Page 172: Stone Walk Talk
Stone Walk Talk
Summary: What starts as a meeting between two people becomes a meeting of a whole lot more people.
Date: 05/01/289
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Stone Walks — Tordane Tower
Set at a slight incline, the stone pathway leads up a slight rise northeast out of the town square towards the single tower of House Tordane. Grass grows thick and plush along the side though it is well maintained. Private shops and stables are located up closer to the manor with the family's private stables attached directly to the exterior wall of the small castle.
05 January 289

The fall of afternoon finds the Lady Westerling crossing the Stone Walk, accompanied by a single guard and caught in conversation. The discussion turns to the arrival of the bannermen and who has arrived to raise arms. "I wonder if Charlton has come as well," Danae muses, looking towards the direction of the encampments as they walk.

Convenient, then, that the figure approaching the Lady Westerling has come from just that direction. Gedeon Rivers, his armor and sword still on from training, is making his way in the direction of the keep. Spying Danae, however, he pauses to offer her a bow. "Good afternoon, Lady Westerling."

Ever so convenient, even fortuitous. "Ser Rivers, Good afternoon," Danae greets, dipping into a mild curtsey with one hand brushing aside her skirts. Her smile is slight and warm, gaze noting that telltale equipment as she asks, "Just returned from some training, Ser?"

"Indeed, my lady," Gedeon agrees, wiping a hand quickly over his face to remove a bit of the sweat there, though none of extertion's flush. "I hope the day finds you well?"

"Well enough, although not quite so active as your own finds you," Danae returns with the twitch of a grin. Swinging a sword is sweaty business. The training ruffled knight and blonde lady stand at the center of the Stone Walk, plainly having met come in different directions, with the Westerling's guard at near hand. "Perhaps you'd know, good Ser. Has there been any news of the Charlton house coming to the call?"

"Of for that matter the Haigh?" Isolde interjects a little as she comes down the walk from the tower with her own small attachment. She offers each a faint smile, "Forgive me for overhearing." She looks to Danae first and than to Gedeon. "Are you recovering well, Ser Gedeon?" She asks of him. "It seems you have some vigor left to you." She draws closer yet, joining Danae.

Igara is attached to Isolde, following along beside her in her long grey gown, grey horns and dark blue veil, her little embroidery-basket, festooned with ribbons as a young girl's might be, hanging from her elbow. She walks with a meet propriety and bows her head just slightly as they approach the group.

"I have found few women inclined towards learning the art of the blade," Gedeon agrees towards Danae's comment, his own lips lifting in a teasing smile. The sword at his hip is one Isolde would recognize, as it was Geoffrey Tordane's before it was his. Houses Charltonand Haigh have both arrived, afternoon, my ladies." Isolde and Igara are offered a bow as they arrive. "I am, thank you. I find it best to result training as quickly as possibly after an injury, or skin is inclined to tighten and hinder motion. But I do think I've enough life in me yet for another crack at some Ironmen."

"It is our arms, good Ser. We like our edged tools to be smaller to hold," Danae quips mildly, blue eyes sparkling with amusement for the tease. She lifts one delicate wrist in demonstration of this fact. Turning towards the other women, she inclines her head graciously in greeting. "Good day, Lady Isolde and Lady Igara. How far you?" A smile curvers her lips, manner easy.

"Good day…" Isolde replies easily and the sword is noted, but made no comment of. The Lady of Stonebridge looks to her cousin for a moment before giving a nod to Gedeon. "A wise thing. Wounds do tend to tighten while healing so best you be ready. The men march soon to the west and you are to go with them then? I know there are some to stay here to make certian another attempt at the bridge is not made."

"Doing very well Lady Danae, just come to see how things are amongst the men. The tower can get rather…confining."

"Two hundred Nayland men come from the Mire as I understand it," Gedeon replies for those remaining to protect Stonebridge. "I march with the banners tomorrow." For Lady Danae's comment, he laughs. "Is that the reason? I suppose a little dagger is much easier to wield, truly."

Igara tips a horn upward and to the side, looking aside to Isolde uncertainly at the quippish language, flashing eyes and flaunted wrists. She doesn't say anything. But, then, she rarely speaks in the presence of men unless pressed by necessity or asked a question. She is a thoroughly proper child, after all. She doesn't even ask after Ser Gedeon's squire, however much she may be promised to him.

"I imagine that it might with as busy as you have been, Lady Isolde," Danae begins, expression softening with a mild smile. She pauses to listen as the knight and the Tordane lady speak on the matter of the defense of Stonebridge. There is little more she has to add to their assessment. On the subject of ladies swordswork, she shakes her head with smile, "Indeed, Ser. And infinitely more seemly."

There is a nod from Isolde. "Stonebridge will have one less talented knight to defend it's borders. Though I shall pray to the Seven that your march goes smoothly and victory finds you. But I would ask that you take the time to see the maester before you depart so that he might make certain you have all you need." There is a warm smile from the lady as she grins a little. "Well, better to be busy than idle. I do not care so much to be left to think about what is happening so much as the execution of the needs about us. I am just glad that the Lady Igara was able to come with the men that came from the Mire. My dear cousin has always given me good council." Even as silent as she now seems.

"Seemliness is key, as far as I understand the doing of women," Gedeon agrees with another smile to Danae. For Isolde's words, he dips his head in another small bow. "Is that what you shall pray for, my lady? You've my thanks, then, for your prayers. If all goes as we hope, upon the banners' return, Stonebridge shall have no further Ironborn to harry her."

Igara keeps the forearm of the arm holding her little basket before her, but lifts her other hand to the hem of her veil, tipping her head forward a few degrees in a veiled version of an expression of abashed modesty when her cousin praises her council, self-deprecating with undertones of gratitude to the gesture.
Anders arrives from the Town Square.
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"It is a virtue, good Ser," Danae says, gesturing to the other women of their party as if to extend this virtue to them in compliment. They are each in possession of it. "I am in agreement with that regard, Lady Isolde. To do nothing nor hear nothing of news would be akin to agony," she notes. Admidst the passage of the walk, the blonde Westerling stands next to the Lady Isolde, near her is the Lady Igara. Gedeon stands across, looking weathered from training, sword at his side.

"Too true.." Isolde agrees with Danae and smiles to her though Igara's fair mannerisms cause her to smile all the more. "Yes, Ser Gedeon. That is what I shall pray for. That you shall remain safe. I would pray for this for all those who march in defense of the Riverlands. But Stonebridge shall stand and will be here when you return." THere is a confidence there, though for a moment the Lady gives a look to the tower before offering her attention to her companions. "Remember to see the maester.." She insists.
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Gedeon's gaze follow's Isolde's and he, too, peers up at Tordane Tower; the name all that is really left, now, as proof of that family. "Of that I have no doubt, my lady." He dips his head into a small nod. "You've my word, I'll see the maester before I depart."

The maester.. the maester is the very reason why the Lord Flint, recently arrived to Stonebridge, is taking the walk towards the keep in such a determined manner. (Well, that and he hasn't seen his new wife, bride still really, since after she'd departed from setting up camp. He slows, as a matter of course and courtesy, at the sight of the ladies, and the one knight that he'd spoken to but hadn't really caught his name then. When closer, he inclines his head, a brief, "My ladies.." followed with, "Ser..", but doesn't stop completely.

Igara lowers her hand again to fold with her other, then reaches out to getly touch Isolde on her forearm as she looks to the tower, lending her what bit of strength her frail form possesses.

While the others look to the strength of the tower, Danae watches as the Flint lord strides up the walk. "Good day," she greets, pausing to dip in a slight curtsey of acknowledgement. The crest upon his scabbard does not escape her appraisal, pale eyes keen and inquisitive. "My Lord, Flint is it?"

There seems to be acceptance in that exchanged glass between Gedeon and Isolde and she gives him a faint nod of her head. It is Igara's touch to her arm that gathers her attention and she looks to her cousin. She lifts her hand across to rest upon her fingers and brush ever so gently. Yet it is the arrival of the Flint Lord that has her looking up, a curious lift of her brow. "Good day, my lord. Is there something you need at the Tower?" she asks as she turns slightly to follow his path.

As the Lord Flint speaks, Gedeon loks away from the tower and over at the other man. "My lord," he greets, "I don't believe we have been properly introduced. I am Ser Gedeon Rivers, in service to Oldstones. But, pardon me, you seem to be in some hurry."

The slowing turns to a pause, which threatens to require him to remain, if only for these few minutes for courtesy and pleasantries. Anders inclines his head, first in a direct return of greeting, "My lady," and then to acknowledge that she did, indeed, identify him properly. "Lord Ser Anders Flint, my lady. Heir to our Flint's Finger, when it is demanded of me." The first time he's actually given his position as well as title.

Isolde's inquiry calls his attention from Danae, and to see her, the nod becomes something a little more looking like a proper bow. "My lady. Yes, actually. My cousin.. the Lady Tiaryn Flint, was brought here, and I seek to check on her health. As well as my lady.. who has been understandably absent to tend her friend."

Gedeon's introduction manages to pull his attention, though a distracted one, thanks to the presence of the ladies. "Ser Rivers.. Oldstones?" He pauses, but offers an inclination of his head, "Lord Ser Anders Flint.. of Flint's Finger." Long way from home.

Igara pushes up onto the balls of her feet, leaning closer toward Isolde as the Lord Ser asks after his wife and her friend, lifting her chin to speak quietly to the taller woman. "Gentle Cous, I have found a bed for the Lady Tiaryn in our ladies' chambers, and she was seen to by the Maester."

Gathered along the walk to Tordane Tower, the growing ensemble is another colorful representation of Houses. The group seems to grab at others in a silent chant of 'one of us'. Leaning in to Igara, Isolde listens and nods. "Thank you, Iggie.." She says warmly. "I had not realized…." Too busy, too many visitors. She looks to the Lord Flint and smiles. "I have been informed by my good cousin that Lady Tiaryn is inside the tower being seen to. We were able to find room for her despite our numbers and I do hope she is recovering well. I have failed to see to her yet, as it has passed beyond my notice. I would be glad to go with you to check on her."

Gedeon smiles bemusedly for Anders' confusion and nods. "Indeed, my lord. People live there, now. But Flint's Finger," his brows lift in mild surprise. "You and yours have come far to assist the Riverlands. You've my thanks, my lord, as I'm sure you've everyone else's here. I am sorry to hear your cousin was injured."

Slowly but surely, that's the name of the game today. Corrie spent the night in the Lady's chambers, in bed with Tiaryn, barely leaving the woman's side for anything. But wallowing in bed will do nothing for a damaged psyche nor for keeping her body strong as delicate muscles heal. Content that Tiaryn will not rip stitching and bandages by some light walking, the Lady Cordelya has coaxed her out of bed, gotten her dressed, and the pair now make their way down the walkway towards the group. Tia's in a borrowed dress, but Corrie's done her best to make it look proper and elegant, especially over the mass of bandaging on her midsection. Corrie is in a dark green gown herself, her cloak left behind, brown curls of hair always just a touch of a mess. She's keeping an arm gently around Tia, letting the woman lean against her if she needs as they walk. "Just some air, Tia… mayhaps we shall see if there is a Godswood here, though I do not think this family keeps the old Gods."

Danae tips her head in a nod, slightly deeper and more respectful for the Lord and Heir of the house. "A pleasure, if one in trying times, my Lord. I am Lady Danae Westerling, of the Crag," she says, exchanging her own introduction for his. "It pains me to hear such as well. That is a very long way," she murmurs condolingly. "If you will excuse me, my ladies, lord, good Ser. I have some business I must see to." She waits till she is excused, then continues in her original direction, towards the camps.

"Beyond her heath, which holds some concern, she is also the last known survivor of Tall Oaks, and some information, no matter how scant, would be extremely useful." But Anders does have a heart, really he does. "Thank you for allowing her a space where she may rest quietly and heal." That is given to both Isolde and the whispering Igara. He breaks into something of a smile and nods, his hands running back behind his back, fingers interlacing, standing now a little more comfortably. "We were called, and we respond, Ser Rivers." While he stops from saying 'It's nothing', it is as if it's more 'of course'. "What affects a portion of us affects us all. There are some of us in the North that march yet further on at a word."

Danae's introduction, however brief, is acknowledged, and he offers a slightly larger bow, "My lady Westerling.. and certainly. Well met.."

Poor Tia it is, for now, and it doesn't draw her ire as yet. She's in pain, but it is not so much that she cannot move, and so, with Corrie's prodding, move she does. Her pace is slow, but it will only get better from here. At least physically. She listens to Corrie's words, her head turning to watch the other woman from time to time, clearly paying attention but for now she is quiet, a blessing really from the screaming she did yesterday. After some time walking (or at least, after what seems like some time walking to her) she glances ahead and notes a knot of people in discussion. "There is something that might be of interest," she suggests to Corrie, turning her steps that way. Not that there is a smile on her face, but for the moment, she's feeling a little numb.

"I am certain you will not have need to worry over the lady's health. Our maester as well as the mistresses we have skilled in the art shall make certain of it. She is welcome within the Tower for as long as she need," Isolde offers readily with a squeeze of Igara's hand. Though her gaze flickers to Danae and she bids her a fond and soft farewell before the woman departs. It is Gedeon's words though that bring another nod from her. "Yes, the Riverlands is in need of allies at present. I am sorry to hear of the loss of Tall Oaks." She says with a softening of her tone before she catches the movement down the path of the other two ladies. "Speaking of which," the lady cautions as she turns a warm smile to the two and lifts her free hand to wave to them, as if beckoning.

Cordelya's tall form is just a touch hunched, keeping herself down lower and close to Tia, ready to help or catch the woman should she falter at all. She's hovering near and close as her reed thin frame can, even if she doesn't look like she might be able to support anything more than a stiff breeze, there is that fierce sort of lionness protectiveness in her body that gives surprising strength to such a delicate boned woman. Her deep jade eyes lightly upon the knot of the group as Tia points them out, and she smiles just a bit…"My husband… and the ladies… a few I do not know. Are you up to company, Tia? We can make our apologies and walk on." But there is no avoiding the group as they come a few steps nearer. She bows her head in respect to those gathered.

"I also appreciate the aid to my lady. She is something of a chiurgeon in her own right, and knows herbs almost as well as any maester out of need in her early years. With your maester and your ladies, and my own, I have no fears for Lady Tiaryn's eventual recovery." The appearance of the forms, as seen from his vantage point, brings a smile from the man, though they're still a little far off for him to hail. Instead, he continues to speak with the small group. "The Riverlands is welcome, and should know that all will come to her aid, as I said, my Lady." He smiles a little again, "And I look forward to visiting the Roost. Another shore village is of some interest.. particularly after learning that a war galley flies a Terrick flag." As well as Mallister.

Igara bobs in a few inches of courtsey when Danae takes her leave, and then she twists her neck forward to peek around her cous and spot the wounded Lady and her boon companion. But then she stands tall and proper again, putting away all girlish fidgiting for the meet silence and pure posture of a young Lady.

At this new arrival, there are two more ladies to bow towards. "My ladies," Gedeon greets, and perhaps, considering the new company, he abstains for saying anything further on Tall Oaks. "Those are welcome words to hear, Lord Flint. Not all men see threats in such a way. Would that more of them shared your view."

"We are glad of it, my Lord," Isolde replies easier to Anders. "We shall hope to provide for those men who have traveled to drive this barbarian force back as best we can. I will also be glad to speak to the Lady Tiaryn when she has recovered over her knowledge of the healing arts. I am quite an avid learner myself." That is said and she hesitates at his mention of the Roost, "I do hope that when the men march West they may yet find the Roost barely touched. I am certain that the forces will drive them out, no matter the cost and a few who call that place home will be glad of it."

Now, something of a pickle, for Tiaryn cannot particularly curtsey at the moment, as much as she might wish to. She does however give Cordelia a somewhat pained expression, at her question. "Never. and Always," she replies, which isn't all that explanatory. "I do not know them all either. It is a goal to get that far, and then back again, yes?" So she continues her pace, noticing the wave from Isolde as she does so. Once close enough, Tia bows her own head, that she can do. "M'lords and ladies," she says when there is an opening, by way of greeting. Anders, since she's not yet seen him, gets a smile. "Thank you," she says to him. And then her attention to the Lady Igara whom she does recognize. But the rest of the group? That takes some thought, as Tia tries to recall if she has met them before. "Thank you all for your help. It is much appreciated."

A gentle, reassuring smile crosses Corrie's pale features at Tia's words. "Then we will make some gentle introductions, and we can go back if you are not feeling strong enough. But the air is good for you, luv." And then Corrie's jade eyes turn to the unfamiliar Isolde during her commentary to Corrie's husband about the healing arts and her interest, and speaking of the Lady Tiaryn, draws a touch of confusion to her pale, thin features. Corrie clears her throat slightly as they now fully approach, "I do not know if the Lady Tiaryn has interest in the healing arts, but I have studied them most of my life, Lady, and would be happy for the conversation." That was about one of the most socially polite things Corrie's ever said! She is trying. She settles in at the side of the group, though closer to Anders than anyone else, almost instinctively sliding just a few inches nearer to him with every passing moment. He is safety. She trusts him. "My Lord…" She murmurs softly.

"I'm sorry.. you misunderstand, my Lady. It is my lady Cordelya that is an herbalist, and hasn't left Lady Tiaryn's side." Beat. "And I would hope the Roost remains. I would not wish to consider otherwise." With that, Anders looks to Gedeon, and chuckles softly and nods. "It is in enlightened self-interest as well as a desire to keep the peace, Ser Rivers. I happen to approve of our Lord King, and the path to him should remain clear and free of Ironborn." The chuckle dissipates but the smile remains behind, "Those who don't, may wish the throne for themselves, perhaps?" No, not really serious.

Now, Anders isn't all that certain that in her state that the Lady Tiaryn would see him as a 'friendly' face. A 'non-threat', sure.. but most of the ride had been spent with Einion and Corrie.. "Cousin.." It's to Cord, however, that his smile turns.. happier? More content, surely. "My Lady. I was just about to enter to see where you'd hidden yourself. Have you found their reading room already, and we're not a day here?"

"Oh forgive me, yes, well I would care to speak with each…," Isolde offers with a flush of color and a faint smile, "So many new faces to Stonebridge. I wish it was for a tourney instead of war," she admits before looking up towards the women as Cordelya speaks. The look from Tiaryn earns her a smile, "My Lady Tiaryn, I am to guess? I am sorry I could not see to you but my lovely cousin is a fine lady to have seen to you. I am glad she could." Then Isolde looks to Cordelya, "The Lady Danae would also enjoy that conversation, mostly in the direction of herbs. She has quite the wonderful book and I have one as well. Perhaps when things have quieted after the men take their march we may find the time to discuss such things." The Lady of Stonebridge hesitates and than motions to Igara. "You know the Lady Igara, I am Lady Isolde Nayland and this.." She looks to Gedeon, "Is Ser Gedeon Rivers, a knight of Oldstones."

"I'm not sure it's even so dire as that, Lord Flint," Gedeon replies, "so much as a desire for all to be made right without their needing to share any of their own men or resources. There may be darker motives afoot, but sometimes the simplest will do for cowardice." He sketches another bow to Lady Tiaryn as she's introduced. "My lady. I am…" he exhales softly, "so very sorry for what you have lost."

Tia pauses for a moment, and then she says, "I am somewhat interested in the healing arts, though I count myself a rank beginner in any such areas." As for Anders, he is a recognized face, and right now that works well. Her attention taken by Isolde's introductions, she inclines her head to each as she gets a name to put to the faces. "It is good to meet you all," she says gravely. "Even in such trying times as these." She can be polite, though to her own ears, the words ring empty. Wooden. Numb.

The commentary about the reading room from her husband makes Cordelya smile a bit more, not really embarrassed, almost eager at the thought alone. "No, no… not yet. Soon, I hope. I've been keeping with the Lady here, ensuring she's settled and…" She gives a small squeeze to Tia's arm as she says it, "That she is not alone." It's been a mantra of the last day or so. Gedeon's words about her loss draw Corrie even closer. The tall, awkwardly thin girl of a lady isn't quite good with the perfect reassurance, but she's not leaving Tia's side if she can help it. "We were hoping to find the Godswood, if there is one here… but I suspect there is not." She shakes her head somewhat sadly, "I… can hear the trees crying… but it is so distant that it may just be the wind." She seems quite genuine about that, heartsick for the thought alone. She takes a breath, trying to shake off the thoughts, and turns a half smile to the introductions. "Ladies, and Ser… it is an honour. I am Lady Cordelya Flint, wife of the Lord Ser here." She smiles almost shyly to her husband, half awkwardly. Newly weds still!

Perfect. Something for the ladies to do while they're away. "An idea, my lady Nayland, which will benefit us all, I think." It'll keep Cordelya's attention, anyway. Anders nods to Gedeon, the smile remaining; taking his ease in the company now that some concern and worry has been lifted. Some. "If it's an end that is to be approved of, I care not for motives until it's necessary. Then, once discerned, there is no harm in immediate.. attention." With a sword if needed.

Lady Tiaryn's words brings the Young Lord Flint's attention around, his smile slipping a little. He knows that hollow sound, and from men who were supposedly harder and stronger. "They are trying, cousin, but they will not always be so if one looks before them." Positive. At his bride's words, however, Anders reaches out to garner her attention. "It is the wind," is whispered. "Nothing more." Even if he does believe in the whispers of the Gods. "And when this is done and they rejoice, it will still be the wind." At the lady Cordelya's self introduction, Anders looks a little sheepish. He didn't do it.. "And she is under instruction that she is not to leave Stonebridge when we march."

"We are only glad we could help," is Isolde's reply. "We are glad to have guests though…and no woman shall leave the Tower or walk without a guard in the town. I will not have any of the women of the tower walk without guard or outside the town proper. I would much prefer if we all stay close to the tower. We do not know yet if the Ironborn have exhausted their efforts on Stonebridge." She looks from the ladies to Anders with the last, smiling. "The gardens shall be of use again once we do not have so many to take care of, right now provisions are kept there and I am certain we shall have days of tea and lively discussions. There is quite a group established here and I shall make certain that there is something to do. Perhaps some lively games of Cyvasse." She offers.

Her gaze falls upon Cordelya, though the look she gives Anders speaks volumes and there is an understanding tilt of her head before she addresses the women once more. "Is the room to your liking and is there anything more that we can do for you both?"

Cordelya's mention of voices on the wind causes Gedeon to cast a thoughtful look in her direction. "Stonebridge has no godswood, my lady, only a sept of the seven. Though I had the privilege of walking through a godswood once. I, too, felt as if I heard voices on the wind, there, through the leaves. It was a beautiful and haunting place."

Tia stiffens slightly, her eyes darkening and her head bowing to hide the expression. She takes a moment and then looks up again, directly at Anders. "I do not know if I have any information that might help you, m'lord," she says. "But if you wish to ask now, I will do my best to refrain from any screaming fits." She squeezes Corrie's hand for a moment, as she looks over at Gedeon and then says, "If it is - " a pause, as if it is slightly difficult to say, "Twin Oaks' Godswood that you are referring to, Ser Rivers, then I regret to inform you that you will not be able to do so again for a good many years."

Corrie tilts her head towards Anders, frowning a bit deeper as he comments on the wind. She shakes her head gently, "My lord, trust me when I say I hear them wailing. For the Lady's lost family and her gods. I would wail with them were it proper, but we pray in silence, and we rebuild, as we must." She squeezes Tia's arm once more, a sweet, sad sort of smile on her face, "And when this is done, and they rejoice, they will laugh in victory so loud the birds will fly and laugh with them. And it will not be the wind." She gives him a sweetly sad, but indeed hopeful smile. Then she looks back to Isolde, nodding gently, "We shall all take most care, I am certain, but giving us something to do, even if it is perfect our study of herbs, would be wise. Though it is hard to gather herbs in a sculptured garden. I have hopes we might take a party of guards and perhaps go into the wood? It is not the swamps of home, but… the woods will have to do." So newly married that she doesn't even think of the Finger as home yet.
Then she is back with Tia entirely, looking between she and Gedeon. Aching grief paints her features, entirely prone to show changing emotion at the shift of a heartbeat's beat. "Aye… from the Lady's report… there is much lost, in faith and in family. It's why they wail now, even from so far away. If the gods have spoken to you, Ser Rivers, perhaps you are more apt to listen than some others."

Then, as if her mind only just caught on that Isolde asked her a question, Corrie blinks jade eyes back to the woman, "The room? Oh, Lady, it is more than enough… though mayhaps the Lady Tia has requests, I am perfectly fine."

"Lady Flint, you will find that our Northern flood fields will be even more fortuitous than the groves about Stonebridge. I think our stores are well stocked now, but should we have need, we may be able to arrange something," Isolde offers though the talk of the Tall Oaks attack makes her brows furrow and Tiaryn's reactions are enough to have her speak up, "Perhaps, now is not the time to be asking such questions of the lady. She is yet recovering and this dire affair is far too new." She exhales and than offers a smile to Cordelya. "You must let us know if there is anything else you require," she says but lets her gaze flit to Tiaryn to ascertain there is not anything.
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Anders shakes his head at Tia, reaching out to touch her sleeve, "It will keep, cousin." For the time being, until they have to step boot into the Oaks. As for the Isolde's admonishment, he takes it in stride, having backed off for the moment. As for the room and the company to the ladies, the Lord Flint nods his approval. "We are at least a maid short, though we do have a sword for my Lady bride, but I have the utmost confidence in your hospitality. And, if she can remain in the keep at night, that would set my mind even more at ease."

Gedeon's waxing philosophic (after a fashion) regarding the Old Gods and the Woods garners a raised brow from the Northern knight. "You have wandered a Godswood, Ser, and not scoffed at the sounds of the breeze through the leaves as nothing more than the wind?"

For news that the godswood is burned, whether or not it was the godswood he visited, Gedeon bows his head a moment. "A loss no greater than the rest, but perhaps felt especially keenly. There are so few, now." He breathes out softly and straightens, offering a soft smile to Cordelya. "I am doubtful the gods of any religion have anything they mean to say to a fellow like me, my lady, but it is a pleasant thought, so I thank you for it." And to Lord Anders he asks, simply, "Is that so difficult to believe, my lord?"

Tiaryn simply inclines her head again, quietly. She's not quite willing to say more at the moment having been bidden to stay quiet. She listens to Corrie and does seem to calm somewhat. Though it gives her pause briefly, and of a sudden her head does come up. "The room is beautiful and has everything one could need. I hesitate to ask for anything, given how well you have treated me already and yet I wonder if there might be a harp anywhere around that I might borrow while I am here?"

"Of course. I would have the ladies stay no where else. I have made room at the expense of my own good brothers and lord husband..," Isolde smiles and than looks to Tiaryn. "Yes, of course. I will have it brought to your room today so that you may have use of it," Isolde touches Igara's hand still on her arm and she looks to her cousin and than to the others, "Please, call on the Tower if you need anything. I feel I should return and see to a few more details to make sure you are all comfortable and at ease during these times. It was a pleasure to meet you all," That is addressed to the new acquaintances before her gaze shifts to Gedeon. "Ser Gedeon, I shall wait to hear from the Maester that you hav been seen. Otherwise, come see me before you go." She dips her head to him and then to the others she gazes back to the others. "Ladies, my Lord, do please excuse me for now."

Igara dips in a girlish courtsey when Isolde announces their imminent exit, having heretofore been the very essence of Seen and Not Heard, and evidently intending to remain on her cousin's arm and head on to help her with her duties.

Lord Anders' comment about ensuring she doesn't wonder about at night gets a brief smirk and almost glare from the Lady Cordelya. "You make it sound like I go bounding about through the woods at night like some Child of the Forest, husband." Corrie rolls her eyes, still smirking, "I am not going to go out and about without a guard during a time of war. You needn't worry, dear." She gives a brief, almost warm chuckle, but there is the look of a horse ready to chomp at her bit already. And then she's gazing back to Gedeon, her smile softening. "The gods have much to say to anyone who is willing to truly listen, Ser. You'd be surprised." And then it's to Isolde, a touch more hope in her eyes as the lady confirms Tia's request. She truly smiles then, "See, Tia?…you will have your music. This place… it… it can be home. For a while, at least. It was good to meet you, Lady Isolde… we shall no doubt speak again." She bows her head to the departing lady.

"For a knight, yes, Ser Rivers," Anders shrugs lightly, not meaning anything more than what is said. "One swears to the Seven, unless.." and here, he chuckles, "Unless one takes into account of a great deal of ale and other such things upon the occasion." It is odd, a man from the North, last bastion, and to be a knight at the same time. "If you follow the Old Gods, or wish to at least learn more, than I will call you friend, if you will have such."

Isolde's announcement of imminent departure grants her a bow from the Young Lord, and nods, "Thank you for your hospitality and courtesies, my Lady." He does turn to look at Cordelya; not married long and all ready the look of long suffering? It's put upon, certainly.. "Bounding about the woods at night like a deer." He chuckles, "Guard regardless of state of peace or war, my lady wife." That's the way it's done! Tia's request is met with a nod, and with the approval of the instrument, he nods, "She is a remarkable musician.. to hear a harp in her hands?" He whistles softly.

Tia bows her head again, to the Lady Isolde and her cousin. "My thanks, M'Lady. You are a hostess most kind and generous to unexpected guests." She glances over towards Corrie again, almost a smile crossing her face at her friend's expression. And there is a very, very brief look of mischief that shines for just a heartbeat, before she veils her eyes with her eyelashes and a demure duck of her head. "It seems a good place, indeed," she agrees with Corrie. "Lord Anders, you do me too much credit," she says, upon his compliment to her harp playing. "It is merely a hobby, a way to pass the time." And never mind that the harp her brother gave her upon her wedding day is melted to slag, she's not going to think about that.

"As a knight, I follow the Seven," Gedeon explains, "but I find I have a respect for the Old Gods as well. If I did not grow up following them, there is still something to be said for their forests and weirwoods. I suppose I would enjoy learning more about them. If that is something you are eager to teach Lord Flint, Lady Flint, I would be pleased, indeed, to call you friend." To Tiaryn he adds, "Perhaps, should you be so kind, you might play for us all some evening, my lady. Beautiful music may do us all good in these times."

With their departure spoken, Isolde leads Igara back towards the tower, speaking softly with her. They two remain companions all the way to the door where they part and enter separately.

Cordelya is looking a touch more relaxed already, for the actual acceptance of the Old Gods among these people as much as anything. First, though, for her husband's words, she's smirking again in a touch of mischevious amusement. Tia's given a brief, shared look, not missing that mischief in her gaze as well — something to be discussed later. "At a time of war, I agree, husband. I have no wish to be taken on by some pirate while out searching for leaves. But in a time of peace? I am not waking up a guard just because I find sleep nigh unto impossible and I wish to prey at the weir." She half sighs, "But this is not a debate for here and now." She shakes her head and gazes back to the other. "Tia, I would love to hear you play again.. I could have sat and listened the whole night the evening of our wedding, but, apparently, I had other duties to perform." She -winks- in her husband's direction as she says that, all out grinning. And then it is to Gedeon. "I would be honoured, Ser, to discuss the gods with you any time. I've found my upbringing at Greywatch to have, I think, given me a somewhat deeper understanding than many. The Old Gods were my childhood playmates when I had none others."

"One with an open mind," Anders responds. "It would be the Lady Cordelya that could instruct. I simply nod, and occasionally sit quietly, and then I nod." He's probably kidding, if the gleam in his eye is any indication. "But, I couldn't imagine a better place to discuss Gods of any sort than in a tavern." He pauses, then, "When we retake the Roost, that will be the first place we will go?" After everything else is taken care of, of course. He would continue, but Corrie's words stop him in his tracks.. to look at his wife. There, she's earned a sigh, which is granted before he simply.. shakes his head. Not a lot that can actually be said after that. "I think that now that I've found the two of you, I should get back to work. There's a great deal to learn— positions and movements, and where the others believe they should be. Ser Gedeon, have you time for me to discover your thoughts, and allow the ladies to continue on their walk, or.. If not, that is fine."

Gedeon nods in farewell to the departing Isolde and Igara, offering a quiet "My ladies," before looking back to Anders and Cordelya. Perhaps he supposes the later's words about childhood playmates to be a metaphor or a jest for he only offers her a soft smile and a warm chuckle. "We all find our friends where we may, my lady." To the Young Lord Flint he adds, "Certainly, my lord. Now seems the ideal time to consider strategies. Day after tomorrow, we march."

With the ladies on their way, Tia inclines her head once more, politely, and then she pauses to listen to the conversation at hand. "I will play, I am sure. Though I think not anything too spritely, for the moment." She pauses, and then adds, "and if the music should please those who hear it, than I will be content." She wobbles a bit, just where she is standing, and then bites her lip. "I think though, if you kind Sers and all do not mind, I had best find a place to sit in the very near future, so I will take my leave." Which will let Anders and Gedeon talk positions and movements all they wish without her distraction. She does try to free Corrie, giving her good-cousin a smile. "Corrie, I think I can get back on my own. You can stay and help them?" Or something. But she is aware that Corrie has not been leaving her side, and sooner or later, she will have to face that being alone. Besides, poor Corrie can probably use a break.

As Anders prepares to leave, Corrie gently lets go of Tia for just a moment. She ensures the woman is fine on her own two feet, even though she really has walked all the way here, and then the slip of a woman steps over to Ander's side fully and grasps his arm. She tugs herself up, onto her tip toes, to murmur something against his cheek, a low, rather warm smile on her lips as she says it. She then pulls away, still grinning. Newly weds, eh? And then she's looking back to Tiaryn, concern darkening her features for a serious moment. "Are you certain, Lady? I do not wish to leave you alone but… if you think you can, perchance I shall linger with the gentlemen if they allow. I do not wish to leave the air quite yet." She confesses. Whether Corrie realizes that the men don't wish her present and doesn't care, or genuinely doesn't get it is not clear.

"Day after tomorrow, we march." Anders looks from Gedeon to his bride, his brows rising even as the whispers reach his head. He repeats the Oldstone's knight's words, "Day after tomorrow, we march," but a little quieter, and with more than a little regret. "Ser, if you would walk with me, I don't know yet exactly who is here, and who is represented. Is it truly all bannerhouses of Lord Frey," of whom he doesn't hold a great deal of good feelings about, "Or are there more?" He wants to see their standards.

"Lady Corrie, remain with Tia. All this," and here, there's a ghost of a smile that comes, "certainly won't interest you. And Lady Tiaryn has need of you." Even if Tia just said that it would be okay, and would dismiss the Lady Flint from service. "There will be plenty of time for you to take in the air."

Gedeon waits until Anders speaks to him, allowing the young couple their moment of whispers and secrets before turning to more tactical matters. "The Freys, the Charltons, the Haighs and the Erenfords have all come," Gedeon says. "Ser Jarod Rivers, Lord Jerold's son, will also march with a score of men who escaped the siege upon the Roost and fled here. Additionally, my Lord Ser Anton Valentin has brought fifty bowmen to help fortify the ranks." He is quiet a beat, drawing in a soft breath. "In frankness, my lord, the Frey bannermen have all come, but none have brought the numbers or levies needed to take on an army the size of the one at Seagard. Lord Blackwood has been sent by the Riverlands Lord Paramount to oversee the dealings here and has bid each family send for their levies, but it will be a full week before they come. As we wait, we march on the column that comes towards Stonebridge as well as any other Ironborn we encounter. If fortune is with us, we will reach the Roost itself and free her even while we await the levies of the Freylings."

Tiaryn inclines her head briefly to all those who are still there. "I am pleased to have met you, Ser Rivers," she says first. And then, "M'lord Flint, I think that while I still recall anything much, if it might help, then you may wish to ask sooner rather than later. However, if there is no need, then I will take myself back to rest so that I will return to full health as soon as is physically possible. And please, let Corrie have a rest. It will do her good to have time to be happier." She waits only on Anders' reply, and then she slowly turns to start making her way back to the room she's been assigned within the keep.

Cordelya turns her eyes, looking after the debating Tia, but she also knows that sometimes grief needs space. She has done nothing but hover over the woman since they found Tia and now, the woman insisting she can handle her own, Corrie doesn't pressure too much, she even gives a thankful smile. "Rest well, Lady Tia. I shall check on you later." And then she's looking back at her husband, hands upon her slender hips. "Would not interest me? Girls can take interest in steel and war steeds as well as boys, even if we do not ride with you all. I'd request to walk with my husband and listen, in the very least.. Especially if you all ride tomorrow." Her pale eyes almost beg of Gedeon not to protest her walking. She slips her arm through her husband's elbow, unless he firmly presses her away, silently readying to step along with them.

"Charltons?" The name rings a familiar bell, judging from the sound of the question that doesn't truly need an answer. Anders nods as a first step is taken as a result of his desire to see the camps. "Fifty bowmen." It's a statement, and certainly not an indictment. "Extremely useful with the right mix." No one manner of offensive, or defensive, could work. He nods, his gaze moving across to look at the banners, "I had wondered if we would continue down to Seagard. I believe that is where my Lord is going, and had hoped that I'd meet him there. But, there is obviously a use for my men, if only to help shore up Stonebridge's defenses, and to wipe out the scatterings of Ironborn that tries to move against her." And the attack on the occupiers of the Roost. "If this is what can be levied, then this is what we work with, and use to their strengths. Surely.." He pauses, then, "Lord Blackwood knows that." He would assume, anyway. "There are some that don't understand that, so it's not as odd as it may sound."

Corrie's insistence upon staying with him, even with her hand reaching to curl around his own gains the lady a sigh.. "Always, always choose your battles," is said, though in reference to the conversation at hand, or to the fact that Cordelya is now walking slowly beside him isn't elaborated upon. "Rest well, Lady Tiaryn. We won't be far. I promise." But he will check in and perhaps discover a few things before others threaten to do the same thing, and less gently. And it's back to those that now remain, particularly Corrie at the moment, "Horsies, Corrie?" His voice is canted lower, but rises to conversational just after, "I would love to hear their expectations.. what it is they hope to gain." He pauses, a smile tinging his face, "What they are willing to admit, anyway."