Stolen Moments
Stolen Moments
Summary: Muirenn and Trystan manage to find a few moments of time alone for the first and perhaps only time.
Date: 30/May/2012 (OOC Date)
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Muirenn Trystan 
Muirenn's Chamber
Late May 289

In a castle as large as that of Four Eagles, it's relatively easy to move about unnoticed. Especially when one is a familiar face amongst the guards. As such, Trystan found little problem in making his way through the halls and out to the terrace, where he was able to maneuver himself to the spot just beneath Muirenn's window. With a flit of his attention amongst the guards that move about, he waits for the opportune time and the begins the short climb up the jagged stones and when he finally reaches her window, he's lifting himself just enough to peek within.

Thankfully, that window is open and seeing no one within, shy of the person in the bed, he's climbing through the window. Armor has been discarded, as has his weapon, in favor of being quiet. It wouldn't do to clash and clatter along, only to have a guard come to check upon the noise. Once he's managed to move through the window and past the fluttering curtain, there's a look around the room before he's beginning to move towards the bed.

The semblance of a new sound…something out of place with the pound of the sea or the whisper of the wind causes the teenager to stir. Yawning, she rolls onto her side. The flow of her auburn hair spread on the pillows is nearly black in the darkness. Gathering her covers to her chin, Muirenn begins to snuggle into the depths of sleep only she opens her eyes to look out the window and sees a shape moving towards her bed. To scream, to pretend to sleep, to speak…the options whirl in her mind but she is frozen in terror and can only make a soft gasping noise that eventually will become an ear piercing shriek.

That approach to the bed is paused the moment the soft gasping noise breaks the relative silence in the room and it takes Trystan only the hint of a moment to quickly offer, "Shhh, Muir. It's me, Trystan." The words are a tad hushed, but there'd be no mistaking his voice and once that has been said, he begins to continue his approach over in the direction of the bed.

It takes a moment for everything to register and slip into place. Gasping, her eyes widen and she whispers, "Trystan! What? What are you doing here?" She sits up, the glimpse of a form lithe, womanly, and ripe seen through fine linen in the light of the moon before she is able to get her covers gathered up to her chin. Not exactly frightened, but worried, she gives a toss of her head to shake the veil of her hair away from her face, "Is something wrong? Are we under attack?"

Her question goes unanswered for the moment, perhaps because there's a soft gulp and the fact that his eyes seem to have drifted down to that fine linen and the body that is concealed beneath it. Thankfully, the covers quickly obscure the form and he's coughing, quite softly, before murmuring, "No no. We're not under attack. I just .. well .. thought that this would be a good idea. To be alone. Without everyone around." Pause. "I can leave."

Blushing furiously, the girl tightens her grip on her covers and just gapes, "You…" She looks around and then asks breathlessly, "How did you get in? Did anyone see you?" Scooting up in bed, she leans back against the headboard and sits there just staring at the young man next to her bed as everything she has been taught goes through her mind along with the notion that she could finally talk with her best friend without having so many people staring. The look upon her face is pained, "I…you…" swallowing she looks up at him and whispers, "You shouldn't be here….if someone catches dearest, you will be hung. I…don't go. I have missed talking to you and since the incident with Lady Danae, Septa has hovered worse than ever."

"Windows," comes the immediate reply from Trystan, along with a quick look over towards it before he's looking back again, "No .. no. No one saw me. I was quite careful. Trust me on that. I rather value my neck and don't need to have it stretched." Moving a bit more, he seeks to perch himself on the very edge of the bed, at the foot of it. "Thought this would be the only time we'd ever get to be alone. Couldn't pass it up."

"I hope that my reputation is valued as well as your neck." Muirenn teases with the tart breath of a whisper. She continues to clutch the covers to her chest and points to a trunk against the wall. A thick velvet robe has been casually tossed upon it, "Throw me that dearest. I will feel…" her cheeks flush, "It will be better if someone should come knocking." As the moments pass, she grows both easier and uneasier with the notion of having this particular man alone in her bedroom. Flushing deeper she bites her lower lip and smiles.

"You know what I think of your reputation, dearheart, which is why I went to such lengths to get here." There's a flash of a smile before he's looking over in the direction of the robe, "Not so much good. Hard to explain what I'm doing here." He does rise though and move to claim that robe so that he can move back and extend it in her direction, "Just had to be alone. It's not something we've had."

"I know…it..this is a gift Trystan." The girl reaches a bare arm towards the robe, letting her fingers brush his ever so lightly before she claims her garment. With the barest sense of a giggle she twirls her finger, her other hand continuing to clutch the quilt to her, and murmurs, "Turn around my heart." As he presumably turns she drops the covers and slips her arms into the comforting purple velvet.

"It is." Then, the touch of her fingers against his draws the hint of a sigh from his lips before Trystan is murmuring, "Don't know how often I'll get to this, either." At the request, though, there's a soft laugh and a quick, "Do I need to? I was hoping we'd do away with such formalities." It's a soft tease, something he doesn't get to do often and he does turn around after a moment.

Knotting the girdle of matching velvet, Muirenn whispers "Ok my heart." Her grey eyes watch him, absorbing every detail she can manage where she will not be scolded for staring and staring at a man no less. "I know this is the rarest of gifts. One that I shall treasure." A slender hand, nearly covered by the drape of her sleeve, is extended towards the young man.

It's only when she says okay that Trystan is turning back towards her, the smile returning to his lips as he takes a moment to look at her. It's an appraising sort of thing, something he couldn't do in the company of the Septa and when her hand comes to be extended, he's taking it and squeezing it softly before lifting it to his lips to brush a kiss against her knuckles, "Though you might like it." That said, he's then moving to settle himself back on the edge of the bed, near to her.

The touch of his lips to her hand causes her pale cheeks to flush again. "You know me well." Is her whispered reply. "There are so many things I want to know, so many things I want to say. I don't even know where to begin." Muirenn's smile softens and she closes her eyes a moment, "The first thing I want to say is that I am so very very thankful the Seven brought you home safe to me." Opening her eyes, he can see where tears shine, "I was so frightened and prayed every moment for you and my family."

When he lowers her hand, Trystan doesn't release it. Instead, his fingers remain lightly curled against her own, his thumb idly brushing the smooth skin as he gives a nod of his head, "I will always return back, dearheart. Of that, I will promise you. So you need not worry of such things in the future." A squeeze of her hand comes to accompany the words. His other hand lifts, coming to brush a light touch to the side of her cheek, thumb wiping where any tears might fall.

Nodding, Muirenn is silent a moment and her fingers tighten around his beloved hand. Tears fall, perhaps three or four before she smiles and just watches him giving the softest of giggles finally as she whispers, "Here we are alone and can speak and talk and I find my tongue twisted into knots and my heart pounding like a musician's drum." She turns her face towards his hand and continues without a pause, "I promised once and promise again, my heart is yours. It always has been and it always will. I know not how I will manage it, but I will not lose you."

"I would be content, dearheart, to sit in silence with you for hours, knowing that we have this moment to ourselves and with no one to intrude upon us." The tilt of her face to his hand has Trystan's thumb brushing again, the smile warming on his lips before he's murmering, "I know .. but that is one promise I will never hold you to. We do not know what will happen or who you will be married too, beloved. But .. it is something we can worry about, when it happens. I am happy to know that I have you, here and now."

Her graceful hand lifts and brushes his cheek. Her voice hushed she sings, "Come over the hills my handsome Westros lad. Come over the hills to your darling. You choose the road love, and I'll make a vow that I'll be your true love forever." Fingers hesitantly move across his chin, learning the feel of his beard the texture of his skin, "Red is the rose by yonder garden grows and fair is the lily of the valley. Clear is the water that flows from the Blue but my love is fairer than any. Down by Tall Oaks green woods we did stray. The moon and the stars they were shining…" her voice finally trails off as her palm presses tenderly to his face.

The feeling of her hand upon his cheek is enough to cause Trystan to sigh softly, his head turning into the touch as he savors both it and the words that you begin to sing. His eyes close and for a moment, he's simply quiet, listening and enjoying and when it ends, his eyes open and his lips curve into the touch of a smile, "Beautiful." Those words are a soft breadth of air and they come with a light touch of his thumb against her bottom lip.

"My favorite and best audience." The girl whispers with a grin. A noise startles her and she freezes like a hare in an open field. When no other noise follows, she relaxes and gives another of her hushed giggles. "I am sorry. I was afraid it was someone come to check on me." Her fingers curve trustingly around his as she finally falls silent, appreciating the way the light of the moon falls upon his face.

"And an audience that will always listen and be there." At the noise, he falls silent and then chuckles softly when it passes, "I do not think we need to worry. The guards will move about the halls, but won't look into the rooms unless they have cause." When her fingers curve around his, he falls silent, watching Muirenn for a moment as he cants his head a touch to the side, "Close your eyes a moment, beloved."

"I know, but I am nervous none the less." Her impish gaze is more grey than green in the darkness of the night. Focused upon memorizing Trystan's features, so rarely this close, she is startled as he murmurs his request. Curious but trusting, Muirenn's smile brightens into a grin that causes all of her dimples to tease her face and she lifts her chin. Eyes close and that mischevious light is hidden for the moment behind delicate skin, the thickness of her lashes dark against her cheek.

A nod comes to pass as Trystan watches the maiden for a moment and when her eyes begin to close, he simply takes in her features. The curve of her delicate cheeks and chin, the fall of dark lashes against her cheek. Then, after but a brief moment, he's leaning to brush his lips lightly against hers, seizing what could be the only opportunity for such a thing. It's a soft kiss, though just a touch hesitant.

A moment only imagined, only dreamed of. Dreams and imagination are surpassed with the first press of Trystan's lips against her own. Rendered as magical by the soft light pouring through the window as by the rarity of this time together, Muirenn's own hesitancy is swallowed by her desire to make the most of every opportunity and the kiss is returned threefold as her hands move to rest upon his broad shoulders.

When the kiss comes to be returned, Trystan sighs softly against her lips and then, he's pressing the kiss deeper as she returns it threefold. The touch of hands upon his shoulder draws the faintest of shudders, while his own move to the girl's sides, with one circle around to press his against her back, drawing Muirenn a touch closer towards him.

So many years she has waited for this moment. Muirenn gives the gentlest of sighs as she finally breaks the kiss to rest her head against the knight's shoulder. Her arms twine about his neck as she nestles against the breadth of the man's chest. To break the magic with words would be the greatest of sins and so she is silent, listening to the beat of his heart.

The breaking of the kiss comes with another sigh, one of content pleasure and as the auburn head comes to rest against his shoulder, Trystan's arms move to circle around her body, drawing Muirenn against him and holding her there. His cheek presses against the silken hair before he's turning to brush a soft kiss to the top of her head.

The essence of roses in summer clings to her auburn mane and is stirred by the man's lips. A sense of peace heretofore unknown pervades Muirenn's being. Her body relaxes, curves and contours finding their proper place as Trystan holds her close. Her breath against his skin is gentle as a soft sigh escapes, an echo of the knight's own.

There is the sound of a soft breath as Trystan savors that smell of roses in the girl's auburn mane and as your body finds its proper place against his. A strong hand hand begins to lightly stroke along the length of her back, a carassing touch. After a moment of simply enjoying the silence, he breaks it with a soft murmur of, "You will have my heart forever, Muir and know that I will love you always."

"I promised Uncle Jerold I wouldn't do anything to bring scandal to him or my family." Pause "I broke my oath. I feel so guilty, but I have loved you with all my heart since I was a child and have dreamed of your kiss. I will love you forever Trystan Conners through this life and beyond." Muirenn lifts her head to gaze into his eyes, "You are my rock. I cannot and will not lose you."

"Station seperates us in life, my love and will always and forever." There's a wry sort of smile that crosses his lips as he meets your gaze, "But know that none will ever know of this, but us. No scandal will arise, for no one will speak of such things. You will be safe, Muir. I promise you that." A tilt of his head and he's brushing a quick kiss to your lips before pulling back.

"I know." The brush of a kiss draws a soft noise from her and she leans into it but her knight pulls away. Licking her lips she curls her fingers into your tunic, "I don't want to marry Trystan. I won't love them, I don't want to hurt you. It is not fair." Tears threaten again, but she blinks them back and bites her lower lip and whispers even more softly, "But I suppose that marriage would mean other things would be possible between us then." She offers a shy smile and glances up through her lowered lashes.

"But it is your duty, my love and it is something that you must do. For your family and for yourself." One hand lifts back to her smooth cheek, thumb lightly stroking for a moment as the smile returns to his lips, "Perhaps .." He coughs just a touch, a soft thing before offering, "But, we can talk of that another time. For now, I am happy to finally hold you in my arms and to have shared a kiss with you."

"I know." The girl replies to everything. A sigh of resignation as Muirenn lays her head back on your shoulder for several more minutes. Eventually though she sits up and whispers helplessly, "You should go my love. I know not how long it has been but I am sure the staff rises early."

For the moment, Trystan simply remains quiet, content to hold his beloved in his arms for what time is afforded and then, when Muirenn speaks of his departure, there's a faint nod of his head and the hint of a soft sigh that sounds past his lips, "I know. I should." Gently, his arms offer the touch of a hug and then the pressure is released so that he can pull back and rise from the bed, "Until next time, dearheart. Know that I will think of you, always." Then, it's to the window he goes, to begin his trek back out and down into the dark.

Sitting on the edge of her bed, Muirenn watches the man climb out her window. Blowing a kiss off of her fingers, she lays back onto her pillows and whispers softly, "Seven watch over him and thank you."