Stories Crackclaw Point
Stories: Crackckaw Point
Summary: Alys recants interesting stories about Crackclaw point.
Date: 22/06/2012
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Hollyholt: At the writing desk in Alys' Rooms
Thursday June 21st, 289

I come across a lot of stories in my travels through tomes and life, I had supposed it would be a good idea to perhaps start writing down some of my favorites, and whatever notes I can think of to add to the tale.

I had read this story to Alric yesterday, interesting story about Ser Clerance the Crabb of Crackclaw point. What I remember of it is written below, and whatever other tidbits I can think of about Crackclaw Point and its fabled inhabitants.

"Ser Clarence Crabb of Crackclaw Point was said to be eight feel tall and able to uproot trees with his bare hands. He rode an aurochs because no horse could bear him."

I had noted to Alric that he was a pretty big man, well as any man would be if he rod an aurochs. But that is neither here nor there, moving on.

"His wife was a woods witch, who would kiss the lips of the heads of knights, lords, and pirates he would bring her, and bring them back to life. Among the heads was a king of Duskendale. Ser Clarence would keep the heads in his castle, where they would constantly whisper. His castle became known as the Whisper…."

I had asked Alric if his were one of those heads, what he would say, I blush at the thought.

There is more to Crackclaw point and Ser Clarence the Crabb that I remember from when I was a child, some small tidbits of information, or a short tale I heard from one of my history masters and folk tellers.

"In Crackclaw Point, they tell of squishers, monsters that look like a mine at a distance but who have over-large heads and pale flesh with scales instead of hair. The squishers are said to come out at night, padding on webbed feet to steal children for their meals. Some claim they were all killed by the First Men, but others say it's untrue. Ser Clarence Crabb is said to have once fought the squisher king, though he is said to have been dead for over a thousand years."

Oh, I nearly forgot, a little bit of lore about Crackclaw point, devious little place full of reavers and pirates. But Crackbones, was a legendary champion of Crackclaw Point, he is said to have defeated a dragon by tying it in a knot so that its flames burned its tail. He was long dead when the Targaryen's came around though, so it is unlikely that the tale is true.

Interesting little tidbits from my literary and educational travels that I wish not to forget.