Page 070: Stirring the Pot
Stirring the Pot
Summary: Rumors from Stonebridge inspire Gedeon and Jacsen to arrange for a bit of travel.
Date: 23/09/288
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Gedeon Jacsen 
Entrance Hall — Four Eagles Tower
The Entrance Hall is more than two dozen feet high with ornate columns hefting the fresco ceiling above all. Plush seating is arranged around one side for visiting nobility while the other has less comfortable slab stone or wood benches for the peasantry. Alcoves dot the walls for more private discussions and sworn Guards patrol this hall at all times and especially during court. Several hallways and doorways lead off to different areas of the castle with a spiral staircase carved neatly into one corner that winds its way up.
23 September 288

Rumors have a way of traveling, slowing but surely, beyond even the town that sourced them, and so it is that word of Isolde's and Ryker's absconding to The Mire, as well as the smallfolks discontent with the new weekly levy, have made their way into the mouths and ears of those inhabiting Terrick's Roost. They make their way, indeed, to Gedeon's ears, and so he find himself seeking out Jacsen Terrick, poking through the lame lord's favorite spots to see where he might be found.

Jacsen is to be found, it seems, amidst a few of his father's retainers, discussing some matter great enough for a Terrick's concern but not quite so grave as to demand the attention of Lord Jerold himself. His son seems to command the attention of those about him, distributing instructions on some matter of administrative import. The sight of Gedeon striding down the hall sees him lifting his head from the conversation, and smiling. "Ser Gedeon Rivers," he calls, warmly. A step takes him beyond the group of men, leaning upon his cane.

Gedeon's quiet as Jacsen holds his court, the Rivers knight leaning a shoulder against the wall and observing with a faint smile. As he noticed and named, he straightens, offering the other man an easier smile. "I didn't mean to interrupt, my lord. But when you find yourself free, I would ask a moment of your time."

"Nothing to interrupt, it's business that will take well enough without me," Jacsen assures his friend, reaching a hand out to clap his arm. "Just some nattering about trade I was foolish enough to stick my nose into, that's all. How are you? You've been told Lord Ser Anton has returned, yes?" He adds, after a thoughtful moment, "A rather welcome fact, that."

"Yes, on both accounts," Gedeon says, returning the clasp with a solid squeeze of his own, "Perhaps now there can be a trip to Oldstones to better strengthen the relationship of the two houses. But I was wondering, actually, if you had hear anything of the rumors coming in from Stonebridge?"

The Terrick lord leans against the wall near Gedeon as his friend asks after such things, his brow creasing slightly as its owner dwells on some thought. "I take it to mean you're talking about this noise we hear about Lady Isolde and her Lord Ryker? And now something I've heard about the levies there?" Jacsen supplies, though it's clear he looks to the knight from Stonebridge for further clarification.

"Those are the ones," Gedeon agrees. "It sounds as if the smallfolk are less than delighted with their new Lord and his changes. I was thinking, perhaps, there might be a way to use that to our advantage."

A quiet chuckle favors Jacsen at that moment, a gaze sent over his shoulder to the men still talking, even though the conversation has seemed to begun to die down. "I'd been… ruminating over that thought myself," he admits, "We're in somewhat sore need of an advantage of late, aren't we?" He flicks his gaze back to Gedeon and asks, "What sort of thoughts have you had on the matter, Ged?"

"Well," Gedeon muses, "it seems to me now might be a fine time to remind the people of Stonebridge that under Terrick rule, there was no levy and, certainly, no stocks or fines. A small trip may be in order."

Jacsen taps at his chin lightly, a thoughtful gesture. "A trip down Stonebridge way, that could be promising. There's been talking of heading down there since about when I returned to the Roost, and it seems high time to make good on something like that," he remarks.

His brow does rise as he ponders it though. "I take it you were thinking of heading back home, Gedeon?"

Gedeon scratches his jaw slowly as he considers. "Oldstones' people are tanners and hunters, and it's been some time since they've brought their wares out for sale. Stonebridge is the nearest place of high trade, and the roads can be dangerous. I expect my lord would wish to see his people well-protected on such a trip. I would be pleased to serve him in such a capacity. And… if you might also donate a man or two to the effort, it may be another small step towards an improved relationship with Oldstones."

"My thoughts precisely, Ged," Jacsen remarks with a slight dip of his chin, and a quirk of a smile for how their minds seem to be so similar in this. "The Roost considers Oldstones a friend, and so of course we'll summon up a few sworn swords to accompany the trip. So long as between you and your Lord you can feed and board them at Stonebridge, I think that will work well. I'd like the delegation to travel here as well, to sell their goods afterwards. Perhaps they will bring some curious onlookers."

"Who can finally see more of Oldstones than just the absurd rumors circulating about it's lord," Gedeon agrees with a small nod. "I think that wold suit very well."

"It seems like it would be of good benefit to both our respective Lords," Jacsen remarks with a glance towards the throne room's impressive doors. "I shall have to speak with Jarod on the matter, but I will do what I can to make sure the two that are accompanying you are… the gregarious sort. Not too gregarious, mind you, just enough to make some friends."

"Just enough," Gedeon agrees smiling softly. "Thank you, I think that would do very well. I'd like to leave for Oldstones in the next day or so, if you can have the men arranged by then?"

Jacsen straightens, using his cane for leverage. "That should not be a problem," he assures his friend, clasping him on the shoulder. "And then we shall see what you can make of this opportunity. With the grace of the Seven, we'll finally see something worth cheering over."