Page 525: Still Nothing
Still Nothing
Summary: No matter what they try, there is no finding a cure. Drinking ensues.
Date: 30/December/2012
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Flint Camp
Large clearing with lots of tents. A big pavilion and multiple smaller ones, also a cook fire and the foundations of a small manor.
Sunday, December 30, 289

An early morning, chilly breeze howls across the camp, scattering the ashes from the fire pit, now long dead. Daryl's head, and head only, emerges from his tent, and he peeks around with a sour expression. There's a glance beside to Erik's tent. The Ashwood wipes the sleep from his eyes, and assuming Joseph's on watch, moves to grab a small pebble and fling it at Erik's tent, impacting the material and bouncing off. Then he retreats silently back into his tent, after a quick glance to the other tents around.

The tent where Visenya has made her little home is very dark and still. It is also empty. The Lady Goodbrook is making her way back to the tents from the direction of those not quite in solitary confinement for their illness, but the ones that could perhaps be showing an immunity to the disease. She wipes her hands on the apron she's managed to procure somewhere, or take from a travel bag. It's already stained with dirt, grass and a variety of other shades that are prettier if one does not really think about what they could be from.

An early riser, Bella has already been up and made some breakfast for herself and the others. Her tent flap is closed against the chilly breeze though as she resides inside with an open tome on herbs laying on the famed 'noble bedroll' inside. Fully dressed though, her cloak even around her shoulders. Perhaps there is the smell of breakfast lingering in the air.. with the food inside the tent in an attempt to keep it warm.

Daryl sticks his head out again as he smells food. One arm, bereft of normal leather sleeving or armor, reaches out in a vain attempt to reach the food near the fire, but alas. No go. His lack of proper clothing causes him to retreat back into his tent with a few muttered curses. About four seconds later he emerges with newfound enthusiasm, still buttoning his shirt some as its only halfway down his chest now. He beelines for the food, another chilly gust causing his eyes to narrow as he moves to shovel some food on a plate, leaning near Bella's tent to whisper a hushed, "Thank you, Arabella." Before noticing Visenya's approach. His eyes follow on her a few moments before he offers quietly, "…How'd you sleep?"

Erik is once more not in his tent as it was loaned to Arabella, nor is he in the spare tent that Daryl had made up. Instead, one would find the Sheriff of Highfield taking last watch, sitting on a rock away from the main camp but still visible, a large cloak shrouding his form to keep the man warm. His squire could be found snoozing with the horses, this way if anyone was able to sneak around and attempted to steal the horses to flee, there would be a loud cry of alarm from the youth. For now, Erik does not react to the stirring of the camp, eyes fixed to the outside, thoughts most likely elsewhere.

Visenya offers a smile to Daryl as he acknowledges her approach. "Well enough. I rose early and went to speak with some of those not showing symptoms yet. I wish to speak with Arabella and Dania before we make any assumptions on the data I have recorded. But I remain hopeful." She rubs at her bright eyes, and then at the dark smudges beneath her eyes. "Perhaps I should have slept just a tad bit more but with so much to be done, there is hardly enough time to do what needs to be done without sleeping at all." She gives a small huff and smiles apologetically. "I'm rambling. Forgive me. A side effect of too little sleep, I suppose." A pause and she glances around to ensure they are not being spied upon. "Are you… better?"
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"Hm?" Distracted, Bella looks over and smiles, stepping out of the tent, the book in hand, closing the tent behind her, since everyone else is stirring. She was all cleaned up now and she moves near the fire. "Oh.. you are welcome. Eat up, there is plenty.." Taking a seat on one of the logs, she looks around and as her eyes settle on Erik, the look is brief before she looks away, a troubled expression on her face. The conversation the other two are having is heard, though voices only, the words not really registering.

Daryl transfers some more food onto a second plate, stifling a small yawn. Another small breeze billows in and under his shirt, not fully secured to his body. Goosebumps begin to arise on the uncovered 'V' under his neck, but the Ashwood shows no indication that it bothers him. He looks around, finally spotting the Jast seated on the rock afar. As Visenya speaks to him, he tilts his head a touch, observing her condition and nodding, "Seems all of us could use a little more. The other woman, (probably referencing Dania) was up during my entire first watch shift." He sets an eating utensil on each plate and speaks, "I'm doing fine, thank you." He's about to motion his head to indicate Bella's listening, when she steps out. He offers a friendly smile, moving to set one plate before Visenya before adding, "I'll be right back." The Deputy moves with the other plate towards the Jast. As he approaches, he asks lightly, "Anything new?" He moves to set the plate of food before Erik, whether he agrees or not. Then a look back towards the ladie's at camp.

"Nothing yet, Lord Daryl. Our men should be arriving at the checkpoint in a couple of hours, I have the orders written already that can be transferred to the men once they are here." Erik says as he stirs and turns to look at the Ashwood that is approaching with food. When the plate is offered, the young knight accepts with a nod of his head, "Thank you." The hot food with the delicious smell suddenly reminds him just how hungry he is, "How are the others doing? Things will get tougher as more time passes."

Visenya smiles her thanks as Daryl passes her a plate and sets about to her meal. "At least finish dressing, Ashwood," she calls after him with a growing smirk. "The last thing we need is for you to catch chill and we must baby you along with curing a plague." But her words are spoken teasingly as she takes another bite of breakfast. The warmth slides through her, making the young healer shiver slightly. "Something bothering you, Bella?" she asks, letting her voice drop down to a conspiring murmur. "Was the Sheriff unkind to you?" She inches closer so the women can share a log, her brows raised slightly.

If anything gets her attention the sound of her name does and Bella glances up, her eyes focusing on the other healer. A shy smile is given along with a quick shake of her head. "Oh, no, not at all." The denial swiftly given, if in a soft murmur as well, though her gaze moves once more to the men, careful not to settle on any one in particular. "I wonder if he has been sleeping.." the question rhetorical for the most part. Forcing herself to focus now, her smile widens and she looks back at Vis. "How did you sleep?"

"They seem well…Considering." Daryl replies, though he turns his head to hear Visenya's call, brows furrowing. Back to Erik, "As for right now we'll have to see to it that we take advantage of every healthy minute we have." The Deputy jerks a thumb back towards the fire, "Set the boy on watch…Come join us, huh?" Then Daryl offers a small nod and starts to move back towards the fire pit, smile rising some towards the Goodbrook as he returns, "If you say so." He disappears into his tent, emerging oncemore with his hardened leather armor, moving to put the chest portion on first, strapping and tightening it with cool, practiced ease, each movement tightening around his muscular frame. Next come the bracers, and then he fixes his belt, giving them the opposite of a strip tease. Once completed, he raises his sword out some, clanks it back into his sheath, and throws his buckler over his back, strapped across his chest. He doesn't seem to be eavesdropping on the ladies, but he very well could be. Lastly, he grabs a plate of food for himself.

The offer to move the watch shift to his squire is understood but rejected as Erik shakes his head at Daryl, "Perhaps later, for now just make sure the Ladies are safe. Should be no trouble for now but as time passes, the peasants may become rowdy as more gets sick. They may blame the healers and if they try to harm them, we put them down. If they are unarmed, we knock them unconscious. But if they are armed, we take no risks and they go to sleep. Permanently." The words spoken to Daryl are quiet and low, as the Jast Knight certainly does not want the Flint peasantry or ladies to hear. With a nod though, Erik shows he has nothing further to share and would not impede Daryl's return to the camp. He does begin eating breakfast along with a drink from his skin, which could be filled with wine or water.

"I do hope that he has not been sleeping," Visenya muses to Bella with a soft chuckle. "Else we could all be in deep trouble. But see, Lord Daryl is taking him some food. That will surely warm him up if he has been up all night on watch." Daryl receives a smile as he returns and begins his dressing. "See, are you not much warmer in that than with a half-buttoned shirt, my Lord?" she asks teasingly.

Seeing the familiarity and playfulness between the two nobles lightens Bella's mood considerably. The troubled look is gone and is replaced by amusement dancing in her eyes, the only visible part of her face over the cloth. "I suppose you are right," she finally relents, laughing softly. "Not when he is taking watch." With a nonchalance she is far from feeling, the Fenster watches Daryl don his armor. In a mock whisper, she winks at Visenya, "And here I thought we had more layers of clothing to wear than the men. Poor guys, lugging all that around all the time."

Before his return to the fire pit, the Deputy listens to the Sheriff, eyes straight ahead as he looks just past the other man, off into the distance. "…Understood." He truly doesn't seem to bothered by the prospect. The ends justify the means. "We should set up a spot where we can put the mortar and pestle and other equipment to find a cure. Your tent perhaps, if Arabella has not done so already." Another firm nod, light slap of the Sheriff's shoulder, and the Ashwood returns to the camp. "We take turns, don't fret. The Sheriff is well." He assures, whether its true or not. A smirk towards Visenya and he takes a few bites of his meal, chewing and swallowing, "I appreciate the concern, I imagine it was hard for you to insist such things. Both of you." He takes any attention off him and Visenya by winking Bella's way and including her on the fun. "Well. We could always compare." A light snicker and he coolly steps away to peer out towards the encampment silently, back facing them.

Amused laughter rises from Visenya's lips as she shakes her head to Bella. "Oh, I am sure we still win," she replies. "Especially when you consider that his extra layers offer him protection from harm and our extra layers… well, they offer other appealing things but none of them are protection." She smoothes her hand down her apron, and shakes her head. "Now, now, Ashwood," she chides Daryl. "I do believe the poor girl is far too smart to take you up on your offers. She has some class at the very least."

With a sudden look to Erik, Bella flushes a deep red before looking away. "Oh I think they offer protection, my lady. They would be so difficult to get through. I would think." Though when she looks back at the other two nearby, she laughs, amusement firmly back in place. "I think I would not take you up on the offer, Lord Ashwood. I do have some limitations, my preferences lie in the Jast." With a wink at him she rises now and looks towards her tent. "I do want to gather a few things I brought with me, some things I wanted to give to Dania to try. I am still finding nothing in the books." As Daryl moves to stare off at the camp.

"You'll notice, Lady Fenster," Daryl begins, still not looking their way but donning a sly grin all the same, "That Lady Goodbrook here uses the word 'class' to shame you into thinking such acts as innocent as comparing clothing layers are unacceptable acts of lewd behavior, when…" He tilts his head just enough to look back over his shoulder at them, "-in fact-, it is merely a safety precaution that must be taken quite seriously. The more layers one has on, the more they must change in order to stay of good hygiene and away from sickness." Not surprising, he makes the bullshit he's spewing sound quite legitimate. "But I would not be so bold as to insist that I be the partner examining you. The Sheriff's more qualified at that." A grin as he and Arabella come along the same conclusion. "…Exactly." He's a better wingman than Goose. "I gave her some materials to work with last night. Do you have a set up where we can formulate a cure?" He tries to keep spirits high with easy jokes and laughter, despite their predicament.

Pausing at the tent with an eyebrow raised in dubious doubt, Bella laughs, hearing him out while clearly not believing a word of it. "I think the Sheriff is indeed more qualified." If seemingly indifferent now. And that was what bothered her. Switching the subject right along with him, she nods easily. "Inside the tent there is an area set up. The tent is far too vast for just.. me. You are welcome to come inside." Opening the flap, she leaves it open this time, standing at the entrance and smiling up at the Ashwood noble. "Want to?"

"Sure, let me gather my materials," Daryl says, moving to reach for a bag near his tent, rifling though it, and deciding to take the whole thing as he turns to join the Fenster in Erik's tent. The Deputy looks around, taking in the surroundings while he withdraws his mortar & pestle, looking about on where to set it. "What have you been experimenting with so far?" The Ashwood sets the bag down for the moment, looking to focus his gaze on Arabella.

Once inside the tent, it is clear that Bella does have her equipment set up against the side of the tent furthest from the bedroll. "Here we go," she offers, motioning towards it, pausing to look back at him and offer a smile as she lowers the cloth that had been covering her face. As he focuses his gaze on her, she returns the look rather frankly, a curiosity in her gaze that she cannot control. "Mostly with different leaves, seeds and bark of trees, putting together different things from the book, but it all ends up miserably. My herbs.. I am not as experienced as some in them."

Daryl nods then, stepping up to observe her work. "I know a good deal about herbs and such, just applying it medically…Not so much." But between the two of them? They could probably be a formidable team in figuring this out. "I'll start sorting all the herbs typically used for medicinal properties for you, and we'll just have to keep mixing and matching and applying until we get somewhere." The Ashwood reaches into his bag and unbundles a linen wrapping, revealing a multitude of different herbs, seeds, mushrooms, plants…He begins to work, sorting each out in different groups. "Mm." He grabs a small baggy, tossing it her way. "Glowdust. Natural aphrodisiac. For your buddy." A chuckle, and he continues working, mortar and pestle set before him.


After a long day of mixing herbs, containing sickness and playing guard, Daryl Ashwood is seated at the fire pit once more, maintaining a steady fire which hosts a spot above available for cooking. Clearing his throat, he looks around the area a moment to see who is around the immediate area. He reaches for a skin containing liquid, and raises it for a long sip, silent for now. His other hand reaches for a stick to poke the fire with, it's orange flickering glow illuminating the darkness of another night at the Flint camp.

The constant sound of sickness and can be heard, sometimes faintly, sometimes loud. There is rarely a moment of true silence within earshot.

Bella is up and around, she has been in the tent making concoctions, taking them to Ragny then returning for more. It has been an echausting day and after walking back from the pavilion again she finally takes a seat. "Taking a deep breath, she looks around. Seeing Daryl, she offers him a somewhat weary smile. "Wine?" Her voice is hopeful as she indicates the skin.

Daryl looks left and right, with a sly sort of smile on his countenance before he raises his index finger to his lips, smirking a touch as he reaches into a bag beside him, grabbing another skin and tossing it her way, around the fire to Arabella.
"You look tired. Are you alright?" The deputy raises the skin to his lips for another drink.

Finding the subterfuge amusing, Bella cannot help but laugh as he lifts his finger to his lips. "And here I thought," she whispers softly, "that noblemen could have fun as they wished." Reaching out, she catches the skin and opens it, lifting it in silent toast before drinking deeply of the non-watered down variety she had tasted her first night there. Licking a droplet off her lip, she smiles at him quite easily. "I was tired. I plan on being okay very soon."

"Oh don't get me wrong, we do. But best be smart about it and share the wine between the two of us. More wine." The Deputy laughs softly and lifts another long sip before he sighs lightly, "Long day." He's quiet a second before emerald hues shift up to her in a teasing fashion, "Careful, you take another sip you might pass out." A small snicker.

A challenge if the Fenster had ever heard one. Bella tilts her head to the side and bites her lip, looking up at him from beneath lowered lashes. "I think not tonight. Tonight I want to have fun. You in?" Nothing more dangerous than just a taste of greatness only to be denied at the end. What has she got to lose, having a bit of fun? Of course the denial was her own fault, but in her current mood, she does not care.. she is in it for the fun.

Daryl chuckles a touch at the question, as if the answer was blatantly apparent, "I'm sure you know by now that i'm a pretty 'fun' man.", A chuckle, "As long as it doesn't impede you from doing your job tomorrow, have at it. I've mastered the fine art of balancing drink and sleep." He raises his wineskin then, moving to touch it with hers before taking a long sip.

"I have heard… things." Bella confesses with a wry smile. "Unfortunately rumors always tend to only be half true. If even that. I made sure to never allow myself to be the subject of rumors. I have a very strict older brother.." Lifting the skin, she takes a long drink again, followed quickly by another one. "Thank you fior sharing. I will work tomorrow, no worries."

"Indeed, well atleast you know that much about them…They always seem to be exaggerated or distorted someway." The Ashwood shrugs however, as if it wasn't that big of a deal, "Yet you see me here now, how I act. You have some experience to judge me some." He shrugs good heartedly and takes another sip of wine, looking towards the fire oncemore. "So. What do you do for fun, M'lady Fenster?" He smiles a touch at that, eyeing her.

"I pay no attention to rumors," Bella shrugs that off. The wine making her feel good with all her inexperience in drinking it. So she takes another drink. "I see you here now. You like o smile, like to laugh, you like making others laugh, but you are always tense.. and there's worry or something. Sadness? Like an aura around you. Your sister.. When we leave here, I will help find her." After another drink, Bella looks at tje fire briefly then to him. "Fun? I am not allowed fun. Being here now is alternately the best and worst time if my life."

"I couldn't imagine in anyway how this could be the best time of your life" The deputy raises his wine for another swig, looking towards her. "No fun? You can make your own you know." The Ashwood chuckles a touch, looking around to see if anyone else was near.

"It is because noblemen have little of the same restrictions a lady has. Never in my life have I had the opportunity to sleep, eat, cook, or even just live alone. There is always someone with me, preparing meals, supervising me under the guise of being a maid then reporting back to my brother. This is the first time I hve truly gotten to make even my iwn deisions regarding anything. It is somewhat liberating." Bella says softly. "Yet, if I were able, I would give away this entire experience to find a cure." Lifting the skin, se takes another long drink, keeping it tipped awhile. Finally she lowers it and teeters on her seat a little, giving a toothy grin. "I heard that, you know. Just recently. Right before a.." hiccup.. "Kiss. Make my own fun? I can, you are right. But only because I have no maid or guard here."

"Ah, well…I suppose if you look at it in that light, then I see." The Deputy moves to toss another log into the fire, the pile growing low. He raises his wine skin for a long sip, then tilts his head towards her, brow raising just a touch, "…Heard what?" He thinks back to the night him and Erik had been talking, thinking the Fenster asleep. "I don't know what you mean, M'lady." A small smirk rises before a longer pull of wine.

"Confused a moment, Bella looks at him rather blankly before giggling. "That I can make my own fun. Well I am going to and know what else?" The wine swigged again while she tries to remember what she was going to say. "Ummm. " Whispering now, Bella leans close, almost falling over, bracing her hand against his leather if he still wears it. "I love him.." Nodding solemnly before sitting back and laughing.

Daryl can't help but contain a small laugh, just shaking his head and raising the wine for some more to be passed into his body. It's hard to tell if he's taking her statement seriously or not. "No you said you heard something I just didn't know what you were referring to." He dips his head a touch and then thinks about what she said before, "Thank you, in advance for being willing to help me with my sister…You have a very big heart." He smiles at her charmingly, but more in a appreciative than seductive manner, almost as if he thought her too young or otherwise not compatible. There's a pause as he looks away, tilting the wineskin back for a more or less seven second gulp, relentlessly boozing but taking it like a champ.

Bella is far from champ material. The wine is good, the company amusing, the wine good. Oh right, mentioned that already. Another drink.. another… another. This little Fenster is determined if nothing else. "He told me I can make my own fun. So I did." With another laugh she looks at him. At him. At both of him. That charming smile of his gets a goofy grin. "I do though. Love him I mean." Sliding off the log, she sits cross legged on the green grass. "I would be sad if Alric were missing. But only after the first week." Another giggle… another drink…

Daryl takes another sip before he realizes that the Fenster was trying to keep up with him. "You should pace yourself, you hardly drink strongwine do you?" The Ashwood raises a brow in amusement as she slides off the log into the grass. A shake of his head. He doesn't take what she says about missing siblings to heart, perhaps not trying to let his mind dwell on it. He had already said his prayers today. "…I'm so…Very, very happy for the both of you." His tone lacks a touch of enthusiasm, the Deputy finding something interesting about the darkness of the forest nearby.

Bella peers up at him again with that goofy grin. "Strong wine? I think it is yummy." Laughing since the world is spinning. "He does not love me." The tone is laughing but there is a sharp point of seriousness in it. "He never will. Want to dance?" Humming a song, Bella is way off-key. "I like dancing." After another drink she offers it back to him. "No more yet." Seeing him look to the woods she looks too. "Is … someone coming? Shhh." Giggling… again.

Daryl takes the skin back, just shaking his head a touch as he feels its weight, and how much she drank. He sets it aside where she can not reach it, just chuckling some more. "Your too young for love, Arabella. Besides, its not like the things in stories. It only further complicates your life." He's been drinking too, but he's not as drunk as her. "Relax, Arabella. Lay your head down." He rolls his log closer to the fire, legs spreading in a wider stance as he sits casually.

Oops, Honestly Bella had not meant to drink all that much of his wine. Lifting her hands she pushes her hair back from her face, tucking the locks behind her ears. "Maybe," she concedes. "But I.." Sighing, she lifts her shoulders. "I do anyway." Leaning back against the log she just slid off of, Bella smiles again. "So you will not dance?" Closing one eye, she peers up at him, hoping there is only one of him since only one eye is opened.

"I'm in no mood to dance, i'm sorry," For the most part he's keeping a strong countenance, any sadness not present there. "Why not dance yourself? It does not always require too." He smiles faintly at her professions of love, and raises his wine skin for another sip before moving to set both wineskins in the bag beside them, and tossing that bag away into his tent. He rolls back the log and rests his head on it, lying along the fireside comfortably and closing his eyes for the moment. Its a little bit chilly out and the fire helps with the warmth. The night sky is crystal clear and glimmering.

"Dance with myself?" Bella grins, contemplating that.. "I would look silly." Never has she allowed that to happen. Though with a giggle, she uses the log and stands, holding it for support. Finally she lets go and walks to an open area, looking up at the stars, gasping in awe.. "So pretty." Throwing out her arms, she begins spinning around and around.. her dress flaring, her hair flying out freely, a smile of freedom on her face. "Come dance with me.." she invites again, uncaring if she looks silly or daft. She was having fun.

There is finally movement at the edge of the camp, from the direction of where the check point would be and one could guess that it is most likely the returning Jast Knight instead of some stealthy intruder who is looking to get himself with the plague. In his hand is a rolled up parchment, the pace rather quick, causing the cloak that Erik is wearing to carry slightly behind him in the lift of the trailing air. He does not wear a pleased expression as he approaches the camp.

Daryl justs opens his eyes with a sigh, arms unfolding as he moves to come to a stand. "Dance with your lover. Just don't stray far." He uses the fire stick to jab at the pit some more, watching her with some amusement and just shaking his head. "Where is that other woman? She'll have to look after you. I've never seen someone take to wine so quickly." A shake of his head and he moves to step to his tent, looking inside and disappearing within a moment. He re emerges, a bundle in his hand as he moves to step into the Jast's tent, probably working on a cure. He's not in there longer than a few seconds however, exitting the tent with a small sigh.

Taking a break from the pavilion, Dania is taking a short walk and breather. She is dressed in a sage grown and brown apron dress. She is wearing gloves and a linen scarf is over her face. She still smells of herbs and soap despite where she has been working and practically living, though her steps are tired. She makes her way towards the fire. It calls to her.

Party is over. "I have no lover." Stopping her spinning to go and sit beside the log again, grinning as she watches the Ashwood. "I am sorry.." She means it but.. with her smile it may be hard to tell. As Dania joins her attention shifts to the healer. "Hi.." her voice is soft. "Erik and Daryl are angry with me, I think."

When Erik nears the camp, he calls out rather sharply, the tone he uses shows his displeasure right now, "Deputy!" As at first glance he does not see Lord Daryl at the camp, the man having disappeared into the Jast Knight's tent for a moment. Eyes then focus on Arabella who appears to be dancing not too far from the fire, looking rather… silly. In his mind, he is now wondering what is going on and if the camp had taken to delirium in his absence.

Daryl hears the calling of his name, furrowing his brows and trying to locate the source of the voice. Spotting the approaching Jast, he raises a brow, nodding his way, "What is it?" A look from Erik to Arabella and he shakes his head, as if to just dismiss the Fenster for now, "Are we making the sweep?" Another breeze rolls by, and he notes the approaching Dania with a quick nod before a look back to Erik.

"You do not need a lover my dear Lady it is best that you save your maiden head my dear sweet girl." Dania says to her as she moves closer to the fire. She offers her a tired curtsy. "They are mad at everyone." She points. "I would not take it personally, if they bit too hard just bit back verbally."
She looks over at the bellowing Erik. She offers another Curtsy to both Daryl and Erik.

Something was barking.. lifting her head Bella discovers it is Erik and he was yelling at the deputy. For some reason that amuses her and she just stares at him, merriment in her eyes. "Hi Erik." When Daryl talks to him she looks curious. Though yep, soon enough Dania has her attention and she giggles again. "Nothing permanent," she says in mock sternness. "Save it till I am married." Frowning rather stonily, she crosses her arms. "I will not get married. I care not what Alric says." Brave words.. brave words.

Before responding to Daryl, Erik releases a sigh after realizing that Arabella is a bit drunk right now and he could easily guess who it was that fed the poor girl alcohol. When Mistress Dania also arrives and greets him with proper grace, the Jast Knight nods his head in return to the healer. "Mistress, please see to Lady Arabella, it appears that she may need some rest soon. There could be much to do tomorrow."
Finally the Sheriff of Highfield turns to his deputy, nodding his head away from the camp, "Come with me." He says first, apparently whatever he has to say he does not want the others at camp hearing. He expects that Daryl follows as Erik turns and heads away for a bit and when they are out of earshot of the others, he turns around and waits for the other noble to catch up. Without a word, he offers the rolled up parchment.

Daryl raises a brow, following after the Jast and offering a glance back towards the women. He continues on, looks at Erik and reaches to recieve the parchment, tilting it towards the glow of the fire so its just enough light to read as he squints. At one point he raises both brows, eyes widening, "You've got to be fucking me." He says almost in half disbelief, "…What the hell's going on?" He looks towards Erik as if maybe he had more answers, "…You think they found Miranda and Lord Aleister? Or need our help?" The letter has him reeling a touch, and he just looks between camp and Erik. "…Shit." Without the two of them…Would they be able to cleanse the Flint camp?"

"I think if I tell you what everyone else is going to tell you, you are going to rebel. But I will say this you are not missing much right now. Focus on your studies. Drink less it will stunt your development and harm your mind." Dania tells her and then she looks at Erik and Daryl. She has dark circles around her eyes and she looks tired. She looks at Erik, and the words leave her lips before her tired mind and stop her. "I hope you realize I have not been sitting on my ass and looking up at the stars." Her eyes narrow at them. "So both possibly being sick you are thinking of leaving this place or taking a torch to it?" This is asked in a more mild manner.

What a sobering thought. Bella regards the healer. "I never drink." Watching as Erik comes.. then goes, completely ignoring her, she looks back at him with Daryl. A hurt expression crosses her face before she stands again, albiet a little wobbly-like. "I am going to bed." Her voice is cold, lacking any warmth at all. "Goodnight Mistress Dania." Without so much as a glance to the noblemen she walks towards … damn. No way would she sleep in his tent. Stiffly she walks back to the fire and lays on the grass.

Erik was too busy to answer Dania's remarks or he just did not have the patience for the words of a common woman right now, as for her question, the noble knight did not bother to wait to hear what she had to ask. Out of earshot and having delivered the message to Daryl, the Sheriff of Highfield can only shake his head, "I have no idea, I do not know what is going on outside and have no heard word or an update either. "What we do need to do is break up the tents we've been using and set them up farther away. Best that you set yours away from mine as well. In case one of us is sick and the other isn't." Now if both are not sick, then they will have more to discuss, like if both are to depart this plague infested place or not.

Daryl looks away and runs a hand through his hair, eyes locking on the Jast's before it falls back to his side. "By the Seven." A long exhale, and he just nods a touch. "…Alright." He too can not hear Dania, being just out of hearing range. "…What about Alric? What do we tell him about Arabella?" Half of him is filled with hope for good news in the search, the other distraught at the realization of the loss the curing effort will take without them. "…How long in seperate quarantine? We've been here for two days, so symptoms should show by the third, right? One day then?" He looks back towards the fire and then notices Arabella lying down. "Finally." He breathes softly, almost out of relief.

Annoyed more than just a little at the men Dania moves to gently kneel down by Bella she offers her a hand. "My tent is empty and it was put together by a master huntsman, it will not leak with it rains and it will remain dry and warm. If it is hot you can open both flaps to all the cool air to come through." She mutters something into her ear.

Bella lifts her head and there are tears in her eyes. Tears she does her best to hide but when she blinks, twin trails glisten down her cheeks and the Fenster nods solemnly, trustingly placing her hand in the healers. Commoners were a lot nicer than noblemen. Not even looking back to the men, she swallows hard, another solemn nod at the whispered words. Rising, she allows Dania to help her to her tent.

Shaking his head, Erik has no idea what to tell Alric and he was hoping to use the quarantine days to think on it. "I don't know… as for how many days, how do you feel? I want you to be honest with me, if you feel fine, then one day should be fine for you. I'll stay one or two more, if we stagger our leave… maybe it would be easier ot explain to Lord Alric." There is a pause before the Jast Knight looks back to the camp, seeing that Arabella choosing to sleep on the ground instead of the tent he has loaned her, "What in the name of the Seven did you do to her?"

"It smells of herbs, he packs it for me as he knows I am festidious when it comes to dirt. Dirt makes my skin crawl. She tells her. You will be comfortable there. When you are sober I will tell you about something." She leads her towards the tent. "Do you have a bed roll? If not I have an extra one. They sent me with one tent but three of everything else." She smiles. "I am a very spoiled woman." She says this fondly.

Again, Bella shakes her head mutely. No bed roll. Nothing. Looking a little lost and bewildered, she just follows where the healer leads. Sober? Nothing like reality to bring you back with a crash. "T..thank you," she whispers softly, Perhaps she leans against the healer a bit, if so, she will blame it on wine.. not on just needing the contact with someone who.. cared.

"Save for a bit tired, I feel fine. Not sick at all." The Deputy responds, but at the suggestion of staggering their leave, he shakes his head in disagreement. "If they're pulling us back from this it -has- to be important…We should both go if you are feeling well?" He inquires of the Jast, waiting a response before turning towards Bella. "Well, she got ahold of the wine. That's about…Seven or eight sips, so she's uh…She should be going to sleep soon, I would think…" A pause as they eye her from afar, "…Is she…Crying?" Ahem. Daryl clears his throat and then speaks to Erik, "Oh…She loves and you and you don't love her back, so she's likely sad over that." Just in case the Sheriff didn't have enough on his mind. "Sure you want to leave her in that woman's care?" This is said quietly, between the two of them.

The tent removed from the nobles there is a bed roll in it; a makeshift table that has a bowl and pitcher of water; there is also a water skin of water that did not come from this area. The tent really does smell of sharp herbs giving it a clean feeling. "Rest here, there is water in the skin for you to drink and I suggest that you do." As Bella leans on her and she offers the young woman a hug. "I know this is dire but do not lose hope, cling to that hope no matter what. Think of the crone and the mother."

Scratching his head at the sudden shift of orders, Erik shakes his head, "If we both leave, it might insight panic with the people. We can stagger half a day then. When you leave, right straight to Lord Bastien to see why we are being recalled. If it is absolutely urgent, send a runner to the camp and send for me. If not, then we need to find out why we are being recalled." As for the other tidbit about how Arabella is crying now, he looks back in the direction of the camp until his Deputy also mentions something about how the girl is now in love with him and he looks back at him, "What?"

Inside the tent now, Bella takes the offered comfort, the smell of herbs penetrating the entirety of the tent. Leaning into the tent, much like she would her own mother, she allows herself to be held for a long moment. Finally, she pulls back and offers her a shaky smile, taking a seat where she offers, reaching for the water. "Forgive me? I feel as if I am taking advantage of your kindness."

"We're already undermanned as it is, we should state the need for atleast some men to take our place…" Daryl grunts softly, as this is quite a predicament. He nudges the Jast a little towards the fire pit, speaking further, "…She's drunk and making little sense. I'm sure if you took two minutes out of your time you could a smile on that young woman's face and tuck her safely into bed…I'll start on the tents." The Ashwood seems distracted, trying to figure what was going on, moving to start unhooking his tent as he nears the fire pit oncemore.

Nodding, Erik knows that plans will have to be made, new ones, in case both of them have to depart. As for Arabella, he now has to deal with the stubborn and uppity commonborn healer who no doubt will be guarding the noble lady like a hawk, just to spite him if anything else. "See to your duties, Deputy." With that, the Jast Knight and turns to head back to camp, to find the drunk and weeping lady.

"You are not taking advange of my kindness. You would do the same for another." Dania points out. "Drink the water and let yourself rest. You need a good nights sleep. Take it there is nothing wrong with you doing so. If it makes you feel better then you should pray. The spirits and gods will watch over you." She offers her another hug and then she turns down the bed roll for her. "Lets get your shoes off and I will get you wet cloth to wash your face."

With sudden clarity, Bella realizes that was true. Though she does have to add…"This is all my own folly, I knew better. My brother warned me.." And Bella had defended. How simple she had been then. Just a few days ago. Before she had seen the girl at the camp and realized how precious life was… Sighing, even inside the tent she can hear the distant sickness. "Do you think we can save any? Even one?" Taking a drink of the water, she aids in the removal of her shoes as she smiles at the healer beneath her face cloth.

Entering the camp, Erik had seen the noble lady go off with the common healer, so instead of heading to the tent that he had loaned the girl, he heads to the one that Dania was so proud of. Nearing the tent, the Jast Knight has to agree that the healer may have a point for it is better than most tents that a commoner would be able to own. Stopping outside, he pauses and tries to think, his mind now having to do a complete one-eighty as he had to just take care of an unexpected message and now he has to check in on the Fenster Lady and most likely her hurt feelings.

Daryl starts jerking out each of the spikes holding the tent up at each corner, collapsing the canvas and folding it up swiftly, moving to secure his bedroll next, getting it tied before he begins to haul the two items away from the fire, and away from the group. About thirty paces away, he sets it down for now. The Ashwood sighs softly as if the news is finally hitting him, and almost stumbles to a tree to support himself a moment. "Crone, hear me. Please let her still be alive and well." He is hidden by darkness, and the few moments of peace give him a moment to think this through. "Alright. Alright." He breathes softly, before angling back to where the fire pit is, collecting the rest of his belongings.

"The key is keeping the patient or victim hydrated. Everything comes out between the fever, diarrhea and the vomiting. A man can live without food for a week but cannot live very long without water. All liquid before it is given to the patient must be boiled to ensure that you are not giving them foul contaminated water. A tea of slippery Elm and Barely can help with the hydration process along with just a little bit of mineral salts placed in the water. This disease is painful to both the stomach and intestines, tansy only does so much. Infusions of Dark Nightshade can be given to help with the cramping of the bowls and the stomach as well. You can also us small dosages of poppy. There are many treatments that we can do. It is a matter of supplies as we had no idea what we were dealing with this when we came here. So most of what we will be using will have to be local herbs. But like I said there are many treatments." She pauses. "Lady, you learned this skill for a reason. You knew when you learned this skill that it was not all rainbows and roses. You will do fine. To be a healer is to constantly be facing the stranger. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to easy pain, hold a hand and offer comfort. But right now we are not at that stage. I think we still fight this. Just have hope and faith in your training and skills."

Truly, Bella was over reacting. The problem was, she knew she was. Of course her feelings were not his responsibility. Just because she felt them did not mean he had to accept them. She could be adult about this, right? The problem was when she let herself think about it she just wanted to cry again. One thing she could draw strength from and she does just that. "I will not be selfish, Dania," the Fenster says softly. "I am sorry. I came here only to help them, the Flints. And that has not changed." Falling silent now, she listens to the instructions, nodding to show she does hear. "Then at the very least, we need to make sure there is water aplenty for the sick and healthy, for all of them. And we need to encourage them to drink it. More even than they need.."

Finally, Erik decides to clear his throat outside of Dania's tent and announce himself, "Lady Arabella, Mistress Dania. It is Ser Erik." There is a pause before he continues, "Permission to enter? There are a couple of things that we need to discuss." Short and simple, to the point.

Daryl moves the rest of his things and puts them in a small pile with his tent. Next, he moves to find a smaller log, hauling it beside his things for a small seat. Rocks are gathered then, put in a circular form. Looks like he's readying another fire pit. The Ashwood disappears into the woods, and after a minute or so, returns with fire logs, twigs and tinder. He begins to assemble them appropriately, chancing a look towards where the rest of them went off too, but it is quite dark.

"Who am I to keep you out, it is Lady Fenster's call." Dania tells them both of them. "If you wish I can leave to give you privacy." She says in a formal manner to the Sheriff. "Also you should let the water cool before you give it to them." She says as she adds on to the last comment. She looks like she is ready to slip out if they want her too.

Bella looks towards the entrance, hurriedly swiping her hands over her cheeks in a vain attempt to wipe away the traces of tears. "I do not mind.." she reassures in a quiet voice. Rising, though barefoot now, she moves over to open the flap herself, looking right at the Jast with a guarded expression. "You needed something, Ser?"

When the tent flap opens, Erik studies the girl for a brief moment before he answers her question, "If it pleases you, My Lady, I wish to speak with you, even briefly if possible. There has been some… changes that I need to share with you." For now, his words are equally guarded as he isn't sure exactly what happened to Arabella or what the current situation is right now inside the tent.

Chhk! Chhk! Click! That's the sound of the flint Daryl is striking to cause a spark, an orange light hitting dry grass and starting the beginnings of a fire. He lightly blows on the orange until it catches. He's been getting a lot of fire making practice as of late. Satisified with the fire, the Deputy bends down and begins reconstructing his tent, driving back the spikes and seeing it rise to a formidable level. He wipes lightly at his forehead, moving to sit on his log and just stare at the fire, as if entranced.

Bella looks back at Dania and offers a warm smile. "I will be right back, thank you." Without bothering with shoes, she steps out, trying her best for a neutral sort of inquisitive look. Politely curious? "Change?" With concern she notices the lack of the Ashwood and a hand flies to cover her mouth.. "Is his sister okay?" Wide-eyed, any attempt at nonchalance gone. "The Flints? What has happened?" Just then seeing the tent gone too.

For now, Erik decides to answer the questions she has instead of inquiring about the other, bigger issue that is hanging over them. "When I returned to camp, I returned with a message from Lord Bastien." There is a pause before he continues speaking, letting Arabella realize why perhaps he was curt and in a foul mood, "I do not know how Lord Daryl's ister fares, though if there were news of her or Lord Aleister, I am sure it would have been included." He does glance to his own tent, the one that Arabella is suppose to be using, "Perhaps it is best if we discuss this in your tent, Lady Arabella, as it is not meant for all to hear."

Daryl sits for a few more moments, but soon, his restlessness is too much. He rises once more and begins to start pacing back and forth across the fire, no longer with any duties that he could tend to at the moment. Eventually he stops, albeit for a no more than a minute, arms folding casually as he straightens further and looks upwards. Its what he wanted right? A chance to search for his kin? Yet seeing this…Green hues shift towards the skin that still contains some wine, as if considering. He opts against it, after contemplation it seems, instead moving to keep himself busy…Anything. He finds two sturdy sticks, and removes a dagger off his belt to scrape and sharpen one end on each stick, before jamming them into the ground on either side of the fire. Next, he finds another two he can lay across the top of those two. They can likely see him from afar, due to the glow of the fire, but not the other way around.

The tent Dania readies it for Bella. As she does this she shamelessly eavesdrops. Hearing they will be moving anyways she goes to get ready to leave. "I am needed back at the Pavilion. You two can have your privacy."

Relief, pure and absolute races through the Fenster and glows through her eyes. "Surely he would have sent word had it been.." Bella does not finish that thought. Looking back to the healer, she offers another brief and warm hug, a soft whisper of thanks given to her if she accepts, before straightening and looking back at Erik. Torn now between adamantly refusing his tent she realizes how petty and childish it would be. With a single incline of her head, she agrees, though reaches inside for the water to keep herself hydrated. Just in case.

Before escorting Arabella back to the tent he has loaned her, Erik turns to the departing Dania, "If you wish, Mistress Dania, speak to Lord Daryl. We have an update on our… situation here. One that we will need to consult you and the other healers about." With that said, the Jast Knight turns back to the opening of the tent, "Lady Arabella, I suggest taking your shoes as well. Unless you wish me to carry you back." The suggestion most likely a tease, an attempt at decreasing the tension between the two.

Daryl checks the sturdiness of the sticks lying across, and while they give some, they'll hold. The Ashwood takes a preboiled pan of water and sets it atop the sticks, letting it warm for now. He crouches down and reaches into a bag beside his tent, "…Where's that damnable soap.." He mutters, rifling through the bag some more with growing frustration. His hand catches something metal, and he slowly withdraws a smaller bag, loosening strings on it to reveal the contents inside. A bracelet…Much to small for his wrist, but meant for one a bit narrower. The Ashwood locks his eyes on it as he lets it fall into his hand, just staring at it. His eyes pull away only slightly, as if searching for an answer in the dirt below him. He clears his throat, one finger lightly running along the exterior of the bracelet before clutching it more tightly into his fist, set to his heart before deposited into a compartment on his belt.
Finding the soap, The Deputy moves to lather it with some of the warm water, running it along his hands first, before untying the cloth around his face, and washing there. He scrubs and scrubs, as if he was absolutely filthy. He always to seem to find a spot he's missed, under the fingernail or on his cheek, splashing the warm water all over himself in an almost obsessive compulsive manner.

"Oh.." Not taking any chances, teasing or not, Bella hurriedly rushes inside and slips her feet into her shoes. Once that is done, she scoots back out of the tent, offering him a sort of.. shy smile as she has to brush past him. Silently she follows him to the tent he had loaned her. As everytime she entered it another time, another place revisits her memories and she pauses at the entry before stepping inside.

Following Arabella to his tent, Erik pulls the flap open for her and allows the lady to enter first before he slips in behind her, still thinking about how he is going to address the new changes that will be happening.

Daryl continues to repeat the process until the water just gets to hot over the fire, and finally he snaps back to reality enough to set it aside, water dripping off his face and hands. He waves them about some, sending water droplets scattering about. A long exhale and shake of his head and the Deputy has his wits about him enough to peer around, perhaps trying to spot where the Sheriff or anybody for that matter has gone off too. He removes the cloth around his face and moves to reach for a clean one, which he sets about his face and tightens. Eyes flicker around, ever searching for…Something. Or Someone. Spotting the pair enter the tent, there's a very small smile there, hidden behind cloth. He leans back on his log then, stargazing in his free time.