Page 412: Stone Bridge Crossing
Stone Bridge Crossing
Summary: Ser Justin and company arrive at the stone bridge on the east side of the town by the same name. They are greeted by others including Ser Jarod and Ser Bruce, then cross over to pay the tariff. So far, so good.
Date: 06/09/2012
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The Stone Bridge, Stonebridge
An ancient bridge crafted of shaped stone, built in the long lost days of the River Kings. Narrow- only wide enough for a single large wagon at a time- it is of double arched construction, leaving a lane to either side of the Green Rill River's center for boats and barges to pass beneath. This bridge marks the furthest point upriver which a masted vessel can reach. The best crossing between Seagard and the Twins, the bridge is well worn, with the newest addition being a row of six pikes mounted into the arch of the bridge, each displaying the tarred heads of Ironborn raiders.
September 6th, 289

Evening of a long, hot, dusty day on the road finally sees a long string of oxen and a few wagons approaching the stone bridge. With them are well armed and armoured riders, mostly Men-at-arms wearing House Terrick colors, but also Ser Kamron's squire, Percy wearing his Mallister indigo. Erenford drovers see to the oxen while behind them is first a moderate sized flock of at least 100 or more sheep followed by a goodly sized herd of mixed meat and milk goats. Both dogs and men afoot tend to the latter two, keeping them moving and on the road.

Dust rises up into the air as the train of animals and men slowly make their way towards the stone bridge, their most worrisome passage. Justin rides in the fore, sweaty and as dust covered as the rest, a crossbow on one side of his saddle prow and his helm secured to the other lest he needs it. He squints through the dust, watchful as he catches site of two riders he sent ahead to scout the way. Both of whom are riding back to give the all clear, so far.

The bridge is manned by border guards, of course. More than usual, but given tensions in the area that's likely not unexpected. Ser Jarod is among them, in his black and gold-winged surcoat personal heraldry over his armor, Stonebridge crane-and-harpy sash of the House he's sworn to tied to his swordbelt tied at his swordbelt. He stands talking with a levy man who wears the markings of a militia serjeant. Perhaps the Half-Eagle's presence is due to the incoming caravan in Terrick colors, as the Naylands have border scouts out of their own. In any case, their progress isn't impeded in any manner on approach. The men just…man the bridge.

<FS3> Dania rolls Animal Handling: Success.

<FS3> Nathaniel rolls Animal Handling: Good Success.

From another direction Dania on horseback rides. Her wide brimmed hat protects her eyes from the dust as she approaches the collection of animals and riders. Her own gown is now covered in a fine layer of dust. She coughs to clear her throat as she squints. Her own horse shies suddenly at the oxen as one of them makes a sound. The normally docile gelding is now snorting and his head is up and his eyes wide and on the oxen. She manages to keep her seat and there is a curse from her. "For sake of the bloody stranger horse! You have seen them before." She is now grumbling at the horse as she half-halts quietly on the reins with her fingers as she tries and get his attention. He prances a little in place as he locks his jaw, but he has not bolted.

Nathaniel is approaching the bridge from the direction of town. His horse is a stout, heavy stallion whose impatient gait suggests that he is testing his rider's skill. However, the lean young man holds firmly to the reins and slows the horse to a stop on the far side of the bridge. His eyes and face show his weariness while he watches the cloud of dust that signals the approaching herd.

It would be rather difficult for the Naylands not to take notice of this train of animals coming, for they move slowly and the dust proceeds them as it rises up into the air high above. Slightly more than a dozen oxen in total, some of which pull wagons. The flock of sheep moves over the road and the land to either side like a cloud, dogs barking and running along side, tired men looking hopeful of a peaceful crossing and a rest. The herd of goats bring up the last, noisest of them all with more dogs. It would seem the Erenfords have welcomed the Terrick trade warmly and Ser Brennart seen Ser Justin to return with much needed stock to reseed the Roost.

Justin hears the report of his two forward scouts, then motions for them to fall down the line to see that none tarry too far behind. He turns in his saddle to look back, then spurs his mount to canter forward towards the bridge the last distance ahead of his train. The sight of Jarod himself eases his concerns for Justin's dirty face eases into a smile as he slows his gelding, "Half-Eagle! I am much pleased to see you here. We have espied no sign of armies nor battle upon our road thus far."

Dressed much like the rest of her kin, Kalira is riding herd on the flock of sheep along with several of her cousins, all of whom have volunteered to help out with this particular migration of livestock. She is leaning forward as Shadow, the dappled mare she rides, edges one of the more belligerent of the sheep back into formation. The dogs are close at hand, ready to leap in and round up any of the animals that try to wander astray.

One of the Terrick men that is riding escort for this convoy of animals is Ser Kell, Sworn to House Terrick. On horse back and in chainmail for this protective assignment, he also has a surcoat and riding cloak with House colors on over his armor. Most of the knight's attention is on the surroundings as they move slowly down the path though from time to time, his eyes do dart to where Percy is, to make sure the Mallister Squire is still with them and not tangled in some sort of self-inflicted trouble. When the approach Stonebridge though, Kell nudges Havok forward so he can join Justin to meet any Naylanders that may venture out to meet them and see what is going on.

Jarod offers a half-bow of his shoulders at the sight of a woman on horseback, though Dania of course isn't the primary concern of any of the Stonebridge men. Jarod jogs across the bridge, waving his hand to offer a wave to his half-brother. "For today, at least," is his wry reply. "But I'll take it while it lasts. Hail and all that, Ser Justin." He may offer another nod or two to the Terrick sworn in the train he's familiar with. Kell certainly among them. It wasn't so long ago that he was sworn to Four Eagles, after all. "Anyhow, state your purpose in Stonebridge lands and how long you intend to remain."

Justin takes a moment to cough up dust from the road and turning his head, he spats it out to clear his mouth as best he might. He takes the slack waterskin from his saddle and has a drink of it while Jarod comes up, most of it already had upon the road. Justin stoppers it as Kell rides up to join him and he nods to the equally dusty knight. To Jarod he gives reply, "Our business is to pass these animals over the bridge, pay what taxes are required of us to do so (Seven help us), and then bed them down outside of town for the night. We'll guard them ourselves and stay with them, then move out upon the road for the Roost in the morning, Jarod." That formality seen too, Justin offers the waterskin to Kell for his throat must be as choked with dust as his own.

Site of both Dania /and/ Nathaniel ease Justin's tired face all the more. He raises an arm to see if he may catch their eye and offer greeting unto them until they come in closer for speaking to.

Sheep are evil smelly flaming balrogs that could eat innocent horses. The horse spins and there is another curse from Dania. "For the love of the gods and your breeding!" She stays in her seat there is another jig and a snorting of from the horse. The bridge is forgotten at the moment as the woman keeps her leg on her horse. She nods to Jarod, Justi, Kalria and Kell. Nathaniel is given a look commiseration. She calls out as she catches a little bit of the conversation. "Hail Lord Terrick and Company! Care for company for the night? If you are heading that way may I see if I can get another to join you?"

<FS3> Kalira rolls Animal Handling: Good Success.

When Kell is greeted, the Terrick Knight raises a hand in return towards Jarod in return, "Greetings, Ser Jarod." He then grows silent as he knows that there is business to discuss and proper crossing to be secured, which would be Lord Justin's perogative. There is also no coughing from the Terrick Sworn, perhaps he is use to riding or walking the roads, so that he can eat dust without a problem. A nod is returned to Justin though before Kell's eyes scan the surroundings, to make sure there are no one thinking they are clever to perhaps steal one of the smaller animals. When the waterskin is offered, he accepts it with a "Thank you, Ser," before taking a quick drink, and then handing it back.

Hoekenn arrives from the East Walk.
Hoekenn has arrived.

Kalira is even less fond of Sheep than Dania is, as she's already 'named' the trouble makers in the flock based on what they'd be best turned into. "Mittens," is the one she's chasing down at the moment, along with it's pal "Socks", both of whom she is tempted to truss up and haul - upside down - the rest of the way. The wiry dog that's at her side is nudging both sheep - not so subtly - back toward the rest of the meandering smelly herd. Kalira secures these two then guides her mare around to round up another pair - these two are aptly named 'dinner' and 'rug' - before bringing Shadow to a halt and standing in her stirrups for a moment to survey the entire convoy.

Jarod nods short once the formality's seen to. "Aye. Fair enough." Simple as that. It might be anti-climatic if they were expecting more of a to-do from the Naylands in these parts. More formally. "You're permitted entry into Stonebridge borders. The fellows at the end of the bridge'll see to the tariffs." They are what they are, but they aren't any higher than usual. The path opens for them, and Jarod will stroll with them across the bridge when they go. "You mind escort to the border? Of just myself, I mean. Bandits're still a concern the further you get from town headed west. And I wouldn't put it past the Charltons to start making use of proxies. I'd gain some peace of mind if I saw to it personal."

<FS3> Nathaniel rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Nathaniel spots Justin's raised arm thoruhg the swirling dust. He squints to identify the owner of that appendage. Then he bows as low as possible for someone in a saddle. He glances to Dania, and nods at her words, but he remains for now silent, waiting to hear the answer to Jarod's challenge. While he waits, his eyes sweep over the others in the group. He inclines his head to Kell when he spots the man through the dust. Then he sees Kalira, and greets her with an exaggerated wave and a broad smile.

"Aye, we are filthy with road dust, sweaty, and tired though none of us will see the inn tonight. I don't dare leave the animals unguarded." Justin muses and nods to Jarod, "The company is most welcome, Ser. And none I'd rather have while we move the train through." As the men of the bridge part, Justin turns in the saddle and waves the Erenfords leading the oxen and wagons to start crossing, the flock of sheep and the goats to come after. His grey eyes alight upon Kalira and he faintly gives a nod to her as he moves his own horse aside.

His flagging water skin resecured, the Terrick watches their valuable animals started. "Aye, since we were so lucky to get this far without running into fighting or the bridge inaccessable, it is bandits that concern me now. I'll gladly pick up however more riders we can to help us get the oxen and herds to the Roost. Then I'm certain the Erenfords I've hired will be keen to return while they still may." As the oxen close in to start crossing the bridge, the dust once more kicks up. Justin himself will remain on this side until all of his train has safely passed through and he's to pay the tarriffs determined.

Hoekenn comes walking along from further into town. Blinking a bit as he sees something going on. Carefully moving closer, although not being in the way. Eyes flickering from each person and he seems a bit uneasy around so many. Holding a hand against his knife as he separates from the crowd a bit. Trying to see what is going on though.

"You should name them mutton and lamb chop!" Dania call out to Kalira. There is more snorting from the horse. Sweat is breaking on his neck. Not sure if she could be heard since apparently her voice is lost. She shakes her head and works on getting her rather large gelding to settle. She is quiet now and focused on the gelding.

When the animal convoy and their handlers are being waved forward, Kell nudges his steed again so he can take the lead, more out of principle than mistrust of the Nayland. Taking point, he rides ahead of the group, crossing the namesake of the town as his eyes looks over the Nayland guards that have been keeping watch. His eyes than scans those who may have gathered, perhaps just to note faces or perhaps to search out any familiar ones in passing.

Kalira lifts her hat off her of head briefly to wave to Nathaniel in return before she grins at Dania. "I was thinking to call 'em Dinner and a blanket!" she calls out in return, laughing as she gives Dania a quick wave before the sheep begin to mill about restlessly, bleating their daft heads off. "If the bloody things weren't so useful," she remarks to one of her cousins with a shake of her head before guiding Shadow around to continue rounding up the silly things. She casts a glance toward the bridge that the herd is beginning to move over, trying to calculate how long it'll be before the sheep have to be coaxed over as well.

Jarod stands aside and lets the Terricks deal with the tax collectors. He nods to Justin when his offer of escort is accepted, cracking a grin. "You're welcome to buy lodgings and all that for the night, of course, though I can understand not wanting to linger. We're doing our best to keep the roads open for trade, but defense of the town is plain the first priority now. Seven willing, we'll not see any trouble for a stretch longer." The sight of Hoekenn makes his head turn. He seems to recognize the lad, and raises an arm to offer him a quick wave.

The many oxen are lead over first, most of them in strings with ropes through nose rings four at a time. The last pairs pull wagons. This is the easy part. Justin sits his horse, watchful as Ser Kell leads them across and once they are through, the Terrick knight lifts a hand to beckon the large flock of sheep with their handlers and dogs next, "Bring them over!"

Justin looks back to his brother, "Aye, I feared the passage would be closed to us, so we pushed hard to hurry. I know well it may be closed for … perhaps months. In which case it was dire that we get our fields plowed and planted afore, if we might. A great risk, but I did not dare the greater risk of having no harvest ripening in the months ahead while war might rage here." Gah, more dust in his lungs and mouth.

There's plenty of noise from the animals, dogs barking, herders calling out or whistling commands, armed riders and their gear creaking or clopping. Justin eyes those on the far side of the stone bridge who'll be assessing what they must be paid in tariffs for this crossing. "After I have paid our crossing, I'll have none to spare for lodgings. We'll need to stay close to the herd and bed down with the animals tonight." You can almost hear the groans.

Hoekenn offers a nod as he moves a bit closer as he is waved to by Jarod. Hoping that he might get to know who the people passing are. He can guess, but he isn't sure. Not hearing the words exchanged, but getting closer at least. And once he is rather close, enough to hear, he studies Justin.

Nathaniel continues to look around the area while the nobles discuss terms of the crossing. He sees Hoekenn, and nods. "Good day to you, Squire!" he calls. His eyes drift downward to note the young hand on the knife's hilt, and Nathaniel shakes his head. "It's all peace so far," he adds, offering a friendly smile.

<FS3> Kalira rolls Animal Handling: Great Success.

Kalira catches Justin's wave and gives a piercing whistle, standing in her stirrups again and waves one hand in the air in a gesture that draws the attention of the rest of the sheep herders and starts nudging the tiny brained fluffy animals across the bridge. It's not a fast process, and anyone who's seen sheep being moved from field to field knows it can be downright comical. Or frustrating. Comical and frustrating. Maybe a bit of insane. But the flock begins to move, the first few balking at the bridge - for what ever addle brained reason that occurs to the fluffy tiny brained thing - but once the first few tip toe their way across the rest begin to funnel over as well. Neat hat trick time - not letting any of them fall OFF the bridge somehow.

"That's Ser Bruce's squire," Jarod informs Justin, pointing to Hoekenn. And motioning the boy over, in case his first wave wasn't enough. He nods to his half-brother in understanding about the lodgings. "I'll sleep in the field with you lot tonight. Fair summer weather for it, at least. I figure the tower can spare me. Only so much one can do to prepare defenses, but it's being seen to. Just a matter now of waiting and praying." Raising his voice he calls merrily to Kell, "That horse is still serving you well, I see!"

With her horse having a meltdown Dania moves the poor beast out of the way, so much for the bridge. The horse is only too happy to comply.

As Kell continues to be at the head of the Terrick's Animal Convoy, he hears Jarod's shout and turns his head to shoot the Half-Eagle a grin before raising a hand as a wave to the man, as if to acknowledge and agree with his statement.

Hoekenn blinks at Nathaniel's words. Not really that being the reason for him holding his knife. But he smiles and nods all the same. Is coming to Jarod, offering a bow as he is introduced. Glancing between the folks.

"Ho, Courier! I hadn't seen nor heard rumor of you in too long, Nathaniel! I am glad to see you aren't riddled with bandit arrows!" Justin raises his baritone to give a shout. The animals don't seem to be spooky, for they are tired and there is much noise already. Kalira and the other Erenfords are doing very well at keeping them moving and all orderly.

Justin looks back to Jarod and chuckles, "You will be very welcome. We have plenty of Erenford wine with us to share, generously gifted. We were not lacking in the least for excellant hospitality from our generous hosts. They put us /all/ up in the keep." Which as most of Justin's party is not nobles, must have impressed him a little. The Terrick looks a bit concerned for Dania's horse being so difficult. Justin frowns but he can't be leaving the animals so he looks back in time to give Hoekenn a nod, "You serve a fine knight, Squire."

Hoekenn smiles and nods to Justin, "Thanks." He offers, studying the people in Justin's party a bit. Hopefully searching for someone perhaps. Even if he is certain that he will not find who he is looking for. For now standing still and just smiling instead. Though he does add, "Ser Bruce is great."

With the help of the dogs, all handlers working together, and a generous bit of luck the sheep cross the bridge in a ragged cluster and make the other side without any serious mishap. Kalira is tempted - only briefly - to toss one or two of them over the edge of the bridge herself. Briefly.

"This is Lord Justin Terrick, Lord Jerold Terrick's son. And my half-brother," Jarod introduces Justin to the squire. "The lad's called Hoekenn Stenhammer, he's son to one of the household knights." To the boy he says, "Tell Ser Bruce I'll be back at the tower tomorrow afternoon, when you see him next. I'll be camped with the Terrick men tonight. I want to escort them to our borders, make sure they don't run into any trouble. I'd not put it past the Charltons in some guise to start molesting those traders who're still traveling these roads. Try to make it look like we can't keep our own peace."

Nathaniel eyes Dania's apparently very nervous horse, and then nods his approval when the healer guides the animal out of the way. He tightens his hands on the reins of his own stout mount, and watches the animals parading past. He shifts his gaze to Kalira, and smiles warmly again. "Welcome to Stonebridge," he greets her. "Will you be continuing with us to the Roost?"

Ah, thank goodness. 2/3rds of the way through now. Justin motions for the last of them, the herd of goats, to be brought across. It's been a long day and he's a tired man, eager to bed them down for the night to rest, yet needing still to be much vigilant until they reach the Roost tomorrow night. He looks back to Jarod and Hoekenn, "Ser, is sufficient. I prefer to leave 'Lord' for our father's proper title." he includes Jarod in the 'our' and leaves it at that. "Pleasure to meet you, Squire Hoekenn." Justin's grey gelding raises and lowers his head, chewing on his bit and impatient to be finished with this business.

Once the goats are heading across, Justin angles his horse in preparation to follow them across, "Wise of you, and appreciated, Jarod. I will make certain father knows my gratitude for your assistance."

Kalira slows her mare to a halt, Shadow lowering her head briefly, ears pricked forward, "Thank you," she says in return with a smile to her fellow courier. "That's the plan," she confirms with a nod, her attention focused on the sheep and their meandering path forward as she speaks with Nathaniel. "How's the lay of the land?" is wondered, though the question is as much about the terrain as it is about potential unfriendly armies that might consider this flock of sheep to be meals on hooves.

Hoekenn smiles and nods as Jarod introduces them all a bit more formally. "My lord, a pleasure." He tells Justin. Glancing to the others as well, though instinctively looking a bit wary. Perhaps it is the amount of people or something that is cuasing that.

Jarod glances toward Kalira and Nathaniel, nodding polite to the pair of them, though it's his brother he concentrates on. He'll move along when the men and livestock move along. A shrug when Justin mentions their father. "You needn't make it all that. Do give him my love, though, and Jacsen too. I've letters for the pair of them, if you wouldn't mind delivering them. Easier than using a courier since you're passing." And gods only know how long the roads'll stay passable.

Nathaniel takes a slow breath at Kalira's question, and then sees Justin approaching behind the goats who are last to cross. "The land itself grows smoother and less hilly, ad you might guess," he explains. "But I know your concern. "Boht armies are gathering slowly, but Ser Justin is familiar enough with these lands to know the safest places for a herd of this size. He'll have help with standing guard, too. There should be no trouble that we can't manage." His hand drops to pat a bow and quiver that slung from the front of his saddle.

Justin's attention is partly on the last of the animals and starting to move his horse after to go and pay the tax. The rest of his attention, and the better part of it likewise is for Jarod, "I'll gladly take them for you and see them delivered. The least I can do. I expect Nathaniel will continue to ply the road back and forth for as long as he is able - though I've no mind to loose him either, if I get the choice." The Terrick glances to Nathaniel over there with Kalira, then goes to loosing his coin purse which has yet a bit of silver left deal with the tariff. "I do have concern about the Charlton and Haigh levies, as well as bandits. I will count us lucky if we get through with most of the stock and men unscathed." Though, even half would be far better than none.

Hoekenn tilts his head a bit before speaking, "Excuse me, my lord. I don't suppose that you know the Takens?" He asks, his voice low and he then falls silent if things seem a bit weird. Glancing around a bit. Lot of reason to meet the Taken family again. After all, Gerry would spar with him in exchange for ale after all.

"Stonbridge men're all dug in around the town, save the outriders, and those're scouts moving light," Jarod says to Justin. "Anyhow, if you face any trouble it'll not come from the crane-and-harpy." He looks curious when Hoekenn inquires about the Takens. The name is plainly familiar to him, though he waits for Justin to answer before speaking up.

Bruce arrives from the East Walk.
Bruce has arrived.

The named silver is counted out, then handed over. Justin insists on having a bill written out for it for close accounting of all of his expenses for the trip. As he waits for it, having dismounted to pay the tariff, he loosely holds his horses reins and looks back to Hoekenn, "Yes, I know them - both Gerry and Catryn. I had a bargin to hire Gerry as sellsword to ride with us, and he seemed eager, agreeing to do so. But he has not shown up to join us as he pledged, nor his daughter. I have seen them not, and expect a good answer for breaking his word unto me." Justin is handed over the tariff paper and folding it, puts it into his now more or less empty coin purse. He nods to his half brother, "It is good, for your own levies had me a little concerned as well, if they not be well fed."

Kalira nods at Nathaniels' words, glancing at the bow and quiver that he pats and smiles for a moment, "From you lips to the ears of the gods," she says in return. She whistles again, gaining the attention of one of the wiry dogs standing nearby and makes a gesture that sends the dog darting forward to nudge another of the strays back into the flock. "Any skirmishes yet or are they abiding to the agreement?" is wondered in a low voice as she returns the polite nod to Ser Jarod, though far enough away that she isn't attempting to shout at the man in greeting.

Hoekenn raises a brow at that before nodding, "Okay. If you meet them. Could you relay my thanks to Mistress Catryn?" He asks, smiling softly. A bit uncertain to why they were not along if they had said so. Though somehow it isn't that surprised they are quite confusing people for Hoekenn to understand.

"I met him brief in Seagard. The Taken man, that is," Jarod says for his part. "Tried to nudge him into hiring on with the Nayland forces, but he'd not have it. If he's making coin as a merchant, don't suppose he might want to get back into the mercenary game now, times being what they are. It's likely to get hotter than cutting up bandits." As for skirmishes, he shakes his head. "Not yet. We'll see how it plays. I'm not putting too much faith in Lord Aleister's words, as I said when last we spoke. We'll keep our scouts out and tighten our defenses, and be ready for them when they come. Whenever they come." Passage into town was granted for the caravan without incident, and Jarod is now standing to one side and jawing with his half-brother as the mess of animals finishes crossing.

The young Terrick Sheriff looks back to Hoekenn, "I can pass that message along as well, certainly. They live at the Roost now and are settling into a house on the coast, assuming they have come to no misadventure apon the trade road." Which of course isn't as safe just now as usual, even bandits aside. Justin gives a nod to Jarod, "Aye, he's doing right fine with merchanting, him and his daughter. Seeking a trade charter from father and proper Roost citizenship, paying tithes and all." Which maybe surprised Justin that Gerry would settle anywhere.

The tariff paid and the train of animals, oxen, sheep and goats, with piglet swine in the wagons now crossed, Justin moves to remount his horse, "I need to see where Ser Kell is bedding them down for the night. Do feel free to join us, if you can be spared. You'll find that Erenford wine is quite good." He flashes a smile.

Nathaniel watches the dog who so obediently responds to Kalira's whistle. He nods but says nothing when Hoekenn asks about the Takens. The question isn't his to answer, although he has met the unusual cohorts. When Justin hints that frequent travels between The Roost and Stonebridge might lie in the courier's future, he glances to Kalira and gives her a subtle nod.

And who shows up at the bridge, finally, in front of a whole Quarter of men, the Orange led by Serjeant Roger Farrier? Well, it's Ser Bruce, sweat dripping below the brim of his helmet but a grin on his face. Must be one of his famous forced marches. He pulls the massed pike column off of the road to let the animals pass by, instruction the Serjeant to halt them there and let them relax. Then the knight moves on towards Ser Justin and Co.

"I rarely pass up a chance to try wine I'm not paying for, whatever it's quality," Jarod replies to Justin with a grin. He raises a hand to Ser Bruce, doing more waving to the Master at Arms when she spots the man. He's in his armor and black and gold-winged surcoat. He's taken to being kitted up when on duty, as war becomes more and more inevitable. "Hail, Ser! Ser Justin's men and stock requested passage through our lands, and it has been granted proper."

Jarod's brother happens to be wearing Jarod's former set of partial steel plate, along with some partial maile Justin had before, with his surcoat over top of it. With a crossbow and bolts hung from his saddle as he remounts his horse, and his helm secured on the opposite side, he looks ready for trouble… though tired and dusty. He wipes his own sweaty brow, leaving a smear of dust in it's wake. "Well, let me see them bedded down and sort out our watches for the night. I know the men are tired, and thankfully the animals too. They should be quiet enough even if a storm blew up." Justin glances up and around at the sky but it looks like fair weather will hold. The Terrick likewise raises an arm to hail the new arrivals, "Ser Bruce, good to see you still whole and hale." He may well despise some of the Nayland family, but Justin seems to get along fine with some of their sworn. Turning his grey horse, Justin starts to move, "Come join us when you can!"

"Of course it has, Ser Jarod. I like to continue with the fiction that as long as certain people aren't looking, we're good neighbours." Replies Bruce, grinning at the familiar sight of so many eagled men he fought with only a few months back. He jerks a thumb towards the Tower to illustrate his point, but says no more on the topic. "Hail Ser Justin, Ser Kell. Hope it goes well. I'm happy to see you've got such a mass of beast flesh. Will help the Roost get up and running sooner rather than later, aye? Don't mind if I do. Squire Hoekenn, do come along, lad." As they pass the militia, Bruce gives some instructions to the Serjeant, pats him on the shoulder with another grin and moves on.