The stone bridge at Stonebridge
Ruling House: Nayland
Wealth: Moderate
Population: 800
Fortification: Tordane Tower
Knights: 5
Men At Arms: 10
Primary Revenue: Trade
the arms of House Nayland

The town of Stonebridge is located in the Riverlands off the Green Fork along the western bank of the Green Rill river.

The town is named for the low, narrow stone bridge that crosses the Green Rill. The bridge is ancient, built by the River King Tristifer. It's the oldest bridge in the Cape of Eagles, and one of the only structures to pre-date the fall of the River Kings. Stonebridge is a crossroads of trails from the Cape of Eagles in that many roads lead towards it. The bridge's low height prevents ships from sailing any further upstream, and those wishing to sell goods further inland must stop to transfer their goods to barges or means of travel by land. The bridge is also the easiest route of passage from The Twins and the surrounding areas to the lands west of the Green Rill. Being such a hub of commerce and travel has turned Stonebridge into an affluent town of trade and business.

Though there is little agriculture from the area, some few smallfolk do toil modest fields outside the town. Most of the lower classes draw their livelihood from the river either by fishing, performing common labor on the waterfront, piloting riverboats or barges, or engaging in other shipping professions. There is also a healthy middle class in Stonebridge composed primarily of merchants, though also including a number of finished good artisans who make their home there and train apprentices in their craft.

The seat of Stonebridge, Tordane Tower, is a simple four-story tower situated on the north-western edge of the town.

Recent History

Once the seat of House Tordane, the last of that family, Isolde Tordane, wed Ryker Nayland and so Stonebridge is currently held by a branch of House Nayland. Before the marriage, the Tordanes bent the knee to House Terrick, but now naturally look to Hag's Mire instead, and the change in Stonebridge's allegiance is yet another point of contention in the feud between Terricks and Naylands.

Under the rule of Geoffrey Tordane, the town suffered from a chronic problem of river smugglers bypassing tariffs, but that problem has been rather brutally stamped out since the Naylands came to power. The tariffs currently in place greatly favor the Naylands, Erenfords and Freys at the expense of the Terricks and Mallisters.

The lordship of Stonebridge and the surrounding lands is currently in dispute. Ser Gedeon, bastard son of the late Lord Ser Geoffrey Tordane, called into question the Lady Isolde's legitimacy and declared himself to be the only person yet living with Tordane blood and as such, heir to Stonebridge. With verbal backing from Lords Terrick and Mallister, the matter was considered both by Lord Paramount Tully and King Robert, who ultimately declined to declare Isolde illegitimate, but did legitimize Ser Gedeon, placing him in the line of succession (ahead of Isolde by virtue of his gender).

Before Ser Gedeon was formally invested with the title Lord of Stonebridge, he was challenged to a duel by Ser Rygar Nayland, who accused Ser Gedeon of treachery and falsehood. Ser Gedeon was defeated in that duel, but the Lady Danae stepped forward in the wake of his death and named herself Ser Gedeon's newly-wed wife and Lady Tordane, and claimed Stonebridge for their unborn child.

Lord Tully has declined to render judgment on this latest question, announcing his decision to wait and see whether Lady Danae should give birth to a healthy child before considering the matter further. In the meantime, the dispute remains, with both House Nayland and the Lady Danae moving to draw allies to their sides.