did you not?"

Karel smiles a bit as he hears that. "And the threats worked?" It's asked a bit quietly, before he nods. "I am, yes. And I was sent here with Lady Visenya and Lady Jocelyn, although there's a few more guards present as well, of course." A brief pause, before he adds, "Rumor has it one can't be too careful around here at the moment."

Perrin laughs as his eyes go to the roof. When they level out again the corners of them are wrinkled up "Did the threats work for you, Ser?" Then Perrin shakes his head no "Of course not." Brows rise a bit "Lady Visenya, I do not think I have had the pleasure of meeting her. Though I am familiar with Lady Jocelyn. But I am guessing that you have heard that by now?" Again there comes a shake of his head no and he lowers his eyes for a moment "No, it's not safe at all. But soon, very soon it shall be, that is my word on it."

"Well, not quite, I must admit," Karel replies after a few moments, offering a bit of a smile. "And Lady Visenya recently returned to her family from House Goodbrook, after the death of her husband, so that might explain you not having had the pleasure yet, m'lord." At the mention of having heard about the Haigh knight's familiarity with Lady Jocelyn, he nods a bit. "I have heard," he replies.

"Ahh, yes. That's right. I did hear something along those lines about Lady Visenya. My condolences and of course my House's as well." There is a long pause as Perrin studies the man. A very long pause. At last he says a simple "Good." Then another pause before he continues "I do not like there to be secrets in matters such as that. I would rather be right up front with such things. But worry not, Ser, for I shall not do anything unproper. On that you have my word."

Karel smiles, "Hopefully you will have the chance to tell Lady Visenya yourself, m'lord." A brief pause as he hears Perrin's words, nodding a little bit. "That is a good thing, m'lord." The being right up front with such things. He nods once more as he hears the last part. "Good. Because I would not want to have to do anything about any such things, especially not while we are away from Stonebridge."

"I, of course, look forward to offering such condolences to the Lady myself. When the time is right of course." Perrin smiles and nods "I have always felt that if everyone was more up front with some things then a lot of misunderstandings would be stopped before they got out of hand." He laughs and dips his head "Nor would I wish for you to be put in such a situation, Ser. No," he says again shaking his head "I would not want that at all. Remember, I have seen you fight." A slight change of subject comes next "Stonebridge. Yes, my father has sent me to go there to discuss trade with the Steward. I was on my way there when my niece was taken and so here I am instead. As soon as this matter is cleared up I shall be heading there though. I shall," he smiles "be in your lands and thus I would not to have ill will arrive before I do. Not because of any impropriety on my part. But do not mistake me, Ser, for I care deeply for the Lady Jocelyn all the same. It's just by the Seven that the timing of the trade proposals happen to come about at the time I was first meeting the Lady."

There's a long moment of pause as Karel studies the noble knight rather carefully, one eyebrow raising a little bit as he does. Finally, he offers the man a bit of a grin. "It's a good thing, stopping misunderstandings. Unfortunately, there are too many who prefers those to happen, I suppose." He offers a bit of a grin at the part about having seen him fight. "Ah, so getting beaten up by the Ashwood Lord can have helped me avoid trouble in the future? That's good to know." As he hears the part about both Stonebridge and the lady, he offers a bit of a nod. "I do not doubt that you care for her, Ser Perrin. Because she is a good girl, and has the ability to make people care."

Perrin nods with a smile "Unfortunately is the correct term, Ser. You speak rightly when you say that there are those that seem to enjoy such things," he lays out a hand "such as misunderstandings. It further their cause they feel. Where I on the other hand would build trust on a solid foundation of truth." He shrugs his shoulders "But then I guess I am not some others." Laughing "I think you gave as good as you got Ser, by my account that is. He just got lucky with one hit. Unfortunate that it was. Had it been the other way around I think the Ashwood would be telling a different tune than you. For you speak plainly as well, I like that." He doesn't say if the Ashwoods wouldn't, but maybe there is some implication in his tone and words. "Lady Jocelyn is a gem, in my eyes and I am sure in the eyes of all of the Naylands. She does, you are absolutely right, makes people care. Perhaps that is what attracted me to her so. That and she also speaks her mind. Not like some of the other Ladies that couldn't keep a serious thought in their head for mere seconds."

Karel nods a bit as he hears that, offering a bit of a smile. "You seem like a good man, m'lord," he offers after a few moments, nodding a bit as he listens now.

Perrin laughs a bit "Well thank you, Ser. That means a lot to me." With a nod of his head "It was good meeting your Ser Karel. Be safe, won't you?" He turns to leave, even takes a couple of steps before he snaps his fingers and turns "Please tell Lady Visenya that as soon as I can I would like to meet with her and offer my condolences," again he nods his head turns, takes one more step before turning back yet again "And give my regards to Lady Jocelyn as well, if you would be so kind. Tell her that after the search tomorrow I would like to have a word with her as well?" He smiles a moment before turning to leave and make his way from the stables, the brush that he has held is tossed aside and lands with a thud in a bucket.

"I will tell them, m'lord," Karel offers with a bit of a smile and a nod. "Be safe yourself, and good luck with the search." Watching the other man head off, he turns back to his own hourse now.