Page 381: Stonebridge Summit
Stonebridge Summit
Summary: The Crane's Crossing is host to a very unofficial conversation by a group of Erenfords, Mallisters, Baneforts, Naylands, and Freys.
Date: 07/08/2012
Related Logs: General state of Stonebridge, the Charltons/Naylands, and the Mallister/Banefort wedding-to-be.
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Crane's Crossing, Stonebridge
While Crane's Crossing is technically an Inn, it caters to the traveling nobility almost exclusively. The floors around the hearth are finely crafted stonework, as are the slate blocks that the firepit is constructed of. The rest of the floor is done in stained oak that matches the few long tables and the chairs. The rest of the main room is furnished with plush couches and seating to entice visitors to delay their leave. A full service kitchen provides food of all kinds as well as high quality ales and wines. Also available are several women to provide hospitality to the lonely or those in need, the quality of them to be beaten by but a few in the Riverlands. A hallway near the kitchen leads off to the rear of the building and several up-scale rooms.
7 August, 289

Almost sighing aloud when he still does not reveal the name of the Lady, Jocelyn looks over at the door as the group appear. Spotting Lady Nedra and her guards. Blinking at the sight of her, surprise washes over the Nayland woman and then some concern. "Yes, lets do that." she murmurs to Brennart and lifts a hand to Nedra, "Lady Nedra." she calls toward her trying to get her attention and offering a small smile of greeting.
The Lady that soon follows after Nedra gets a look, inclining her head to the woman as she makes her way into the Inn.

Nedra and her Septa, Anathe, are near the entrance to the common room, the gray haired Septa taking her time to remove her cloak and eye the common room while waiting for the Mallister guards that had escorted the two of them into the room to sort out which one's will be staying in to eat and which will be tending to the horses and such. Nedra is lifting one hand in a wave to Lady Jocelyn in return, a sudden smile forming upon her face at the sight of a familiar face in the crowd, the same hand smoothing her hair back from her face as she tilts her head in a polite nod of greeting to Lord Brennart as well, as he happens to be seated at the same time. "Lets wait for Kamron and Saffron though, before we set the course, shall we?" she murmurs and tilts her head in a meaningful gesture toward the door, attempting to convey that she's waiting for more to arrive before she can head over to greet Jocelyn properly.

Brennart glances back at the lady who followed Lady Nedra in, "The woman who came in behind Lady Nedra is Lady Bryliesa Frey, she's a ward of the Erenfords, do we have room to spare to include her and hers or should we gather at a bigger table?" He nods towards Nedra and hmmms, "It looks like we may need a bigger table think she's waiting for more…" He mentally counts off… "What do you think?"

Kamron's sister doesn't have to wait long, as he escorts his Lady into the inn. He's not exactly dressed for a night in a high-scale inn, wearing a simple grey arming jacket and a heavy axe at his side, but that's probably because he wore armor on the trip over. His squire and a fourth Mallister armsman follow after the Mallister and Banefort. The man looks over to his sibling, then out across the room, "I think I recognize one of them as an Erenford, sister-mine. Anyone else that you know?"

The Banefort is smiling brightly as they enter the inn, and she laughs in a warm musical note at Kamron's attempt to recognize those he knows. "Don't forget Lady Jocelyn Nayland," she points out with a gentle note, giving her betrothed a squeeze of his arm. "We met her at Seagard," she prompts helpfully before she smiles back toward Nedra. "Neddie, did we find that fabric you suggested for the Eagle cape?" She asks, mind still stuck in bridal mode despite Mistress Morla telling her countless times that everything is under control.

At the entrance of the others that seem to follow after Nedra, the look surprise on Jocelyn's face only becomes more evident. "My, there seems to be a few that are here…" she looks back to Brennart and the table that they sit at. "Yes, if all are traveling together and with to remain so, it would only be kind to meet them for a larger table to accept them all at once." Pushing back from her seat she begins to stand from the table. Shaking out her skirts one standing to release the wrinkles there. With the intent of going to meet the newly entered she steps away from the table and walks towards the group. "Good day to you all. What a surprise to see you all." she says, "A happy surprise no less." She lowers into a curtsey of greeting, bowing her head as she does so.

The elder servant slowly lowers her weary bones into the offered chair, letting out a mild *harumph* as she does so. Her papery hand reaches to tap the hand of her young noble escort before giving her a toothy smile. Bryliesa manages a genuine smile in return before slowly pulling up a seat beside the older woman as she leans over to speak something quietly to her. The older woman shakes her head with a frown nearly bawking at something said in quieted tones, but the Frey noblewoman continues a little more calmly. Finally, Bryliesa removes a coin from her pouch and simply slides it to the elder woman, adding simply, "A meal and payment as was agreed upon. I will not settle for anything less." Blue eyes lift as the Crossing gains even more patrons, as the Frey noblewoman offers a polite dip of her head in greeting to the newer arrivals.

Brennart gets up from the table along with Jocelyn and heads over to the gathered… gaggle? at the door, offering a slight bow, "Greetings m'lords and m'ladies. I hope your trip here was uneventful I've heard there have been some bandits on the road lately again."

Nedra turns slightly to face the door and aims a smile at her brother Kamron and his betrothed (her soon to be good-sister) Lady Saffron, "Your memory serves you well, brother-mine," she says, her tone of voice light and faintly amused at the question, "though that's Lord Brennart, not Lord Nevan or Otto," she helps clarify before shaking her head. "Not yet. But that's on my list. I need the ingredients to make paint and I'm positive I can get them here," she explains, a fine thread of excitement in her tone of voice at the prospect of doing something useful AND fun at the same time. She's turned back to the room at large in time to see Lady Jocelyn and Lord Brennart approach and offers a curtsey of greeting in return, "Thank you for the warm welcome, Lady Jocelyn and Lord Brennart" she says as she rises. "It's good to be here and I hope that we find you in good health."

Kamron blinks at Saffron's words, looking quickly back toward the gathered nobles across the room. Making a sound of self-annoyance, the Mallister knight nods at his betrothed, "Right." He reaches across to pat her hand, "And you needn't worry about that cloak. Mother is sending up the one she and Father used for their wedding." Properly prompted, Kam gives the Nayland a half-bow as she approaches, "Lady Jocelyn, a pleasure to see you again. Lord Brennart, likewise, I'm sure."

"You are forgiven, My Dear," Saffron says softly to her betrothed before she offers him a gentle smile. Though then she brightens to Jocelyn with her own curtsey. "Lady Jocelyn," she greets brightly. "You are looking lovely as ever." There is a warmth in her eyes — something that has not dissipated since the tournament at Seagard. She nods her head gently to Brennart, smiling. "And Lord Brennart… it is it Ser?" She does not let go of her betrothed's arm, though she does look to be scouting out somewhere to sit.

From the words murmurs upon and during her arrival, Jocelyn puts together their reason for being here and the question is then prompted "You've just arrived for a shopping expedition?" She asks. The comment from Brennart has her nodding, "Yes, I do hope it was uneventful. I fear that when I saw lady Nedra arrive with the guards I had hope she was not traveling alone." a small smile is then cast toward Saffron and Kamron. "I should have known that you would not allow your good sister to travel without you or without the proper escorts. One can never be too safe with the rumors the loom."
The compliment from Saffron brightens the fair Naylands cheek with a bit of a rose color, "You are too kind Lady Saffron. It is good to see you again." She glances back at Brennart and that seems to trigger something else. "You all must be tired from your journey? Perhaps we should all sit together?"

Speak his name and he appears, it seems. Down the hall where the high-end rooms are comes the aforementioned Nevan Erenford, shutting the door behind him and adjusting his tunic as he makes his way out into the common room. Noticing a glut of familiar faces by the door, Nevan's face takes on a little grin as he makes his way over. "Well well, some of you I expected and some of you I didn't! Lady Jocelyn, Brother, Ser Kamron, Lady Saffron, Lady Nedra," greets the youngest Erenford, bowing his head to them all as he nears.

As someone slips by the table to take the order of the older serving woman, Bryliesa politely excuses herself from the matron's company and slowly makes her way on over towards the growing entourage. Lingering a little off to the side so as to not interrupt the various reunions amongst cousins and the like, she makes a quiet study of the exchanges. As each member is greeted and named, her blue eyes drift from one to the next before finally offering a polite curtsey, Not quite yet trusting herself to speak, she simply listens and observes - clearly not all that used to such a sizeable gathering.

Brennart nods, "Yes m'lady it is Ser," He nods towards the larger table, "I believe there's enough room for us all there if everybody would like to sit and dine." He glances back at the hallway as Nevan enters, "Oh brother… How wonderful it is to see you." He nods towards Lady Bryliesa, "Don't forget our Fair Frey there…" He waves towards the Frey, "Lady Bryliesa, care to join us for a repast? I do believe we're making it a small feast with the numbers that are showing up to the dismay of the cooks and the innkeeper's delight I'm sure."

Late and late with the hour, but soon another is coming into the jointly shared room in the Inn. Clad in maile and tabbard, with a saddlebag slung over his shoulder. Already behind him a thin and reedy young man carries a few things, intent on making for the stairs. As the barkeep seems to call out, the knight turns his head and levels him a stare. "We ha' a room." as if that was needed to quell any situation that might arise. Still the Rivers in the middle keeps his lock before whistling back to his squire-there the saddlebag passed along, before the boy is dodging his way to head on up.

It is in this moment that Ser Holden takes time to survey the room, and rub his jaw as a yawn is stifled back.

Another round of cordial greetings are exchanged, Nedra offering a curtsy to Lord Nevan as he appears, "Good day to you as well in return, Lord Nevan," is said as she straightens again. "Both yes and no, Lady Jocelyn," she adds with another glimpse of a smile. "Lady Saffron has a few things she needs to acquire from the market," and she pretends that this phrase won't make Kamron wince, "and I need to pick up some ingredients to make some new paint," is explained. "And no," is said with a laugh, "traveling alone simply isn't done, but it was most convenient that I happened to not be the only one who needed to make a quick trip here. And I think the idea of sitting together is a lovely suggestion," is voiced even as she spots the blue-eyed lady Frey who offers a polite curtsy and, in turn, Nedra offers one as well in exchange. "Good day, Lady Frey," is said as she rises once more, this time spotting yet another familiar face as Ser Holden and his reedy young squire enter the room as well.

Kamron shakes his head at Jocelyn's words to him, laughing softly, "No… between tensions and rumors of bandits and the like, I bet that I am erring too far on the side of care for the liking of both my sister and My Lady." As Nevan appears behind the Mallister and Banefort group, Kamron turns to nod to the man, then chuckles at Brennart's words, "I think we might indeed want to move inwards, Ser Brennart. Otherwise the innkeep may indeed be wroth with us. I don't think he will mind the custom, but if we keep anyone else from entering, we might have a problem." He waves off his squire and the Mallister guards, and then gestures for Nedra and Saffron to precede him into the inn. Looking over to Bryliesa then, he bows his head, "I don't believe we've been introduced, Lady, Bryliesa, was it? I'm Ser Kamron Mallister."

"As I thought, Ser Brennart, but I believe we've only really met in passing," Saffron says with a smile. Then she nods in agreement to Jocelyn. "I'm growing accustomed to the ride from Terrick's Roost, but I find myself missing the joys of traveling through the sea to get around. I've told Ser Kamron that perhaps when we go up to the Banefort, we should travel from the Seagard port instead of the torturous journey to the Crag and then up along the coast." She is herded as it were into the inn fully so they might find themselves a table that will allow for almost all to join in conversation. She smiles over toward Bryliesa at the introduction from Kamron. "Pleasure to meet you, Lady Bryliesa. I am Saffron Banefort."

The voice has Jocelyn turning toward it, A curtsy offered to Nevan as he approaches the group that has formed. "Ser Nevan." comes the greeting with a smile attached to it. Stepping back just slightly as the group expands, allowing all to be involved if they wish to be.
When the idea is accepted, Jocelyn gestures to a table, then sees that Brennart has done the same and laughs a little, lowering her arm. Stopping a near by waitress she murmur to her, "Can you see that ale, wine and some food is brought to for the newly arrived guests?" At the confirmation the woman dips her head and moves off to make such arrangement happen.
Moving toward the larger table, Jocelyn comes around one of the chairs and waits for the rest of the group to meet up at the table and take their seat before she thinks to sit herself. A glance drifts toward Bryliesa and a kind smile, "Indeed, you are most welcome to join us, My Lady." She had heard the name, but had not been introduced and so does not use it.
To Nedra and Saffron she says, "I hope you find all that you are looking for. If you are in need of any help… please let me know. I'll see what I can do to assist you."

Brennart steps towards the table when one of the servers comes up to him and whispers in his ear, "Oh… well I should go check on him thank you." He glances back towards the rest, "I appologize it appears my horse may have thrown a shoe… Not quite sure how that would have happened with him in a stall but I'm going to go check on him and if necessary get him some new shoes." He gives a quick bow as he departs for the stables and his poor dying horse… Or at least possibility going lame horse.

"I would like that immensely, Ser Brennart. Thank you for the invitation," Bryliesa's words echo thoughtfully as she offers a faint yet genuine smile towards Nedra. As the Mallister speaks, she does manage to blink slightly in surprise, the introduction causing her to falter for the briefest of moments before she finally offers in return, "It is truly a pleasure, Ser…" she pauses before allowing her gaze to drift over towards his intended as her smile spreads more warmly, "… indeed a pleasure to make both of your acquaintances. I have heard posting of the bans for your upcoming nuptials. Allow me to offer sincerest blessings upon you both."

For his part, Holden doesn't let his looks linger on any one person or not. Instead he simply keeps a glance to the tender-though his eyes do flicker over to Nedra for a moment as she rises to greet a Frey. A smile, rakish comes up along his lips as his head is dipped quietly, without calling attention to the Mallister Lady, as he moves on towards the bar, briefly trying to get a cup of cheap wine, or cheaper ale.

"I was somewhat thankful for my home's location during the invasion, but it seems there's nowhere you can live to avoid turmoil. There'll be Charltons and Haighs swarming the western side of the river in no time, I wager. We're less than 20 miles upriver, things are bound to spill over no matter what happens," Nevan begins, allowing himself to be herded deeper in the inn as everyone else is. "Ah, Bryliesa, I didn't see you there. Yes, it will be quite the occasion! Wouldn't dream of missing it, unless I were dead. Then I really couldn't do anything about it, unfortunately. Out of my hands," Nevan adds with a helpless shrug.

"Well, perhaps it is best we pray for you not to find yourself amongst the dearly departed," Bryliesa counsels warmly, "After all, Ser Nevan, this world would be quite a dismal place without your mirth and good spirit within it, even if you do happen to overlook me upon occasion." The last is delivered with a teasing glint in her eyes as she slowly slides her attentions back on over towards Nedra and Jocelyn, intent upon making proper introductions, "Please, call me Lady Bryliesa if you will. Everytime I hear the name 'Lady Frey', I expect to find one of Lady Mothers coming into the room." Pausing she slips a little closer towards the other women, "Can I assist you with helping move any chairs around to accomodate all of us?"

At the Frey's congratulations, Saffron brightens again. "Thank you, my Lady," she says before she casts a glance to Jocelyn. "I'm sure we will, Lady Jocelyn. With Stonebridge being what it is, I've always been able to find what I am looking for. I even once came across a small bushel of Dornish pears — perhaps a bit too much for my allowances, but still quite a feat." She slips into a seat at the gathering table, sweeping her skirts in around her. She laughs toward Nevan. "I would much rather you arrive for the occasion alive, Ser Nevan. I merely ask that for the sake of harmony everyone maintain decorum for the event." Which may suggest that Charltons will be invited as well.

Kamron pauses a moment at Saffron's words, his eyes widening in surprise, "When we go to the Banefort, My Lady?" He nods idly to Brennart as the knight disappears, then focuses back on Bryliesa and offering up a smile, "Thank you, Lady Bryliesa. That's most kind of you." Nevan's words to the lady draw a faint frown to his lips, and he adds, "Seven send that you and yours are able to avoid any actual strife. It can only help the people of the Cape as a whole to avoid fighting." A bit of a sad smile touches his lips then, "I have little hope of that actually happening, however." He glances over to the redhead on his arm, grinning crookedly, "I do hope they can manage to hold off until after our wedding, however."

Nedra's turn in the introduction round-robin comes near the tail end of the feathers and she offers, "I'm Lady Nedra Mallister," with another glimpse of a friendly smile, the grey-blue of her eyes similar enough like Kamron's to mark them as siblings, which helps untangle which Mallister she is. Once everyone is more in the common room than lingering in the doorway, Nedra finally surrenders her cloak to Anathe who simply adds it to the collection of them that are being handed over by the ladies in the party. "Thank you, Lady Jocelyn," she says in return to Jocelyn's offer, "I have a feeling that your help will be most handy, some things are just not as easy to find in the market as they should be," a bit of rueful humor. She offers a polite nod to Lord Brennart as he takes his leave, returns the small tilt of a nod to Ser Holden along with the same glimpse of a smile before she offers Lord Nevan a look that holds a odd sort of humor. "Well, if you're dead, I do suppose you could watch over the wedding and provide your .. ahh.. spiritual influence to see that everyone is happy on such a joyous day?" she suggests.

To the Ladies, Jocelyn's attention is on them for now. Shopping and introductions. "Lady Bryliesa, is it? I'm pleased to have met you. I'm Lady Jocelyn Nayland. Welcome to Stnebridge." From that she looks to Nedra and Saffron, "Dornish pears? You've a fondness for them, Lady Saffron?"
Since all chairs have already been assembled to the table, she gestures to them, "Please, my Ladies and Lords, do take your ease." The words from Nevan had been heard and Jocelyn's smile faulters just a little, looking back at him, the loom of tense suddenly filling the Nayland Lady once more. "What a fine time for Lady Isolde to go into labor, would you not say?" it was a mocking joke and shakes of her head.
The ale, and wine weere starting to come out and being set on the table that they all were to join together. Cups were then set out for the drinks and the plates soon were set out in anticipation for the food that was yet to arrive under the arrangement Jocelyn had given.

Saffron laughs. "When my sister married Tysin Lannister, there was a shipment of Dornish pears. They are incredible, Lady Jocelyn, I must confess. You could cut it with a bare spoon." She shakes her head. "Perhaps the only thing about my sister's wedding I truly enjoyed." Though there is a warmth in her gaze, as if exposing that there were other facets of her eldest sister's flamboyant wedding that she did enjoy. She takes a cup of wine happily, immediately taking a sip as if to sooth a parched throat.

"Hm, I wouldn't dare ask you try to replace me there, Lady Nedra. Your reputation would be ruined, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. Which is good, because I wouldn't have to," sarcastically retorts Nevan Erenford, shaking his head slowly before he gives another helpless shrug to Kamron's words. "Unfortunately, the side spoiling for the fight are the aggressors, in it for profit. If they've gone this far, they will not be dissuaded. Unless the Naylands plan on simply rolling over - which I doubt - people /will/ die. The Charltons will see to it," Nevan states matter-of-factly, giving a slow nod to Jocelyn's words.

"Yes…that's quite unfortunate. The only relief from any of this would've been if they had an heir and the Tullys did something about it, but that hope's dashed on the rocks as well I imagine," adds Nevan in further, the optimistic fellow that he certainly is, though he returns to a mocking grin at Bryliesa's words. "Ah, I'm never going to hear the end of that, will I? Perhaps death will be a welcome release!"

"Ahh but Lord Nevan, were you to pass from this life to the next - a day that I'm sure would bring grief to all - I'm quite sure that your clever wit and jocular humor would please the gods, old and new perhaps, and you would be most welcome in their company," Nedra retorts with a smile that brings a faint gleam of impish humor to her eyes. "I'm quite sure that the grief would be crippling, I'm sure my reputation could stand for such a display," and this time the impish humor isn't quite so subtle, rising to the challenge that Nevan's humor seems to bring to play.

Kamron shrugs slightly at Jocelyn's words as he holds out a chair for Saffron, then finds his own chair at her right side. "At least it will keep her and the babe safe in the Tower. Although it could make things difficult if things go badly for the Naylands." He looks over to Saffron then, "Besides the pageantry, music, feasting, and all of the lovely blondes, My Lady?" He nods a bit to Brennart as well, "One might hope that," his eyes trail over to Bryliesa a moment, "the house's liege might stop the bloodshed before it starts."

Taking her seat at the table, pulling out a chair and setting herself down to arrange herself in the seat. Jocelyn listens as her family is talked about. Looking from Nevan to Kamron as they both speak, giving their words from thought. The idea was not far from her mind as it was, Nevan seemed to echo some of the thoughts of her own in the fact that people will die. Resisting it, she take the wince she holds in her throat and swallows it down. No one wanted to see their people or ones that they knew die.
Taking up a cup, Jocelyn pours herself a glass of of the wine. She had not finished her earlier one and so this one is a little fuller than the last one she had poured for herself. "In a time of war, I wonder if anyone would be safe in a tower. Depending on what their goal is once they have entered Stonebridge, no one could be safe."

Saffron scoffs a bit at the Mallister knight. "Besides all those things, yes," she offers with a small quirk of a smile. Though now there is politics floating around the table, and the once-blushing bride now takes on a more serious expression. She frowns a bit, folding her arms together loosely before her on the table now that she is neated seated. "I merely ask that the bloodshed not be brought to Seagard in five week's time." This is perhaps the first time Saffron has mentioned the amount of time until the wedding that she is not smiling.

Slowly gravitating towards one of the vacant chairs upon the opposite side of the table from the Mallister Knight and just a bit diagonal, the younger Frey replies easily in return, "Hope is one thing that we could all endeavor to place more credence within, Ser Kamron. For it is with the greatest of such that we pray for diplomacy to prevail. There are countless opportunities for our sons, brothers, and loved ones to water the eart with their own blood should they so choose - we need not seek to create any additional avenues to do so." Bryliesa lowers herself gracefully into her seat, her attentions still regarding the Mallister with a genuine curiosity, "I dare not speak for my Lord Father nor pretend to know his mind upon this growing matter, but I do believe we all know that should blood salt the earth - it shall come from the innocent just as much as those invested within this dispute." Yet it is Saffron's request that draws her gaze finally away as she nods gently, "I wish with all the fiber of my soul, Lady Saffron, that your request be granted. There is still time for peace, though each passing day makes the possibility of such closer to a memory."

"Crippling grief? Forgive me, Lady Nedra, I swear to you on anything I have left worth swearing that I'll make sure I die /after/ the wedding. It would be terribly rude of me to do so otherwise," Nevan muses in response, crossing his arms as he chuckles at Kamron's suggestion. "A good wish, Ser Kamron, but Walder Frey will act if - and only if - either his rule or his taxes are threatened. Whoever arrives the victor here, he'll still have his wealth and someone beholden to him will hold the Bridge. If the Mallisters were taking Stonebridge, that would be a different matter entirely. Lord Walder is a pragmatic man, I'd have more time to admire him if there were less Charlton and Haigh swords pointed in my general direction while I was doing so," surmises the young Erenford, giving a final chuckle as he glances for the door. "There's something I need to check on before I turn in for the evening - my apologies to you all, I know my words have made everything so much more /cheerful/ this evening, but I must depart. A good evening to you all, and I hope to see you again soon." Making his requisite bows to the requisite people, Nevan offers a final smile to those gathered here and turns to make his way out of the inn.

Kamron reaches out to clasp Saffron's hand with his left, "I bet that Lord Mallister will have plenty of men about to ensure that anyone foolish enough to initiate violence." He nods to Jocelyn, smiling in a manner intended to be comforting, "I highly doubt anyone would be foolish enough to harm ladies in a tower. To do so would be unknightly, to say nothing of inviting responses should the boot be on the other foot." The Frey's words draw a slow nod, "In every war, there are innocent lives lost, because someone cannot control their men." Nevan's words in turn draw a shrug of his shoulders, and he glances back to the Frey again, "If you will excuse me for saying so, Lady Bryliesa," and he turns his response back to the Erenford, "But if Lord Frey cared more for his people than his taxes, the Riverlands might be better off."

At Bryliesa's words, Saffron offers a wane smile. Though as the conversation continues to fuss and bustle about the current state of the Cape, the young Banefort begins to look ever more withdrawn. Always, no matter where they are, will they always talk about the Charltons and Stonebridge? She twists her lips a bit as she taps her fingers against the cup of her wine. For once, Saffron has nothing to add nor say though a slight gloom seems to be setting in.

Nods along with Kamrons words, though the idea that no one would come into the tower and mess with the Ladies makes her look uncertain of that fact, though Jocelyn does not say so outloud. At Nevans final words and his rising of departure, she inclines her head, "Good Day Ser Nevan and rest well when the time of day reaches you." making sure to offer him his farwell before he leaves the Inn.
The talk of war only seems to deem Jocelyns spirits and so she says nothing more about it, reserving herself to silence and drinking of her wine. Glancing up at the others and looking at each one still remaining. As it seems that Saffrons features match her own she tries for something better. "Five weeks time, Lady Saffron? That will be around before you know it. You must be very excited." she tries. "Have you had your dress fittings yet? I remember seeing some ladies having their dresses fitted to them. Some never felt the day so near until the day they had their dress fitted to their bodies." a small soft smile blooms slowly. "Where will the ceremony take place? I've always wanted to be married in a garden…" A dreamy look on her face, "One can can dream, can they not?"

"I shall not begrudge you the right to speak of your opinion, Ser Kamron, even if I cannot share the sentiment of such fully," the younger Frey counters politely. Letting her gaze slide in brief towards the remaining Erenford, Bryliesa once again lets her attentions gravitate back to the Mallister. "It is easier to judge others unfairly when we are not seated high within their chamber halls. In order for any lands to prosper, there must be adherence to revenue and organization. By that very same token, one could judge nearly every liege as lacking in some small measure. No man, not even my Lord Father, is infallible. In the end, Ser Kamron, we bear the responsibility for the choices we make - to aid or not aid, to intervene or simply let others work things out amongst themselves in hopes of perhaps learning something from their folly. Every land would be far better off if all of us were far better people and less flawed." Slowly she rises from her seat, her gaze slipping amongst those gathered, "Please forgive me, but I should excuse myself and check upon my lady's maid. I thank you again, Lady Jocelyn for your kind hospitality." Looking towards the other women and Mallister she dips her head politely, "Miladys, Ser Kamron, it was a pleasure. Please enjoy your evening."

Kamron shakes his head slightly as some of the ladies start to zone out of the conversation, "My apologies. I've been continuing disturbing conversation." He nods to the Frey's words, "And yet, shouldn't we strive to be those better people, Lady Bryliesa?" He bows his head, "Good evening, Lady." And then he's left with Nayland and Banefort and talk of weddings. He smiles just a bit, "We'll be getting married in the sept at Seagard, Lady Jocelyn, in sight of gods and men."

Saffron indulges in a little selfish and somewhat girlish moment as Jocelyn draws her in on wedding talks. She offers a gentle laugh. "My mother had my cousin sent up to the Cape to help fit my dress. She is an exceptional seamstress, so I have absolute faith in her." Though now she nods with a bit of a smile. "Yes, the sept. Lord Patrek was very gracious to let us use Seagard castle for such an affair. Talon Point is a long distance and not so suited for a large celebration." She now glances over toward Bryliesa, and she offers the Frey a private and somewhat apologetic smile. "Perhaps we will be able to talk more without such gloomy subjects, Lady Bryliesa. May the evening treat you well."

The distraction comes when Bryliesa stands from the table. Jocelyn turns her head to look up at the women, inclining her head to the woman. "Good to have met you, Lady Bryliesa, I hope that I might get a chance to see you at another time." Turning back to Kamron and Saffron, looking between the two at the offered information. "How wonderful." she says. "Might I say? You two make a very handsome couple. So happy too. Its good to see one so happy with their soon to be marriage partner." lifting up her cup a bit, "I toast to your happiness now and to come."